Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Daily Notes- Cloudy- perhaps it will rain?

 A view of the paper filled desk drawer.  This is the picture I now have covering today and the blank space next to it.  Tomorrow a new month.  All the spaces blank.  Waiting.

Yesterday husband went for a walk in the woods behind the house.  Where we walked with Riley.  He came back broken. more walks in those woods.  It's the reason.. when kind hearted people suggest we get another dog.....broken. Just typing is too hard.  The love was so strong. Neither of us could get thru another goodbye.  Or another walk in the woods.  One of our children will make that walk- with a mixture of ashes from the dog and the two people who loved him.  In future years. We still have years and miles yet to go.

I finished my Louise Penny book.  Now I have only one left to read.  And then the wait for the new book coming out this year.  I have to find a new author with a long list of titles. I might visit the Read Alikes site.  If you liked reading  "       " then you might like reading "   ".

The news- well, I stopped watching.  Well chewed and re-chewed news is not what I want right now. I am wanting ACTION.  Gaetz.  Wow.  The poster guy for the Republican Party and their juvenile sex habits.

We did order Chinese Lunch yesterday.  It was very good.  We have enough for a second day of Chinese Lunch.  I have two new avocado pits.  Wondering if I want to try and grow a second and third plant?  Or just tuck them into the big freezer bag of pits in the vestibule fridge.  The dye freezer. I kept the skins as well.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Daily Notes- Tuesday March 30th

 Well. Uploading this took awhile.  Seems like there is some sort of glitch happening. In the icons. Again. Pasta- Eye Exam- Grapefruit- Romance.   Your image for the day.  A four spot.

The keyboard does not like fast typing.  Fast typing equals all one word.

So... I  have scrubbed and bleached the sink and the grilled cheese pan this morning.  Wiped down the counters and the top surface of the stove.  Put the toaster away-after toasting two slices of the New York Rye- delicious.

Husband wants Chinese for Lunch (around 3pm- as that is when he thinks it's lunchtime).  He went out of the house yesterday. Something has happened to his hearing aids. He can no longer get the aids to pick up sound from the the tv or radio. Apple did one of those things they know how to do- take over your iPhone remotely.  Pointing while husband pushed the buttons. Now hearing aids are in a box being sent back to the company that made them.  Husband is wearing older hearing aids.  Delightful.

Anyway- husband went out of the house yesterday. Now he wants to go out of the house every day. Pardon my French but- shit!  He's just left for walk in the woods

Trugreen came by yesterday for the freebie lawn treatment. I am considering going back to them.  The lawn that is bad is probably infested with voles.  Eating the grass roots.  From below. Trugreen doesn't spray for animal pests.  So not their fault.  I'm thinking about it.

Daughter getting her first vaccine shot on Saturday.  Maine is moving along pretty quickly to get ALL the 50 year olds vaccinated and ALL the teachers and school staff.  Children are now getting COVID here in Maine- one of the states with the lowest numbers of cases and deaths.  Children.  Suffering with breathing issues.  Don't be hugging your grandkids just yet.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Daily Notes on a Sunshine Filled Monday

Accidentally  purchased red grapefruit. Thought I was buying blood oranges today at the grocery store. Peeled and segmented two of the really small grapefruit and am happily slurping them up.  Grapefruit interferes with one of my dally meds. So, I am not supposed to have any.  But my doctor said once a week was okay.  So...perhaps  this whole week.....??

It rained pretty hard into the night.  And now the Sun is out and shining- but it's not really a warm Sun. The Grocery shopping went well.  Everything I had on the list was on the shelves.  Even the baked pretzels and husband's chips.  I will have to go back in the next few days.  Husband didn't write bagels on the shopping list (Guess I am going to have to check on what he needs and not assume he will remember).  I bought New York Rye Bread for myself.  Very seedy.  I like it that way.

I spent most of the day, yesterday, alternating between Law and Order Criminal Intent, Storage Wars and reading my book.  I did bake cookies.  Husband ate cookies. Remembered to buy butter.

I had recorded the Rugby match between Scotland and France.  I think I could have been interested in a Rugby player if they had played Rugby at my college.  Only back then, I doubt they had such wonderfully styled haircuts and such rock hard abs.  I am reminded of the  college Hockey Team.  All the missing teeth.

I like Rugby and have figured out a few things but not enough to fully understand what they are doing. But the ref is right out there on the field with them- in the  middle of everything and he NEVER  gets touched or even bumped.  And all the discussions are very polite even when being given a red card. And I know from soccer that the red card is never a good thing.  My daughter got one- perhaps more.  Playing soccer. In college.  Usually I watch on Saturday afternoons.  They are playing for some sort of championship. I now have to check well into the am hours for the games and record them.  This game aired at 3am.

Well, I have quite a bit more of the book I am reading-  I Almost Forgot About You- Terry McMillan. black author and most of the characters are also black.  A woman- twice divorced-is in a rut and is trying to figure out where she went wrong.  So..she is sifting thru old boyfriends.  via Facebook. We have already gone thru the ex husbands. And now the guys she dated in college.  I think there are 40. Along the way she is figuring out WHO she is.  What she wants.  I can identify with her journey. Finding oneself isn't easy.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Daily Notes on a Dark Sunday

The view on top of the printer to my left.  My larger papers cut from magazines.  Meant for larger collages.  Which I  haven't tried to do as yet.  I am wondering if a "theme" or "prompt" is necessary? Like last time.  I don't know.  I filled in the square for today- yesterday.  It happens.  Vegetables and dots.

I finished my book.  Now to chose the one for today.  The darkest of the Gamache books? Sigh.  When I realized which one it was- --- I stopped reading.  I think the fact that the days here in Maine are dark and gloomy doesn't help.  I need to turn on all the lights.

There is enough bread etc for the Daily Grilled Cheese. And there is a prepared spaghetti and chicken dinner.  But little to no dessert.  I will check to see if I have a recipe for cookies that doesn't use butter. Otherwise it will be a very very sad day. For someone- not me.  I can bake brownies from a packaged mix but he has never been a fan of brownies.  And I don't need to be eating a pan of brownies. I  know there are no frozen bananas  in the freezer- and banana bread needs butter.  Pumpkin pie needs whipped cream. Which I don't have.  Really.  This has been a Dessert Nightmare.  Sad face is getting sadder by the hour.

The newspaper's have been arriving.  Good News.  Crocus is flowering a deep deep blue.  I like the dark blue ones.  Daffodils are getting taller each day- no flowers yet but soon.  White.  They look wonderful next to the dark blue.  But today is very very dark.  I haven't seen a report- I don't know if it's supposed to rain.  

Yesterday I cleaned out the birdbath out front and filled it to the rim with fresh water.  The birds were bathing in the dirty water.  No takers after I cleaned it out.  

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Daily Wool Gathering Thoughts

 From the New York Times.  Lemon puddings with fresh raspberries.

We are needing a freshly made (or baked) dessert at my house.  My husband asks for something really nice....I am thinking Confetti Cookies for him.  Perhaps Marbled Brownies.  Cheesecake swirls. I can dream can't I???

I am reading a really interesting book.  A Decent Proposal.  Written by a guy- Kemper Donovan. How I found it?  Well, in my library catalog selection thingy- they often have something under a title I may have chosen myself- it says "if you like this book you might also like these" So, I gave this book a chance.

A wealthy and unknown person has selected two people for a chance to earn $500,000 each.  All they have to do is meet for 2 hours every week and talk to each other.  For a full year. He likes movies.  She likes books.  They don't like each other.  He's a sloppy unemployed overeducated movie lover. She's a stern lawyer with trust issues.  This all takes place in LA.  I often stop reading books set in this particular city. 

But I am reading this book. I'm 110 pages in.  They have decided to discuss a book/movie each week because they have no common areas for making conversation for two hours every week. 

She chooses the books and he choses the movies.  They have discussed Jane Eyre, the book and now Alien, the movie (I think they also watched Harold and Maude). Elizabeth has Purell-ed the fork she will use to eat her food. Richard's apartment is quite messy and his sink has green stuff growing around the drain.  Elizabeth's house is pristine and everything is white. can see why I might want to continue reading.  Sort of Pride and Prejudice.  And after reading Siddon's modern take on P&P...why not this interesting swipe?

The book discussions are very interesting.  I had no idea the Wide Sargasso Sea was sort of a prequel to Jane Eyre.  Mostly about the insane wife.  Written by someone else.

And that, Ladies and Gentleman (my son)- is all I have for you today.  The Sun was shining when I got out of bed but now- it isn't.  Husband decided to go take a nap after eating breakfast and doing his puzzles. And I just might be making cookies.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Daily Notes On A Very Dark Moist Friday

 Thinking ahead to Actual Spring.  Which- here in Maine, is closer to June. Not March or April.

I used to make up boxes like these when I was working at the Greenhouse.  Multiples of two to 8 boxes- all identical.  It was fun.  I loved doing it.  Playing with colors and contrasts.  I don't do it here at home. The deer tend to eat it all overnight.  Usually the first night after I make the boxes.  A very expensive deer snack.  So- the Master Gardner has NO window boxes.  Those first mornings- after finding my boxes destroyed...gosh, I cried. And usually crawled back into bed, hating living here.

My daughter has a lovely and very very pretty yard.  And garden boxes.  She lives in Town about a 10 minute drive from my house.  No Deer.  And a big temperature difference. Warmer where she lives with people close by.  Colder out here.

I tried when we first got here.  To this house.  To have a beautiful yard.  It's a lovely yard (when viewed from the street) but mostly shrubs with flowers the deer don't eat and terrible grass.  Flowering trees in Spring.  Fenced in Hosta under the crab tree branches.  Soil here is very acidic.  Hard to grown anything other than white pines.  Which I hate. Most everything that we still inside the fenced garden.  Can't really see any of it from the house. so..over the years...I just stopped planting anything there.  Mostly weedy grass now.  A few shrubs. A few rangy roses.  Herbs.  Grapes. Lilacs.  The rhubarb refuses to grow.

I grow almost everything on the driveway. in garden boxes  Which we can't see from any of the house windows. We can only see the stuff- while standing on the driveway. In the heat and Sun.  But not for long. Only while watering.  Breathing is a problem in the Summer. Outdoors. For me.

But this year we hope to get a new driveway.  So......we will not be having any garden boxes on the driveway.  Nor the back deck- the deer and chipmunks destroy deck plants.  The front porch is too cold and gets no direct Sun.  I just don't know.  It might be a Summer of buying produce from the Farmer's Market.  Unless, of course, we CAN'T schedule a new driveway.  Which, here in entirely possible. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Daily Notes- Two Loads of Washing

 Maiwa sent this images of handmade stamps.  From India.  I have a tub filled with large stamps just like these. But I have not used them.  I think I need a padded surface on the bottom and ink or liquid dye to dip the stamp into then press down on the fabric.  I am not sure if any of my stamps go with any of the others.  The stamps were a gift from husband's brother...for me.  The Maiwa site has many stamps for sale.  They even have images of the stamps being made.  I am reminded of DebL sending me a video of cloth being printed with stamps like these. So I could see how it might happen.

Another packed box in the Magic Attic.

Today we have no Sun and a bit of a damp chill to the air.  And rain in the forecast. DARK.

A second cup of coffee.  Two loads of washing machine pages.  Two.  It went well- should I buy a lottery ticket?  No. I think two loads and no accidents is good enough for my LUCK today.  I also have 8 books waiting for me to pickup curbside at the Library.  Eight contemporary relationship books. I don't think they qualify as romances.  But there might be some. Romance.

We got the wrong newspaper this morning.  I wrote an email.  We got credit on our account.  And our carrier is supposed to bring today's paper and tomorrow's- tomorrow.  Sigh.  I mentioned the 30 previous years of excellent daily service.  Rain, snow, sleet Ice.  Always a morning paper.  The reply- read the paper on line. Well, okay.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Daily Notes- Seeing Clearly Now

 Desktop Calendar so far.  You can see that the last date filled is yesterday's eye appointment. Today is still a mystery.  I have few additional magazines to look thru for clippings.  And it's a day when I should be making a few requests for library books.  And I might just spell out bills again as I have a stack of them to write checks for today.  

And I have a wash basket filled with sheets to be washed.

The Sun is shining.  The Num-nut Robo calls are rolling in.  You are never lonely with a landline.

My eyes have returned to normal.  I can actually read today if that is what I choose to do.  Or I can do something else.  Even vacuum the floors.  Things are dusty.  With the Sun shining- hard to ignore. I had a momentary brain fart- I actually was thinking of going to Walmart. For unscented fabric spray. Febreeze. That can wait.  Really.  That can wait.

The pile of eco colored fabrics here on the chair behind me- is actually getting sort of noisy.  Wants to be noticed. Wants me to do something- anything..with it.  Sew one to another.  Something. I just might. The already sewn things pinned to the wall across from where I eat breakfast....very quiet.  Nothing much happening. They all seem to be happy with how they are.  I moved a few just to see how they looked next to each other.  Not much going on.  No cloth conversations.  Or arguments.  I sort of like when cloth is arguing. I'm not all that invested in matchy matchy- happy-happy.

Something weird just happened with the screen.  It slide sideways and another exact same page showed up.  Very strange.  So...not much to say here.  One of the local Dairy Queen's has opened.  Daughter's male co-worker stopped to get a strawberry shake- extra thick.  I did not know that was an option- extra thick.  I do know that ours will be open by Easter.  It's tradition to pile over to the  DQ on Easter.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Daily Notes- Seeing Clearly Now

 Took a picture of my desk drawer contents.  With  all my little images cut from my magazines. For my desk top calendar collages.  I didn't rearrange anything just shuffled them up.

Just back from my annual eye doctor appointment.  No changes.  No new prescription.  Same. Nothing to see here.  Which for old 74.5 year old women is GOOD NEWS!!!.  Really GREAT news.

We  are now back home.  I oiled up the four  beets and they are roasting in the oven as I type.  I will peel them and slice them and eat them (when they cool) with Balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  If I happen to have any fresh mozzarella- which  I don't think I have- I would add that.  I'll eat them warm.

My pasta yesterday made with a soffito of onion celery and carrot was delicious.  My soffito could have cooked longer- my tiny diced carrots were still a bit crunchy.  But sweet.  And I was happy with my lunch. Next time I will make the tiny carrot pieces thinner. Less square.  I was doing  a  "dice" and needed to be thinner.

Reading and typing is a bit of a struggle as my eyes are still under the influence of the drops.  So, I have a nice cup of coffee here and I think I will settle into the couch until the drops wear off.  I already folded laundry and prepped the beets for the oven.  Perhaps that's enough for right now.

Woke up to fog.  A different between the temperature of the Earth's surface and the Air.  But now the fog has burned off and the Sun has arrived.  So Bright.  All the bird seed was sifted.  Feeder filled.  But so far- little interest.   Once offended by millet- the birds are reluctant to give us a  second chance.

As to Better Than...meat subs.  I am...well, if I don't want to eat meat itself-  I also don't want to eat plant material that pretends to be meat with bloody juices etc.  The only meat I have not given up is pork. Bacon, ribs, pulled pork, ham etc. etc.  Sigh. I regret even writing that down here.'s the whole truth. Pork. But never sausage. Never. Who knows what they put in sausage.........

Monday, March 22, 2021

Daily Notes- Monday, Monday

 I had a choice of buying beef (for meatballs) or beets.  I chose beets.  Imperfect farm grown beets- Mainers. Local.  I think I am totally OFF buying bloody animal products for my own food..I did buy chicken thighs for husband's soup. That was icky but I did it. I bought beans for my own soup. But I did want meatballs so will look and see how to make them without animal products.  I think I won't find any recipes.   But I like pasta with tomato sauce.  Home grown tomatoes made into sauce.

I'm all better.  The fever etc was gone by 1 or 2 pm yesterday.  Life goes on.  Beatles

Husband is on the back deck in the sun--sifting millet seeds out of the bird food. I put sun screen on his neck and ears- his Dermatologist will thank me. He went to the dentist today.

Tomorrow I get my eye exam and usually a new glasses prescription. I am thankful my eyes still work. I am thankful most of my stuff still works. Teeth. Heart. Bowels. Lungs (sort of). Knees are iffy.

I was thinking of cloth yesterday.  Where do I  want to go with it.  What do I want to say.  Do I have anything to say?  Even though I am the right age for it...I was never a child of the 60's generation. I think because my father was a policeman.  Sets a sort of standard for what sort of behavior is doable. And I was the first child going forth into the teen age years.  And a girl. And my father's favorite. So my "what if-ing" isn't as "dreamy" as other cloth artist's. 

My younger brother (5 years) was full on- drugs, drink and more drugs. His Life didn't go well.  But I think he might have had lots of fun at the beginning. More than I ever had. The end was bad.

I'm more.....feet on the ground. Keep moving forward. Even if you keep looking back. Wondering..what if? Hoping there is another life after this one. Another chance to make choices. But actually would we? I think not.  Unless we can remember the previous Life's mistakes.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Daily Notes- Hey, How You Doing?

 I have a small fever- 100.2 and I am very tired and just ate a tub of chocolate covered caramels. But before that I had Avocado toast.   Feed a fever- starve cold.  I think I got that right.

Law and Order until 3pm and then Storage Wars.  Unless I take a nap.  Which sounds delightful.

By tomorrow I will be fine.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunshine and 47 degrees


Good Morning.  Well. Actually. Afternoon.  

We got our  second COVID vaccine this morning.  The new vaccination site was in a shopping center and there were actually very few people there.  We were in an out in 20 minutes which included the 15 minute waiting period.  The National Guard was assisting. Parking lot was mostly empty.

I took a Tylenol extra strength just in case.  After we got home.  Husband has gone to help daughter with some tree cutting and then he might help with the waddle construction she is doing along the back of her yard.  To keep people and dogs out.  The Christmas wreaths (48 inch diameter) got carried into the Attic.

I'm feeling sort of the way I feel after Christmas.  All that waiting, worry and anticipation and now......... it's been and done.  I am vaccinated.  I am going to circle the day two weeks from now.

Dairy Queen was NOT open when we drove past.  Windows still boarded up. A Vanilla cone would have been perfect.

So..that's it for today.  I am thinking of a nice sit on the couch- PBS on the TV--and closing my eyes and just.......being.  Just being okay for now.  

Friday, March 19, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunshine and 40 degrees

 Beets.  From a magazine.  But I do love roasted beets.  And a good olive oil and vinegar dressing. Soon.

Well, I have NO complaints regarding my husband's memory today.  Mine, OMG.

I had two things to do.  Pick up a book at library and drop off a brown paper bag of seeds for a friend.  The seeds were inside a brown paper bag that had held a library book-once. Those of you with quick minds already know the end of this story.

But first of all.  I forgot where Allie lived.  I drove down a street but couldn't remember her house- so I backtracked and did the library first.  Then tried the street again and was reminded of the dozen or so illegals that lived across the street from my friend.  I just headed for the curb filled with cars.  And there was Allie's house.  I stopped, grabbed a library brown paper bag and stepped onto the walk, up the stairs and left the bag on the doorknob.  

Home and into the garage. Picked up up my library bag- SEEDS.  Started the car and back down the drive to the corner down the road to Allie's street and who do I see on the porch holding up a brown paper bag- Allie.  And she said " I thought it was odd you gave me a book".  And I replied "I was  parked in the garage before I realized" and we both  just shook are old white haired heads. can't make this stuff up.   I am making chicken soup again.  We get our second vaccine tomorrow morning and the soup is just in case the vaccine kicks me to the curb this time.  Husband will be able to eat.

Now to read my new book.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Daily Notes- Good Afternoon

Thread nest on the ottoman.

It's dark in the house with clouds and rain coming in an hour or two.  House Lights are on..

 I was up early.  So, no real excuse for posting so late.  Each day---later.  This morning long chat with daughter regarding flags all around the property next door behind her house. Survey flags.  And an official letter.  She doesn't like getting official letters. She doesn't like people near the back of her property.

So- brisk start to the day.  Then a shower. Then stripping bed for new sheets (and washing machine pages later). Breakfast.  I was starving!!!! The newspaper and work on the unfinished Suduko puzzles piling up.... then looking for seeds.  Tomato seeds.

Husband has a hearing aid appointment this afternoon and he will be asked to drop off the seeds on his way into Town.  He will forget. I may then drive myself into Town to Library and drop off seeds myself. No in person visiting.  I have two books to return to library and one to pick up.  But library is closed already for the day.  Tomorrow sounds like a better plan.

The days just "get away from me".  It's the COVID thing.

Neighborhood conversations- who has had vaccine and who is waiting.  We are all mostly older.  The 50 somethings have gotten vaccines in Massachusetts. Business gained access for employees.  My daughter qualifies April 1st.  The newspaper this morning with guidelines for those of us vaccinated. Stay home. Wear mask. Sanitize hands.  Limit in person activities to outdoors. Six feet apart. Same rules apply. Maine has been for a year and remains in the safest color code on the United States map- yellow. But still.....200 new cases a day this month.

So- stay safe. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Daily Notes- Happy St Patrick's Day to All

 Results of looking thru and tearing out pages of several years worth of BonAppetite magazines. I now have a nice collection of words and fonts.  I watched Law and Order/MSNBC while tearing and scissoring.  I have a very small collection of new recipes to try.  I rarely do try them.  But it's nice to "think" I might. One for a great crust for fruit pies.  That's something I actually  do make.  Fruit Pies.

I selected square and got rectangular a second day in a row for the daily  image.  If this continues I will rotate the images to a long rectangle instead of a tall one. It's like all my digital stuff is decaying.

Cold.  Here.  Sunshine.  The Morning Paper was in the box. But not yesterday's. And some mail that was went directly into the shredder.  Later- after this-- I will carry the shredder container out to the compost bins. The birds might like some fresh paper for their nests.  I used to like the shredded brown paper we got in boxes at the greenhouse.  Packing type paper but very nice for the compost-- worms. Sort of like coffee filter paper.  Might have been waste from making coffee filters.  I think I have enough brown paper bags so I'll shred them for the birds.

I stopped reading my book.  It was making me cry.  But I'll go back to it.  Eventually.

On the way back from the road where our mail box and newspaper boxes are located-- I checked the Peach Trees.  I need to buy sulfur to spray the fruit trees and  fertilizer sticks. I'm making a list. Checking it twice and three times.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Daily Notes- March 16th

 Good Morning.  26 degrees- sunshine and it ISN'T snowing.  The picture up top is from the cupboard door (inside dishes) but (outside) my herb garden list, cranberry bread recipe (I  didn't make it this year) and underneath lists of foods that are good for me to eat.  Whole Foods.  Meaning you eat the entire thing? Nope- meaning that eating a whole food diet is better for you.  Lots of grains, beans, fruits and a wide variety of vegetables (when you can find them at the small local grocery).

When I am undecided as to what I should eat- I look at this list and then look at the pantry and the vegetable basket and see if I have anything I could make and eat.  Right now I am wanting the bacon egg and avocado thing in the picture.  There might also be cheese.  I have everything.

No morning newspaper.  Again.  We called.  Press one etc etc.  But nothing that said- you'll be getting a newspaper.  

 In reply to yesterday's comment---I like living in Maine. I might even say I LOVE living here (but not everyday).  My Town has the Bowdoin Art Museum (now closed for COVID), The Music Theater in the Summer (now cancelled for a second year) COVID, and Portland has a robust FOODIE VIBE-mostly shut down for COVID.  Right now- it's not much fun here in Maine.   And Smart Wool socks aren't doing it for me anymore.  And it's 26 degrees. Again. 

Visiting with friends- outside- six feet apart wrapped in wool coats, hats and scarves.- 10 to 28 degrees........not fun.   Not my happy place.  

Contrary to others.  Two weeks after my second vaccine this Saturday- I'm not going to be partying with friends and family in doors (no hugs or contact) or shopping in big stores or eating in restaurants. Not. So Not. Doing Any of That.  The Grocery Store is my litmus test.  People are staying far far away from each other on my one visit a week.  Far Away.  We nod but we don't speak.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Daily Freezing Cold Day

 Lights I am thinking of buying for the long dining room wall.  Not black.  Bronze that seems to be quite the popular finish these days.  I want black.  But had to settle for distressed bronze for all the door knobs. Either that or--no doorknobs.  Quite the choice.

I am guessing the light could be folded up flat against the wall.  Which would work for my purposes.

Keyboard was doing a good job with the new batteries for a while.  It might be my typing.  Going too fast.  Now-- who in my high school typing class would have ever expected to read that?  Certainly not the teacher.  But the process transferred into my brain..... somehow.  

Penny's Glass Houses.  The drug smugglers.  Violent.  Ugly.  Deadly. I stopped reading and watched Storage Wars instead.  I've seen almost all of them.  Mindless. And I screamed at PBS for continuing to fund raise.  Sunday PBS is one of my most favorite things. Used to be one of my most favorite things.

Shopping this morning.  TWENTY degrees and BLOWING WIND.  So...more like ZERO DEGREES.  Maine where no one wants to actually live. I got everything on my list at the grocery. Even my special milk.  The shelf with my milk was full.  So...that was a very big wonderful surprise.  And the very small stationary section had envelopes.  So now we have those. We were out. I got business and regular sizes.  Just to cover my bases.  No 9 by 11 size. And they did not have my favorite Pilot precise V7 pens.Only the V5 which is thinner.  I like a fatter line.  And I like black ink. Not blue.

We had pizza for supper yesterday.  The pie for pi day.  It was good.

So...nothing much to say.  No wonder no comments.


Sunday, March 14, 2021

Daily Notes-Spring- and Snow is Falling in Maine

 The breakfast table a few minutes ago.  My coffee cup.  The eyes.  I had only the eagle eye to the left but this morning found the second eye on the right.  In between- a French restaurant menu.  Fore ground my stack of cut outs for future calendar pages.  To collage and color. To add to the desk drawer close to my right elbow.

Nothing for today's square as it got covered by accident days ago. A week ago.  As has tomorrow.  The intended eye exam (a  colored pencil eye). Now moved to the 23rd. But I can paste something over it- tomorrow.

I finished reading the Great Reckoning.  And I thought of the commenter, here, who chose that book for her first  Gamache book.  So many secrets.  Out of context.  Unexpectedly, I had forgotten who the murderer was. I guess I was hoping for redemption.  I was wrong. Again?

My keypad is adding and subtracting letters.  I think it might need a fresh set of batteries.

Snow.  Yes, the First Day of Spring...Pi Day 3.14.  Snow. I wish I had been ready- once again- for Pi Day. And had something here to make into a pie.  We are having pizza.  So- a pizza pi?

I have decided to find a re use for the empty glass pickle jars here. (a problem caused by my not canning  enough zucchini pickles last summer)  We can no longer recycle glass anything.  No one wants glass.  But I think--no one wants dirty glass jars.  I had seen the jars in the recycle bins on my street. While walking Riley so many Mondays....  Not rinsed.  No wonder the recycle people now refuse them.

But aside from that. My intention is to take cuttings from blooming things in my garden and make bouquets for my neighbors and friends in my very clean washed pickle jars.  To place on their porch steps. Peonies. Lilacs. Daffodils. I have never done it before- not having anything disposable (and heavy enough not to tip over) to fill with flowers. Now I have glass jars.  What do they call that?   Serendipity?  Whatever is in flower.  Right now it would be witch hazel. Later I hope it's a nice bunch of tall marigolds.

If I get moving and plant my seeds.  My next book- Glass Houses. Happy First Day of Spring.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Daily Wanderings- Saturday the 13th

 The Avocado.  Growing.  But not from the floor- still on the kitchen counter next to the sink.  You can see the orchid table in front of the windows further back.  Can see that the Sun is shining. Yesterday almost 60 degrees but we still have snow cover on the ground (which is visible).  Not as much.  This morning ice at the bottom of the driveway. My windows aren't actually "legal" (building codes) as they start just above the old radiators (8 to10 inches from floor and go way way up. It's a safety issue- why you can't have them.  Could fall into them and slice yourself up.  Further along the wall- just windows.  I think, in my heart- I would be happy living in a glass house.  Inside but outside.

Thank you to Anon... for letting me know another book is on the way this year.  I waited on the reserve list for so so long to read the newest book- yes Paris.  I long to find out the secret behind the tiny painting on the wall in Stephen's room.   I am reading the Great Reckoning now with the old map.  

We were notified of the new location for our second COVID vaccine next Saturday.  The hospital lobby wasn't a good fit (understatement) now I think an underused old shopping Mall. Excellent communication via email. At the end of April, every adult over 50 is able to get vaccine here in Maine.

When I went to pick up husband's books at Curbside-  they had three carts of music cd's out on the sidewalk.  A teen asked if they could be taken- and I said yes...... Later I hoped the men in the Alcohol Rehab/House just 50 feet away would stop by to choose some music.  I chose a handful of Russian symphonies conducted by Leonard Bernstein. I like operatic music. I did find one Rolling Stones. For my husband.

My desk calendar is looking very different these last few days. I started collaging magazine images to the squares and yesterday added Neocolor wax pastels to the surfaces.  Sort of like the collages made that Winter-- awhile ago with daily prompts. A bit "dark" for a few days but now things are getting lighter and more Spring-ish in color images .  The computer is learning new words as well.  The new words are  underlined in red (by the  computer- asking me- are these correct???). 

I may have been typing too fast.  The computer is having some difficulty this morning.  The scary spinning ball.  I remember it from the beginning of using this computer when it was new and our server was not up to the task.  We stared at the spinning ball way more than we did anything else.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Daily Thoughts- Friday- March 12th

 The tipped over tin can filled with rainwater and acorns.  The acorns are charcoal black. When I put them into the can they were fresh and green.  I really love how this looks but I know it's a permanent stain and husband will not be pleased. Is not pleased.  The wet cloth from yesterday picked up some staining.  I wet it again and put the blackened acorns back into the rusty can and added snow.  51 degrees so the snow will melt. Slowly.

A regular "heat wave" at 51.  For Maine.  In March.  We still expect one additional snow event.  Easter is very early this year.  The grocery store has an abundance of multi colored plastic eggs for sale.  I could buy them and decorate the Peach Trees?

Finished my book. Usually, I read and then do other tasks and then come back and read again.  Not yesterday- for some reason no other tasks- except for the Daily Grilled Cheese- called to me.  Beckoned me away from the book.  My eyes today- are dry and fatigued.

My eye doctor appointment has been moved.  Another week to wait.  Now the 23rd.

After hitting publish I will remove myself to the couch and put lubricating drops in my eyes.  Meditate. I don't actually know how to meditate.  I just sit quietly and let things, thoughts drift in and out. Or I fall asleep.  Either way- it's a fine thing to do.

Books I ordered last night have arrived in my email box- so I will go pick them up at library.  For husband. He is getting frustrated with his coloring books.  He is over using his orange and brown pencils.  He brings the book over to me while I am reading and I point out a lack of focal point of color.  Of no contrast between darks and lights- only medium.  I ask and he nods and I get out my black ink pen and draw lines, dots or shapes on his pages.  I even gave him an eraser to remove some colors.  I have suggested taking the orange and brown pencils away from him.  I am guessing that he doesn't feel comfortable with sharp contrasts but is okay with me adding them.  I couch one negative comment within a bundle of positives.

I often start with- what is your favorite part of this page?  Your least favorite.  I am reminded of college art classes when professors said helpful. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Daily Notes- March Eleven

 Most of the mail in my "inbox" has disappeared over night.  Perhaps I deleted it myself but that seems difficult to believe.  But I am a difficult person to understand or believe.

Breakfast was oatmeal and coffee.  The newspaper.  Then the emails that came overnight. Including this from a gardening site.  I do love blue flowers but they are not easy to grow. Last year I had some blue pansies in one of the containers- for a brief period of Time.  And then poof they were gone.

I am considering making toast. And a second cup of coffee.

I finished my book.  I had forgotten how it ended.  Abruptly-before the author could change her mind... make a different choice.  So--I was surprised by who died.

I have the next one on the table ready to go- Nature of the Beast.

I  spent some Time yesterday cutting out alphabet letters from magazines and trimming some pictures to fit inside the desk calendar boxes.  This month will be more of that. Last month was more drawings. There were drawings at the beginning of the month-snow and storms.  But I do like to have images here or in my journals.  I may go back and remove images from journals I never actually got to write in.  I added images  way ahead of my writing.  And then......I stopped writing.  Think a few years before Morning Pages and the Artist's Way.  I am having to go back to add spaces between my words.  Typing without looking at the keys.  Forgetting the space bar.

A tin can filled with rain water and acorns last Fall- tipped over.  The wind or the visiting cat or a snow shovel propped up nearby.  The liquid and the acorns spilled out and stained the porch surface.  Black. I am going out after I hit publish and taking a picture- for you---tomorrow.  It says so much about the foraging and collecting of plant materials to print and color cloth.  I may lay a wet cloth on the cement after I take the picture- see if the spill will transfer.  I hope it does.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Wednesday Daily Notes- March 10th

 From a recent catalog.  I wind my floss on wooden clothes pins.  Not sure I have insect free sticks in my yard.  But I like the look of these sticks.  I can see this being a sort of "art installation" with floss wound around branches of a living tree.  Like the knitters who knit things to wrap around trees.

My husband says the temps here in Maine are supposed touch low 50's today.  

I don't expect the snow cover on the lawn to melt today.  The lawn across the street is bare though.

Nationally I guess we are celebrating the one year COVID anniversary.  Maine shut down on the 20th. We didn't have many cases at the time but....... and Maine remains in the yellow on the State maps.  Safe. Ish. Well...with 1.2 million people in a very large landmass State- easy to not come in contact with other humans. I know.  I rarely if ever come in contact with humans unless I have a job- employment.  Just in the grocery store and that isn't actually contact.   It's proximity.  Though I recognize the people who would actually want to talk to me.  Ask me a plant question. But they resist the urge.

I am going to the library in the next half hour or so.  My books are ready for pickup.  Going to test out the car's battery- the radio working etc.  I might drive around a bit more than usual....but I really have no where to go.  

Monday I have the eye doctor appointment.  "This one or this one? which is better?" I never know.  Which is better.  We have to go back and forth more than they like doing.  I can't tell. For sure.

I have been watching HGTV with the two Ford siblings.  Brother and sister.  Entertaining. And gosh the sister and the home owner yesterday were wearing such NICE clothing.  Looked antique- Very French I am guessing.  Loved the kitchen.  And that three pod swing arm light fixture over the kitchen island.  Could concuss myself on that on a daily basis.  Makes me want to remodel the kitchen.

Well, I have...........not much to do so I better get after it .....

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Daily Daily Notes to Myself

 These ads show up in people's sidebars.  I know people want to "make a buck" off their site but geez is this crap annoying.  I liked the Bee Graphic.  Even considered buying this.  Bee Kind. If it shows up in a store- I'll buy.  Off the internet?  Nope.  And just so someone knows- the more ads- the less I visit. And I am your target demographic audience.

I got the images for my desk calendar mixed up- yesterday is now next Sunday and next Sunday was yesterday.  I can't find the Sharpie marker.  When I do I will add a double headed  arrow to show where things actually belong.  

I finished my book.  I loved it.  And now I have ordered four more.  And that will be it.  Then I wait until a new book comes- a few years.   I think I know what might be happening next.

Today is garbage/recycling day.  Not windy.  Last Tuesday the can blew over and I had to pick up papers from the end of my street- I took the  recycle container  back to the garage.  No wind today.  36 degrees but husband says it will warm up.  Later.  Sun.  

We seem to have SO many options in the way of meals to eat this week.  Very Odd.  I did a better job of grocery shopping after I lost my list than with the list.  Over Compensation.  I was trying to cover bases because I had no idea what had been on the list.  Something to consider.

I have not planted seeds.  I need to sit down and pay bills.  I need to photocopy daughter's tax returns for the bank.  And that sounds like enough.  Then I can  read.   

Now- I am going to garage to see what the story is regarding the car.

Monday, March 08, 2021

Daily Notes- Another Monday

 A scarf.  I don't wear it- at all these days.  And I was seeing it -now-- as CLOTH I could cut and appliqué to surfaces.  The small dots.  The sketch like flowers.  The blacks.    Excitement.   Found it in closet where my seeds spend the Winter.  I did not plant seeds. T he scarf is very  thin. I was attracted to the "look" not the usefulness whenever I purchased it.

My car would not start this morning.  I haven't been driving anywhere but the grocery once a week.  Not enough to keep the battery going.  And on snowy Monday's I get husband to drive me in the Jeep.

So...we had to go in his car.  And somewhere after buying soap (bars of soap) I lost my shopping list. Someone is finding it on the grocery store floor and perhaps thinking they might want to buy some items. I did remember bottles of Minute Maid Lemonade, yogurt, orange juice, lactose free milk, deli cheese and meat and I purchased a container in the hot deli section of baked chicken breasts.  

When I returned home I picked the meat off the baked chicken bones and shredded it and mixed with a generous squeeze of honey and an even more generous squeeze of mayo.  Mixed and tasted (swoon) and set it into fridge to chill.  Deli had a trainee so I didn't get any tubs of chopped vegetable salad.  I did get lettuce.  For a mixed greens salad to eat with the chicken.  With olive oil and vinegar on the salad greens.

I have to add my next haircut to the desk calendar and my eye doctor appointment time.  I drew a large eye on the 15th.

I got husband a carrot cake (3 servings), chocolate chip cookies with M&M's, and  Little Debbie Swiss Rolls. He fills a bowl with various desserts and a large coffee every evening at 8 pm. He has doughnut balls left over from last week.  He likes variety.   That's his personality type.

The Penny book I am reading is the ONE I was wanting to be reading.  So...all is right with the World. How The Light Gets In.  Henri the  German Shepherd dog leads Gamache to the house where the old woman who adopted Henri (as a little pup) lived. In Three Pines. And then she died. And Gamache thinks the dog has it right. This house might be "home".  Everything else is........horribly wrong. But it will be okay.  The series is all about murder and evil v. goodness. So bad things have to happen.  In future books- horrible things happen. But this book-  Goodness For the Win.

Sunday, March 07, 2021

Daily Notes- Morning.

 The Cloth says Morning.  What is folded and waiting by my chair.  All cloth that I have made (colored) myself.  Not that small print.  That is left over from some project that never seemed to look right.  The second side of the cloth- always the better side.

Velda Newman came up in conversation.  Large, large Flowers.  So...that sort of image- flowers.. is on mind.  Not a huge wall sized flower (yet) but perhaps- due to the excellent Chinese Lunch of yesterday- some folded fabric flowers.  Japanese not Chinese.  I have many books with this kind of folded fabric flower.  I enjoyed making them- like appliqué but more intense. Perhaps it's Time to make some now?

March's Desk Top Calendar-is almost bare.  I think because not much is happening.  I had written Chinese Lunch in yesterday in yesterday's block but got up (just a moment ago) and found the receipt and pasted it on the calendar.  The Chinese letters. Little squares filled with lines and curves.

I had started to cut words from magazines.  titles etc.  Larger than copy we read.  I have them here in the top desk drawer (few of them) to add to the Day's Blocks- if I have no plan on what to draw or color.

Just finished the Beautiful Mystery.  Gamache investigating a murder in a monastery.  In the woods. Far far away and disconnected from technology.  None of these books is new to me.  But I usually have forgotten who the murderer is- so....... that works out.  50 pages in and I was fretful.  Not wanting to read. Thinking the books were out of order.  Checking the list.  I have a list but don't have all the books.  I had to wait for two.  A few weeks.  Knowing of future events- it's not always the best way to go.  But even in this book I thought I knew- I was surprised.  Book 8 out of 16.  Today I begin book 9.

Some of the books are easy. Some of the books are dark and painful. Some make me smile and wish my little Maine Town- not so far away from this fictional Three Pines (on the edge of Vermont)- was actually Three Pines.  My town does have Pine Trees in the Town Mall with the Farmers Market and Winter Ice Rink.  Wooden benches painted green sit on the lawn.  Joshua Chamberlain looks down and into the green.

Oddly enough. (because this is Maine) The only way to reach Vermont is to drive south out of the state and then turn right into New Hampshire and then drive north and west until you find Vermont.  Then further north into Canada (Montreal).  The Road Slogan for Maine-- You Can't Get There From Here. Maine never created an east west road.  

You CAN drive to Vermont- we did it many times to go to quilt shows.  But we zigged and zagged over two lane country roads with a paper map and directions on old envelopes. We even stopped to dig up wild flowers to add to our gardens.  A certain blue flower that one of the women in the car liked very much.

The Gamache books remind me of those long ago days and roads.

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Daily Notes- March 6th

 Things have happened to this piece.  I had to take apart two other things to get enough of the right fabric to expand this one.  Removed the top.  Did something to the right edge.  Added something to the middle. And that something has a eye just above the green line.  Cat's eye.

Husband has gone to pickup our Chinese Take Out Lunch.  He was wanting Hot and Sour Soup. I was wanting Orange Chicken.

The Sun is shining.  Almost 40 degrees but still lots of snow on the ground.  Long phone call with our son.  I usually write- my son-- but he belongs to both of us. He has a number of choices to make in the next few months or years. Where am I going?  Where do I want to be going?  

Looking backward- as an old woman-I see where I had choices and where I chose- right or wrong- at this Time in Life-  What Path to Walk?????  

He's a "Tech Guy" and he wants me to get better internet service.  A new washing machine.  A new computer.  Well, and I want ducks and rainbows. I like my old car.

I'm having problems with the Penny books.  It's like one is missing.  Where a good chunk of the plot is missing.  The book I am reading is all about a monastery in the woods.  Then next one Gamache is living in the little Town- retired and Beauvier is married.  There has to be another book.  Before the monastery?

Anyway...... I am planning to plant seeds tomorrow.   Mostly flowers.

Friday, March 05, 2021

Daily Notes- Friday already!!!!

 Here is the Work Desk.  Actually the ottoman next to my chair.   I took this patchwork piece off the wall and will be appliquéing it to the bleached black fabric.  I prefer appliqué.   Like the way it looks.  Even though, technically, I am doing patchwork.  The added benefit - a very flat surface when finished and I can  cut the fabric away from the back.  Don't need to cut strips etc.

I may continue to fine tune the placement. You can see some of the older- possibly 20 years ago- bits of black/white cloth in the pieced work- I ran out and this was the last of that precious cloth. Some under the button and along the bottom edge.  

Another cloth that got bleach is that lovely lavender purple.  Brown cloth that bleached lavender and also soft beige.  You can  see it along the right edge also.  I may not dye cloth but I do discharge.  I may change my mind and look for another cloth to appliqué this patchwork to.  I know that is an incomplete sentence.  I am pretty certain that have little to none of the brown lavender left.  But perhaps another cloth that I can take apart???? Recycle. Noticing a sliver of pale green. Left edge.  Perhaps that instead of the black white.

Nothing here is ever actually finished.  I recycle the parts and patches. Just as I recycle myself.

I am reading A Trick of Light.  Beauvoir has begun his decent into drug addiction with pain pills and a love for someone he is not brave enough- yet- to do anything about.  I have read all the books.  So, I am not as worried about him as I was the first time.  This story also has content on AA meetings.  I had forgotten dad suffered from a drinking addiction and finally accepted AA late in life. He always had his coin in his pocket.

Yesterday's pizza was delicious.  Long phone call with daughter.  A good day.

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Daily Notes- March 4th

 While looking for something in the stack of Eco Print fabrics that I have been making over the Years I found a piece of solid black.  Now--that statement in itself could give me pause.  Found.  Piece of Solid Black Cotton.  As, I haven't owned a piece of solid black cotton in years. I know this because I have actually WANTED solid black.  Surprise One for Yesterday

So, I cut a small square off a corner and took it to the sink.  Washed it with Dawn, rinsed and sprinkled with bleach.  Nothing.  Tried again.  Nothing.  Was going to give up.  But then husband said- does bleach go bad?  Does it?

I had another bottle of bleach in the bathroom to use for clothes washing.  Sprinkled and this is what happened.  Walmart Black.  Which when sprinkled with bleach goes to a creamy off white. Strange and wonderful things happen.  I may have over done the bleach in my enthusiasm.  I still have more fabric and I will be more reserved in my sprinkling next time.  But for the time being...... years most likely- I have this.   To add to things. Surprise Two for Yesterday.  

Also- I "handed over" the taxes to my investment banker.  They'll do them.  Incredible. Just really really incredible.  So-- no Turbo Tax purchasing and who cares if the computer refuses to speak the printer?  I can just muddle along over here on this ancient desk top Mac- (younger than my car).  No immediate worries. No printing.  Surprise Three for Yesterday.

Today we are trying to locate the $80 check the snowblower repair guy took (last month) from my hand and laid on the secretary's desk back at the office.  She remembers seeing it.  Doesn't remember crediting our account.  Sent us another bill.  Which I will not pay.   So...she is going to look for the check.

We are having Pizza today.   We were going to have it yesterday...but it just didn't happen.  Things are sort of "fluid" around here in the Winter.  Counting the days until Dairy Queen opens.

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Daily Notes- March 3rd

No picture today.  I don't actually have anything to take a picture of right now. My desktop calendar, so far, is snow and wind drawings.  Weather.  In like a Lion.  Pussy willow and one other tree are trying to do Spring flowering.  I need to get out back and give the grape vines a very hard pruning.

I ate food yesterday.  The remaining halves of baked squash with steamed broccoli and a banana.  Husband had a big bowl of homemade chicken soup did his exercises and worked on his coloring.  He is doing floral mandalas. We both had dessert.

I didn't watch television and I didn't read any books.  In the afternoon we drove to the library to pick up the two Louise Penny mysteries I had reserved from far away libraries on interlibrary loan.  The "free" cart had some magazines- the kind I like for paper collage.  And I selected two discarded books from the carts which I may read but not right now.  

Mostly I rested.  It's been a long hard YEAR.  I am tired.  I think we could all admit to being tired.  And total isolation doesn't suit me. I actually miss PEOPLE.  I miss teaching Gardening Classes.  Spring can't  come soon enough.  The daily watering of plants outdoors in Spring and Summer.  I am so looking forward to it.  Hauling the heavy watering cans.  Cutting the grass.

And I realize all my stress and anxiety centers on the TAXES.  So, following the good advice of my walking buddy- I am calling to make an appointment and have someone else do them.  The solution was there all along.  Let them go............. It's a task I have always, always HATED.  No sense letting it give me nightmares.

The Sun is finally shining- only 20 degrees outdoors.  Big coat, gloves and hat to go out for the newspaper.  The potted plants on the indoor porch are setting Spring leaves and one is going to flower in a week or so. The Orchids on the table in front of the window are in bud and one is flowering.  A nice day.

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Daily Notes- March 2nd

 Cloth is an infrequent visitor to this blog.

I think I showed the center of this one awhile ago.  It got bordered in the last day or so.  The yellow is the pillow I set it on for it's photo.  I didn't press it flat with a hot iron yet.  The green and orange splotches are paint.  Which will most likely try and adhere itself to the iron.  There is a loose black thread which is auditioning to be included in the swirl.  This very center of the swirl has chosen to resemble an eye. Looking out at me (and you).  I tend to think of the eye showing up where it was never intended- as a visit from the great beyond.  Perhaps Riley.

I had the Terrible Awakening again this morning.  It has been more frequent of late.  I am sleeping and then realize I have forgotten something important and...not panic at first but grinding along and getting pretty close to full blown panic.   What have I forgotten??  It takes quite awhile for it to surface. Sort itself out.  Make itself known.  And then it's there.  What was there just behind some memory wall. Exhausting.

Stress.  I know that is behind it.  Stress.  I am very much stressed over here.  Close to tears right now remembering the terror of it.  What did I forget?

My husband is lucky- he isn't even aware he has forgotten anything. I remember for him.  

Who remembers for me?

Monday, March 01, 2021

Daily Notes- March First

 Chosen for the deep colors of Winter vegetables.  I thought I had a picture for  you. I didn't.

I did walk down to the sewing room and collected a handful of cloth.  for sewing to the little cloth I had made-- it seems like long ago.  it had been hanging on the wall across from the dining table.  I took it down.  It was unfinished.  Speaking.

While I watched CNN and Stanley Tucci eating his way across Italy- the cloth found what it wanted. Something I had EcoPrinted a few years ago.  And--it's good.  In fact, it's perfect.  I sewed three sides while I watched a NOVA program on Mars.  And the Rover.

I will take it's picture when the rain stops.  Very dark here.  Very wet.  I think it rained all night and will rain all day.  Which is excellent.  We need ground water.

I got a little pin on Saturday.  "I got my COVID shot" it says.  I pinned it to my mask.  Wore it to the grocery store today.  My one indoor event- the grocery store.

My milk- the brand I like very much- the entire case where it goes is empty.  I was noticing empty spots on shelves.  So, I got an extra oatmeal.  An extra instant coffee.  They also had an empty space where my Aveeno skin cream usually is.  So I had to try in the baby section.  No.  So back to the other section and choosing something new.  Still with oats.  Still Aveeno.  Makes me nervous.

I bought bananas as my fruit this week.

The new store manager packed my groceries.  He said "have a nice day"  and then stopped and said "choose to have a nice day".  He said it's what he says to his kids each day.  And I smiled (under the mask) but I think it showed in my eyes. out there reading this--choose to have a nice day.