Sunday, July 31, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday July 31st. Sunday paper. Watering Peach Trees. Mosquito bite. 80 degrees.

 Choosing Garden Dirt Fabric.  I went with the one with the yellow stripe and the brown bean like spots..  Contrasts well with the carrots.

Grocery Store.  Again.  I was hungry.  I needed a few carrots, celery and onion to make the Tucci pasta. I had nothing in the vegetable drawer.  I still have plums. And half a baby watermelon.  But none of that mixes well with "finely diced tomatoes" and pasta.  I could have eaten the pasta with butter and cheese. I could have but I didn't want to........

And it was delicious as always (the pasta).  Then I ate the second of three Blue Bunny Tiny Sundaes.  Excessively Sweet. One more to go. Then NEVER Again. I drink about a quart of cold water after.

I am hip deep in this Summer's obsession.  Reading every variant of Pride and Prejudice I can get my hands on.  Not every author will admit to it.  You have to let it creep up on you.  And then BAM!! it's all you can see or read or think about.  Woven into a modern plot with modern characters doing things Jane never considered.

I need to do a load of wash today.  I took a shower and noticed the laundry basket was FULL. (the laundry basket resides in my walk in shower between showers)  I have on clean clothes.  No food stains. (it's still early)  My hair has been washed and conditioned. Sort of staying put. Not bunching up in the back from my recumbent position on the couch (reading).......

Husband is looking around confused.  He's going to water the garden.  Been two days so he is anxious to get out there.  He now has his hat.  He also wears a bag of water on his back with a way to drink the water as he needs it. Stay hydrated.  Now he's disappeared......... 

I am finishing Eligible today.  Not many pages left and Darcy and Lizzie are still not together even though they have had "I hate you" sex four times after running miles together. (no shower). She also tells him not to talk.

 Jane and Chip have gotten back together  and everyone is going to be on the Wedding Reality Show -Eligible for the Big Wedding.  That makes three times Chip has been on the show. GAK.  I can't imagine why Darcy would participate (best man)...........but Jane's entire WACKA MOLE family is flying out..... This has to be the all time best adaption of Pride and Prejudice.  Daughter, I think, said she found me a copy at the resale book store.  Would be lovely to own a copy.

Next up.  The Wedding Crasher. Gal walks up during ceremony to say "this is a mistake"..........oops!

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, July 30th. Rain overnight (damp and cool) but heat is coming back. Sun..

 I just liked the flies all around his head.  I know he always looks dirty- but I wonder if he smells??

It was quiet when I went out to get the paper this morning and the street was empty- no cars and felt strange.   Then I remembered- Saturday.  That's why it was quiet. Two days without hammering.

My daughter went to Goodwill and got an armload of linen clothing in my "size?"- colors I like etc etc. ONLY, when I tried them on- they were way way too could that be?  Only one item fits. A pair of Land's End (not a brand I buy or wear) linen pants that stop a few inches above the ankle.. Cherry Red.  Perfect.  Quite a few items in daily rotation are LLBean XL. Usually a bit snug.  But not........ 1X fits perfectly.

The FLAX clothing is way too large.  I wish Connie lived closer-- she does clothing and she could show me how to make the big clothes smaller.  I think, but I could be wrong- (because the tops are boxy)- I could remove the sleeves and then cut off a few inches of width from top to bottom and then reinsert the sleeves.  The length is easy enough to take care of.  It's the width..........

Or we could just return everything.  Except the cherry red pants............ the dark jacket with the fancy turned collar- is really really wonderful looking. Very Law and Order. But above my sewing level. Way.

Now I am wondering....what's happened????  I have been wearing the same clothing for years now. Some years it's a bit tight but this Summer everything fits perfectly- really comfortable. 

Could "Not Cooking" have been the answer all along?  Seems too simple.  The Avocado's are now just right. And I found a bottle of lime juice in the cupboard.   Perfect.

 Reverve Books arrived at the library.  Will go pick them up........but need to wait till library is OPEN.  Got up way way too EARLY!!!! Seven am.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, July 29th. Rain overnight....tons of mosquitos. Sunshine and Humidity. Grass starting to look green.

 Not my backyard but what my "way" backyard looks like.  Woods. Weeds.  Mosquitos.  Deer.  Ticks.  Far Back. We haven't gone there since Riley died.  Will most likely never go back there. Our mingled ashes will go for one last walk. Someday.

"Don't go into the woods today..........."  I had a little red record of that song on my tiny little record player. No bears in our woods but the mosquitos and ticks would be abundant. Teddy Bear Picnic.

Still working on the house next door.  They still need to replace the roof shingles.  Can't wait. So much nail pounding on a new roof...

My ankles are itching from the many many mosquitos that chewed on my ankles as I went to get the paper and then picked up 7 or 8 peaches that had fallen off the trees.  Cleaning up seems to keep the animals away.  

I think the avocados I bought are just about ready to eat.  They were very hard when I bought them. I am very interested in Avocado Toast.

Watched Moneyball on BBC America.  Sound.  When I watch it on regular cable the sound is all muffled.  BBC had a great picture and great sound. Analytics.  The Baseball Boggieman.  The Red Socks tried to hire the Moneyball Guy but he said they have a "guy" and he's running the team into the ground.

I was trying to get interested in a book- the Wedding Season.  British.  The Bridesmaid Parties.  GAG. There seems to be one in every British Rom Com.  In this one- eight??? weddings and 8 Bride Do's. Massive drinking and a male stripper. Gets old.  So terribly old.  Thing one actually enjoys them.  On to the next book.......... Bet Me.  A golden oldie. Never let's me down.  And now I OWN a copy!!!! Bookstore Guy called yesterday and I ran right over to get it.  So great...

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, July 28th. 80's with a chance for evening rain. Hot. Mosquitos. Boring.

 Not my garden........But very colorful.

Work continues next door.  They finished spraying insulation or "seal coating" after 10 plus full days of listening to the generator on their big rig. Now they are doing something on the back of the house. I am assuming all the siding is up and all the new windows installed.  There are always five to seven worker cars lining both sides of the narrow street......... Number one on the corner has several vehicles etc in their yard.  I think they are getting granite front steps and perhaps a walkway.  Straw perhaps some grass?  Across the street Servpro has been steam cleaning the floors and carpets.

Here?  Nothing.  I have been watering the Peach trees and then counting the number of mosquito bites I get.  Husband has been watering the back garden.  The tomato plants from the back porch look green and are enjoying a "'second life" it seems...even if it is quite astonishing to husband and I.

The grape vines are bountiful. I'll pick and make jelly and then with the remainder dye cloth- the grape juice gives a glorious blue.

More people are arriving uninvited to the big house in the book I am reading- Adult Assembly Required. Old boyfriends and girlfriends.  Mixing things up.  Everyone is eating a lot of donuts and pizza.  Drinking too much wine.  We are adding baseball and Goodwill clothes shopping to the mix.  I can't see where the plot is...where we are going with this mess.  But Nina Hill was a mess also.  Other People was even larger MESS.  I'm wondering why I am still reading?????  I guess because of Bob. He's my kind of guy. I would not be his kind of girl.   Who's kind of girl would I be??????  At almost 76- I still wonder.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Field Notes- July 27th. Sunshine and Mosquitos. Three- possibly four tries to spell Field.

 I don't know what these are or where I found them.......They look like the wool balls I have in the dryer.  Sprouting leaves. That are supposed to remove the "snap crackle and pop" from my clothing. My picture file is....a disaster.  

I am trying to read the fifth book by Abbi Waxman.  I loved book one- Garden of Small Beginnings and own that and I loved book three Bookish Life of Nina Hill and own that..   Book two and four- I did not like and even seeing them on sale...marked down...I didn't buy them.  I guess I wasn't alone in not liking them.

Now I am trying to plow thru book five- Adult Assembly Required.  Even though it has characters in it from the two books I actually liked......I don't like it.  And I don't like the representation of the characters I this book. The lovebirds in book three are not living together and don't intend to... I'm halfway in and that guy hasn't even shown up yet.  Everyone else has.  In tiny cameo appearances. Building a raised bed garden and then driving away as fast as they can- like they robbed a bank..  It felt like "filler" and a way to get to Denny's for breakfast.

The one major returning character is Bob (the other is Polly).  And with the raised bed thing ringing a bell...... Bob is the guy driving a tractor in Small Beginnings.  Bob gets a BOOK? And when did Bob become unbelievably "good  looking"?????  I must re-read Small Beginnings. 

I asked husband if he wanted Blueberry Cake for dessert yesterday. YES.  Turns out the cake was a "treat" for his family on Sundays in the Summer when he was a child.  The things you find out after 54 years. I had no idea how or why the recipe card-- in his mom's handwriting --got in my recipe box. Now I know. Been making Blueberry Cake for years.  Wow.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, July 26th. It rained yesterday late afternoon and overnight. Mosquitos.

 Brand New Day- Janet Skates.  I liked the black and pink circles. And the beige ones on pink. And the black dots to the right side.  Imagine making all of them with embroidery floss. (gak!!)

It rained a second time at 6 pm to jazz up the drive from work to home for so many people.  Like daughter- she said it came down so hard the wipers were useless.  She was just happy to make it home.....

I think it rained last night as well. My ankles got bitten, quite often- as I walked down to the street to get the paper out of the box.  Itching like crazy.  The browned up grass is looking a "bit" greener.  The fertilizer pellets that TruGreen dropped on it- might have activated......we'll see if it's greener in the next few days. Stranger things have happened. I should write a check to TruGreen.

I need to go inspect the garden.  See if there's another zucchini.  George, the seed planter, is not happy with the progress of the corn.  It looks fine to me.  Making tassels.  It isn't as tall as he wanted, I guess.

I finished up the McFarlane book- Don't You Forget About Me.  British Pub Life.  Made me cry at the end.

So...was well worth the pale ink on the pages. She has four previous books- I have them on my list. But not ordering them right away.  I have plenty here on the table and I have cloth to work on--perhaps. I also have the dumpster fire that is my sewing room- to clean up.  Find somewhere for the cloth. Bring down a storage tub from the Attic.  SOMETHING!!!!!!

I bought three tiny Blue Bunny Sundaes from the grocery.  For a treat since we don't go to Dairy Queen. I put back the fourth- a cherry sundae.  Not sure I would like it.  I was considering the mini Drumstick cones.  But it's only July.  Plenty of time to select other things. And I have cake.  And mosquito bites.  July.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, July 25th- Clouds in my Coffee. Hoping they contain rain.

 Blueberry Cake.  Finally made.  Needed two full cups of blueberries so used up all that I had picked in the back garden (most of the plants didn't make ANY) and then added the berries I had gotten at the grocery.  Big Fat ones.   The cake is delicious.  We had cake instead of lunch.

Finished my book.  The guy from the last book invited all the characters from THAT book into THIS book for a birthday party.  It was like a visit from old friends.  They had things to tell us.  Babies.

It's gotten darker.  Looks like 5 or 6 pm in here at 9:20 am.  

My eyes have FINALLY signaled an end to a book a day.  They are exhausted and want me to just sit with eyes lubricated and closed.  I will listen.  To music.  I will daydream.  Make up stories of my own.

It's RAINING!!!!!!!!  I can hear it hitting the roof...........Raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Coming down hard.

I had carried in husband's gardening clothes.  He hoses the mud and dirt off of them and then spreads them over a lawn chair to dry in the Sun.  Gets a few extra days out of each set of clothing.  I appreciate it.

Still raining.   If I was younger I would go stand out in it.  Saying thank you.Today's book is Don't Forget About Me.  I have no clue what it's about......British.  So lots of Pub Drinking and Shagging Idiots. And the ink on the print is very light.  I might give it a pass....and my eyes a rest.  Look for something with darker ink.

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday, July 24th. Not sure what today will be like. 90's possibly rain.

 These paintings....I keep wondering what it would be like to make the same (sort of) thing from cloth? I can see how I might appliqué and then do embroidery...... has gotten me thinking. Rough, uneven torn edges.

Yesterday...was it yesterday?  That I did two loads of wash or was it the day before?  I don't know. 

The days seem so long and boring that I can't separate them anymore.  It's always this way in July and August.  Each day so much like the one before and the one after...that it's difficult to figure out where one begins and another ends.  Rain.  I usually can remember if it rains.  It hasn't.

I am re-reading ( I am reminded I read parts of this book years ago)  Life's Too Short.  It's number three in the stack of books by author Abby Jimenez.  There's is always a connection to one the characters from the previous book.  The main guy here was just a quick date for the lead character in the Playlist book.  Just a few pages in from the end of that book.  ALS is the theme in this book- Life's Too Short..  So...from the get go...not going to live happily ever after.  I read this one before but skipped around.  I plan on reading the whole thing.  I always do...but sigh...sometimes the author drags the plot too much........

Not just this author.  Quite a few of them do.  I often wonder if they were pressed to add content with the editors thinking what they had written was 'not enough pages" or something.  Like adding water to a cup of coffee.  Yes, it fills the cup...but you won't want to drink it.

So....the living room is almost dark enough to start turning on lights @ 11am..  I will have to turn on a light to read my book.  Husband says it might rain.  Wow, I hope he's right.

The Sunday Portland Press has stories, today, about people (families) living in their vehicles.  Going to work.  Washing up in restrooms.  Dreaming of a day when they can take a shower or a have a bath.  Employed but unable to secure housing.  I read once that so many are just one illness or missed paycheck away from disaster.........there used to be housing on the Air Base next door.  Perhaps they should have kept it???  Use it now to house people.  Instead they built 300K houses...

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, July 23rd. Hot already. Promised rain never arrived.

 My largest container out in front of the porch steps... the African Daisies died suddenly.  They were so lovely.  Just curled up one day and that was it.  I miss them........happy, at least, to have this photo.

The Back Deck Planter is mostly marigolds now.  Everything else in the container died.  There had been blue pansies.  The plants in the Workshop Planter were eaten by Deer in the first few days of being planted. It has taken a wire contraption over the top and lots of water and fertilizer to get the three very lovely coleus to to make a "come back"......but they have.  The Driveway Container - hasn't had it's Annual Hiccup as yet.  Another pot that "self seeded" has produced a very healthy crop of weeds I think.  I keep hoping they are Sunflowers.  From the Birdfeeder nearby.  We'll see.  Birdpoop Container.

I just arranged the sprinklers on the Peach Trees.  Since we began cleaning up fallen fruit under the trees- there have been fewer visits- by animals.  Knock Wood.

There are acorns.  Very small and misshapen.  In the past, the lawn out back was dangerous to walk on- (so many acorns)-but after two years of not a SINGLE acorn- there are some. Global Warming Acorns.

I got a handful -five- new (to me) books by Abby Jimenez.  I just read the "Friend Zone".  And it was very very good. I stayed up past bedtime to finish it.  I do need to do a load of Washing today.  I need underwear. That's my standard in the Summer.  Laundry because of a need for underwear. Or clean sheets.

I have eaten all the pastry I bought.  Now all I have left to eat are vegetables and fruit.  No source of protein.  Which isn't the best situation. I have to do better on Monday.  With the groceries.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, July 22nd. Hot. Humid......Repeat. Not On Fire.

 Abstract-- Janet Skates.  Painting but could be cloth appliqué....... giving me thoughts......

Sigh.  TODAY the books were at the Library for pickup.  Not yesterday. And I got the brand new Waxman.  And it continues with the Trivia Gang and Nina (sounds like minus the carpenter?) but I hope not.  Last we saw Nina she and the Carpenter were driving to Mexico in the Charger.

Looks to I have FIVE MOST EXCELLENT BOOKS......I know I will be making a photo copy of at least one of them.....for the Bookstore Guy.

They are pounding and spraying insulation in the house next door.  This is a Full Week now. Woke us up at 7:30 this morning and not 7.  No radio. No loud voiced CHAT.  None of them look happy.

I had a list for the grocery run.  Husband was out of dry mouth lozenges......we needed kleenex.....husband was a bit hesitate but then said he'd like more cookies.  (might be done with the Anorexia thing for a few weeks) and he told me this morning that his left hearing aide "doesn't work".This is an ongoing adventure.

Watched the Committee Report last night.  The out takes of Trump making his "statement to go home" were pretty weird.

Steve Bannon?  Not sure how to spell his name and can't be arsed to go look it up. Wore FOUR SHIRTS to court.  He's usual is TWO SHIRTS.  Must have been EXTRA STINKY.  I remember someone saying he doesn't bathe.  And they provided ZERO defense.  Just sat there in his FOUR shirts looking dirty and stinky.  They'll love him in Prison.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday. July 21st- Another Day in the 80's but with Clouds.


Before I stop cooking altogether.  I'm pretty close.  To not cooking.  At all.  Toast.  Is not cooking.

The big trucks are back next door- insulation or seal coating.  There was mold mediation at closing. So I am guessing there are problems.  The big rig was in front of my house and I was reading the words on the truck- so the driver waved at me.  Like a Prom Queen.  On a parade float.

I got a mosquito bite as I watched.  On my ankle.

At least I was in clothes.  Some neighbors aren't when they drift out of their houses to get the paper.

The grass is damp from overnight moisture.  I needed to fill the birdbath as a good number of birds are bathing......a few catbirds are hogging the bath and the Goldfinches aren't happy. I emptied a few gallon bottles of water into the Annual containers and the bird bath...brought the empties in to fill in the kitchen sink.

Daughter came over to drop off the book she got me at Goodwill yesterday late afternoon.  And I gave her a bowl of ice cold cherries to eat and two nice plums.  She'd had a bad day- hauling and spreading bark chip mulch. I wanted her to drink something but she refused. She probably was drinking water all day.

We worked on the big 1000 piece puzzle husband has out on the table.  Finished the edges. Daughter worked on a bird she found interesting.  We talked.  She was exhausted.

It's very hot here in Maine.  Clouds today so that might cool us off a bit.  We are still better off than the rest of the World so I shouldn't complain at sometimes is a good thing to live where I do..

The owner of the Bookstore- asked me if I had a photocopy in my hand when I went to pick up my books. I did.  I try not to disappoint.  And he laughed out loud at the title- Agnes and the Hitman. We'll see if they have trade bookcase is almost I am looking for somewhere to put my husband's books.  So I can free up space....for my  "future new" books.  He does have a bookcase in his office (which- I am laughing) is NOW my downstairs sewing room- with piles of cloth all over the floor.  The closet is too small.  And the Sun shines on the bookcase so the fabric would I shut the door and walk away.  I KNOW I could hang a cloth over the front of the bookcase.......will I?????

When did I stop being neat and tidy???????

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, July 20th. Hot, Humid, chance of Clouds but No Breezes

 Yesterday was cooler but today we got orange so--80's.  

Trugreen showed up.  Sprinkled fertilizer beads.  Suggested I water.  Not in person- he wrote it on the the slip he left on the front door knob.  News was not good.  Law and Order was not good.  Sports Talk TV was baseball......gag.  So, I dragged extra hose out and set the Timer and watered as much of the front lawn as I could reach.  When the timer went off...I got up off the couch and dragged hose, turned on the water and came back in, washed my hands and back to the couch.

It FILLED the day.  I had purchased a loaf of Cinnamon Bread- thinly sliced from the grocery bakery section.  It's very good.  I had intended to toast and butter it.  But it's great just as it comes out of the bag. I defrosted the remainder of the frozen peas and added them to the leftover steamed rice and had that for supper along with a handful of 4 inch carrots that George (the guy who gardens here-infrequently) put on the back deck.  I had gone out earlier to cut the one very nice zucchini and give the squash pots extra "blue water".

Long Ago and Far Away- I used to grate the zucchini and salt and let it drain extra juices- them mix up a patty mix and fry patties.  It was a lot of Work.  Tasty.  But not tasty enough to repeat the process years later.  Once I turned 70-- I lost my cooking giddy-up.

Agnes and the Hitman- in the housekeeper's back bedroom (!!!) Agnes was VERY ANGRY.   I love this book.  I have to pick up books I ordered from the bookstore...I should see if Crusie is in Trade Paper.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, July 19th- It rained yesterday. Softly which allowed the dry ground to soak it up.

 I watched the news.  Yesterday.  Saw Europe burning.  Saw London sweltering at nearly 100 degrees. No one has air-conditioning.  Well, when I was there- few had it.  

Grocery yesterday.  I got Black Plums (the bag (Canadian) was marked on as Prunes- possibly the French word) but they didn't have the shape of the prune plums my grandmother had on several trees. Plums which I ate even though they often had tiny green worms in by the stone.  Plum Kuchen. The large family next door had a sour cherry tree- huge- some of the older children climbed and picked.  Climbed without shoes or ropes.  We had Sour Cherry Pie.

I loved that house and I loved the big family next door and the Rag Man and his cart and slow moving horse.  And I loved the smell of the whiskey and strong coffee in the cup I carried to my Grandfather- still in bed.  He had a drinking problem.  It's an inherited quality in my family. My youngest brother took it further into drugs......and worse. So much worse.

So...I felt rather guilty having gentle rain falling on the garden and lawn as I watched Europe on fire.

Today's entertainment is ME waiting to see if TruGreen shows up at MY address or goes elsewhere.  "Trudy" called yesterday to remind me that they were coming today. Husband asked why they were coming and I answered-- quite honestly---I have no idea why......if they show up- great....if they go elsewhere I will call Trudy and let her know.........not to send a bill.

Daughter found a hardback copy of Longbourne (behind the stairs version of Pride and Prejudice with the servants speaking) for $2.50 at Goodwill.  I am ever so happy.  I loved reading it but my library doesn't have it on the shelves.  So we have to borrow from other libraries that do keep books on their shelves.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Field Notes- Monday July 18th. So far, at 8:18 it's still cool. The construction next door continues.

 Purple Smoke Bush in bloom.  I can see it from the desk chair. Quite fabulous. 

The saw and the nail guns woke me before 8 am- I actually think they start at 7.  The siding application is endless.  I have to get up to close the window.  Then I am awake.  No newspaper this morning- they stopped printing a Monday paper- guess they didn't want to pay weekend rates for the employees putting together a Monday paper.  

And really- what news is there?  Ukraine.  Uvaldi- and the school shooting/police etc. Trump (who now has one less thing to worry about as the "chatty"ex Mrs Trump has died).  Here in Maine the ignorant blow hard who was once the Governor of the Great State of Maine (a Trumper) is planning to run again.  I was going to say the man has the intelligence of a Turnip but that gives Turnips a bad rap.

I cooked yesterday.  I had "harvested four yellow crookneck squash" so I used the always very dangerous slicing machine and thin sliced the squashes and salted them.  No fingers were sliced- and that rarely happens.. Then cooked the slices down into browned mush with a thin sliced onion- now that was dangerous- and some butter- takes a long time- I watched an episode of Law and Order.. and cleaned  OLD mouse poop off the top of the refrigerator.  I hadn't noticed they had carried candy up there and ate and pooped.  I had to use the tall ladder.  I am lucky I didn't fall and knock myself unconscious. 

The squash would have burned up. 

I was taught how to make this "meat and three" side many many thousands of years ago in a small apartment kitchen in Riverdale, Georgia. Was reminded of the "sides" by the recently delivered Gun and Garden magazine I subscribe to.  Yes.  It's about Gardening and Hunting with dogs and guns and buying high priced Bourbon, leather handbags, jewelry and going on vacation.  Usually there is a full page picture of a very deliciously good looking man being all moody.  Not this month. This month we got a messy fat man.  

Okra would have been a nice addition to the rice and fried squash.  And a sliced ripe, warm tomato. 

I don't think I like the 'No- Show" book.  It's too "wordy" and I have lost track of who is who and what man stood them up and the business of cutting down's all way too confused. It's going back.I guess I will hit publish and go make my oatmeal and coffee and get on with today.........y'all be sweet.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday July 17th. Sunshine and the 80's.

 Something to make with the zucchini in the fridge.  A recipe in my emails. And something very dangerous to do- thin slicing with the mandoline.  Sharp, razor thin blade.  Easy enough to slice the skin off your finger tips as well as a thin slice of zucchini..

I bought a jar of marinara sauce last week..  And I have some shredded mozzarella.  And Parmesan. Sounds like dinner. For me.  Just me.

Husband is watering the garden.  I gave him a few items I found in the garage.  I think I got him confused. Too many sprinklers and other things.   He'll come in soon to ask me what they are....again.

Read-- If The Shoe Fits- A Cinderella type story about one of those series on TV- 24 women and one man.  Dates and getting sent home.  Cindy (see you don't even have to wonder what is happening) is a recent Fashion School graduate (Parsons in NYC) interested in designing shoes.  Her step mother is the Producer of the TV Show in California.  Cindy is plus sized. She has also met "The Guy" for the show on the plane from NYC.  He changes seats with the guy she is sitting next to.....  so he can talk to her.  Imagine what she has to put up with the the other women........It gets hurtful pretty damn fast.

Today I am reading the No -Show by Beth O'Leary.   I've read her other  books- The Flat Share, The Road Trip and The Switch.  I liked the Flat Share.  I didn't care for the Road Trip and the Switch was sort of half and half. All the books have a secondary theme.  In the Flat Share the girl is being gaslighted by her former boyfriend.  The Road Trip- former partners are forced to share a car on a trip to a wedding.  The Switch is when a mother and daughter switch homes- and lives it turns out.  The No Show is a guy who no-shows three different women on Valentine's Day.  

I might, possibly, read something else.  I got the laundry done yesterday.  We now have clean underwear, tee shirts. socks and dish towels. I took the "chest pockets" (wow) off a ladies LLBean linen blouse and used the fabric of one pocket to mend a worn thru hole in a Vintage Camp Shirt.  Also LLBean.  I wear Linen Camp Shirts all Summer. I used to be able to score at least one or two every year at Goodwill.  But not any more.  They re-invented the shirt a few years back.....shortened the sleeves and added side darts to the classic box shaped shirt. Ruined it.  Just like they ruined the Classic Corduroy Pants I live in the Seasons that it isn't Summer.

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, July 16th Sunshine and 72 degrees at 10am.

 Soft blue floor and ceiling of this porch.  Nice furniture.  Soothing.

Saturday.  Nothing on tv.  Husband is filling his weekly pill box container.  Click, click, click and I can hear the pills in the bottles.  I take two pills, A statin and a  MultiVitamin.  I put them into a tiny dish. Each morning.  Last time I had blood doctor said the number were "perfect". I usually take that as agreement for me not taking pills any more.  But I got a refill......

So...... Watched episodes from season one of Castle.  The "getting to know each other season".  Before Castle starting putting on weight.  Bones has starting running on another station.  I actually used to watch that....but's really tedious.  Not as tedious as the News.  And Baseball....kill me now...that is the Webster's Definition of Boring.  I gave up on Buffy.  I am thinking of giving up on the news for the rest of this month.

I still haven't done the load of wash I prepped days and even a week ago.  I'm going to do it today.  Like right after I hit the publish button here- with you.

Watered the Annual Flower containers and each container had small clover plants sprouting.  So I had to "weed" the containers.  that was "new".

I was in line at the grocery yesterday  (I had gone to the Library to drop off books that were due and then walk to Maine Street to the bookstore to order four books) and while in line behind an sweet older woman and her younger male companion (her son I learned)-- and she slid over to me to tell me she was having her 93rd birthday soon.  Her son drove across the State to come grocery shop with her.....and he paid. I wished her a Happy Birthday and said I also had a son.....who would love to grocery shop with me but the drive from California was a bit too long.  We both got a chuckle out of that.

I have been thinking about a 93rd Birthday ever since.  17 more years.  

Perhaps FATE sent that little sparkly eyed woman to me.  With a message.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Field Notes- (a change) Friday July 15th. Sunshine- We never got any rain.

 The Avocado Pit.   This has been an impressive year for the "pit" as it has grown taller and made an impressive canopy of large healthy leaves  and retained them for several months.  I need to investigate new housing for the Pit- a larger pot in case it wants to grow into an actual TREE.

Yesterday's book.  I almost didn't read this one.  But so so happy that I did. Author is Abby Jimenez and the title is Part of Your World.  A hard working ER doctor slides into a ditch on a rural road on her way home from a funeral.  A guy stops and pulls her car out of the ditch and later sees her at the VFW (in a very small poor Town).  She goes back to his apartment over the garage (for a grilled cheese sandwich) and they have sex.  Lots of it.  She's 36 and he's 24.  She runs off while he's asleep. There are lots of issues to unpack in this book.  Age. Education. Wealth.  Emotional Abuse (by the doctor she had been dating).

I am planning to read (or give the books a chance) other titles by this author.  Life's Too Short. The Happy Ever After  Playlist and The Friend Zone.

Husband got his hair cut- really short- he doesn't think he likes it.  But it looks fine. I had Hot Dogs for dinner.  While watching news.  I had intended to do a load of wash.  But I didn't.   Husband weeded the abandoned carrot, beet, radish bed in the fenced garden.  Lots of grass seedlings.  Weeds.

He also stopped at the Town Office and got copies of the land plot images (from overhead) to see if that ugly tree is ours or the new neighbor's.  Their parking pull out butts right up to the property line.  their house is right next to the parking spot.  Why would you build a house on or so close to the property line of your neighbor???  Sigh.  So I guess the very very tall tree with most of its branches- ours. This is going to be expensive.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Daily Notes- Thursday, July 14th. Damp outside so it must have rained over night- not much.

 Garden belongs to someone named Tracy  Was in my email feed this morning from a gardening site. When I began working on this yard and laying out beds- making "elegant" curved edges etc.  I had intended for there to be annuals.  But age and a lack of interest arrived- I gave up that idea and just planted perennials.

Perennials take care of themselves.  

I limit the annuals to containers- three and now four and I stopped having hanging baskets.  And each morning I walk around and give water which I keep on the front porch in old large reusable orange juice containers.  Some hold "blue" Miracle Grow water (mixed rather weak).  Some hold murky beige water- cause I am using up any old bottles of liquid fertilizer this Summer. The  rest of the bottles hold clean water for the birdbath and the containers when they don't get "fed"..  And an old toilet brush (very clean) that I use to scrub the birdbath each morning before dumping out the old water and adding fresh water.

In the classes I used to teach- I asked bird feeding people to always offer fresh water to the birds that were coming to their feeders.  Fresh CLEAN water......... and to NOT stop filling their bird feeder once they start. The birds depend on the feeders once they come and visit regularly.  

The people in India or other countries have started their calls early today- 9am.  I hang up before they can even get started. All I need to hear is the sound of their call center in the background and I hang up.  

The JOY of needing to have a land line as cell service here (in Maine) is not reliable.  And we might need to call 911 or report a power outage or a fire or need the police.  1 point 25 million people in Maine ( but often closer to one) spread over land mass that is larger that several nearby states put together.  Visit in the Summer- YES.  Live here? HARD NO.

Nothing more today- and it's early and I haven't had my breakfast.  Something the new telescope in Space found.  something shaped like a human heart that is sending out a sound- very much like a beating heart.

something to consider....

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday, July 13th- Rain last night with strange animal noises.

 What a fantastic idea.  What small child would not love to see their art made into something that they could carry around and hug?  I know my two would have been over the moon.

The strange animal noises from the woods.  Husband said "at one Time, I knew what animal that was...but not anymore".  

We had Rain.  We had a Rainbow.  We then had more Rain.  Thunder.  Lightning.  Just like the Olden Days when Rain was sort of an every day event.  But not now.  Now Rain is an Oddity.  And then just as it was getting into the good soaking into the Earth part- the Rain Stopped.

I am going to make an old fashioned canning jar of refrigerator pickles today.  Husband no longer eats the Daily Sandwich.  Or eats Lunch for that matter.  I don't know who will eat the pickles.  But it's July.  And in July, I make homemade pickles.  I have garlic, dill and out in the garden- grape leaves.  My grandmother added a grape leaf to her pickle jars.  And on my shopping day, I bought small fresh from the Farm pickling cucumbers.

Will all of the "usual things" I do in the Seasons fall away as I move forward????  Already Thanksgiving and Christmas Food had passed in "just memories".  I could make and eat it all by myself.  My daughter remains on the Gut Protocol. 

I haven't made the annual Blueberry Cake.  The birds have eaten all the berries out in the fenced garden. They ate all of them last year as well.  And perhaps the years before.  I liked the cake.  Blueberries and sour cream.....  I don't think I made it last year.

My book is Shipped by Angie Hockman.  A small specialty cruise ship.  Galapagos.  Sea Turtles. Two Company employees competing for a promotion.  I've read it before- more than once.  Henley does not trust Graeme (cracker) and really needs the new job..........  he works remotely and this is the first time they meet in person.  He is already in love with her.  She does not trust him.

I watched the entire Committee Presentation yesterday.  Sydney Powell.  Got First Prize. Watching her chug her soft drink.......priceless.  Wondering about her IQ and abuse of Prescription Meds..

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday, July 12th. Sunshine now but was quite cloudy and windy a few minutes ago.

 Art by Sally Muir via Little Somethings in my sidebar.   This dog has Riley's eyes.  Lots more dogs. Go visit.

I found four shiny freshly picked Summer Squash on my back deck this morning.  Two zucchini and two yellow summer squash.  George was here and he picked them from MY containers (the ones that got Miracle Grow)- then went home, I think, to get clippers so he could give the rampant grape vines a needed trim.  They were shading the corn crop. And then both of us transplanted the tiny sweet pepper plants from their tray into the one empty spot in the left side of the garden.  The peppers and the corn will get Miracle Grow today when husband hauls the hose out back......I'll take my watering cans down along with the Miracle Grow.  Mix and Apply.

I just finished the last of four books about the Raje Family in The Bay Area of California.  Based on themes in Jane Austen's books.  This one was Emma (the Emma Project).  I wrote about it a few days ago.  Before reading the second half of THIS book- Incense and Sensibility was my favorite.  Now it's this one.  Quite heartbreaking at the end but it has a happy ending in the last two pages.  But until the happy part...I was in tears. Also...this is the last of the Austin series for this author.  No more.  I feel very Oliver Twist...asking for one more, please. But she's wrapped it up pretty tight- no loose ends.

Now....what to read next.  I have Curtis Sittenfeld's  Eligible.  Also based on the framework of Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice.  I've read it before but felt it was time to read it again.  And then I might read the Girl from Summerhill again.  For contrast.  Eligible comes closest to a modern version. Gritty.  Lots of Prejudice. No real reason for it to work out for either Jane or Lizzie.  If I am remembering it correctly.

My daughter has found me a book at the used books store.  One I really really like but had forgotten about (and in so doing, didn't order a copy from the Book Store).  And she has also found me an White Irish Linen Shirt at the Dump.  Not my size but she says I can add to it?  make it work? If the shape is simple enough.......easy enough to open seams and add width...  I've done the side seams before   Unless the sleeves are tight- then I will open both side seams ( sleeves included) and go from there. Irish Linen is actually very very good.  Possibly the best. In my opinion.

I hope the clouds move in a day early. It's cool outside. Sunny with clouds moving thru. Sleep has been pleasant with bedroom window open.  I have hot dogs.  Extra chicken dinners for husband. All is well.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday, July 11th. Sunshine and Cooler

 Well.  The Grocery went fine- I had to make substitutions on a few items on my shopping list.  And the bill at the end seemed higher than usual but I have been reading about price hikes on many things.  Yogurts were $1.38 each.  

I have plenty of books on the table to read so I'm going to skip the Library for the moment.  I do have some things to return.

I started the day with a nice hot shower.  New clothes.  Green.  Yesterday I was pink.  I think I remembered to comb my's something I usually forget. To comb my hair.

Later I will do a load of summer clothes. I am wanting the wash basket to be empty.

Husband took the Porch tomatoes and planted them into the garden in the horseradish bed.  My husband has asked me each time I go to the Garden-- about the horseradish.  About how would we harvest and eat it. And each time I say we dig up the root and grate it- wearing swim goggles-- My grandmother added grated beets and vinegar to make it pink. And then I mentioned it's very strong and hot.  I  liked it on ham sandwiches.  He'll ask again today.  Like Groundhog Day.  Which I watched the other day.

With him...the spoken word does not stick.

There are two zucchini squash and one yellow squash.  In the garden.  I gave the plants a big drink of blue Miracle Grow water.  It worked.  The leaves are now huge and I have fruit on the plants. I'm looking forward to slicing them thin-longwise and then frying and eating them.  In the past, I grew LOTS of squash (arms full) and made pickles.  My Goodness they were Great Pickles.  Now I am excited about three squash.

Husband is excited.  He has a foot doctor appointment this week and a haircut.  

I added a really cute image of piglets to this month's desk calendar.  They peek at me over the keyboard. Add a smile to the typing and reading I do here.

I need to use the brush on the bird bath this morning and then dump the old water and add new fresh water.  Get the sprinklers going on the Peach Trees.  By the time the Peaches would have been ripe- there won't be any on the trees.  Every morning- more unripe peaches on the ground.  That's it.  What are you doing today?

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, July 10th. Sunshine.

 The Carrot Cloth.   I had a problem loading the image.  Slow. Slower.....that's the way of it.

The cloth is a bit more orange than the lower half suggests.  The lighting wasn't the best.  But you can see-I think_ the number of strips I put together.

Today's grocery insert in the Sunday paper had a few chuckles.  

"original body scent" body wash.  Sniff?

Rustic Tart.  Can't you just see her?  Twigs in her hair, dirty feet, "original" body scent. $5.99  A great wasteland out ahead of much TIME (awake too early).  So LITTLE to do.

I am reading the last of four books based on Jane Austen.  This fourth one is The Emma Project.  The word "clueless" is used often in the first 50 pages.  In case, like me, you forgot the Emma Movie's title.  In this one, the last of the four Raje children will find his true love.... but she has been his true love for years already.  I sort of wish Jane had written more books.  

I keep putting the book down.  I don't want it all to be over.  India's brother has come home. I've wondered about him. Sid.

I took the pocket off my pale raspberry pink linen shirt.  And tossed it.  It landed on one of the prospective "dirt" fabric candidates.  A strange cloth. It didn't make the cut.  Made very interesting by the pink pocket fabric.  I would NEVER have put the two together.  Never.  But now I can't seem to take my eyes away from what should be a train wreck but instead is a "wonder" to behold.  I love how that happens.  How cloth finds cloth.  I might have to cut up my shirt.  Or perhaps, the "test" here is using just the amount of fabric from the pocket???

Saturday, July 09, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, July 9th. Sunshine and high of 77. According to the newspaper.

 We don't have this much color in the garden but my husband does look like this while watering.  The Scarlet Runner Beans have red flowers so that is lovely.  The tall Mullein plant has yellow flowers.  And the Elderberry bushes have white flower heads that turn into tiny dark blue berries.  The grape vines I thought were DEAD are now climbing over every upright support in the garden.  We will have three kinds of grapes.  Concord Seedless, Merlot, and a third that remains nameless because I forgot.  I remember the Merlot- because Patty named him Leon.

I watched two more episodes of Buffy yesterday on one of the channels in my cable package that I NEVER Watch.  I am reminded that in a Kendrick book- Two Weeks Before The Wedding- the bride gave a neglected surgeon's wife the collected set of Buffy to watch. And the woman loved the series.  I don't get it.  But.....I keep watching--sort of.  The small Town where Buffy lives is FULL of vampires and recently unburied dead people etc.  Buffy goes to high school occasionally and the dead teenagers show up at high school more often than one would guess.....sounds like my high school in the 1960's

The War Criminal Serbian is playing Tennis with the Unhinged Australian Monster today.  It will be interesting to see just how many " unsupervised bathroom breaks" each of them takes............. the Australian was complaining of a "stomach muscle problem"...... the Serbian says he goes into the bathroom for "pep talks".  You can't really make up stuff like this by yourself.

I need to pit a bunch of cherries and make a yogurt bowl to have for late lunch around 3 pm. Takes a few hours for the Bran Buds to soften in the yogurt.  Yesterday I had Romaine lettuce, BBQ pork and Cheddar cheese for lunch while I watched the Power people put on tons of gear and climb the pole to work on neighbor's electricity.  Ours was fine.

I haven't read a book in three days.  I know- it's worrisome.

Friday, July 08, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, July 8th- sunshine and the Heat is building outside

 It's July.  The AC window units are on 24/7.  Keeping the house at 75 degrees and not much humidity. I feel comfortable- not sweaty.  Just fine.  Arms are warm to the touch.

I have a load of washing to do today.  Mostly underwear and towels- husband has been washing the dirt off his pants in the garage sink and then laying the wet pants on the back deck to dry in the Sun.  Then he wears them again.  Until, I guess they get "too dirty"....... whatever- it's fine with me.

Peaches are falling off the trees.  A few more weeks before they are ripe. I need to water them.

Next door neighbors are putting 400K into the outside/inside renovations (another neighbor shared the secret info with me-I didn't ask).  I will soon be living next door to a "million dollar home".  They still haven't said hello.  But then I haven't walked over to say it either.  They don't wear masks. I'm not walking over. 

I typed something about who lives in Maine--but you already know the State is Red.  Susan Collins. Tucker Carlson.

None of construction work people are wearing masks.  Most of the neighbors have stopped wearing masks. People are having parties......people are testing positive.   Just living their lives.  The grocery store isn't a safe place........the Library wears masks.

So...that's it.  I watched two episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Amusing.  The most exciting part was when I saw my old, favorite refrigerator in Buffy's kitchen.  I texted daughter........

The last straw (so to speak) for Boris in Britain- was a newly hired guy feeling up two guys  (also in Parliament) against their will...... at work.  The Brits always go the extra mile........

Thursday, July 07, 2022

Daily Notes- Thursday, July 7th. I'm not interested in anything today.........

 Happiness is.......digging a deep hole and sticking one's head in that hole and...Not listening to news...Not reading the newspaper....... Not watching Tennis......... NOT talking to Husband.

Husband has been asking questions...I have been answering and then realizing he wasn't listening to I clarify and realize again- that he isn't listening to me.  This is my Life going forward for years and years.  Blah..blah...blah....blah......

He has a list of three things to do.  Let's all make a guess of what he will actually do.......or not. Because he is fixated on what I told him NOT to do.  In a little while...I will tell him to NOT water the vegetable garden.  (because I want him to water the vegetable garden).

I might like Assisted Living??

I cleared off the ironing board and pressed and starched the Carrot Cloth.  The cloth that will be cut into Carrot Shapes.   Then up in the Attic to find Soil Cloth.  Cloth that gives the Viewer the impression of Dirt..... of Soil..of Garden.  My Cloth Collection has little to offer in Dirt colors.  Use what I have.  Improvise.   

I carried a houseplant (in bloom) out to the front porch.  In the shade.  Not the Sun.  While I water the Peach Trees (which are dropping much wasted fruit.....)  Now I have an itchy rash on my forearm from the hives.  

He just asked me what he is supposed to do..........kill me now.

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday, July 6th. Rained last night-- sunshine now.

 If I had stiff colored paper -----I would make a vase full of these flowers. Decorate them with Black Sharpie marker.  Perhaps the small stationary shelving area at the grocery has stiff colored paper??? I buy my glue sticks and pens there.  They used to have college rule notebooks.  Used to. Not anymore. I still have two blank ones in the shoe closet. Washing Machine Pages.

The Serbian Tennis Person was doing poorly and then he took a "bathroom break"__ and returned and won the rest of the sets.  The reporter said the "same thing happened last year". Bad play - bathroom break- really good play.  Anyone guessing drugs might be involved?  A required drug test????

Thankfully...I didn't watch.

I didn't read.

I sat and sort of watched some news and then some Law and Order.  And then just sat and looked at the ceiling.  The orange "cloth for carrots" needs to be pressed.  The ironing board is piled high with cloth.  The carpet needs to be vacuumed.  There is dust everywhere.

I have let the house go.......but today I have on a clean shirt.

317 mass shootings in 2022- SO FAR.  One could be coming to your location- at any time. Bullets at a young man running away from nine police officers in Akron, Ohio.  Where my dad lived. A retired police sharpshooter who never needed to fire his weapon at a suspect.  He talked to them.  I'm glad my dad is dead- not having to see this- live thru this.  Whatever this is. Sad that I have to.  Live thru this.

I finished off the store brand graham crackers. I won't get them again.  I had the second and last meatloaf dinner.  I guess I'm OVER liking meatloaf.  We were invited to the July 4th BBQ down the street for a Burger.  No masks.  People we don't know. We said no. But I would have loved a burger.

Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday July 5th. Overcast. The forecast says 70's and rain later in the day.

 As I am working on something (cloth) Vegetative- I am collecting images of vegetables.  The beets in my garden out back- are not growing.  They went "so far" and then stopped at being 4 inches tall (the leaves).

I love beets.  When I was on the "some kind of Protocol Diet"- I made raw beet smoothies.  Very red.  Not very good. But I drank them.  I had been on steroids for an infection near my eyes and they (Steroids) had messed up my gut.  So I was making things like Ginger poached chicken broth and eating it with Rice Ramen Noodles.  It took weeks but the infection cleared up and my gut returned to normal.  Then I got a tick bite and an extremely high fever.  It was a Fun Summer.  And I was working 40 hours a week at the greenhouse. Spending lots of time in the bathroom. A River Ran Thru Me.

I also am reminded of the Banana Muffins.  Made with mashed banana and rice flour (no eggs, no oil).  Like eating baked banana sand.  But it was something to eat and I was starving for actual FOOD I could CHEW......  Dinner was sliced zucchini (thin shaved slices from stem to stern) fried till sort of crispy in a teaspoon of oil.   Every night.  I actually looked forward to dinner.

I survived.  My eyesight survived.  That's all that matters.   Did I lose weight?  No.

I do not recommend Raw Beet Smoothies to ANY of you.  Baked Beets?  Yes.  Rub olive oil on the washed and dried beets and then wrap each one in foil and set them on a sheet pan in the oven until easily poked with a meat fork.  350 or 400 degrees. Takes an hour or more depending on the size of the beets- I buy large ones.   Eat beets peeled and still warm with good olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Salt and pepper.  Divine.  You can add fresh mozzarella along with the oil and vinegar like you would with tomatoes.  Just make sure you eat the beets warm. Later eat them cold if any are left........ I usually ate most of them as soon as they were baked.

Monday, July 04, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday, July 4th. Sunshine. Watering Plants. Tennis.

 Mending.  That's what July is feeling like. Mending things that have gotten worn too thin. 

I'm reading a book-  The Roughest Draft.  Two writers. They wrote a fantastically successful book  together and then parted- not friends.   And neither has written anything worth reading since.  But they have a contract for a second book- and if they don't write it...they will suffer financial problems.  

So they are together in the Florida cottage where they wrote the first book (the scene of the crime so to speak).  And I am not sure they are going to make it.  Together. Apart or with the book.  I am fighting reading...the way they are fighting writing.  I wonder if the authors (yes two authors) intended me to feel this way? They alternate chapters.

Tennis.  The Mean Spirited Australian.  I shut the tv off.  I'll go back to see who else is playing later. I shut it off yesterday- the Serbian.  Cleansing Breaths. I cannot watch him.  It might turn out that the Australian will play the Serbian.  I can see people wanting to watch that.  Not me.

I sewed strips of cloth for the Carrots when I had intended to go to bed.  It's meant to be cut into carrot shapes.  But I like the whole cloth I have made.  It's the first thing I have made in cloth that I actually enjoy looking at.  I should take a picture of it before cutting it up.  I tore more strips to make a second.  I think I can do better on the arrangement of strips. I always think I can do better......

I had watched Endeavor on Masterpiece.  Morse.  Self Destructing. Alcoholism. Stays with me.  So I tore cloth and sewed strips instead of sleeping.

After I hit publish I will layer BranBuds, frozen strawberries (that I picked) and Noosa honey yogurt in a bowl for later.  For dessert or snack.  Let the berries thaw and the juice soak into the Buds.  I was awake early. So today I need lunch and dinner.  BBQ Salad.  I had a bowl yesterday with Law and Order.

Everything feels wrong today......up too early.  No paper.  No grocery shopping.  Tennis.  I watered the containers.  They were dry.  Connie mentioned her squash plants and Miracle Grow.  So I filled two bottles with blue water and carried them down to the fenced garden yesterday afternoon.  Poured a bottle into each pot of squash plants.  They have infant squash started but not much is happening..  

This morning what looked like a pigmy GOAT- romping in the backyard.  Very young. Little horns. Later a small female deer in the same area so perhaps it was a baby deer?  So much "wildlife" here in Maine.  Animals and Rodents.  Snakes.  Shuddering.  Things living under the deck, under the shed, in the woods.

Sunday, July 03, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, July 3rd. Sunny- waiting to see how hot it gets.

 It's been awhile since we had a CHAIR picture.  I have a chair in the Attic that needs upholstering.  I should have daughter visit and carry it down- or ask George if he would do it...... I have plenty of heavy weight 1940's cloth in the closet.  And I do love a nice looking chair.

The Purple Smoke bush is in full "froth" of dark pink bloom- I should go take a picture of it.  Not much else has any color.  July is a dull month.  

Not much on tv.  The Tennis has been extremely irritating- the match yesterday between the ape shit crazy Australian and the Greek was more than I could stand.  It went into extra innings and the Aussie won...which ruined my day.  I spent angry energy ripping cloth.  Today- if the winds are favorable- I'll stitch them together into a new cloth.

I am restless.  Looking for trouble.  It will find me.  It always does.

Husband is out of Chicken Dinners.  I must go to the grocery store.  Get more.  Also more Cherries. 

UPDATE: Home from grocery and Produce section had no Starr Cherries- no cherries at all.  Plums.  Lots of Plums.  As I was leaving the cheese and yogurt aisle- my eyes wandered to the bottom shelf of the end cap and there behind detergent was one bag of Starr Cherries.  Perfect condition.  Happy Dance.

I don't have much more to write here.  Doing nothing all day but watch tv-- not even having the dog here to run my feet over.  I miss him.  I need to have a "no crying rule" while I write these posts.

Saturday, July 02, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday. July 2nd. Humidity. Not my friend. It rained last night and I hope it rains again.

 Felt carrots and one radish.    The radishes in my garden (out back) had all gone to seed. So now they feed the compost worms and not me.  

When July and August arrive my Life shrinks.  Outside is not my friend. Indoors feels more like a cage in Summer than it does in Winter.   Life Sucks.

I did search the fabric closet for orange and some purple.  Some dark green. For the other Carrot Cloth. 

I did two loads of wash- one writing the pages and the second reading my book- the second load was done before I knew it.  I wasn't paying attention to the machine at all.

I hemmed- in a wacky-oh so wrong way- husband's elastic waist sweatpants.  He had been stapling the hems.  Five or six sweatpants.  He had been pulling them up under his armpits................saw nothing wrong about doing it.  He still can, I guess.

I had to change the thread in the bobbin of the sewing machine.  OOOO MMMM GGGG !!!!!! At one point I told the Bernina that it was going into the recycling bin.  Suddenly- the bobbin thread worked. It's perverted.  I doubt husband wears these pants (I hemmed) anywhere in public.  Cause .... I rolled them up once and stitched and then rolled again and stitched.  Taking up 5 inches in total.  Husband is shrinking right before my eyes........

I opened the package of prepared BBQ Pork.  I chopped one head of Romaine and some cheddar cheese and also added some sour cream.  Topped it all with the warmed up pork.  BBQ Salad.  I totally ADORE BBQ Salad.  Today I am having Meat Loaf.   I got up to get the brand off the BBQ packaging but husband took it to the recycling bin.  It's in the same case with hotdogs.  At least in my grocery.  It has a long expiration date.  But be sure to have a bottle of BBQ sauce in the cupboard or fridge.  It needed more- I added ketchup and brown sugar as my BBQ sauce bottle was WAY EXPIRED.

It's so dark in here, I need to turn on lights...... but the Sun seems to be coming out.....damn.

Friday, July 01, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, July First. 9:40 am--- No breezes. Going to be humid.

 My kids used to make things like this at school.  Made me very happy to have things like this on display. I think I still have the faded remnants of some of their Art in the Attic storage boxes.  Unless the mice ate all the paste.

Yesterday.  Oh, baby.  It was a doozie.

Trying to keep husband from doing unsafe things in the heat and humidity.  Trying to keep him alive. And then,...when he is 500% oppositional....I wonder WHY I want to keep him alive......... which makes me feel bad.  He's still alive this morning but I nearly killed the John Deere guy with the garage door.  Not my best day. It was an accidental thing.

First of all.  It was hot and humid.  Yesterday.  Not a GREAT DAY for a guy with one.... sort of..working lung.  (the other lung is full of (bubbles) of liquid- not oxygen)  But he was pig headed and stubborn and went anyway.  Then the blade fell off the riding mower- AGAIN..  I still had the "as yet unpaid" bill from the riding mower's last visit to John Deere.  He took the parts that fell off to John Deere in Town along with the bill.

I was eating ice cream and watching Draper lose his Tennis Match at Wimbledon. Good Looking Guy.

When what to my wondering eyes does appear...but the John Deere hauling truck......In my driveway (husband has not come home).  I went out and pushed the garage door opener- only the garage door was already open....and nearly crushed the John Deere driver's head.  I kept apologizing for nearly killing him.

He was a very very good sport about it.  He also had the key to our mower and he got on it and drove it onto the hauling trailer......... Husband returned and...well, I got what he actually remembered of what happened- not much.  Everyone looked at the blade and the bolt that had fallen off the newly worked on the back room.  and I guess they sent the hauler to go get the mower......and they read the words I had written on the invoice- I never intended them to read those words.....anyway.... .....John Deere is not talking......and the mower is...not here.

And it's hot and husband will AGAIN want to mow the grass. (with the walk behind).... To Live or Let Die??   I can see why older married women DAY DRINK and are eventually Widows. Several Icy Gin and Tonics sound about right.  I just need a LIME.........