Sunday, February 28, 2021

Daily Notes- February 28th

 I am reading the Louise Penny Gamache series again.  French Canadian. So, every meal or sandwich arrives on a baguette.  So.......I am really wanting a good baguette.  And these detectives spend considerable time eating.  I am not so fond of Brie or some of the other things they eat.

I am also loving the German Shepherd Henri and his glow in the dark tennis balls and Chuck it. He and Gamache walk the streets of Quebec City in the early hours- Gamache is having trouble sleeping ...... 

My arm is a bit sore- no other problems.  I slept well.  

It rained all day yesterday but we still have snow.  And it's still dark. But during the night the MOON makes everything very very bright.  Even with the blinds closed the bedroom glowed with Moon Light.

Five Wild Turkeys were here this morning.  Walking slowly across the back lawn and into the neighbor's woods.  They are becoming frequent visitors.  Riley's scent must be gone. He would have been barking wildly wanting to go out and run toward them.  Not to bother them.  Just to play with them. My neighbor asked if I thought of him- I replied- every hour of every day.

I have some cloth here on the ottoman near my chair.  Where I read and watch television. Where Riley slept by my feet or against them.  I was thinking of sewing a strip to a rectangle. Just that.  Nothing more. but the color of the cloth doesn't seem right.  Too new. And I not sufficiently interested in going around searching for something older. If it was already here- I would sew.  But it isn't......

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Daily I Got My Shot Day

 I made a big pot of chicken soup for husband yesterday in case- after our shots- we were feeling poorly- and he would have something to eat and wouldn't have to cook.... (seems self serving but I want him to have some comfort if he feels awful and hungry)

We got Pfizer.  Second dose in three weeks. Everyone was super nice. SUPER nice. We got there early and found parking right by the front entrance and then assumed we'd wait but they checked us right in.  We were back in the car at about the time we were supposed to arrive.  Most everyone was filling out paperwork that was supposed to be printed out at home-- so I didn't feel the least bit ashamed of not being able to print.  And the needle going in- didn't even feel it.

Husband strained out and tossed all the green stuff after the soup was ready to eat.  He likes broth, chicken, carrots and noodles.  Period.

Husband discovered footprints on the roof of the bedroom wing of the house.  I put on boots and went out to see for myself.  Yep.  Something had been up there.  No idea what.  Now it could have been something smaller that waddled around up there and then "flew" off.  When snow melts the prints get larger.

There was almost no traffic.  When I used to drive everyday to hospital to see husband before and after his triple by-pass surgery- so much traffic.  Bumper to bumper.  Today?  Like we were the only people alive. Like a horror movie of everyone gone- spooky.

It's Cold. Dark. Wet.  Outside.  A good day to wrap myself in my down blanket and read or watch shows on PBS.  Also a good day to just sit with eyes closed and be grateful for my vaccine.  So grateful.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Daily Notes- February 26th

 I washed sweaters while husband tried and failed to get the computer and the printer to work together.     They used to work. Together. Now they don't.  Bugger it all. DebL says she has a new printer and her's won't communicate either.  Must be solar flares?  Or printers have gone on strike.

Daughter asked if I could put information on a flash drive stick.  Sure- and I can pilot a craft on Mars, too.

Hand washing sweaters in the kitchen sink is a messy chore but in the end- I have soft nice smelling sweaters again for the remainder of Winter and Early Spring (still cold in Spring here in Maine).  We got into the low 40's yesterday as our HIGH.  Balmy for Maine.  I still have on the ratty sweater that is going into the trash as soon as one of the ones on the rack is completely dry.  I had to reverse the hanging- so the bottoms could get dry.  All the mending on them.  On one- more mending than sweater at this point.

Hallmark last night- bleh!!!  News- tedious and repetitive.  PBS- for an hour and then I wanted something different and was back into the clicker.  Going thru channels.  I watched Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.  Who were they? Not a clue.  The one dude had his too small too fitted jacket buttoned and looked like a fool. CNBC at the furthest end of my channels- way past BBC- had news.  I watched and then when we have too many talking heads I started roaming again. 

HGTV had a couple "on the road living" looking for a condo.  Then a couple with three kids and the husband thought he was a design genius.  Both guys had "sleeve" tattoos- entire right arm. why one arm? I could imagine it on the "on the road" guy but the "design guru business guy"?  It must be a thing.  But the "on the road" guy's tattoo was more dense and interesting- the other guy had open spaces around individual tattoos- not a great look. The very young grocery guy with the solar system on his left arm.  Which I really liked.  That was a very interesting tattoo. The solar system. 

And today- Sun is shining.  Last night the Moon was shockingly bright- you could read a book outside- with moon light reflecting off the snow.  Yes, we still have snow.  And lows into the high 20's at night.

I will be making soup today.  Figuring it will be nice to have if the vaccine we get tomorrow knocks us out. Just micro a bowl and you're good.  One soup for him and one soup for me. Perfecto.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

News Update- Thursday the 25th

 Husband and I have vaccine appointments on Saturday the 27th (two days away) at the hospital in Lewiston where husband had his heart surgery and where our lung doctor has his offices.

10:10 for him and 10:20 for me.  I didn't want to write anything until I got the confirmation emails.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Daily Notes- finding things- February 23rd

 I searched.  I didn't find the old cup.  But up on the top shelf- in the back- a set of measuring cups in white plastic.  And I chose the large, one cup one from the set.  And placed it inside the oatmeal container- box.  

And took this picture.  This image.  Large on the computer screen.  Quite the nicest picture I have ever taken. Shade and light.  Textured and smooth.

And I am happy.  Happy that Fate or whatever mystical hand was at work.  Because..while the metal cup had purpose and utility........this white cup...has something so different and quite lovely.  It adds beauty.

Up early tomorrow and out of the house to get my haircut.  Last time I had to wait for over an hour for my turn.  They were running late.  So...who knows when I will be back here  to write the notes.  

Wednesdays' Child has disappeared from the top. Falling apart in plain sight.  I don't know where it went.
It was there today.  When I posted for the 23rd.

Daily Notes- February 24th

Today's  photo is a chair I saw on some website.  I don't like the legs- look un-sturdy- but I do like the shape and the fabric.  I think perhaps the back of the chair isn't high enough so one could rest the back of one's head on it.  But the seat looks wide and deep and the arms are nice.

Can you tell I am getting tired of the vast empty space that is the living room????

So- Take nice handwriting of the list of attributes.  I have developed a tremble in my right hand.  My writing of the checks today didn't resemble my former handwriting.  Wasn't as nice.  If I hold my hand out- it's steady as a rock.  But holding a pen- not so much.  I guess I AM getting old.

We still need confirmation emails etc but I think husband and I have appointments for our Vaccinations. Saturday.  10:10 and 10:20.  We have a 45  minute drive but that's okay.  I'm sure a vast storm will be in the forecast that day.  Emails should arrive in next 24 hours they say. It's the hospital where we see our Pulmonary doctor. 

I am reading Penny's A Brutal Telling.  Not my favorite of the Gamache books.  There isn't much plot and lots and lots of characters thrown in to make the story seem more interesting.   Now I am noticing Beauvoir's wife in the story.  Just references to her.  I am wondering when he divorces her? As I said- I know his second wife.

I did not have to make the Daily Grilled Cheese Sandwich yesterday.  That was interesting. Husband had one of the prepared dinners I get at the grocery store.  Pasta with breaded chicken and marinara.

The cup I use to measure my oatmeal every single gone.  Vanished.  I have looked everywhere. It's like losing a part of me. I even checked the recycling. Empty. It's an old measure cup from 53 years ago when I got married.  It's little handle fell off and it was battered but it fit inside the oatmeal box and I lifted it out each morning to measure my oats.  Today I used a newer measuring cup with a handle- the morning just felt WRONG.  I think I looked for it three times so far today. Now the oats have no cup inside the box. Sigh.  

It's really the very small and tender things we miss the most

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Daily Thinking Out Loud

 Out on the front porch looking East.  This is my horizon.  Bleak.  Always this way only green in Summer. This is a full color picture- not a black and white.  Daytime. 

In the mailbox this morning- bills and a container of freshly baked banana muffins from the neighbor across the way.  Thanking us for being Good Neighbors and bringing her paper to her doorstep.  

So, I've eaten breakfast, read the newspaper, seen the wet destroyed floors in Texas homes and listened to Jude Hill talk in her very very soothing voice on her Whispering site.  She is stitching hearts. I just like listening to her voice.  My moments of Zen these days.  Jude's voice.

I forgot to eat supper again.  But I did eat my chopped vegetable salad.  And husband forgot to eat supper as well and dined on a dessert plate and coffee. Breakfast, late lunch and dessert plate. No dessert for me.

I did two loads of wash yesterday afternoon and the washer made a new and off putting sound on the rinse drain portion of the first, being the terror freak I am..I started a second load.   I know.  But it turned out okay.  And on the very last line of Washing Machine Pages- my pen ran out of ink.  Perfectly matched to the machine finishing the second load --minus the squeak.  In balance.  The pen running out of ink- don't push your luck. Any further.  I listened.

I finished A Rule Against Murder last night.  I ordered books from another author for husband.  He didn't like Rollins.  Now he has coloring and games on the iPad.  He really needs three things. 

While doing the washing machine- I also had to run interference with husband's lung doctor assistant.  The new med they gave him is too expensive.  Our Medicare will run out in June at the rate this med is going.  So we asked for something else.  Husband did.  Then called me and handed me the phone. I could tell the woman I was speaking with was irritated.  Having a bad day or whatever.  She told me the hospital pharmacy (45 minute drive for us) had the almost $800 (insurance price) a month inhaler for $30.  After driving it's a 2 or 3 hour wait.  And yes, it's $30 but husband would have to do this every month. I said no. Find something else for him to take.  I suggested my inhaler ($400 a month- that's the insurance price) so that's what he is getting plus an add on steroid something.  I have to go pick up my inhalers today so we'll see what's what.

Let's just sit awhile and work that over.  The $800 a month inhaler is $30 at this hospital pharmacy.  Imagine my interest in this.  Imagine the woman on the phone getting all irritated by my asking "why?". And yes, insurance pays- until it doesn't and those months where it doesn't are arriving earlier and earlier.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Daily Notes- February 22nd

 Just back from the grocery store.  These items needed to be purchased for husband's evening "dessert" plate.  How the man can ingest so much sugar, fat and carbs and remain the same weight with great blood work??????  Obviously my genetic makeup is only good for hair, skin and fat retention. And very dense bones. At my age- this seems incredible to all medical staff members. Oh, and lovely handwriting.

In answer to the very helpful comment yesterday (no email so I must answer here).  As much as I may want to eat tofu-  foods with SOY are not good for me/ I have to read all packages before buying. I try to only eat food with less than five ingredients on the label- other than the vegetable salad from deli which has so many more.

I have no problem with regular dairy milk.  My brother was allergic to it.  And I have no problem eating eggs (if someone else cooks them)--but did buy six today.  Brother was also allergic to eggs (and wheat). I do like eggs on toast.  We'll see.  I'll make it a project with goals.  I bought a nice prepared mixed vegetable salad (with seeds) and more yogurt. And some broccoli and apples to make a Spoon Salad with celery and seeds and stuff.  I also can mix up tuna salad.  I can make the effort to eat the tuna and the eggs. This week.  I am okay with that. It's like taking medicine.

The grocery store was okay today.  Long check out lines but not crowded (one line breaks off into three- self checkout/lottery tickets/regular checkout- like getting on the freeway.). Everyone had on a mask. Not everyone follows the arrows on the floor in the aisles. And we wait if someone ahead is studying the choices in the aisle.  Excellent Grocery Manners.  The checkout roller thing gets wiped with disinfectant. 

It's all very nice.  And I feel very safe.  

It's the only building I go into. (unless I go to the doctor with husband).  Oh-- I do go into a building to get my hair cut every 6 weeks.  So. that statement of only building is false.

I'm not sure I will change my patterns even after I get the vaccine.  Even with the vaccine I could carry the virus and give it to others. life hasn't changed that much other than those few weeks of actually going inside the library-- which was SO GREAT.  I can live with this.  I have the Magic Attic.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Daily Notes- February 21st

Sink.  After I scraped most of the burnt black from my toast.   Today is going slow but when I check the clock- it's fast.  I am sleepy, even at almost 2 pm.  The Sun is hurting my eyes.

I just checked and...yes, I had forgotten to make a drawing for Saturday on the desktop calendar. I usually do that before or after posting the Daily Notes.  You would assume- with nothing to do...I would remember the same task of making a drawing.  But....yesterday I rushed off to make Underwear Index Cards.  I don't actually need underwear. I'm fine. I counted and checked for elasticity. I'm good. Husband is not.  Elastic issues.

I am constantly smelling bleach.  Is that a medical warning sign????

I now have three more Inspector Gamache books.  I will order the next three tomorrow.  Yesterday I read a book I was not at all sure I wanted to read... The Overdue Life of Amy Tyler by Kelly Harms. Occasionally I sift thru the new releases on AmazonBooks.  Not to buy.  Just to look.  This book looked interesting- Books. Romance. ....Years before, the woman- a librarian with two small children- has her husband call from the airport to say- "I'm not coming back"  and he doesn't. No divorce. No child support. No contact.  So. Now the kids are older and husband wants to come visit. It was not what I expected but I do have abandonment issues so I read the book.  I actually liked reading the book.  If you have liked what I like- give it a read. I have to remember to order her two previous books to try in the months ahead.

My daughter's potted plants in the Magic Attic bathtub have sprouted green leaves.  One pot did not. I went up to water them today.  The Euphorbia in the vestibule was leaning hard to the right (where the Sun was shining) so I moved things and now the whole container is in the Sun.  This Euphorbia is a zone warmer than Maine.  So...would die if over wintered in the ground (like the bathtub plants).  So, it stays in the cold vestibule and sets flowers.  Once the chance of frost is past- I set it outside.  But last Winter- it had already bloomed by the time it got warm enough to go outdoors. Very pretty. There are many tiny seedlings all around the edges of the container.  Babies.  Daughter lives inside the "city" limits where it is warmer.  We might try a few babies in her beds.  Husband is going to do her weeding this year.  Should be interesting.  Things will need to be well marked.

I usually have signs- No! in the garden beds around my house.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Daily Daily- February 20th

 My water heating pot and my coffee- before cream is added.  Pieces of My Life.  

It snowed much of yesterday and I expected we would be out shoveling this morning.  Nope.  It all melted.  The asphalt drive is nice and clean and black.  There's a bit of an ice situation at the end of the driveway but the sun is shining and it will most likely reach into the mid 30's today.  Warm.

My letter to my little penpal was picked up 30 minutes ago by the postal truck.  We had been wondering when the mail was being delivered.  We had decided it was sometime during the night. And now they surprise us by arriving just before 12 noon.  Tricky.

I am reading book three of the Louise Penny series-  the Cruelest Month.  I ordered three more and pickup is later this afternoon.  If the library is open when I am ready to go.  Otherwise I will just return books and pickup on my usual Monday schedule.

I have enough ham, turkey and cheese for ONE more grilled sandwich.

I didn't plan correctly.  I have two days left.  I have enough bread and cheese and I have canned beans so I might revert to the "Classic Lunch" of baked beans and a grilled cheese (no meat).  Why not.  I was adding meat to the sandwich to make sure husband was getting enough protein.  I am not sure where I am getting protein- but then that has always been a problem.  I don't actually like eating meat and I will NOT eat tofu. I don't like eggs. I do like peanut butter. Canned tuna (infrequently).  I do like beans and lentils. I  LOVE vegetables and fruit. I realized last night when I went to bed- that I hadn't eaten anything since lunch (yogurt).  Why am I still FAT???

Reading the Cruelest Month by Louise Penny.  All the characters are having a really hard time being civil. Evil is Everywhere. And I had missed it in a past reading of this book- Beauvoir is married- a first wife. I know his second wife.  The rest of the story is vaguely familiar.  I always forget who the murderer is. Which is great.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Daily Daily- February 19th

 I snapped three photos this morning- actually it's afternoon- Daily Life.  I might start writing that at the top.  There was some mistaken knob turning- on the toaster oven and my toast got a bit (way) too toasted. Butter and Strawberry Rhubarb Jam.  I do seem to love strawberry rhubarb.  Sweet and Tart. Like me.

I finished the Penny book and am now considering which book on the pile I will read next.  Another Penny?  Yes, that will most likely be my first choice.  I do have a liking for Inspector Gamache. But there is another book- new to me- that is calling out to me.  I'll let you know what happens.

I watched a U-Tube video of a woman painting the upholstery on a chair with chalk paint. I had been watching Jude Hill do something with cloth and when that finished the chair painting video started up.  Australian I think.  The one woman was wearing a dress but hadn't a clue how one was supposed to wear a dress. At one point she had her leg up, almost on the chair which was set on a low table reminding me of the carpenters I had working on my house.  But it was interesting.  Chalk paint on fabric.  You all know I love painting on fabric.  The instructor also mentioned sanding the cloth once it was dry.  Even more to my liking.  Distressed Painted Fabric. She also said waxing the fabric gave it a leather look.

Now to buy chalk paint. Someday.  Perhaps there is some in the Magic Attic???

My major task today is making index cards for daughter to take to stores when buying us new underwear. Sizes.  Fabrics.  Styles.  Brands. It goes without saying that nothing we own (and love) is still being made. And, if by chance, it is still being made- it won't be made of cotton.  It will be made of spun plastic.

Ted Cruz-  He flew to Mexico "for the kids".  That's why he stayed at the Ritz Carlton.  For the kids. But his wife had complained to friends on the internet that her house was "cold" and........ boom they are on a plane.  I love that commercial "Boom Shaka Laka"-----Sprinkles!!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2021

I Finished Reading the Book- February 18th

 Husband's table where he colors for an hour or two each day.  He stays quite busy.  He reads the morning paper, does word search and jumble puzzles and then does his exercises for his back.   Takes up most of his daylight hours.  He also has a book he is reading when he tires of coloring.

When he is done with exercises I ask if he wants his grilled cheese.  Yes or No. Usually, yes.  And then I make his sandwich.  I have my own routine.  Breakfast oatmeal, reading the paper and trying to do some work on the growing pile of unsolved Suduko puzzles.  I haven't solved even one in months.  Level One. The easy ones.  Then I come here to read email and write the Daily Notes.  It's almost 2 pm.

I did finish The BOOK.  And I am glad that I did.  It was actually a VERY GOOD BOOK.  I was worried about the characters which was why I didn't want to finish.  I liked them and didn't want anything terrible to happen to them.  But sometimes bad things happen. I prefer not to know.

I am re-reading all of Louise Penny.  Book Two.  Book One is very very hard to find.  It's Christmas in Three Pines.  And someone is dead.  And some previous Reader has decided to pencil in little helpful notes. I have a professional kneaded eraser- safe on delicate paper- and I am erasing them.  I guess  this puts me right in the same controlling little box with the pencil writer.

Yesterday the Sun was warm enough to melt 80% of the ice on the driveway.  We still have ice where the Sun Don't Shine.  We still have snow.  Crusty snow.  No birds.  None.  It's been a long time since we had any birds at the feeders.  Husband thinks he didn't change seeds fast enough when they got wet in rain.  They might have gone bad.  Birds are eating elsewhere. Downgraded his Bird Feeder Status.

Well, 2 pm and time to turn on the lamps.  Getting dark in here.  Daughter will definitely buy us underwear.  Husband says his elastic is giving out.........okay.  See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Daily Tinkering- February 17th

 Looking for something in one of the bookcases and discovered this greeting card purchased at Trader Joe's when we still could go there.  I never could part with it.  So, never sent it to someone.

We have ABSOLUTELY BLINDING sunlight.  Reflecting off the snow.  You can go quite blind looking out the windows.  All the bad weather is in places it has never gone before.  I keep thinking about broken or frozen water lines- not being able to flush the toilet.  Our water lines are deep.

I made phone calls to the ridiculous COVID shot line (again) and they answered (computerized person) so I registered myself and husband. No appointment.  Just registered.  It's really hopeless.  But it felt like I had "done something" and husband is really happy.  Usually calling the number results in a recording that the number has been disconnected.  Daughter suggested we drive to the local mass vaccination site an hour before closing in case they have extra vaccine. And just after saying this she said...NO that's a terrible idea.

I am considering planting a seed of kindness and believing that we'll get a call back.  Someday.

We both need new underwear.  My friend says as soon as she has her second shot she is going to go into a store and buy underwear.  There is going to be a massive run on underwear. Daughter is reading this--yes, you can go buy us underwear- I will make a list.

Yesterday I came to the same conclusion.  Not finishing the book.  I'm going to read something that makes me laugh.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Daily Weather- February 16

 That bag of magazines from the library cart via my Walking Buddy- had one Esquire.  And that Esquire had....this guy.  Well, at least now I know what sort of man is my type. He's probably a real jerk... Not.

Stayed up late- expecting some sort of "weather event" but not much happened.  It's close to 32 degrees and you can see where the Sun is in the sky- covered in clouds.  So, whatever was supposed to happen.  Didn't.  There is what could be slush or could, if it gets colder- be ice. At some point I'll put on my coat and boots and use the scoop shovel to clear the driveway.  We aren't going anywhere.

I had all sorts of things to tell you that I am sitting here none of it is important. 

The wash got done and dried and folded.  I did not sort thru the seed box to see what I would want to grow this year.  I did not do anything.  I did not cook.  I did not read.  I did watch Law and Order.  A few from the first season I hardly remember.  The rotation is an endless loop.  Same with Criminal Intent.  Early Goren when he isn't fat and sloppy.  Riley and I would be discussing.

We printed out the stock dividend paper we need for our taxes.  Now I just need to go buy Turbo and get on with it.......Life Sucks until the taxes are done.  I have no plan for the day.  Until it's time to make the Daily Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  

I have only touched cloth to make new piles and clean off the ottoman which I use as a craft desk. I sorted stuff an threw away stuff and now things look less like a rat's nest. I have about five things that "do not belong with the other things" and I need to put them away or throw them away. And my book is still half way read.  So I need to finish.  So I can read a book that is more fun.

Now to turn on the lamps here in the room where I sit all the time now.  

Monday, February 15, 2021

Daily Notes- February 15th

 Not bread baked by me.  I am not into bread baking right now- but am thinking about some Irish Soda Bread with boozy raisins.  All about boozy things these days.

In the Way Life Works department:  A very sweet movie- the Valentine version of Groundhog Day.  A very single woman is told that one of the men she will meet that day is THE man for her. She wakes up every morning and it's Valentine's Day and she gives each man a chance- some twice. Never quite getting it right.  Canadian.  Very Canadian.  So- of higher quality than usual.  But almost all Hallmark Movies are filmed in Canada.  You'll have to hunt- as I don't remember if it was on Hallmark or Lifetime.  And of course I don't have the title handy. Later I may come back and have the title.

I lost my grocery list between the kitchen and the grocery store.  So...winged it.  I just walked down every aisle and recognized stuff and put it into the cart.  Even got two bags of Cara Cara oranges. One bag of 6 for daughter and bought myself 5 so I could tell the bags apart.  Daughter was very particular about what her oranges should be like.  I selected the oranges under the watchful eyes of the Orange Policeman.

I purchased a very nice, smooth page sketchbook and set it on husband's placemat and wrote on it- Joanne's Valentine Gift.  Next to it a pile of Dollar Store Word Search Books my walking buddy got for me to give husband- she left them this morning on my mailbox out front- I had no idea of when she would be going to the Dollar Store.

When I dropped off the oranges at daughter's house- I looked up just before backing down driveway- to see a bright red male cardinal.  So I stopped to look as we never see them out where we live.  But in Town, they see cardinals.  And then another came and another until FIVE males were sitting in the lilac bush. All so bright red.  And handsome. A lovely surprise.  So glad I looked up.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Daily Valentine- February 14th

 The Valentine on my desk top calendar plus a bit of the rooster from last Sunday.  Not much of a holiday here at home.  Which is fine.  Husband gave me a post it note that said "Happy Valentines Day".

I baked yesterday.  I made my daughter a Boosey Bundt Cake.  Spiced Captain Morgan with boxed spice cake and instant pudding.  Like the chocolate one I made myself for Christmas with Kahlua. Just licking the spoon was sort of impressive.  She did not come and get the cake as she had another revolting day at work.  She really needs to find somewhere else to work for the Winter Months or put out a contract on the employee who is making her so angry.  He messed up some Valentine candy packages (mail)....... a repeat of Christmas. 

Brings back memories of floral orders for container gardens for moms and old aunts on Mother's Day when I worked at the greenhouse. They always got my very best work. Mostly sons or nephews ordering.  And I looked forward to their long distance calls every year and the men were always shocked that I remembered what they sent the previous year--- I kept a notebook. Customer Service was my thing. Daughter's too it seems.

An early phone call.  A friend from work lost her mom yesterday...quite suddenly.  We think Mom fell or died and then fell.  Work people are trying to make sure our friend and coworker has our support and anything she needs. Her Mom is in my thoughts- I always enjoyed talking to her when she came to the classes I taught and a few times at the grocery store. I painted an old tin Sun for her.  Work became another family.

We might order Chinese today.  Or I might actually cook something. No. That seems unlikely.

The verdict of the Trial in the Senate was not unexpected but still disappointing. I thought the House members did an exceptional job.  I am very proud of them. And ashamed of Mitch--as usual.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Daily Notes- February 13th

 Today you have an image of a Tomato Cage I saw in a book or magazine and drew into my notebook. Branches from tree pruning are arranged and tied to form the "cage".  I have branches piled in the old yellow garden wagon.  Ready to go as soon as they thaw out.  The branches and the wagon are frozen in snow out back.

Seeds.  February is Seed Time. When I think about last season and what I want for this season. Last year- Seeds were started after the big COVID shut down March 20th.  I know this because I had a big class scheduled (to teach) on the 21st.  Last year I started herb and flower seeds.  I wanted flowers. And I got flowers.  So many tall and exuberant marigolds.  And my herb garden was bountiful. My tomatoes had a very rough time of it.  A big wind (tornado) blew them all down. They never really recovered. Though I did give bags of cherry tomatoes to my friends.

The vegetable part of last year was dismal.  And something ate all the blueberries. Not birds.  I had my flag flying.  Chipmunks I think, as the yard was full of them running back and forth.  And the grapes had a real struggle and never made any grapes.  I had little to no pollination of cucumbers or squash.  Comfrey was abundant.  And it flowered.  This year the grapes will get a very severe pruning and if the comfrey has set seedlings- I will move them (seedlings) close to the grape vines. To encourage bees to visit.

So..... more marigolds (I saved seeds), parsley and dill, Allie will provide tomato seedlings I hope, And I will give pickling cucumbers a second chance but in grow boxes this time.  I never did get any zucchini which was very sad.  I had to buy them.  And I discovered grocery store tomatoes left on a table in the very warm vestibule- ripen up and taste very very good.  So, I can be eating tomatoes in late June and July like everyone else.  Not late August and September.....because June here in Maine is still cold. I was eating my own tomatoes in September and early October- mostly in soup.

Outside- very cold and white.  Snow covering the lawn.  I discovered a mostly empty little set of drawers (IKEA back in the early 1980's) And I might move it.  Use the drawers for art supplies.  Most of the coat closet shelving is packed with art supplies.  I need to measure first and move it after I measure. Or tuck it into the little Magic Closet in the sewing room.  You have NO IDEA what a frigging mess that room is these days.  Stuff everywhere.  The floor is covered in piles of cloth......I was searching for the perfect something................well, you know how that goes.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Another Friday - February 12th

 Deb L likes my little drawings so this is for her.  My little Sun.

I "watched" the Senate Hearing again yesterday.  Later on CNBC, Lindsey Graham said- "they wasted their time- as the Senate is NOT impeaching Trump" I worry he is right.

Now it's up to the Great State Of Georgia.  Filing charges and having the taped evidence of Trump.  11740 votes.  Georgia knocked Mitch back with it's two Democratic Senators and now this. Who would have EVER thought it would be Georgia????  Way to go, Georgia!!! 

The 6 am accidents on ice covered highways in Texas - horrific. This morning's paper said most cars were driven by health care workers either leaving for home after their shift or just coming in to work.  Difficult to remember NOT to touch the brakes on ice. Just go along with the slide.

The House Air is very very dry and my eyes are very very dry.  Makes reading or doing other stuff (using eyes) very difficult.  And most of the things I like doing- uses EYES.  So I have mostly been sitting on the couch staring at the ceiling while listening to the TV or sitting and listening with my eyes closed- but then they get stuck closed.  I have drops.  That helps.

I fried gyoza dumplings for husband's supper last night.  Frozen dumplings so very little effort on my part. I also made fresh dipping sauce.  Then I returned to the couch. To watch a favorite Christmas Movie.

Sunshine and 14 degrees today.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Daily Reconsidering- February 11th

 This image was in the morning feed of 21 emails.  I wish it was here in my kitchen.

Yesterday was a nightmare of a day.  I watched the impeachment trial and actually cried thru the entire 4 to 6 hours.  My father was a policeman.  Those radio calls for help....geez.  Brutal.

The impeachment managers did an excellent job.  Really.  Excellent.

Wouldn't it be a wonderful World if it changed 6 or 7 minds?  Stranger things have happened, I guess.

Later to make the day even...more emotional- I watched the movie "42".  Jackie Robinson.  At the end they said his number was permanently retired and no major league player has ever worn that number. And, the amazing actor died last year of cancer.  It's a hard movie to watch.

A few people have said tears are Nature's Pressure Valve.  I certainly feel exhausted.

Emails and real mail:  Aunt Jemima has been renamed Pearl Milling Company.  And will be back on shelves soon.  Now I want to know the history of the new name.  Paula sent remnants of sock yarn left after she knitted socks.  Not enough to make anything- but enough for me to mend socks- for the first time in my life.  I am very interested in mending my socks.  Books: A Man Called Ove and The Salt Path. I didn't write the one Connie suggested but I will go find it.  Write it here on the desk top calendar. Today I might vacuum the floors.  I have tons of vegetable soup in the fridge.  Haven't been eating actual meals. Husband will most likely want a grilled sandwich for lunch.  Later- we got up late.

The sun is shining and it's cold but no snow for the next few days.  The South and West are getting really bad weather.  Ice.  I'll take snow any day- but not Ice.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Daily Reconsidering- February 10th

 First off-  very sincere apologies for making offensive remarks. They have been removed. I take full responsibility for saying things that I should not have said.  Or thought.

The snowblower just arrived back from being repaired.  A belt or something slipped off.  But husband and I had already shoveled.  On the truck was a lawn tractor fitted out with a snowblower.  $25K.  Geez.

I am reading All the Ugly and Wonderful Things.  A strange book but the writing is very very good.  I have a feeling that I am at the point in the story where things get truly ugly.  But the book was recommended to me by a good friend so...I am going forward. The little slip of paper in the back of the book has ratings and comments from other previous readers.  Some did not like the subject matter and others gave the book 5 stars.  

We did actually have pizza last night.  And it was wonderful.

I filled in two more squares on the desk calendar.  Stripes in one and little circles inside other little circles on the other. I did not watch the Impeachment Trial.  I did not watch much TV at all until later- when I watched two episodes of Law and Order.  

I have bills to pay today.  Not much else going on but the Sun is shining.  Which is great.

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Daily Wondering Why I Read the Newspaper- February 9th

 The Hell with healthy, low fat eating.  I want this.  But I know that it doesn't exist here where I live.

No sunshine. Not snowing. Cold.  24 degrees at almost noon. Outside it's all Black and White.

No COVID appointment or shot.

House is dry and my eyes are also.  And now....... Corrections.

The Seance Coffee was second coffee but I wish it had been a Seance. Computer writing it's own stuff.

Super Bowl Commercial.  I don't remember his name.  Singer but he didn't sing.  Took awhile for husband and I to figure out who it was because he looked so old and lost.  We did- now I don't. 

So that's the gossipy chatter thing done.  I am sleepy today.  I watched early season Law and Order yesterday. Women in wide padded shoulder jackets and big hair.  The men looked greasy.  Not a fashion period that did anything for me.  But they were episodes I had not seen or had forgotten.  So that was fresh.  And then I watched Miss Scarlett and the Duke which I had recorded.  PBS.  The women wear the same dress everyday.  And the men are always smoking. A very dirty stinky time period. And dirty fingernails.  They must have people on set making sure everyone's hands are dirty. And greasy hair.

We are hoping to have pizza today.  I am always optimistic.  

Monday, February 08, 2021

Daily Snow Shoveling- February 8th

 Hey- well today got off to a thrilling start.  Husband was going to quickly do the snowblowing of what ever had fallen in the 9 hours it snowed yesterday- (not much- 6 inches compressed overnight?) and then drive me to the library pickup and the grocery.  Nope.

Snowblower stopped going forward.  He tried fixing it but I just started shoveling.  I got most of the driveway and out by the mailbox cleared and then started on the double wide pad in front of the garage. Husband gave up on the snowblower and called for service guy.  We finished driveway and then onto library and grocery shopping.  Came back- snowblower gone.  I guess it couldn't be fixed at home.

I am guessing I have held out as long as possible and we'll need to get some quotes for a new driveway.  Too many cracks and bumps. I'm wondering if we could get heat wires installed to melt snow?  It's a very long driveway.  But our luck- the snow would melt and then freeze to solid ice. It's Maine.

Love that old Japanese jacket up top.  I got the image from somewhere.  Wished I had one.  I would wear it everyday.

We started watching the Super Bowl when the score was 9 and 20 something.  Then stayed to watch our favorite quarterback win.  I've never really seen the Chargers play that badly or maybe, just maybe- they were outplayed.  Seven Rings.  It doesn't get much better--oh- I am sure he'll try for 8.  We never got to the pizza.  Perhaps today?  It's already 3:30 and husband is eating a huge bowl of soup. I am going to make a seance cup of coffee and look up a few books on the internet.

I drew an excellent chicken in yesterday's calendar block. Very colorful.  Today?  Not sure.

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Daily Puzzling- February 7th

 My floors.  Hall moving right into dining room kitchen.  That's a early relative of Pergo flooring in the dining room kitchen.  Actually a thin slice of cherry wood (real) and then a sticky adhesive layer- now getting a bit ancient. I love the color and it's wood-i-ness. The black is Italian. A ceramic slate.

There is something about the floors and the Pure White walls.  I want- really want-- to buy flat black chalk paint and paint one wall with it- in the kitchen dining area.  And write and draw on it.  It will happen.  It will.

I have other photos but forgot to send them to email.  It's just that kind of day.  Chilly.  Darkish.  No Sun. My cross the street neighbor already got an Amazon delivery via post office this dark Sunday morning.  And I walked across and up her drive with her New York Times.  She has fallen and hurt her hip.  Not broken just painful.

As I was searching for something interesting to photograph for you- I notice a quilting pattern.  How it got where it is- well, Life is a Mystery isn't it?  But it's the pattern I used to make my chicken quilt.  Heads of chickens in all sorts of wild colors and fabrics- but only chickens.  The pattern has chickens around the borders and baskets in the middle section.  I didn't make the baskets.  The Chicken Head Quilt is my favorite from that time period.  Hand appliquéd.  Instructions were for machine appliqué. I made the chickens while I stayed with my father so he could leave assisted living and be back in his house.  He ran his fingers over every chicken as I made them.  I've spoken of this before- I knowingly am repeating myself--- quilts are often more than just design and technique.  Or great fabrics.  Sometimes they are memories.

That's what I wanted to communicate.  I think it also works for those who receive a quilt.  We send them memories and then they make their own while looking, touching and using the quilts. So, let's keep making shall we?

Football later today and Pizza.  So that is sorted out.  Prior to those activities what shall I do? I could bake a dessert item. I could.  I could read another book.  I could...........draw something.  My Saturday calendar block is empty still and now I have Sunday to draw as well.  Two and possibly three squares already have snow......which is sort of cheating.  I'll let you know what happens.

Saturday, February 06, 2021

Daily Wasting Time- February 6th

 My breakfast bowl.  Oatmeal and an orange.  I love those spoons.  I bought them on a visit to Denmark or Sweden. Long ago.  Before we moved to Germany.  Every Christmas I wish I had bought a collection of pink pigs for the Christmas Tree while in Denmark or Sweden..  Haben Swein.  It was a wish that you had pigs.  Food.  For the long Winter. Stores always have a pickle ornament but never pigs.

Now the wish would be Haben Vaccine.

I am re-reading a book.  Enjoying it.  Nothing much on television.  I stopped watching news but did watch Biden get on Air Force One yesterday.  I hope they got all the Trump cooties off of it.

I think I need a project.  Something.  Yesterday I got involved watching Ancient Aliens on the History channel.  Weird stuff.  Weird guys as hosts. But it was interesting seeing all the crop circles. Beautiful. And then the math formulas drawn over the circles.  Beings in Outer Space are really very good at math. I drew my own crop circle in yesterday's calendar block.

No turkey's today.

The sun is shining and its supposed to be in the 40's all day.  Was still sort of light outside at 5 pm.  Summer is on the way.  The mail truck delivers mail at around 8am.  Used to be 6 or 7 PM.  So, if there is no mail when we walk out for the morning paper- there won't be any.

Super Bowl tomorrow so I will be making Football Pizza.

Can you tell things are pretty darn boring at my house?????

Friday, February 05, 2021

Daily Notes- February 5th

 Found in an old Bon Appetite magazine.  For Canning and Pickling Season.  I love line drawings like this and should make a practice of setting up a few items and drawing them.  I have jars just like these and a spool of kitchen string exactly like the one in this drawing.  I do not have a small crock.  I believe the item center bottom is a funnel.  Fits inside the canning jar to help get the pickles or jam into the jar. Mine is red plastic.  Have had it forever.

I have to get my seed starting going.  Last year I waited a few weeks too long.  And I had to wait again in the Spring for my tiny seedlings to be ready to transplant. My major stumbling point is identifying what's planted in the milk jugs.  Sun fades ink.  I have to figure something out. Past ideas haven't worked very well.  Re-inventing the wheel until one works I guess.

Wild Turkey's in the back yard this morning.  Pecking and walking around.  Husband says they are too large to get going enough to fly.  I think there are too many trees- no good open spot to "get going'. I would have enjoyed watching them fly off in formation.

A friend sent me a link to a senior center art class (vimeo video).  When I moved to Maine I was too young to be a senior citizen and couldn't take Connie's classes.  Connie had been recommended to me by the instructor at my Botanical Drawing class at the Morton Arboretum.  I rather enjoyed drawing an exact copy of something rather than making something up.  Art classes in college were supposed to be "creative or abstract" in the mid 1960's. So in 1989-90 I found exact botanical drawing quite lovely.  Which then morphed into needle turn appliqué of realistic flowers and leaves.  A natural progression which has come full circle as I am now interested in doing botanical drawing again.  It's quiet, serene and gentle.

Connie said in her video- any regular pencil and any blank piece of paper are good enough to get you started.  All supplies are readily available at any Dollar Store.  Well, I have everything Connie mentioned as "supplies" right here on the desk.  Even the "luxury" of colored pencils which Connie said were nice but not necessary.  I saw a blog post recently of drawings a man has made on sales receipts or any slip of paper he finds.  Art is available.  No special supplies needed.  

You might need to buy a pencil sharpener.  My dad sharpened his pencils with a pocket knife.  I have a most excellent German pencil sharpener. I bought it when we lived in Germany and have kept it in constant use when we moved back to the USA. It adjusts to the perfect sharpening distance.  Love it.

That is my creative endeavor these days.  Drawing- first on my desk top calendar, in my notebooks, and now.......a dedicated art notebook?  I should have one somewhere- more than one..... I will just need to decide on the surface of the pages.  Smooth or rough.  Plenty of typing paper here as well.  

I liked reading the creative endeavors of my two readers.  Any one else want to chime in???

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Just Going- February 4th

 Random shot but it looks very textured and interesting.  The colors are fully saturated.  Part of a pile on the sewing table.  I was going to make Santa Potholders but the fabric images were too large- didn't make sense in potholder size.  I adore Santa's striped pajamas.  Would love a shirt like that. Perhaps I should paint stripes on one of my many white shirts????

Made the soup.  Both turned out to be delicious.  Mine...yummy.  Really so much better with a potato. I almost cleaned out the crisper drawer.  So, I have added vegetables to Monday's shopping list.  More big fat carrots from a local farmer.  I might even buy a leek.  And a turnip.  And if there are storage beets, some of those, to roast and eat warm with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and some fresh mozzarella. Local beets have this deep earthy flavor.  Dirt.

Beverly-- I can't express how much I would LOVE to have any of the regular readers of this blog--for a neighbor.  One of those "run over to her house for a coffee or whatever" friends.  I had that in that old long ago Florida house.  Where I made that beaded bell.  It was wonderful.  There was something like it in the first Chicago neighborhood.  Crafts and BBQ's and an Easter egg hunt.  And then we moved to Germany.

Here in Maine.  Once the Quilting Group broke up........nothing has replaced it.  Well, teaching gardening classes was a lovely experience.  But that ship has sailed for the time being. I think this year's classes will be on Zoom.  But not me.  DebL- I know what you mean.  Seeing the mail person put something in my mailbox is the most excitement and "new" we have here at my house. Even the News is getting stale.

My daughter has been ringing the doorbell and tossing me a bag of those little packets they put in packages to keep things dry.  The little packets are great to tuck into a box with seed packets for the garden. Keeps the seeds dry.  Which reminds me......I need to get some milk jugs prepped and sprinkled with marigold seeds I saved last year.  February is Winter Seed Starting time on the back deck.  I'll top the soil in the milk jugs with snow.  Soup yesterday.  Seeds today.  

What are you doing to keep the brain cells alive????? Share, please?

Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Daily News- February 3rd

 Muffy.  We haven't seen her on the blog since November.  Wearing her Ladybug jumpsuit for February.  The dog is either impressed or......... but he is the only one with his own chair.  That other Muffy is a greeting card and she is wearing something with wings which didn't make it into the photo.  I am looking for red ribbon. All I had close by was white.  I do like the yellow and black check ribbon on the card.  But don't have any of that.

We'll see what I can find.

Daughter reports that I am repeating myself in conversations with her.  She monitors my mental health. So, I am asking you all- am I repeating myself here on the blog as well????

I called my medical provider.  They have vaccine- occasionally- and will call when it's my turn.  They are doing the earliest part of the alphabet and it will be awhile before they get to S.  My initial letter. Especially with the two doses.

The mail truck came while my mail was still in the house. AGAIN.  We are going to drop a book off at the library and the mail at the post office.  Then come home.  We have no idea whatsoever on when the mail truck comes to our street.  Life is a Mystery. As is the pickup of the trash and garbage.

Connie found my comment that 8 to 10 inches of snow was no problem amusing.  Try 24 to 48 inches Connie.  That's the normal amount in Maine- several times each winter and usually- it's heavy and wet.  This stuff is hard and dry.  Like tiny ball bearings.  Dangerous to walk on.  Husband used to make a maze out back with the snowblower.  Riley loved it.  We couldn't see him as the snow walls were taller than he was and he always came up right behind us and made me scream.  He really got a kick out of that.  Many a wonderful night out there in the snow maze chasing the dog.  Husband is going out- snow piled up overnight- 6 inches more I think.  Nope- just setting out the garbage and recycling. I just heard the snowblower start up.  More clothes in the laundry basket.

I haven't started reading anything yet. The air in the house is dry and my eyes are feeling dry. Today I plan to make soup.  Chicken for husband and a vegetable bean soup for me.  Pantry Soup. I better get started. I made sure I had plenty of carrots and celery and I think I saw a potato in the bin.  My soup is better with potato.  Well, that's that.  I looked on line at the new Mac desktop computers.  Like trading in a paper airplane for a fighter jet................

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Daily Shoveling- February 2nd

 This is screen shot of the Covid Vaccination sites for 70 years and older here in Maine.  "we do not have any vaccination appointments at this time" for the entire month of February. They have no calendar for March.  The last time they sent an invitation to get an appointment- they shut down in 2 hours and took the phone line down completely and forever.  And had NO vaccine available.  This is Maine.  So- my point.  People made appointments and there is no vaccine.  So- Nothing.

Grace is getting her shot in California.  DebL is driving some distance to get her shot in Georgia. Liz in Texas has an appointment. My brother in Georgia already has his second shot which he is getting from his primary care doctor...... In the newspaper people are suggesting we drive into nearby States for shots. Or we could leave a message with Senator Susan Collins. Right. We'll stay home.

The HUGE snow storm wasn't much of anything.  About 8 to 10 inches of light snow which husband is snowblowing as I type.  We were expecting heavy wet snow which is a Great Cardiac Exercise for old men who have already had by pass surgery. I was told to stay inside- he'd get all the snow up.   Okay.

Xfinity sent a note this morning on the computer that my payment didn't arrive.  I called.  And was complimented on the way I recited my account number- so clearly....... and my account was checked to see if there was a better plan for me. No. And we chatted about the weather and the postal service. And I promised to pay my new bill as soon as it arrives.  Seemed my check had arrived. Lord those Infinity folks are creative.

As to the day.  Husband has things to eat.  I might make soup but not today.  I have to check and see if I made the bed.  I don't remember.  I had oatmeal AND toast for breakfast and couldn't get anywhere with my easy Suduko puzzle.  I have a stack of them now.  None even close to... well having spaces filled in. I would like to go back to bed and start the day over but then I would have to call Xfinity again. Groundhog Day.