Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday, May 31st. Overcast, chilly with a chance of rain.

 A photo I took yesterday- at dusk.  Minutes later it was dark outside.  This is directly down the steps from the porch and my front doorway.  The sidewalk a neighbor created years and years ago (he's in construction) is like an elephant's trunk...... and behind the planter with the electric blue annuals--- last year's grass project. 

At the end of May going gently into June...my gardens are truly wonderful.  It doesn't last long. In the back the peonies are in full bud and the June display of "here they are and then gone" flowers will be wonderful.  The False Indigo is sending up tall intensely blue spikes of flowers. As blue as the annuals in this container (my husband built the wooden base-- which looks sort of Japanese to me.......). The wide bowl container used to have a pedestal base but it cracked off one summer.  Now it has no pedestal so husband made the box- so I could continue to use the bowl.  Because I liked it so much. Wabi Sabi...

Reading Love at First.  Again.  Reading it so much slower than usual.  It's such a lovely story of falling in love.  A few pages and then off to do something like wash dishes..then another few pages.  Then a load of work clothing.

The Mystery of the My Car Battery has been solved---we think.  Husband was working in the garage and had my car on the battery charger for hours.  Then at dusk, took the car for a ride.  Dusk being the real mystery ender.  Turns out the light in the car interior was switched on.  Noticed and turned off.  It had been on for days and weeks..  Wore the battery down each time we charged it. 

I hadn't really noticed because I am having my husband drive me on all my errands in his car which I have never driven-myself.  Never even tried. It has no key.. A button car. 

He likes to drive and he likes to go places. It's safer we go together if you catch my meaning???  But occasionally, I like to be able to go somewhere by myself.  Not often...which is why the battery went down during the Winter.

It's 59 degrees outside, cloudy, and my Weather Ap says it will rain in 60 minutes. I hope so.

Husband is going to the dentist at around 2pm.  Xray (recent) showed a fragment from a tooth removed awhile ago.  So I am guessing the dentist will try to get it out today.  Ugh. I am sure I will be required to remove whatever dentist puts in the excavation.  And make a new compress out of sterile gauze.  From my much visited First Aid Box. I will also dispense drugs.  My Dream Job.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Daily Notes- May 30th- Memorial Day. Sunshine with a few clouds.

 A "Couple" of Old Chairs.  And the Celtics won.  It wasn't easy. Hard to watch.

Today- just a few groceries and a week's worth of yogurts for husband.  I need skin moisturizer. To enhance my wrinkle free face.  Yep.  My face is wrinkle free.  What a gift from my genes.

Been doing more laundry.  More often.  Will be finishing off another notebook in the next week or so. and then a new one started.  I'm thinking I will make sure they get shredded without being read.  I opened a new box of black ink pens.  The college rule notebooks and the black ink pens remain the same thru the years. I was buying them at Staples.  But they hardly ever have any in stock.  They ask me to order on line.  Who do they think I am?  Ordering on line????

Dee had a enlightening comment yesterday- commentary on aging.  Here.  In my Daily Notes.  And I guess I am reporting from the the front lines so to speak........... But from the side of economic privilege.

We can afford replacement parts, surgery and after care.  We can afford the medicine prescribed.  I see things at the grocery pharmacy line.  Trembling old people asking the clerk to speak slower and louder. Looking in an old battered wallet for a card........ and I wonder- where are their people?  And I know- there aren't any.  But I also see younger, fit strong men and women gently helping an older relative or neighbor.

Never pushing them out of the way- always gently helping.  My son and daughter do that..... but I know the other side of that as well- the roaring Tiger of trying to make it all better or go away...... It's just going to happen........

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, May 29th. Sunshine. Very Warm, I think, in the hours ahead.

 This image seems to express the wonder of Spring becoming Summer.

My tomato plants get moved to the left and to the right.  To catch a breeze. To get Sun. To then rest in a shady spot.  I am doing the same.  Catching a breeze.  Resting in a shady spot.  Moving from spot to spot. Haven't done any Sun. Might not this year.

George was here yesterday for a few minutes to plant another few rows of corn, pick radishes for me- a handful- and then leave.  He put an ad in the Harpswell paper and got three calls  immediately--homeowners wanting to talk to him about garden work.  He'll charge 30 dollars an hour.  I forgot what my friend in Harpswell is paying her neighbor to work in her garden while her --now- robotic shoulder heals from replacement surgery.

People I know are getting old.  Getting replacement parts. Health Insurance makes it possible.

We- husband and I- went out yesterday and picked up a prescription and then bought bird seed.  Two very large heavy bags of black oil sunflower seeds. For the bird feeders.  I carried them into the house from the car. And emptied one into the small metal garbage can we use for seeds to keep the mice off the porch.  These are things my husband can no longer do - without back pain for days or weeks after lifting anything.  It took me ten minutes.  I'm not bragging.  I can do things for a short period of time. Ten minutes.  Then not do things for longer periods of time.  Like reading. Or wondering where I put something.

Expenditure of energy is a calculation I make. Always have. As I get older- it's best to calculate energy use before doing anything and deciding if it's worth doing.........at times, it isn't.  And then I let that thing go..... like canning pickles.  I just can't do it.  So......if I make pickles- they will go in the fridge- they won't go into the hot water bath.  And...really..husband no longer eats pickles.

Like rhubarb.  We don't need to be eating a large rhubarb pie (and would husband actually eat any?).  and the time to stand and make the crust and filling without rest periods????? I just see the value of it physically.  

Did I mention husband refuses to go to Dairy Queen.   For the first summer ever- there will be no ice cream. 

In an aside that is actually quite surprising and funny- all the seed from the packages in the hall closet-  years old- that I opened and tossed into the compost piles???  They germinated.  The ones I plant in the garden hardly ever come up that fast....but in the compost bin--- next day it seems.  Small Joys.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Daily Notes- May 27th and 28th. I missed a day.....Wet outside but not raining.

 I love how this little house looks.  With symmetrical plantings and hanging baskets.  The house where I lived from 10 to 20 had a porch like this only larger- wider.  It was built in the early 1900's.  Old sink and deep old bathtub (replaced in first few years).  Big Attic.  I spent most of my Summer on the porch swing reading.  When I wasn't ironing clothes in the basement or washing dishes after supper.

There had been plans to make the high ceilinged Attic into two bedrooms. One was started but on my summer returns from college I got to sleep in the unfinished side.  Just me, a twin bed, a pipe between beams for my clothes and an old dresser.  A scrap of linoleum on the floor.  No insulation. A light bulb in the peak with a long string attached.  I got to travel down the stairs and then down into the basement for toilet, sink and showers.  The boys had bedrooms downstairs and got to use the house bathroom. One summer the older brother slept in the finished Attic bedroom.

Later in Life, (when they were old and needed a caretaker) both parents told me "how much they loved me".   I didn't fall for any of their crap. And I did take care of my father.

Wasn't that fun?  Everyone says I need therapy- I have this.  I can write these things here.  And what will therapy do- make it possible for me to..what..Forget? Process?  I write the more unhappy and terrible stuff in the Washing Machine Pages.  I wash clothes and my mind at the same time.  That stuff in paragraph two? Not the unhappy stuff. So not the unhappy stuff.

I fertilized my garden plants and the fruit trees yesterday.  Husband watered.  I did some laundry and will do another load today.  Work pants.  Husband gets himself very dirty.  Found a tick on myself.  It's pasted to the calendar with scotch tape.  Reading- Austin based series by Sonali Dev. Incense and Sensibility. I've read them before and mentioned them here.

I need to finish pasting images into my desk calendar before Monday. June. I haven't done any work on the calendar since the 25th.  This month's calendar isn't lighthearted.  Doctors. Dentist. Urgent Care.  Cardiogram.  It's all been a bit much........... nine blank squares to fill.  Later....

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Daily Notes- May 26. Thursday. Haircut Day. Shopping for Annuals Day.

 We'll be filling the containers and I'll be designing with the plants I purchased today.  Expensive. But as my husband said- "you are worth it".  I got the employee discount as I am a former employee- and the gal checking me out looked puzzled and the other casher said "that's Joanne"!!!!!!!

Library- and the desk person I adore was there today.  I had worried she was gone.  So I gave her two book suggestions and she reserved them.  Then some time spent at Pharmacy at grocery store- waiting for inhaler prescription.  I was hesitating on getting the refill as it is expensive.  But......the past few days, while waiting, I have only used the inhaler I had left- once a day.  And it was enough.

Also at the grocery a woman waiting for prescription for something that started with a A and I think it's for a people with attention deficit disorder or something like that.  Anxiety?  Anyway- she was doesn't have any ID no Driver's License etc.  Made any problems I might have seem pretty lame.

AND when I stopped to get toothpaste- they had "limited time only" pink grapefruit flavored zero alcohol mouthwash.  I got two bottles.  Like Christmas!!!!! so I bought a 4 pack of moist extra chocolate Brownies.  A good Day.  

And rumor has it....the morning paper- that the Boston Celtics won last night.  One more to go.  And then...the only thing to watch is Baseball.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday May 25th.

 Chair Number Two.   My hands- palms are itching.  I seem to get this rash every time I touch anything these days.  Used to be just outdoor stuff.  Now it could be anything.  I washed my hands and sprayed the palms with Benadryl spray.  Damned annoying.

Paid bills.  I had to remind myself each check- of what the day and month and year it is.  Does this happen with age or just because I don't have a JOB????  A JOB kept me in the loop.  Now I am loop-less.

I am also incredibly sad-  18 children dead. Three adults.  Texas. No abortion but okay to shoot with bullets and kill them later...... 

We are driving into Town to go to the Post Office.  I have a box to mail to Georgia.  I wish I could mail myself to Georgia.  Daughter and George are going to get their schedules linked up in the coming weeks and install our window AC units (instead of husband doing it).  It's still nice and cool in the house.  I don't open windows.  And I have the way up high ceiling fan rotating on the slow speed.  It's actually very very nice.

I open the bedroom window at night.  Cool air comes in and in the morning I close it.

My tomato plants have a nice breeze from the porch ceiling fan.  They removing just a tiny bit in the breeze.  I am trying to get the stems to be strong enough to go outside.

We cut the front grass yesterday and husband watered the back garden.  Deep watering.  George did a very light sprinkling.  The grapes got watered twice (filling the buried buckets near their roots) and the blueberries got a heavy drink as well.  I need to pound the Fruit Food Spikes into the ground by the Berries and the Peach and Plum trees.  The Peonies (I auto typed Ponies) are setting buds.  The flowers come and go so fast. It hardly seems fair.  

Husband fell in the garden while watering.  He couldn't remember how or where.  Nothing bleeding. Just a nice bruise.  At least he didn't land on his face- like he usually does.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday May 24th. Sunshine and temps in the low 70's.

 Screen shots of chairs.  There was a Time in my Life when I wanted everything in the house to be looking like this.  A bunch of fabric.  But....I never found a guy.  In the Chicago burbs- I had a guy.  But not here in Maine. And even if I had found one- I wouldn't have found any fabric.

Husband is cutting the front grass.  He's going to try and sneak past me and do the back grass...but it might kill him.  And...as much as he makes my Life Not Worth Living some days...I don't want him dead. Yet.

So.  I made and ate hot dogs yesterday while watching Ancient Aliens.  I did not know that in the 30's or something that they had taken apart and moved one of the great pyramids. So they know exactly how they go together and what's inside in that little chamber and if it actually collects and stores energy.  Yes, I know it's all bunk.........but the images and Ancient Art really is what I enjoy.  I wish we had had a class in this stuff at college.  I would have gotten an A.

 I finished reading a Colgan romcom about Amanda's Wedding.  British.... so lots of drink at the pubs and then sleeping with whomever you dragged home with you.  The girl didn't get the guy until the very last page and only because he was sitting in the kitchen waiting for her to come home (after not showing up for his wedding) and he was pretty sure she was in love with his brother and she wasn't coming home.  It was rather sad. For a Rom Com. 

Today's book:  I'm not sure what.  Daughter got an old Devereau from the Dump.  Nicolas is an ancient knight who gets a chance at Life and Love in modern times- but then has to die again- as the deal is short term..  I remember it being a real tearjerker. As much as I liked this great old knight dealing with traffic and busses and light switches...... he did LOVE the shower....having him die again was really hard to deal with.  I'm not sure today is the day for shedding tears.

Boston Basketball won another game...as unbelievable as that may be.  Watching it is like watching JV basketball.  So...so incredibly awful.  Both teams.  Ugh.  The first game was amazing.... the last three ugh. It's sort of a competition to see who can stink and still win.  I may have to switch to baseball.  NO!!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday, May 23rd- sunshine.

 Tomato Seedling/plants.   The milk bottle holds water for the plants. The stems are still too weak for outside breezes.

Husband worried yesterday about Chicken Dinners so we went to the grocery in afternoon on Sunday (a time and day I avoid). I wore a mask and saw- perhaps- three others- everyone else no masks.  And COVID rates climb each day. People don't care.  I guess.  I hurried to get what was on the list and then OUT!!! today we'll go again.  And perhaps visit the brand new store location.........

We have a new jigsaw puzzle on the table.  Husband finished the border edges.  Succulent Images.

The "pantry" cabinet at daughter's house got a door.  It all worked out. Hours.  Husband was exhausted.  Confused while doing the work with daughter.  She got to see that I see.  Sometimes that is more valid than words.

 I am reading a "bargain book" I picked up at the grocery one day, months ago.  They have paperbacks on the bottom shelf of the magazine racks- mostly mystery and men's adventure novels- occasionally a rom-com..  For the Summer People.  Vacationing. If there had been something like that when I vacationed- well, I would have loved finding a book to read on a boring vacation (in the grocery store).  If I vacationed now- my carryon would be full of books.

I get my haircut on Thursday.  That's about it for the month.  And then it will be June.

And that's it.  Nothing more to tell you.  Hot dogs for lunch. Possibly a big salad.  Unless we go to the grocery this morning to hunt for chicken dinners.  I would also LOVE to find some Noosa yogurt on the bare shelving.  And finally remember to get butter...........no baking potatoes.  Tuna?? No.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, May 22nd. Sunshine.

 I paid attention to what's flowering and noticed the lilac's are in blossom.  I like the dark purple of the buds before they open.  These have been in the house since yesterday and are mostly open flowers.

I don't remember making "pickle jar" floral arrangements with lilacs last summer to drop off at neighbor houses..  Perhaps I started later in the season.  The peonies are getting tall and leafy.  Almost June.

Daughter called this morning regarding work husband is doing at her house.  Putting a new door on an old cabinet.  I picked up the bedroom extension as she was listing the things husband was supposed to bring. I started laughing.  She asked why.  I said- Does he actually own a pressure washer?  Or just imagine that he owns one?  Because this is what I deal with.......she was getting a taste of it.  The answer was no.

So...in order to attach the door (from the G'Town Dump) to the cabinet- he was going to need to bring a drill, several sizes of drill bits, sandpaper, a level, hinges- he was going to go buy some--- I had him list the items and check them off.  He did NOT come in and ask where his car keys were.  I sort of think he has his phone and wallet with him. I didn't pat him down.  Then I finished my oatmeal and reading the Sunday paper.

Lifetime Movie.  A man captures the wife of his next door neighbor and keeps her a prisoner in his house. Dresses her in 1950's pretty dresses.  They "play house".  She pretends to be obedient.  The husband next door- a regular on Hallmark romantic comedies- just sits and wonders where his wife went.  In a very brutal final few moments the "captive wife" feeds the husband something sticky- his fingers- and then has an idea what numbers on the keypad lock to try...to escape.  In the end she gets free and smashes the guy in the head with something heavy.  The final scene- she visits the guy in prison and gives him the book she wrote about the whole horrid experience.  She leaves and he turns the book over and sees the full page photo of her face and he leans over and starts kissing her picture.   So, so Creepy.  And these are just the snippets I saw as I clicked past looking for something to watch.  Seeing Hallmark actors on Lifetime is very very disturbing. I imagine the sets being next to each other up in Canada. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, May 21st- Cloudy with overnight rain.

 I don't know where I got this...it was in the computer picture file.  The maker might be named Wattle.

I had visitors yesterday.  Allie and her sister stopped by to bring me tomato plants Allie had started from seeds this Winter.  I got 6 varieties and can have more if I want two of any of them.  I don't have the list handy but eventually I will show them all to you.... planted in their driveway planters.  They are on a sheet tray on the back porch.  Not ready to be outdoors yet.  The Porch is a midway point. Good light but no wind.  I had sticks on the porch so they each got one in their individual quart yogurt container to help told themselves upright. Allie eats a lot of non fat plain yogurt in a year.  I asked- one a week so 52 containers. And now many of them housing tomato seedlings.

I read my book for a short while yesterday.  I watched Sports TV for awhile (too much boring baseball talk).  There were no Law and Order episodes. And not much else on tv to watch- but plenty of news- especially Justice Thomas's WIFE.  

I asked husband if he would be interested in my making pizza for dinner instead of him eating his usual Pasta and Chicken.  He said yes to pizza.  So...that was new. 

My aim is to have one cleaning project per day- nothing huge.  Just the one thing.  Yesterday I took the box of seed packets out of the hall closet- not a small box (years worth)- and tore the packages open and dumped the seeds into a container I later emptied into the compost bins.  Waste not as they were all expired seeds..  The paper packages (envelopes) went into the recycling container. It took awhile.  Fussy work is always tedious.  And it rained overnight so the seeds are now wet in the compost bins. Some might- very low chance- germinate.  More likely birds and chipmunks will eat them.

Husband noticed the chipmunks were using the Peony cages to jump onto the birdfeeder.  So he moved the Feeder away from any jump off positions.  We watched the chipmunks try and work out how to get seeds. So far- they can't jump far enough or high enough.  But the squirrels might help.  A partnership.

I also moved books.  I have an old wide cabinet with the doors removed.  I am putting my books into that cabinet...so I can see them.  Ones I moved from the dining room book case yesterday- are books I had quite frankly forgotten I owned.  Now I can find them and read them.  Trade paper.  The regular paperback books stayed in the bookcase.  It was "almost" like digging up treasure.

Friday, May 20, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, May 20th- Heavy Clouds, Wet, Dark. Great weather for grass growing.

 Pancakes.  I bought some King Arthur Buttermilk Mix so I could make pancakes.  Maybe later.....as I just finished my oatmeal, coffee and vitamins. Having pancakes now seems excessive.

I spent quite a bit of Time yesterday taking a nap (trying to take a nap).  Then looking for a book I misplaced.....never found it. And then I just gave up and watched Betty White in a very very sappy and sad Valentine/Veteran's Day Movie.  I should have watched Basketball.  The Boston Team won.

I have the house lights on- it's that dark.  I am in the midst of reading a book.  A book I usually really like reading.  I'm just at the beginning.  I might be tempted to clean out the hall closet- my side of the hall. There are many things in there that I no longer am interested in keeping.  Past the "use by" seed packets.

I also have my Art Supplies in that closet.  I could visit with them.  I could get the other Art Supplies and add them to the closet.  There are a number of things I could do..............or I could sit on the couch with my eyes closed.........

I think I might need to put on a sweater.  It's cold in here.

Sweater.  I am going to go get a sweater and put it on.  Then sit on the couch.  Close my eyes. Wait until it's late afternoon and then eat something.  Something warm---but I bought cold food thinking it was Summer.  Sigh......  My friend the Nurse says I should be calling my doctor's offices (it's Friday) and asking for my test results................nope.  That's like calling on Wednesday.  No one is working.

My husband was once in the ER with "tests" for 11 hours and we got the results a month later.  As there were no results.  Everything was normal.  Nothing to see here but a HUGE BILL for the medical carrier. If there are results...usually they call an ambulance.  Husband did that as well...........and had heart surgery.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Daily Notes- Thursday, May 19th- Tested. Cloudy with a good chance of Rain


Well, I am back from my Echo Test.  It was only an hour and I got to listen to my heart gurgle. So that was fascinating.   I won't know what the results are.  

You can see I am having some problems with the edges.  But I have given it enough of my time and I am going to let it just do it's "own" thing.  We'll live authentically today.

It's overcast and cloudy today and the tech checking my heart told me it was going to rain.  

TruGreen actually came yesterday and did three types of treatments.  One was for the grubs.   George thinks its a skunk.  I haven't seen any animals digging in the lawn.  I have one more thing to do- property wise- and that is calling the Septic Service to come pump out the tank.  Always Fun.

We stopped in at the grocery on the way home- to check on the Chicken Dinner Situation.  I managed to get three dinners.  So we have Five.  We are Feeling Secure.  Gets us to Monday.

I still have one baked potato and yesterday I made myself a mixed greens salad with Caesar dressing (because I FINALLY remembered to buy salad dressing).  Was very good.  Today I'll have the potato WITH a salad.  I also got some baked chicken breasts so I shredded them and mixed in honey and mayo and can have that tomorrow with ANOTHER green salad.  I also bought hot dogs and buns.  I have pickle relish to use up.  It's like I am the Energizer Bunny today.

I even took a shower this morning and wore real clothing.  Linen pants, a tee shirt that matched my pale pink linen shirt.  Black flats.  Now I am back into very old, heavily mended green cord pants and a nice linen green shirt.  With snaps not buttons.  And slippers.  Stripe socks. Bit chilly in the house.  And I need to turn on lights.  Dark in here.  I am going to either read or close my eyes and see if I can sleep. Tired.

No milk and no yogurt at the grocery and slim pickings in the egg case.  Shelving was bare again.  I forgot to check for butter.

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday, May 18th- Sunshine and Cool Breezes

 I needed this image in December.  A tiny little house in a tree.

The Sun is shining and the Wind is blowing- gently but with a chill.  Which is fine with me.  My breakfast was good.  Sports news not so good.  And next up is filling my watering cans and watering the seedlings. Looks to me like more weeds than seeds but George is in charge.  Not me.

Husband mowed the front lawn on Monday and the back on Tuesday.  Seemed to work out okay.  And it's still cool outside- not July or August Heat & Humidity.  Also, he is trying to do it all with out me- cause I tend to make curved lines and circles in the lawn.  It looks cool.  But he doesn't like it.  He doesn't color outside the lines.

G and I are taking bets on when and IF the TruGreen guy shows up.   LawnTrudy called yesterday to say he was coming.  But....where????? that is the question.  What lucky Town resident will get my Lawn Treatment????  That is the Question.  And will the Lucky Homeowner bring the hang tag to us- since our name and address is clearly on the work order.

We have a Gopher or some other brown long bodied Rodent prowling the yard.  Only one Turkey this year.  Not the crowd of dozens of females and babies like last year.  No Crows.  Lots of Bees.  A bird family is in the birdhouse nailed to the garden fence.  Lily of the Valley is crowding out everything else along the cement sidewalks.  Plant loves cement.  Devil to dig up the roots.  Invasive.  We sold it at the Greenhouse where I worked. Duh!

Tomorrow is my Heart test.  They called to tell me to arrive a bit early to do paperwork.  They said it would be "fun".  I don't imagine it will be- but is non-invasive so...I'm okay with it.  I'll be LATE publishing tomorrow as I won't get home till noon. But I'll tell you everything. Promise.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday, May 17th- Sunshine. Not as much rain as we expected yesterday.

 Not much going on.  Husband is stubbornly set on mowing the back lawn.  He did the front yesterday. Back is more "hilly" so up and down and some of it steeper than other spots.  If he manages to get it done- he'll take a long nap later.   

I carried the chair from the bedroom to the back deck- he's sitting there now changing his shoes.

I liked it better when he would spend hours coloring.

I don't have a task to do today.  I can help mow the grass.  I can carry water down to the garden. I can sit on the couch and read........... I did a lot yesterday.   My heart exam is tomorrow.

I read a blog......I will go find it for you....the artist had painted cloth to resemble the faded colors of the old farm buildings she sees locally.  She had painted small scraps individually with exquisite shades of mossy green, yellow green and a dark green.  Then layered the cloth to make a small work that could be the size of my hand.  Added stitch.  I will find it for you.  I now know what to make out of scraps of cloth and paint.  Not the image at the top........

I am finishing my cold breakfast coffee and thinking about what to do today..........

Victoria Gertenbach- The Silly BooDilly.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday May16th- Clouds with good chance of a STORM.

 What I strive for in the woods and garden beds.  there is laughter here........

I have been deadheading the daffodils.  Already finished.  No tulips as I would need to set bulbs under the frost line which, here in my yard, is 10 to 12 inches down.  I never could dig that far down.

Husband is going to attempt to cut the front grass with the walk behind mower.  Only the front grass.  And then tomorrow do another section.  This is what we agreed on..... he will forget.... now he tells me he has to go get gas.  It's over $5 a gallon now. I remember when it was 25 cents a gallon.  1968.

Library had slim pickings.  I got one book.

Only one Chicken Dinner at grocery- Chicken in short supply.  One of the old clerks told me it's hard to find any but they have tons of rotisserie chickens in the bins.  I could have gotten a chicken and then-- what to do with the legs and thighs????   Make new friends who eat legs and thighs?

Milk and yogurt shelves were bare but plenty of ice cream..  Eggs could also have been in short supply but I don't buy them.  I didn't check on Butter but possibly I should have bought some if they had any. I bought four big baking potatoes.  I have a tub of sour cream to use up. 

Patty has told me to come pull rhubarb as it is starting to flower.  Meaning it's at the end of it's best use by date.  But husband isn't eating dessert and I am not going to eat a whole pie by myself.  So I am not going to pick any.  

I had changed out the Winter Down Comforter for a Cotton Summer Quilt but we both were cold during the night. So I folded the quilt and got the light summer duvet out of the guest room and have it on the bed. Last night I had to get up and put on socks I was so cold.  I also pulled up the exercise mat that we trip over in the guest bedroom.  Husband hasn't done back exercises in a YEAR.  I also pulled the lawn chair he had in the corner out.... He has some expensive electrified back massage machine on it.  Waste of money.  

He is curling up and over into a semicolon.  Couldn't stand straight if you bet money on it.  I look down onto the top of his head.  I may have settled a bit but I think I still stand up straight.  The doctor doesn't measure height anymore.  They should.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, May 15th--- No Party yesterday- today? Very cloudy with Good chance of Rain

 Applique?  looks like it.  Gives me Freedom to use old denim for the background.  Would be next to impossible to get the needle into unless it was almost worn thin.  I like this very very much.

Denim from very old, well worn shirts.  Not pants.  Got any in your rag bags????  

Overcast and dark outside.  Not raining but I think there was an abundance of overnight dew.  George has been here to plant more seeds.  One of the vegetable beds was invaded by an invasive perennial flower/weed- Lily of the Valley.  Soon the entire yard will be covered in it.  But right now- it is flowering and looking quite delicate and lovely.

Reading One Night on the Island by Josie Silver.  She has written One Day In December and The Two Lives of Lydia Bird--two books I LOVE.  This one- I am having some difficulty getting into it-- and the print in the Trade Paperback is very light.  Difficult for my old almost 76 year old eyes.  My eyes are tired and the air is dry.  Sigh.  This one set on a rocky island out in the ocean off the coast of Ireland.  Two people sharing a small cottage. He (from Boston) recently pushed out of his home (divorce) and missing his wife and two boys. She is turning 30 and has never had a serious relationship in her Entire Life.  They drink a lot of whiskey.

I have an itchy spot next to my left eye.  I need to stop touching it.

Oatmeal was good this morning.  Sunday paper was a great waste of Time. My coffee is okay. I've eaten all the Chicken Salad (yesterday). I can either make soup or vegetable pasta. Which means "cooking". Or not............and eat peanut butter.  Or make a box of Mac and Cheese and add some frozen vegetable. I'm out of peas.  Tomorrow I can buy stuff.  More frozen peas.  I do have yogurt.  I can have that with BranBuds.  Peanut Butter-Mac and Cheese- Yogurt and Bran Buds.  Wow.  All the Food Groups- NOT!!!

I also have a bag of Potato Chips.  And a can of Cosmos in the fridge.

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, May 14th- Sunshine. Windows Closed.

 Been interested in Vegetables for many, many years now- and--seriously wish I could grow some of my own.  But the soil here has run out of "good stuff" and doesn't actually want to grow "good stuff".  But I recall going into the garden years ago and finding my plants full of tomatoes.  Might happen again on the driveway.  Allie is bringing me plants one of these days.

George has planted Scarlett Runner Bean seeds.  I did years ago and nothing happened.  I hope George does a better job.  I think they attract some sort of insect that eats vegetables.  Japanese Beetles.

The "BIG" Birthday Party across the street is today.  The Boston part of the family is already here.  I think the New York part with the Birthday Baby is an hour South at a high school reunion.  20th. 

Just finished the last book in a three book series by Deveraux- this one backed into another series with As You Wish and these three unhappy women get to redo their lives by making a wish and going back in Time.  You know- where the landscape gardener plays Polo in the new Life???

I am now reading about a Bookstore in Scotland.  Lawyer asks sister to "fix" bookstore that is caked in dust and has no actual system for locating books on the cluttered shelving units.  It's also Christmas.  So they go up three or four stories in this old crusty building and find a wonderful old train set to put in the front window to attract customers-- who will buy what????????.  I love that they go get stuff from the Pound Shop.  (we have the dollar store).  A Pound Shop here in America would be something else entirely.

So....time to carry water out for George's Seedlings.  Then come in to rest up from carrying water.  The Resting takes more time than the Carrying.  And I have the Christmas Bookshop to read.  Colgan. George doesn't know this but I add Miracle Grow Blue stuff to the watering cans.  

Friday, May 13, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, May 13th. Sunshine.

 Black Hole.  The new telescope?  I think, in the next year or two we are going to see some amazing things in Outer Space.  this one.....wow!!!  I really LOVE Outer Space.  NOVA.

I wrote the wrong date on two checks I just wrote for bills.  Hopefully, the mail delivery will be so slow they will get there on that date???   I think that's "postdating"?  People did that when they wrote checks with no money in the bank. Hoping the bank would hold them until that date....I don't think anyone reads checks anymore.  Just shove them in a machine.

My upper right chest hurts.  Don't know why.  My car battery is really dead.  Husband had to drive me. I kinda wanted to go alone.  I needed to buy a new bottle (bear) of honey for my neighbor as I used up most of hers. (that I borrowed).  I am going to sit on the couch now and just breath in and out.

Husband is out filling the bird feeders.  I already watered the seedlings and my very slow growing rhubarb plants.  I will need to buy rhubarb in order to make a pie. Do I have the energy to actually bake a pie???

So that's all from here.  The bees are still buzzing in the Rhodie out front near last summer's Grass Growing Project (the grass looks feeble C minus or D plus.).  I cut a few branches of Rhodie and tucked them in with the Peach tree branches.  Perhaps a BEE or two will visit and pollinate??? I did the same with the Plum tree behind the garage. One can always HOPE.........that's what Gardening is all about.

That's all.  Now the COUCH.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Daily Notes- Thursday, May 12th--- A very Sunny, Warm Day

 I love vegetables.   Isn't this a most excellent piece of Art?

We got up early for my Dental Appointment at 8:50.  Teeth Cleaning.  Next visit will be X-rays, repair of a chipped tooth and teeth cleaning.   It was an excellent experience but tired me out.

Next week, on Thursday a 90 minute Eco-cardiogram (I might not have the name right).  They didn't want to wait.  I think they might have been right not to wait.

Then the Library to return books and select ONE.  Jamie Oliver's Ultimate Veg.  My Maine PBS station rarely has Oliver's cooking shows in their lineup.  But last Summer they had 4 episodes and it was a delight to see Jamie again.  No longer boyish.  Large family.  Weird but interesting old kitchen.  And I liked the vegetable dishes he made.  So...I can see if any in the book interest me.

I bought baked chicken breasts - healthy- and then finely shredded the meat and added mayo and honey.  Now not so healthy.  But I think the baked chicken was a bit salty- which is another reason not to buy things from the Deli.  But I didn't add any. Salt.  A McDonald's wife from South Carolina made this one week we all met up and enjoyed a Rutland Vermont Summer on a Lake with another McDonald's couple and his daughter and one grandchild and another on the way.  Really old house was full.  I have made and eaten baked chicken like this ever since.   

I was in charge of the Lamb Chops.  I used to make them often for my husband on the grill and I would marinate the chops over night in lemon juice, garlic and really good olive oil.  Packing the chops together in a container. Then I had a way of grilling them- standing the chops up on the bone after getting some grill marks on both sides.  The Vermont Lamb Lovers were sucking the bones.  I did good..

I carried water to the garden for the seeds that have started to sprout.  Very warm today so I will stay in the house.  Read or fall asleep.  Or both.  Supposed to rain Saturday.  Hope it rains on Friday or Sunday- as a two year old is having a birthday party across the street on Saturday.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday, May 11th. No where to go today. Just water the seedlings.

 The sun is shining.  Life goes on.  Tomorrow the Dentist for me.  Not my favorite thing.

I started TODAY with a nice Hot Shower.   My hair even got conditioner.  And I remembered to comb it. I usually towel dry and forget to comb it.  Then during the day I walk past something reflective and notice my hair is all over the place.  Today it's combed. I wonder how often I have gone to the grocery with my hair uncombed?????

I'm not sure what the weather is.  It's still not "open the windows" but I guess I could open a few windows.

My chore list today is just watering the seedlings in the back garden.  I cut chives a few days ago for my baked potatoes.  I ate the last one yesterday.  I had a yogurt and Bran Buds for lunch and the last potato for dinner with sour cream and chives.  A few cups of sweet tea. I am reading an old Deveraux.  About an old house in Virginia and some bad guys.  It's not her best work.  Too many extra bits getting the story line confused. I have three more in the pipeline.  Next up is Thayer.  Another Nantucket author but Thayer has a thing for Crock Pots. Law and Order was tedious.  So I turned the tv off.

My ears are ringing. Very annoying. Perhaps that's why I turn on the tv.  To cover the ear ringing.???

Well, I stopped here to write to you....and need to go make my oatmeal before my blood sugar tanks and I do a face plant into the wood floors.  I will have to make food to eat the next few days.  Soup or Pasta. I have lettuce but forgot to buy salad dressing.  I know I can make my own..........will I???? Good Question.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday, May 10th---Back from Doctor visit- Lantana. Yes!!

 Nasturtiums.  Thank you for remembering the Lantana...

Back from Pulmonary appointment.  Not the Doctor.  Got the New PA.  She had trouble finding my blood pressure.  We eventually got it the old fashioned way.  After trying the machine twice.

The PA asked questions.......interesting ones I had never been quizzed on before.  And then scheduled an exam of my HEART.   Perhaps.......it was always my heart?  I don't know.  Anyway.  Her eyes got very intense when she was asking about rescue inhaler use and I gave a quite normal account of something that happens often... Chopping carrots or cooking and having to go sit on the couch as I am light headed and dizzy.  Yesterday it was while getting potatoes ready to bake in the oven. After awhile, I can get up and finish what I was doing- or if it's complicated- I take a second rest period.  That isn't asthma.  But those were always my symptoms.  It will take awhile to schedule.

I asked if we could stop to buy hard candy and books in the Town across the Bridge.  No candy.  but I bought five trade paper books.  Because.....I have money and why not spend it????

Husband used his iPad while I was at my appointment (he wanted to stay in the car so he intended to use it).  By the time I got back to the car- he was very confused.......trying to get home by driving in a circle.  I finally asked him to please go back to the hospital and drive home the regular way.  There was little traffic.  He had gotten it into his head that there would be traffic because when we arrived there had been an accident- on a one way street we would NOT use going home.  It happened that fast.  I would like to smash the iPad but I might have to use it in the weeks ahead.  That's why I wanted candy and books.

The battery in my car is charging.  It goes dead because I rarely drive anymore.  I have husband drive as that way I know where he is and what he is doing.  Even if it's stressful to have him drive in a circle sometimes.

Monday, May 09, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday May 9th. Sunshine.

 My favorite Annuals.

Up earlier than husband and hoped to get to Grocery and Library very quickly on my own.  My car battery is dead again.  I hardly ever drive the car as I try and have husband drive me to and from my appointments (so he gets the Need To Drive out of his system).  I have to set up a reminder to back the car out and let it run on the driveway until the battery is charged fully AFTER we get it started.

I managed to get 5 Chicken Parm Meals.  He had two in the fridge.  All is Right With The World--for the next 7 days.  I also bought him bottles of lemonade.

I have an idea for cloth.  Trying to transition to Spring Work Outdoors and then remain inside the house during Air Conditioner Months and NOT read a Book A Day.  When I can't breathe outdoors. Which is ALL of Summer.  I looked for something I might want to add to the landscaping at the Grocery Outdoor Plant risers.  Everything was Pink and White.  As you can see I like Magenta Pink and Golden Orange.

I cannot remember the name of this Plant.

I don't have the Grass Growing Project this year.  That took up a lot of SPACE in each Day.. and after- I had to REST for a few hours and just stare calmly at the living room ceiling until I could breathe easily. Which is why I started watching the Boston Sports Talk Show.

I have to do a Load of Laundry today.  Daughter dropped off two pair of work pants needing repairs. I will use the NEW VERY MIGHTY needles Connie sent me.  The Pants are Heavy Duty.  Daughter also carried her over wintered plants down from the upstairs bathroom and took them home to her house.

Tomorrow Morning we drive to the Big Hospital west of us and I get My Lungs Checked.  It's a long drive.  And I think I will be given the Breathing Stress Test.  I'm not sure I will get to see the doctor.  I rarely do. But if I fail......I probably will...I hope there is medicine to help.    Fingers Crossed.

Sunday, May 08, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday May 8th. Happy Mother's Day.....Sunshine here in Maine.

 Image of an old Beehive (Birdhouse).  The Bees here in Maine are busy.  Rhododendron are in massive bloom. The magenta one out in the front is alive with bees.  And then they tumble off the plant to rest  in the grass after overfilling themselves with nectar.  I wondered (to husband) if someone in the next neighborhood had hive.

I had considered having one- but actually- I'm not a fan of Honey.

I had some dreaming thoughts for the Herb Beds out back- now that they are cleaned up- ready for planting.  One will have Blue Pansies.  One will have the French lavender- which has stayed alive on the back indoor porch all Winter and is starting to flower.  It's looking rangy and wild and unhappy in it's clay pot.  I will be buying more herbs.  And some additional flowering things.

Today is Mother's Day.  It's a Day when I wish I had had more than two children.  Like a house full of them.  The odds that I could have become a GrandMother would have been more in my favor.  I didn't even get to be a Mother in Law.  Maybe Next Life if there is such a thing.

Daughter snagged a new (old, used) frying pan at the Dump.  Cleaned up it looks pretty decent and she says it's very heavy.  That is ALWAYS a good thing with a frying pan.  I could have given her one of mine but- she likes finding her own stuff.

I bought myself some Brown Rice Vegetable Sushi for dinner and for dessert a Tiramisu Square.  I also bought sliced bread in case I want TOAST.  My Breakfast Oatmeal was perfect.  I might have a second cup of coffee. 

Happy Day to all who have done the hard work of taking care of, loving, and raising a child.  Or a grandchild.  Or an orphan.  Or a kid at work who needed you.  Or an adult who needed a mother or a brother or sister......

Saturday, May 07, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, May 7th- No sun, as yet.

 This is the type of work I did in College Art Classes. Print Making Class.  But, more beginner and not as great as this is.  But it's what I was trying to do.  I was just too uneducated or knowledgeable about things.  I didn't have a logbook of experience in my head to work from.  I love the strong trees and the more ambiguous birds in the sky.  I didn't even know the word "ambiguous" back then.

I could just draw something like this.  Skip the plate, the etching and the inking.  I don't have a press. But I sure would love access to one.

I need the third book in the Deveraux Brides Series.  Ever After. I am going to the library.

Daughter snagged two outdoor 1960's-70's chairs for her side deck.   They look like sophisticated wire half egg shapes.  The Dump, again.  She texted me photos and then called to tell me how comfortable they are. Especially after a full day of weeding and raking.  She's working today as well, on an extra client's property.

Daughter knows where there are shelves of used copies of Deveraux.  So...eventually I will have these books in my book case.

I am existing on bowls of Bran Flakes and Milk and Noosa Yogurt and Bran Buds ( breakfast is still oatmeal).  Salad still seems too COLD.  I have enough vegetables to make soup.  Or Stanley Tucci's Sofrito Pasta.  One or the other.  Both will have pasta.  I guess both G and I are eating a severely Limited Diet.

Changed the bandage on his finger.  I will refrain from publishing pictures.

Friday, May 06, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday May 6th Sunshine.

 This is as close to Heaven On Earth as it gets for me.  A borrowed image. A fantasy.

I spent more Time than usual in the fenced garden with George.  He weeded and cleaned beds of leaves etc.  We talked- well, mostly I talked.  We filled two big containers with soil from the soil heap to grow zucchini and yellow squash.  The soil will heat up faster in the pots than in the ground. I helped.  I also carried water to the garden and watered the seedlings.  I also filled the dog's water bowl. George's Dog. Nice to have a Dog Visit.

George and I made Garden Plans.  It felt...almost normal.

Next week I visit the Pulmonary Doctor- Lungs and then, two days after- I get to visit the Dentist-Teeth.

I rearranged the border pieces of the puzzle husband is doing.  He had made some mistakes- the border wasn't a rectangle.  Now it is.  It's an old puzzle from when we lived in Germany.  My two children worked on puzzles on the pool table.  Stretched out on top of the felt. The first two years when they hated everything about being in Europe. Possibly the first three years. 

I should go find another puzzle-  The steps in the library are too steep for me.  I could take the elevator. Puzzles are on the second floor.  Non-Fiction.

Thursday, May 05, 2022

Daily Notes- Thursday, May 5th- Absolutely Nothing Scheduled....plus the rain stopped and the Sun is back.

Today's Front Page of the newspaper:  Maine has Nation's highest COVID 19 Daily Infection rate.  710 new cases per day.  Who needs vaccinations ?  Who needs to wear a mask?  I get tired of the Oppositional Aggression of my fellow Mainers.  So I stay away. Because some are very aggressive.  Some are up into your face.  Not going out is best.  For me. Let them make each other sick.

No images of cloth work.  I got stalled out by the "usual" suspect........not finding the right cloth.  Right side up or wrong side up.  Just nothing was right.  So I stopped.

I turned the Magic Attic Closet into a Crime Scene.  Looking.  Bringing stuff down to the Little Office Closet. And then not having any useable shelf space.  Now it's on the floor.  The only other empty space in the office is in direct sunlight.  Fading.  Can't do that.

Speed Racer just showed up to do the Spring Lawn/Yard Clean up across the street.  He runs all the equipment at maximum speed.  Racing around- it's something to watch.  He offered to do our cleanup as well.  But......He makes us dizzy.  He'll be over there for 20 minutes and do the front and back and side yard.  

Reading Jude Deveraux.  I'd forgotten I liked her books.

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Daily Notes- Still May 4th

 Back from Urgent Care and husband's "Blister" which he got a few days ago by smashing his finger with a hammer- has been examined by a lovely ER Doctor and opened and drained and bandaged.  It was a wonderful experience.  And now we are  back home and I am having a cup of very sweet tea.  Yep..

Daily Notes- May 4th. Raining with a Good Chance of visiting Urgent Care.

 Once Upon a Time I wished for a greenhouse.  Somewhere on this four acre piece of land. It never happened.  And I doubt it would be used by anyone other than rodents.  Possibly to start seeds.  And then the wood would rot. Maine is excellent for rotting wood.  Damp. So Damp.

We are going to the Urgent Care across the bridge.  The blister on husband's finger is looking grey.  Not good and It's Wednesday- and all the doctors have the day off.  Well, husband's doctor.  It's not Hot or Red or any other bad symptom.  But the nurse thinks "grey" isn't a good thing.  We'll see. I take my First Aid Seriously.  I have been changing the bandaid every day.

Sunshine yesterday and husband cleaned out the Herb Bed Squares for me.  Chives are up and tall and some Tarragon- two in the square and one escaped to another square and will need to be relocated.  I've tried Dill and Cilantro and Parsley.  They hardly ever germinate- well, they do in the milk jugs but I procrastinated and didn't start any seeds.  I like having Dill for Pickles and Parsley for- well, I don't know what but have no use for Cilantro.  Not much use for Tarragon.  I just like having a Herb Garden. It's some thing a Master Gardener should have.  The IDEA of a Herb Garden.  I might just plant flowers.

Buy Herbs as needed.  Whatever I plant will make the bees happy.  Pollinate the Grapes and Blueberries. that's why I have a Herb Garden.  Bees.  Not very many Bees these days.

The Crab Apple trees have tiny leaves.  The Forsythia is all yellow.  The Rhodie is nice and pink/purple.  Hundreds of Daffodils in white, pale yellow and dark deep gold with orange centers.  It's very Clown Pants out there- no design at all.  I like it.

Read Josh and Hazel's Guide To Not Dating (each other) yesterday.  Christina Lauren.  I love their books. Two friends- Lauren and Christina.  They write together.  Josh and Hazel set up blind dates for each other and then double date. It's sweet and messy and funny and the ending is just perfect.  I have more Jude Devereau to read on the pile.  I'll take one to urgent care with me.

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday, May 3rd-- Chilly, Overcast with Chance of rain.

 Well.......thank you for the comments......so much.  I had to dig in hard to get here today.  The computer was on and everything but the blog would NOT load....... 

I scrubbed and filled the two birdbaths.  The birds tend to poop while they sip water. I guess they don't follow the "don't shit where you eat" rule.  A few have taken great splashing baths.  And the one out front- I think any passing deer drink all the water. I have the smell of birdbaths in my nose.  Smell memory is another thing I have.

Yesterday...I washed two loads and changed the bedsheets.  One load was all husband's garden work pants.  Typing is difficult and the computer is finishing off words before I finish typing.  So, if I miss a few of the weird words....sorry.  The new spray and wash is actually living up to the words on the front of the bottle!!

I used to be excellent at the inner workings and habits of all the different computers we have owned and used. All Apples from that first Mac- the little rectangular box- Macintosh......I used it.  It's still up in the Attic.  Not the first year ones which grab $$$ when sold.  But the second one Jobs put out.  I had an Apple laptop before this desktop.  I hated it.  I like this desktop because it was what I was used to at work.  Where I typed for the Advertising part of a daily newspaper.  I hate Microsoft. 

I didn't do well in high school typing class.  I didn't type my own college papers.  But now I type everything and hardly look down at the keyboard- unless I think about it.....then I have to look.  I use all the right fingers on all the right keys.  It's such a strange thing.  How did it happen? I know typing is a "body memory" thing.  But it's always interested me how I came to be typing all the time. In every job.

And those who proofread my work- rarely found any errors (which I found to be weird- so I proofread my work a second time to be sure).  I actually "know" when I've typed something wrong.  When the computer itself changes things- I don't know.

Netgear just shut itself off and then back on.  I am going to hit publish...........

Monday, May 02, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday May 2nd.-- Sunshine and a very slow internet

 Connections. Even between plants.  I love that these tow are holding on to each other.

My computer is failing.  It took quite a bit of time and patience to get here this morning.  I had been looking for a book on the library website and then things just stopped.  Like being stuck in mud.  I knew from experience- to just sit and wait- but that is difficult when one is in panic mode.

So...here we are.  Nearly at the end.  Until I find help to get something new.  That isn't hard- but getting it going is. I have all my passwords and all your addresses.  But still......

I feel like the image up top is more meaningful as I contemplate the Future.  More tearful. I would miss you all so much even though I don't know most of you.  At all.  Readership is down- was 300 in March /April and now is 10 or so people visiting.  I have gotten dull and boring.

It's Monday and I have grocery shopping and library.  I have to go.  I hope I can come back later.  All my Love to all of you!!!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2022

Daily Notes- sunday May 1st- Sunshine and Chilly- Need a Sweater.

Not mine.  But I love the root vegetable-ness of this image.  It makes me want to buy a beet or turnip with leaves  and paint. That might be what happens.  Looking at the root vegetable bins at the grocery in a new way. No cloth yesterday.  I started to wonder what I would do with the cloth (eventually)........I came up with "nothing" and sort of ran out of gas.......and interest.  But I could finish the borders.  I guess.

I carried the two French Watering Cans down to the fenced garden to water the seedlings already.  Only one type- the beets have emerged.  The carrots- not at all.  When I taught classes- I suggested "strongly" to the students that they pre-start carrot seeds.  On damp paper towels in plastic bags on top of the refrigerator. When they saw the first sign of emerging root hairs- then plant the seeds in the garden soil.  Even on top of the fridge, in the house, in plastic with damp paper- it took quite awhile.  Out there in the Garden- alone?  Might never happen. George came to check and seemed disappointed and left.

I am not ready to run hose down to the garden. Hardly anything has broken into leaf or bud.

We have a Solo Male Turkey visiting.  He meanders across the back lawn. And sometime around the house, across the lawn and then into the street and over to the wooded lot there. Last year, there were dozens of small turkey babies (chicks?) and their mothers.  Carpeting the lawn each day. Perhaps they aren't old enough yet???  Or some predator in the woods ate them. That song "Don't go into the woods alone" from my childhood...........

Another okay book yesterday- The Worst Best Man.  And the Chinese Food.  Today it's back to same old-same old.  Episode of Vera to watch.  There is a backlog of PBS in the TiVo recording file plus a few recorded movies.  I don't have the attention span for tv.  I drift...don't pay attention.  I have two strange choices in books on the table--not my usual.  I had best just get it over with and try them out.  Tomorrow is Library Day.   No reserve to pick up.  I will most likely fall back and choose books I read over and over.

They have made a movie of When The Crawdad's Sing.  I love the book.  I don't think I will love the movie.