Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pictures From My Life- January 31

I'm making soup.  Using up some kale that's been hanging out in the fridge.  Tomato, maybe some white beans, the kale and some pasta.  Top with Parmesan cheese.  Or simmer the soup with a saved (in freezer) Parm rind.  Picture borrowed from Food52.  The recipe Food52 had included pasta and potatoes.  I don't think I have any potatoes left but I'll look.

I also have some roasted beets to eat.  It's been so cold here--just didn't want a cold bowl of beets with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.  But.....the sun is shining.  Doesn't mean it's warm. Yesterday I had the last two roasted sweet potatoes.  With butter and salt. And the last square of corn bread made with Polenta corn grits.  Using what I have.  It's crunchy, for sure.

We watched The Martian last night instead of "what we didn't want to watch" which was on all the stations.  The Martian was a delight.  Particularly because my husband studied to be a Botanist. Of course, Fate had other plans for him as it did for the Martian.

This morning I was busy sewing little 3 inch squares to other three inch squares and then discovered the plan I had wasn't a good plan.  So, I am changing my plan.  To something "More Cute".  A baby quilt has to be "cute".  Well, it can also be "sweet".  But I am going for cute today.

I am feeling a bit more "perky" today than I have in recent days.  The lack of sunshine wears me down.  And that big old moon last night was something.  The snow covered yard was shining bright white in the night.

So, the month of January ends on a high note with the sunshine and a big full moon. Here in Maine it's only full.  No blue moon and no blood moon.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Pictures From My Life- January 30

Another pieced section of "something".  Not sure where I was going with this.  And I am able to set my hands on the pink fabrics but the grey and cream? --- has gone walk-about.  This is about 24 by 30.

I emailed Connie asking if this could be a baby quilt for her group?  I could work it out to 36 by 42 with the assorted pinks if she is interested.  The purple is off cavorting with the grey and cream. Somewhere.  And there is another I didn't photograph yet--all but two of the fabrics are MIA.  And it's too cold in the attic today to go looking again.

Today is super cold.  Bites the skin.  Cuts through the wool coat, gloves and hat.  No sun. And all the ice still on the sidewalks and streets is now super hard and shiny.  Dangerous.

I had a date for coffee this morning.  Arrived and noticed my purse was not traveling with me.  No cash.  My friend treated me to a coffee (many thanks Elaine).  The library knows me so checked out my books.  I didn't try the grocery store.  No free bananas.  Once I got back home--I still had to work to find my purse.  I had set it down on the art table while I put on my boots and coat.  It was a relief to find it.

I have a new book to read.  G has a new book to read.  I may turn the furnace up or pile on a second lap quilt.  Winter still has teeth.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Pictures From My Life - January 29th

I found (unearthed) this on one of my journeys to the Attic.  I think it might have been more than 10 years ago.  Perhaps 15.  I am reminded that I had gotten a bundle of sample pages from a fabric catalog.  Not quite real "velvets" and patterned things.  Swatches.  I did go back in and added a rectangle of blue behind the dangling brooch.  Might need to try something lighter to show off the dangles better. Some cream?  The camera does a good job of showing us our artistic weaknesses.

There was period of Time when I made nothing but hope blocks.  Word check made it hope.  I thought I typed house.  Which is it?  I am now left wondering.

I made house (hope) quilts this size for friends who bought houses.  Or moved into new places.  Wishing them happiness in their new surroundings.

I have this little house pinned to the western wall in the room where we have our dining table.  In the corner of this large room, I have my art table and a rolling cart for fabric and projects.  This little house is pinned to the wall on the left side of the art table.  I guess it would be called a drawing table.
I am having trouble with descriptive words today.

I am left wondering for whom it was made but never given.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pictures From My Life- January 28

I drew these little pines for Christmas in 2014.  Seems right to see it here--with winter still close and Valentine's Day nearby.

I am "finding" parts of my past up in the attic boxes.  I go looking for a certain color or certain fabric and--before--always looked in the same two or three storage tubs.  Lately, I have been looking in the other tubs.  And "finding".  I think I am finding myself.  The self I have forgotten.

Finding forgotten projects.  Unfinished things.  Fabric.  And perhaps dreams and desires.  Finding that I miss the making of art with paper, pencils and inks. Finding that I am interested in finishing these things that have been lost for so many years.  Baltimore appliqué.  Embroidered silk.  Painted cloth (that I painted).  Reverse Appliqué. Strange and odd patchwork made of such outrageous choice of fabric and colors.

I was so much more interesting years and years ago.  What happened to me??????

Today I am doing laundry.  Two loads.  One dark, one light.  G and I are also going to a lecture on Soil Management for our gardens.  And it's Dollar Day @ Goodwill.

Temps today are in the 40's (like yesterday) but there is no sunshine to warm and melt the ice.  The day is colored only with black, grey of all kinds and white.  Usually (always) I love white.  But here in January it is difficult to gather any enthusiasm for white.  But January is almost gone and February with it's red Valentine's will certainly make me happy.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pictures From My Day- Three

Where I sit to write to you.  My favorite time of day.  When I get to say or think or write about something.  My calendar is fresh and new--I don't know about any of you, but I buy my calendar way before January--put it in a "safe" place and then forget where that safe place is.  Here it is the 27th and it's my first day with the calendar under my keyboard.

Up top on the leftish side--a flat envelope (origami) that I folded.  You can open it and close it again. It can hold seeds you might want to share with someone.  It can also hold pills or buttons.  The box for the 18th holds 3 buttons.  I am wondering where they came from.

Today I "taught" two customers how to make a Fairy Garden.  One was about 8 years old and the other was well past 8 years.  Their enchantment with making a small garden for a Fairy to visit was quite lovely.  After they had finished and gone off to do something magical with the remainder of the day--I made two more to sell in the store.  Dirt, moss, Baby's Tears, stones, little columns of tree and curls of bark.  I gave each customer a hand drawn list of things they could make for the Fairies to enjoy, a list that I had drawn up years ago--chairs, fences, tiny prayer flags on a string held by two twigs.  Things like that.  In words and illustrated with pictures I drew.

My decision to retire and not be on the regular schedule at work is now quite solid.  I'll come to help with classes and special events like open houses but no regular weekly schedule.  It feels right. Even though today was a delight in that I helped a number of customers find just what they were looking for.  I couldn't help the customer who had squirrels eating all her bird food.

It was warmer today--40 degrees.  Some ice has melted but not the whole driveway.  Tomorrow more of the same.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Pictures From My Life- Day Two

Riley.  We start each day by "going to get the paper" together.  Here he is at the end of the hallway to the bedrooms.  Ready to go.  First his collar.  Then my boots and coat.  Then out the front door (over to the left) and down the driveway--well, I go down the driveway.  Riley goes the other way to do "important business" which involves rolling on the grass or snow or ice plus other stuff.

I don't know what a day would be like without Riley.

He's a good companion.  Bossy.  Opinionated (things must go his way).  Has an unbelievably accurate inner clock and knows exactly (give or take 5 minutes) when it's breakfast time (6:30 am) lunchtime (noon) and dinnertime (5pm on the dot).  He also alerts us to bedtime at 10pm.  Exactly.
To him bedtime means he goes out to do "business" and then gets his pill.  The big blue one that keeps his liver going.

He gets the same amount of food he would get if he ate one meal a day.  We just divide it into three portions.  Science diet low fat.

He also gets a one mile walk each and every day after eating lunch-- still walking strong at nearly 11 years of age.  His birthday is April 4th.  That would be 77 in people years.  I don't know if I will be able to walk a mile or race after squirrels when I am his age.

I read on Food52 that bananas are an "endangered fruit" due to a disease that is killing the bananas that are most popular.  I was thankful that I was able to have a nice banana with my breakfast this morning.

I have little squares to sew together on the sewing machine.  Some sweeping to do--one of my citrus plants has spider mites and is dropping all it's leaves.  I also will water the plants in front of the French doors.  I am 25% into my new book.  And I should be thinking about making something for dinner tonight.

Getting my haircut this afternoon.  The sun is shining.  Twenty-one degrees.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pictures From My Real Life- Day One

My ancient electric stove from 1984.  My Wedding Present little saucepan from 1968.  The whisk might actual be from some more current years--I don't think we "whisked" in 1968.   Making my  breakfast cereal.  Cream of Wheat.

I serve it the way my grandmother fixed it for me.  Spread out over a dinner plate.  Sugar, cinnamon and pats of butter over the surface.  Eaten from the outside edges into the middle.

I had to resort to this breakfast when my jaw decided to hurt when I chewed anything.  That was right around Christmas.  The jaw and the shoulder pain.  Such a wonderful Christmas.  But I did reconnect with Cream of Wheat.  So, a good thing

Been up in the attic again--this time looking for freezer paper.  It was on my work table down in the dining room.  But I found a few things.  You may see one of them tomorrow.

It's cold and streets, sidewalks and parking lots are lumpy with frozen slush, ice and whatever.  We went out for a late lunch.  Just to get out of the house.  Then went to the grocery store.  Now we're back home and it's already getting dark at 3:41.  There might be enough light for one more trip into the attic but I think I will "save" it for tomorrow.

Get my hair cut tomorrow.

There are a number of current event things running through my mind these days.  It takes quite a bit of energy to consider what is going on...  and then I have to just "let it go" or I will run myself crazy.
How are you all coping with  the News?

Working My Way Through Winter

I have been cutting fabric for another baby quilt to send to Kentucky.  I am adding more embroidery floss to a piece of abstract fabric design.  I just keep covering things up and adding more.  It's not the one up top.  That one is on the easel.  Waiting.  No stitches yet.  But I do like it.

The one I'm working on may eventually become something good.  Right now it's an awkward 11 year old with braces and a bad haircut.

We two here in Icy Maine are eating things already prepared.  G had tumeric and ginger chicken bone broth with noodles and carrots after trying to chip the ice off the front steps.  He couldn't.  I had a bowl of white rice and a good ladleful of black eyed peas.  That was lunch at 2:30.

I was going to read but that headache was so close to being gone--I chose stitching instead.  And watched Storage Wars into the night.  Kenny Do It?  is a favorite of mine.  Makes me laugh.  And who doesn't need a laugh???  I did.  And Kenny tap danced in clown shoes and a clown costume.

Well, it's late and I wanted to write to you before going to bed.  Sleep tight!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Darkness, Rain Turning Into Ice-- Headache

John Henry Twactman

We had no Sun today.  No heat from the sky.  Only grey and white and wet and cold.  Now--at dusk the snow, slush and everything will freeze solid.  ICE.

We were supposed to go to a friend's nice warm house for dinner.  Which would be okay--but the drive home on black ice roads?  Not so much.

And all day the left side of my head has had a dull ache I could ignore.  But not now.  Now it says--why don't you go sit on the couch and fall asleep for awhile. Give me a chance to let this dull ache go.

I am tired.  What better use for a dark rain-sleet afternoon--a nap.  Till tomorrow.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Kind Of A Dark Day--Weatherwise

Pink Crayon 2015- Tassia Bianchini
Art Propelled

Eye Doctor appointment went very well.  Got my eyes dilated for the first time (but I could be misremembering) and the insides of my eyes look healthy.  It will be years before I need to think about glaucoma.  I have a new prescription.

I have been keeping to my promise to stop writing comments on blogs.

I have a new resolution to eat many more servings of fruit and vegetables than of meat or dairy. And only whole grains and beans.  But first, being the Thrifty Person that I am, I must finish off what is already here.  I had some whole grain crackers (lots of seeds) with slices off wedge of Jarlsberg cheese.  Very delicious with a cup of tea.  And two bananas.

I need to turn on some lamps in here.  Very dark.  And we haven't had any sunshine today.  Riley did get his walk in so that's good.  And I don't know if the freezing sleet is us or further inland.

I did go to Goodwill yesterday.  Not much in the way of Treasures.

But the football yesterday was awesome.  I am aware that EVERYONE hates the Patriots.  But G and I love them.  And after football  (both games) we settled in to enjoy Victoria on PBS while TiVo recorded The Martian off FX for later.  I had been wanting (so much) to see this movie--we missed it when it was in theaters.

So it was a Triple Play good Sunday.  Well, I am going back to sitting on the couch with my eyes closed.  G says it takes a few hours to get them back to normal after being dilated.  Or it could just be that I am very tired today.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

I've Missed A Few Days

Things happen.  Or don't happen.  I had laundry to do.  I had to dye my daughter's hair cobalt blue.
Out of love but not understanding. It was dollar day for pink tags and 50% off on red tags at Goodwill.   I didn't find much.  And embroidery kit with floss in colors I need--- $1.

We had pizza tonight.  I seem to have found the secret to astonishingly good pizza baked in my own kitchen oven.  It was divine.

We won our football game.  I spent some of the last quarter in the kitchen chopping vegetables and working on the pizza dough.  I get very nervous.  So I walk away hoping it all works out.  But come back to check and see.  Makes the dog nervous.

And now--I must put clean sheets on the bed.

Tomorrow the eye doctor.  I am apprehensive.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Signs Of Spring in the Midst of a Snowstorm

I took this picture a week ago.  Remember I said I had clipped willow stems to make my willow tree stay short?  This was in the warmish weather right before the Polar Vortex entered Maine.  The branches got stuck into a tall vase and other than changing the water occasionally--I just ignored them.

Until the catkins started puffing up and looking like they had plans.  And they did.  This is so other-World-ly beautiful.  About two to two and half inches long.  And--the bottoms of each stem, in the water has produced long roots.  So, I have the "makings" of a few additional little willow trees.  And a wetland spot for them to grow.

The original stem that is now a 5 foot tall tree with many branches (from much pruning on my part to get a straight stick to turn into a tree) was from Easter two years ago--or it could be three years.  Time in a Garden is hard to remember.  The branch was leftover and in the garbage can at work. Or it was out of an arrangement that got dumped.  I thought the catkins looked interesting.  And I was right. But I had no idea they would look like this when they opened.

All 10 branches are covered in these catkins.  It's heavenly to see when I walk by and everything outside the windows is white......and very cold.

I read my book until 4 am (G says he looked at the clock) I found....ta da.....that IF I held the book far away from my face--arms length....I could read for a long time without the words going squidgy and greasy looking.  Amazing.  So I read.  And read.  And read.  Great Book.  Lotte and Soren Hammer.
Number 2.   I just today picked up book Number 1.  And have already read books 3 and 4.  They have written 6 books but I can't find them in Minerva so they might not have been translated into English yet.

It's been quite awhile since I could read without having to stop.  And I have been quite sad.

I made a few more 3 inch cut, pink Depression blocks.  I only needed to make a few more blocks to add to the leftovers and I may have what I need to make Connie another baby quilt top.  The correct size this time.  Really MUCH smaller than I had thought.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Star-Version Two

Well, I worked on it a bit.  Another layer of cloth under and a few patches added to two of the corners. And, of course, black floral covering the center.   The upper left should be the lower left.
A half turn.  I did know how to do this once upon a time but........ today has already been more stressful than I need.

I did one load of wash and was getting the second load going when I noticed water leaking out of the washer.  At the bottom.  Sigh.

Well, we mopped it all up and opened the front of the washer and it was a leaking hose, and a clamp for that hose that had rusted off --long ago.  G has two things on his list for today--ahead of a new hose and clamp.  And I don't have a third load of we're good.

The tile guy didn't slant the floor correctly.  We had a drain installed just in front of the washer so any overflow would go directly into the drain.  We paid good money for this addition.  But the tile guy slanted the floor toward the shower wall  (not the drain) and...well into baseboard and drywall.  Two things that like to soak up water, grow mold and cost money down the line.  I am really not pleased.
In a perfect world (one I don't live in) the leaking water would have gone into the drain.  A design flaw.

He and Riley are out for their walk.  Then we have about 6 to 8 inches of overnight snow to get up. He has.  I don't do snow anymore.  I used to shovel the entire driveway by hand when G was working away from home.  Herringbone pattern.  Any really long time Readers remember those posts.

While the washing machine stuff was going on (spilled water etc) I stitched the orphan blocks I had left from a pink baby quilt together (busy work calms me down) and I don't have enough to make anything.  I also mended a hole in my LLBean corduroy pants.  Same spot in every pair I own.  Next to the bottom of the zipper.  Fabric frays and a hole appears.  A design flaw if I ever saw one.  That's two.

I am off to drink more water.

Monday, January 15, 2018

What I'm Working On Today

This started out as something totally different.  Didn't work.  Then became something with a big circle.  Didn't work.  Now the circle is a Star.  Might work but probably won't.  Sort of a planet in the cosmos thing.   That was the idea.

We'll see.  This style of fabric use isn't comfortable for me.  I want it to be but I am seeing that my "natural inclinations" are at War with the Cloth.  There is still time to work it out.  The camera took the picture sideways.  Fate?  (I say Fate because the camera knows I can't figure out how to "rotate")

Now I am seeing hope by adding more of the yellow (which is showing up green) and the dotted fabric at the left edge to the right side.  Even the planet out.  The star.  Whatever.  The yellow which looks green is dyed fabric that was once my robe.  Not fond of the yellow dye.  Or the black.  It's a yellowy/green black.  I am more into blues and blue blacks.  Grey.

So I am fighting with the fabric colors, the lack of focal point here, the stitches already in which will probably be taken out.  The star points are pale yellow linen.  I tried tan star points but the whole thing got to be--meh!

It's starting to feel like a meh! day around here.  FOUR degrees.  And green grass showing along the edges of the driveway and sidewalks.  Green grass!!!

At 10am this morning I was already "bored of the day" as my daughter used to say when she was very young.  I guess this is why I go to work?  Because I'm bored of the day?

Feel free to comment on the fiber work.  I need it.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Winter Seed Sowing 2018

Winter Seed Starting--Kevin Lee Jacobs

I began the working part of this Sunday, sorting my seed packets.  I usually think "I have no seeds" and sorting through the box assures me that I have plenty of seeds.  The first ones I will be planting are the perennial seeds.    They need cold stratification to break them out of their long sleep.

And I found all the tomato seeds.  I have several that came to me from friends.  I like to grow tomatoes that have a back story of friendship.  And seed sharing.  I also have a package of Julia Child tomato seeds.  Wondering what they might be like.

Next up is seeing how many empty milk jugs I have on hand and how many I will have to beg, borrow or whatever (going thru the recycling containers on my street) to have enough.

Yesterday the Patriots won.  And it was very very cold in the stadium.  But no ice.  The weather guys got it wrong yet again!!!

G and I have a gardening lecture to attend at 2pm--the topic is Basic Principles of Ecological Landscaping.  Meaning plant what works with the ecology of your piece of Earth--and not planting things that don't belong, that spread seeds that suffocate the good plants and plants that need too much of the limit resources we have here in Maine.  Like sun and water.

Then the grocery store.  G needs things.  And I didn't buy any of those things yesterday.  Oh, and I need more bananas.  And maybe things to make nachos for today's football games.

I've made a New Year Resolution.  I will try very hard to NOT comment on blog posts.  The only comments they seem to want (and not delete) are the ones that say "loved this!".

And Connie--I am trying to drink lots more water throughout the day.  Seems to be helping.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Winter Returns & My Diet Changes

Andrew Wyeth from ArtPropelled

Wyeth's watercolors are very mystical.  There is hardly any paint there but it looks like so much more.  The private college near my home has a Wyeth.  I go to look close and then stand back and look again.  Nothing.  Something.

The weather forecasters say ICE is coming.  Warning us to stay home.

I went out grocery shopping.  Streets are just wet--right now.  Temps this morning in the fifties-- now 30's.  I needed FOOD.  I have been eating the WRONG things and am tired of always being hungry. I bought meat.  Chicken and sausage & ground beef for meatballs.  The sausage so I can have (really crispy) sausage, onion, kale and egg frittata for breakfast or lunch.  The only way I can eat sausage.  The chicken on the bone will be slowly simmered.  And the broth eaten with vegetables and rice noodles.  The chicken shredded and eaten with green curry and coconut milk (maybe).  The only other way I will eat chicken is with lots of mayo and honey.  But I will try not to do that.  But it will probably happen. I really like it. Doesn't taste like chicken.

I generally refuse to eat meat.  Not for vegetarian or vegan reasons.  I just don't like it.  I do like the crusty browned bits of it that stick to the pan.  I will eat crusty brown meat.  Dry and crunchy.

The food word that makes my stomach turn is "Juicy" when it describes meat or poultry.

I've already had some frittata.  It was good.

I picked up a lot of weight during the renovation due to stress and the daily ice cream G and I used to medicate ourselves during the worst parts of the work here.  I mean, it was worth it, but it was really awful.  Took it's toll.   And now I want "myself" back and that means going back to the way I am supposed to eat.  Not the way I want to eat.  It isn't going to be any fun.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Topiary Do It Yourself

We had Topiaries at work--to sell as Christmas Gifts.  I added bows.

I hope that last minute shoppers took them home.  Topiary lavender, thyme or rosemary are a delight to have.  And easy to care for.  Forget to water?  It's okay.  House is cold?  Even better. Window sill by a cold, sunny window?  Heaven.

The trick to bringing Spring Summer and Fall outdoor topiary into the house is to allow the plants to be touched by that first overnight frost.  It sends a signal to the inner-workings of the plant to go dormant.  Then, when you bring the plant inside--it doesn't dry up into a fossil.  It stays green, fragrant and edible.

You will need some sharp scissors to clip and trim your plants into "standards" meaning a single stem with a rounded top or leave them in the rounded ball shape you see up top.  The clippings can be used as herbs in your cooking or the little twigs can have the cut end cleaned off a bit and stuck into some soil in a small clay pot to root into a whole new plant.

Always a clay pot.

Why? you ask.  Clay breathes.  Plastic doesn't.  For plants that require constant moisture--well, they need plastic pots.  Not herbs. They prefer the climate of Italy.  Sunny, dry and rocky soil.

Oh, not pictured but quite a nice thing to own--Bay Laurel.  Yes, bay leaves of your very own.  Not in a bottle.  It grows a sturdy (woody) standard stem and a leafy top.  I have two.  One is tall and one got whacked by the Fig Tree falling on it (heavy winds that day) and it is having a little rest period.  Deciding if it will live to see another day.  Bay Laurel can grow into a short TREE with the proper conditions. And pruning.

Any small $5.99 rosemary or lavender or thyme plant can be grown into a Topiary.  All it takes is Time and a small pair of sharp scissors.  You can do it!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I saw this image on one of the sites that try and sell me things.  I saw it the day our son called to say his 2 years in Vancouver were ending months earlier than planned.  We never got to visit him there.

It's difficult to leave a 10 (almost 11) year old dog with health and anxiety issues.  We made the decision to stay put.  Vancouver isn't going anywhere. Riley has been the best dog...we want him to be happy.

We also said no to a cruise with old friends leaving from Miami.  Next month.

Last night's Art Group meeting was fun.  I probably talked too much.  I get that way when I spend too much time alone.  It's why I work.  So I can talk to people.  I will have to find somewhere else to go and talk.  I also listen.  I shared my adventure making stars.  And then folded one for a gal who regularly does origami and said the star wasn't any kind of origami she had ever seen.  So I folded.  And she is now going to go find the video.

I think she thought I had cut, folded and pasted it together.

Yesterday, today and possibly part of tomorrow will be sunny.  Temps in the 30's.  Quite, impossibly warm and wonderful.  Mainers were out walking without coats.  I was wearing a coat. One guy had on shorts.

I walked from the coffee shop where I had coffee with a friend to the local independent bookstore. I ordered a Tarot book.  To go with my new pack of Tarot cards my daughter found for me.  I think the reading of the cards is intuitive.  I'm not sure if that is something I can do.  But I can read and learn.
The wonderful poet who owns the bookstore asked if I was going to set up a table on the street corner and read cards.  He ordered my book and another for the shop.

I'm going to start taking ornaments off the Christmas Tree now.  Perhaps go shopping for a lidded storage container for any extras.  May have one in the attic.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Getting Warmer

Art From ArtPropelled--

I added the above piece of fiber work to my picture file to remind myself that making something small out of cloth isn't "rocket science" but is more common sense.  Not over thinking.  It's not something I have to hand in for a grade.  It's just practicing.  Learning.  And I have a boat load of buttons.  Should be putting them to good use.  I think Jude would call this a Threadcrumb.

I finished my Cold Book but it was a struggle--at the end of each reading period the book pages looked all greasy, smudged.  Tired Eyes?  Dry Eyes?  Wrong Prescription Eyes?  Seeing the Eye Doctor in 13 days (counting).  But I can see everything else just fine.  And, I am not rubbing my eyes.

I am going to Art Group tonight.  Bringing something--and reminding myself to bring my almost finished journal--they always want to see what I am doing on the pages.  I am thinking I will bring the new one, too.  A spiral book with art paper pages that I draw on with pencil.  Filling each page with "ideas".

Didn't get the tree undressed.  We went out for Chinese.  I finished my book.  Supposed to rain tomorrow so G is snowblowing the last of the 1 to 2 inches of snow that blew off into the driveway.
I'll take and keep snow--prefer it to ice.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Monday, Monday

And have plans for this frigid Monday.  Yesterday I purchased three one dollar each blouses from Goodwill.  Today I will begin "Daily Art".   A pile of scrap cottons and a basket of many colors of thread and needle.  Scissors.  Just to cut things into shapes. I haven't decide if there will be layers or even batting.  We'll see.  I am fighting against batting.  And pieces cut with ruler and rotary blade. My Virgo tendencies.....  on the table as well--a square of many perfectly sewn blocks and very oddly shaped bits of borders.  I was well and truly not "following rules" when I made it.  Now it needs quilting. Or framing.  As it looks like art to me.

I also purchased a soft turquoise linen shirt for $6.  Short sleeved with a collar that can stand up.  J.Jill. Looking FORWARD to warmer weather and many chances to wear my southern ocean shirt.

I left behind a size "very" small white linen vest--heavily embroidered. I may need to reconsider.

Tired Eyes be damned--I am reading a book (with rest periods)  The Girl In The Ice.  A cold book for a cold week.  Lotte and Soren Hammer.  Danish. I am forewarned of what happens--this is why I try and read in order.  But I read book four and this is two books behind that.  Poor Pauline.

I added a Cara Cara navel orange to my breakfast.  Cold but very juicy and full of vitamins.  I also purchased a loaf of English Toasting Bread to make into bread and butter sandwiches or Grilled Cheese.  Things that go well with SOUP.  The pulled pork and Pierogi are merely memories now.

And, of course, I need to get the big box down from the attic and undress the Christmas Tree.  Which still looks very nice.  Not dropping any needles.  The house will look so drab without it's shine and sparkle.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

New Words To Live By

Art From Art Propelled and I am seriously thinking of making something like this.  I love a nine patch.

I am a Stable Genius.  But........I just don't have a relationship with the Truth. So, am I really stable? A genius?  Well......?

That's it for politics.  G and went to see Star Wars for a second time.  Still good.  Lights came up at the end and audience was 95% over the age of 65.  Who knew we were running with the Senior Pack?

Sunshine today.  Very, very WHITE outside.  Cold, but not awful.  Not as windy.  A good day here in Maine.

I started the day--behind.  Reading yesterday's paper in the morning so I thought today was Friday--all day until now when I see at the top of my computer screen--hey, It's Saturday.  Shoulder and arm are good.  Pain free.  Still enjoying That 70's Show on the Comedy Channel.  I missed the heart attack again.  There are only a few episodes before..... and here is my word loss for all to see....the tall kid who is supposed to marry Donna leaves the show and it all goes to hell.  That's when I stop watching.
Eric.  Eric is his name.  It just came back as soon as I tried not to think of it.

On that note---I'm going to go eat my dinner.  Pulled Pork Burrito.  Yesterday it was BBQ Salad.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Any Color But White

From ArtPropelled on tumblr.

About 8 to 10 inches.  Snow White.  But gusting winds so some places less and other places much more.  Ten degrees.  Feels warm.  I went out to help G with a clogged snowblower--no coat.  Riley feels the same--  doesn't like deep snow but was busy rolling on the sidewalk that had been cleared.

I set the crock pot to cooking on low before bed last night.  Out on the Sun Porch.  Unheated.
My pork butt wasn't as "fall apart" as I wanted so now it's in here in high.  We'll be having pulled pork for a few days.  In burritos, on salad greens (my favorite way) as a BBQ Salad, and just on the plate with some sort of starch.  Gnocchi.  Pasta.  If we owned any bread we could eat it in a sandwich.  Another thing I wish we owned--some nice toasted grain crackers.  I have a nice chunk of Jarlsberg.  Needs a cracker.

If you want a simple and full proof recipe:  Couple pounds of pork in one piece.  Cheap cuts work best.  One onion.  5 to 8 cloves.  Recipe says to stick into the pork--I stick them into the onion.  2 cups water. Overnight on low.  Get rid of onion, pick out cloves if you stuck them in pork, get rid of water.  Shred meat, discard icky things and bones.  Add one whole bottle of BBQ sauce (I use Kraft).  Some brown sugar (I like BBQ sweet).  Cook on low (again) for  3 to 6 hours--longer if you're at work.  Stir if you are home but not necessary.  Eat.  Do try it on a mixed green salad topped with some shredded yellow cheese and then with a pile of hot BBQ.  You can add tomato and hard boiled egg if you feel like it.

Shoulder and arm--in and out.  Some days better.  Some days not so good.

Went up in the unheated attic looking for the thermal shirts I collect.  They are LLBean with a 5 or 6 button neckline.  I found them in the first box I opened.  And there was "just the right amount" of space for the armload of short sleeved linen shirts I had carried upstairs.  Perfect.  When I take the thermals back up--I can bring the summer shirts down.  Off white (Bean doesn't make many things in pure white for women) so more vanilla, light blue, grey and navy.  I will likely only wear two of them.  The rest will just stay piled up.  One on and one in the wash.

My real life is like that.  One on and one in the wash.

G walks out to the mailbox after dark (mail is coming late) and there is never anything for me.  No letter from Grace.  No belated Christmas cards.  No packages.  Just bills.  Damn.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018


I think 2018 is the year I will try and grow some indigo.  Use it to dye cloth.  Dye thread.  Dye shirts.
And if I can't find seeds (which I hear are very hard to come by)--then I will use the kit I purchased years ago at the Artist's Supply.  down in Portland.

Weather coming in tomorrow.  10 to 12 inches of snow.  Wind.  Big Wind as Grace would say. and then, if we wait--it gets really warm--like almost 30 degrees on Friday.  Or Saturday.  My friend would say the "'weather is going mental".  She's from Boston.

I'm posting now, because who knows what's coming or going tomorrow.  Snow coming and power going most likely.

The had a water main break in the library in Town.  My library.  Water everywhere.  Lots of fire trucks.   Big excitement.  Happens every couple of years.  Vestibule adjacent to the elevator shaft fills up with water (glass doors) and looks like a giant washing machine with the fire sprinklers gushing.  Basement floods. Elevator shaft fills up with water. You'd think they'd fix or move the pipes that freeze, thaw and burst.  Naw.  At least nothing caught on fire.  Books were safe.  Dry.

Well, I'm going to bed now--in 12 minutes it'll be Thursday.  Snow Day.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Winter Moon

Art by Kirsty Wither

Looks like my back garden (but most of my garden is trees/woods not so many hills).  the moon is or was a super moon.  the entire outdoors lights up. hard to fall asleep these nights.  the path leads to the woods and G and Riley walk out most every day.  the path out in the woods is being flattened by ski traffic and snow shoes.  I used to go with but the reactive asthma reacts with cold air. wood smoke from chimneys is worse.

my list of what I can't do anymore grows. I need to look for things I can do.

tomorrow G has appointments and will be gone most of the day.  the floors in the house need sweeping or the vacuum.  and G has mentioned that the windows in the French doors need cleaning. I like doing both so that will be good.  see if the nerve pain goes along with it or makes a fuss.

Big Storm coming.  worst that could happen is power failures.  the newspeople say most people would not be able to survive 24 hours without power (equals heat).  the Ice Storm of 1998 (6 full days in the dark and cold) we had a wood stove.  now we have a generator.  temps will be single digits. pipes freeze.  people freeze.  pets freeze.  Wind is coming.  50 mph or more. power lines.

guess we'll have to invite folks over who don't have heat.  stay warm.  stay alive.

got to be tough to live in Maine in the Winter.  or something.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Hey, Hey, Hey, It's 2018

Francine Poulin @ ArtPropelled

The New Year is like a book with 365 blank pages.  You can write, draw, color, tear the pages out in frustration---you can make the book what you want it to be--with limits-- no other people messing with you.

The Moon last night was too big.  Too Bright.  I could not sleep.  My waking dreams were vivid and terrifying.  If I was seeing the Future--please, it was a mistake.  I don't want what you showed me Moon.

But my nerve pain waxed and waned as the year ended.  I began 2018 pain free.  As it came, it went.  Unexplained.  Life is a mystery.

I found this image (up top) late last night.  I decided this is how my 2018 journal will be.  something alive and green, drawn with pencil on the right.  words on the left.  recipes.  laments.  prayers. tears. pictures of clothes I wish I owned. victories and losses. things finished. things postponed.  that is Life as it has always been lived.  capitol letters for only the important bits.

You've read the first page.  You'll see no more. unless I draw something really nice. which I will Share.

Love to all who read this blog.  It's nice to think of you out there reading my words and perhaps understanding what I want to communicate.  2018  we begin.