Friday, October 22, 2021

Daily Notes- October 22nd- Hello Beverly!!!

 This man has some appeal?  Okay. It was dumb.  Jean-Jullien  Would be fun to find in your lunchbox.

The sun is shining. My knees are letting me know they just had a birthday and they are OLD.  I think there is baseball tonight.  Red Sox.  The Team that loves to get to the very brink or edge of winning- and then they do their best to lose.  I watch the first 3 innings.  If I watch.  It's like watching paint dry. 

Basketball started.  OMG.  134 to 132?  Basketball has become a free throw contest.  BORING. 

We did watch the Cleveland Football Game last night.  We're from there.  Only nothing looked familiar.  There were a few broken down bridges that looked sort of like what we remembered.  We weren't around for the rejuvenation of Cleveland.  I am reminded of my time there and a kid getting on the Bus alone to go downtown was safe.  Then I remember when it was terrifying. And then I lived in Georgia. No Bus.

Now that my books have been read and the socks have been mended- all that is left for me- is a load of laundry and the Washing Machine Pages.  Two loads if I change the bed sheets.  Depends on how much material I have for the written page.  Not much happening.  I write all the exciting stuff here.  Laughing.

Beverly ..I love the Smart Wool socks also but I hate the top elastic.  It's too tight and leaves a deep dent in my ankles.  I haven't worn any heel holes in any of mine yet- but I have like 20 or 30 pairs.  So lots of pairs in rotation. The socks keep my feet nice and warm. When new- the used to be itchy. But I am "such a delicate flower" ...... as you are all aware.

Biggest concern- what candy to buy for Halloween.  As we get only two Tricker Treaters (the Twin boys) who didn't participate last October- the candy has to be something husband and I want to eat.  I think we have settled on Kit Kat Bars.  Would be perfect if they had a bagged set of the three chocolates- dark, regular, white.  I like dark- he likes white.  We could give the Twins the regular.  I bought Tootsie Pops last year and they were not kind to my teeth so I dropped off the almost full bag at the Twin's house. I think their parental units would prefer I toss the  extra candy.......... this year.  I could just buy apples.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Daily Notes- October 21st. A bit chilly. Lots of leaves on the ground.

 I stopped buying the prepared grocery meal for myself but the meatloaf one looked very much like this image from the internet.  I tried bulking up the vegetable segment with extra carrots to make the third equation to the other 2/3rds. I like vegetables.

Husband is driving around with the leaf collecting basket behind the riding mower.  Which is, I guess, something men enjoy doing.  Easier than raking.  Which hurts the back. He has headphones on and is listening to music...this project will take forever.  Ah, the Sun is coming out.

I repaired all the socks in my basket that had holes in the heels.  I wear out the heel. Well, not the heel- the bottom of the heel of my foot.   Not the toes. So I have three "new" repaired pairs of socks to wear this winter plus one extra sock.  The rest of my socks are Smart Wool.  Great socks.  After you wash them a lot and the let go of the "itchy" wool thing.  I just wish they had lesser elastic in the tops.  Or I had thinner ankles.

The three book series I am reading would make such GREAT movies.  A large family of big hulking boys (men) and one slight pale sister with white hair living on an island in the North Sea.  And this small 3 year old. AGOT.  Who talks in CAPITAL LETTERS.  AGOT comes into her story in book three.  When she faces up to the exiled Russian Prince (who has been exiled by his father with not a penny).  A grown man and a very loud opinionated 4 year old.  AGOT WANTS....... fill in the blank.  I can see it.....and it would be amazing.  The third book has Christmas. I can hardly wait for the reserve to arrive. 

Author is Jenny Colgan.

The Red Socks are tanking.  Chris Sale was always going to be the weakest link.  6 foot 5 and weighs 176. A stick man.  Not a great pitcher.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Daily Notes- Wednesday, October 20th Cloudy with a chance of being cold

 I'm choosing Soup today.  I don't have cabbage but I can just add more carrots.  Soup isn't Rocket Science.  Just use what you've got.  No reason for a special trip out to the grocery for only one thing. But I can put a small cabbage on the grocery list along with a few onions. I did buy carrots last trip. And daughter brought us Farm Stand corn.  I could make a Corn Chowder. That sounds good. I could remove the kernels and then make stock out of the scraped cobs.  Sounds like a bit of work........and I might be stuck in lazy gear.

A phone call this morning.  All my blood work was perfect.  Which means my cholesterol.  Was perfect. High Five all around.  And I slept all night without sleeping meds- mostly because I was exhausted by the whole medical thing and my two shots.  Both shoulders hurt- ache.  But it's livable.  

Stupid robo calls on the house phone started already.  Now when they ask "can you hear me" (they want a recorded "yes" from you)  I say NO.  And then they hang up on me.  It's just a better situation all around.  Before I was asking why they couldn't find a real job.  Or a better job. And well, that wasn't great.

I finished my book.  Colgan's The Cafe By the Sea.  I have the next in this series up next.  And will try and reserve the third book. I've read all of them before.  A couple times. I like books one and three.

So.  Cold outdoors.  Trees dropping leaves pretty quickly.  Not much of the Fall Beauty New England is known for this year.  Still...absolutely NO Acorns.  The small animals will starve. And my crock pot of cloth won't get the Acorn treatment.  Just dirty brown.  I think I have enough of that.  I need something round with a whole in the middle--really rusting-- to wind cloth and string around and cook in the crock pot out in the garage for a couple days.  Some really interesting string lines.

I have to dig around in the sock basket in my closet for the socks I want to mend.  I have the library sock mending kit for three more weeks.  I need to get busy mending socks while I watch tv....but there isn't much to watch on tv....but sock mending with the Sports guys--that will be fine. Did the Red Socks win?

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Daily Notes- Tuesday, October 19th- Annual Medical Visit

 I showered and had no breakfast and went off to my doctor's visit with a coffee and a Larabar.  For AFTER the blood tests.  I think the gal took three vials full. I have thin veins.  I wore nice clothes.

Then a short wait and then the doctor and after that- tetanus and flu shots. One in each arm.  So, am home with three holes in me.  The one in my left shoulder hurts.  Now I just have to do a mammogram and I will be done. ......nope, I need my COVID Booster.  But not today.  Enough is enough.

Started the day with a "rescue me" call from neighbor across the street who needed me to get her recycling out to the curb before I left for my doctor's visit.  And her garbage.  I also broke down a bunch of her Amazon Prime boxes.  And carried her mail to her street side mailbox.  I asked if there was anything else she needed- as I was needing to get into the car.....she said no.  And I jumped in the car- husband was driving. And off we went before she could change her mind.

Traffic on the street where my doctor office turn off is...newly paved with fresh asphalt- the street (road) was getting striping.  What a mess.  Long lines of "going one mile an hour" traffic.  Couldn't they have done it overnight????  Anyway.  I am at home and finally had my oatmeal and a second cup of coffee.  And now, a book or the sports channel and a blanket.  I might just sit with my resting eyes closed.

On the way home- sirens and lights on two State Cars and then an ambulance with siren and all its lights flashing at the intersection.  So, we didn't go straight.  We turned and were happy to arrive home safely.

I would have loved to have a runny egg on toast with sautéed greens today.  That would have been perfect. where to get that. I mentioned- time for a nap.  I'm supposed to have one 30 minute walk each day.  And eat a healthy low carb diet.  And lose weight.  None of those things will happen today. 

My doctor did admit I am the healthiest (youngest looking) 75 year old in her care.  I'll be happy enough knowing that.