Sunday, June 30, 2019

Daily Notes Last Day of June

This image was next to the blue on so I chose it.   Cheerful in Pink.  You've seen it often.

We had a rough night here.  Thunder, high winds and a dog going nuts.  We finally got to sleep just after midnight.  But Riley was up at 4 am.  I should have taken a picture of the haul from Goodwill.  More great baby quilt fabrics.  Well, grays.  So I could make other things with gray but modern baby quilts always come to mind.  Sigh.  I have no idea when I will get back to the polka dot quilt top.  It peeks out at me each time I walk down the hall.   Whispering----when are you coming back???? But the haul today did contain a large piece of multi colored dots that could eventually be the back side of that quilt.

Soon I hope.  Soon.

I'm drinking coffee to try and stay awake.  We had thunder and more rain this afternoon and Riley has drooled all over the floors.  So I have to wash them.  I have no idea what we'll eat today.  There is pie.
I would consider that "food" but G does not.  There was food at the grocery store we went to after the Goodwill.  But I was too exhausted to think straight enough to make a complete meal choice.  You know: protein, starch, vegetable.  I did buy cereal.  Yogurt.  And the strawberry table was set up for the first time today.  I had my five dollar bill ready.  I was thinking it was too cold and wet for strawberries this summer.

Next thing on my list:  the library for books to read.  Tomorrow after my coffee date with my friend.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Daily Notes- June 29th

Peonies.  Yesterday.  It's supposed to rain today.  If it's a gently rain all will be okay.  If it's a heavy rain then the peonies will be trashed.  It tales so long for them to get tall, for the buds to fill out and then open.  And then rain shatters it all. Seems like within minutes of the flowers opening each summer.   It's very quiet and still outside.  Mosquitoes.  Rain is coming.  It's been a very wet June.

I read a book yesterday.  I watched the USA vs. France soccer game.  Invisible Fence came to fix the fence wire that G chewed up with the riding mower.  That was it.  June is coming to an end.  July and the tourist season begins.  August will be the worst with cars everywhere.  Music Theater's next production is Treasure Island.  Can't imagine that book being a musical.

I harvested and chopped rhubarb stalks for a pie.  I'll start in on that project as soon as I hit publish here.  It's a store bought crust.  And the filling is called rhubarb custard.  Old fashioned pie.  Tart. Refreshing in the summer.  And easy enough to get into the oven on a cool day.

Not many infant plums on the Queen of Plums again this year.  Makes me sad.  They were abundant and delicious that one year.  Still lots of infant blueberries on the bushes.  So I have that to look forward to.  My flags are flying.  To warn off the birds.  I want to make that delicious blueberry cake-at least twice.  And eat the rest with yogurt.

ALERT- the SUN has arrived.  Sunshine filling the back and front lawns.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Daily Notes- June 28th

Working.  Since this particular work began with a pairing and then the right side was added I decided to add green.  That was the color Jude began the class with. Green for growth.  I have added green to the composition because green is the color opposite red on the color wheel.    I used a yellow green because the red is more of a brown red.  I didn't check to see if I got it right on G's color wheel.  One thing I have--it's a sense of color.  But I have no sense of "when to stop".  There is a faint suggestion of green/growing/beginnings here.  I don't think the work is good.  It's just work.  If it was a canvas I would keep adding paint and then scrap it all off and make it white again.  That's the thing about paint. You can scrap it off.  Start over.  Time and time again.

I stitched the curving lines of green while listening to sport "radio" on tv.  Basketball.  Who should be signed to which Teams.  And there was also a very interesting conversation on light skinned vs dark skinned players of "color".  I hadn't listened to one of those conversation since college.  And it was the girls of color who were doing the discussing when I was in college in the in the mid/1960's.  It was like hearing the words of those young women coming out of the middle aged mouths of sports commentators.

The Soccer begins at 3pm.  USA vs. France.  No plumber.  And the sprinkler is running and G says let it go longer because today is very hot and the plants need a good long drink.  My tomatoes in the Grow Boxes are very green.  Still standing tall on the hot driveway.  I check them twice a day.  As they grow (fingers crossed) I will check them three times a day.

There is arugula in the garden.  We had a few slices of pizza yesterday for late dinner.  I should have gone out to get some of the peppery leaves to add to each slice.  I will do that when we re-heat the left over pieces.

Today is Summer.  84, Sunshine, Blue Skies.  I'll take it and enjoy it.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Daily Notes- June 27th

The way it used to be.  A Blue Mood.   Painted blue cloth.  Additions to make a pot and flowers.  Simple. Easy.  when did I decide to make cloth complicated????  Why?

I made a complete mess of the little mud cloth pairing.  I may continue to make a mess.  It gives me something to do.  I did work that is now covered up.  Like a dig going backward.  Like a compost pile.

I had my hair  cut today and it is too short.  And my shirt is itchy with the clippings.  I will be going to dunk my head under a faucet and wash away the tiny bits of hair.  Change my shirt.   My regular haircutter is home after surgery on her rotator cuff.  Shoulder.  Another 6 weeks.  She tried snowboarding.

I have now been gone long enough from the greenhouse that people are telling stories about me.  I am now an urban garden center legend.  I visited after my haircut.  The talk was "I remember when you....." and then the story of something I said or did and everyone nods, smiles and shakes their head.  What a character I am now.   Mentioned my name to the new cashier and she said I know who you sister talks about you all the time.  I replied "I think about your sister as well...I really liked working with her".  So it goes.

No sunshine again today.  Overcast. Damp.  Not any sort of Maine summer I remember.  But the Tomatoes are upright and still alive.  Really really dark green.  So, well fed.  And I have tiny tomato blossoms so there is the possibility of Future Tomatoes.  I bought two pots of pickling cucumber plants.  Three in each pot.  I have to decide:  in a Grow Box or in the garden near the zucchini?  I have the zucchini in the garden because they didn't grow well in the boxes last year.  Now that I think about it-cucumbers did poorly in the boxes as well.

My peonies are getting ready to open.  And it's getting ready to rain.  I plan on cutting a big bouquet of them for the house.  Later today.

I am tired.  Not from doing hard work or anything.  Just tired of "all the stuff" going on in this country and the World.  Oh, and I finished my book.  The butler did do it.  Not that it mattered.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Daily Notes- June 26th

During the soccer yesterday, the Plumber and the Rain which seems endless this year, I managed to sew a bit on this pairing.  The marked cloth is my first attempt at rust on cloth.  I stitched the pairing to the cloth with the narrow strips on either side.  African mud cloth.  I see many faces in the rust cloth.  And to the far right lower edge I see the shape of one of Jude's cats.  Two ears and long body and even two feet. Jude's influence?

The class project was with green fabric scraps.  I seem to be stuck in Earth.  But I am drawn to what looks like a rusty horse wearing sunglasses to the right top of the African sewn strip. Which is quite amusing.  I have no idea what to do next.  Suggestions welcomed.

I am reading my Paris Murder Mystery with the two amateur women doing detective work.  They spend quite a bit of Time eating the French Lunch and drinking coffee or hot chocolate.  It is Winter in Paris.  One ordered the chocolate torte with mint sauce after eating a salad Nicoise.  Neither menu item is of interest to me.

The Plumber got three of the new European radiators attached to the living/dining room walls.  Now I am wanting to call the guys back to add baseboards and the painter back to cover the French distressed yellow walls with white.  Lots and lots of white.

While writing my Morning Pages I discussed (with myself) the need for packing/moving boxes and packing paper.  I want to wash and pack every little knick-knack in the book shelving. I want to send the Chinese Tea Sets and the Irish Cottage Tea Set to somewhere as well.   I want to haul the chairs out to Goodwill.  This is when--as my son laments-he wishes he had instructed me on E-Bay usage years and years ago when these things had an interested following.  I watch Antiques Roadshow.  These things are of no interest to the buying people my children's ages.  Late 40's.  And the people in their 30's are so poor they have to live with their parents while paying student loans and earning minimum wages.  And what would any of them do with a Tea Set?

I may take pictures and show them to the owners of the little shop in Town.  A friend sold them her collection of watering cans.  They expressed interest in my antique quilts--for cutting them up to make pillows.  That hurt my heart too much at the time.  Perhaps less now???  But on the Roadshow the quilts of the 30's are not worth anything.  That ship has sailed as they say.

Just as blogging is going by the wayside and Instagram takes the lead.  Easier.  Only two or three lines of words.  Or just the picture.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Daily Notes- June 25th

Another pairing.  Just that center part.  The white is just cloth on the desk-the striated desk wood. So often the surface on which I place things throws off the components.  Into turmoil.  I need a neutral base on which to place things.  These are two shirts from the dump.  Torn into components. Neither looks good by itself.

It's going to be a noisy, busy day around here.  The Plumber ("I've come to fix the sink"- from Sesame Street 40 plus years ago) is arriving in minutes to install the last four radiators.  Or, one of them and then disappearing again for 12 months.  Who knows anymore.  It's Maine.  People are singularly peculiar.  And very kind and nice.  The Plumber is a very nice man.

I woke up to sunshine and a lovely breeze.  Riley and I walked the yard and went to get the morning paper from the box by the street.  We also pulled the recycling container back up to the garage.  I am happy the container we use now has wheels.  Riley rolled in the grass and then helped me "go look" at the new plantings.  Seven Grow boxes of Tomatoes.  I did them yesterday and the three ornamental containers.

G and I switched off. He stayed in with the dog while I worked and then I came in washed off and sat with the dog and G went to do his work in the garage.  Off and on as the day went.  Watching soccer while we were in.  The dog doesn't like to be alone.  Its aggravating but Riley has been a very good dog for many years.  It's a small thing to do now--- take turns going out to do garden or garage work.

One of my "on my own" trips today will be to the grocery.  I am washing gardening clothing every day and running out of washing detergent.  With the washer/dryer in the master bath room (in it's very own room with a door)--where the dirty clothes are (in a very nice woven basket)--it's easy enough to put a wash on after my shower and then into the dryer later when I visit the bathroom.  I fold in the morning.  Or if I have been diligent-- just before bed.

The best part-for someone like me--I get to wear the very same pants and shirt every day.  Fresh and clean every morning.  Just like when I worked.  Same clothes every single day.

That's it for now.  The Plumber found the Weber grill in the basement and brought it up for us.  I told you he was a very nice guy.  So when I go to the grocery I'll buy some charcoal.  We even had one of those chimney thing to light the charcoal.  Like a pitcher you stuffed with some newspaper and the briquets.  I'll ask if he remembers it.

I should have remembered to pull one of the cars out of the garage and have it at the end of the driveway.  But I didn't.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Daily Notes- June 24th

Things are happening with this one.  It actually looks better as a square rather than a rectangle. I have to find a backing fabric for it.  Start doing invisible stitch to hold it all together.

I missed writing yesterday.  We had invited friends over to see our yard and garden.  And the compost piles.  Gardening people are weird like that. I washed the windows on the front of the house and swept the porch.

And today I am potting up my tomatoes into their forever (for the summer) home in the Grow Boxes.  About time for that as they are getting really TALL.   And I will do this work in the garage.  Pull the car out and park it.  And then work on my work bench.  Like I worked on things at work ( greenhouse).  Easier on the back.

The Soccer.  I missed seeing the England game with all the "anger issues" and "tantrums" but we did see the French play Brazil.  These games go into extra time.  Today there are two good games. One starts at 11 and I need to get the tv/recorder going.  Watch went I finish the tomatoes.

I "saddened" cloth  the day before yesterday.  Made it duller and less "white".  White is fine with bright colors but overpowers quieter colors.  So, I boiled the cloth with some acorn caps, sumac and avocado skins.  A resulting pinky tan color.  Very faint.  But not white.

Time to go.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Daily Notes- June 22nd

Summer Arrives.  The sun is shining here in Maine.  The dog is making a nap look like the most amazing, relaxing thing on Earth.  He just becomes "boneless" when he sleeps.  I have plans-I wrote about them in the Morning Pages.  New notebook, larger pages--more words.  I also ran out of ink again.  Going through pens.  PROCRASTINATION.  I should have that word on a banner flying in the yard.

A good friend mentioned something about my pairing (the two scraps that found each other in the scrap basket) and reminded me of an artist.  Sent the link to her website.  Yes.  Brought back so many memories, thoughts and even dreams that I have had since I started with cloth.  I didn't pay enough attention.  Synchronicity.  This Time I know I should listen, pay attention.

Inside my head, I knew all along.  The eco printed cloth I made all Winter and Spring.  It's all there. What I want to be doing to be saying to be making.

It's like my watercolor tray.  Where I mixed paint.  Always more beautiful than anything I actually was trying to paint.  Others in the classes I took would come to look at my mixing tray.  I should have realized.

Even the desktop calendar under this keyboard has a drawing on it.  

We might have a period of time here where we don't have pictures.  Or we'll have pictures but they will be abstract.  They might actually be my mixing tray.  Or not.  I may re-invent myself.  I wonder if I am allowed to draw in the Morning Pages or if I can only fill the three pages with words?  But words can form pictures.  Right now--I just need to walk away and try and sort this new /old information in my head.

And, of course, I may fail at this new start.  But I will give failure a chance.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Daily Notes- June 21st

I like the textures and roundness of this food mill.  It's Modern Art.

I did things to my class project.  Things I perhaps should not have done.  It's in isolation in the sewing room on the ironing board.  A "time out" for both of us.

Today my friend and I went out to lunch.  We discussed health issues and high school and college.  In our past lives and in the lives of children (now adults) that we know.  We disagreed.  But then we do that quite often.  The we visited the Goodwill south of us.  Affluent neighborhood so one expects "good stuff".  I did get something good--my friend found it --I did not.  An extremely large, long, wide white linen shent.  That's a shirt/tent piece of apparel.  It looks like a couple yards of good quality white linen to me plus a roll collar and short sleeves.  For $6.  Soft.  Organic feel to it.  Warm to the touch.  Nice.  I can see using it to make something else.

I bought some basil plants for my herb garden.  I have seeds planted but they may not grow in soil that is so wet from the rain.  Basil seedlings like dry soil conditions.  Wet makes them rot. I also purchased a new rosemary plant--after 3 years-the one I had tended decided to dry up and die.  Probably my fault.  It should have gone out on the back deck sooner.  Got rained on sooner.

So I bought lunch, the gigantic shent, two basil plants and a rosemary plant (for remembrance and marinades).  I also bought that thin sheet of "copper" they are selling on tv late at night that you put on your grill and it keeps things from "sticking".  Who knows--it might actually work.

While I was gone- my husband vacuumed the ENTIRE house.  Now that's True Love.  I brought him the lunch leftovers which he was very happy to eat as soon as I handed the box to him and I hadn't even known about the vacuuming.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Daily Notes- June 20th

Pairing.  Jude has suggested we try making pairings as a beginning or starting point to this "making" we are trying to learn.  I have learned several really great techniques and tried using them right away. This one--the pairing of two fabrics-is supposed to be intuitive.  You pick up two things and they either go together or they don't.  Sometimes there is something that catches your attention.  And that is something to pay attention to-- it might not be comfortable to you--but if it causes you to look again--there might be something there--something new.  Sew them together.  These two have been picked out of the basket before.  They stayed together in all the tumbling over weeks.  So..... who am I to say no to them?

I have two fabrics-that on their own--call too much attention to their patterning.  But chopped up?  They play together very very well.  I am experimenting.  One is a shirt my daughter found for me at the dump.  Tender.  But very strong pattern.  Distracting.  Now, in small amounts?  Working nicely.

I am also drawing flowers--on everything.  Pencil line drawings.

The weather today-June 20th.  58 degrees and raining.  The zucchini plants are very happy.  As are all the plants waiting to be repotted into containers.  They wait on the back deck and out by the garage doors.  Wait for less mosquitos.  Less rain.  But today?  The rain is coming down.  I have all the house lights on.

Today I have World Cup Soccer to watch.  Yesterday--none. And today at the grocery--sweet cherries to eat while I watch.  The Dutch team is wearing orange.  Canada is in white again.  Cherries are a bit sweet and a bit tart.

Well, that is all to say for today.  I went on the Family Walk in the Woods.  My hip felt better today.  Riley is wanting me to sit on the couch while he watches the soccer with me.  So, I'll hit publish.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Daily Notes- June 19th

Baby Dots.  It's working title.  My finished measurements will be 36 by 42.  I am at 38 inches.  Up/down right now and still have some strips.  I had intended to cut this into squares.  And space it out with single squares.  But I digressed.  I just kept coming into the sewing room to do a few more strips and that continued into this morning.  Now I think borders and done.  It's colorful and busy.

Last night's Music Theater performance was a disappointment.  Something was wrong.  Either the cast was pissed off with each other or someone had walked off (they started 15 minutes late).  Had to be replaced.  Or they were all just bored.  They have four more days on the schedule for this one.

At intermission I went to find the bathrooms.  Met someone and said to her--I think I know you from somewhere.  She replied "I feel the same about you". Turns out I had planted her Summer hanging baskets for a couple of years at work.  She said she had been "very disappointed" by the work last summer and did the baskets herself this year. About this time her husband walked over and added "we did them just like you did".  She said the younger people have no idea how to do anything or answer any questions.  I guess they never stood to the side and listened to someone who knew what was what.  It's how I learned. My entire first summer.  I listened and watched. But then I assumed I was working the next summer alone (I was).  They expect to not be. Working.

Daughter "dog sat" with Riley while we were out.  It wasn't easy.  He panted. He drooled.  He wanted the television on, She didn't.  She wanted to read on the second couch He wanted her on the first couch.  She was more than ready to pack up and go when we drove up the driveway.  Just like having two aggravating children in the house again.  One breathing on the other.

It's overcast, muggy and BUGGY today.  I see a bit of Sun poking thru which will increase the humidity.  G is playing word search games on his phone and napping.  Riley is napping.  No one seems interested in doing the walk today.  Riley would/might enjoy Ride in the Car with the A/C on.
I wanted to watch Women's Soccer but Fox has decided to air the Men's Games in Poland.

It's only June.  It's only the middle of June.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Daily Notes- June 18th

Magic Attic.   I went up looking for dots on a white background.   Evidence of many black dots on white in this picture. Top right and middle bottom.   I ended up digging thru storage tubs and came up with only four.  Makes six and I will make a trial strip to see if there's enough interest.  Visual and personal.

White background as the ones from Goodwill on Sunday had a white background which doesn't play well with a solid primary background.  Well, it would but I don't feel like pushing boundaries.

I am thinking of making strips, sewing them together and then cutting the strips into squares, sewing the squares together into long columns, sewing the columns together into a quilt shaped rectangle.  Modern.  My very first "modern" quilt.  I like the simplified look of them.  But now that I consider it--I am reminded that most of the moderns have one very dark or stark fabric in the mix.  Edgy.  So I will consider an edgy fabric.  Tons of those in the closet.

Yesterday was sunny, warm and breezy.  Just perfect.  Today is dismal, cloudy, buggy and chilly.  Perfect for growing grass and weeds.(I have on my Winter corduroy pants) The garden seems to enjoy cloudy and damp as well.  Everything I have planted looks happy.  Not productive or tall or anything.  Just happy.  My tomato plants--the ones looking pale and slow last week--have suddenly decided to be tall and green and start making flowers which equals tomatoes.  I need to get them into permanent housing.

We cut the grass yesterday--late afternoon into early evening.  Got lots of mosquito bites on my rear end.  The tastiest part of myself I guess.  The largest for sure.  We added three new ticks to the calendar in the past two days.  I think they come in on the dog.  We pet the dog and scratch his ears and .....ticks on us.  None have set up housekeeping and exchanged blood.  On us.  Riley has medicine in his system that kills them if the do that on him.   I managed to do a slight right curve to my straight lines while cutting the grass.  G didn't notice or just kept quiet.  I had to do all my own edges.  He usually does but he was looking very tired.  So I just did it myself.

Riley has been sleeping more since he started on the Amoxicillin.  Must be easing some of the liver inflammation.  Not fixing it.  Just making it easier for him to put up with.  Nothing is going to fix it. Tomorrow will be a full week.  So still early days.  But it's been nice to see him sleeping and calm. He is also enjoying watching Woman's Soccer in the afternoons.  With me.  Of course.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Daily Notes- June 17th

An antique quilt-hand pieced and hand quilted.  A double size.  If anyone is interested in owning it, let me know.  I have several and I'm thinking I will put one up here every so often and see if they can go to new homes and actually get used.  Perfect condition.  More photos can be taken. But this gives you a good idea of the color story.

We're using a quilt I made from a book of old patterns.  Twin size.  G is using it on the couch.  Another quilt is used for naps.  Yellow and white but well used and worn thin in places when I purchased it.  A store in Town wanted to buy it for cutting up and making small stuffed toys for babies.  I had "plans" at one Time for a guest room with two twin beds and layers of double sized quilts.  Most of the old 30's quilts were double sized.  And I collected 30's quilts.

I went up into the Magic Attic for polka dots on white backgrounds.  For the baby quilt.  It would be really "'quiet" for a quilt I put together.  Not a bad idea.  Something new for me.  Usually my baby quilts are a RIOT of colors.  I will add black and white.  Babies love black and white.

My daughter returned a bag of shirts I had given her.  Two Gap shirts.  Smooth, soft white cotton button fronts-long sleeves (I roll them up).  I threw everything in the washer.  Then the dryer.  I have one of the Gap shirts on now.  Wondering why I gave them away.  Fits perfectly.  Soft.  I think I will remove the chest pocket.  It really is a comfortable shirt--no tugging or pulling across the great expanse that is my chest these days.  I had thought women in their 70's had flat deflated chests.  I was looking forward to it and am disappointed every morning as I button my shirts.

My ears and nose seem to be following the plan.  Getting larger as I grow older.

We had a lovely dinner yesterday.  The marinated steak tips, mushrooms, red and orange grilled peppers and a red onion grilled in wedges.  The steamed rice was perfect.  The grill gave up toward the end and it is well and truly DEAD.

Today's topic in the Morning Pages-- I have decided to choose something said on TV or in the paper and write about it--was said on Law and Order.  "The first half of life is ruined by our parents and the second half ruined by our children".  Feel free to write a paragraph or three pages on that.  I agreed that my parents ruined the first half of my life (and wrote in detail regarding that) but my children have been a blessing-though neither is married or attached in any way and neither EVER wanted a child.  So, I have to take some blame for that I think.  Perhaps I ruined their lives????  I'll write about that tomorrow.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's Day

Goodwill today and I seem to have purchased cloth meant for a pink quilt, one dollar each. Connie, I see another baby girl quilt coming your way.  And white cotton- I had meant to measure it to see how many yards I got.  Looks like a generous four yards for three dollars.

I saw a really simple "modern" quilt on instagram yesterday and I am thinking I will get a few other pinks from the Attic and make a modern quilt with the new purchases and Attic stuff.  Love the two sizes of multi colored dots.  Maybe I'll use only dots.  All the colors.  Something interesting to consider.

And the best $8 buy.  A Lodge cast iron kettle for my eco printing.  I can build a little fire and set the kettle in the coals and let the heat do the magic.  And I can make a walnut bath when I get some black walnuts from Dee in the near future.  The kettle inside is rusty but with Lodge-that's easy to clean up with a wire brush. But I will be using it for cloth so a little rust--a good thing--someone put it away wet.

We also got a big (poster board size) dry erase board for garden and home tasks for G.  Help him to see/remember what needs to be done.  He can also write messages to himself on it- to remind himself of where he puts things. Yesterday he spent so much time trying to find the sharpener for the hand pruners.  But now I have it and put it away with the bird feeder charger and something else I can't remember.  But it's three things he can never find.

Two ticks (so far) today.  And now I feel all "ticky".  Today's walk was muggy, damp and full of mosquitoes.  So many!!!  Well, I think I'll take a shower to get rid of the feeling of ticks.  And then start in on making Father's Day Dinner.  It's just the two of us.  Daughter stopped in this morning bringing jars layered with cookie crumbles, pudding and Cool Whip for her dad's sweet tooth.  Son called and they talked about work etc.  So, it's been a good day.  And a good friend of mine stopped in to have a visit.  She found the two ticks on me.  Walking on my pale blue work shirt.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Daily Notes- June 15th

I added the dotted fabric.  When I took it away I missed it.  Says something.  I added strips to the area above the flags.  I have eyes for the area at the top.  They want to be up there.  I don't think it's the right choice.  We are discussing.  And I have been cutting away fabric from the back of the piece.  The surface was getting lumpy.  There is only white where I haven't added a layer.

Family Walk was buggy.  I wanted to be looking up and ahead to enjoy the woods.  I tripped and ALMOST fell twice.  I would probably bounce (lots of extra padding) but I would also wet my pants. I did not fall.  So the rest of the walk I looked mostly at my feet.  I would stop while walking to look around.  Enjoy Nature.

My blood sugar is off today.  I feel dizzy.  Too many carbs for breakfast.  I had toast.  I am better when I eat cereal.  I should have some protein.  That would re-balance things.  A big spoon of peanut butter-extra crunchy equals 7 grams of protein or more. And a big glass of water.  Now I feel better.

Morning Pages.  All I can really say about them is that my handwriting is beautiful and very very consistent.  I try to write about ways in which I am procrastinating.  That's my major fault.  And while writing I meander off that subject and it might take a page or more for me to realize it.  Right now I am finding all sorts of reasons not to fill, fertilize and plant up my Grow Boxes.  Mosquitos. Heat.  Humidity.  Fatigue.  Over and over in a nice tight circular thought process.

I also don't want to get sweaty and covered in dirt.  That's the main reason I retired from greenhouse work.  Always sweaty and covered in dirt.  The only upside to a day at work was lemonade ice pops from the freezer at work.  And then someone else starting eating them all.  So I retired--which might have been the plan by the other employees.

We tried to go out to eat yesterday.  Couldn't find a shady parking spot for the dog. So we came home and had a terrible meal from the freezer and some very nice steamed rice that I made.

We usually grill in the summer--marinated kabobs.  Vegetables.  Steamed rice.  For some reason the steak tips I usually bought and marinaded are now more than twice the price of last summer.  A ridiculously high price for off cuts. And, more to the point, G says our "grill doesn't work anymore"-news to me.  And of course he wants a new one.  I suggested the old round Weber in the cellar and charcoal.  We haven't grilled anything and I doubt that we will.  A big new fancy grill (you should see the shiny HUGE old grill on the shed porch) to cook a few kabobs two times a week for the 8 weeks of summer???  No. Just no.

As a kid back in Cleveland, we grilled like almost everyday my dad was home (and sober) and after he stopped drinking and the teens and I came home from Germany for a few weeks each summer--we grilled almost every evening.  Wheeled the grill from the garage to the driveway next to the back door.  Everyone had a webbed aluminum folding chair. And a long metal fork for toasting marshmallows.  I liked mine to catch on fire and get really black.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Daily Notes- June 14th

An old picture.  I have nothing to show you today.  I went up into the Attic and brought down many pieces of cloth.  Nothing seems to work for the upper section.  I will have to "settle" for sort of right but I don't want to as it changes the subject in weird ways.  So work on the cloth has stopped for the time being.

I am really frustrated by this situation. So often work gets ruined by having to use the wrong fabric because nothing else is available. I am just stopping this Time until something feels right.

Maine has just opened it's arms to 250 immigrants (families) from the Congo.  They arrived by bus. I think from the Southern border where they applied for permission to enter) and they are very happy to be here.  I wish I could report that more families had made it to Maine.  Clothing, beds and food are being provided by local churches, citizens and charities.  The small children and babies look happy.  Everyone is exhausted from that long bus trip from the border to Maine. The fathers say they are ready to work.  Maine has a large African immigrant community.  They are helping.

When we moved here in 1991, there were very few "people of color" here in Maine.  It makes me happy to know that the new immigrants asked to come to Maine as their first choice because of the way others who came before have found a safe place to live, work and make families.

I am also enjoying the Women's World Cup Soccer.  I was distressed to see the Chinese Team.  Looking nothing at all like women.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Daily Notes- June 13th

Removing some white.  Adding--it's a trial-nothing stitched-- to see.  Not enough of interest so I will venture into the Magic Attic.  See what I can see. This blue cloth-too match/matchy. And this is the second side (back).  I think the shelf with blue has some interesting things.  If not-it might be Time to try a slice of one of my iron eco-print cloths.  Which reminded me--I should cut the Walmart bleached black out from behind the heart.  For use somewhere else.

Riley's Vet Visit.  Blood test on the liver enzymes.   Was, at one Time in the 100's now 570.  Amoxicillin for four weeks.  Which is slowing him down.  His liver is shedding tonic, acidic waste as it fails.  Other than that-- an Animal in his Prime.  Beautiful coat.  Perfect hips.  Joyful on the daily walk.  Hard to say how much pain he is in.  Usually it shows in the eyes.  He turns his head. He will let us know when it's too much. And, this might be why he finds it hard to sleep.

Yesterday was sunny and hot--not a breeze to be had.  Today it's overcast and muggy. Mosquitos everywhere.  Blood thirsty.  G is bringing the AC units down from the Attic.  We won't install them while the mosquitos are so bad.  It's cool in the house.  No windows open.  Weather man says rain..
Grass is growing right before our eyes.

Riley and I are watching Women's Soccer.  But first I have to figure out which team is which.
Yesterday was easy.  Most of the members of Norway were blond.  French players brunette.  I am thinking Brazil is blue.  All have dark hair.  AUS can be Australia or Austria.  Great SAVE!!!  And then a SCORE!!!  Australia.   Looks like a great game.  Gotta go.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Daily Notes- June 12th

Finding Center.  A thread from "eye" to "heart" to "prayer".  I like having a cloth to work on.  A place to go when things are happening too fast, not happening fast enough or just not having anything to do.  Well, things I don't want to do.  I have plenty of that.

I'm thinking-late in the process or sooner-- a bead hanging from the tail of that thread.  I have begun folding back the white backing cloth.  I wasn't sure I would get any Harem cloth, so I went ahead and used some white cloth -soft- the cloth I use for the eco printing.  The white makes it hard to see the work.  I see the white.  So, folded back and will probably be cut after I do a basting stitch around the edges as I saw today on the class video.  I added a new piece of the Irish blue shirt next to the eye circles.  To carry the cloth up and thru.  I am hoping when the white backing cloth is "less" I will be happier with the white and blue strip under the brown/black eye.  I can always remove and replace. Or cover it with a new cloth.  And do I want the T-shape or will I fill in the top?

It's always a journey when making these free form cloths.  You start at A and move confidently to B and C and then realize that A needs work which then means B needs to be serviced as well and then start not liking C at all.  And suddenly D is taking up all the oxygen.  Then E is where it all begins to make some sort of sense.  And of course-A. B and C--are in trouble again.

But that is sort of how living one's Life is.  Isn't it.

I walked down to the Garden late in the afternoon yesterday.  The rain had stopped and a nice breeze was blowing the mosquitos away.  So I gathered my seeds and sprinkled them.  Cilantro, dill, arugula and basil.  If they don't sprout, I'll buy little 9 packs and plant them in the beds.  Overnight, there was enough moisture in the soil to soften the seeds.  And the garden is still dewy in the early morning with only a small bit of eastern sun.  Now at 10am--full sun exposure.  I still need to plant some sunflower seeds for the birds.  Something to make amends for not allowing them any blueberries this summer.  The bushes are loaded with berries.  I fertilized at just the best/perfect moment this year. Same with the rhubarb.  First time ever that I have stalks I can pull.

G is at the lung doctor's for his annual appointment.  When he left he was already confused.  I stayed home only because Riley has a Vet appointment this morning and I will be taking him.  I should be there with G.

The lawn mower is fixed.  No longer making the very strange noise.  Some metal was rubbing inside something.  They say it's stopped.  Now.  We haven't picked up the mower as yet--so don't know if that's true.

G went out to get a pizza for dinner yesterday and I had some and gained back the 1.5 pounds overnight.  Salt. I guess that's why restaurant food tastes so good.  So much salt. Over half of the pizza is in the fridge.  We never eat as much of the restaurant pizza as we do of my homemade pizza.

I haven't been cooking.  A total lack of interest in cooking.  As long as there is pasta and a sauce of some kind--G is happy.  I leave it at that.  Making a sauce for him is easy enough.  We ran out of sauce and that's why he went for pizza.

Time to start prepping the dog for "Ride in the Car" to the Vet's office.  My car.  Which he may or may not decide to jump into.  I have 45 minutes to figure it out.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Update on June 11th

The flags sort of look like carrots.  I did more work after this.  Am always about 2 hours behind.

Daily Notes- June 11th

My class project.  I have already changed the dark red scrap in the center to a green heart.  I did that while my computer and phone decided NOT to send photos to each other for a few hours.  I also changed the left side triangle by the circles to green also.  And smaller.   I have needle turned the edges of two of the prayer flags.  Two more to go.  And I needle turned the edges of the Walmart bleached black triangle down the center.  Internet problems really do get me into stitching. You see lots of white.  It's the backing fabric and will be covered or cut away as this project progresses.  Now that the phone is sending--I will take a new picture.

It is raining here.  Like it was in New York City yesterday when the helicopter crashed.  The front porch is covered in hungry mosquitos.  We are NOT going for the family walk.  Riley is trying to process this information.  Instead, we'll go on a family ride in the car.  I need to buy a new Swiffer stick that matches the boxes of Swiffer cleaning pads I own.  And a new bottle of Mop and Glow.  Which makes my wood floors so shiny.  But I do have to go over them with a towel after the Swiffer.

I added a "to do" list on a sticky note to my Morning Pages.  Sticky note because I can move it along on each day's pages until all the things on it are finished.  Today I washed the bedsheets.  They are in the dryer now.  And yesterday I planted all the herbs into the little rectangles I made a few years ago in the herb bed.  Lemon Verbena has replaced the lavender plants that died over the Winter.  I also purchased a new mint plant and transplanted two mint runners that had traveled to the sage rectangle. I added Borage to one empty rectangle. I was going to sprinkle more cilantro seeds today--but mosquitos.  And I have basil seeds to sprinkle as well.  Wish I had done it yesterday.  Each bed got half a bag of mushroom compost which had big fat worms in it.  The bags were sealed so they must have always been in there.  Kept growing while they sat in the garden all of last year.

Riley added a new tic to his phobias.  G turned on the ceiling fan two nights ago because it was warm in the tv room.  Where he and Riley sleep.  Now the fan has to ALWAYS be on.  I turned it off last night and....well, I turned it back on pretty darn fast.  We have it on really slow speed.  But he must be able to hear it running.  Vet appointment tomorrow.  G and I might have to take tranquilizers---

So.  I am working on my sewing--mostly needle turned edges right now.  I sew stuff on and then take it off.  It's interesting.  The cloth lets me know what it likes and doesn't like.  Just like Riley.  My cloth scraps seem to be enjoying being in the big laundry basket.  When I turn the scraps -something nice always comes to the top.   Scale says 12.5 pounds less.  It went up a pound for a few days and now its gone again.  That's the way it goes.  Off. Back for a few days. Gone. I'm okay with this very slow process-clothing feels comfortable.  Nothing is tight.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Daily Notes- June 10th

A good day for the porch and a rocking chair--if only the mosquitoes would take the day off....

Maine is going to 80 degrees today.  I had many plans for being outside but will be inside doing dusting, window washing and other things.  Right now I am sitting here typing to get Riley calmed down/cool from the walk.  I think it will a daily "thing".  Walk and then Internet Calming.

I pinned my class project to the wall behind the ironing board.  I can step back from there enough feet to get a good idea if things are working or not.  It looked okay.  No story there as yet but okay.  Jude had a photo of her outdoor Buddha. And I read about prayer flags.   And while standing in front of the ironing board--I decided to try a few prayer flags on the piece.  I pinned them before the walk and now after the walk and posting--I'll go look at them--see if it still works.   I used a very colorful piece of cloth I found in the one dollar, last chance bin at Goodwill.  Woven squares of red, orange, gold, blue and blue/green.  The flag colors from the website- red, green, yellow, blue and white.

The piece says more about spiritual growth and inner conflict than it says about Spring.

At least I have a cloth to be working on and thinking about.

We have the ceiling fans on.  They are moving very slowly and I am wondering what is going on with that.  But it's enough to cool the dog down.

We watched the last set of the Paris Tennis yesterday.  Long plays until wham, got you!  The young guy will be much harder to beat next time.

I have all my empty orange juice bottles filled with water for the plants on the porch and for the plants next to the garage.  They need watering twice a day now.  After breakfast and again at around 2 or 3 pm.  In a few weeks, it will be three times a day.  G is trying to fix the garden sprinkler system as it isn't working right now.  I haven't planted up my containers yet.  I have to decide where they are going.  And when I do--I have more orange juice bottles to fill with water.  Two or three full bottles beside each container.  It's easier for me.  I see them needing water and I can get it too the plant quickly.  Which is how we did it in the greenhouse.  Dozens of watering cans full of water.

That's it for me.  I am off to the grocery store as soon as G comes inside.  White tea.  Yogurt. Melatonin.  Pay as you throw Town garbage bags.

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Daily Notes- June 9th

A picture of my favorite unused word--Vestibule.  Here the builder added a vestibule because the door opened directly into the living room.  And they needed a buffer.  It would be real cozy with two or more people entering.

Ever since our entrance way was demolished and rebuilt--and a new door and sidelights installed-- the foyer itself has not been ice cold.  Such a pleasure to enjoy the light that comes in from the North.  And not the cold.

G is finishing up the section of back lawn that I forgot to cut.  I was so intent on the steep slope and all the balancing that entailed that I forgot the lawn up near the perennial beds at the back of the house.  And then he is hooking up the sprinkler in the garden so I can water my zucchini--they have gone without for 36 hours and are looking wilted.  I hope they perk up.  With the sprinkler set up I can do what I did all last summer.  Turn the switch and the water on, set the timer for one hour.

I haven't been able to plant my herbs and flowers yet.  I have managed to keep them watered and in a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade.  Mosquitos.

Right now I am in charge of keeping the dog calm, getting him to eat his lunch and perhaps taking a nap.  The walk was a bit rough for him today and his breathing broke down into gagging and choking towards the end.  He has a stiffening of his larynx (something Labs get) and it means his windpipe sometimes makes it hard from him to breathe and that makes the dog anxious.  So we are sitting here typing and reading emails.  Quietly.

My Sunday Trip to Goodwill and I got a Bean short sleeved tee shirt in the palest of pinks and another long sleeve tee in a gold cotton knit with white polka dots.  I love both items.  I will possibly be seen wearing the gold with white dots most days this summer.  My daughter saw it when I dropped off a black exercise shirt I got her.  She had her hand out to grab it.  I said No.

Daughter's garden is looking amazing.  Her plants are very healthy and growing larger each time I stop to see her.  Her dahlias were started in pots and are ready to be transplanted into the garden.  Out front are these two glorious gold flowered bushes she started from tiny cuttings years ago.  They have just this summer exploded into colorful masses that take ones breath away.  We think they are weeds.  But gorgeous weeds.  And the peony that was left by the former owner and has just barely stayed alive all these years has also decided to grow to nearly five feet with tons of flower buds. Daughter is very very happy.  Her lawn is mostly white clover but that's the way she wants it.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Daily Notes- June 8th

Serenity.  In a world where little seems to be serene.

An article in this morning's paper about Mainers and money.  Flaunting it, hiding it and faking it.  We have quite a few very wealthy people living here in Maine.  Wearing old holey clothing, driving wreaks of cars and and looking like they need a couple of good baths in a row.  But they have money.
I'm going for that "look".   Not the one the guy who walks along the highway has.  Super starched collars, good wool suit and the habit of collecting the days cigarette habit off the sides of the road. Half smoked butts people tossed out the car window.  No Dauphin Eurocopters near my house but up further North-that's the only way one knows people are "home".

But I don't dress up.  I wear my dirty stained garden or painting clothing to the grocery. Sometimes I remember to comb my very short hair.  Or just make sure it looks like I combed it. I assume I am getting a reputation for being a "local character". Hell, I would go shopping after 8 to 9 hours in a hot greenhouse.  That was not pretty.  Or clean.

My friend M was driving from Sacramento to Nevada this afternoon and when she's driving alone-she calls and we talk for the entire drive.  We lost contact at 7200 feet.  Even with the uncommon May rainfall-California is bone dry again and the electric company is planning to cut power this weekend because of high winds.  So they don't spark another big fire.  My friend's son is with the country sheriff's department in Sonoma and he spent time last fall in Paradise.  Looking for missing persons. No one wants to ever do that again.

Now that both of us are not working--we have no schedule for anything.  G had dinner last night at 8 pm and then watched a movie until 2 am.  I went to bed at 10:30 and skipped dinner as usual.  We did go on the the Family Walk together.

Yesterday I worked on some cloth for Jude's class.  I'm not sure it will be anything I ever show you. But I used quite a few of the "new to me" techniques from class, so in that respect--it's like a workshop project. I also found, while cleaning, a book I had made in a book making class held at the Portland Art Museum years and years ago.  All my supplies and the finished book were in one package.  Perhaps in Time I will open another package and find the cloth from Jude's class and all the materials.  As of today my cloth is made up of five segments.   Usually the works have 9 or more pieces.   And there is no "story" as yet.

I have only made one successful story cloth and I think I based it on something Grace was making.  Not like hers at all but I was following the "try this cloth-try that cloth" and adding lots of stitching which is my own thing, not Grace's. I gave that cloth to my son for his new apartment.  There was a house, a moon and a lizard and lots and lots of history-layers of history under the house.  Of our time together-my son and I.  That cloth was cut up, sewn back together, re-invented etc.  It was always changing until one day.  I could find nothing to change.  And I mailed it to him.

So this cloth on the ironing board right now?   Well, it is too floppy.  It needs support from something and I don't know what but do know I don't want to use batting.  Perhaps it's just as simple as another layer of cloth.

Friday, June 07, 2019

Daily Notes- June 7th

Cloth that was Clothing.  I like how my scissors are picking up a floral pattern from something on the wall.  Under the scissors the Banana Republic Irish linen men's shirt (can almost see how soft it is).   The red and tan woven cloth from the vintage Bean capri pants.  The white?  Don't know.  Something on the ironing board.

I am continuing my "elimination diet" of household items.  I emptied a very old (vintage) plastic laundry basket--70's gold-- and washed it in the sink and then picked up all my various scrap cloth off the sewing room floor and filled it.  I don't have a River Basket.  So this old laundry basket will do. I also sorted the scrap cloth in two paper grocery bags.  It's now where it should be--meaning where I would go looking for it.  I also removed all the food magazines  (past few years) from the wing chair.  It's moving on to Goodwill.  We are discussing whether it's ottoman goes with or stays. It's still in perfect condition because it's very uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time.  But it is very handsome and looks amazing in a corner by a window.  Welcoming.  Until you sit down.

The walk was sunny and HOT.  Close to 80 degrees today and I don't breathe very good in humid heat.  Had to use the rescue inhaler on the walk.  Now I am sitting here, drinking liquids to hydrate myself and resting and breathing.  We were going to cut grass today.  Later, I think. G is still feeling okay so he is down back watering my zucchini plants, the herbs and the grapes.

I treated myself to a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich yesterday.  Other than breakfast, it was the major part of yesterday's food intake.  I had it on fresh Honey Oatmeal bread from the bakery in Town. It was wonderful.  Today I think I am having a Big Green Salad and Tuna. The weather is getting warm enough for me to enjoy my Smoothies.  Cashew nuts (raw), frozen banana, frozen peach and a few blueberries.  Yogurt if I have any. Water.  It gets really thick.  And it's so delicious.

Well, I can take deep breaths.  It's gets a bit scary when I can't.  Sorry if I have run on here and been boring--but the typing worked to relax my lungs.  Now I think I am going to sew several small pieces of random cloth into a long rectangle.  By hand.  With stitches that are visible.

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Daily Notes- June 6th

Not rose time yet but I didn't have anything else that felt as "pretty" as today feels here in Maine. It rained all night.  So everything is green and fresh.  My squash plants are still upright.  I had worried before sleep that the rain would beat them down over night.  The Best weather for new transplants. Cloudy with a chance of rain. The sunshine comes and goes. I can almost hear the grass growing.

Wu Peng from last year is now twice as wide (3 feet) as it was last June--Wu has a lot of catching up to do to reach it's suggested adult size of 20 feet tall and wide.  But my news is that my Chinese Tree Peony has double the flowers this year.  Four are open.  More still buds.  We'll see.  It's so amazing and I thank the tree for it's beauty..... yes, I go out and thank it for persevering and it's continued efforts to stay alive thru so many transplants as I tried to find it a happy spot.  Well, it's happy now.  Me, too.

I was thinking all day yesterday that I needed to find some indigo blue cloth. A very soft indigo blue cloth. Nothing new or stiff or commercial looking.  And this morning I was taking apart two pairs of vintage linen pants I will never fit into, and I thought--is it still there in the closet?   It was.  Hidden from view was a very large 100% Irish Linen indigo blue shirt.  Soft.  So very soft.  Old. At least 20 years or 25.  I often tried to wear this shirt but it is so long that it looked like a nightshirt on me.  Now it is cut into soft lovely large pieces and the cut off scraps are in the blue scraps pile on the floor in the sewing room.  I had forgotten I had it.  But I asked and the Universe reminded me that it was there.  I just had to look.

I think I can begin my class project now.

The Daily Family Walk (as a friend calls it) was very nice.  So many mosquitos.  But I have a new net hat cover to wear and can see better.  A finer net.  Riley went swimming twice-once in the deeper pool he struggles to get out of.  He was beginning to weaken when he finally got out. G would have lead him to an easier exit point if he couldn't figure it out.  He was told not to go in.

I also had a nice walk with my friend yesterday along the Maine Street thru Town and then we stopped for something to drink and she told me about the movie she had seen this week - Rocketman. Monday there is a super cheap retired people ticket at the local.

I should be vacuuming.  All the floors look dusty.  Riley is sitting on his bed next to me and he doesn't think the vacuum is a good idea.  He and I will look at each other for awhile and decide who is doing what.

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Daily Notes- June 5th

Rusting Building in the Woods.  I went looking for a small piece of rusted metal for my dye pot-everything is too big.  I did find the tail pipe-exhaust pipe from an old Volvo in the woods. That would do nicely but won't fit in the steamer kettle.  I might just leave a few things out and wet them down everyday and see if they will get rusty.  I do have two pairs of rusty garden clippers.  So I can try steaming them with cloth.

It is muggy, humid and G and Riley were COVERED in mosquitos when they went out for the morning paper-- just out the front door to the curb.  None of us is very excited about the Daily Walk.
I am SO HAPPY to have gotten my little zucchini seedlings into the raised bed yesterday.  They had a moist night and now a cloudy moist day to get used to being outside and not in a greenhouse.

Other good news was the scale.  12.5 pounds gone missing from my behind.  And I am doing the math using the weight from my October exam.  I think I managed to gain weight between October and when I started the intermittent fasting.  I know I was eating a lot.  Making myself a microwave "mug" cake nearly every day.  My pants don't feel like I am squeezing myself into them but they are still large pants.  Extra large pants.  But I am feeling positive.  Feeling like I can control this one thing each day.  One day at a time.

I met up with a friend and we selected plants and then went back to her house and I planted up the plants into her window boxes.  Her husband made the most exquisite birdhouses over the Winter.  And several of them are already occupied.  Sort of Art Deco/Craftsman.  He could start a small business selling them.  I didn't have my phone with me so no pictures.  And they used fence pickets to make fish.  Painted fish.  All the colors and dots and stripes.  The fish go around the boards at the top of the porch ceiling.  And above the fish the bead board ceiling painted a very soft sky blue.  Down South the porch ceilings were traditionally painted sky blue.  Mine are.  M's are.  Love.

Well, we are suiting up and spraying ourselves and going out into the mosquito filled outdoors.  For the WALK.  Later I have a coffee date with my walking buddy.  Have a nice day where you are!!!

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Daily Notes- June 4th

A different way to look at chairs.  I'm now going to find some smooth black drawing paper and use my white chalk ink pens to draw chairs.  I think there is a chalkboard paper available as an art supply.

Today I was back to my "sweet spot".   I helped M with her two window boxes.  I met G+M at work in the greenhouse.  They came in with a photo of a window box they wanted and asked if I could make it for them.  I looked at the picture-and we had the plants in stock--so I made the boxes for them.  They were the stars of the community where they lived.  I didn't think they made a video of me making the box but someone did.  Each year, after that they came in with a picture.  Each year we had fun identifying all the plants and planting the window boxes.  

This year she sent me a file from Pinterest (so I could figure out the plants) and we met at the greenhouse.  Then I followed her home and I planted the flowers in the boxes.  Just like the picture.  I loved every minute.

I have tried very hard to "treat" myself to over the top mixtures of annuals in my planter boxes.  Last year the 3 planters were really nice and the deer didn't eat any of them.  I have my plants lined up on the deck-in the sunshine--like a small nursery.  G finished sifting the roots out of the ProMix potting soil so now I am ready to get to work.  I just have to decide what goes where.

I purchased zucchini and yellow squash seedlings for my bread and butter zucchini pickles.  Six green and three yellow.  They are in the raised bed I usually have for my bell peppers.  It's supposed to rain overnight so they should get settled in nicely.  In fact, its supposed to rain lightly the next three days.

I promised our investment banker to spend some money on an Amazon Prime membership so I can watch new stuff on television.  Netflix doesn't have anything I want to watch anymore.  I don't know where Netflix went wrong--we used to be able to watch so many good foreign mystery series.  I will finish watching the Marie Condo tidying series and the Chef's Table series--but I'll watch the first three years not the latest ones-ugh!  It would be so nice to find a good movie to watch.  But No!

So that was today.  Our Dairy Queen can't find employees.  And if I want to continue to have my Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzards--I will need to have an ingredient card to hand to any temp/new employee. OMG!!!  I had one today for dinner.

Monday, June 03, 2019

Daily Notes- June 3rd

Here are nine of the blocks-the only nine that "play well together" on top of the back side of the green none of you liked with the block.  Upper right corner is the front side.  Not much of the tiny red berry/flower detail comes thru on the back side.

These are the other sashing fabrics that my friend had sewn on to the blocks she made.  I wanted to use the green print on the bottom right but--didn't play well.  The blue print does nothing.  The green leafy print--overpowering. There is another deep blue 'blueberries" print that also does not work.  I unsewed all the sashing she had on the original blocks. I unsewed I remade eight of the blocks in the first picture-there are about 6 more that don't play well- the colors are too strong.  Last row right, middle block is one of my friend's blocks.  Middle top is another of hers and I think the one to the left of that block.  I did use only fabric she had in the box with the quilt.  I had to use my own for the little four patches if I couldn't find a match.  She used a lot of solids.

Lyn in the comments mentioned cutting up the rose linen blouse seemed like a waste.  The blouse had the color tag for $1.  Next stop for the blouse--like this morning-- was the huge Goodwill warehouse where the blouse would go into enormous bales of rag cloth sold by the pound.  If that seems wrong--please let Goodwill know you disagree with their policies.  It does sound wrong to me.  If any of you want a rose colored linen blouse with long sleeves.  Size 12 and it looks like a slim fit.  Send me a dollar and postage.  It's yours.

Full on screening over our hats and clothing for the walk in the woods again today.  So many mosquitoes.  Sun is shining.  In the 60's.  I am sifting a wheelbarrow of compost for the bed I am planting my annual flowers in today.  the hose is hooked up so G can water them when I get done.  I also have dahlias to plant.  All sorts of black gnats in the house as well.  The compost bucket which holds my Georgia peaches that went from hard to ripe to rotten.  Ripe to rotten took about 5 minutes.

That's it.  G is trying to fish a part out of the bathroom sink drain.  I have prescriptions to order from the pharmacy.  Riley is walking around.  I have the dining room table to clear of all the cloth, thread, etc that has piled up.  It's that sort of Monday.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Daily Notes- June 2nd

Today's Goodwill haul.  One dollar each.  The dark ones in the center are shot cottons.  There were more but I didn't like the colors --perhaps I should have given them a chance?  My first time seeing or owning a shot cotton.  The pink and white dotted and the last golden one on the left were actually $2 as they are much larger pieces of cloth. The greenish/golds and corals will be new additions to the color line in the Magic Closet.  Someday I'll find aqua or turquoise.  I don't have any.  And I got a rose colored linen shirt-to cut up-- for $1.

There was also a piece of cloth with baseballs--I think that one is on it's way to Connie.

The dress section of the Goodwill was loaded with small and medium dresses.  All from the same closet.  You can tell when the same person chooses. Over a hundred dresses.

It's rainy and wet.  Yesterday I had to wear a full net shirt (even covering my hat) to keep the mosquitos off me.  Today will be worse as there is lots of standing water in the woods and that's where the mosquitos breed and they need blood to do that.

Paula was correct--the Euphorbia is a pest plant but it won't overwinter here --the cold will kill it so I'll enjoy it for one season and--READ the tags--before buying next time.

My daughter asked me to pick up- yet another- bag of mending and repairing. She had me patch the knees of some handpainted (by her) canvas painter's pants that she wears to work.  Now I have to unsew an embroidered logo off a fleece jacket.  There's something else in the bag but I stopped listening at unsew an embroidered logo.

I was going to take a picture of the blocks on the back side of the cloth we auditioned a few days ago. I'm not sure I helped this project any by re-making the four small blocks inside the first borders. I'm not sure about the project at all right now.  Picture tomorrow.  I seem to have lost the thread as they say.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Daily Notes - June 1st

I found a stack of Art magazines in the discard pile at the library.  In one of them this image of an eye.  I have been struggling with Jude's class.  Not having a Spirit Animal to put on cloth like Jude's beasts.  But wanting an eye.  Here a painter added an eye to an abstract painting.  I am now wondering about making an abstract patchwork surface and working on making an eye--that is there and not there.   I tore out about 30 images.  I will tuck them into my envelope of images and sort thru them as needed.

I thought of the time spent with scissors and pages of art  as being my Artist Date for this week.
I did drive to Staples.  Our store is now situated in a mostly vacant block of empty stores.  I purchased two new notebooks for Morning Pages.  I did buy the wrong size.  The ones I bought are larger than the $2 one I got at Goodwill (just as I needed a new book)  And these cost $12 each.  But the pages are smooth.  And I bought a dozen Pilot pens.  I like writing with them.  So, I am stocked up for the summer and perhaps to my birthday.  Looks like a spiral notebook lasts one and a half months.  I will keep writing in the hopes that someday I write something life changing.

We cut the grass again yesterday afternoon.  I had to do my strips the opposite way.  Instead of sideways on the hill, I had to go straight up and down.  I mostly worried about slipping and sliding into the mower or tipping it over.  As ever, the grass looked amazing when we finished.  I  dusted my rose bushes with insect powder and copper dust.  Then raced into the house to take a shower and put my clothing in the washer.  Last summer the deer ate all the roses.  In previous years the roses were covered in a thick layer or moving beetles.  Japanese.  No roses.  The copper dust should work to keep off the beetles.  But the deer are another story.  I may buy some small aluminum foil tart pans and tie them to the sticks surrounding the roses.  On string.  So they wave and move in the breeze and perhaps scare the deer away.

In case I forgot, this year I have the cloth attached to the fencing around the garden-on the side where I grow blueberries.  It's billowing and floating.  And we haven't been visited by deer yet this year.  I could do the same by the roses.  Billowing and floating cloth.  Long thin prayer flags.

One of my roses is an Austin.  William Shakespeare.  Lovely roses.

The peonies are growing taller each passing day.  Getting ready for their big explosion fo flowers in June.  Just before it rains and shatters them.  It looks like today will be a miserable day.  Cloudy and dismal.  I don't know if it will rain.  There will certainly be loads of mosquitos on the walk. I still have my winter corduroy pants and sweaters in the closet.  And my summer clothing.  It's a day by day thing deciding what season it will be today.

Riley and G slept well last night. I did not.