Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Daily Notes- September 30

My first and perhaps only Fig of 2020.  It was already soft but not fully ripe.  But pretty inside.  Fatter than any I have raised in previous years.  I had enough, once, to make two jars of fig jam.  Husband found the jam delicious.  Used the VitaMix (improperly). Never had any figs in following years.

Watched the (recorded) mystery on PBS last evening taking place in Amsterdam.  I started giving the police names. Pancake Face had a lot of screen time.  He spends most of his screen time eating. Cute guy.  And the Coroner was eating an egg salad sandwich near the corpse- he looks familiar but still trying to place the actor in my reference points of recorded mysteries. The new guy is Mr Twitchy. The lead character is very thin and each episode he seems shorter and smaller.  I wonder if it's on purpose?? I am enjoying the interiors of buildings and houses very very much.  

Husband worked out of Amsterdam for several years.  He says it actually looks like that and the men in Amsterdam are really very very tall.  I visited with husband on one trip and we took a train down the coast to the other "dam" cities.  Rotterdam.  I can't recall the other one we visited.  It was cold and dark and windy on the beach looking out on the ocean.  Might have been my first European visit. Ever. So the late 1970's.  The first of many business trips I went along on.  Sweden and London were on that first trip also.  One of the Spousal Perks.  A two or three week European Tour with husband still working by day and me exploring new cities on my own.  

On that first trip- I met up with two tourist women and we went on a bus tour to visit castles outside Munich. A lovely experience. And the next day, one of the women rented a car and we drove over the border to Strasberg. A fore-shadowing of the American Women's Club bus trips in the 1980's.  Six years of bus trips to anywhere we could go in the morning and be home before bedtime.  Traveling out of Frankfurt- that was almost everywhere.  I wish I could do it all over again- now. With those women. It would be so different now.  We are more mature and.......more fun.  I hope. And there were things I missed doing that first go round.  Especially the old English churches.  Kew Gardens.  Oh, well.  Next Life.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Daily Notes- September 29

 The cover of husband's color by number book.  I'm thinking of ignoring the little numbers and just painting the pictures.  There is a Van Gogh.  Vase of sunflowers.  I am thinking of doing that one. But first I'll practice on one of the ones I don't like as much.

I visited the grocery store this morning and stayed far far away from everyone.  Still smarting from that woman yesterday.  I stood and waited for the entrance hall to be vacant.  Husband's prescriptions were finally ready for pickup and I made him an appointment for a flu shot in October.

As I pulled out of the driveway (here at home) the father of the Twin Boys was walking the new member of the family- Fenway.  A white lab puppy.  Fen has grown.  And he loved having his ears scratched.  Still soft baby dog fur (I had to pull over, park and get out to see the puppy. wearing my mask)   ADORABLE.

I went up into the Attic in search of the chicken quilt.  The almost 100 year old next door neighbor woman asked me to come visit and bring a quilt.  My dad had enjoyed running his fingers over the chickens- I expect Ruth might like it as well--but she is quite a Feisty Woman. She might just be looking for mistakes.

I did sort through a few boxes of fabric and brought a short stack down to add to the Small Closet in the Sewing Room.  And a very long rectangular Japanese Indigo cloth with finished edges.  A gift from an exchange student to my friend Beverly.  I do not want to cut it up.  So I need to find thoughtful use for the cloth. If I measure or more of you might have ideas for it's use or display.  Perhaps it has a specific use in Japanese culture.  I just don't know.  We'll find out together.

Reading a book I never thought I would see or read-  Judith Ivory's Angel in a Red Dress. We haven't been able to find Black Silk or The Indiscretion as yet but daughter did find Angel in a Red Dress just recently. Set in the French Revolution time period.  I am a quarter into it an I can tell it's going to be good and I am going to re-read it many times.  I have read Untie My Heart and The Proposal. both.

Husband is going to be watching the DEBATE tonight and I am looking for other things to entertain myself.  Watching the debate isn't prescribed for my mental health these days.  

Monday, September 28, 2020

Daily Notes- September 28th

Small frying pan- olive oil, salt, pepper and cherry tomatoes- the variegated colors of Artisan.  I roasted them alongside three small acorn squash, halved and filled with butter, brown sugar and pancake syrup.   My own recipe.   I ate the tomatoes with a spoon as they cooled and wiped the pan out with a piece of toasted French baguette.  

I looked at the plants before backing the car out of the garage to go grocery shopping.  Enough for one more pan today.  Rain at some point in the dark or early morning.  Fog.  Humid.  Dismal.  Had to remember how to turn on the headlights.

Husband and I talked about my driving.  We think I might use 3 or perhaps 4 tanks of gas a year.  I think, now that I don't work- perhaps 2 or 3.  Even less with COVID. I don't think the engine even heats up just driving into Town to Grocery and Library.

I took 6 or 7 books back to the library today- 4 days until they are off my record.  I need to go online and request books.  I have one library book and many others my daughter has been buying for me.

Law and Order had four episodes in a row that I had never seen even once.  That is quite a surprise. From the final season.  My TiVo record file was full so I couldn't record the last two.  They will have to show up in some other Time and Place.  I had Fargo in the record cue- same time.  We gotta watch Fargo.

Husband got the truck started and it's parked up against the garage.  Out of the way.  The Tree Guys should be arriving soon.  Start cutting down trees.  And they need to drive into the way back yard- behind the fenced garden- that's where they chip what they can.  Make a decent sized pile we'll use to mulch in a year or two.  Needs to age.

Football yesterday. Patriots game was entertaining.  Cam is so happy.  A good catch and he runs over and grabs the guy who caught the ball and hugs him.  So NOT Brady.  A great catch and he'll pick you up off the ground.  Patriot team doesn't know what to make of happiness. Then we watched the Tampa Bay game.  They did great as well.  Gronk still runs like Frankenstein.  He may have touched the ball yesterday. Brady hardly had a smile for anyone.  And we got to see a quarterback drop the ball in the end zone and a guy (other team) pick it up and run in.  Touchdown. 

We also got to see a fullback running at full speed come up to a guy- reach out with one hand and just touch him with finger tips and lift himself airborne and right over the guy, land and keep running.  Now that was something. He had the ball. Kept the ball.  They showed it several times.  It was incredible.

A good Sunday.  

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Daily Notes- September 27th

Image is one of my favorite scarves.  I started looking for them now that the weather here in Maine is getting colder by the day.  No sunshine today and drizzle/rain for the next four days.  I am not counting on any rain actually arriving.  I am thinking I will go find my red sweater in the closet- but I won't put on any socks.  Or long pants.

We are in drought conditions.  Oaks are dropping tons of acorns- small and  green-  the trees have to let them go- save whatever moisture for the roots.  We are told to water. Like that will happen.  I have so many oaks and would be thrilled to see most of them gone. None are healthy. The soil here in my particular part of Maine is weak, acidic sand and does not hold moisture or roots securely- watering is a waste of time. And wells are dry.  We haven't had good snowfall or Spring rains in years now.

Which is why I grow my vegetables in containers not the Earth itself. 

We have a number of things to watch on television tonight.  But there is also Football.  And Football Pizza  but I forgot to thaw the dough.  So Monday Football Pizza???.   Perhaps we'll have Football Nachos. I have chips, cheese and salsa.  I wish we had the fast food restaurants that advertise on our television. But we have zero of them in Maine.  Sonic would be nice.  I had a Sonic shake once. A long, long time ago.

So...11am and I have all the house lights on.  Lamps, etc.  And I am going to find my red sweater and wear it unbuttoned or just find my shawl.

The Internet world lost a kind and creative Soul this week.  Michelle.  She lived alone in an apartment in New York City and went for walks and took pictures and had so many interesting things to share with Readers. I would often go to her blog and spend hours going backward in her many many years of posts. I would arrive at her blog from the blogs of others who were her close friends.  I will look for a link and add it- I didn't know I was going to write about her.  Wasn't prepared.  But for the moment I am going to search and find relevant info on "swifts".  Michelle was writing about swifts in her final post six days ago.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Daily Notes- September 26th

My daughter brought me a table's worth of squash.  The Winter/storage squash.  I didn't get the acorn variety in the picture.  Daughter likes to eat squash.  But wants me to bake it and then bring it to her and she'll eat it.  Once upon a time I would have been happy about that.  Now.....well, it's just baking.  Not a recipe of any kind.  I mentioned that ones in the picture are rather dry in texture.  Her friend G said they were "meaty".  Wondering what G's pot roast is like?

I did three loads of wash this morning before breakfast.  One load in the dryer needs folding.  The bed got fresh sheets.  One of my shirts got left in the basket too long and it must have been damp- so got black and pink mold.  I just finished washing, scrubbing, bleaching, rinsing 12 times (exaggerating) and now it's hanging to drip dry.  Too wet for dryer. But the spots are not visible. Hope that means they are gone.

Husband just gave me a falling apart flannel shirt of his- said I might want to wear it. No.

Life is kind of standing still right now.  Not much going on.  Dark outside today.  A storm is on my Google weather map. Little red spinner off the coast of New Hampshire where it touches Maine.  Could be arriving with some much needed rain. Maine's apple crops are smaller.  Didn't get enough rain when they were growing.

Best part of the week just ended.....the crowd shouting Vote Him Out while the President and his Wife were standing there honoring Ruth Ginsberg.. The expression on his face- even with the mask- "priceless".

A big magenta flower is blooming down by the garden gate.  Husband is going to go out an clip it so I can look at it here in the house.  I used to know it's name.  We sold tons of them at the greenhouse.  They like water.  Even with all my neglect the garden flowers look very very nice.  Tall and colorful.  More flowers in 2021.  

COVID cases going up- just as the CDC predicted.  October will be a deadly month. 

Wear Your Mask.  Protect the people around you!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Daily Notes- September 25th

One more photo from the file.  Kitchen this time.  I go back and forth on the kitchen.  Now with COVID I can just NOT have guys working in the the decision to hire a contractor can wait. 

But I would have to chose and purchase all the new appliances and cabinets BEFORE the contractor will even schedule me.  They are funny that way. Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind-- I'll think about it another day............

Today is Friday.  Library Inside Visits.  I have two books to return and I ran out of butter.  So...two things. And I feel guilty about both.  Monday is grocery day.  Can I do without butter until Monday?  And do the books need to be returned before Monday? 

Nope.  Butter and return the books. Then do a load of laundry.  Dry and Fold.

Reading Barefoot.  Hilderbrand again.  First time reading this particular book.  Already thinking about returning it unfinished.  Not liking the characters.  Three scatterbrained women.  One with cancer. I am having difficulty forming them in my mind. Seeing them.  But it could make a turn for the better? Anything is possible. 

I have a few Andrews books in the pile.  I could switch over.  I could sew. I could draw and paint.  Lots of "coulds" open to explore.  Sun is shining.  Breezy.  Tomatoes are 95% finished.  A few on each leafless stem.  Not even drinking the water I give each day.  The Fig Tree on the back deck is still thirsty.  The Figs are not ready to turn to purple blue. Yet.  The basil is looking frazzled.

The Husband'sWorkshop Container is still looking great.  The Coleus has flowered.  Setting seed.  Infertile seed. The whole container looks overgrown, loose and voluptuous.  Fantastic.  I plan to do all of the containers like this next Summer.  I am collecting seed from all the flowers I started in my little milk jugs last Winter.  So I can grow them all again.  All the marigolds and zinnias are tall and gorgeous.

For everything BUT the tomatoes, grapes and blueberries- it has been a glorious gardening experience. Next Summer- Early Girl Tomatoes.  So we can eat tomatoes in July and not September.  Oh and the animals did eat my gorgeous kale crop.  Twice. I never got any.

I always forget-- that Lost Bundle Of Cloth?  No one dragged it off.  I had brought it in, opened it and washed it out.  It was hanging on the drying rack in the sewing room.  Perhaps you already knew that? I may have written about it- the washing it out. Yes.  Well, I found the cloth and it is going into the acorn jar. To see if I actually can get black.  And the Purple Smoke Leaves are about dark enough to go into the steamer with cloth as well.  And I have grapes for blue cloth.  And plenty of onion skins.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Daily Notes- September 24th

So small in comparison.  The author of most of the books I asked about yesterday is Beth Harbison.  My daughter did a search and then I found her book list and matched plot to titles.  Two are still needing ID.  But it's not an emergency situation.

I got my haircut.  Just returned home.  But....allergies.  My nose is running.  Sneezing.  And my eyes are both dry, wet and/or itchy. And I need to change my shirt as it has tiny hair clippings all over it.  Also itchy. I always forget September- especially around the terrible for my allergies.  Lots of nose blowing and eye rubbing (which is very bad for the eyes)........ Next haircut is November.

Picked tomatoes yesterday and took a bag to my library friend.  She distributes them to the elders in her apartment community. Mostly the large pale yellow cherry tomatoes- Snow Whites. The tri-color artisan cherry mix is just this week deciding to get ripe. Not very tomato in flavor.  So, even thought their color and striped skin is very attractive- if it don't taste good- why bother??? And they are rather "crisp" in texture. Make a "pop" sound when chewed.

Reading Andrews 2020 book- Hello, Summer.  Book has nothing that I read Andrews for....... No romance.  There is Southern food.  A murder.  Too much newspaper/NBC/CNN news stuff.  Big story.  Politics. I don't think I will ever read this one a second time.  Lead isn't interesting enough and the guy- hardly have a clue about him as author didn't bother fleshing him out.  Giving him words.  I'm 4/5th through and if she ends up with guy- I actually am not invested.  Very disappointed.

Well, I have hit my maximum haircut itch quota and now need to change all my clothing.  Till tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Daily Notes- September 23rd-

200,000 souls.  Gone.  And Trump says "hardly anyone is affected by the virus".  He thinks of himself. He is hardly affected by even one loss- let alone 200,000.  How would he react if one of his children died? Would he care?  Would he even notice?

Well, I am affected by the number each morning as I see the number in my newspaper.  It is why my eyes are always wet.  I cry a lot each and every day.  But I also which brings moisture to my eyes as well.  My emotions are right on the surface 24/7.  It makes my eyes burn sometimes- all the salt water.  Human tears are very salty.

I am back to drinking coffee.  The store brand instant.  It is milder.  Somewhere between the Folgers and Tea.  No socks today.  No thermal long sleeved shirt.  No sweater.  74 and Sunshine.

Daughter was on the "hunt" again yesterday in South Portland.  She found- for one dollar at Goodwill- the paperback number two in a series of three.  Her used book dealers had looked it up a few months ago. Very rare.  Worth serious money for a paperback.  But she found one for me.  Through A Dark Mist. And she found others.  We gave her two new bookcases last week.  She has to fill them...... she is quite the book collector.  And she reads everything she collects.  There was no cashmere or linen.  

Something has changed.  I have changed.  Things that used to bother me- make me angry in the book series I am reading- well, they don't anymore.  There are things that make me cry.  But no things or characters or plots...that make me angry.  It's good.  It's a very good feeling.

I do have a request.  I have read books (years ago) but I do not remember what author (s)  I am going to just type a few things and if anyone has a clue as to the author (s)- let me know. I want to read them again.

One book has a woman on a boat she falls overboard and hits her head.  Relives her life in a coma and then wakes up.  What to do.  Another woman loses all her money in a divorce and takes a job with a private investigator- they hate each other on sight.  She has a collection of antique tea pots and cups with feet and shoes.  Another woman likes to bake and cook and finds a dead body in her basement behind a wall- a mobster who has been dead for over 20 years- there is also a wedding with flamingos. Another is a movie set for some action thriller with a helicopter and a bridge and murder and a swamp. I am hoping someone out there has an idea who wrote what.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Daily Notes- September 22nd- 61 degrees

My sewing room table.  The place where I machine sew.  I made a few masks here.  I sewed knee patches on daughter's work pants.  I patched holes in my summer pants. I have Christmas Potholders (Connie) all ready for quilting.  Then I need  to make binding strips.  But I do want to have the potholders done for gifts this year.  Last year- I just didn't finish in time.  Those are fake daffodils that actually need to be washed.  Very dusty.

I have on socks and corduroy long pants and a thermal long sleeved tee.  No sweater.  Yet.  The furnace is set at 60.  The rooms are all 60.  The sun is out and I was hoping things would warm up "naturally" but it seems... it won't.  I did a load of dark clothing- mostly husband's gardening clothing.  I tossed in my black linen capri pants.  When they are dry- they will get folded and put on the shelf in the closet until next year. It seems like I didn't get enough Summer this year.

I also added the Birthday Pants my daughter got at Goodwill. Mushroom Brown. Soft wide wale corduroy.  Very nice.  Men's pants but that's okay.  I need to remove the cuffs and give the pants a flat hem.  After they come out of the washer and drier.  In case....they get shorter in the wash and dry.

My book- The Matchmaker by Hilderbrand- well, the ending is so sad.  I got tired of crying.  So now I am reading, same author, Blue Bistro.  Totally different.  I am reminded that I liked the book- we'll see.  It's been years since I first read it.  The library has Andrews 2020 book- Hello, Summer waiting for pickup.  If we go out in the car- I will get it curbside. Too cold for ice cream.  That ship has sailed as well.

What I would LOVE to do is go to the Sea Dog for a bowl of French Onion Soup.  But we can't do that. And French Onion Soup is not "take out " food.  The change in weather also screwed up breakfast. I have boxes of cold cereal and what I should be eating now is hot cereal.  After eating my cold cereal- I am cold inside and out. I need to retreat to the couch and my down blanket.  No dog to warm my feet this year.

Husband took the AC units out.  Both in about 30 minutes.  No need to call daughter for emergency rescue. Both units are on the garage workbench.  Husband even put the screens back in all the windows- in case we have a warm snap.  We had a few minutes of wondering about the install being so horrible.  No idea why. Another of those "mysteries" that no one ever understands- afterward.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Daily Notes- September 21- Monday, Monday

Another view of the "couch".  I would have to buy one with the chaise part on husband's side.  Because. He would HAVE to have it that way.  So he could trip and almost fall each and every time he got up. BUT would it be possible for him to sit on the other side of the sofa.....????

I loved Deb's story of the white couch with jungle leaves and three male occupants of the house.

And you ALL have a forever invite to a perfectly dressed table and afternoon coffee.  And underwear is optional.  And Diet Coke can be decanted into a coffee cup .. Gin or Vodka, also.  The American Women's Club of the Taunus:  Some European women never wore underwear other than stockings and this was very interesting when wearing a wrap dress with no buttons or zipper.  We always served drinks before lunch at the monthly Luncheon- making conversations so much more interesting and informative. Each year from 1984 to 88 the wives became looser and more dangerous. Like sharks in the water. 

This morning we woke up to the chirping of the alarm for either fire or carbon dioxide.  Husband changed the battery and we went back to sleep.  We didn't check for fire or gas leaks.

Grocery store this morning:  a woman apologizing to everyone she passed for going the wrong way in the baking aisle.  I offered my opinion that if that was the worst thing you do worries.  Everyone else agreed. There were people in the store who were visibly "on edge" and that was different.  I steered my cart away from them.  I usually look forward to my one grocery shopping day. Today was good.

I cooked Saturday.  Made husband the pork and mushroom ragu he likes with assorted pasta shapes. On Friday we had baked beans and grilled cheese sandwiches.  It was what I wanted.  Sunday we had Chinese takeout.  Today we have assorted leftovers to choose from.  I think I will have the remaining beans and another grilled cheese sandwich.

Football was interesting- especially the Team with the teenager (in appearance) as quarterback.  He did very well.  Should be interesting going forward.  He needs to use that acne cream in the commercials. Tampa Bay did better than the Patriots yesterday.  Just saying........  there will be rumbling in Boston.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Daily Notes- September 20th

This is from a blog I read.  The writer of the blog had just driven to Toronto to pick this very nice sofa up from an apartment (people wanted to move yesterday) for $400 (used price not new).  It looks exactly like what I want.  And the blog poster says there are slipcovers one can buy for it.  My second choice would be the one at Crate and Barrel but like 10 times the $400.  The only merchant selling this is Wayfair.  No.  Just not buying from them.  Lee Industries builds the sofa.  More than likely in China.  I'll wait.

The house this couch sits in also looks like my house- pretty much just walls and floor.  Only my floors are dark coffee/chocolate colored. I have a carpet like hers- rolled up in the corner- dog vomit stained.  Riley would gag and wait until he got to the carpet.  It was his "thing".  Since he was a puppy. Woven.  Hell to get the stuff out of the surface.

Cold here this morning and the radiators were warm.  37, I guess overnight here in Maine.  I began my day with a nice hot shower, second cup of tea, cereal, the Sunday news and then toast.  I got about halfway in the Sunday sudoko puzzle (rated easy) and found all the recipe errors in the Sunday Food Section. No fact checking was done........  There was a long story on Fair Food and the $9 each Pie Cones at the Common Ground Fair.  They don't come with ice cream.  So....not interested.

Goodwill is now taking donations everyday starting at 10am.  They were doing only Saturday and Sunday. Husband took his four bags of donations yesterday.  Mostly books.  I had two bags of books to add to his truck load.  We (daughter and I) has stocked up on two authors husband refused to read.  He has three library books right now- so all is right with the World.  I have a stack of eight books.

I am going to read Hilderbrand's Matchmaker today.  I like some of her books but not all of them. I should know right away if I will be reading this one.  I have two Andrews books as a fall back position.  

Football.  Patriots have the late game. We'll watch the early games as well. Watched Professor T on PBS- subtitles.  I was beginning to think I understood them as we got close to the end.  Antwerp so kind of Germanic.  But lovely homes and clothing. I used to dress like that.  Now I don't. But I can still, if need be, set a lovely table- even for Sunday afternoon coffee. If anyone ever came for Sunday afternoon coffee.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Daily Notes- September 19th- first day around the Sun

My down the street neighbor dropped off an armload of magazines.  And I have enjoyed going thru them tearing out interesting images-like this one.  Not much different from where I am right now but I don't have that sort of lamp or the shelves on the back wall.  My chair is an office chair on wheels. But it is comfortable.  This desk is in the art studio of an artist.  The rest of the photos are of the studio itself. 

I like the magazines my neighbor reads.  They have lots of interior decor ideas and they have lots of art on the pages.  Eye Candy Magazines.  She also gave me three Vanity Fair issues.  Which are strange and interesting- especially the in depth tell all articles on famous people or famous murder mysteries.

I spent a few delightful hours ripping pages out of the tall stack of magazines.  Only one Gun and Garden which, oddly enough, has become something of a favorite. The American South is very interesting to me. Not so much the hunting and fishing but the people -so much mystery in the photographs of them. And the recipes are interesting as well.   Who would I be if we had stayed in the southern States and not moved North?  I'm certain that my intake of gin and vodka would be much higher than allowed here in Maine (by my husband).

I am reading Karen Swan's Christmas at Tiffany's which has very little to do with Christmas.  A 30 something married woman (in Scotland) finds out her husband has been in love with her best friend and fathered a child. Her three best friends gather her up and each takes custody of her for 4 months.  Giving her a place to stay, finding her a job and trying to change her.  New York City.  Paris. London. She has just left NYC and is getting used to Paris.  I loved this book the first two times I read it.  And I am loving it this time as well.  Each time I read it- I am different- I see things differently.

This has been the best part of COVID.  I am here- re-reading books I loved once or twice before.  But I am not who I was when I read them-before.  I am better.  More sure of who I am these days.  Finally.  I can let go of things that bothered me in years past.  Grudges I held.  Anger issues.  Abandonment issues.

DebL- I think I could read your manuscript now without all that baggage.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Daily Notes- September 18th- My Birthday

Muffy is sharing her toy cake with all of us today.  I have so many sweet items here in the house to eat- I will wait a bit before baking my birthday cake.  Daughter brought me a puff pastry filled with raspberry and real whipped cream.  I ate one quarter of it.  Before breakfast.  She and her coworker made a run to Trader Joe's (his first time ever and he spent way more than he expected to and loved every cent of it)  which meant I had to find spots in the freezer for stuff- two cheesecakes. My son called early this morning and we talked FOREVER..... He really is unhappy working from home.  He misses "people".

I don't (as much)...because I have all of you.  Because I am writing to you everyday.  In contact with other people. Sharing what I do, think and feel- in that regard- I need to be reminded to say- thank you to each of you who read this blog.  Everyone I saw today smiled- with their eyes above their masks.....there is such kind behavior (mostly) in my daily life- I hope it is like that for you as well.  

It's chilly here in Maine today and capri pants are not the thing---I will need to sort out my long pants and my sock basket. Add my sweaters to the shelf. We slept with the windows open.  Fresh Air.

I am 74.  Nothing actually feels different.  I only "see" it in the mirror.  I could be any age....well, my knees are 74 and they often ache these days.  In my head I could be any age--I'd just hope to be smarter than I was in the past. Well, I am going to make another cup of hot tea and read a new book.  

Life is Good.  Life has been (mostly) kind to me.  I hope I have shared that kindness with people I have  had contact with...other than the people robo calling me all day long.  For them...I wish they could find a better job. A good job.'s all good.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Daily Notes- September 17th

My neighbor down the street drove over and dropped off an armload of magazines this morning.  One was Gun&Garden and had a dog food ad with this British Lab, Scout.  His face reminds me so much of our Riley.  I had the random thought that perhaps Riley is now living another "dog life".  A hunting dog.  Riley had a body like this in his early to middle years- all muscle.  I am reminded of him flying out of snowbanks into the walking paths.  Such JOY. He loved to hear me scream and then laugh. And then give him a big hug and a few kisses.

Perhaps the twin's new puppy is a British Lab? They said Fenway is red. Our first Lab- a retired 125 pound red Lab named Rusty was a really wonderful guy as well.  We got to spend his last two years with him. His long time owners lived in a three story house and Rusty spent all his days alone in the garage- too lame to climb stairs. Until he was lifted (with tears) into our car and driven to Maine. No stairs.

Well, that's enough of that.  I made pizza for dinner last night and even though the cheese topping  got blackened a bit- it was a fine pie.  Today....G wants to take me out for ice cream-for sure.... but other than that we have no plans.

The Tree Guy came and we are removing a lot of trees from the Western boundaries of the yard.  Perhaps 15.  Some very, very large.  So, our guy thinks 7 to 10 full days of work. Half of the trees are "involved" in the power line from the street to the house so that means extra care and safety.  We wanted these trees removed because with any snow storms- the lights flicker as the branches bump into the lines. The other half are old and sick and one is even halfway to falling over and into the entire back lawn- taking out the fenced garden. A white pine- so you know I am glad to have that monster taken out.

Well, I have been off doing many things...interrupted so I will press publish and get on with the day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Daily Notes- September 16th

I saw this in a catalog and I really like it.  If anyone knows how to write the "enquiry" for Google search let me know.  I don't even remember where the image came from on the internet.  Or was it in the catalog with the bed?  I think so.  That went out with Tuesday's recycling.  I think I tore the image out thinking I could make one.  I am always "thinking I could make one" it's imprinted in the DNA from my father's mother's side of the family.  Now, my grandmother would look at this photo and make me a jacket. No question.

I watered tomato boxes- there aren't many tomatoes- mostly the cherry types which are littering the driveway with dropped and half eaten tomatoes.  Squirrels and chipmunks.  The "Artisan" mix of plum shaped cherry tomatoes in yellow orange and deep wine red- are still very slow to ripen.  Odd, they get the most sun.  The Snow Whites are turning golden pale yellow when ripe.  I eat those as I pick them.  But I have made them into a Caprese Bowl for lunch a few times.

I made husband an apple cake with the second bag of Gala apples- the really small ones.  I think I prefer the Pink Lady apples for Apple Cake.  But he is happy with his new dessert.

I watched the two most recent You Tube episodes of Quarantine Quitchen  Alton Brown and his wife Elizabeth.  She is trying to get him to go to "therapy".  I think, from personal family experience, that he has alcoholic tendencies.  He does more drinking than cooking.  And they need someone to come in and wash dishes.  The kitchen is a filthy mess.  And the refrigerator should be condemned. I'm just saying..... and I one asked for my opinion.

On the most currant episode they had lost power to the big kitchen and were in the living room using a waffle iron to cook all the thawing pizzas they had had in the fridge freezer.  All gluten free but with pepperoni.  And drinking.  Well, he was drinking.  Only one pizza made the cut.  I wasn't sure why they weren't using the grill out on the deck.  Well, last time- out on the deck- Alton was pretty damn drunk and it looked like he might start the next unit over on fire..... The next episode they were making some sort of Japanese pancake thing with squid, a mayo sauce and a ketchup sauce.  And Alton made a Japanese drink they both said tasted like "cupcakes".  Saki, Gin, bitters and a few other things.  Excuse any spelling errors.

The Anniversary went.  No dinner out (COVID).  No gifts (I said NO GIFTS). No flowers.  No dinner.  I was going to make pizza but G ate his lunch at 6 or 7 pm.  So he had Apple Cake and coffee at 9pm and we called it for the day. I'll make pizza today- if....I can manage when husband eats lunch-- like before 4 pm.  But usually he says he's going to eat but then he doesn't until much later.  The only meal that takes place on Time everyday- is breakfast. The rest of the day......Time is not something that is recorded in Memory these days.  It's all sort of "IN and OUT".. And NAGGING is not something either of us enjoys.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Daily Notes- September 15th

Still writing in the notebooks.  This one gets lists and drawings- scribbles really-  and notes on plant based cloth dyes.  My daughter brought me carrot greens- so I can color some cloth with them.  And a she collected a small handful of GREEN acorns to top off my jar out on the sidewalk of green acorns, a rusty hinge and rainwater.  Dark and black as a moonless night. 

The string tied packet of cloth is still lost- missing.  We look for it each day.

I took my large heavy recipe box (filled with index cards) to the master bathroom/laundry room to do a load of whites (while I watched to see if the machine dumps water on the floor) and see if I could find the old fashioned apple cake- G would like me to make it- as he has finished off the extra large peach cobbler finally.  It took some searching but I found the old card- from the 60's or 70's. The way back days.  And my friend dropped off a additional bag of organic Gala apples.  So, I'll use them (smaller) to peel and make into a cake- and eat the larger ones- with peels- out of hand.

My (Our- yours and mine) friend Grace got to visit her property in California for a few moments.  To water plants and fill a giant bag with cloth- she actually thought she could go on without it.  I would pack all my old underwear, socks and my old favorite clothing.  Let everything else go.  I can make more or buy the other stuff.  I would miss my old soft clothes. And new underwear would not comfort me in Times of Great Loss. In fact, it would drive me crazy.  What would you just HAVE to pack and take with you? It's something to consider....long before it becomes necessary.  I thought about in the "one bowl" days.

Storage Wars is on all day and now that I have gotten the floors vacuumed (yesterday) and the underwear and shirts part of the laundry basket washed and in the dryer (before breakfast)--I can rest up a bit and then get started on the Apple Cake.  We have tomatoes and cheese to eat for lunch.  And Pizza for later. It's a bit cooler than usual and the Sun is shining and the sky is blue here.  I am thankful. We would be grateful to take some of the heavy rain from the southern states but that is not how things are.  Each part of the country is getting too much of one thing and not any of the other.  We get letters each day asking us to be sure to vote.  And...our property tax bill......

My husband is emptying the bookcases in the Small Office/Sewing Room.  The room will be more Sewing room going forward.  I may put a design wall up where the bookcases are now.  So I can sit on my sewing machine chair and gaze over at my projects. 80 percent of everything is going to Goodwill.  He outgrew his interest in so much of the three bookcases contents.  And the office functioned as such when we owned the restaurants.  And now we don't- thank goodness.  Daughter will be over the Moon to inherit three bookcases.  In fact, she might drive over to get one as soon as she reads this post.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Daily Notes- September 14th

Today was Grocery Shopping Day. I got apples (organic Galas) and bananas. I also bought cake mix and ice cream for my birthday on Friday when I will finish my 74th trip around the Sun and begin the 75th.  I think I got that right?  Tomorrow is my 52nd wedding anniversary.  Happier time than last year.

My friend's father and I share a birthday and he will be 102 on Friday.  But he isn't doing well and hospice thinks he may not make it.  We'll see. I am eating one of my organic apples as I type- very crisp and delicious. I spent more than usual today at the grocery.  I didn't buy much that was different so I can't really explain it- the ice cream?  Oh, and I purchased paper towels as they had Viva-- my brand today.

That little packet of cloth tied up with string is still missing.  Remains a "mystery".

We watched football yesterday.  The "new" Patriot quarterback.  And the "new" Tampa quarterback.  Cam had an excellent day and possibly wishing he had stayed in Boston.  The Ravens have an equally OLD quarterback and he did an amazing job.  Mrs Brady wanted to move to Florida. I didn't miss the fans in the stadium-- the recorded cheers sounded great but perhaps the players would have done better with fans???

I watched some Hallmark movie about a woman who thinks her dead husband is calling her on the phone. I had never seen it before and I would rate it at a 3 out of five.  Had so many of the Hallmark Bingo items. I tend to yell out "bingo" when one shows up in the plot.  I watched another one earlier in the day and it had "mechanical failure", "weather incident", and "overhearing a conversation and interpreting it incorrectly".  In that I think of it- both movies had the same three items.  "meet cute" is a given - that should be the free spot in the middle of the Bingo card. Dee you have to make up a set of cards.

Well, that's it.  I HAVE to vacuum the floors.  What a mess.  And I have a very full basket of dirty clothing so will need to do one or more loads of wash soon.  We were supposed to have pizza yesterday- Football Pizza- but we did not.  So we'll have it today.  Up top is my Rooster.  He got a bath when I washed and fed my orchids.  Everyone- including the Rooster had white mealy bugs.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Daily Notes- September 13th

Photo #2222 in my file.  Almost all but 10 have been deleted.  I don't hold and keep pictures.  This is my "office".  The calendar under the keyboard.  Charging cord plus an index card in case I see something of interest to make a note of.  Sentence structure!!Ha!

I composted the zucchini pickle ingredients.  They looked "iffy" and not a good way to start in on a canning project.  So, out they went.  I also cubed up two big ripe tomatoes, added cubes of fresh mozzarella, olive oil and Balsamic and scooped summer out of a bowl with a big spoon.  For lunch.

My Boston friend (with a house here in Maine) called wanting "us" to go out for coffee, drinks or lunch   for my birthday.  I told her, yet again, that I don't do that. Especially with someone traveling back and forth with contact with any number of people I don't know. (she has carpenter, window treatment people etc in her house this week alone)......she has tested positive once already. So she was irritated with me.  But I did discover the name of the apples she had gifted me a few weeks ago. They were wonderful.  Organically grown Gala.  I will buy some tomorrow on my shopping day.

My birthday this week will be quiet.  Boozy Chocolate Cake and Ice Cream. My son will call.  My daughter will show up-- perhaps with raspberry filled donuts.  The Donut shop has reopened. I may even make a pot roast for supper. Or wait till the weekend.  I have an appointment to get my hair cut on Thursday.  I am considering letting it grow out a bit.  My hair is wanting to be curly.  I am thinking I might allow that to happen.  I have been keeping it very short so it can't be curly.

My son thinks I should get HBO for a month and then give Prime a trial month or what ever they are offering. Perhaps even give Netflix another try even though we had it for years and never could find anything to watch after the first two years.  Be wild and crazy.  I am interested in the new Perry Mason on HBO.  We'll see what I actually decide to do. Showtime might even have a trial offer though their stuff is often way too "X rated" for me but they often have things listed in the tv guide that I might want to watch. There are movies I haven't gotten to see.  Any comments from you out there would be welcome.  Think of me as a visitor from outer space.  I am clueless as to these things.

I turned to the last 50 pages of my book- Paris Secret.  Read that.  It's not as if I haven't already read the book but...I like the parts I like.  Didn't want to wait.  Now can go back to where the bookmark is.  In Save the Date I re-read only the parts where Jack was in the pages.  I loved the love story. I re-read those parts twice. Maybe even three times. Then gave the book back to the library.

My knees are giving out.  Hard to get up off the couch or the dining room chair.  Getting old.  It's the knees.  I'm fine if I don't sit down.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Daily Notes- September 12th

This little stack has been on the chair next to where I sit to read the newspaper and eat breakfast.  A pairing of sorts but I haven't been interested in stitching it together.   I took a photo of a purchased collection of fabrics.  I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought them- very nice- but boring. Perhaps I thought I had "exciting" choices back at home to mix into that collection???

Well.......except for the top fabric- the others are what one in the quilting world would describe as "filler" fabrics.  Background.  I really don't know what I was thinking that day in the quilt shop. Perhaps I thought the Magic Attic needed filler stuff?  It really is very busy on those shelves.

I have LOOSE ENDS to finish up around here before .......what?  Nothing is going to happen. Around here.  Nothing has happened around here since March (and even before that).  But I have a tub of sliced pickle ingredients I forgot in the vestibule fridge.  They might be compost by now.  I lost interest.  And there is corn in the fridge- we might want to eat that or make it into some sort of  recipe.  And there are tomatoes ripening- in September.  I pick them and some aren't worth saving so I carry them over in the general vicinity of the compost bins and pitch them into one or the other of the bins. I have lost interest in tomatoes. Do I even want to grow them next year?  

I am a creative person who is incredibly BORED.  And- I have become BORING. Being invited to go for a walk is exciting.  Walking to the end of the drive and finding mail in the box- fireworks couldn't be as much fun. Going inside the library to pick books off  I think I need to go back to work.  Find myself a job. Or get involved in something that isn't MSNBC.  Don Lemon on CNN is very soothing to listen to but- I nearly fell asleep. Hallmark.....I can't even watch it.  Law and Order? It's been weeks though one day I watched three episodes I don't recall ever seeing before.  And I couldn't discuss it with Riley.

Well, I will begin with checking on the pickle stuff in the vestibule fridge.  If it's okay- I'll make 6 jars of pickles in the canner.  Get that going.  If the grapes ripen I will be making grape jelly in the weeks ahead.  The Peaches are history.  Daughter brought me carrot tops so I will see how that goes dyeing fabric.  Yellowy green.  I like yellowy green.  Reading The Paris Secret- Karen Swan.  I've read it before. Finished Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory.  Deborah, you'll want to read it.  Alexis's sister Olivia.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Daily Notes- September 11

Today.  I can go back in Time and remember it as a slow motion movie.  The absolute silence driving to the library to work my afternoon shift after watching the television in horror.  My 82 year old friend who came in and stood in front of my counter and wept- remembering Pearl Harbor. And now this.  The silence.  The lack of birds. The church bell tolling on and on and on. Bong........Bong.......Bong.......... that is the sound of September 11th for me.

Later in Life, a survivor of that day in New York City came to work at the greenhouse and the real damage of that day was sort of alive and there for me to see.  A guy found her here in Maine and took her home and fed her, gave her a place to sleep. (he said it was like finding an abandoned animal) She had packed her car and cat and just drove North.  Then stopped- perhaps running out of gas-- Or just exhaustion....and from that point it's all a blank to her.  I think she lives North of here, married (not to that guy) and has a child.  I think of her today.  It must be hard for

It might be Age.  Circumstances.  Politics.  Whatever it is...I am often awash in tears these days.  I just now had to go get a dry cloth handkerchief from the drawer in the bedroom.  To dry my eyes and face. The one I had was too wet to be of any use.

The work up top was made in the early days of this blog.  Fused cloth.  Peel and Stick and then Press with a hot iron.  So much easier than piecing.  Or Appliqué.  But eventually, it passed and I never went back to it.  I still have rolls of the stuff.  It stayed the same- I changed.

Today is Friday and the library is open to people coming inside to look at books etc.  I am looking forward to going inside.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Daily Notes- September 10th

Today we have an image of little tarts.  I bought little tart pans on one of my infrequent trips to the Mall and William-Sonoma.  I used to get their catalog.  And purchased lots of things.  But no catalogs these days.  So no buying. I like the look of these small tarts I saw on the internet.  Lovely crust.  Creamy filling.  Pretty fruit.  And the currants. On the one in the lower left. The bakery in my Hannaford sells little tarts.  I buy them every so often.

We are not allowed to grow red currants here in Maine.  Does something to the State Tree- The White Pine. I set aside money every two years to have white pines cut down here on my 4 acres.   I say I have X dollars and take down as many as you can for that money.  I'd rather have currants.  My grandmother grew them and made glazes for the beautiful fruit tarts she baked. I've thought of illegally buying plants. But haven't done it.  If Whole Foods wasn't nearly a two hour round trip from where I live- I could buy red currants there and make a nice glaze. 

The other thing I like in this styled photo is the black slate surface the tarts are sitting on.  My hallway and bathroom floors look like this.  Someday the kitchen floors will also be black slate.

We called for Chinese take out yesterday.  I ordered the green beans.  They came with white rice.  I got a full container of wok seared, seasoned green beans and a large steamed white rice.  Seemed like too much of everything.  But....oh my... I did love the green beans.  I have leftovers for today as well.  Delicious. I may never order anything else going forward.

During lunch we watched the Woodward Book News on MSNBC.  On tape.  Trump said these things while being recorded. The news people were just wondering WHY he even agreed to speak to Woodward. I can't wait for the movie.

I am reading Victim 2117 by Jussi Adler Olsen.  Department Q.  Carl, Rose, Gordon and Assad. Four investigators considered "losers" who solve the weirdest cases of homicide in Copenhagen from their basement offices. I'm not sure I know anyone else who reads the Department Q books. Very strange books. I was wondering, during lunch and the recorded Woodward interviews, what Carl, Rose, Gordon and Assad would make of it?  First, they would all think it was a sad American joke, there would be a huge argument regarding the case and then they would stumble into the midst of it.... by the end I am wanting there to be another 100 pages.  That's a good book- when you want there to be more pages.  Lots more pages.

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Especially For You

 Susan Sawatzky-

I can't count the number of times I have tried sending you a comment, a thank you or a reply.  I have seen your name on other blogs but no matter how I search all I come up with is "Blogger Account" and I have no idea what that is and if I even have one.  I don't think so. I do not open things I do not understand (my son says that's more appropriate behavior for me). I have even gone to your profile but there is no email address there.

But I have always appreciated your comments.  And if I spelled the name wrong- I was hurrying to get here and sign in and let you KNOW this......... I appreciate the comments.  

Daily Notes- September 9th

From a recent catalog.  I have a bed like this and took this image to remind me of how the bed was "staged" with the small table and chair nearby.  I have a wall lamp but no bedside table.  Husband has a table on his side for the alarm clock and phone.  To explain why I have this picture here today--in this same catalog they has a black side table which I liked very much- $999 each and I would need two. I have decided not to order them.  Thousand dollar side tables.  When did that get to be a "thing"?

My recent feelings regarding the blog were shaken up a bit when I actually visited the stats report in my sidebar in New Blogger for the first time. Yesterday's post had 190 views.  539,909 views over 3258 posts.

I average 1.5 comments per post over the lifetime of the blog.  And I sort of thought that meant very few people were reading.  I was wrong.  So- whatever I am doing- I will keep doing.  I was never going for a popularity contest anyway- as the original premise was to let my two children and any family and friends know I was okay and what I was doing during the day.  Nothing to earn a Pulitzer Prize. And I was not in it to make money but I know blogs are income streams for many bloggers (which is fine and good).

So- let's just keep going.  I write- you read.

The COVID totals for that wedding here in Maine- 158 cases of the virus and 3 deaths now.  Spreading to new locations like the American Legion Hall and the local Fire Station.  Our doctor in charge: "sustained community level transmission".  School started this week.  They should be closing by Monday. That is the way it's all trending. Even for the colleges here in Maine.  Open and then closing or finding containment spaces for infected students.

We had some excitement here yesterday as husband had a blistered itchy outbreak on his neck and arms- poison ivy we think.  He was out in the weeds next to his workshed.  Daughter and her co-worker have been battling poison ivy all summer on the ocean front properties where they have been working.  Dawn to the rescue.  So, husband had a very hot shower using Dawn as his shower soap.  I did four loads of laundry with his clothing, the bed sheets and stuff from his exercise space.  Anything he may have touched or worn.  After collecting all the stuff for the washer- I washed my arms with hot water and Dawn.  Things seem okay.  I am guessing the oil removal properties of Dawn- removes the poison ivy oils as well.

I purchased a medicine for acid reflux and took it for the first time yesterday.  It worked.  Which is good for two reasons.  One- it was actually acid reflux and not something more serious. 

Daughter found two pairs of pants for me at Goodwill.  One long pair of LLBean outdoor pants and one flowery pair of stretchy capris.  Spandex like.  Very weird but comfortable.  I restocked the summer pants on the shelf.  I have on a pair of black linen Bean capris.  Very nice.  I had forgotten I owned them. Older- I have new ones for "special events" like Music theater etc.  Which didn't happen this Summer. She also got me a copy of Where the Crawdad's Sing.  Which I can now read whenever I want- or need to read.

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Daily Notes- September 8th

New yogurt at my grocery.  Naturally French.  I had to buy it- if not for the yogurt then for the lovely ceramic blue jar which has an unglazed clay bottom.  The milk etc are all put into the jar and left to naturally "cupset"in a balance of savoir-faire and premium ingredients.  

The FedEx trucks are driving down to the end house on the street- next door to me. It was an almost constant stream of trucks in late Spring and then my across the street neighbor was the designated delivery spot for the Summer months (wedding gifts but eventually no big wedding).  Now next door.  SUPER consumers.  I might have fit that profile during the construction of my two bathrooms and two hallways- 

I am reading (skipping everything but the pages devoted to Cara and Jack) Save the Date again.  There is something about the romance that I like more than the rest of the plot points. Mary Kay Andrews throws a mystery or crime into the plots of her books.  Sometimes it works...... not this time.  Too many weddings and one loses track of all the moving parts.  Jack is worth it though.

We had our own mystery here at home- though I am growing weary of the reoccurrence of these episodes. Had to search for husband's Apple pencil yet again.  Taking apart the couch, cushions, pillows under behind etc etc.  He found it in my sewing room-- on the floor.  No where near the tablet.

New Rule.  After he is done using tablet he hands me the the Apple pencil.  If he doesn't I refuse to help search for the damned thing. Not that he will remember to hand it to me.  He did last night. Remember.

My bundle of cloth with false indigo leaves is still lost.  Missing.  

I am adding green acorns to my container of acorns and a rusty mental hinge (and rainwater).  The liquid is black.  I haven't added any cloth as yet.  Green acorns.  I think that and the rusty metal seems to be the chemical reaction needed. In the past I used acorns that had turned brown.  I got no color at all.  The ones coming off the trees now are all brown so--I won't get a chance to make a second jar. I did find three green ones this morning as I walked down the long drive to get the morning paper- not enough to start a new jar but enough room in the first jar for three more.

Something the birds are dropping on the sidewalk is staining the cement a very lovely dark blue. Husband and I went out to look but we couldn't find any berries that would stain blue.  I figure if it stains the cement- it would stain cloth.  Later, if the grapes ripen I will use the juice to color more cloth that lovely grape blue I got last Autumn.  I may even soak one of my white camp shirts in it.  I would enjoy a grape blue shirt.  Other than that..... it will be a quiet day.  I woke up tired.  A bad dream.  The old house where I lived from 10 to 18.  Always a bad dream.  Which lingers. 

Monday, September 07, 2020

Daily Notes- September 7th

Remember when I was making (sewing) these?  Well, I had to dig and forage to find all the separate bits of cloth but I did manage to.  I may remove the thin strips of the French print in tan and purple from the squares.  Use it in Muffy's quilt.  I think baby sized is as large as I will ever go- in the years ahead.  I am thinking more of typing paper sized rectangles or similar sized squares. I do like squares. Even placemat sizes seem like "too much" and Goodwill has a steady (once a year or so) supply for me to take advantage of for household usage- barring huge non removable stains.

Grocery Store this morning before breakfast.  Quiet.  People are polite- instead of a greeting- a tip of the head.  A nod.  We stand back and let others go first.  Wait in the aisles-6 feet back- while a person ahead decides on what they want to buy.  One of my friends has said that my grocery is "terrible" (it has people in it?)  but I find that 90% are very very mindful.  And the other 10% is just in a hurry or from somewhere else- not from around here and will soon be missing as they return to where ever they came from- now or by Columbus Day.

Here is this morning's list (I go to the store only once a week) Tums Acid chews (me), G's yogurts-8- candy flavors, G's bagels (blueberry, plain and sesame seed packs of 4), G's orange juice, thinly sliced deli turkey, ham and cheese (G again),  milk (me)- I had to get the omega 3 again as the 2% without it was not available today. Not on the list- shredded wheat/bran cereal (me), the Omega Mix of walnuts, cranberries and other nuts and things (me), the gluten free coconut cookies (me), one (sample) Oui black cherry glass jar of yogurt (me), two packages of organic red raspberries (on sale today) for me to have with yogurt and Bran buds (either for lunch or dinner). And one pasta and chicken prepared dinner for G.  Thick shredded cheddar and house made corn chips in case we want nachos. I had enough of my yogurt for this coming week in fridge at home.  

No vegetable.  No meat.  We have some chicken strips left over from KFC which I heat up in the toaster oven for G and it's about time for a take out from the Chinese place- G likes the hot and sour soup and the fried rice.  I believe there is one Trader Joe's bag of frozen pork pot stickers in the freezer. There was bread on counter for grilled cheese sandwiches and baked beans (if we want that). I had baked some butternut squash cubes with Mexican spices (for me) to eat as a taco if I wanted or just plain- usual way.  I have walnuts to use to make meatless seasoned "meat" for a taco or any other thing plus cans of jackfruit to make Faux pulled pork.  Or I can just eat the walnuts by the handful (which is what I do). We have tons of tomatoes on the back porch, corn in the fridge and mozzarella for Caprese.

And all of you are wondering how I maintain my (over) weight body. Well, my doctor shares in your wondering. I have given up trying to figure it out. I have been drinking only tea the last two days- wondering if the coffee was causing the acid reflux. So far, today- no reflux. The next thing I would try is not eating any wheat. (my morning cereal)  My younger brother had allergies to EVERYTHING and as I get older- I seem to be showing symptoms of whatever was genetically wrong with him.  A few years  ago I had the rash he would get when he ate anything like wheat, cow's milk or eggs.  I took steroids for 60 days  and ate only rice and bananas and the rash gave up and went away.  Hasn't come back. Knock wood..... Just an ordinary skin rash gone F***ing crazy.  It even tried to get into my eyes.

I also am well stocked with paper goods, laundry detergent, flour, sugar and canned goods.  As we near the Winter Season I will be buying chicken thighs, onions, carrots, celery, noodles for G's soup and tomatoes, cabbage, onion and white beans for my soup.  And the Long Winter of Covid.  Christmas COVID. Sigh.

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Daily Notes- Sunday- September 6th

While I was out looking for the package of cloth- the bundle-- I saw these roses way up over my head- the canes are climbing higher and higher.   I clipped the stems and brought them into the house.   the beds are developing and opening.  I hadn't thought they would.  Behind is the avocado pit.  You can see it.

The roses have a wonderful fragrance.

Daughter invited me on a ride in the car.  It was supposed to be a Junk and antiques adventure.  It was a long ride.  But one shop now sells guns.  The second now is empty.  Gone out of business.  But still on the internet as being open.  We drove past the casino.  That's why the one sells guns and the other is out of business.  It's strange.  Casino. Hotels. Motels. Stores selling weed and booze. An alternate universe.

After the disappointment we turned round to come home.  Near where we live- a farm selling homemade ice cream.  I got one scoop of peach and one of strawberry.  Made the entire day worth remembering.

This morning I got up and took a shower and put one load of clothes in the washer.  Then when it was done- I started another.  All before breakfast.  Everything is dry and folded and put away.  

I  noticed a square up on the wall across from the table where I have breakfast.  I am going to see if I have more of the fabrics.  I think that might be the square to expand into a doll quilt.  The square was a project I started- making lots of squares- I thought somehow I was going to make something larger ...... But I stopped.  It was during the first month or so of the Quarantine.  While I was making Pantry Soup every week.  Being sad and afraid.  Now......not so afraid.  But I expect to be eating Pantry Soup as soon as thefirst cold snap hits Maine.  I liked i.t

Well the keyboard or something is starting to misbehave so I am going to sign off. 

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Daily Notes- September 5th

Mail.  I was expecting French fabric scraps (for additional borders on Muffy's quilt) but these little delights traveled to me as well.  That little red scrap.  The upper triangle of fabric.  The circle with the black dot.  I am enchanted.  The other two Deb L Dyeworks.  Part of a long strip  I was unsewing.  I love them- I call them Sprinkle Cloth. Like the multi colored Sprinkles I use to make husband's favorite cookies.  Aren't those threads amazing???  Jewel colors flecked with surprising "sprinkles" of other colors.

A Mystery. To tell you about.  I had a bundle of cloth and false indigo leaves in my copper soaking bowl out on the sidewalk. By the front porch.  I had decided the cloth packet wasn't going to be doing much more so I set it out on the pavement next to the copper bowl where it has been soaking untouched for more than a week. This morning. The entire packet of cloth is GONE.  Just gone.  Something picked it up and carried it away.  I have looked everywhere- thinking the someone could have been ME.  But the packet was wet.  I would have only moved it to to the porch to finish drying.

I have checked the garage and back deck.  The Vestibule.  Nothing.  I can't imagine an animal wanting it. Husband says he will look for it.  After he eats breakfast (it's 11:30).  He is staying up late and doing everything later and later- we have lost track of regular meal times etc.  

He found a new toothbrush and gave it to me with a hotel sewing kit.  I asked where he'd gotten the two things.  He didn't recall- "somewhere" pointing up to the Attics.  He wants to bring down a table so he can do his coloring and have all his pencils out- about a thousand pencils--all the time and not waste "coloring time" unpacking and packing them back up.

I get it.  My cloth scraps are always out. Though, unpacking them is not a bad way to spend time.

I found a new way to frustrate the people calling me.  This morning I just kept saying "I can't hear you". The guy kept talking louder and then slower and then finally he hung up.  I was very pleased.

Friday, September 04, 2020

Daily Notes- Friday September 4th

Blogger has learned a few things about my preferences.  Now the photo is centered and already in it's smaller size.  The pictures- images are not that important- in some blogs they are all important.  Nothing I make is that.  Here we have my small craft project.  My cigar box and my wooden craft sticks.  Not all straight.  But already stuck.  Only one side done.  I couldn't find any empty thread spools. I haven't looked in the Attics yet.  Today it's humid and over 80 degrees.  Watering the tomato boxes was difficult. I felt like that man who died needlessly- "I can't breathe". me he is a MAN.  Just that, like all of us.  Not described by Color.  Or anything else.

The deer have come and started eating more and more peaches.  And the leaves and branches, also. My fall back is pick all the peaches.  But........ I would if I intended to can them.  I do not intend to do that. I have frozen peaches in the freezer- for my blueberry/peach cashew smoothies.  But I stopped drinking smoothies when I stopped working.  Husband would like another Cobbler.  I can do that.  Just need a deeper baking dish.  Somewhere packed up in the Attic.  I packed up all the baking dishes. What was that all about?  I could bake a cobbler in the bundt cake pan.  The Baking Police have more important things to do these days.  But once I bring out the Bundt pan I will want the Boozy Chocolate Pudding Cake. Well, Peach Cobbler now and Boozy Cake for my birthday.

My Mother- said my "due date" was September 4th.  But I "waited" to arrive two weeks later and that September was VERY HOT and my mother must have cursed my tardiness each and every day. I personally think she got the date of my "inception" wrong...... just saying.  This could have been the origin of her dislike for me.  Being two weeks late.  Could be that whomever was due to reincarnate wasn't quite '"there" yet. I am a very very old Soul. Been around. I think this Life wasn't meant to be easy. 

Today, I may do another side of the cigar box in my crooked beadboard look.  I gave up on the X-acto knife and went with kitchen scissors.  They cut bones - why not craft sticks?  I used my glue stick.  Not hot glue.  Blogger typed "hot guy".  Made me smile.  Not much does these days.

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Daily Notes- September 3rd

Will the "real" Muffy raise her arms.  Sigh.  The original Muffy husband gave me as a Valentine one year is on the left.  Her head swivels and her arms go up and down (making her so much easier to dress).  The Muffy- still a real Muffy--to the right cannot move her arms or turn her head.  But she can wear the shoes.  And all the clothes fit her as you have seen here on the blog. The one on the left- not so good at wearing shoes.  Her feet are a bit too stiff.  The original Muffy is wearing the Valentine play romper she arrived in.  She was always in the basket.  I just kind of like that the other one can wear shoes. They are both trademarked Vanderbear.  Oddly enough, the little homemade white tee shirt fit her perfectly. No alterations needed.  This also means she will be more comfy in the new bed- being able to turn her head and raise and lower her arms.  I will need to find something special for the other bear.  She seems sad.

It rained overnight.  I have the ceiling fans turned back on.  It was pretty chilly in the house yesterday- even with long sleeves- that I turned the fans off.  No need to water the tomatoes or the peaches today.

Daughter brought over a small paper bag of little ears of sweet corn yesterday. The couple who owns a farm across the road from where daughter's employer lives and works-  cleared out the corn field and bundled up corn stalks for the Halloween Season.  Husband ate the little ears of corn for a late supper after he came inside at 7:30.  Daughter had to clean out employers duck pond yesterday.  She was anxious to get home and into the shower.  Ducks are steady poopers.  But daughter knew they needed to swim to regulate body temps.  Steady pooping.  In the water.

It's dark and cloudy and a very good day to read my next book.  The florist and the dog.  I read the Weezie and BeBe Christmas book on Tuesday.  Where Weezie gets married.  And BeBe has her baby. It's a small holiday book and it was okay.  I like BeBe and Harry as a couple.  I'm never quite sure about Weezie and Daniel.

My very own Birthday Fairy sent me an Amazon package.  I am now the proud and delighted owner of a spool of quarter inch elastic. And Muffy's new pants will be able to stay up over her belly.  The gift was meant to fully stock the Magic Attic.  No matter how many Times I went up- there was never ANY elastic. Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You...  I admit to NEVER getting Amazon packages. I must be the only one on my street.

I was rude to a guy on the phone yesterday.  A courtesy call regarding my daily newspaper.  I apologized. I said the payment was in the mail but I couldn't guess when it would arrive.  Some afternoons I get a half to a full dozen calls about all sorts of medicare, insurance etc etc calls.  Even credit card calls.  Amazon calls... yes Amazon Prime saying my account has been compromised. I tell all of them to try and find a better job and to stop calling old people with land lines.

The ones that start with a weepy kid saying "grandma" are the worst.  I tell them I hope they rot in hell. The Microsoft ones from India are my favorites- I tell them I wouldn't use a Microsoft product even if my life depended on it.  They say I own one.  I say I don't.  Because I don't. They say I do and it needs servicing over the phone. Guess what I say next........

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Daily Notes- September 2nd

 The gang's all here.  Muffy is trying out the new box bed (filled with poly) and one of the quilt candidates.  This one is very nice but is rather stiff.  Not cozy.  And not enough of it to get wrapped around one's little self.  The dog is interested.  As is the plastic duck.  I didn't stage the dog and the duck- they took care of that themselves.

It's cloudy again.  In the 60's.  Might rain.  Later in the week back into the high 80's and humid.  The house is dark even with the lamps turned on.  Lamps at 11am.  Geez. It might as well be Christmas.

My plastic jar of acorns, water, vinegar and a rusty metal thing is now very black.  I may add some cloth.  Just to see what happens.  Nothing has ever happened with acorns- for me.  But then I have never soaked fresh acorns before.  Green acorns.  I have a cloth soaking in the copper bowl, rain water etc-- smashed and pounded (with a rock) false indigo leaves.  The books say I might get a very light shade of blue. An imprint of blue. Did I show you what happened with the red onion skins and copper bowl?  Perhaps not. 

I have allowed that cloth to dry as is- no rinsing.  I have it hanging in the kitchen.  

I just deleted a bunch of words about the crazy Town I live in.  Saving a rusty falling down bridge, building a new elementary school in what is actually becoming a Town sized retirement community with two hospitals and so many assisted living places!!!  It's just too stupid to believe.

I did manage to get a hot fudge sundae at DQ yesterday- we detoured around the old rusty bridge which is being inspected.  Not easy to get there from here.  That should be the motto for the State of Maine. No one ever built an east/west four lane highway.  You can only go north and south. In order to go to Vermont on a four lane highway one has to drive south into New Hampshire and then drive north at a westward angle. Really.  Which is why our population never gets above 1.2 million.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Daily Notes- September 1st

 I found this unfinished piece in one of the fabric baskets.  It just needs another go round of strips and it will be perfect to layer and quilt for Muffy's cigar box bed.  I had intended to give it a press with the iron before having it here- but I didn't get round to it.  The cloth I do have--is beige and I am thinking I need blue.  

I scraped all the paper off the cigar box- it turned out to be cardboard and not wood.  But that's okay. Today I will measure and make the mattress.  The box is "Just Right" for Muffy's dimensions.  Her head and /or feet will NOT have to hang over the edges. And I will look for wooden thread spools for the legs on the bed.  The lid of the box will be cut into two pieces- 2/3rds for the headboard and 1/3rd for the footboard.  I have thin craft sticks to glue on the boards to make it look like bead-board.

But I am mired down in yet another Andrews book.   I am 2/3rds in and all the exciting stuff is going to be happening right at the end. Spring Fever which has nothing to do with the story. My daughter got me Sunset Beach- same author and I have no idea if I ever read it- I have the Save the Date (florist/dog) on my reading table from library.  The Sun is not shining on a regular basis today- clouds mostly and in the 60's.  It feels cold.  Lots and lots of acorns littering the driveway and big healthy deer traveling thru the yard in the early morning and in the evening hours.  September. Not Hunting Season. Yet.  

With so many out of work- I expect to hear gun shots in the woods behind the house as soon as hunting season begins (even though it is quite illegal).  Bow season comes first.  Arrows can kill home owners out doing yard work just as easily. I never expected this- I live inside the Town limits.  

I always am reminded of the woman who lived next door when we first got here.  She would stand on her deck with a big metal pan and a heavy spoon and bang away.......scaring away any deer in the woods.  The hunters took aim at her... she dared them to shoot at her.  Pioneer stock.  I think I might ask husband to buy one of those air horns.  Scare all the deer over to the other side of the woods.  By the road and golf course.  Next door now- a doctor and a lawyer. At one time. that was the usual on this street.  Doctors and lawyers.  And us.  Well, there was that guy in the CIA.  That was interesting. But then he thought my husband was also CIA.  People still think that.  He wasn't.  He'd have been a much better liar if he was.

Its chilly but I do want one more ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.  We have been known to have the heat in the car going while eating ice cream. And we aren't the only ones doing that.