Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, November 30th. Wet, Cold, Raining...Dark.

 I like the size of the handle most of all.  And I buy only King Arthur flour so I like that as well. Am I ordering one?  No.  I do not willingly give out my credit card number on the internet.

Grocery today.  Husband was down to ONE chicken dinner. Emergency Lights Are Flashing.  We only had the opportunity to buy two more. So I got some prepared (fried) chicken tenders from the "hot bar" and we will try a "homemade" dinner. Chicken tenders the pasta he already cooks to add to the meals because you have to have lots of pasta, the shredded Parm we also buy separately and a jar of red sauce.  We will see how it goes. I truly hope it "goes". Would simplify my shopping.

I hold the line at actually cooking raw chicken etc.  I do not like raw chicken. No. I do not.

It was raining.   No one was bringing carts into the store.  Only three registers open and the parking lot full. Not a great day....  I wore shoes with tread.  My usual Summer Garden clogs (rubbery) no longer have tread on the soles.  I have slipped and fallen when it rains.  I don't want to do that in my raincoat.  The big black wool coat blunts the fall and saves my hip bones when I fall in winter weather.. but I now have restaurant shoes with non slip soles.  Today I had on Pink Rubber Shoes.  Orange Coat. White Hair.

Fashion Statement.  You can NEVER take the Cleveland, Ohio out of the Girl.

New puzzle on the table.  Big pieces.  This one belongs to us.  Remember I bought puzzles and coloring books at Sherman's Books?  Birthday Stuff.  He had a birthday.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Field Notes. I skipped a Day!!!! Tuesday, November 29th. 27 degrees outside. Sunshine.

 I didn't realize I had not posted yesterday- until five seconds ago!!!!  I shocked myself when I saw that. I must be losing brain cells faster than I assumed. Truly...I feel older and more frail by the day.

Well, yesterday.....the jigsaw puzzle got finished.  I did two loads of wash.  I ate the last remaining thanksgiving leftovers, and the porch wreaths- 48 inches wide and heavy- were carried from the Garage Attic by the Twin's Dad and hung on the hooks and plugged in.  We had them on last night.  Gorgeous.

Also, DebL will be happy to learn, I MET and CHATTED with my new next door neighbor.  My husband is going to feed and visit her two cats when she goes away for Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day.  She asked me but I was truthful.....I don't like cats.  She and husband are camping out in the room above the garage.  Her kitchen is no where near finished.  The ceiling had to be structurally "rebuilt" which means the second story of her house is...not what it should be????.   Classic Money Pit.

The house across the street #11 (identical to next door) had the dining room ceiling fall in, the builder was "excellent". Yes, the ceiling just came down on her table and chairs........ fascinating. Same would have happened to the new neighbor.

I am having lunch with another owner of an identical house #1 and the Twins live in yet another one #5 of these houses (so I spoke to all four same house owners yesterday).  From the story I heard long ago (and far away).......four lots were left when all the custom homes (one of a kind) had been finished and a builder came in and threw up identical houses on the four vacant and not so great (swampy) lots.  

My house was the first built on this "formerly" swampy/ crap tree covered piece of Earth.  It was quite "something" as it was being built.  The "basement" filled with water as it was being dug.........which is why I have a crawl space and no basement.

The cement truck sunk into the muddy road when they dug the foundation.....the fire department came to haul the cement truck out and the BIG fire engine sunk into the house is well known in the community. My husband visited Town Meetings (and spoke) until the Town actually PAVED our street a few years ago. I had forgotten that.  Squeaky Wheel and all that. Forty years after construction.

I had to refill my 1970's pewter peppermill this morning.  It has lots of moveable parts.  Parts that are held down by a spring.   It was a SUBSTANTIAL JOB.  Finding stuff that had SPRUNG FREE when I loosen the nut on the screw.  It's all back together and grinding just fine.  

I learned my lesson last time.....I didn't open it in the sink..........and then have to reach into the disposal thingy looking for a small screw........

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Field Notes- Dark and Cold outside when I went to get the paper. Dismal. That's a good word for today.

 I found this somewhere and thought it was quite lovely.  Shaped bread for the Holiday just past.  I thought I wanted glass front cabinets but.......I think I will stick with the stainless rolling shelving that I have right now. A Restaurant vibe. 

We went to the grocery store yesterday and the Library.  I returned books and got five more- two for husband.  Three for me.  Two are repeats.  Reading was fine yesterday.  No need for drops or resting periods. House Air wasn't as DRY.

I watched a Christmas Movie I had recorded off FX.  Sound was not good.  FX is either very loud or not audible.  It's the way it arrives.  Title was Last Christmas.  And they kept offering the Bad Language warning.    I never did hear any bad language.  It was British.  And I never can understand them.  The Brits & Christmas.  Almost to the end and I remembered what it's about.  And I knew I would cry.  The reality part goes by quickly and if you're not watching and paying attention you will never understand what it's about.  But......I cried.

I think that's why I recorded it.......for a good cry.  Eyes are a bit damp right now.

I used to have a few Rom-coms that provided a good cry.  Can't quite recall which ones they are.....but I know I don't have them recorded.  I do have Tom Hanks in an airport that he can't leave.  Recorded  many years ago......that's what I actually love about TiVo.  Forever Storage if you don't delete. And now I will also have the Last Christmas and Love Actually- forever.  Today I will watch the Bookstore Around the Corner.  I love that movie.

I just finished reading Meghan Quinn's Runaway Groomsman.  The Runaway is a script writer for a channel called Movieflix.  (netflix?)  He interprets what is happening as if it's a scripted movie. And if it was a movie- I would record it.  He arrives VERY drunk, in a baby blue tux with only one shoe. The two women in the book have to drag, carry him to his room. And he's "trending" on social media.  Not in a good way.  I went and ordered more by this author.  Can't wait till they arrive.  Now reading a small paperback- 2001-  Tempted Again by Cathie Linz.  Mad, Bad and Blonde was the other one I liked and this one has one of the characters from the first book in this one.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Field Notes- Sunshine- Warmer. Neighbors had trucks there- woke me up , yet again.

 Brussels Sprouts.  I captured this image the week before T'Day.  Then forgot about it.

I like black slate.  I wanted it for the kitchen counters.....when I still harbored thoughts of a new kitchen. I have it on the floors.  Black and White.  Makes everything look exciting.

Grocery today.  He wanted Chicken Parmesan Dinners. And his inhaler prescription.  I wanted Cinnamon Raisin Bread.  I also got honey lemon cough drops for when the "house air" gets dry and I cough.  The Cough and Cold Aisle was crowded.  Not a good sign.

The store was OUT (again) of my Noosa Vanilla Yogurt "Ice Cream".

I stopped to chat with a Greenhouse employee in the Wine and Potato Chip Aisle.  They miss me. Mostly because I answered questions.  I miss them, as well.  The store did not have the 60% less salt Potato Chips.  They had 40% less.... in abundance.  I was strong and didn't get the 40%.

Husband had leftovers and then he had pie yesterday.  I had leftovers but forgot to have pie.

We watched the Soccer.....well, the last 20 minutes.  The action is too fast and the figures too small- so husband was confused. Not worth it.

Dee- I was watching Lifetime Christmas also..  Same actors as Hallmark and I check and see if the movies I want are on Lifetime now...found a few and recorded them.  And they have Love Actually.  Which I am recording on TiVo.  Love the END of that movie.