Saturday, August 13, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, August 13th. Cool, Cloudy-- so far a great start to the day.

 The Library will be having typewriters available for visitors to use.  I haven't done it in the past...but this year I think I want to use a typewriter and type a letter to one of my old friends. Or a new friend.  I think we had something like this in high school where I took typing 101.  I didn't do well.......I thought.  But years and years later- I type and don't  look at the keys.  Well, the MORE I type the less I look at the keys. So the class embedded itself in my brain.

Sun peaking out.  George was here yesterday afternoon and checked on the corn, found a giant zucchini  hiding behind the pot they are growing in- good only to grind up for zucchini bread.  I had a recipe for a chocolate zucchini bread and if I can find it I will use the zucchini.  We also picked two slim cucumbers.  Which I was going to eat yesterday but had a grilled cheese with double the cheese instead.  Salad cucumbers rather than pickling ones.  The Tomatoes aren't ripe yet.  Going really slow.

The grapes look marvelous.  Still green but can't wait to make jelly and dye cloth in the leftover juice. I might give the old work shirts a new "look" by cooking them a bit in the juice. They were originally blue but now are nearly white.  Peaches are almost there.  I ate one yesterday and sent George home with a nice one.  I could pick enough for a Georgia Peach Cobbler and let them sit under the microwave cover to gas each other into ripening.  G is almost finished with the Blueberry Cake but not sure he'll eat Peach Cobbler. It's "messy".  He likes things that present as a square or rectangle. Peach Cobbler oozes.

The Pharmacy person giving the shots was excellent.  Didn't feel a thing.  She said it was because she slides the needle in instead of punching it in.  This morning I noticed a small amount of muscle ache- but yesterday absolutely NOTHING - no fever etc. and no problems finding a comfortable sleeping position on that side..  Didn't need the Medicinal Ice Cream.   ....but I will still eat it.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, August 12th. Second Booster Shot Day. MY arm already hurts just thinking about it.

 Andrea D'Aquino Abstracts.

Or Covid Vaccine--Imagined.   Shots at 11am today.  My arm already aches @ 10am.

The News...not good and I was expecting some Republican distancing this morning...but they aren't. They just aren't......and it's so unbelievable.  Why back a Mental Case who admires Nazi Generals.?  Sigh...... Even AFTER they (T's White House staffers) explained that the Nazi Generals tried to KILL Hitler three times once they realized Hitler was INSANE. ...... so, in the Generals. Nuclear Codes???? Taken  home in a cardboard box????? As what? Something to paste in his scrapbook??? Or SELL.  Yep.

It rained over night and morning had a chill to it.....all welcome weather items.  The workmen next door are putting a new surface on the back deck.  It arrived yesterday.  It's the same stuff husband used for our back deck and the front steps.  A "no-rot' composite.  I see commercials on TV but can't recall the name- starts with a T.  They woke me up at 7:30 this morning.

They have been working on the deck sub structure.  Replacing things. The back deck lines up with my bedroom window.  I think they also might have made the deck larger.  With all the trees in that yard and the "damp" I would say a regular wood deck had most likely rotted out over the years.  Likewise with the brick chimney.  Ours was in the Sun and still rotted out.  The fireplace in our house is now large glass patio doors. Metal.  Not wood.  Anything we replaced- was NOT replaced with wood.

 I recall the BRICK front steps of that house next door were also crumbling and moss covered.  Slippery.

A new roof on their entire house should be next.  And then as it gets colder --a new kitchen and new bathrooms. Unless they have run out of cash.  They "bragged" (to strangers they had just met) they were adding 400K to the house. It seems they might have gone past that......from my experience.  Here in Maine.  Stuff is expensive. Real expensive.  I ran out of money before WE could get a new kitchen. I'm still saving up........but as I stopped hardly matters any more.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, August 11th. With a Chance for Rain. But Clouds are fine. Will Water the Peach Trees.

 My bookcase.   Like that commercial on TV- where the woman fills up her fridge after a delivery of food in a big cardboard box.  Only so much being books.  

It was cloudy and very cool yesterday.  I was tempted, for about 12 minutes, to open windows.  A Sucker's Bet.  I've done it before, in August, and regretted it well into September.  Can never get the humidity out of the house.  I need to turn on lights.

The chicken and Big Salad is finished.  I tossed the final Avocado into the salad- will NOT do that again. With my salad...... I had Trump using the Fifth Amendment (for Suckers and Losers in his past opinions) 400 times.  Perhaps more. 500?.  I guess when they said "hello" he took the 5th?  

I spent time channel surfing yesterday.  And then some time reading.  Today I got my hair cut very short. Like really short.  I think this is the case in August. I could join the Marines.

Not much hammering next door.  I think they were rebuilding the back deck?  But now they spend time standing around in the garage.  Perhaps while the owner changes her mind?????  

Before we left to drive to the hair salon- we had to find husband's car keys.  They were in his pocket. Not that I will be nominated as Rocket Scientist of The Year.   I think I added the tip on the credit card receipt incorrectly....for my haircut.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Field Notes- Damp and significantly cooler. Rain likely.

 My work.  From years ago- on the fireplace mantle.  

I walked around the living room and took some pictures.

Prescription pickup (husband) this morning and appointments made for Second COVID Boosters for husband and I on Friday Morning.   Getting us set up for Fall and Winter.  We'll be napping and feeling bad for the weekend but had no plans anyway.  I might buy a half gallon of ice cream after we get our shots. For me.  Usually I make soup. 

Dropped off a book that needed to go back--unread......I'll try again later.  I have a stack of books to get me thru the coming weekend if I feel out of sorts.  Last Booster I had a sore arm and a slight fever. Husband just settled into his couch and slept for 10 hours.  We'll see.......... 

Trump TV today with all his Legal Problems hitting the front burners right now..........

I started this cloudy humid day with a shower.  And then hunted in my closet for pants I wore last Summer which have disappeared in the closet.  I found the oldest pair of knit LLBean pants.  They have several holes in them from getting too close to wire fencing in the garden.  I might do some mending if things continue to be boring.

I have a freshly picked zucchini.  I should try and make something.  For Luncheon.  Or Not.  I do like it sliced longways and then fried till a bit crispy.  That sounds doable.

Haircut for me tomorrow.  Heat and Humidity does me no favors with my hair.