Saturday, May 15, 2021

Daily Notes- And Yes, I am very late on this May 15th

 Laundry Basket from some site- basket holding all my favorite colored clothing.  I did paint my floor white once- in college and my room mate was "not amused".  It washed off easily.

I carried all my annuals out to the front porch.  It's 72 and they aren't in the sun.  I also tipped the large planter over and slid the Euonomous out of the pot and then onto a tarp and dragged it down to the garden. The fenced garden.  Dug a hole for it.  It might be upset about the relocation for a few weeks.  It's roots are untouched so that should be a good thing.  We'll cover it for the Winter.  It's a zone 6 and Winter will be a zone 5.  It had been root bound.  A large garbage can with a few bricks on top should be a good Winter coat for it going forward.

We hooked up the hose and sprinklers for the Peach trees and gave them and extra extra long drink. No rain.  For too long.  I have my three empty pots set up- ready to fill.  But not yet as the plants that go into them are not outdoor hardy as yet.  My old employer greenhouse had Red French marigolds.   I usually grow them from seed I save- but I didn't this Winter.  I just never could coax myself into doing the work. 

Sad news- when we pulled the fig out of it's pot- it was obvious the tree was dead.  And husband had the new- self built container there and was having a very hard time letting go.  I have to find something else for that lovely new wooden container.  We'll think of something.

I wrote an email to my brother to ask about sourdough starter- his wife had made some in the early months of the pandemic.  He replied from his hospital bed -- but good news- he's going home today.  Not COVID related but (still serious) he said it was an awful time to be in the hospital.

Monday I can visit the inside of the library.  If the line isn't too long.  And they have Express Books again. Best sellers we can borrow for 7 days only but we can't reserve them- first come and all that.

I am wearing short pants and short sleeved shirt today.  72 and very warm.  Still nice and cool in the house.  We have to hope we can find help with the window A/C units.  Remember last year- one fell out the window.  Perhaps George?  No.. I think he hit his quota- cutting and carrying our Christmas Tree into the house. I keep remembering Deb's story of the 88 year old man who tied a rope to the A/C unit and his 88 year old wife-  She was supposed to keep it from falling out the two story window. Wow...I laughed out loud.  I can see her zipping straight out the window like she was on a zip line.  We won't do that.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Daily Notes Friday May 14th- Sunny and possibly very warm

 On the feed that comes into my mail in the morning.  Cherry tomatoes.  Last year I grew mixed colored cherry tomatoes- I had chocolate, orange and yellow on one plant and then the Sungold's and Snow White on other plants. Most of them were given away.  I ate a small percentage of them.  The chipmunks ate quite a few. The larger tomatoes took so long to ripen here where I live- it wasn't warm enough for them so we ate grocery store tomatoes all Summer and our own tomatoes in September and October.

I am just back from a quick drive into Town to pick up two more library books.  I passed a guy running in- well, just his shorts.  It's that warm 3 or 4 miles away.  Up the road- towards Town where people live (and heat up the atmosphere).  But not here.  Here I am happy with my corduroy pants and my long sleeved thermal and wool sweater. But I did feel out of place in Town.

I read my new book yesterday. Act Your Age, Eve Brown.  The story of the third Brown Sister. It's been a long wait for this third book- which was written during the COVID lock down. But has no mention of that. I think- what is missing is a connection to this third sister.  In the first two books, Chloe and Dani were pretty well drawn for the Reader--but this sister only provides boxes of perfectly prepped vegetables for her sister's refrigerator in the previous two books. We know little about her, other than she fails at everything she tries to do.....  The book is fine.  But it could have been better.  The chemistry between the guy and Eve is pretty intense and funny in the beginning seems to fade as the book goes along. Red shows up at the end riding his motorcycle.....and I was so happy to have him back on the page!!!

Anyone out there read this series?  Next up is The Other Bennet Sister.  Prolonging my reading of Jane Austen type books.  And Monday I get to go inside the library.  To actually, search the stacks and new fiction for things to read.  Be still my heart...........

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Daily Notes- May 13th- Cloudy with a chance of Sun

The picture up top is the floor just inside the porch door on the back vestibule. Where I keep my plants  before they are ready for the great outdoors.  The Avocado is 60% recovered- it's been out there a week or more.  Still having difficulty keeping it's leaves filled with moisture.  I have the ceiling fan on very slow to just get the air moving.  I think that helps the plants.  I am considering additions of lime / dark red striped coleus and some geraniums.  And that's it.

Husband cut the grass yesterday- it was too much for him.  I usually do the front yard or the back- it doesn't bother me, but he was stubborn and did it all.  But the grass looks like green velvet. Always so pretty in May.  Not so much in late July and August.  The peach trees have many pink blossoms but not ready to leaf out as yet.  The Queen of Plums has a few white blossoms on the tips of her branches.  Still recovering from having the center pruned out of the tree.  Now it's a short wide plum queen. I also sprayed both the peach trees and the plum with a spray that smothers pesky insects that damage the fruit.

 We had a power failure overnight.  So, the routine getting everything back up to speed..  Some difficulty with the Keurig coffee machine.   It just wanted to make water not coffee. That is fixed.

Neighbors down the street have half the road blocked with orange cones and trucks.  Some landscaping work.  Yesterday a sophisticated young woman dressed in clinging black was trying to sell me carpenter ant pest treatment while keeping her attention on some texts on her phone.  I would speak and she would look what???  Are you trying to actually talk to me????  So, I stepped back and closed the door.

It's odd seeing Portland people (yuppies) here in my town.  Like aliens from a distant planet.

I have books to pick up at the library so will be off and driving Monday I can go inside and actually LOOK at books and choose.   But not today.  I read Love at First a second time.  It was better the second time around.  Not that it wasn't wonderful the first time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Daily Notes- May 12th- Cloudy with a chance of Sun

 I had forgotten to mention:  While grocery shopping on Monday- there was an announcement that COVID jabs were available at the Pharmacy counter- no appointment- just walk up and get one. And that brought a big smile to my face- under my mask.

Today- like yesterday- Cold Sun.  I stopped using the furnace in the house.  It's cold in here and we go outdoors to warm up.  I kept hoping it would rain yesterday- but no.  And so today I will haul water down to the fenced garden and check on my rhubarb and my herb seedlings.  See how close the French Lilac is to bloom.

I started work on another small (less than playing card size) cloth.  I have so many small bits and pieces. And then- I walked over to the bookcase and dug around and found a bag of tiny multi colored buttons- (North Carolina was their State of origin) and they were better suited to the tiny rectangles.  So, now to remove the larger buttons and add the tiny ones.

An email from the library- seven books I ordered are here.  Ready for pickup.  Until the weather decides to be Warm Spring- I will be reading.

Yesterday the neighbor's friendly cat-  who has been okay to have around..... yesterday we had a bird sitting by the deck. Husband and I couldn't figure out what it was- perhaps a newly born turkey.  But it caught the eye of the cat.  And now.....the cat is not someone I want to see in my yard EVER again.  It's okay, I guess,  for me to allow the cat to hunt and kill chipmunks and mice (rodents).  But I am thinking birds- are past my limits of acceptance. Especially if I have to see it happen right there in front of our back deck.  We tried but we couldn't get outside fast enough............