Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday, January 18th. Freezing Cold. Ice. Sunshine

 I sewed while watching tv.  Then the California Chargers game.  Very upscale.  And another twosome where only one side came to actually TRY to play.  It's very strange and none of the "Talking Heads" (commentators) have anything to say about it.  One sided playoff games.

I skipped the soup.  I had a Swiss, Mayo, and Romaine sandwich. Greens.  Lots of Romaine.  I ate it while rolled up in a down filled coverlet.  I'll have soup today.  As it's a slippery, shiny Ice World outside today.

The road below the driveway is clean and dry- they spray it with de-icer.  They is the Town.  Our driveway- the part the Sun shines on is also free of ice.  Our front steps and walkways are ice rinks.

Not much else to report.  I am scheduled to get my hair cut on Thursday. And my Honda Car is scheduled for an Oil Change and State Inspection Sticker on Friday.  Big Week. My car has been "out of compliance" with the sticker for a long time.  The fine is $100 a month if caught by the Police, going back to original expiration date. I drive to grocery store and walk to library from there.  I go nowhere.  And when I tried for a sticker one December (not last month), my car failed.  Repairs to things were needed and they got done- but once it snows- I don't drive.  And here we are...one year later.  I do pay the Town Tax on my vehicle.  That's a tag for the license plate.  The clerk used to do a double take on the mileage when my hair was brown.  Now its white (my hair) and she doesn't.

Anyway........I need to make a dessert for myself..  I finished off the Raspberry Jello.  I have cake mix.  I have brownie mix.  I have cheesecake crumb crust mix.  I know how to make several tasty items in a coffee cup in the microwave..... using cookies. I have a few cookies.  I have chocolate. I have cream cheese. And cream.And Egg Beaters.  I should be able to make myself a "Cup" cake. Or I can just eat candy.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday January 16th

 A new Project.  Embellishment of this small square pieced top.  It has two borders and then I got "blocked" as to what to do next.  Now I am thinking some "shapes" appliqu├ęd just above that thin border and into the blocks above.  Rectangles (thin and tall) or elongated triangles.  I looked for tiny prints in the fabric closet.  I couldn't find the fabric I made the slim border out of.  Just a strip from the border itself.  It might be enough. Just to remind the observer of the slim border.  That cloudy blue is cloth I painted. I might have some scraps of that.

We went to the grocery today.  At around 2 pm.  Just in case the "Threatening Weather Reports" are correct and we need to get the generator working to power the heat and lights. Tomorrow is the day.  Big Wind. which is nasty here in Maine with so many old diseased trees hanging over the power lines.  In any other Town- they would just cut them down and plant new trees farther back from the streets.

Last time husband got the generator "working" he did something to his back.  And was in a lot of pain for the entire winter spring and summer.  He's just now feeling better.  So...cross your fingers and say a little prayer for us????

Well, I need to start in on making my soup.  I didn't do it yesterday.

That book--- Kinsella's Love Your Life. It was good and I had read it before.  The first 20 pages can put one off.  But once she gets to Italy and the writing retreat- it's a good book.  Not great- good.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Daily Notes- January 15th- Bitterly Cold. Sun Shining. Making SOUP.

 My Soup will sort of look like this soup but I won't be sprinkling mine with green herb leaves. Pantry Soup.  I just dug around in the pantry to find the most current out of date cans for the soup.  Each time I do this I vow not to buy two of anything.  The second seems to sit around and get old. Forgotten.

Or I could just make Pantry Soup every week till I use all the cans up.

But the WHOLE IDEA of Pantry is to have things in there for the "last minute" usage.  Nothing to eat??? There's stuff in the Pantry Cupboard.  But I think...the part missing is the actual Daily Cooking. Or ANY cooking.  Which I no longer do.  Since husband has always preferred anything BUT home cooking.  

Which baffles me.  I can produce a better product.  Husband will refuse to eat the soup I am making.

He has also returned to his addiction to playing games on his iPhone (in the bathroom where he thinks I won't find out).  I am disappointed in him. And I contemplate packing a suitcase and just walking away from what is coming. He'll be in the car driving to a restaurant before I am halfway down the road.  Did you think he would be chasing after me?...that's laughable. Well, he might try to find me when the laundry basket is full or more likely just carry the basket to the dry cleaners.   I am not very cheerful today.

Football today.  And the Weather will be...frigid.  And the Patriots seem to have given up four weeks ago.  Something happened.  Something we may never find out about.  Could be Covid Fatigue.  When talking to the public their voices are flat.  Emotionless.  Like trauma victims. Perhaps family things that they have suffered or are dealing with.

No books to tell about.  I was busy re-reading older books and now have a new Kinsella- Love Your Life to read.  No idea if I will like it.  But it's library due date is close.  The last book I was reading shall not be mentioned.  I got 1/3rd of the way in and the confused writing was more than I wanted to deal with.  Mary Alice Monroe- the summer of lost and found. (author used lower case )  Covid.  (I mentioned it).

Friday, January 14, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, January 14th. Bitterly Cold

 Pillow three. 

Today I visited the site of a quilt ARTIST I had never known about and...wow..sometimes the things I don't know about Thread, Stitch and Cloth.....overwhelm me. she mentions the Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio where I went to school.  Ohio University.  At the Time I was there- it was still a barn full of cows.

And wouldn't you know it- now I can't find the link back to that Artist..  Will have to exist in my memory. I can't remember the beginning thread I followed this morning.

But before I left her site: a long book list.  She adds a "what I am reading" at the end of her posts.  And I noticed a few books I had read and enjoyed so I copied the list of books from an additional few posts. Eleven.  Now if I had only written her website at the top.

EDIT:  I found her: Helen Geglio.  I added her to my Bookmark List and now have the task of removing 6 that husband added to my computer.  I am reminded that I actually created this blog one evening with daughter.  All the mechanics of it were done by me.  How I have composted in the years since.  Brain Rot.

Now, long time Readers know the number eleven is important to me.  It's sort of a "beacon".  When it shows up- I pay attention. (yep-- this was a beacon that I have let myself slide....)

It's very cold.  But I have had the furnace running for only a short time.  We have a new puzzle.  I found it on the floor under magazines in the guest bedroom.  Vincent Van Gogh.  Blue Skies.  I paid two dollars for it at Goodwill at some point in time- at least 2 years ago- BC  (before Covid). BC. Gosh.