Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Daily Notes- November 30th.-- sunny but cold.

 I like this piece of art very much.  I'd love for the Postal Service to choose this for stamps. I would buy sheets and sheets of these images if they were stamps.

We have cold sunshine here in Maine.  The upper reaches of America. More Canadian in weather than the rest of the "lower states'. 30 degrees and sunshine at 11am.  Husband went out early for a haircut.  Now he's back working on his coloring book page to be followed by a nap.  I am not certain what I will be doing today. Always wish I could nap.  But I can't. Genetically or Emotionally Impossible.

I keep thinking it's Friday but it's only Tuesday.

I was going to tell you about something interesting that has happened around here...but I can't remember what that was...and actually...nothing interesting or exciting comes to mind.  So..

We watched the nameless Washington Team play the Seahawks last night.  The Washington Team has no name (having been forced to no longer be the Redskins- a good decision) and the announcers said their quarterback wasn't a "franchise quarterback" so........he's not a quarterback?  Because he wasn't drafted????  This guy who isn't a franchise quarterback was like 150% determined to win the game- no matter what. And he did.  The look on his face on the sidelines- We rarely see the Washington Team.  It's not on the New England radar.  The Seahawks will certainly remember this game.

The Twins down the street are going to have their hockey rink again this Winter.  Dad (a lawyer working from home- the street has a high percentage of lawyers for 11 houses) is getting ready to start construction of a larger rink for the 2021 hockey season on our street. Larger twins. Larger rink.  It's lovely to see the boys and their friends out there on "the ice" in the late mornings early afternoons and then under lights after dark. He does all the work himself (on his work breaks).  I was happy to learn we'd have hockey again this Winter.  I love the sound of it on quiet winter afternoons.

My desk calendar (November) is full.  I worked on it yesterday to get ready to tear it off and start in on December.  The garbage truck just drove past.  A Wonderful Day in The Neighborhood.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Daily Notes- November 29th. Sunshine, ice on the sidewalks.

 Not my birthday yesterday- husband's.  

Football Pizza and I had no pizza cheese--which surprised the hell out of me after all these months and even years of Football  Pizza..  So I had to go out to the grocery to buy cheese and everyone must have been coming home on Sunday from Thanksgiving Family Trips or had run out of FOOD so the store was crowded. 

Got home and no pizza sauce in fridge.....I was sort of speechless at that point but did find a bottle in the pantry.  So, all the items for pizza making are now on the grocery list for later in the week.  Or next week.

I did manage to buy more chicken Parm prepared meals for husband.  He loved his cake.  Had difficulty choosing which of the four wedges of cake to eat first.  He went with Red Velvet.  I had Pumpkin Pie.

I finished up my November calendar.  I asked daughter to buy me a new one just like this one for my Christmas Present.  I have enjoyed finding and pasting art on the blocks and then going back and adding colored crayon or inked in designs.  I had all the finished calendars on the floor and will attempt- at the end of December to get a picture of them all.  I am going to need a tall ladder.

I did not read yesterday.  We watched Football.

Today I managed to corral myself into writing checks for the bills. Most difficult part--just getting started. Once I get going it's fine.  And then I walked out to the mailbox by the road-twice. I found more bills.  I was not in the "mood" to write my Christmas Cards today.  I'm not jolly.  But I did snag the christmas Stamps I wanted to match my cards on a visit to the library- I walked across the street and into the post office and it was quite empty.  I may have already written about the stamps.  Probably.  Not that much happens here.  Any excitement- it's in the books I am reading.

I had an idea for a short story today.  Even a title- The Runner. Woman comes to town to settle estate she has inherited from her great uncle as quickly, as quietly as possible..  But first she stops in to the police station- haven't figured out why- keys?- and the Police Chief takes one look at her and promptly drops to the floor, unconscious.  Everyone stands around until the ambulance arrives discussing the Chief's low blood pressure (??) and she makes a run for it.  It's not going to be a "serious" work of fiction.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Daily Notes- November 28th. Snow melting in the cold Sunshine

 Good Afternoon.  Too many things going on here- scattering my thoughts.  Good things.  Phone calls. Emails.  Things I need to attend to.  Listen. Process. Write down book titles.

So......today is a Football Day.  Patriots and Titans.  Two coaches who know each other very very well. History there.  It will be a Battle.  Begins NOW.  

Today is also a Birthday.   Football Pizza and then Birthday Cake.

It's cold.  I did Washing Machine Pages and one load of Wash yesterday.  It was cold where the washing machine lives (dryer vent open to the outdoors) and my handwriting was scribbly.  When I am out of sorts or someplace in my head that isn't great...I see it in the handwriting. And I saw it there yesterday.  So, I settled down and got out a fresh new book and read until my eyes said it was time for sleep.  

I've watched a few Christmas Movies. I've gotten to a place with Hallmark  (not so much Lifetime) where in the first 15 minutes I know.......I know I will like it or I know I won't.  Yesterday it was mostly won't.  Some of my favorites have been on Lifetime.  These movies are less......I don't know how to say this- false? preachy? stupid?  Hallmark has changed in the last two or three seasons.  And not in a good way. But..most of the "good stuff" hasn't been shown as yet.  We'll see.  The Magical Christmas Shoes turned out to be a Lifetime Movie and it's now recorded.  The other one I love- The kiss in the elevator movie has also been recorded- also Lifetime.  I have movies now that I can "medicate" myself with when I am feeling sad or lonely. Movies that make me laugh or just make me happy.

I have to get husband in here to watch the game.  I have the pizza dough out getting to room temp.  I have the cake in the fridge.  It's going to be okay.  A good day.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Daily Notes- November 27th- Snow overnight- melting right now.

 An image of an After Thanksgiving Sandwich. I am not sure what the pink marbled stuff is. Cranberry mayo????  I had another plate of all the sides yesterday for supper.  So good. Husband reverted to the Chicken Parm prepared meal- who is surprised????.  And didn't remember there was pumpkin pie.  He wanted packaged treats.

There is very little impetus for me to do home cooking.  I might bake cookies.  As a Birthday Gift.

I went out today to get his inhaler prescription.  I also got him a Variety Cake. Four different quarters of cake- Caramel, Carrot, Red Velvet and Chocolate for his Birthday tomorrow.  I forgot ice cream but he really won't miss it.  I'm not sure he will like the Red Velvet but he does eat a Red Velvet yogurt. So..... and I have the cookies I "might" bake as backup.  The cake is in the garage fridge.  It'll be a surprise.

I read a book yesterday.  The Dating Plan by Sara Desai.  I have asked for her first book The Marriage Game and it should be in next week.  These are books my library hasn't purchased for the collection but I think they should as it was quite good for a rom-com.  Some names and locations (bridal shop) seemed to overlap with another author so for awhile I was confused.  

Today I am re-reading Shipped.  A rom com that takes place on a cruise ship.  I will skip the first 30 or more pages.  Tedious. Where was the Editor????  And I think I will be making myself a Thanksgiving Sandwich today. Minus the drippy stuff.  I will use the last of the Boozy Cranberries.

Daughter came over yesterday (in the cold rain) and hauled the 48 inch (heavy) round wreaths from the Attic and got them up on the front porch.  We switched them on yesterday when it got dark.  One wreath had a section of lights out so she had to go into the Attic ...again...to get the fourth one.  Thankfully all it's lights worked.  I was pretty happy I had tucked the cord and timer into my underwear drawer after last Christmas.  But need to tuck the light sparker gun in with the wreath timer next time and the box of extra lights.  I think in the next few months that drawer will be full of things that "get lost" and I will need a new space for my underwear.  I just hope I don't forget where the underwear ends up????

Laundry today.  Washing Machine Pages.  Highlights of the Day.  Which is so very very sad.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Daily Notes- November 26th. And Rain is forecast.

 In Progress. As I clear off the things piled on the ottoman- I find stuff.  And some of it gets stuck or pinned onto the work pinned to the wall opposite my dining room table.  Try outs.  Or just stuff that sort of was made at the same Time.  So they have a certain "family" feeling.

My menu yesterday was very simple but took TIME.  I had forgotten that about cooking.  TIME. I started with the PIE as it had more steps and needed a long baking time.  Then I baked sweet potatoes and moved on from there.  It all got done at the same time which, because I am out of practice...was a Big Surprise.

Son and his long time computing friend Edward had no where else to go- so they went out together to have Chinese.  I'm sure they went to the really really great Chinese place son took us on one of our visits to California.  Which reminded me that he (son but also Edward) have been out there since before son turned 21.  With a master's degree.  20. So long ago.

Daughter ate her garlic enhanced food in the company of her two cats.  Eating the last of their Science Diet food.  The COVID problems have reduced shipments of cat food especially Science Diet for cats. So.....things will be rocky over there for the next few weeks.  Those two kitties are spoiled rotten.

We watched football.  Terrible games.  Hardly looked professional.

By the end of the evening I was watching possibly the last filmed work of the chef who committed suicide in a Paris hotel.  He looked bad.  He reminded me of my dad when he was drinking himself to death. Before AA.  Anthony was traveling along the border between the US and Mexico in this film on CNN. I read his first book long ago, about being a chef, very young, and using cocaine.  Addicted from the very beginning.  I wondered if he had ever tried to find out the"why" of it all.  I think my Dad did.  The why of his addiction. Faced it. Owned it. But not until he was old and I was old. Very unpleasant way to grow up.  It might be why I am the way I am. Collateral Damage. and on that note: I turned off the tv and went to bed.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Daily Notes- A bit Late- Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 None of these were used by me for the Thanksgiving Meal.

I prepared a lovely Pumpkin Pie. Then I moved onto Baked Sweet Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, Mashed Potatoes (something that goes well with gravy), Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole.  And the gravy.  

I enjoyed my meal very much.  Husband had a spoon of each item.

Lifetime Channels dished up two really great movies- one with a really dishy "ghost" who comes back to life for 12 days every December. He's been dead 95 years.  It was well done.  And now the Magical Christmas Shoes.  My best favorite movie.  It's recording.

That about it.  I just finished washing all the pots and pans.  I'm glad it's over.

CNN has the entire Stanley Tucci "Eating Italy"-- watch or record it.  If you enjoy cooking. Or just sightseeing in Italy.  Six episodes. Lovely.  Happy Evening of Thanksgiving to All of You!!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Daily Notes- November 24th- Last Shopping Day Before Thanksgiving.

 I know they are referencing this as "Leftover Loaf" but I think it's a Perfect Meal to make for those of us with only one or two eating.   Deli turkey.  Ask for a half inch thick slice and chunk that up for the turkey layer.  The recipe calls for the British hot water crust.  Pour on the gravy!!!!!!

Yesterday I got off the couch (impressive!!!!) and searched the fridge produce drawer and vegetable basket and made myself some Pantry Soup.  I had purchased huge fat carrots.  Farm Carrots. One was enough.  Onion.  Used a few of the mashed potato potatoes.  Cut up five of the Brussels sprouts meant for tomorrow as I had no cabbage.  Added the dry pasta to the soup and let them cook together. From the beginning.  Threw in a few bits of rind from Parmesan cheese I have in the freezer.  The last few shakes of the Sweet Soy Sauce. A squirt of ketchup.  I did have the can of white beans and the diced tomatoes the recipe called for and the bouillon cubes. And the tap water.  Let it cook.  Ate two bowls.  Two more for today's luncheon.  Yum.

I had books (unread) to return and one to pickup at the library.  So I ran into the grocery (next door) to get more prepared chicken dinners for husband. He had only three in a short stack in the fridge and I could feel his anxiety building. It was our Lucky Day as they had SIX!!!!  I also got Cool Whip.  Just in case. Emergency Cool Whip.  Just a small one.   I FINALLY remembered to buy baking potatoes and sour cream for my own "dreams and wishes".  Baked Potatoes.   All is right with the World.

We have had over 1800 positive COVID tests yesterday.  Vaccinated people are reporting strong "cold/flu type" symptoms. Others (no vaccine) are in ICU and on Ventilators.This in a State with 1.2 million people spread over a state large enough in land mass to cover three adjoining States.  So we aren't "packed" together or anything. Just stupid. The line at the grocery pharmacy was long enough to wrap around the floral display and into the fruits and vegetables. I wondered how many were getting their COVID shot.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Daily Notes- November 23rd- Rained but is Sunny and cold.

 I haven't been reading.  I have been watching Christmas Movies.  Ones I never would have selected in any other year but this ONE.  Silly ones.  Which is fine with me..... Barbie is in her snack closet looking for something to eat.

Last night we tried to watch the Tampa Bay/Giants game.  And we got bored just after the second half began....

I read the last 20 pages in the book I was trying to read from the beginning.  It wasn't worth slogging thru. Kinsella's the Party Crasher.  Don't waste your time on it. A real DUD.  Not sure why it got published.

I can't quite wrap my head around it being TUESDAY before the BIG THURSDAY.

Nothing more to write.  I  have a good book to re-read- Shipped.  Or one of the others on the double stack.  And..I might actually make myself a meal.  Yesterday I had the very last of the Romaine and Swiss with mayo on white bread.  A Lovely Sandwich better suited to July and August and not late November. The Bacon had all passed it's use by date so I couldn't add that.  And eating pancakes, while quite lovely in the moment, is not worth the aggravation of wanting additional carbs later and I have emptied the goldfish cracker container.  I'm left with the chocolate animal crackers but.....they are not that great.  And I don't have any potato chips or Cheetos (things I am actually wanting) and I forgot AGAIN to buy baking potatoes and sour cream.  AGAIN.  It's been on the list three weeks now. And there is no ice cream. 

Soon there will be Pumpkin Pie and Spice Bundt Cake with Rum.  Or homemade cheesecake.  I am definitely thinking cheesecake.  I can top husband's cheesecake with a big handful of m&m's for his birthday.  Let the Eating of C A R B S begin.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Daily Notes- November 22nd- Rain, Confusion, Exasperation

 Spent time trying to get an appointment for a Booster Shot.  Exasperation.

Also daughter keeps bring plants and sticking them into the bathtub in the Attic.  Not individual pots. Tubs. Stacked up.  I am not happy.  I didn't mind watering individual pots but these heavy tubs are balanced on each other and kind of tippy...well, they will be here for months and will eventually sag.  And then I will have a bathtub full of DIRT.  Wet Dirt. Clogged drain.  Plumbing Troubles.

She never seems to understand that I am doing her a "favor" and she seems to always think I am required to do these things for her.  I actually want her to repot all these plants.  Individually.  

Instead she brought over more....... we had words and she left MAD AT ME.  Priceless.

A bad day all around.  Already and it's just begun, sort of.  I haven't even eaten my oatmeal so my blood sugar levels are possibly way out of norms.

I watched parts of the games yesterday.  Football.  Something was off.  Seemed more mean spirited than usual.  It's like the Universe is out of line or something.  So I switched to  Storybook Movies on CW???? I had seen the first one before.  Sort of Cinderella with only one nasty sister.  Then second one was Snow White with black Jazz Musicians sitting in for the Seven Dwarfs. Later there was a couple of influencers pretending to be together for Instagram posts  Which was weird.  The girl was a ditz always celebrating Christmas  365 and the guy was supposed to be a real "bad boy".  He was a skateboarder.  What?????  I left that one pretty fast.   Moved on to Vienna and a waltz contest with Christmas Trees on the Sanitizied Lifetime Channel.  It was dreadful.  Sunday was dreadful.  Monday isn't looking much better.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Daily Notes- November 21st- Chilly and Damp--

 So.....Thanksgiving Week.  Pie Baking.  I still need to buy a few items for the meal on Thursday. And I really want to have some potatoes handy for a vegetable soup.  And a small cabbage.  The cabbages here in Maine are enormous.  Way too large for just me. Daughter suggests I buy a bag of coleslaw mix.  And baking potatoes.  So many commercials for sour cream topped baked potatoes.  Now I want one.

Daughter will not be eating with us on Thursday.  She's on this Leaky Gut diet and the only seasoning she is allowed is garlic so she is having quite a bit.  I don't like the odor.  So she will eat at home.  It's fine.

I watched tv most of yesterday.  The day before I sorted and carried cloth back to the Small Sewing Room Closet.  The day before I stitched an additional border all around a small square cloth- now it's about 8 inches square.  A good potholder but a bit too fancy.  No one would use it if I gave it to them finished.

I enjoyed the hand sewing.  There are a few more 4 inch and 6 inch square projects here.  None that could be combined.  So, I can add additional borders.  Or an appliqué.  Just to keep busy.  

I haven't been reading. I think the book I started is not actually something I want to read.  Posh Brit Rom Com.  Gets a bit tedious with the pub, clothes buying, job worries, parents wanting the girls to marry, and good guys tossed because they don't make good money or live in a good neighborhood. The good guy in this book lives in a "tip" which I guess we Americans would call a dump.  I need to just return it to the library and move on.  Another book- a reread- isn't making me feel like I want to read it either.

During my viewing of Holiday Rom Com's on TV, many commercials.  One, especially got me texting with my son.  Woman making dinner with baby strapped to her chest and baby spits up into her blouse. My son was a champ at spitting up ALL OVER his mom. So we had a tiny (text) chat.  And a laugh.

I watched the Bookstore Christmas Movie.  As usual, it was really really lovely.  I usually watch it 3 or 4 times during the Holidays.  TiVo keeps it for me.  When the Magic Christmas Shoes movie records, I plan on keeping that one as well.  And hopefully, there will be a new (to me) movie to keep in the TiVo vault for December watching.  The new movies haven't been very good so far so I am now recording older 2013- 2016 movies. Less flash and more grit. The Toy Store movie was pretty decent. These are not the titles just the plot lines. I'll mention I'm watching the Magic Shoes and enough said.......

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Daily Notes- November 20th- Sunshine. Chill.

So....sunshine outside but not in the darkness of my heart. I read the entire newspaper today.  UGH.

I also paid the one bill the Post Office....has delivered.  Junk mail arrives in abundance.  And that's how the Mail is being Sorted....... by Oh Joy.  Which reminds me to try and buy Christmas Stamps so I can mail cards so they arrive before New Year's Day.  We did receive a Thanksgiving card from our Bankers in a Timely Fashion as it must have been mistaken for Banking Mail..

Something happened to TiVo in the middle of my sports show and I couldn't watch anything.  I let the tv rest for awhile and then tried again.  Nope.  The regular (non TiVo) tv was working so there WAS tv.  It just was having trouble getting past Tivo.  Later I wiggled the connecting cords- didn't unplug as I KNOW THAT IS NEVER A GOOD MOVE......EVER .......and regular tv program resumed and I was VERY VERY Thankful.  And watched NOVA and then two holiday movies.

I watched the NOVA program on Black Holes yesterday.  As BEAUTIFUL as ever.  The Milky Way. Dark Matter and Einstein's Theory of Negative Matter.  Which is interesting in that Einstein didn't do very well at University with Mathematics.  It has been suggested that his wife sat in on his Math classes and took his exams. Yes, the same wife he said was "crazy".  It could be fiction--The Other Einstein is the book.  Not relevant as I am only commenting here on the visual beauty not the Math. Or the Physics.

Satellites are being created and sent out into the Cosmos.  Taking millions and millions of beautiful pictures of what is Unseen.  Unimagined.  Eventually our little solar system will be sucked into a black hole in a hydrogen fueled explosion. along with the entire Milky Way.  And everything we are or were or could have been...poof.

But while the ride lasts....we have these beautiful images of what's "out there".  I think I will request NOVA programs on Space, Planets and the Milky Way be shown in my last days and hours alive. I will write that in the Estate Planning Book.  Yes...that's an excellent plan.  But far into the Future.  Unless I get hit by a Bus.  And, Brunswick, where I live, has only one very slow moving senior citizen bus with maybe 12 seats. We're a One Bus Town.  

Friday, November 19, 2021

Daily Notes- November 19th-

 So...things working today.  But got interrupted yesterday and didn't hit publish.  Another Mouse.

So you get two new posts today.  18 and 19.

This image reminds me of the Lincoln logs we had as children and the simple rectangular houses we built. We never did build a tall square based house.  I have a can of logs here somewhere.  I could try and build a little something. Square.

I am still on the fence as they say regarding  the "ornament" I want to make for the tree this year.  Felt I think.  A snowman with carrot nose or ...my daughter suggested a star.  I had wanted, years ago....to make stars from twigs.  Layered into shape with hot glue.  But then I realized they would be seen.  They would melt into the green of the tree and why have an invisible ornament?  So daughter is all for yellow felt stars.  I have a multitude of star shaped ornaments.  Sparkly.

We watched the Patriots play football in Atlanta.  We lived in and around Atlanta for the first 6 years of our married life.  So....a slight connection but I have never liked the Atlanta football team.  They are a mean spirited group no matter who their coach is.  Well, last night........we beat them.  And, while it wasn't the greatest game ever played.....we beat them.  And husband and I felt pretty good about it.

My oatmeal is ready -- the microwave dinged.  And I am hungry so I will end this post.  I might add something later or just wait for tomorrow.  The days go by.....nothing happening.  I imagine in the years ahead these two or three years will be called the "Lost Years" in more ways than just the COVID.  What's happening in Washington- well, who could have imagined it?????  And what if the Great American Experiment is actually ending?  It feels strange.  Husband I read parts of the news aloud to each other and then just look at each other......it's hard to believe.

Daily Notes- November 18- Errands Done. Gas in the Car.

 Well, no images will post on the blog.  My friend Connie had the same thing happen to her a few weeks ago and stopped writing posts.  I'll keep writing.  It's a blogger.com problem.

So..we got gas in the car but didn't go to the Post Office to get Christmas Card Stamps.  Not sure we can even go inside the Post Office these days with the rising COVID numbers.  The local Bank has now reverted to only drive thru service. Total Lock Down seems likely by Christmas. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

And still so many will NOT got vaccinated. Will NOT wear a mask.

I am going to carry the fabric and box of thread to the sewing room today. The stuff piled on the ottoman next to where I sit and read and sew and watch tv. Sort of my Work Plan For The Day. 

And sort the fabric by color and set it on the shelves.  I think there may be an extra shelf unit in the guest room closet- from the days when that closet was a Sewing Room Closet.  When the guest bedroom was my Sewing Room.  With a large work table and the sewing machine by the window.  All my fabric in the closet.

The Good Old Days.  I had music in there as well.  And listened to books on tape or CD.

Now it's the guest bedroom (no guests) and where husband occasionally does his floor exercises on the large foam mat that takes up all the floor space that the king bed doesn't take. Difficult to open the closet doors with the foam thing on the floor.  But I often do open the door.

I was interrupted and didn't press publish.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Daily Notes- November 17th. Sunshine and A Chill in the Air

 More delightful art from the "littlesomethings" blog.  Check the sidebar.  Or click on the art.  these are folded paper people.  

It's sort of dull here at home.  Husband has gone to the dentist to have a cavity taken care of.  This is the first of three appointments he has with the dentist.  I didn't have any cavities which was happy news.

I was up in the 40 degree Attic again looking for a large plastic tub.  I have quite a bit of thread, cloth and projects piled to my left as I sit on the couch reading or watching tv.  It looks like I have Hoarder Tendencies.  I really don't.   I just have a Tendency "not to return things to where I found them".  I could lift it all and carry the pile down to the Little Sewing Room.  Put it all on sorted by color shelving.  Find it later when I am actually sewing.   

Or just leave it all where it is.  Sigh. The leave it where is isn't working that well for me this week..

Alexa from Bank of America just called.  Robo calling is very very busy this week.

I finished All The Boys I Have Loved-- they had a messy but great Christmas at the end. I started and finished (2am) jemima j by Jane Green.  Fat girl gets fit and thin and finds love but not really....... until the last 20 pages.  This was a one dollar Goodwill find by daughter.  I read it straight thru so that is some sort of review......right?  British.  And the story was told three or four ways.  Depending on who was speaking at the time.  The author was speaking directly to the Reader quite often. "you and I might have been suspicious??? but our girl was not" "don't you find his behavior odd?"  An interesting way to go about things.  I didn't mind.  She has other books I might go looking for.  

I have a book to return to library.  My car needs gas.  I need more dark chocolate candy and milk for my oatmeal.  I might buy a few prepared meatloaf meals...you know...an actual meal. I said last month I wouldn't be doing that anymore.  I could also look at the frozen dinners.  Could be interesting.  Husband just offered to take me and then go get me gas.  I said yes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Daily Notes- I forgot what the title is supposed to be!!! November 16th

 Cleaning out the desktop picture file.  This one showed up.  I don't think they are my daughter's two cats? But I am using them today and deleting the file.  sigh.

Another mouse.  I am recording their deaths on my desktop calendar.  

Football was interesting for the Monday Night Football.   Terrible game.  We watched at the start because our son lives "in the area" and it sort of felt like we were "visiting".  I don't think he watches football. At the end, the "losing" LA quarterback was seen in a silent long shot, no commentary, talking to Odell Beckman.  And Odell had this look in his  eyes- like- "what the hell have I got myself into?'. Signing with a quarterback that could NOT connect with anyone for all four quarters.  Wow.

Sunshine but chilly.  Garbage got collected.  Newspaper arrived.  Breakfast was nice.  Good oatmeal. Not much else going on.  Scheduled a pickup for the Snow Blower.  A second time.  They forgot the last appointment.

Not much going on.  I have a book to finish.  I cooked some Jasmine rice and green peas for my supper last night. It was good to have something to eat.  I need to do more of that.  I checked the freezer and I have more frozen peas.  They were hidden. I also have some vegetarian meatballs.  I could have them. I just am not motivated to actually COOK.  I have to get over that.  Or start ordering food.  But we don't live where restaurants with tv commercials actually do business.  Maine is the actual Butt Edge of Earth.

Today I will worry about the Space Station getting hit by pieces of Chinese Garbage up there in Space.  I guess the Chinese were shooting down their own satellites up there in Space.  Military Activities. Practicing for the "Real Thing".

Monday, November 15, 2021

Daily Notes- Monday (no newspaper) November 15th

 I'm thinking about this.  Now is the new later.

The Chicken Soup turned out great.  Soup Noodles a problem as when I went into the closet- I found the one soup needle package nibbled open and over half of the dry noodles eaten- by the mouse.  Now...I am concerned that this is "another" mouse and not one of the "already caught and dead" mice.  The closet now seems icky.

My book on the Boys I've Loved.    Not as advertised but different and still very readable.  Girl loves the boy next door- they hang out all the time and have forever.  He falls in love with her older sister who leaves for college in Scotland (I don't know why) and kid sister sends all the letters in the mail.  One of the guys who gets a letter asks the girl to pretend to be his girlfriend (wants his ex to leave him alone). One of the most popular guys.  She is not.  It's complicated and interesting.

I've lost a button on my favorite buttoned cardigan. Just looked down and noticed.  Got to find a new one in the button jar.  Also a hole in the sweater next to where the button is missing.  A tragic mystery.

My friend is texting for us to come lift, carry, lift and then drive home with a large old heavy mahogany table and then try and carry it up stairs into the house...and then what??????  She will find someone else to take it.  She says two people can lift it. Not two 75 year old people.  I never could think where I would put it.

Grocery was intense today.  I managed to get more chicken dinners.  Even with the homemade soup- husband asked for chicken dinners.  So much for being happy about soup. I got him more cake. It's incredible that his blood work is always excellent..unless it's the meds he takes????

I also got a few items for the Holiday.  Pie crusts, whipped cream, pumpkin.  Green beans and French Fried Onions. Canned mushroom soup.  Sweet Potatoes.  I have gravy mix and Stove Top.  You can see it'll be a "real home cooked meal".  I'll buy an already cooked half turkey breast from the deli.  Mostly I like the vegetables, Stove Top and the gravy.  I don't eat the turkey.  This has been the usual for years now.

I'm still not sure about Christmas Eve Pierogi.  Don't have to make daughter's special ones she's on special diet.  Might not make ours.  Last year the making, cooking, standing nearly killed me.  My back was really knotted up. And my legs felt like lead.  I enjoy eating them for  a bunch of days after Christmas.  That I would miss.

Getting old is a tough nut.  Letting go of stuff.  Stuff you really enjoy.  sigh........

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Daily Notes- November 14th- Sunshine.

 Remembering.  Still miss him.  But he's definitely off to new adventures and hasn't come to visit us.

Still no acorns. Not ONE....... Husband has put up the sticks marking the edges of sidewalks and driveway.  for the coming SNOW and the shoveling and snow blowing Season..  So we don't run anything into the grass areas with any machinery.  

I went out to get the mail yesterday and checked out my Grass Growing Project.  Very very nice.  It was slow getting off to a start there in the early days.  But at the very end of the Daily Watering Season- things were looking more green than brown (soil).  Few weeds.  And now TruGreen has fertilized it twice.  And also put down weed control.  So.....it all turned out okay.  I will add more seeds in the Spring.

January I will be starting the Winter Seed Project in the dozens of half gallon milk jugs I have stored in the garage. Out on the back deck in the snow.  I even think there are larger jugs in the Attic.  I want lots of marigolds. The large French Reds.  And some herbs and vegetables. Now...... I reconsider the herbs...those squares in the herb bed are full. And I have cut ZERO herbs. The mint was bountiful.  But I cut none.  As usual, there was zero dill and zero parsley.  That might be a project for next year. Dill. Parsley. 

I did manage to keep a pot of French Lavender going all season.  Repotting it twice into larger and larger clay pots.  It's out in the glassed vestibule for the Winter.  It's sunny.  So warms up nicely.  There won't be a Fig Tree to keep it company and share diseases.  But daughter has dropped off a Mandevilla for me to baby sit. Excuse the misspelling.  I tried every variation and none look correct. Settled for this one.

I am making Chicken Soup today for husband.  I dug around in the freezer and found the very last package of chicken thighs.  And I can use several of the small onions and all the slender carrots. I remembered to buy celery. Next grocery day- larger- largest.. carrots, large onions, more celery. And chicken thighs are on sale.  So...I will stock up for Chicken Soup Season. I still have the stems saved in the freezer from parsley purchases.  Garlic might be a problem- not sure if I have any. So what????  It'll be fine.  It'll be soup. Something New Sunday.  I have no one to cook for me.  So...grilled cheese..... again.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Daily Notes- Saturday, November 13th. Sunshine.

 I love everything about this linen outfit.  Loose pants and long tunic top.  I would wear it with a long sleeve tee under the top. A black and white stripe.  I even love the shoes (sandals).  But I am not buying more clothes.  I haven't even worn out what I own.

Todays' sweater is sporting black felted wool elbow patches.  The pants a nice 2 by 4 inch mended spot just right of the zipper.  Defective cloth in the LLBean corduroy pants.  Very common problem. All my Bean corduroy pants have the same mended spot.

While walking out to the end of the driveway yesterday to check to see if we got any mail, I did something to the behind the knee area of of right leg.  There was a small sharp something that happened and hurt and it's hurt ever since.  Not a lot but it's always there on the outside edges of my mind.  A pulled muscle or tendon or something.  It aches a bit when I stand or walk.  It also doesn't care for being massaged.  It wants to be left alone.  Like I did..yesterday.

In the after waking up and before getting out of bed time this morning....I was remembering friends who are now departed. (Veteran's Day must set it off) Some dead and some having just disappeared.  Some just stopped writing emails.  Or letters. Or making phone calls (having changed their number or moved leaving no forwarding details).... I wonder if I have done the same to people.  Was it intentional or not? But I've kept my email address exactly the same and the house phone is the same as it was in 1991.  I was reminded  (this morning) -of having (owning) things that belonged to my friends who have died.  Their cloth collections, the quilts they left behind, their sewing machines, their sweaters..... I must be a safe deposit box for things they left behind .......  some items I asked for...the sweaters.  Some were brought to my house by the women who took care of emptying the sewing rooms.  One item was carried to the house, handed over and when I saw what it was I sobbed.  

A Friendship Quilt.  It might be Time for it to come out and be enjoyed again.  It might be Time to look at it and be reminded of old friends, conversation and laughter.  Not loss.  But what I gained. My Friend.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Daily Notes- Friday November 12th. It's Raining...It's Pouring!!!!

 I read Hazel Monte's blog  Handstories.typepad.com every day.   I love the little pictures (stories) she creates in cloth scraps.  And then adds personality with thread.  Her Moons and Little Boats sail away in my imagination. this digital magazine contains an interview with Hazel.

It's Raining and it's Pouring outside today.  We were supposed to also suffer thru high winds and power losses.  I was not wanting that.  Never a good thing as Maine Power is iffy at the Best of Times.  Hardly any lines are underground.  And tree branch trimming is done by the lowest possible bidder- with the least amount of thought or skill.  Winter is not a happy time.  Thanksgiving Day is PRIME for a power outage.

I have started the day with a very long conversation about relatives with daughter.  Then a shower. Then breakfast which I might have to call "Brunch" as it was colliding with the lunch hour.  It was still just oatmeal.  And now it's nearly 1pm.  The Sports Guys don't get going until 2 pm.  

Husband caught another mouse.  I had seen mouse droppings nearby days ago. Mentioned them. Could have been in the house all along.  Just not getting caught in a trap until last night. Or there is an entry point we don't know about.  He was caught where the second mouse got caught alive.  Husband says he won't tell me about them if I am going to be upset.  But I'd rather know it's been caught and dead. This one was dead.

My book for today- with the rain- is a YA-- To all the boys I've loved before.  by Jenny Han. I haven't started it yet so no idea if it's good or not. I girl writes letters to all her old boyfriends- private letters she never intends to send.  She pours out her heart. They accidentally get mailed. The book I am going to read is about what happens after the letters are received by the boys she has loved.

I'll let you know what I think of the book.

Last night I watched a Hallmark Movie on Lifetime.  I am puzzled.  Do they make the movies twice?  Once very strict, no kissing no touching, no sexy and then...as sort of an "out take"- all touchy and sexy for Lifetime? this one is about a guy who turns his house into a Gingerbread House for the Holidays.  I've seen this guy on Hallmark-- Travis Winkle something.  He acts like women's lips have cooties.  In this movie on Lifetime, he was finding it difficult to keep his mouth/hands off the girl.  Seriously seductive behavior and the girl was pushing him away.  Which is totally expected on Lifetime which dotes on serial killers and rapists.

Quite a few of my favorite Christmas Movies are on Lifetime.  And ALL have Hallmark actors and actresses. And all are seriously weird and very sexy.  I also watched two Hallmark movies on Hallmark and such awkward-ness.   Was painful.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Daily Notes- November 10th. It must have rained overnight. Still no acorns.

 So NOT getting into a canoe. EVER  This image from a senior magazine that arrived yesterday in the mail.

I have some important things to do today- same list as yesterday and the day before.  I only did one- I paid my credit card bill.  I haven't done any laundry.  I did dust the floor.  With my Swiffer. Which I love. I had Halloween candy after eating my oatmeal.  Hell in a Hand Basket around here lately.

I think I finally got myself back to normal, sleep wise, since the day before my teeth cleaning when I got ZERO sleep.  It took three nights.  Hard to make up for lost sleep. When you get OLD.

We are having Sunday's Football Pizza today.  Somehow it seemed like too much trouble every afternoon. We could wait till tomorrow and have Thursday Night Football Pizza??? That's the way I am rolling in November, I guess.  Started a good book but then set it aside.  Looked at a few cloth projects- and set them aside.  Was looking for my mask templates--I seem to always lose them--I should paste them to the wall or the inside of the closet door.  I'll do that as soon as I hit print.  I want to make a Christmas Mask.  Holiday Fabric.  I wanted one last year........but made masks for daughter and not one for me.

I did start taping recipes to the inside of the kitchen cabinet doors.  If I make it-- tape it.

I use Scotch Tape.  Easy enough to reorganize as to preference with Scotch Tape. 

Watched a Christmas movie on Hallmark- I had seen it in years past but the kissing and standing close to each other seemed genuine. Like the people might actually enjoying being together.  They even did a decent job of dancing together and made eye contact.  Didn't get the "ick" I usually get when actors in Hallmark actually touch each other. And no one had curling iron hair.  That should be a Bingo clue, Dee. Curling Iron Hair.  Looks Incredibly Stupid the way they do it. Sausage Hair.

Reading:  Once and For All by Sarah Dessen.  Another YA book.  Recommended by a librarian. The lead character is 18 and graduating from high school.  Two possible guys.  One in college who was mesmerized by the tape dispenser in the office (the wedding planner was begged to give him a job) and kept pushing the button to dispense tape and the other the brother of a bride making her 4th or 5th trip to the altar. The brother goes missing all the time.  And there is a dark horse- a Groomsman at the wedding in progress as I am reading.  The writing is very good.  The characters seem realistic. So far the plot has dragged. One and a half pages of the tape dispenser.......It must have something to do with the plot but.....sigh.  The Groomsman is the "one who broke her heart" I think.  I have no idea what I will be doing today.  Reading. Sports TV.  Pizza Making. Laundry and the Washing Machine Pages.  Or none of them.

And the interest in Odel Beckman.  And the Patriots.  Gag.

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Daily Notes- November 9th. It's raining leaves today.

 Large and in my face.  I applied a stick on dust cloth to my handle thing and dusted the hallway and the kitchen dining room.  Then I squirted a bleach cleaning product- that I use to remove color from cloth--to the sink and scrubbed like no one had ever cleaned the sink before.  It looks as clean as a 1986 stainless sink can look.  House built that year- I moved in in December of 1991. Third owner. Built to last forever. 

The electric stove is hopeless. No amount of "elbow grease" can get it completely clean.  So, it gets a thoughtful and caring wipe down every so often. The Football Pizza baking is so high heat it burns up any crusty bits.  The pizza stone stays in the oven 24//365

I sewed a few bits of scrap fabric to 9 little rectangles in the past few days.  Would make decent bookmarks. But right now my bookmark is a 10 inch strip of painted white cotton.  I painted it.  It's really lovely. Faded blues with some yellow.  Looks old, worn out but it's just new cloth painted.  

My Master Gardner Classmate attended Wallace's funeral service.  Endless stories were told.  Wallace is leaving a large hole in the Space Time Continuum.  My friend told me all the stories over the phone.  Each person who knew Wallace knew a different Wallace.  That was clear from hearing the stories.  My Wallace was quiet, unsure, easily made uncomfortable but with a sly, edgy scene of humor.. We had quiet conversation about plants.  His partner/husband and I had loud laugh filled conversations that made Wallace uncomfortable.  After his husband died, Wallace didn't know what to do with me.  So...we ended up smiling, asking how each was doing and letting that be enough.  Both missing his husband. And the loud surprise of his laughter.

My Classmate invited me to go to a restaurant with her- she listed several she had been to lately.  I regretfully declined.  She got upset.  And well....she's had COVID twice.  It's enough I went to her house and ate soup.  And another time ate pizza out on her deck. And sat out on my back deck in 25 degree freezing cold to have a one hour chat. We had large cups of steaming sweet tea. I am not eating in a restaurant with everyone not wearing a mask.  Not in Maine where people refuse to get a shot and refuse to wear a mask.  We are 70% vaccinated in the entire State.  But in my Town that seems like wishful thinking. And the unmasked are such ASSHOLES.  They smirk and walk close.  I don't provide anything back to them.  I disappoint.  All they get from me is a dead on stare.  My store has a sign that all must be masked. But they do nothing to uphold that mandate.

Monday, November 08, 2021

Daily Notes- Dental Appointment

 Suddenly, every visit to the Magic Attic- another blue/green cloth AFTER all those early visits and not a damn thing.. That ATTIC is a demon sometimes. They are piling up and the board even gave way and fell flat on it's face-- saying- STOP!!!!!  ENOUGH of this same color cloth- use it already.

Dental Appointment.  My Teeth Are Clean.  The weird thing on the back of my tooth was removed and it feels kind of sensitive...there. We don't know what it was.  Perhaps a petrified lemon drop. Stuck in place.  Refusing to dissolve.


The Library was next on the visiting as husband read way into the evening...said "what a great book" so I had to go get more of that author.  Reading is a great exercise for his Brain Cells.  I got one book for myself.  I have quite a pile. And reading goes slowly these days due to the entertainment on the Sports show. On TV.  I don't quite understand it- the appeal--but it makes me laugh.  So. that's good.

There were some moments in yesterday's football games......gruesome in some cases (injuries) and just downright humiliating for the LA quarterback.  Stafford.  He kept throwing "pick sixes" to the opposing team players. Right to them.  They didn't have to move or jump or anything.  Just stand there and wait for the ball.  And it never stopped.  I think he even was asking the coach to take him out of the game.  He might be broken as they say.  And might not be fixable.  I was sort of thinking about his mom watching the game.  Got kinda teary eyed.  It was a hard thing to watch.

Today is Wallace's funeral.  At the big church next to Bowdoin College.  There will be a huge crowd and many speakers.  I learned years ago not to attend these things.  Sobbing like an idiot thru the entire thing...it's unpleasant for everyone.  I can cry here at home.  I cried- sobbed- through Beverly's funeral.  that was the last time I went to one.  My heart was well and truly broken that day. Wallace would be the same.

Sunday, November 07, 2021

Daily Notes- November 7th- Fall Back an Hour Day.

 It's a sunny but chilly day.  I set back the clocks I can do manually.  Like the microwave.  When I was making my Daily Oatmeal.  Daughter dropped off her overwintering tender perennials.  The third or fourth year they have Wintered in my upstairs bathtub.  Like Seniors going to Florida.

I got her to carry the three IKEA (circa 1982) outdoor chairs into the Attic.  They are heavy.  Now we won't see her for awhile...puts her off the Parental Units when she has to carry heavy stuff up into the Attic.  Feels we should be asking a guy to do it.  We don't have a "guy". We have a "girl".

I began the day with a shower.  Nice and hot.  So I feel pretty good.  I do have laundry to do.  And I do have the dentist tomorrow cleaning my teeth.  Neither of those two things is anything I want to  think about. so..I am reading the newest Helen Hoang (Heart Principal) and we have one character recovering from cancer surgery and another just discovering she is on the Autism spectrum.  One third in and not much is happening other than the guy from the Bride Test is making margaritas for his tattooed  relatives and has a new fire pit in the back yard.  Author gives us in depth descriptions of the full body tattoos in every book. So I am transitioning.  The girls in the last book had tattoos--and the guys had them also.

I did some baking.  Did I mention it yesterday?  Anyway, I baked an old fashioned family recipe for Apple Cake.  I used the apples I was given after my haircut.  They are quite tasty.  And the cake is very good. My  husband cut himself a tiny slice and then filled his dessert plate with purchased snacks.  I had a good sized rectangle. I may just wrap and freeze the majority of the cake.  As usual, he prefers purchased food and not home made food....but I wanted to use the apples.  So..it's on me.

Saturday, November 06, 2021

Daily Notes- Saturday November 6th. Sunshine.

 Breakfast. Perhaps you could see me in the spoon's reflection.  I didn't realize the spoon held it's own image.   Monday- Dentist.  Already amping up the anxiety.  I add milk just before eating and after stirring the sugar into the oats.

Reading.  Yesterday (and today) Casey McQuiston's One Last Stop.  On the back cover: "A breathtaking love story, filled with heart, yearning and the most wonderful found family."   I'm thinking it has some linkage, in emotional journey, to House in the Cerulean Sea.  A woman is "stuck" on the Q train in Manhattan. She exists there due to some malfunction of the Time Space Continuum.  I have the last 25% to read.  I will NOT cheat and read the last few pages.  I will wait and see what happens. 

Our Library Selectors have chosen to add a considerable amount of ...well, I forget the letters needed LGBQ...something.  This book has girls falling in love with girls and guys falling in love with guys.  It's about romance and love and has little to do with the sex (though there is some) found in most romances.  

I have been reluctant to choose these books.  Feeling awkward about it.  But after three or four great books- it's a non factor.  Because the content and writing is so GOOD.  Thank you, Selectors.

I am thankful I chose, years ago, to use three blank Goodwill notebooks to use as a resource for the books I read.  My library gives borrowers a small ticket with dates and titles on checkout- sometimes only partial listing of authors.  So when I get home I paste the slips of paper into these notebooks and write a small 5 word accounting of what the book is about and add the author's name if it isn't on the printout.  I also note if I liked the book or not.  These days I also note when I re-read the books.  Because I do re-read books all the Time.  Visits with old friends.  My daughter found four brown kraft paper covered Japanese notebooks at Goodwill.  New notebooks.  Wider pages so I can easily do double pasted printouts.  

I started listing books in the notebooks I have in 2008.  Or before.  Notes in the first book includes lawyers so I might have had the book with me when my dad died.  I sort of thought I could pull him back again.  But, no. It's all there in the margins of the book.  Like an instagram photo of a my Life, his Death.

I went back, to find details for this post.  And it all came back to me.  So......... well, my coffee has gotten cold.  Need a fresh cup.  Thank you for being here....reading.  

Friday, November 05, 2021

Daily Notes- November 5th. Friday...Friday

 My bowl full of Sunshine and vitamin C.  Aren't they gorgeous?   Husband even added one to his evening dessert plate.  I worked on my desk top calendar.  I had not added any art to it for the first full week of  November days.  So I had "work" to do.   Then a call from Pharmacy about something.  Rather than try and do it by phone- I went in.  I had books to return and pickup at library and husband was getting worried about the shrinking stack of chicken dinners in the fridge.  It all got done.

I didn't mind waiting as there was a very very good looking guy sitting in the pharmacy waiting area with his phone.  ..he never looked up so I got to stare at him as I waited in line.  A WIN, for sure.  I definitely know what my "type" is-40 50 years too late but it doesn't matter...I never would have had the courage for it in any event. If I had had my phone with me- I would have taken his picture.

But I didn't.

More books to pick up at the library.  Some were unexpected as they are new releases and I assumed a long wait time.  A new one in the series by Helen Hoang.  The Bride Test took care of one brother and this book is about the older brother.  I am wondering if Helen will marry off the Kiss Quotient guy's sisters next. He has three possibly four of them.

I watched a recorded PBS program last night.  A very normal artist making very very strange art.   I wrote a name down but not sure it's him.  I'll do a bit of research...see if he has a book.  There was something he was doing with a  metal plate- for printing on the press.  I loved etching a plate and printing it when I was in college.  But he was doing something I hadn't even known could be done- painting with acid and drawing into the image.  I felt very sad about that.  I would have wanted to try it. But I didn't know it existed and perhaps it never had until this guy tried it?  Also 40 to 50 years too late. For me.

Thursday, November 04, 2021

Daily Notes- November 4th. Haircut Day.

 I think this is supposed to be the most decadent bowl of onion soup Ever.  I'd like to order three, please.

Today was haircut day.  No one in the salon I go to wears a mask (but me).  And they aren't vaccinated.  But they do an excellent job cutting and coloring hair.  And they were a short run by foot from the greenhouse where I worked 10 plus years prior to the COVID pandemic.  So....convenient.  I take my chances. And today I was given a bag of apples.  From a tree that is growing on my hair cutter's new property by the ocean.  She says they make great applesauce, apple cake etc.  I like apple cake and have a very old family recipes.  So..happy with these free apples.

A Master Gardener friend has been on my mind for the past week or more.  Drifting in and out of my conscious thoughts. Visiting me. This morning...his obituary.  He died in a care facility way south of his home. Wallace..you made me laugh out loud...not an easy thing to do.  You were the dearest, sweetest most thoughtful man with a cutting wit and always the best dressed guy in a crowd.  But I know they are having the best party in Heaven right now.  Welcoming you!!!! 

And in the tv section of the newspaper- on FX the movie Yesterday is on today.  Where a guy gets hit by lightening and wakes up to find the Beatles never existed but he (alone) knows their entire playlist.  I have the TiVo set to record it.  And I intend to watch it continuously for the rest of my Life.. (or TiVo's life)  Such a Happy Movie.  And the Music is divine.

My Dental Tooth Cleaning appointment has been upgraded to Monday Morning.  

Sports Talk Show was excellent yesterday.  Quarterback Rogers- unvaccinated. Now positive for COVID Homapathic stuff instead. Girlfriend is a "hunter/gatherer" type and collects Vitamin D from the Sun...well, find out for yourself. Where she collects it.  Let's just say...Sports was a bit X rated yesterday afternoon but hilarious. Explains Roger's new hairstyle.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Daily Notes- November 3rd- Sunshine and Sadness

 This image is of a breaded slice of mozzarella cheese fried like a chicken cutlet.  I am amazed by this and would enjoy making it????  When all my teeth and gums are back to feeling "normal".  Not this week. Or next week.  I am having my teeth cleaned on Monday morning.  Whoop.

Husband and I emptied a few of the annual containers.  I am still shaking dirt off my shirt. We'll do the two larger ones...some other day.

My fingernails are very weak...I need to figure out what to be eating to get them back up to good condition.  Weak finger nails....any suggestions from my Peanut Gallery???

I read Soulmate Quotient three times yesterday.  Or once the day before and two times yesterday.  I need to buy that book.

Sadness because of Maine election results.  Always.   Reminders that Maine is RED.  Trump Red. And votes that way most of the time, but then shocks us every so often by going Deep Blue. Anyway. I am sad that they have voted YES to END THE CORRIDOR TO BRING  CLEAN ENERGY  from the Hydro Damns in Quebec.  Instead- Maine will pay for oil energy from Texas.  Dirty Oil and Coal.

Mostly they worried some of that Energy traveling thru Maine would go to Massachusetts.  Because Red Mainers do not like Massachusetts.  And Mainers LOVE having the power go out with any two inch snow storm or high winds.  Because the POWER DOES GO OUT ALL THE TIME here in Maine.

Anyway.  I live here.  And have to put up with this shit.

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Daily Notes- November 2nd. Voting Day.

 I have this card nearby.  Because, we all need to be reminded that just being alive is pretty great.  And we should smile more and laugh out loud a few times a day.  

That's why I watch my Boston Sports talk show every afternoon (it's a radio show, primarily)-- so I can laugh.  Because these guys- all adult men-- are often more juvenile than adult. Yesterday they had a tape of Belichek saying it was "his fault and he takes the blame" and they recited different items that have occurred with the Patriots (or just ridiculous stuff) and then played the tape.  It's was pretty funny. And, like the quote up top-- we laughed a lot.

I watched some of the Chiefs/Giants game last night.  I wondered about the behavior.  It's seemed so VERY mean spirited.

Then I switched to a recorded program of the Chinese building a Winter Hotel and Sports/Skiing Resort in a big crumbling "full of water" hole in the Earth.  The recording began in 2012 and ended in 2018 or later. I hadn't meant to record it but I watched.  Impossible Builds.  The previous one I also accidentally recored was the tallest, thinnest skyscraper in New York City right in the middle of the city overlooking Central Park. I think I wrote about it a few weeks ago???  The program yesterday was...possible I guess because China has so many people and they are willing to still get down in a freezing cold mud filled hole in the Earth and do 20 hours of hard labor????  Day after day, year after year........

Today we are voting.  In person.  With masks on.  Like LIFE is NORMAL.  We have several weird referendums to vote on.  Where you vote No to say Yes.  Politics.  And...husband is in slow motion today...so we may be Voting and then rushing to the Dentist office.  Or Forgetting the voting and just rushing to the Dentist office.  It's noon.  He's still working on his breakfast.

I have been working on Fall Clean up of the plants etc. very slowly. Outside.  I worked on the compost bins yesterday. Tucked the overflowing squash plants back inside the compost bins.  To compost. They hardly bothered to make any squash.  There is a tomato plant still making tomatoes- I left that alone.  If I feel up to it after toothpick removal- I will gently pull the annual flowers from their containers and tuck them into the bins as well.  Sigh.  It looks like it will be raining by then.

Monday, November 01, 2021

Daily Notes- November First- The Sun is Shining.

 The October calendar.  Sideways.  Because...I am not invested in the trial and error of swinging the image so it's right side up.  It's enough that the TruGreen guy showed up...to the correct house..this morning and that I have an "newly scheduled" dental appointment tomorrow to have the small bit of toothpick removed from my gums. It's been a painful few days with that item imbedded there and...it hurts.   I called on Friday and the office was closed.  So...it's been a long weekend.

I also just paid three bills which husband has walked out to the roadside mailbox.  

I am going to sit quietly with my Sports shows on the tv and watch the large number of players get injured.  The Titan's Henry has a serious ankle injury and I think the Saint's quarterback has done something horrible to his ankle or his knee.  I hate to see them get injured.  Because...deep down...it's playing the game that they LOVE doing.  So, being injured has to be so so awful for them.  The Patriots won yesterday and Tampa Bay lost in the final minutes.  Brady is still our quarterback- so it was sad to see that happen- even though he doesn't play for New England.

Well, it's the couch, sports, warm comforting beverages to soothe my gum where it's "angry" and re-reading my book for the third or fourth Time in two days.  A great romance is even better the fourth time around.  The Soulmate Equation. And it keeps me from "worrying" the toothpick embedded in my gums.