Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Daily Notes- November 24th- Last Shopping Day Before Thanksgiving.

 I know they are referencing this as "Leftover Loaf" but I think it's a Perfect Meal to make for those of us with only one or two eating.   Deli turkey.  Ask for a half inch thick slice and chunk that up for the turkey layer.  The recipe calls for the British hot water crust.  Pour on the gravy!!!!!!

Yesterday I got off the couch (impressive!!!!) and searched the fridge produce drawer and vegetable basket and made myself some Pantry Soup.  I had purchased huge fat carrots.  Farm Carrots. One was enough.  Onion.  Used a few of the mashed potato potatoes.  Cut up five of the Brussels sprouts meant for tomorrow as I had no cabbage.  Added the dry pasta to the soup and let them cook together. From the beginning.  Threw in a few bits of rind from Parmesan cheese I have in the freezer.  The last few shakes of the Sweet Soy Sauce. A squirt of ketchup.  I did have the can of white beans and the diced tomatoes the recipe called for and the bouillon cubes. And the tap water.  Let it cook.  Ate two bowls.  Two more for today's luncheon.  Yum.

I had books (unread) to return and one to pickup at the library.  So I ran into the grocery (next door) to get more prepared chicken dinners for husband. He had only three in a short stack in the fridge and I could feel his anxiety building. It was our Lucky Day as they had SIX!!!!  I also got Cool Whip.  Just in case. Emergency Cool Whip.  Just a small one.   I FINALLY remembered to buy baking potatoes and sour cream for my own "dreams and wishes".  Baked Potatoes.   All is right with the World.

We have had over 1800 positive COVID tests yesterday.  Vaccinated people are reporting strong "cold/flu type" symptoms. Others (no vaccine) are in ICU and on Ventilators.This in a State with 1.2 million people spread over a state large enough in land mass to cover three adjoining States.  So we aren't "packed" together or anything. Just stupid. The line at the grocery pharmacy was long enough to wrap around the floral display and into the fruits and vegetables. I wondered how many were getting their COVID shot.


MariMo said...

Wishing you and G a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Sweet soy sauce? I'll be looking for that.
Happy Thanksgiving!