Monday, May 31, 2021

Daily Notes- The last Day of May 2021

 Baby Peaches.  This tree is loaded with them- the other peach tree- Redhaven- makes larger peaches which are divine to eat...but fewer of them- I think nine this year if none drop.  I gave a one of them away last year and my neighbor across the street shared it with guests.  They had no idea we could grow peaches in Maine.  Well...I was surprised as well.

My neighbors know I share the bounty and they ask...any peaches?  One family asked for a baked cobbler instead of the bag of peaches.  Well, perhaps when I was much younger..... but baking in August isn't something I do at almost 75 (with just a window AC unit).  I do bake for husband.

In another 30 minutes or so...someone will be delivering a vegan lunch.  It's quite a lot of food so I am thinking it will feed me for three days at least.  I will eat the Corn Chowder today.  The vegan delivery belongs to my neighbor who is away this week.  It was ordered in advance.'s coming to my house.

That book I was complaining about- mostly the title?  The People One Meets on Vacation. Well, it was actually a good book.  Not as good as Beach Read but still a good book.   And then I moved on to Chai Factor which was written prior to Accidentally Engaged.  There is nothing that makes the Reader laugh out loud in Chai I am still content to be reading it.  What I am most pleased about is that I read them in the order I did read them.  The better book first.

Water For Flowers is next.  ml.

It continues to be Dark, Wet, Cold and Raining here in Maine.  We went for ice cream (DQ) yesterday and ate it in the car with the heat on.  As did everyone else in the parking lot.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Daily Notes- May 30th and it's really COLD

 Cold.  I am wearing my full winter outfit---I added the wool sweater and socks yesterday.  It's 48 outside. And no Sunshine.   The photo is of my paper scrap drawer next to my right elbow.  It's where I forage for art for the desk top  calendar.  On this particular month the 30th and the 31st are in inch tall blocks.  A tight squeeze.

I am reminded of a freezing cold Fourth of July here in Maine- 1992 or 93.  We had the wood stove going. Seriously reconsidering moving to Maine.

Yesterday's book was quite different.  Two women.  In the Rom/Com romance.  I have shied away from the same sex romances. I liked the characters.  The story arc.  And it's not like I don't skip long tedious passages in the heterosexual rom/com it was okay.  I liked the characters.  It could have used some strong plot comments from Beta Readers.  Written In The Stars.  They waited a bit too long to mention the vaguely employed one (reading Tarot cards) had been an Astrophysics doctoral candidate.  And then it was just tossed in....I don't understand why whomever edited the book didn't have that as ...well.. something more?

Now I am reading what is purported to be the "second" book by the gal whose "first" book I really enjoyed (just recently)... Beach Read.  This one is titled People We Meet On Vacation.

They don't meet any people on vacation...  so are the people they meet- each other?  They have known each other since possibly elementary school--or at least gone to the same schools.  It is possible to not know most of the people you went to school with--I am a prime example.  500 in my class at high school. No...don't know the names of more than 12.  My brother was even there at the same time as me.  Never saw him either.  

Now this could say so much more about my personality than anything else ever could. Wow.  Like the note up top.  Don't be defined by your wounds.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Daily Notes- Saturday- Cold Rain- So Cold.

 Well, yesterday, in Spring clothing cutting the grass.  This morning out to library dressed in same clothes and everyone else smart enough to have reverted to cold weather clothing.  I looked ridiculous.

It's WET.  It's COLD.  I have wool socks on now that I am home and ditched the pink linen capris for green corduroy. I may need to pull my sweater on as the day goes by..

I forgot my book list (actually just authors) and was lucky to find four books and pick up two reserves. I'll make it until Tuesday.  Just.  I also dashed into the grocery and snagged three Chicken Parm prepared dinners for husband.  He'll be happy.  Who cares if I am?????

And last night I watched all kinds of amazingly interesting things on the History channel- which should be called the Ancient Aliens Channel.  We learned about ancient (bible) history stories as the scientists tried to figure out what actually might have occurred.  Like the woman who turned to salt?  There was fire from the sky, salt and exploding burning rocks.  Then we learned about the four sided pyramid buildings all over the world being built on the something or other lines..  exactly on them.  How could they know being ancient and not have discovered math yet..  or having a concept that Earth was round. 

And then the mind blowing one.  That the Moon isn't actually ..real.  It's hollow inside and aliens live inside.  They are hoping the next few space landings will help figure this out.  Cause there is no way the Moon could be as evenly round and be placed in the "one perfect spot " to protect Earth from burning to a  crisp like all the other nearby planets have........I just love that channel.  I have always known (wink) we are a junior high science project in some other galaxy ...far away..............  

 Tucker Carlson (also in another galaxy)- in his seaside studio on the Maine coast interviewed a Mainer who was banned from his daughter's high school graduation because the guy was against teaching that black people actually are the same as white people- in intelligence..  Well, this father makes a good point for some white people being dumb as rocks.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Daily Notes- Friday May 28- Way LATE!!!!

 Way Late and so sorry....  but the day got going and I just now...thought...did I post?

I got my waffle iron back from my daughter and found my yeasted waffle batter recipe.  It (the batter) needs 24 hours to get poofy before I can make waffles like they do at Waffle House. Oh, I do wish I lived near- or in the same State-- with a Waffle House.  I'd be 100 pounds heavier than I am already.

I helped mow the lawn.  I did the back after husband got pretty winded doing the front lawn.  It's looks like green velvet thanks to TruGreen chemicals and some rain and cooler temps here in Maine.  62.

And then..cause I am nice- I made my husband pan fried Chinese dumplings and and my special homemade dipping sauce which is "the bomb" if I do say so myself.  

And I finished the book I started yesterday- way out of my range of subject matter-  Loathe At First Sight. About gamers making video games.  It was also a Rom Com so...there was that element that sounds like me. But all the gamers lingo- whoosh...right over my head.  Never have played a video game.  EVER.

Husband had the dumplings and I am going to have the "Big Salad" (Seinfeld) with some  salad mix from the refrigerator of my neighbor who is in New York City and I am taking care of her house, mail and packages.  And, I guess, her salad ingredients- so they get eaten before going past go....... And that's all I have for you.... I was going to do Washing Machine Pages- but it's almost 6 pm and I am tired...dirty clothes can wait for another day.  Or Scarlett- "I'll think about it tomorrow".  

Damn- it's Friday.  I thought today was Saturday.  Like Ground Hog Day.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Daily Notes- May 27th. Big Storm blew thru last evening. Not enough rain- but some.

 From a company that sells dye materials.  I am interested in Madder but will most likely not buy any. I kept the image from the email so I could see what colors plants make- like the pomegranate and the marigolds.  And the plus one.  Iron. I will be having marigold flowers in abundance again this summer and will collect them to make a quick dye bath for a few pieces of cloth.  If I was still working at the greenhouse I would have a full back each day of spent flowers.

It would be better if they just sold 3 inch squares like this to people like me.  A nice stack of each of the dozen samples.  I wouldn't need much else for awhile.

The "Big Storm" rumbled thru just as it was getting dark last evening.  Not near enough rain.  I left my annuals out overnight.  On the front porch.  They got some rain but mostly they got humidity.

I am taking care of my cross the street neighbor's mail and package deliveries.  She buys most things via Amazon.  So, I have to pay attention and walk over during the day to see if anything is on the porch. I can't see it from my house.  I nearly missed the frozen seafood delivery.  But the contents were still frozen and are now in her freezer.  I was back and forth several times yesterday so getting a good bit of needed exercise.

Reading: This Time Next Year. Sophie Cousins.  Takes place in London.  Two people.  A girl and a guy. Born on New Years Eve.  A minute or two apart.  Their mothers shared the same room during labor. One posh and one working class.  The working class mother shared that she was going to name her child Quinn because the name imparted a glowing, golden future for her child.  But...the posh woman gave birth first and closest to midnight and her baby won the money prize being given.  And she named her child Quinn. Taking the name meant for the working woman's daughter.  Quinn has a seemingly golden life.  Minnie the girl has hard luck in abundance.  They meet on New Year's Eve- their birthday- at a posh party where true to her "luck" Minnie gets vomited on and then locked in a handicap bathroom where she has gone to clean herself up.... it's sad and funny.  But mostly sad. And it turns out they have been in the same places- over and over again... for their whole lives. Never meeting.  Until now.  We time travel thru those other New Year's Eves.  I'm not sure how we will get to a happy ending.  It's brutally sad but-- dressed up- the book cover and blurbs--- to look like a romcom.  It's not.  Two sad ones in a row.  

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Daily Notes- May 26th- sunshine but still pleasant outside

 My pie.  We each had a generous wedge of pie last night.  Instead of supper.  That's a crumble topping which might have benefited from additional butter.

I noticed several typos in yesterday's post.  The autocorrect deciding to add it's own words.

I am reading Evvie Drake Starts Over.  Written by a Midcoast Maine author (Linda Holmes) and the story is set in Maine. The Oldest and Whitest State in America.  The author's words not mine.  I sort of gasped when I read that my Town is considered a Tourist Destination Town.  But we do have a horrid August every year with cars from everywhere and not being able to eat in any restaurants because they are booked up solid.  Miserable. I start to have a New York accent if I stay in Town too long.

It's a good story so far.  And the feel of the book and it's words is very Maine.  The Maine I know.  It's taking me time to read and I have a strong feeling when I get to the last page I will start over.  Two troubled broken people sharing a home.  One renting the little apartment behind the larger house. A major league pitcher who can no longer pitch and a woman whose husband tormented her for years and years. Not physical abuse but emotional abuse.  I don't know how it will end.  I am halfway thru and ...well, it's not an easy book or subject. But there are still lovely sweet moments.

If it isn't too hot today- I'll fill a few bare spots in the lawn with grass seed and straw.  My annual flowers are still going in and out every day.  But I could fill one pot- possibly two.  But today is supposed to be hot- so I think it's best to wait. As long as I keep the windows and doors closed- it stays rather nice and cool in the house.  I have the big ceiling fans going.  My daughter and I are discussing the install of window units.  Without accidents.  We'll see.

But for now-  I will make my daily bowl of oatmeal, my cup of coffee and perhaps a toasted raisin bagel. We hardly ever have lunch anymore.  Husband drifts..........and then it's 8 pm.  I ask and suggest but it never amounts to anything.  So I return to the book I am reading.  Life is quiet and quite solitary. 10 am.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Daily Notes- May 25th- I forgot to post............

 Blueberry Cobbler.  I hope and pray that I get to pick blueberries this year.  And the rodents don't eat them all.  

Today...a Rhubarb Custard Pie with Crumble Topping.  It's out of the oven.  I baked it in a heavy deep dish pie plate.  Let it say in ten minutes more until the juices started to bubble.  Almost 90 minutes of baking.  I bought pie crusts- two in a package rolled up.  I layered them one on the other, sticky sides together.  That deep dish needs a larger crust. It rolled out nicely and I had a generous fold down to crimp the edges.

A beauty of a pie.  I will have a photo for you tomorrow.

I prepped and sliced my friend Patty's gorgeous rhubarb the day I brought it home. Sliced it thin.  And in a bag in the fridge.  I filled the four cup bowl. And luckily realized I had measured 1.5 cups of sugar with the 1/3rd cup.  And added more.  I like tart- but not that tart.  The half cup measure is tucked inside the oatmeal box. I have to make some changes if my baking is to be good enough to eat.

Grocery store today as yesterday I was visiting my lung doctor.  And the newspaper suggests no masks. But I was wearing mine.  And so were all the others in the store.  My grocery store.  Which has always been super protective of it's customers.  We all stayed in our masks. Today. We stayed 6 felt apart in the rows. Waiting to pass.  I was just so happy and proud of us all. And even though they only had the small boxes of tea bags- it was okay- just bought two.

I also needed sugar.  I was surprised the 10 pound bag I bought last March was empty.  I did do some canning and that takes up quite a bit.  This time I got a five pound bag.  Gary likes store jars of pickles (now). So, that is good enough reason for me to not do so much canning.  But I will be doing my regular seasonal baking.......those blueberries better be left alone.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Daily Notes- Monday May 24th-- Doctor's Appointment.

 After you fill out paperwork at the doctors office- you put the pen in the Dirty Cup.

My "vitals" were all in the excellent range.  I'm supposed to stop taking Benadryl.  Not good with the inhalers I use. (Benadryl is in the Tylenol PM- its the PM part)  I have alternatives.  Also a Food app which might help me with my desire to lose some weight.  I really got depressed and hangry last time I dieted: losing friends and my job along with 60 pounds.  It all felt very NEGATIVE.  Lots and lots of No and very little Yes made Joanne a very angry person.

And the okay to try and do my daily walk- minus the mask.  Just have it handy in case I walk close to other people.  And have the rescue inhaler handy in case I have trouble breathing.  And breathe thru my nose while wearing the mask.

If any Readers out there have ideas or hints on how to stay upbeat and positive with dieting- please, please share.  I'm thinking with the good numbers of blood pressure etc- weight loss might just get me to better lung health. Easier breathing for sure.

I had to wear a paper mask- I could not find my "always" mask.  I looked everywhere three times.  And when we got home I looked again. was off to the side on the floor by the passenger door.  So happy to find it.  Me and that mask- gone thru a lot together.

I'm reading To Love and to Loathe.  Martha Waters.  Accidentally Engaged. Farah Heron was very amusing.  I almost wished Hallmark would buy it for a movie but ......I have a feeling that a Hallmark version wouldn't be quite as steamy.  It had me laughing out loud.  And smiling quite a bit. And it was so on point as I had been doing research of a sourdough starter....and what do you know- there's one in the story plot.  Feeding Al.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunday May 23rd. Supposedly reaching into the 80's today in Maine. Humid

 I love the golden green of this plant.  It grows wide and not tall.  And seems to be sheltering the tiny little bluets.  This is in the front of the house garden. An impossible area.  The soil is very dense. Heavy. And this side of the house is North and therefore freezes first and therefore thaws last.  So...a tough area. Daffodils are just blooming here while in back the peonies are ready to flower.

When I began gardening here in 1992- I wanted the plants I had left behind in Chicago.  Thinking Chicago was cold in winter so- would be like that here in Maine.  What a misconception.

Chicago has great soil.  Maine was scraped clean by moving glaciers back in the early early days on Earth. All Maine's good topsoil is in New Jersey.  And my 4 acres here in Maine is populated, heavily, by white pines.  The tall trees used to make masts for the New England whaling ships. Trees that acidify the soil and make it sterile.

So....not like Chicago where summer is regularly 100% humidity and 104 degrees.  My tomatoes- fantastic. Reminding me of Georgia. Also very very hot and oh, so humid. I wouldn't be able to breathe in either place these days. 

My Summer petunias etc. are still coming inside overnight and then out on the porch for the day.  Last night was the first possible night they could have stayed outside.  But I carried them inside anyway.  I have miscalculated before. Someday this week I will plant up my three outside containers.  

Tomorrow we are driving north and west. I have an in person doctor's appointment.  For my lungs. My annual visit.  Last year we did it by phone.  And we could have done it by phone again this year but at the very last moment- I chose in office.  I don't know why.  I will regret it all the way there........

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Daily Notes- May 22nd. Saturday. Cloudy with a chance of Iris Blooming in the back garden.

 Busy Saturday Morning.  Out early to see if I could snag a book from the Express section.  No. Then grocery to pick up husband's prescriptions.  And raisin bagels for myself-  I was toasting one and- well, we have a real smoky odor in the house that I can't quite get rid of. Over toasted bagel.

The Beauty up top is Wo Peng's first blossom of 2021.  Chinese Tree Peony.  Wo Peng is growing very very slowly.  His ID tag said that by now he should be 20 feet tall and wide.  He isn't.  He's not even TWO feet tall or wide.  But he's still alive and making his five flowers each year. You go, Wo Peng!!!!

I was looking out the back window and- two iris are there- tall with flowers.  Appearing after about 15 years absence.  It's like an out of mind experience looking at the garden these days.  Take down ten trees and look what happens- flowers reappear.

I have no idea how I will be spending my day.  What I will do.  Yesterday I sliced up the rhubarb so I could quite possibly make a pie.  I could.  And we would really love having pie.  But- with the clouds moving in and the house being dark-  I am thinking a nice nap sounds so much more likely.  And later a nice salad.  Or just my yogurt with Bran Buds.  (the grocery has been completely out of Bran Buds since the day I snagged my one box- I am wondering why???)

My head is empty.  No words for you.  Will be reading- How to Fail At Flirting-  From my pile of Rom Com books.  I am actually loving reading these books.  They make me laugh.  We'll see how this one goes.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Daily Notes- Friday the 21st of May= Cloudy with a chance of Rain

 From the picture file of magazine clippings.  Great Beak!!!!

I woke up early but slept well.  I bought Tylenol PM yesterday.  I have husband cut them in half.  And that half of tablet-lets me sleep. I had run out.  I have to go into Town to pick up my inhaler prescription.  And I have a pulmonary annual visit on Monday.  I'll have to do the breathing test.  Sigh...I will ignore all that.

My oatmeal and coffee were good this morning.  On my way back from the street mailbox (to get the morning paper) I dead headed many daffodils.  I have more to do.  In the front- a smaller pale greenish yellow daffodil.  Pretty rather than ordinary. Delicate.  Just getting started.  The north side flower beds are so far behind in coming alive in Spring. But the front of the house has better flowers.    That whole side of the yard is SHOUTING thank you to me for having all those tall trees taken down last year.  Even the old lilac which hasn't made flowers in years- is fully covered in flowers.  It's going to be amazing by next week.

I am re-reading Meet Me in The Middle-  Devon Daniels.  I might have already written about this book and forgot.  But it's Washington DC politics plus a romance.  There's one sentence at the very end that made me go back and start over. One sentence that changes everything.  I am left wondering why- at the end ???  But perhaps to get some of us- romantic to the very end-- to go back and read the book again.  With fresh eyes.

I don't have any great story to tell you this morning- I haven't been out in public yet.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Daily Notes- May 20th- Haircut Day

 Greek Salad.  Could just dive into it.

Today was Haircut Day.  My hair was so overdue for a cut that it had started getting "big" and curling. And now- well, now it's full of product and sticking out all over like I got an electrical shock.  I'll rinse it off later.  

I just finished a load of husband's gardening clothing.  It's drying and he's coloring and perhaps we'll actually eat lunch today???  He's drifted away from meals at somewhat regular times.  It's only 2 pm.

At the Beauty Shop- it was an out of body experience.  Truly.  One customer going on about what Tucker said on FOX about the vaccine causing 20 and younger girls to not be able to get pregnant or have children in the "Future".  And when it was my turn in the chair- I figured- what the Hell- and we talked about space aliens (also a Tucker on Fox regular event).  

Now-- I am all in on Space Aliens.  I watch Aliens on the History channel for hours!!!!  I even shared the "secret" underground cave where seeds of everything ever grown on Earth are saved case everything on the surface dies.  This is actually true but it was news to the hair dresser people.  One was dressed in thigh high suede boots and a tight long shirt with side slits. So all of us could "know" she wasn't wearing underwear when she raised her arms to cut hair.  My husband now wants an appointment.

And I was told I have an exact double in Harpswell.  EXACT. I was shown a picture of an old woman with short white hair and red glasses.  Just like me.  Exactly like me.  Because all of us look identical. Which is something Tucker should be made aware of...all the short fat old women with white hair and red glasses in Maine- Aliens????  I will neither confirm or deny.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Daily Notes- May 18th- Cloudy with a Chance of Sun

 The desk calendar so far this month.  Notes and seed packets lined up as reminders.  A chilly morning. I have already carried the annual trays outside to the porch.  Some needed water.  and some had spent flowers needing to be removed.  Marigolds. They like daily tending.  Return the favor with more flowers.

Husband attached the house hose to the back garden hose and spent an hour or more watering down there. I am sure the longer more deeply felt water is making everything super happy down there.  the herb seedlings had secondary, true leaves now.  No more of the tiny deep purple violets.  Just two.  Which is fine. 

My haircut is Thursday.  My hair is getting wild and curling.  Eight weeks is too long.  Six is perfect.

Katie Tur on MSNBC had her baby girl after 24 hours of labor and wanting to have the baby at home. In the end, they drove to the hospital. Fast.  The news guy telling the story was trying very hard not to laugh.The photo of Katie, her husband and their baby girl was sweet.  Mom and dad looked extremely happy.  Baby girl was asleep.

On other news shows- dogs were breaking into the rooms where interviews were being conducted to the amusement of the dog owners.  It felt like a Happy Day.  The Arizona vote count has been cancelled.  By a guy who has the authority to do just that.  Even he was smiling.  Trumps approval rating is 37%.

Yesterday I made it inside the library for the first day of inside visits.  I used my rescue inhaler but was still having trouble breathing normally.  Each of these "back to normal" events....... wow.  You don't actually feel the trauma of Covid until you get some freedom back. Some normal.  I had to rest for awhile after I got home. 

Then I read a 7 day Express book-  In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren.  I have mentioned other books by these two women (using their first names as authors)-  their most recent book was the Honey Don't List.  I also enjoyed Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating and Dating You/Hating You.  

Next book to read is Make Up- Break Up.  Another Rom Com.  That's where I am in my reading genre right now.  My horoscope for today says I don't need to be defined by my wounds.  Make peace with the past.  I'll work on that. 

Monday, May 17, 2021

Daily Notes- May 17th- Sunshine and Warm

 The view from my car in the grocery store parking lot.  The train station and the train.  It goes to Boston and back a couple times a day.  I have thought of getting on and riding to the end and back.  Just for the experience of a train ride.  Getting off involves taxis rides etc. 

I had a friend once- she passed in a tragic car accident one Thanksgiving- she and her husband got in the car one year and drove down route one to Florida and back to Maine.  A nice slow drive. They were going west when their car got smashed in a multi car accident in blinding snow.  All I remember is her husband sobbing- heartbreakingly so- during her funeral mass.  I was making something that day we heard of the accident- I have never made it again.

Several things have changed in the Grocery Store Experience.  Still wearing masks.  Which I approve.  But no arrows in the freshly waxed aisles.  We can go in an out as we wish. Whatever direction.  We can go and get in line (cashing out) by ourselves.  Just like Olden Days.  We don't have to line up and wait for an open cashier over by the beer coolers.  So...still safe.  No announcement over speaker system of vaccine shots this morning.

I cut and made Pickle Jar Bouquets for my neighbors and friends this weekend.  The gorgeous French Lilac in my fenced garden is in full bloom.  The scent is heavenly. Deep deep purple/blue.  Across the street, my neighbor's pink lilac is in full bloom so I have been invited to make myself a bouquet of those. I also cut a small jam jar of Lily of the Valley for my neighbor- her mother's favorite flower.  Made her cry- which was never my intent.  But she was happy to have them.  

 Finished Beach Read.  I will read it again but not today.  Today I am going to start in on Make Up Break Up another book I got off an online list.  We'll see how it goes.

They had frozen peas.  And we have extra white rice from Sunday's Chinese take out.  A wonderful day.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Daily Notes- May 16th- Feels Cold in the House But Warm Outside.

 My new annuals.  Just carried back out onto the very warm front steps.  But still in the shade.  And I turned on the Peach Tree Sprinklers. And set the timer for 45 minutes.  Getting into the new "Summer" mind set. Yes, Texas Liz- 72 was also in my cool zone in my Florida and Georgia days. But I think we might have dipped into the 40's last night.

Which is why the flowers come inside overnight.  I opened the bedroom window and it felt COLD but we have a down comforter and like sleeping cold.

I am reading a a very interesting- so far- book.  Beach Read by Emily Henry.  Two people, who went to college together- both authors- are having a hard time writing their newest books.  Blocked.  And so, over day old donuts, purse wine and White Russians they decide to help each other write their books. Get past the "block" they are both suffering- still not liking each other (sigh).  I'm not sure I like the content but I sure do like these two characters.  We'll see how it goes.

I have a tall stack of books that I ordered "blind"....not knowing if I wanted to read them or not.

I watched some series on a station I mostly hurry past- Ghost Finders or some such- guys in shorts and tee shirts with large amounts of body art.  And all the "ghost hunting" is done at night, in the dark except for the light of the camera men following them around.  It is all such crap.  But it was different, new crap. So I watched and then tucked into my new book. After eating potato chips.  Just another Saturday Afternoon.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Daily Notes- And Yes, I am very late on this May 15th

 Laundry Basket from some site- basket holding all my favorite colored clothing.  I did paint my floor white once- in college and my room mate was "not amused".  It washed off easily.

I carried all my annuals out to the front porch.  It's 72 and they aren't in the sun.  I also tipped the large planter over and slid the Euonomous out of the pot and then onto a tarp and dragged it down to the garden. The fenced garden.  Dug a hole for it.  It might be upset about the relocation for a few weeks.  It's roots are untouched so that should be a good thing.  We'll cover it for the Winter.  It's a zone 6 and Winter will be a zone 5.  It had been root bound.  A large garbage can with a few bricks on top should be a good Winter coat for it going forward.

We hooked up the hose and sprinklers for the Peach trees and gave them and extra extra long drink. No rain.  For too long.  I have my three empty pots set up- ready to fill.  But not yet as the plants that go into them are not outdoor hardy as yet.  My old employer greenhouse had Red French marigolds.   I usually grow them from seed I save- but I didn't this Winter.  I just never could coax myself into doing the work. 

Sad news- when we pulled the fig out of it's pot- it was obvious the tree was dead.  And husband had the new- self built container there and was having a very hard time letting go.  I have to find something else for that lovely new wooden container.  We'll think of something.

I wrote an email to my brother to ask about sourdough starter- his wife had made some in the early months of the pandemic.  He replied from his hospital bed -- but good news- he's going home today.  Not COVID related but (still serious) he said it was an awful time to be in the hospital.

Monday I can visit the inside of the library.  If the line isn't too long.  And they have Express Books again. Best sellers we can borrow for 7 days only but we can't reserve them- first come and all that.

I am wearing short pants and short sleeved shirt today.  72 and very warm.  Still nice and cool in the house.  We have to hope we can find help with the window A/C units.  Remember last year- one fell out the window.  Perhaps George?  No.. I think he hit his quota- cutting and carrying our Christmas Tree into the house. I keep remembering Deb's story of the 88 year old man who tied a rope to the A/C unit and his 88 year old wife-  She was supposed to keep it from falling out the two story window. Wow...I laughed out loud.  I can see her zipping straight out the window like she was on a zip line.  We won't do that.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Daily Notes Friday May 14th- Sunny and possibly very warm

 On the feed that comes into my mail in the morning.  Cherry tomatoes.  Last year I grew mixed colored cherry tomatoes- I had chocolate, orange and yellow on one plant and then the Sungold's and Snow White on other plants. Most of them were given away.  I ate a small percentage of them.  The chipmunks ate quite a few. The larger tomatoes took so long to ripen here where I live- it wasn't warm enough for them so we ate grocery store tomatoes all Summer and our own tomatoes in September and October.

I am just back from a quick drive into Town to pick up two more library books.  I passed a guy running in- well, just his shorts.  It's that warm 3 or 4 miles away.  Up the road- towards Town where people live (and heat up the atmosphere).  But not here.  Here I am happy with my corduroy pants and my long sleeved thermal and wool sweater. But I did feel out of place in Town.

I read my new book yesterday. Act Your Age, Eve Brown.  The story of the third Brown Sister. It's been a long wait for this third book- which was written during the COVID lock down. But has no mention of that. I think- what is missing is a connection to this third sister.  In the first two books, Chloe and Dani were pretty well drawn for the Reader--but this sister only provides boxes of perfectly prepped vegetables for her sister's refrigerator in the previous two books. We know little about her, other than she fails at everything she tries to do.....  The book is fine.  But it could have been better.  The chemistry between the guy and Eve is pretty intense and funny in the beginning seems to fade as the book goes along. Red shows up at the end riding his motorcycle.....and I was so happy to have him back on the page!!!

Anyone out there read this series?  Next up is The Other Bennet Sister.  Prolonging my reading of Jane Austen type books.  And Monday I get to go inside the library.  To actually, search the stacks and new fiction for things to read.  Be still my heart...........

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Daily Notes- May 13th- Cloudy with a chance of Sun

The picture up top is the floor just inside the porch door on the back vestibule. Where I keep my plants  before they are ready for the great outdoors.  The Avocado is 60% recovered- it's been out there a week or more.  Still having difficulty keeping it's leaves filled with moisture.  I have the ceiling fan on very slow to just get the air moving.  I think that helps the plants.  I am considering additions of lime / dark red striped coleus and some geraniums.  And that's it.

Husband cut the grass yesterday- it was too much for him.  I usually do the front yard or the back- it doesn't bother me, but he was stubborn and did it all.  But the grass looks like green velvet. Always so pretty in May.  Not so much in late July and August.  The peach trees have many pink blossoms but not ready to leaf out as yet.  The Queen of Plums has a few white blossoms on the tips of her branches.  Still recovering from having the center pruned out of the tree.  Now it's a short wide plum queen. I also sprayed both the peach trees and the plum with a spray that smothers pesky insects that damage the fruit.

 We had a power failure overnight.  So, the routine getting everything back up to speed..  Some difficulty with the Keurig coffee machine.   It just wanted to make water not coffee. That is fixed.

Neighbors down the street have half the road blocked with orange cones and trucks.  Some landscaping work.  Yesterday a sophisticated young woman dressed in clinging black was trying to sell me carpenter ant pest treatment while keeping her attention on some texts on her phone.  I would speak and she would look what???  Are you trying to actually talk to me????  So, I stepped back and closed the door.

It's odd seeing Portland people (yuppies) here in my town.  Like aliens from a distant planet.

I have books to pick up at the library so will be off and driving Monday I can go inside and actually LOOK at books and choose.   But not today.  I read Love at First a second time.  It was better the second time around.  Not that it wasn't wonderful the first time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Daily Notes- May 12th- Cloudy with a chance of Sun

 I had forgotten to mention:  While grocery shopping on Monday- there was an announcement that COVID jabs were available at the Pharmacy counter- no appointment- just walk up and get one. And that brought a big smile to my face- under my mask.

Today- like yesterday- Cold Sun.  I stopped using the furnace in the house.  It's cold in here and we go outdoors to warm up.  I kept hoping it would rain yesterday- but no.  And so today I will haul water down to the fenced garden and check on my rhubarb and my herb seedlings.  See how close the French Lilac is to bloom.

I started work on another small (less than playing card size) cloth.  I have so many small bits and pieces. And then- I walked over to the bookcase and dug around and found a bag of tiny multi colored buttons- (North Carolina was their State of origin) and they were better suited to the tiny rectangles.  So, now to remove the larger buttons and add the tiny ones.

An email from the library- seven books I ordered are here.  Ready for pickup.  Until the weather decides to be Warm Spring- I will be reading.

Yesterday the neighbor's friendly cat-  who has been okay to have around..... yesterday we had a bird sitting by the deck. Husband and I couldn't figure out what it was- perhaps a newly born turkey.  But it caught the eye of the cat.  And now.....the cat is not someone I want to see in my yard EVER again.  It's okay, I guess,  for me to allow the cat to hunt and kill chipmunks and mice (rodents).  But I am thinking birds- are past my limits of acceptance. Especially if I have to see it happen right there in front of our back deck.  We tried but we couldn't get outside fast enough............

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Daily Notes- May 11th- Cloudy with a Chance of Rain

 Every so often one of the food people  (in my computer in box) sends me a great photo of food.   I don't know where this one came from...but if this plate was set in front of me at supper time--- I would be a very happy woman. Roasted cherry tomatoes is something I love. I no longer get the Bon Appetite feed in my computer mail box.  I stopped my magazine subscription.  They sent me amazing pictures.

But I have never used any of their recipes to make any food.

On Monday..I purchased two  cans of whole cherry tomatoes.  And a package of meatless meat balls in the frozen food case that also held African Frozen Vegetables.  Sweet potato leaves etc.  That frozen food case holds an assortment of strange items most weeks.  But Monday I stopped to read all the package labels.  And noticed the meatballs.  I also bought Korean dumplings.  The package said they contained cabbage.  You all know I love cabbage. do now.  It's in my DNA.

Will I cook today?  Don't know yet.  I might.  The sun just broke thru and usually I don't cook on sunny days.  On sunny days--- a sandwich is good enough. The past few days it's been inches high with romaine lettuce, then mayo and Swiss cheese.  Gigantic sandwich.  Still too chilly in the house for a bowl of salad.

I worked on another of those little rectangle cloths.  I now have five finished and this new sixth one.  The new one needs a backing fabric and a button and so far none of the ones I tried is good enough. I'm thinking these little cloths could be mounted on board or card stock.  Sent to people or just be looked me. They all have many tiny stitches which feel lovely to run your fingers over.

I noticed I have enough clothing in the basket to do another wash.  And Sunday I managed to find two of the Morning Pages notebooks at Staples and bought them- they were way more expensive than I remembered.  Staples did not have my Pilot Precise V7 rolling ball black pens.  They had blue.  But I do not like blue ink.  I like black ink on smooth white pages with college rule lines. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

Daily Notes- Monday, May 10th- Sunny and Warm

 Which means--TICKS.  We already have a fat one taped to the calendar.  On the day we found it on husband.  So..a dog tick.  The smaller the tick- the worse it is.

Well, I do know the Greek myths but not the names-- today I pushed the boulder up the hill.

Yesterday...I was prepared to do all the copying etc to get the prepared taxes in the mail PROCRASTINATION and discovered that the Banker had done it ALL- no copying..  And addressed the envelopes.  So I filled out the cards we always attach to the taxes so we have proof they were delivered.  And this morning I stood in a long line at the post office to have them mailed.  There's stamping and pasting involved for registered mail.

And, of course, there was a business person with 57.000 packages that each needed to be weighed separately..etc. etc.  I asked the line if there was anyone who needed to be somewhere- one woman- and I let her go before me.  I only had the library and grocery to go to. No hurry.  I had to wait for the library to open.  Then the grocery.  For some reason- I spent 40 dollars more than usual.  One extra purchase was a prepared Cosmo in the liquor aisle.  It's chilling in the fridge.

That Boulder is always really heavy and it wears me down.  But NOW I know the Banker will take care of  taxes and everything but the post office- he even addressed the Life as I once knew it-- I don't have to even think about it.  And I will enjoy the hell out of the Cosmo.

I will tell husband it's pink lemonade.

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Daily Notes- May 9th- Happy Mother's Day

 From Martha Stewart.  A do it yourself folding paper pop up card.  The directions were insane. Laughable.  The comments on the directions were hilarious.  The directions make no sense at all.  I noticed this back in the 80's in Martha's magazine.  Even for recipes- the directions were so screwed up.

My son called.  We had a lovely chat and then lost the connection.  He's well and sounds happy.  He has a week or so before his next vaccine appointment.  I think it must be incredibly difficult to live alone during the COVID stuff.  To not even have a partner in the house to argue with or make sandwiches for.

The Sun comes and goes.  We want to go to DQ for my Mother's Day ice cream treat but......I was hoping for sunshine.  My cross the road neighbor is in Boston visiting her son and family.  I haven't seen any evidence of children or dogs or bikes on the road.  Usually, in other Times, it's a regular circus of activity out there.

I think we will order Chinese Take Out for sure.  But that's about as far ahead as I have gone- with thinking.  I am looking forward to tomorrow- returning books to the library.  Picking up two new ones.But first...I have to pick out colored pencils for the next coloring page.  The mandala looks like it has roses. So I am thinking several shades of red. Orange red, blue red etc.  Or I will use Martha's color selection in the card up top.  YES!!! I will do that.

Have a lovely day today- all of you!!!!

Saturday, May 08, 2021

Daily Notes- May 8th- Cloudy...Again

 One of my orchids is blooming.  And it has bugs.  Which I swab with an alcohol Q-tip.  But right this minute the flower is perfectly fine.  I dumped and sanitized four orchid pots.  The Orchids now in the compost pile.  Infested with soft white insects.  I hope the birds eat them.

Daughter has been calling-- a guy from the somewhere- phone or cable- is checking lines etc to see why she can't access the internet.'s Maine.   And her house phone had 1920's style cloth cords. (he replaced them).... can we all say 'fire hazard" and move on???  Guy is out on the street.  He will be climbing three different poles to see which one she is connected to/or not..  Pretty intense.  Daughter also- as she spent her stimulus checks on a new laptop. Which can't get a signal.

I watered my seedlings yesterday.  I Did Not do a very even sprinkling of the seeds.  They are growing in groups. And the Borage seeds-- only a few germinated and none of the Marigolds.  I am noticing where the tiny very purple violets are coming up.  I usually move them from wherever they are to the herb beds.  So far...only one and already nestled up to a large Chive grouping.  So pretty together.  You can't buy this miniature variety- you have to hope birds poop the seeds out in your yard.

I think one of the herb rectangles is full of Tarragon.  Looks like Tarragon.  I have no idea what Tarragon tastes like.  But it looks nice.  And herb gardens usually have some.

The intensely dark blue and fragrant French Lilac is just this close to opening.  It will be amazing.  I check on it when I go out to water.  The blueberry bushes- with zero care and feeding this year- are bountifully covered in berry blossoms.  I stretched the cloth out behind them on the fence- not blowing in the wind. To see if that works.  But nothing really bothers the chipmunks and birds.  

I have lemon thyme.  Still in it's fiber pot in the vestibule.  Waiting to see what's growing in the beds before I add something.  Might have thyme.  So this could be in the same rectangle.  The Fresh lavender hasn't opened it's flowers yet.  That might stay in the clay pot I put it in.  And I have rosemary. A new plant. And... I have seeds for calendula still to plant or I might just stop in at my old workplace and buy some.  And some pansies.

Friday, May 07, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunshine and almost 60 degrees

 Pie.  On ANY holiday- my mother made pie- usually out of the freezer and grocery store.  But for a special day- she made homemade pie.  Something like this.  I am really loving the thick crust.

We won't be having pie.  We might be having New York Style Cheesecake. I have everything needed to make that.  Was going to make it around The Winter Holidays.  Now it's Spring. But there is rhubarb in the fridge and we both love Rhubarb Custard Pie.  We'll see.

Like I said up top- the Sun is shining today.  I'm not sure it feels warm out there.  We thought so yesterday but then- no, not warm.  Our cross the road neighbor has gone to Boston to have Mother's Day with her Son and her three granddaughters.  A fourth granddaughter will be along soon- her daughter is having her first baby this month.  

COVID numbers are up here in Maine. AGAIN.  20's and younger now on ventilators.  Children.  371 cases and no one older than 60.  No vaccine- no masks- this is what happens.  I fail to understand it. 

I often fail to understand people.  It's like...I am actually from somewhere else.  Different.  Another planet perhaps.  Earth is not my native language.  A failure to communicate.  That should be my motto.

I swept the kitchen floor after hitting publish and then...the kitchen rug is so dirty- I DARED to put it into the washing machine and it was great.  Now it's clean and in the drier.  How happy I will be seeing a clean rug in the kitchen.  Really!!!!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Daily Notes- May 6th- Sun/Clouds/Sun/Clouds

 Avocado toast.  I had already eaten my bowl of oats while reading the morning newspaper.  But....I then ate my toast.  The avocado was perfectly ready.  And Avocado go downhill fast after hitting "perfectly ready." I've learned that the hard way.

I am noticing tons of very very green and perky CHIVES ready in my garden.  Other than baked potatoes- anyone have tasty ideas for chives? Other than freezing bundles of them.

Reading Bet Me yet again.   Jennifer Crusie.  Daughter if you are reading this- find me a copy of these books in one of the bookstores you frequent.   Bet Me. Love Lettering, and that new one Love at First.  All trade paper.  I think hard cover is not as popular in this genre. Now that things are opening in Town- I may order these from our local bookstore- never mind, daughter.  I'll get this myself.  I need to use my stimulus money to stimulate.....

I LOVE Bet Me.  The tall sexy guy and the chubby Actuary who wears vintage clothes and sexy shoes.  It's Cinderella in modern form.  I write about it every time I read it.  It is just so delightful.

So..what else is going on here? Ah!  Washing Machine Pages.  Two loads.  I was doing just the ordinary stuff and then was counting on my fingers was time to turn the mattress.  Every three months a spin.  And I was a month behind.  The spin..and then because it's the everything- sheets duvet cover etc etc.  And then more Washing Machine Pages.  Because a very full laundry basket takes up 90% of the floor space in my bathroom- unless I push the basket into the shower.  Where it usually exists.

So..that got done.  And it felt good to have done all that.  And I actually enjoyed fighting with the duvet cover and the mattress.  I've been up for hours and husband is still asleep.  By the time he wakes up- I will be wondering about lunch.

During Washing Machine Time, I also was tearing art and stuff out of the three remaining Gun And Garden magazines.  And there was an article about an artist in the 50's who never got recognized and never sold ANY work.  Her family donated (after the artist died)  everything- tons of it- to a local art museum but eventually they decided to just have a sale and get rid of it.  Stuff sold for a dollar and up.  People filled the trunks of their cars.  And's finally worthy of a museum.  And, the author of this article was visiting someone and saw a very large painting in a house- asked if he could buy it.  The owner of the painting said no..... because he admitted "I wouldn't know how to live without it".

I am crying as I type this.  The woman who painted this work- died..never having sold anything. She died of cancer thinking-knowing in her heart- she had failed.  Washing Machine Pages.  I wrote it there. How this made me feel.

Her name was Cora Kelley Ward.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Daily Notes- Dark Outside and Wet. Good Grass Growing weather.

 I started this book in the afternoon.  Finished it just before midnight.  Her first book was Love Lettering which I have read three times now.  This one-- I will read it again.  Yes.

I drew a small picture in today's calendar square and I wrote Daffodil and had draw a Dandelion.  Duh!!

I guess it's funny but...Dandelion.  That is what is popping up in the lawn. And what husband is hunting when he goes out.  He thinks he's gotten them all and by the time he takes off his work jacket and shoes---there they are- all yellow and snotty.   Thumbing their noses at him.   In the front lawn.

I didn't help...I noticed and said- "I thought you got them all?"

Husband is doing some fine work in his coloring books with the limited colored pencils I choose for him.  Every morning a new page and the post it note on the microwave to remind me to choose new colors. He can't wait to show the pages to our daughter.  She'll be impressed by the improvements.

I have ONE JOB to take care of.  I have not done it.  Procrastination.  I hate myself for being this way.

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Daily Notes- May 4th- A Very Dark Tuesday No Sunshine

 A photo of a Zen Garden.  Raked gravel.  This needs to be done each day.  Raking the gravel.

There was a Time in my Life.  A Bad Summer.  People- friends had died suddenly-  and I was drifting out to Sea without a paddle or a sail on my boat.

I walked.  A couple miles each day.  I gardened.  My gardens never have looked as perfect again. I was alone most of the Time as husband was gone.  Working...elsewhere.  On the road. Earning money to pay the bills.

I guess it all could have been..pretty bad.  But it wasn't.  I gardened. I walked.  I shoveled snow.  I was younger then. And I learned I could live alone and be okay.  Not a lesson that leads to a happy marriage going forward.  Just saying......

This photo reminds me of that Time. I know a few friends out there will say it says "control" not "happiness"... but being in control of one's Life is a very powerful feeling.  When it happens for the very first Time.  I was happy being alone...not miserable.  

My gardens weren't Zen but the feelings I got working in them and looking at them...were.  My little old crab tree was seriously pruned during that Time period and...still looks very Zen.  I never got to make moss gardens with rocks.  But I had rocks.  And moss was growing around them.  It was enough.

Today...I have a list of things to do.  I have already eaten two breakfasts.  I need to turn on lights. It's almost noon here in Maine.  And it's dark and feels colder than 55 degrees. Like a day of mourning.

Monday, May 03, 2021

Daily Notes- May Second

 And then there were four.  The two on the left are not exactly finished as yet.  A bit plain.  I had to stop working on them and repair my pants.  For today's grocery shopping.  I had a weak spot in the very thin fabric of my well worn corduroy pants.  And I needed to go find some yarn to fill in the "wales" where the fabric had shredded.  A massive amount of zig zag stitch and pant repair was "good enough".

I usually go over the mend with some colored ink pens.  Brush pens.  To even out the use of the wrong colors.  I never have yarn the same olive green (faded) as these many year old pants.

At some point a "full backside" mend will be needed.  On sweater's it's the elbows.

Grocery shopping was enjoyable.  I was later than usual.  So a different "crowd".  My Hannaford is the busiest of all the Hannford's in Maine.  It's also the smallest. But I think it's the employees.  And they pack the groceries so well.  They had everything I needed today.  So that was lovely.

I was late because I delivered the fourth floral pickle jar and had a chat with my walking buddy and collected  garden tools she was giving away.  Husband was very happy with them.  Long handled tools he can use without having to get down on his knees (and then try and get up off the ground, again- I'm no good at that either).  And one is a small shovel with a long handle and he really wanted one of those. 

Cloudy and looks like rain- a day or two earlier than forecast.  I need to turn on lights.  I reverted to my previous brand of instant coffee.  The Folgers is too bitter.  

We just now finished watching a Rugby match.  Husband is enjoying the games as well.  No time outs and all that.  The game starts and just keeps going until someone needs medical attention or gets a penalty.

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunshine but a Chill in the Air

 Small Work.  2 by 3 inches.  Little scraps of cloth.  That thread halo was just- nothing- but forgot to remove it.  The center of the green is painted fabric.  I might go digging in the sewing room waste basket for more tiny bits.

I watched Escape to the Chateau on PBS last night.  A series of big events.  The husband's son- a chef- came to help out.  It was sweet seeing him chatting with his young half brother while he cooked.  And then again when his very happy father kissed him- the grown up son covered in body art.  

I cut and arranged some forsythia and some early blooming small sized rhododendron (lavender or light purple) in bouquets in the pickle jars and delivered them to my neighbors front doorsteps. Next bouquet will likely be the French lilacs.  Almost read to bust open.  And the Peonies- so recently still asleep underground- are now over a foot tall.  June is their month. I would LOVE some hydrangea but they don't grow for me.  Too cold here...where I live.  One neighborhood over- and yes, I could have them.

It's is so very cold on our street. Later in July and August it will be hot and very DRY.

I need to check out the garden centers for annual seedlings.  I want a cutting garden this summer out back. I had intentions for it last Summer but got sideswiped (early on) by everything else happening. Mostly the taxes, COVID and the anxious days of not having asthma medicine available (due to hoarding).

Was it only one year ago????   The grape vines- root stock- is dead, I fear.  Something else will have to climb the arbor.  The blueberries got zero care or pruning this year and they look to have an abundant crop of infant berries.  The rodents will eat them all.  I could hang something to hinder them- but they get caught in it.  I am not the kind of gardener that lives easy if they get tangled.  But I would like enough ripe berries to make one cake.  Oh, and one container to share with my walking buddy.  I got no berries in 2020.

I cut and pasted some landscape art into the first blank row of boxes of my May desk calendar.  I haven't pasted anything on May 2nd's square yet. (first full row)  My desk drawer is full of clipped art and pictures so I just have to sort thru and choose something.  Or draw something.  I do both. There are no rules. Even if there were rules- I wouldn't follow them, unless I liked the rule.  My Birth Planet Chart said that about me. Nice to know I was destined to be this stubborn.

Saturday, May 01, 2021

Daily Notes- May first. Sunshine- Husband is cutting the grass

 Daily Job.  Choosing colored pencils for husband's coloring book mandalas.  Those aren't chosen pencils- I just grabbed three for the photo.  The pages where he has a limited number of pencils and colors- have been very nice.  He's happy.  He likes that the pages look really good.  I forgot to make sure the image would be square.  Things get away from me.

I sorted fabric (on the ottoman) yesterday and carried a bunch of it back to the Small Closet.  The Blacks and Whites.  I wasn't doing a great job with them.  So...better to quit and move on.

I have been watching Monk.  Why?....I have no good explanation.  Space Filler seems the most appropriate.  I haven't found my "spot" going forward yet.  My "spot" used to be defined by what I did for work or play.  Library Desk.  Master Gardener.  Perennial Yard Re- Organizer/greenhouse waterer /question answerer  (that was before they started letting me teach classes- then all bets were off), retired- with nothing to do.  No place to go.  I actually thought of work as places to go and be happy. Odd, or lucky. Lucky.

I was always so busy.  Library or Greenhouse employment. walking, quilting, gardening. And it's not like I kept saying-- when I stop working I'll have more time for this or that.  Nope.  Never said that. I know that retired people say that all the Time.  But I was going and doing pretty much non-stop my whole married life. And I think when I stopped- I just stopped....everything.  If I'd had a bucket list- most everything got checked off a long time ago. I've been and done and seen quite a lot.

Prior to the COVID SHUTDOWN, I was scheduled to teach three very large audience classes.  And they never happened.  And possibly won't now as everything is ZOOM and I don't think I will ever do ZOOM. I don't want to do Zoom. I miss teaching.  But that ship has sailed, I think. The World has changed so much in 15 months.  Even microscopically- I have changed in the last 15 months.

I actually don't care if we run out of yeast or flour.  Have plenty of toilet paper.  Running out of Kleenex. I found several large bars of soap. So that is not a worry. We have new underwear. And I have Dee's recipe for Pantry Soup and really--- it's all one needs.....once DQ is open again.

It rained for a few days and the TruGreen treatment soaked in and and the grass is being cut and all is sort of okay with the World....except my Avocado plant- I think it might be dying........New desk top calendar page with six blank boxes before today-I have my work cut out for me----- Happy May Out There!!!