Saturday, December 31, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, December 31. 50 degrees outside. 64 inside. I'm Frugal.

 A nest of thread and scraps.  2022.

It's the last day of this Year.  I think, once upon a Time, I read about sweeping the Old Year out of your house with a broom.  For a clean start.  Or Re- start.

How long have we been masked and worried about getting sick and dying?  Too long.

Remember when the grocery stores ran out of the basics of Life- toilet paper.......flour.  Did any of you bake bread?  I might have...once. Then had no yeast.  I discovered the outside edges of the grocery were well stocked.  The inside Aisles were not... so I shopped the edges.   We survived.

What I missed the most in this Pandemic Era...was books.  I had enough Cloth.  Thread.  Needles. I didn't have enough Books.  Now I do.

My Life these days- post Pandemic (or maybe not)- is plainer.  Just the basics.  So much has fallen to the side.  Forgotten. No longer needed.  No longer worried about.  Health.  Heat.  Books.  Booster Shots.  Friends. Neighbors. Family. A few great tomatoes from the garden.  Enough zucchini for a meal. Cucumbers.  It's enough and more than enough.

Another stronger variant has been discovered. To be solved in 2023. Next year.  I'll be here.  Joanne


Paula, the quilter said...

Happy New Year, friend Joanne. Husband and I have that chest/head cold and it feels like the coughing will never end. He has it worse than I. Today is our Christmas celebration: the family is coming, the tree is up and lit, presents are piled high. Dinner prep is done. Whew, it’s not even noon. I will sit back and relax with my knitting after they leave.

DianeN said...

Thank you for another year of laughter, tears, new ways of looking at things, and reminding us what's important. I used to think BC meant "Before Christ" but now I think it's "Before Covid." I decided to do less worrying about that and a lot of other things.

I wish you a happy, healthy 2023 but mostly I wish you peace.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Happy, Healthy New Year!

beverly said...

Happy New Year Joanne!
Thank you for your witty thoughtful funny sad tearful happy posts.
Looking forward to Field Notes 2023.