Thursday, February 25, 2021

News Update- Thursday the 25th

 Husband and I have vaccine appointments on Saturday the 27th (two days away) at the hospital in Lewiston where husband had his heart surgery and where our lung doctor has his offices.

10:10 for him and 10:20 for me.  I didn't want to write anything until I got the confirmation emails.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Daily Notes- finding things- February 23rd

 I searched.  I didn't find the old cup.  But up on the top shelf- in the back- a set of measuring cups in white plastic.  And I chose the large, one cup one from the set.  And placed it inside the oatmeal container- box.  

And took this picture.  This image.  Large on the computer screen.  Quite the nicest picture I have ever taken. Shade and light.  Textured and smooth.

And I am happy.  Happy that Fate or whatever mystical hand was at work.  Because..while the metal cup had purpose and utility........this white cup...has something so different and quite lovely.  It adds beauty.

Up early tomorrow and out of the house to get my haircut.  Last time I had to wait for over an hour for my turn.  They were running late.  So...who knows when I will be back here  to write the notes.  

Wednesdays' Child has disappeared from the top. Falling apart in plain sight.  I don't know where it went.
It was there today.  When I posted for the 23rd.

Daily Notes- February 24th

Today's  photo is a chair I saw on some website.  I don't like the legs- look un-sturdy- but I do like the shape and the fabric.  I think perhaps the back of the chair isn't high enough so one could rest the back of one's head on it.  But the seat looks wide and deep and the arms are nice.

Can you tell I am getting tired of the vast empty space that is the living room????

So- Take nice handwriting of the list of attributes.  I have developed a tremble in my right hand.  My writing of the checks today didn't resemble my former handwriting.  Wasn't as nice.  If I hold my hand out- it's steady as a rock.  But holding a pen- not so much.  I guess I AM getting old.

We still need confirmation emails etc but I think husband and I have appointments for our Vaccinations. Saturday.  10:10 and 10:20.  We have a 45  minute drive but that's okay.  I'm sure a vast storm will be in the forecast that day.  Emails should arrive in next 24 hours they say. It's the hospital where we see our Pulmonary doctor. 

I am reading Penny's A Brutal Telling.  Not my favorite of the Gamache books.  There isn't much plot and lots and lots of characters thrown in to make the story seem more interesting.   Now I am noticing Beauvoir's wife in the story.  Just references to her.  I am wondering when he divorces her? As I said- I know his second wife.

I did not have to make the Daily Grilled Cheese Sandwich yesterday.  That was interesting. Husband had one of the prepared dinners I get at the grocery store.  Pasta with breaded chicken and marinara.

The cup I use to measure my oatmeal every single gone.  Vanished.  I have looked everywhere. It's like losing a part of me. I even checked the recycling. Empty. It's an old measure cup from 53 years ago when I got married.  It's little handle fell off and it was battered but it fit inside the oatmeal box and I lifted it out each morning to measure my oats.  Today I used a newer measuring cup with a handle- the morning just felt WRONG.  I think I looked for it three times so far today. Now the oats have no cup inside the box. Sigh.  

It's really the very small and tender things we miss the most

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Daily Thinking Out Loud

 Out on the front porch looking East.  This is my horizon.  Bleak.  Always this way only green in Summer. This is a full color picture- not a black and white.  Daytime. 

In the mailbox this morning- bills and a container of freshly baked banana muffins from the neighbor across the way.  Thanking us for being Good Neighbors and bringing her paper to her doorstep.  

So, I've eaten breakfast, read the newspaper, seen the wet destroyed floors in Texas homes and listened to Jude Hill talk in her very very soothing voice on her Whispering site.  She is stitching hearts. I just like listening to her voice.  My moments of Zen these days.  Jude's voice.

I forgot to eat supper again.  But I did eat my chopped vegetable salad.  And husband forgot to eat supper as well and dined on a dessert plate and coffee. Breakfast, late lunch and dessert plate. No dessert for me.

I did two loads of wash yesterday afternoon and the washer made a new and off putting sound on the rinse drain portion of the first, being the terror freak I am..I started a second load.   I know.  But it turned out okay.  And on the very last line of Washing Machine Pages- my pen ran out of ink.  Perfectly matched to the machine finishing the second load --minus the squeak.  In balance.  The pen running out of ink- don't push your luck. Any further.  I listened.

I finished A Rule Against Murder last night.  I ordered books from another author for husband.  He didn't like Rollins.  Now he has coloring and games on the iPad.  He really needs three things. 

While doing the washing machine- I also had to run interference with husband's lung doctor assistant.  The new med they gave him is too expensive.  Our Medicare will run out in June at the rate this med is going.  So we asked for something else.  Husband did.  Then called me and handed me the phone. I could tell the woman I was speaking with was irritated.  Having a bad day or whatever.  She told me the hospital pharmacy (45 minute drive for us) had the almost $800 (insurance price) a month inhaler for $30.  After driving it's a 2 or 3 hour wait.  And yes, it's $30 but husband would have to do this every month. I said no. Find something else for him to take.  I suggested my inhaler ($400 a month- that's the insurance price) so that's what he is getting plus an add on steroid something.  I have to go pick up my inhalers today so we'll see what's what.

Let's just sit awhile and work that over.  The $800 a month inhaler is $30 at this hospital pharmacy.  Imagine my interest in this.  Imagine the woman on the phone getting all irritated by my asking "why?". And yes, insurance pays- until it doesn't and those months where it doesn't are arriving earlier and earlier.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Daily Notes- February 22nd

 Just back from the grocery store.  These items needed to be purchased for husband's evening "dessert" plate.  How the man can ingest so much sugar, fat and carbs and remain the same weight with great blood work??????  Obviously my genetic makeup is only good for hair, skin and fat retention. And very dense bones. At my age- this seems incredible to all medical staff members. Oh, and lovely handwriting.

In answer to the very helpful comment yesterday (no email so I must answer here).  As much as I may want to eat tofu-  foods with SOY are not good for me/ I have to read all packages before buying. I try to only eat food with less than five ingredients on the label- other than the vegetable salad from deli which has so many more.

I have no problem with regular dairy milk.  My brother was allergic to it.  And I have no problem eating eggs (if someone else cooks them)--but did buy six today.  Brother was also allergic to eggs (and wheat). I do like eggs on toast.  We'll see.  I'll make it a project with goals.  I bought a nice prepared mixed vegetable salad (with seeds) and more yogurt. And some broccoli and apples to make a Spoon Salad with celery and seeds and stuff.  I also can mix up tuna salad.  I can make the effort to eat the tuna and the eggs. This week.  I am okay with that. It's like taking medicine.

The grocery store was okay today.  Long check out lines but not crowded (one line breaks off into three- self checkout/lottery tickets/regular checkout- like getting on the freeway.). Everyone had on a mask. Not everyone follows the arrows on the floor in the aisles. And we wait if someone ahead is studying the choices in the aisle.  Excellent Grocery Manners.  The checkout roller thing gets wiped with disinfectant. 

It's all very nice.  And I feel very safe.  

It's the only building I go into. (unless I go to the doctor with husband).  Oh-- I do go into a building to get my hair cut every 6 weeks.  So. that statement of only building is false.

I'm not sure I will change my patterns even after I get the vaccine.  Even with the vaccine I could carry the virus and give it to others. life hasn't changed that much other than those few weeks of actually going inside the library-- which was SO GREAT.  I can live with this.  I have the Magic Attic.