Thursday, September 30, 2021

Daily Notes- September 30th. Rain in the forecast.

 Yesterday I added the last border strips to this little square and made it POP!!!!  I have some corners to square up (noticing)- but this is now something that works--for me.  I have more of all the fabric seen here so I can go bigger if I want. This is about nine inches square. Way too fancy to just be a potholder.

While sewing this I watched a video on the news of a man who finds a good sized and very spirited alligator in his front yard.  He scoots his lidded garbage can (with wheels) until he gets the gator inside than gets the can upright and snaps the lid.- the gator is plenty mad by now- and then pushes the can down the hill in his backyard to the wet area and dumps it.  Gator slithers into the weeds.  I don't think this is the first or last time this homeowner will be collecting a gator in the garbage can. Reminds me of Florida.

Here in Maine I have squirrels, deer and wild turkey.  Used to have raccoons. And Fishers.  Not now.

I picked up the mending kit the library offers on loan.  It has one of those egg shaped wood things for sock mending.  I was going to try with a light bulb but knowing myself...I was reluctant.  LizA has one of the flat topped mushroom shaped wooden things for sock mending.  Wider.  Covers more sock territory.  But that wasn't part of the kit. October tomorrow and socks will be needed sooner than later.

I have a large selection of hoops for hand work ALSO given to me by people cleaning out their parents houses.. From very small to medium/large sized.  I got them in a box my friend brought me from her mom's house.  Plus a large collection of old 1950's aprons.  People bring me this sort of stuff.  Thinking quilt makers enjoy all manner of sewing and cloth interests.  I was also given an "electric" pair of scissors. I'm sort of afraid of that particular item. I also got a large plastic bag of embroidery floss.  Strange colors.  I am using the brown and dark green to hand sew seams- like the borders on the square picture up top.  Hand sew.  The machine would be quicker but not much enjoyment????  There was no red or black floss in the bag.

I got my haircut. today.  I drove the car.  There was weird traffic. And the woman cutting my hair asked if my husband was parked out in the lot waiting for me.  I said no- I drove myself.  Eyebrows raised. I wondered about that..........

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Daily Notes- the Sun is Shining and I started the day with COFFEE.

 A friend (internet friend) is sending me images- this one is really nice.  The things they can do to plants- manipulating their tiny gene pools.  White edges.  Thank you ml.  Hope the day gets better for you.

Coffee yesterday and today.  I am feeling so much perkier.  The decaf tea wasn't doing anything for me but the decaf coffee does.  Do it for me. Perhaps the bitter after taste?? Brain seemed more on point.

I gave MSNBC about 5 minutes of my attention yesterday and then I changed the channel. Blah. Blah. Blah flogging the same old horse for 6 (9) months. I'm tired of it.  

Grab Hold and Do Something. Tape Mitch's mouth shut. Lock him in his office. Take away his phone.  Tell every one they have a 24 hour office lockdown. No allowance.  Pay cuts. No pay checks. No travel budget.  No vacations. No on camera time. Remove all news staff from the Capital. Turn off the lights.  No Cameras. No TV interviews.  Just Work.  Do the Damn Work. Stop running for re-election.

Sports.  Not as deadly dull as the news.  And sometimes they make me laugh.  The Boston station had Winowich (I am more than likely spelling his name incorrectly).  He is on the Patriots football team.  On the football field he looks regular sized but in the studio yesterday he was tall and wide.  He bleaches his hair white blonde but not his beard which was dark brown or black.  Anyway..massive looking.  He brought his dog (a tiny white breed), his personal assistant and his dog's personal assistant (yes).  

I am guessing people refer to my husband as bringing his personal assistant to meetings and appointments.  That would be ME!!  Should I have my own personal person as well???  I could listen and then instruct my person to write that item down.

This football player has a "goofy loopy dog" personality (dog was well behaved) but during the two interviews I have managed to observe- Win is actually intelligent (paid attention in college).  But goofy.  He'd be all over the place in "personal situations" ( I do read a lot of rom coms) but seems to take direction- at least some of the time.  The interview went off the rails a few times. Law and Order was on but it was a tedious episode so I glad to have the sports.  And Winowich.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Daily Notes- September 28th. A LUCKY DAY

 After weeks of looking at an empty shelf where my generic instant coffee usually is got the last jar.  I've been drinking tea for almost a week and I am so HAPPY right now.

And in other epic news- my little grocery has started stocking spray starch again.  They stopped because there wasn't a "good enough turnover" in spray starch. Now they had 10 out of the 12 cans on a top mostly bare shelf.  Turn over now is bare shelving. And complaints? they actually told me to go to Walmart.

Library was good.  One new book and three repeats.  I'm considering switching from rom coms to something like a good scary mystery/murder series in October.  Mid- October as I have enough rom coms to get me into the first week of October.  And I have three cloth projects simmering.......One I am sure of and the other two are into cloth auditions.

I have switched from Law and Order and News to Sports talk shows.  I KNOW.  How crazy is that????? It's fun to watch men talk.  I like men.  Well, the ones on the television.  And they make me laugh. After the Sunday games I could hardly wait for 1pm on Monday.  They didn't disappoint.  They were as disgusted with the games as I had been.  Aaron Rogers. This is a puzzle no one is touching. Radio Silence. Lots of screen time on Aaron just standing.  No expression on his face. Lost. Bored. Wants to be elsewhere?  Like I have been while looking at the empty instant coffee space.

 Early in the day there was a show on ESPN with a tall guy in a  closely tailored suit with no socks and what looked like pool shoes on. Just all crazy and excited and he was screaming and putting red X's on the replay images of bad quarterback throws.. I loved it. "who did they think was going to catch that?"

 There was WAY TOO MUCH Red Sox so I had to go back to reading.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Daily Notes- Monday September 27th- Sunshine.

 Coleus.  Marigolds.  Lantana.  Wider than I can spread my arms.

This planter is huge and I couldn't wrap my arms around the width and bulk of all these leaves and flowers.  It has surpassed my expectations.  It has given me great joy.  I have been happy to give it water and food and it has fed the bees.

Cream of Wheat, Kim, is on the Winter Breakfast menu in a few weeks or months.  I make it thick and spread it out on a dinner plate and top with butter which melts into golden pools.  Then sugar and then a dusting of cinnamon.  Just as my grandmother made it for me years and years ago.  When my age was recorded in the single digits.  Two.  Three.  Four.

I eat my bran flakes with milk.  But a special milk that didn't give me acid reflux.  And now I am eating my oatmeal with some sugar and a small pool of the same milk (lactate free).  I can't find a lactate free yogurt.  So when I do eat yogurt I get acid reflux. A burning burning pain.  Thank you Elvis.

My youngest brother was allergic to nearly everything on Earth.  Beef, Pork, Chicken, Eggs, Cheese, Milk Wheat.  Those are the basics. Our rather uncaring parents, did not have the other two children in the household tested.  I am sure my other brother and I have ALWAYS been allergic to these same food items but in different ways. And I am positive we could have benefitted from allergy testing. 

When I worked at LLBean I became sensitized to the chemicals on the LLBean clothing from outside the US.  Insecticides.  I got very sick. I had a horrible rash on my face and my eyes were also involved.  I was given a regiment of Steroids for 30 days.  And told to stop working there. Now I buy LLBean only at Goodwill.  Well Washed. Old.  Insecticide Free.

I pulled the Arty Choke plants out of the back garden (yesterday) until I noticed my arms were covered in an angry red rash.  Inside quickly to wash my arms in very hot water. Then Benadryl spray..  An hour later all was well.  Very sensitive skin.  But didn't affect my breathing...thank goodness.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Daily Notes- September 26th- It rained all night and now the Sun is shining- building humidity.

 Another free to use image of chairs.  Not the greatest but colorful.

I am getting more of those fabric scraps from Massachusetts.   Thank you, Dee. 

I have such a large collection of yardage upstairs and to find that this one color family is something I had never purchased.'s been a long long time since I bought fabric in a really GOOD quilt shop.  They are hours away from where I live.  And I don't hang with the Quilt Chapter anymore.

Why?  You possibly want to know.  They are blanket makers.  What I make VERY WEIRD to them. Even in translation it makes no sense to them.  It never did. It's not useable.  Utilitarian.  But I did make many baby quilts. And loved making them.

What I make is Fabric Art.  Not the best..but I am learning.  They didn't understand the Baltimore Appliqué either. And I totally LOVE that stuff.

So.......Husband has reached his Medicare limit on his prescription meds.  Not even October.  I'll have problems in December.  I paced myself correctly.  One prescription they are refusing to fill.  It was a no cost one so it must be something else going on.  The doctor might be out of their loop.

Acid reflux. Odd as I have only eaten oatmeal today. No more Bran Flakes.

I have nothing much left to write about.  I had a lovely shower and have on fresh clothing- shirt is a bit itchy.  I haven't worn this shirt since I sewed fresh new buttons on it.  New for the shirt.  Old for buttons. They were in the big old jar of buttons I got at an antique shop long ago.  Some look like bone buttons. Pretty boring when all I can write about is buttons.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Daily Notes- September 25th- This is What Actually Happens in Twenty Minutes.

 When you take everything off the design wall and put up the unfinished work that was in a pile (just 20 minutes before sitting here to write this).  And then notice that the two small scraps (with dots) sent to you from Massachusetts are EXACTLY what your piece NEEDS to function. And then you stomp around and swear and make a trip into the Magic Attic only to discover that in all the YEARS of buying cloth you have NEVER purchased this COLOR. (negative words)

Shit. Shit. Shit. (negative words)

So. that's Today. So Far. (neither positive nor negative words)

And the toaster only toasted one side of each slice of bread.  So I had to turn the bread over and toast the other side and I said many very nasty descriptive words at the toaster oven.  Then I ate my toast with my TEA because  (I'm out of bran flakes) decaf coffee at the grocery.  (very negative words)

It rained over night.  Any fertilizer Tru Green applied the other day is now well watered in   (positive words)

Daughter loves her new car.  (positive words)

Ancient Aliens shows yesterday were quite interesting.  Especially the DNA ones. (positive words)

Dessert daughter shared with us..gave me terrible acid reflux.  I was quite miserable after eating it.. (negative words)  Daughter says it's the Cool Whip with 100% artificial ingredients. (chemicals)

 I didn't read. Not one page. Sigh.  (negative words)

I really like that dark blue dotted fabric. (positive words).

Friday, September 24, 2021

Daily Notes- September 24th- Rained over night, Tru Green showed up for first time in 2021

 Another image from a free to use site.  

Husband and Daughter have gone off to pay for a new car.  Check in hand.  In a really interesting note: daughter hadn't mentioned this until last night, but the dealership had asked if she wanted to take the NEW car home last Monday and bring the payment check in today.  Mentioning past purchases and "history". I got quite a kick out of that.  History includes my behavior during negotiations, for sure.  I tend to give them a stare and then collect my belongings and get up and head for the door...while they chase after saying that price point is only a starting offer--please come back.......

They will notice that I wrote the check and signed it.  I'm not dead. But they are wondering what I am driving.

Daughter decided to take her father at the last minute.  He was pretty happy to be asked and is also excited that on the way home he gets to have cake at the the European Bakery.

I am reading a book that I don't actually like.  So I am going to stop and try one of the others.

I have a window open in the kitchen/ dining room.  Exchange of fresh air.  It's been awhile since I had windows open other than in our bedroom. Which is always open unless it's raining. It IS supposed to rain today and tomorrow.  It did rain overnight so the Tru Green fertilizer got wet.  Which is fantastic.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Daily Notes- September 23rd- Clouds in my Coffee- if I had coffee.

 I got some images from a free site.  This is one of them.  Love the sky.  I went looking for chair images.

Husband mowed the grass yesterday and my "project grass" looks pretty darned good.  I haven't watered it recently.  Letting it get used to being on it's own.  Like you do when sending children off to school.

My book for today (and yesterday) is Second First Impressions.  The tattooed motorcycle guy and the twenty something woman dressed like a senior citizen.  It's a seven day loan.  And I am enjoying it all over again.  I had forgotten it.  And now we are re-united.   the book I was tying to read- just wasn't interesting. So I gave up and returned it.  Found Second First Impressions.

I was feeling "un-taken care of" yesterday and purchased all sorts of things to feed myself- specially supper.  I have ham, cheese, hot dogs and buns.  And another prepared meatloaf, mashed potatoes and broccoli meal.  I don't know why the hot dogs but perhaps because they had a better selection yesterday. I even have relish.  The dogs themselves will be blackened and crisp when I eat them. Hardly hot dogs and more embers. 

I considered eggplant.  To make into Parm.  But that seemed like endless work.  Just as the idea of Birthday Pot Roast seemed more than I could manage.  Is that how everyone feels in year two of this Pandemic?  But we're actually closer to beginning Year Three.  This is ENDLESS.

I started the day with a nice hot shower and clean clothes.  Positive Thinking.  My beverage now is TEA as they had no coffee again at the grocery-- well, truthfully......NO DECAF.  Anywhere. I would have taken any brand coffee --if it was decaf.  Husband suggests I got with a little. and never sleep again.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Daily Notes- September 22nd. Sunshine and Grass cutting.

 Van Gogh's Chair.   This was difficult to obtain as the old computer wasn't happy about any of the process. As soon as I post this - I need to purge the picture files.  Took four tries before this  picture would load. I am thinking we might, in the near Future, not be having pictures.  And that is very very sad.  As I am a visual person.  And the Daily Notes with no Daily Image would just not be the same.

I forget the computer is old and fragile.  We go along with few if any problems and it's like it always was. and then...well, it isn't...... I wrote sunshine at the top and now it's cloudy.

I've done the hard work...writing down the computer address of the blogs I read.  In case... and so I can add them when I have a new computer.  Human minds are supposed to work the same way.  So, I should make a personal list of who I know and where they are located and how and why I know them.  For when I forget.

I did visit the grocery yesterday.  Husband was out of yogurt and I knew his morning (today) would be ruined if he didn't have yogurt.  Now he reminds me of a lack of bagels.  It was on the very edge of my mind yesterday as I drifted past the bagels section and thought "do we need any?" and then kept walking. I have plenty of bread, so could offer up toast.  But...I can't see that being successful. He visited his Heart Doctor yesterday.  Everything is fine.  Another visit in 18 months.  

I can hear the mower.  Husband is cutting the grass today.  My Grass Growing Project was getting tall. Tru Green is coming tomorrow.  I am guessing the company just noticed we have a contract.  Haven't seen them at all in 2021. I was about ready to ask for my money back.  I still might.  The local water provider sent over a test bottle for iron and lead content.  They have had us fill a bottle with water every year since we moved here.  I filled the bottle first thing this morning and then called for pickup. 1984 Pipes.

That's it for today.  A new season of Survivor.  I haven't watched in years and years.  Any of you watch?

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Daily Notes- September 21st and Another Chair

 Chair by Kate Lewis via Ml.   We both thought it was from the original six but this one is new and is a watercolor.  And Mary Lou- we BOTH got it WRONG- wow.  Need a good cleaning out of old brain cells.

So perhaps the line (contour) drawing of chairs was okay before but now...should be thinking of a watercolor of the chairs instead.  I love the blue background.  Watery.  Moody.

We had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner yesterday followed by cake and ice cream.  Skipping vast stretches of food groups settling for fat, carbs and dairy.  In a Better Reality- today would be protein and vegetables.  But....the cupboard and crisper drawer in fridge are bare, bare, bare.  

I think I can make Stanley Tucci's vegetable pasta sauce.  Enough for a few meals.

I sorted...........well, there was some time lapse between typing I sorted...till now (phone calls and emails) and I have no idea what I sorted. So I am going to stop writing this post and just do a load of laundry. Let the brain cells reassemble themselves.  If possible. 

 I haven't chosen a book for today. Yesterday's book was sort of a Prince Charming and Cinderella but the step sisters and step mother were actually loving and decent.  If the Shoe Fits.  Plus size meets fantastically handsome rich guy on one of those elimination dating shows.  Fantasy for plus sizes.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Daily Notes- September 20th- On the Phone

 Reminding me of the chairs I drew in my book- was it years ago????  Simple line contour drawings. I saw these chairs and I loved the patterns.  The top row and then the second row down on the left.  I like these three best.  Or just the top two on the left.   I think I wanted one drawing book to be just chairs. I should return to that daily practice of drawing a chair.  One needs to learn the eye and hand thing when drawing. And then never look at the paper.  Just the subject.  I'm good with chairs etc but never really  GOT IT with figure drawing.  I didn't work hard enough.  With organic things like flowers, I just let the pencil or pen move and draw a looser or an imaginary flower.  That's how I paint.  Loose and watery and then some pencil or pen lines.  The Inktense pencils are fun.  They bleed and run.  The Art crayons- I loved the soft mixtures when we did the collage thing a few years ago.  

There is so much of Art that I enjoy but haven't done much lately.  I guess I need a Group Challenge, huh?

Football yesterday.  I lost interest in the second set of games.  Went back to my book. We never watch the late games.

Daughter is down in Portland checking out new cars.  Test driving them while her old car got a new recall axle and the tech guy dug all the mouse nests out of her glovebox and behind the radio.  She's getting a new car.  My only job is writing the check.  Cars are certainly more expensive these days but daughter said this new one costs the same as her old one.  Well, okay.

I can't wait for the Sports Shows on TV this afternoon .  So much happened yesterday.  Injuries and bad play by the new crop of quarterbacks and other players.  More injuries than ever it seems.  I am wondering what's going on????   I need a second cup of coffee and some toast.  See you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Daily Notes- Onward to to being 75

 A lovely day yesterday. And this morning FIVE comments on the post and one from A Reader in France (be still my heart!!!) and another from A Reader who went back and read all the posts from what is it- years and years- you can't know how deeply that touched my HEART.  Thank you to you both. And in combination with so many emails......such a lovely day.  The cake was delicious and our son and I spoke on the phone for over 2 hours.  He's on the opposite side of the USA from us. So far away.

I had a lovely day.  I did nothing.  I was reading one of those fantasy romances. The very very rich guy with his own personal jet etc. but it was fine.  Grapes, wine, and vineyards.  And even a woman who made her own pants and decorated them with three dimensional fish that flapped as she walked.  I admit- not to fish- but to something that is not fish in three dimensional fabric appliqué on my pants.  Moving as I walk thru the library and grocery store.  Pansies????

I believe it may have rained a bit yesterday.  I know it rained at daughter's house in Town.  But sometimes it doesn't rain here- a 5 minute drive away.

My husband just made his coffee- and didn't have his cup under the spout of the Keurig.  I asked " didn't you notice it wasn't there?" and he started laughing. I guess not.   

1 pm and we'll be watching football.  And NOT having pizza.  It's an evening thing not a mid afternoon thing.  All the pizza dough is frozen solid and wouldn't thaw and rise in Time so I am giving it a pass.  A good start to my 75th year on Earth.  This might be an interesting year.........I'd like it to be.

I got a bit confused with 75 and 76 when I first posted this morning.  I hadn't had any coffee.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Daily Notes- September 18th- Is It someone's birthday?????

 I got this off of someplace and have been saving it for months.   My cake doesn't look like this but is still very very nice.   I can't imagine how the decorations on this cake stayed so neat and clean edged.

Today is one of those days.  Some sun and some clouds. And even at 1pm- I am sleepy.

I was away for 2 hours talking to my son out in California.  But I'm back now.  I keep thinking it's Sunday. but it's Saturday.  I have a lot of emails to read. Later we'll have cake.

That's about all going on here.  My daughter brought me a pair of cotton cropped pants- beige.  So I think I might try and color them somehow.  A woman my age and size should not wear light colored pants. Dark pants are so much better.  I have to think about how to make them darker.

I'm hoping to stay healthy for another 15 years.  We'll see if it will work.

Daily Notes- September 17th. Another trip to the grocery store.

 An example of just how easily entertained I actually am.   The inside of a paper padded Amazon package. The little white circles are glue and some sort of white material- possibly a cancer causing agent.  But the DOTS.  So I ripped it apart and was just enchanted wondering what I could make with it.  Other than make myself sick.

Sunshine.  Not a speck of moisture or rain.  It all seems to dry up in the atmosphere and none gets to the Earth itself.  High, high COVID cases here in Maine.  ALL Un vaccinated.  The new hospital guidelines- if you have a low % chance to survive- they move you out of ICU. Use those beds and machines for people who HAVE a CHANCE of surviving....... wow.  Just wow. 

The Sports show yesterday from 3 to 5 was excellent.  I laughed out loud a few times. Laughing is  good.

I don't have much else to say today.  I saw the moon last night.  Very bright. And over to the Moon's left and above a very shiny star.  Anyone know what star it is?   Southern sky I believe. I know as I look out that my right arm faces west.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Daily Notes- Thursday, September 16th

 This image might have already been here on the notes- I am cleaning up the picture file.  and I like this picture.  I am having some organizational things happening on the desktop.  Things are sliding sideways. The more I adjust the more things go where I don't want them. Spelling seems iffy also.  I am typing too fast.

I think there are 8 available seats at this table.  Reserve yours.  Wouldn't that be amazingly FUN???

In answer to DebL's SHOUT- yesterday was anniversary and Saturday is birthday.. (son is practically levitating in California saying no no no don't give people those dates)  Still no cake purchased for birthday. Maybe no would be okay.  A few Tiramisu squares would be most excellent. They are boozy. Bakery at grocery usually has them.  I do enjoy a boozy cake. And there is an icy bottle of Cosmo in the fridge.  And a can of Vodka Fizzy something.  People love to give me small serving size "spirits". And Tonic water and limes for a Gin and Tonic.   Who needs cake?

I have a few things to pick up at library.  Books I requested.  Grocery is right next door.

I am doing lots of work here.  Writing down everyone's email address and the actual names of blogs that appears at the top of the screen.. In case I lose everything on this ancient machine.  The filled notebook pages are like insurance. I can still read blogs and get mail on my iPhone if things go sideways..  

It got very very dark here at 5pm yesterday and we were expecting wind rain and power outages.  Nope. But it sure was DRAMATIC.

I watched a bunch of stuff yesterday.  Can't recall any of it.  Oh...sports.  I watch these guys on radio- they are on radio but cameras are also recording- discussing sports.  Men.  It's my new favorite show.  For a couple hours each day.  They argue and yell and laugh and are sad about the Patriots and Red Sox. Makes me laugh. Especially the Red Sox fielding errors.  Those are hilarious. One guy gets merzmerized looking at his arm and the ball he's supposed to catch drops to the ground right in front of his face. Another on first base has the ball roll out of his glove and he scrambles on the ground trying to pick it up with the glove not his bare hand.  And the radio guys are yelling.... You IDIOT.  Good Stuff. Seems none of them can field  a ball on the Boston Team. But they are solidly in the running  for something????

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Daily Notes- September 15th- My Fifty Third Wedding Anniversary. Yep=53

 I sorted the piles of cloth on the ottoman last evening (and found stuff I had been looking all over for....).  This was a bunch of selvage strips I ripped off of cloth and some embroidery floss that was tangled up in the mess.  Under it all- some Deb Lacativa.  I like this little wound up ball I'm keeping it.  About the size of a large walnut. While watching Law and Order.

Husband invited me out to dinner in a restaurant.  I said NO!!  So he cut his nose hair instead.  Can't make this stuff up. 

Another lovely Amazon surprise in the mailbox this morning- I guess we forgot to look yesterday??? Fresh Water for Flowers.  I said I wished I had it to read and "snap" my dear friend Connie had it sent from Amazon.  My daughter bought another book I mentioned on the blog. And the Soon To Be Famous Author has sent her books. So..A Very Bookish Birthday. Just the Way I Love it.

I haven't decided what to do about cake for Saturday.  We haven't had cake since Riley got sick. We got him a birthday cake for his last birthday.  He covered his eyes. But I need a cake as my sister in law sent me sparklers for my birthday cake.  The grocery has ice cream cakes. But I don't have freezer space.

I started today with a shower, shampoo and fresh clothes.  I even ironed my shirt.  No starch. But I am noticing I didn't clean my eyeglasses.  So, I need to do that and make a second cup of coffee.

It might just rain today.  And that would be kind of nice.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Daily Notes- September 14th- Sunny and humid....again

 How fun is this?  Fresque... something.  I didn't write it down. I can see Crazy As A Loon Me doing this to my house.  And the neighbors going nuts over "property values".

Well.  No Oatmeal and no Coffee and no Prepared Pasta Dinners.  I had to go pick up books I had ordered from other libraries so  I stopped in. Checked the shelves. I did get vanilla ice cream with cherries.  Not the brand I wanted but still.....I'll see if it's actually what I want.  The guy behind me got a case of beer. He wanted the larger case  but it was too heavy to carry and then stand in line with it..  It was funny. I told him I felt the same about a 10 pound baby years ago. 

My daughter is getting new axles on her car.  Honda recall so "it's free!"  Sort of like those Medicare commercials. With squeaky voice Joe Namath.  Honda dealership is also going to try and remove the mouse nests in the engine compartment and the glove box.  While she waits she is going to ask to test drive the CRX.  She if she likes it.  And I guess see if it comes in a color she can live with. Might not.

Oil delivery truck is backing up the curved driveway. Beeping. Used to make Riley insane. Saliva. Delivery guy looked pretty cute today. sigh...I hardly noticed these things in my early years.

My Star Chart had "spending more" today was the last day and I hadn't spent any money on any of those items.  July 29th to September 14th.   Next up is Pluto and something romantic artistic memorable on the 16th..  A good book I am thinking. From Amazon. 

Re-reading Bet Me the 10th Time???  I love this book.  Picked up two on order that had arrived at library.  It's stacking up to be a good week.  Reading only books I have read before and LOVED as sort of a "birthday treat" leading up to Saturday.  

Still trying to think what I can make with all the "cloth sort of assembled into square shapes" and other stuff here.  None of it is compatible.  No "playing well with others" but I always got "needs improvement" in that category in early school grades so might not be in my DNA to make "companionable" cloth.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Daily Notes- September 13th- Sunshine and Humidity

 All Clad.   I have just about every pan they make.  All the ones you see here.  Expensive but I AM WORTH IT.  I even use them occasionally.  (that was a small joke)

Someday I'll have a induction top on a new stove.  And all of these pans will be happy- well, they are happy now- but induction will be lovely.  I had it in Germany-induction.  Was lovely.  1982-88

Grocery and Library.  Some conversation.  Which is always a bonus.  Connecting with another human. My milk was on the shelf but I chose the Lactaid 2% (new things for an old person).  It costs less and it works just as well.  I also got two more boxes of Bran Flakes.  Extending cold cereal for another week or two before going back to oatmeal. The oatmeal situation wasn't much better than the coffee shelves. Getting pretty bare.  

I have a jar of Folger's decaf in the cupboard.  I don't like it but it's the backup.  COVID taught me to always have a backup.  AGAIN- only one loaf of the Arnold's bread.  Waiting for me.  Then the entire section is bare. I didn't need it but since it was THERE- I bought it.  Freezer supply.  No pasta and chicken dinners for husband on the shelf.  Could get intense here at home. I have one "pop fly" solution to the chicken dinner problem and will attempt it as a last resort.  I DID fill the snack shelf with a bounty of sugary snacks.

Football.  Well.  All I can say was interesting.  Our new quarterback did just fine.  We lost because some guy fumbled.  Not the QB's fault.  He threw the ball.  He took the hits.  It looks like a meaner season at this point.  All the teams seem sort of out of control.

I neglected the Tennis.  Because I can't stand the Serbian Ass Hat trying to win every tournament.  And I missed it.  The very very tall Russian beat the Serb. I am beyond upset that I missed it. I saw some of the highlights.  It would have been amazing to watch.  Especially when the Serb smashed his racket to pieces in ANGER.  RAGE.  His true personality.

Well that wasn't the Daily Notes you expect here is it.  No chuckles today.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Daily Notes- September 12th

 Maynard Dixon

The more paintings I put here on the posts- the more I want to drag out the paints.  I was-maybe- getting somewhere years and years ago, with painting...but it's a muscle exercise like hand sewing.  Awkward at first until the hand and eye can co-ordinate and work together.  Getting past the awkward can take years...and it's heartbreaking to never see on the paper or canvas what you were trying to tends to give up. 

I visited a website- Catherine who lives in coastal Maine- up north of me- was painting a circle of watercolor paper each day.  Had them lined up.  And I thought- that is something I could do- to get started again.  Just a circle with paint.  On it's own or I could draw the circles on a sheet of watercolor paper and then paint inside the drawn pencil line.  A bit trickier to stay in the line- but..I used to be able to do that.

Like knife skills when cooking.  Or the dance of mixing when baking.  Even like trying to grow grass seeds into a lawn. Or holding a baby 20 years after your baby was a baby.  They are so heavy.

Yesterday and the tv images- which I could not stop watching.  Because I had missed everything after the second plane-- going into work that day..  so....And it was shattering. The spoken words more than the images.

And now...

Sunshine and breezy yesterday and today clouds.  Stillness.  I haven't checked the weather- clouds but no rain.  It's very quiet outdoors.  No wind not even a ripple of a breeze.

Football today.  Pizza.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Daily Notes- September 11th. Sigh.

 Kathleen Waterloo I believe but could be wrong.   Seems appropriate for today.

Sunshine here in Maine.  Just like 20 years ago.

Today's book is Clayborn's Love at First.  For the third or fourth time.  It's soothing.  Her other book that I read over and over again is Love Lettering.   If I owned Fresh Water for Flowers- I would be reading that.

I am waiting for several books to arrive from distant libraries.  Pre- Birthday- I indulge in books I love reading. And Reading. And Reading.  The gift I give myself.  I can't believe I've

Husband is enjoying a small bowl- very small (his choice)- of Birthday Party ice cream each evening with his cake and cookie dessert platter which includes a fudge frosted chocolate doughnut.  He's "out" of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting which is making him grumpy and I forgot to buy frosted vanilla cookies. The ice cream is chocolate with all sort of sprinkles and crunchy things the mix. I'm still working on the Cherry Ice Cream.  I have everything to make his favorite cream cheese cookies rolled in an entire carton of sprinkles but haven't made them.

I am JUST NOT interested in baking.  Once I get into it- I'm okay but stepping over the line into actually baking- it's just getting more difficult as I get older- to step over the line.

I have a load of work clothes- his not mine (I don't work)- to do in the Washing Machine. And still haven't finely diced any vegetables for the pasta.  I sort of want a large baked potato with sour cream and lots of chives. And I wouldn't mind eating my way thru a pound of raw sweet carrots sticks.  All of this means a drive to the grocery store.  Which- with the way things are going right now with COVID and anti-mask people- isn't in my best interests. Angry People.  Are Dangerous people.

A momentary interruption as we looked for instant spot glue- husband dropped his shaver attachment and broke it.  I twisted a nice rubber band around it until we find the tube of glue.  

I am so much my Father's Daughter.  More so each year. "If we can't find the right thing (or person or job)- let's find something that will work until we do find the right thing (or person or job)."  It's been an interesting way to live.  Not always in a good way. You might be "making do" when the right thing walks past- and you don't even look up and notice it.  I feel like that might have happened more than a few times. Or that right thing comes along, you notice, and you've moved past it while waiting and don't need

Friday, September 10, 2021

Daily Notes- September 10th- Sunshine- Speed Racer cutting grass across the street.

 Rosana Tasker.  If I was titling this it would be Planets in the Night Sky.  I'm sure it's actually something else but pretty awesome.  Reminds me of the stuff Dee makes.

Football yesterday.  Pretty great most of the Time and the end DRAGGED.  Cowboy quarterback is doing great.  I watched him break his ankle the last time he played.  That was hard to watch. Brady still looks better than any quarterback the Patriots have but not as great as he once was. Gronk?  Man....he IS great.

So...Friday.  Not much on the schedule for today.  In the 70's.  I finished the Bookish Life of Nina Hill and--again--realized it is book THREE and I now want Book TWO Garden of Small Beginnings. All the characters from the previous two books attend the wedding at the end of Bookish Life.  Which made me want to read their lives again.

So...ordering book two from interlibrary loan.

Books arrived from Amazon yesterday.  Seems I KNOW an Actual Author of Books who had HER books sent to me.. I am feeling pretty special today. I also know a group of women who published a quilting book together.  That was exciting as well.

I am thinking I will make a simple pasta for myself today.  Yesterday I had a grilled cheese and ham sandwich and ice cream.  I am noticing a lack of vegetables.  So, onion, carrot, celery and tomato would be an improvement. I think.

Daughter has been stung by a bee at work- and is texting with her father.  I added my two cents regarding having a simple first aid kit with baking soda.  A water and baking soda paste works like a charm on bee stings.  Well, I have a load of Washing Machine Stuff to do today.  And that's about all.  

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Daily Notes- September 9th. Rain forecast for next three days. Larry.

 The gray fabric I was looking for (and an excellent indication of what sort of fabric I used to buy) and a drawing of a French hen I was going to make into Felt Christmas Ornaments last December.  I cleaned out the collected papers to my left. Everything is tidy on the desk. I'm pretty good at freehand line drawing. And my handwriting is lovely if I do say so myself.

I may need to go up into the Magic Attic for felt.  Make a few Hens. Christmas is just around the corner. And I never did make one of Dee's pipe cleaner/felt Mice.  I have tweed wool scraps for his coat.

Walk About Neighbor has been collected and taken to stay with her son and new wife and two small children. And a new puppy.  Like a party. Threats of professional intervention did the trick.  It wasn't me. Was one of the neighborhood doctors.

I am re-reading the Bookish Life of Nina Hill.  For the second or third time. Next up is Rules for Visiting.

I drove to grocery and got three quarts of ice cream yesterday after reading the comment on yesterday's post.  German Chocolate from Giffords for me and Birthday Party (sprinkles) Gifford's for husband.  The Gifford's Vanilla with Cherries was gone.  So I got Cherry ice cream with added cherries from another company.  It has a very sight cough medicine backstory to it.  I think the Vanilla with added cherries would be so much better.  But....that will need to wait until next shopping day.

We have all the lights on in the house.  It's dark outside and damp but not exactly raining right this minute. Though we have been warned to expect heavy rain and road flooding.  Tampa Bay plays football tonight but I warned husband he would NOT be getting pizza until the Patriots play on Sunday.

My horoscope says I should try to look my best tomorrow and until October 7th because I "will find love". On my birthday, the 18th-- Mars will be adding a "magic shield against negatives"...Wow!!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Daily Notes- September 8th. We might have the neighbor sorted........

 Not sure who anonymous is- who left a note yesterday.  But I am going to go get the ice cream.  As soon as I hit publish on this post.   It looks like rain.. husband is cutting the grass.

I am reading Off the Menu by Stacey Ballis.  I liked one so I started ordering any of the rest in other libraries- then you wait.  Shipping takes time and there is quarantine.  This one might have been the first book.  Not as good as the fix it upper book.  Not as bad as the previous book.

Next up are three back to back re-reads of books I have adored in 2021.  I cannot wait.

As to making ART.  ART- in my case, gets made inside my head for awhile before it gets onto cloth or paper.  There are some good ideas floating and some awful ones.  And I have gone to the Attic in search of the gray fabric with lines and dots.  I cannot find it.  The square I am enlarging has this fabric in it.  So, it EXISTS.  Or  EXISTED.  I do not buy small pieces.  Half yard is as small as I go (now) but I have been known to buy fat quarters..ugh!!!  This cloth is not showing up in anything else- at this point- if it did it would be unsewn out and USED.  I have tried other grey prints--do not work.

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!

Had different milk this morning.  My milk is not available- entire section at grocery is bare.  No instant coffee.  Bare shelf. I got the LAST LOAF of the magnificent bread Deb told me to buy. People refusing vaccine are sick and getting everyone else sick..  By the Time I drive to grocery the ice cream will be gone.  Every day.......less and less makes sense to me. And STILL- they do not wear masks.

Neighbors ALL have been visited by the memory impaired neighbor.  Police have been called and some support agency has been asked to knock on her door.  I found out neighbors have been feeding her. For weeks if not months.  My house is at the very far end and set back far into the she didn't get down here until Saturday. I have been told to NOT let her in MY house and walk her back home but NOT to enter HER house.  There is liability attached. Many neighbors are lawyers. The rest are doctors it seems.  A few teachers. I miss having the CIA guy living a few houses down. We even have a Veterinary Surgeon- large mammals  (horses mostly) her boyfriend is a Rock Band's Roadie.  So.......funeral Friday for Ruth next door. Neighborhood is going.  Family is sorry but won't be serving lunch. COVID.

Obit is the paper this morning.  Ruth was quite a gal.  

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Daily Notes- September 7th- Sunshine

 Looks like grass, doesn't it?  Well, more than it did.  This part, front of the image, was solid dirt when I started.  sigh.  Rain overnight. sunshine now.

Neighborhood shit going on.  One of the neighbors is stage 5 or 6 with Alzheimers and wandering - finally arrived at my house (actually inside our garage) but has visited almost everyone on the street. Knows when it's supper time for some houses.  We are instructed now--to just call the Police to report her "wandering" and let them take care of it.  Her family (son) expects us to take care of things.  They don't bother to visit. Just want to get power of attorney to sell the house out from under her.

So........four visits to our house Saturday and then one on Monday.  

Grocery store today.  40% of shelving is bare.  Milk in short supply. No instant coffee. I did find vanilla ice cream with cherries.  I didn't buy it. sigh.  Garbage men came by.  Sun is shining.  Possible load of laundry for the Washing Machine. Or not.  Newspaper.  I thought I had some cloth ideas.  But not interested today. I was up early again. Not getting enough sleep????  whatever it is- I need to get past it.

The book yesterday was okay.  Was her first book.  Later books are better.  I have one more by this author. What I really want is a nap.

Monday, September 06, 2021

Daily Notes- September 6th- Labor Day

 This might be Tony Abeyta.  Not sure.  But I love the circles.  Some painted and some look like a simple contact pressing of one surface to another.  And then the faint white lines. Perhaps scratched into the surface.  This would be pretty cool to do with layered cloth circles.

Yesterday was quiet.  No one knocked on out door.  The Tomatoes and Cheese was very good.

Today's book is Inappropriate Men. I hope they actually are as described.

We don't get a Monday paper and since it's Labor Day- no mail.  So I watched the "radio" sports shows  on television with my Bran Flakes. Where two men continue to argue about quarterbacks etc.  Occasionally I laugh.  Which is why I watch. Laughing is wonderful.

Began the day with a nice hot shower, clean underwear and clothes.  Fresh Start Monday.

The clouds roll in and then roll out.  Would be great if it rained.  I say that every day.

The Blue Angels are gone.  They roared overhead with cloud cover yesterday between 3 and 4pm..  I didn't think they did the program if there were clouds but I am guessing the clouds were high enough or they didn't fly as high to do the stunts. Who knows. It was LOUD.  We watched from the street at the end of the driveway.  As usual, we were the only humans outside.

The Wild Turkey's are back in our yard this week.  Lots of them.  Ten at a time. Lots to eat, I guess. Fun to watch them cross the road to eat our neighbor's insects and bugs- worms??? They move in a group.

Sunday, September 05, 2021

Daily Notes- September 5th- Clouds in My Coffee

 Bryant Toth.  And interesting way for us to make use of patchwork that is homeless and roaming around on the floor under the cutting table.  Just make a head shape and fit it inside.  Then add eyes. Clothes.

Connie tried and you CAN click on the image and go to to original site.  Thank you Connie!!!!

Yesterday was one of those days- like the image up top--.  When against all my baser instincts- to just ignore the tapping on the front door- I got up and answered.  A neighbor with "Just Getting Worse Alzheimers".  Her story was that she was locked out of her house and had slept in her car.  Actually, her garage door and house door were open and unlocked and the luxury car looked pretty cozy parked in the garage.  We called her son.  He asked me to take care of her. (shithead)  He is in "the process of getting control of her assets and selling her house".  So he can find her a "really nice place to stay"- Burn in Hell, you Asshole Liar.  The local police know this guy and have arrested him many times for assaulting his wife while under the influence. His mother loves him.  Echos of my own family nightmares.

His mom stopped by four times. And I walked her home four times.  Then I called the Asshole and told him to come to his mother's house, do some laundry (piles of it all over the house) and charge her phone.  Clean the litter box which stinks so bad my eyes watered.  Or I WOULD call the Police or Human Services myself.  His mother thought I was just about the nicest person she had ever met.  Indicating she was not in her right mind for sure.  I can only be nice for a certain amount of Time and she and her son had used up the entire amount. I'm still angry.  I found it difficult to fall asleep last night.

On the walk back up my own driveway (after final visit four) the Blue Angels screamed overhead and in the close four formation flew down over my driveway, over my left shoulder and hooked left at the garden shed.  I could see the pilots.  It's sort of an out of body experience to see them that low.

Anyway.  The guy whose pants I mended, brought more tomatoes.  We are having them for lunch or dinner- which ever meal my husband decides to eat today.  With mozzarella, basil and Balsamic vinegar.  French Baguette to soak up any juices. And I am drinking wine.

Some times- Life really SUCKS.  I wish I knew a vigilante.  Someone who could rattle the son's bones till they shattered.  The daughter (sister) walked away years ago.  Like I did. From my own mother. Karma is such a bitch.  

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Daily Notes- September 4th- Sunshine, no AC unit running.

Good Morning.  This image is by Claire Young.  It was part of the large collection of grasshopper art on the Something blog in my sidebar.  If you are into visual content- please visit and enjoy the banquet  Something provides.  She is a retired Graphic designer and has a great eye for art.

I will try my best to give you names of the artists from now on.  I haven't tried it- with the iffy-ness of my computer these days --but perhaps if you click on the image it will take you to her site?  Let me know if it works, okay?  

Watering the grass again.  It's been cool but sunny.  Dry.  We never got any of Ida's water.  I did check with my neighbor as the Bride, Groom and Baby left that morning to drive to New York City.  They arrived safely.  Just missing the deep water and rain.

I finished the very sexy book and am now reading The Paris Key by Juliet Blackwell.  I have read this book many times and always enjoy it- because...Paris.  I think we have already had the "meet cute" but I could be wrong.

I have switched over to long pants.  I have on navy cotton pants with cuff rolled up so it hits above my ankle bones.  If I had ankle bones.  I am barely eating anything that would keep me at this weight but I stay steady. ( not cool enough to walk yet) Anyway.  Long pants.  No socks.  Work shirt I have worn for over 20 years.  No linen.  I know....Horrors!!!!!  Between Summer Heat and Winter Chill.

Sunny so the DAMN Blue Angels will terrorize the small animals for another day.

Big News.  By blue stick has been located.  And it's now on my ottoman next to where I sit.  My shoulder is very happy as the nerve pain returns- like right now-- and I can roll it away.  The little blue ball? Still missing.

Friday, September 03, 2021

Daily Notes- September 3rd

 I'm going to have take some pictures- I just emptied the picture file.  These apples were not painted in watercolor but a thicker paint.  No sure what.  But it's Apple Season so no reason not to go to the grocery and select one of each variety and make my own little paintings.  I will need to bring pencil and paper so I can identify each apple I choose.  I will be cutting them in half so I can paint the insides with watercolor. And eventually eat them.  I have a recipe for a Spoon Salad.  Nuts and seeds, celery and apple.

A Project.  I finished the Heavy Spending book.  And picked out a very strange choice for yesterday's read..  It took me by surprise.  I just don't expect to find books like this at the library. The employees of the company are "bait" to find out if the client's spouse or significant other is cheating. They wear cameras.  They show the film to the spouse wanting to know.  It's all very 1970's but written in 2007.  Deb, these characters would feel right at home in your books.  Catch A Mate.  Showalter. I'm still reading because it's very amusing.  The characters are very entertaining even if the subject matter is....................???

Possibility of rain today.  But it's very cool.  Windy.  Remains of Ida.  All the trees are moving side to side. Daughter isn't sure they will work today.  Perhaps half a day.

I was directed to visit the Goodwill next Town over because they just shelved a massive amount of Rom Com.  So as soon as husband is ready to go- we'll hit the road.  I've been pleased with what I have chosen at that Goodwill last month.  Three really good trade paper books. gotta go- he's ready.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Daily Notes- September 2nd.- Rain overnight. Clouds right now.

 Ironwood.   I planted it in the garden out back.  Can't dig it up now.  Towers over my head each season. I cut a flower to have in the house.  As always, the unopened buds are more attractive to me than the open flowers.  From the house, this plant looks amazing in bloom. More blue than purple.

Rained. So today I am not watering the grass. It looks more like grass every day. Not beautiful.  But green.

I went into Town to pick up a book from another library.  They dribble in.  The book I am reading is fine and is almost holding my attention as we get closer to the end. There is something "pretentious" about it. The obvious wealth of the characters. The way they spend without thought.

Money has such a different 'feel" for me.  It comes from insecurity about money for many early years. I worry that if I spend- later I will need that money. It's why I hold back a pair of shoes and a few sweaters.  In case..... I don't have shoes or a sweater. It's the "why" of My Mending Habit. Of why I save. It's who I am. I am trying very hard to "switch" over to not feeling this way. I know it's Insecurity.

On the 7 day shelf the new Louise Penny book.  I picked it up and read about it on the back cover.  And put it back on the shelf.  Too heavy for right now.  The content.  I'll save heavy for Fall when I am wearing corduroy and  my over mended cashmere.

I stayed out in the back garden to cut the elderberry clusters yesterday.  Got a massive amount of mosquito bites- thus the pink stuff behind the Ironwood image.  I picked all the tiny berries off the stems and then added water to the bowl so "other things" would float to the top..  A recent Food feed had info on making small batch jams and jelly with just the addition of sugar.  Not preserves.  Just using up what you have to make a ready to eat jam. Which is what I will be doing.  How on Earth does anyone make jars of this????

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Daily Notes- September First. Sigh. I'm Exhausted.

 So much going on.  So much being said.  There is hope and there is hate.  I am guessing this will never change????  But we are free to do which ever.  Hope or hate. I have always tried for HOPE.

Two red beautiful tomatoes on the front porch this morning.  From the Guy Who Now Has Mended Pant Knees.  I just feel so happy to have been able to do that small job for someone.  And have it mean so much to them.  I wonder if there are others out there in my Town who need some (easy) repairs.  

Daughter and Co Worker are looking for their Winter Jobs now that Landscaping Season has only weeks left.   Daughter has been talking to people at the Chocolate Factory.

Went out to turn off the sprinklers and the Blue Angels were taking off.  End of long runway is 600 feet away from my property.  It's LOUD.  Later they will fly over the house really low- we can see the pilot's heads in planes. Sigh- well we could 20 years ago- now the trees are taller.  They flew over the greenhouse where I used to work.  And the highway I took to get home.  I see no point in any of it. Recruitment.  

I am reading Out To Lunch (Stacey Ballis) about a woman who "inherits" her best friend/business partner's husband when she dies.  She is supposed to monitor his money and just make sure he's okay.  She has never liked the guy but now that they have weekly meetings- she is starting to see what her friend loved about this guy. And why he needs her to manage his Life.  The dead friend has a running conversation in italics. took awhile for me to figure out the way the book is being written.  It is still confusing.  I read and then set the book aside.  I gave up on the Instagram woman and baby book.

I have that load of laundry to get thru and I have an outstanding long postponed project of my own- making little pillowcases for little rectangular pillows (like airplanes used to give out).  I bought little down pillows and they need a few more cases as the ones I made long ago- are wearing out. I did make cases out of a pair of white linen pant legs- one dollar at Goodwill long ago-- but not enough leg material to make multiples needed.  I have two pillow cases that I can cut down.  It's not Rocket Science but still I am procrastinating.

Another day of "No News". And definitely no Tennis as that awful man is playing.