Saturday, July 31, 2021

Daily Notes- July 31st- rains off and on. Deer eating the birdseed out of the feeder.

 My desktop calendar.  Only one more spot to fill.  Then it will be August.

My cross the street neighbor brought over a bag full of bakery to say thank you for getting her mail and packages and watering her plants while she made an emergency trip to New York to help with her newborn grandchild (11 weeks old today).  Peach and Raspberry Pie.  Chocolate chip scone.  A lovely loaf of bread which I can layer with Romaine Swiss and Mayo for today's luncheon.  I had stopped buying bread.  It's a Wonderful Day In the Neighborhood.

The Writing Class (book I am reading) has now become something else entirely.  One of the class members (unknown as yet) is.....terrorizing the class.  The Teacher has gotten herself fired for an incident that wasn't hers to control.  I have no idea where this is going--but am going to continue reading.  Very well written.  

My cross the street neighbor sent a photo of a fabric collage I sent to her for Valentine's Day in 2008.  The background fabric is something I painted.  She just had the collaged card framed.  She has other items I have made and sent out as Holiday cards.  Two Christmas Trees.  Framed beautifully.  I know that the White ink on Brown card stock cards I made and sent out for a few years have been framed by other friends who received them.  I sent all of them off each December  Never kept any for myself.  

I actually have very little of my Art here (but they are in the Daily Notes from all those years ago).  One of the fabric Christmas Trees came back home with me after I emptied my Father's house when he died. I should have it matted and framed.  It has double meaning now. My father had it clipped to his reading lamp.  Next to the chair where he spent his days.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Daily Notes- Friday July 30th- Happy Birthday Dear Boy!!!!

 My Porch Plants.  They got watered quite a bit last night- we had rain.  We were surprised to have rain. And I sort of wasted water on the grass etc earlier- because- it actually never looked like it would rain.

Today husband and daughter are going on a short adventure to Freeport to pick up a new lawn mower daughter is buying from her friend.  In two hours I need to have husband "sorted, as the Brits say" and out on the road.  From then on it's my daughter's circus. And not my monkey.

I am reading an American author's book  "The Writing Class" by Jincy Willett.  The characters, as described by the author- are as unattractive as they can get.  The teacher is described as "having a yard wide butt and a beat up vinyl briefcase.......a  contender once, it's obvious; she's got great hair, long wavy and thick and white gold but she's pushing 60, pushing 200 and wears poly fat pants and and a Big and Tall men's long sleeved shirt with the ragged sleeves rolled up."  Wow.  Could be me only I would NEVER wear poly or a men's tee shirt.  Tent sized linen and it's me but 15 years older and NEVER a contender.  

The briefcase in my closet is very old Gucci--just saying........ (and laughing).   The author is an older woman with long white hair- picture on the back inside cover.  I checked because.....I thought it might be a man writing and then I would take the book back unread.

Quite an opening sentence for the first chapter with the title- The Fat Broad.  I am 54 pages in and have absolutely no idea where this is going--yard wide butt and all.

Each student reads some of the book they are writing and then the others speak if they have anything to say about the work.  I am not sure the hook has been set yet.....I could still slip away.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Daily Notes- Humid. Humid. Humid.

 My Kitchen Timer.   I had to pause in writing this post as the first picture I took of my Timer showed all sorts of smudged dirt.  So timer got a wash up.  It now does double duty.  The Peach Trees and then the Not Growing Grass.  So...I guess I am watering straw.

I am here because husband wants me to sew his pant cuffs.  Well, first he asked for staples.  He was stapling his pants hem.  I said STOP.  So now he is removing staples so I can safely sew the cuffs on the machine.  And I am back here with you.  Life is one big merry-go -round.

I filled all the old juice bottles with water and Miracle Grow (blue stuff) and carried them out to the porch. End of July and all the containers need a "boost".  Blue stuff gives them quite a boost.  I'm not sure it's a health boost but they are going to die soon anyway....I sort of allude to this in the classes I teach.  About annual plants.  Live and Die in one short 4 month season.  I think of it as what happens to old people as well.  All sorts of "make them happy" pills.

I can't find anything to watch on television.  Yesterday I was so glad to see PBS had some sort of King Arthur thing with excavations, bones etc.  Ancient Aliens wasn't on.  But excavations was great.  The pottery looked like it might have actually been from a pottery class at a local school.  Fresh terra-cotta.  Anyway-- it was quite welcome.  I'm hoping Aliens will be on tonight.  The Games...not very interesting. And the DNA testing of the Greater British populations to find where their ancestors came from was interesting.  Well, they obviously came by boat.

So, seems the staple removing is done- so......gotta go.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Daily Notes- July 28th- I think it rained overnight. Humid this morning.

 I saw this image on one of the feeds that arrives -- I think it's for cooking, but usually these days, it's for selling.  And this huge "shoulder bag" is for sale.  I could fill it but not lift it. 

I sprayed my delightful pale pink rose bush with rose spray this morning.  Beetles are eating the leaves.  The rose is taller than ever before.  Making a second showing of rose buds.  The regular peach tree is still holding on to it's peaches.  The smaller Redhaven (with much larger peaches) has dropped all but a few. I continue the daily watering.  Insects seem to be tunneling into the fruit.  I had forgotten but now I think Peach Season is August.  Peach Cobbler and containers of Peaches for the neighbors.

It has rained.  Overnight.  When I went to bed the weather map on my iPhone was all magenta and dark blues.  I didn't hear the rain coming down.  A few puddles in the driveway with tiny birds going in for a bath.  The added moisture is making the air very heavy I will remain indoors- as has been the case for the Summer of 2021 and 2020.  I go out to water or get mail and then- back inside.

My grass growing project shows no evidence of grass seedlings.  (sad face)

I am reading a British author. Katy Birchall and the Secret Bridesmaid.  For Brides who want everyone to think they managed their own weddings- a secret bridesmaid who is actually a wedding planner.  Very old money family.  Bride is not nice.  Her brother is very nice.  So far, the "bride" wants swans to proceed her down the aisle instead of bridesmaids.  This Planner is running several weddings as the nightmare with  all the Bridezilla continues.  Very British.  And the texts she is sending with providers for the other weddings are quite funny.  Especially the imprints for tee shirts for "hen nights". And the groom who wants to ride an elephant to the ceremony.  Why is "more money, less brains" so hilarious for the Brits????

I had just watched the Royal Train on PBS so was enchanted by references to train travel and POSH portapotties. I am often envious of the friends meeting at their local pubs.  But mostly I am envious of having friends that are local.  Mine are spread over the entire surface of the US and a few more in Europe. Right here- in these Notes-  that's as close as we all come to meeting at the local pub.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Daily Notes- July 27th- Hot and Humid- Smoke from the west coast fires arriving.

 Magazine clipping yesterday.  Fuel for the desk top paper calendar.  The month of July is wild and color filled under my keyboard.  Ending in a birthday.  Wish I could bake him a Spice Bundt Cake. With an entire box of candles on top.  I don't think his card will arrive in time.

I am moving hose and watering grassland the peach trees.  G is out filling bird feeders.  The birds are enjoying the black sunflower seeds.   Two adult wild turkey's came walking through the lower right edge of the back yard and then surprised us with ten baby turkey.  Running in a group and very cute. Perhaps next door to eat cat food off Ruth's deck.

I am reading an old old favorite book.  I don't know why I like it but I do.  So, it's all good.

Hard night last night.  Difficult falling asleep and then the strangest dreams.  Dreams that made me cry. The Path Not Taken arriving in different clothes.  Then I would sleep only to waken again, troubled. finally it was morning and I could get up, water my trees and grass and eat my Bran Flakes.

I baked the Sour Cream Blueberry Cake.  The recipe card was CLEAN- no spatters etc. so I assumed I was not making the right cake.  And I forgot the baking soda and had to stir it into the batter already in the pan- something I recalled doing the last time I baked this cake. I used the tiny Maine berries. All of them- why save any??? And the taste of the cake was exactly right. So it is the right recipe card.  The handwriting belongs to G's mother.  He had a piece of cake.  I usually offer and he always refuses.  Yesterday he said yes.

I sharpened colored pencils for G yesterday.  Then had to do maintenance on the old German sharpener. 1982.  Americans don't make pencil sharpeners like this- they make electric ones that eat the pencils up if not careful. I love that old pencil sharper.  On the floor under the edge of the table where the pencil sharpener lives- a cardboard box of crocheted circles and one large odd shaped piece.  I look at them each time I put on my garden shoes to go out and water.  What could I do with them????? How can I use them.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Daily Notes- July 26th. HOT...Humid after tons of rain yesterday. Grow Grass Grow

 I got a quarter of a watermelon and cut it into cubes and ate about half of it after unpacking groceries. It was lovely.  I had bran flakes for breakfast.  Three boxes in cupboard.  So..... I need to eat them. Oatmeal has to wait for cooler weather.

I bought some "authentic" flour tortillas to eat with my cheese, mayo and Romaine.  I didn't buy bread. I bought a small sour cream to make blueberry cake.  The yogurt had gone bad.  And that is actually a very tricky determination to make........just saying. Tasting is not the way to go. So Not.

We now have TOO MANY chocolate covered doughnuts.  The donuts are chocolate and the frosting is chocolate.  Do you think this is an actual problem????  We'll see.  I should have bought cookies. I could bake cookies.  I could.  Will I?  No.

I stopped in at the library to return the seven day Andrews book and finally got the book I had ordered. The Andrews book was great, Connie, but........if you read all the Beach Books- this one was too modern and ignored the elephant in the room...the Sea Breeze........It could be they existed in the same time period.  Bebe could have been in Florida running that heist on the stolen boat..... and then modernized the Sea Breeze when she returned.  I hadn't thought about that. so...okay that works.  It must take an intense spreadsheet to write a series like this. Who is where doing what.

I could do more funny posts on my cooking adventures.  Off recipe, I am a real carnival show.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Daily Notes- July 25th. Raining.

 Yesterday's purchase of a new thread box and two packages of thread paddles.  I had gotten a bag of (old) sewing items from my friend. She was cleaning out her mother's house- getting it ready to sell.  I got a bag of embroidery floss that was quite odd (and old) in it's color combo.  Some stayed here and some found new homes.

You can see I kept basic color groups.  Red, green, pinks, yellows, white and cream,  Not much in the blues in this gift bag.  I sent away the purples- not nice purples.  And the horrid oranges.  I have enough of those on my own. And I think there is another tub with more paddles that can now be put into this new box.  I use these solids as sewing thread.  To sew squares together.  Improper use of thread. My thing.

I am reading a new 7 day loan Mary Kay Andrews.  Last summer it was Hello Summer.  This one is The Newcomer.  A young woman on the run with her 4 year old niece.  Not even using a fake name.  And the  run down shabby motel owner's son is a police detective.  Mary Kay has decided to write romantic police procedurals now.  I am getting bored with the details of the wardrobe (of the gal on the run), the lunch menus and the color of men's eyes. The police detective seems interested in our girl. But not to arrest her.

The Sea Breeze is just down the road.  For any Readers of that series.  I think the cranky boat captain is the owner or maybe not.  Bebe and her seafoam colors hasn't latched on to the motel as yet as it is described as shabby and run down.  In other hope of Bebe adding some jollies to this story.  Oddly enough.....brand new iPhones, AirBnB's and computer programs so timelines just don't matter..

In other words.  WTF.  (very first time using this expression- did I use it correctly?)

I scraped the bottom of the fridge yesterday looking for something to eat.  I made a stirfry and picked wilted dead items from the stir fry packaged assortment and added celery and a carrot.  Then started seasoning.  Then decided I need protein and the only thing I had was a can of white beans.  They got drained and rinsed and into the fry pan.  It wasn't great.  It wasn't.   It wasn't awful.  It was edible. I could have added tuna....but wow- that would have been terrible. The tuna will get onion and celery today and tons of mayo. I may make a run to the grocery tomorrow.  No idea what to buy.  Nothing is appealing to me these days.  Other than chocolate covered caramels.  And I'm out of those.  Tired of grilled cheese. But I could buy bread and have more romaine lettuce sandwiches.  Tired of yogurt as well.  Watermelon?

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Daily Notes- July 24- Saturday. Wow.

 In the House.   And Daughter reads the blog so went right to the cupboard and got a handful. She did three used book sales this morning and then took me to Reny's and JoAnn's and Goodwill.  I wore my mask.  We got coloring books and word search books for Gary. I think she wants the bookcase in the sewing room for her house.  She has a serious amount of books. Which she reads.

It was fun and I got to drive so that made it even more EXCITING as I had to pull out into a five lanes on all sides intersection.  I usually go the back way but missed the turn.

They didn't have Chicken Parm dinners so Gary has Spaghetti and Meatballs and General Tso's chicken dinners.  He's "making do".  I had one slice of turkey and six slices of super thin Swiss for his lunch plate with homemade refrigerator dill pickles and chips.  I had a bowl of Bran Flakes and milk. I actually have nothing in the fridge to eat.  The Hot Dogs that didn't get bought.  I didn't have an alternative planned.

Oh- another great thing....... we saw one in the parking lot at the shopping center and another as we (I ) was turning onto the street after Goodwill.  Same car as mine- just as old, same color.  And we all waved at each other in wild and happy abandonment.  Still on the road. After all these years.

I was a bit shell shocked going into stores.  I don't want to get used to it- as the COVID is coming back again and even those of us vaccinated can get it.  Weaker...won't kill us..but we could get it.

Saddest thing- made me cry......people, NOT vaccinated in hospital being put on ventilators- asking begging to be vaccinated.  Forty and fifty years old.  Doctors says-- "It's too late."  Sigh.................

Friday, July 23, 2021

Daily Notes- Friday, July 23rd- Sunshine and humidity. I was typing Humility. Might be better, huh?

 I added the blue back stitch lines.  The faded blue print.  And then the orange batik borders which is the devil to hand sew- woven so tightly.

Grocery store today- Cheetos.  I didn't buy hotdogs.  I was looking at long that people were starting to stand and watch me stare.  I just wasn't "feeling it" so I just got Cheetos.

They didn't have Chicken Parm prepared meals so husband has Spaghetti and Meatballs and some sort of Chinese chicken meal with egg rolls and fried rice.  We'll see.  Not that he can actually "taste" any of the food.  He has no sense of smell...therefore no taste, either.  He inhaled something in high school chemistry class by accident.

Library was interesting.  I returned six and picked out six new ones- Friday is a good day to go, I guess. Not Monday.  A book I wanted is in "transit".  There was a new book by an author I like in the magazine rack at the grocery store.  I had no paper and no pen.  I had also lost my shopping list so forgot to buy sour cream for my cake.  I am going to see if I can sour something I have in the fridge.  Use that. Daughter brought me fresh picked tiny Maine blueberries.  We washed them and picked out the little leaves and sticks.  Very difficult to pick. Very tiny.  and then I searched for the recipe.  I only make it the one time each Summer.  Not last year as rodents and birds ate all my berries.  And this year- not even a handful.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Daily Notes- Thursday July 22nd. We have been promised rain. It hasn't arrived.

 Along delayed project of mine.  I finally (finally) seeded this bare expanse of supposed to be lawn.  The roots were eaten by- the name of the thing escapes me now but I knew it in a previous posting months ago. Anyway.  They ate all the grass roots.  We ended up with this section being dirt and not as many weeds as I would  have expected.   

Yesterday I sprayed myself (mosquitos fly miles just to get my blood) and scattered the grass seed I had purchased in March.  Or April.  And G and I spread straw.  The ground was damp but G wanted it covered in straw right away.  This morning- after the peaches had their 30 minutes of water- I pulled and rearranged the hose and the three sprinkler heads and now the straw is being watered.  I don't recall how many days for grass seed to germinate- but I am thinking I'll be moving he hose and sprinkler back and forth between the Peaches and the Grass for the next two or three weeks.

G also bought me Repels-all to spray on my ornamental containers.  STINKS.  Gosh does it STINK.  And it might be too much too late as two out four containers- look QUITE AWFUL.

I finished my book- Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella.   Her newest.  Well, it has a new sticker on the spine. A  British woman travels to Italy for a cloistered retreat so she can write her book.  I kept thinking of Dee going to Italy to work on her book.  Anyway.  She meets a guy who was supposed to be doing a karate seminar and when it's cancelled he joins the writing seminar.  These two have less than nothing in common- just attraction.  It's a good book.  But it actually took me two days to read it.  I did have seeding the lawn on my mind.

I think I may have "rounded the turn" and am heading back to a normal Life.  I have gotten to a point where I am boring myself to DEATH.  After the Grass watering bell rings- I have TWO loads of washing to do.  I got dirty and so there is now so much washing.

And the cloth sitting here is from the afternoons with Riley.  Lots of "components" made while taking a class with Jude.  I chose cloth like Jude's.  I am not Jude.  I am finally realizing this.  So the cloth made- not me.  And most was stitched with Riley.  So....lots of emotional baggage.  I am packing it up and starting over with LOUD colors that are me.  And I have decided not to TRY finishing the Jude things.  I will still hand sew and make components etc etc- all the things I have learned from Jude's classes- but I will no longer try to be making Jude things.

As to missing me when the computer goes to Heaven. There might be a "pause" but as soon as it's possible (work wise) for my son to travel here from California- I will have a new computer and he will set it all up and we can resume Daily Notes.  But..let's be "happily positive" and perhaps the old girl will shuffle onwards until he gets here.  That would be lovely.  Long post.  That's a good sign of proper mental health.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Daily Notes- July 21st- Might Rain. Certainly humid with heat.

 Read this cover to cover.  Even has recipes in the back.  I am making a list of the items needed for "proper" washing and "stain" removal.  I am NOT going to machine wash my wool blazer- even with the explicit instructions.......but if Goodwill has a bargain wool blazer under $5- I will experiment on it.

If and when I return to Goodwill.  I still don't think "inside" Goodwill is safe.  Grocery, library, bank. That's enough exposure for me.

So much of the book reminded me of the days in the deep deep basement of the duplex we shared with my grandparents.  My father's parents.  My mother was an orphan.  She had 7 brothers and sisters but she and her youngest sister had been sent off to an orphanage by the six older siblings. They found taking care of the youngest ones- "too much" I guess.  The family re-united when the youngest two had graduated from high school and had jobs.  Sweet, huh???  Explains my mother.  Doesn't forgive, but explains.

But back to my grandmother's basement.  The zinc wash sinks.  The wringer washer.  The clothes lines. I have a favorite picture of myself in a handmade coat with clothes pins on the flap.  A long line of pins.  I am guessing I was "helping".  I was somewhere between 2 and 3 years old.  Laundry Love.

Later I spent every weekend in another basement far away from my grandmother.  Ironing.  Ironing.  I think if I could have been sent to an orphanage my mother would have packed me off.  Would have felt I deserved it.

And I needlessly wonder why I am never really content or happy.  But, oddly, I love ironing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Daily Notes- July 20th- sunshine and starting to heat up

 If I had posted this image -prior to going to the library and grocery store- I would have gotten some hotdogs and a package of buns........they are going on the shopping list.

My car is arriving home from a trip to the gas station.  I heard the garage door open.

I walked the fiction aisles- getting almost to WXYZ (started in S) but before that I felt the bag was full enough.  For some unknown reason I requested "Laundry Love" a book about doing laundry.  I think it's a show on one of the "buy me" services on cable.  A guy gets stains out of things.  I know.....I am such a GOOF.  I saw the show - just a teaser- and I was so excited until I saw that I had to buy a whole network to get to see one episode to see if I liked it.  No.

Yesterday on PBS - the World News shows....I don't know which but a very interesting interview with an Autistic guy who graduated from several colleges and is very charming and very very intelligent.  He says his memory is not words but pictures or segments of images that translate to words for him.  It was very very interesting.  And then,  why I don't know, the interviewer asked his opinion on modifying chromosomes to eliminate things like autism.  It was evident that this young man didn't actually want to discuss this...but he did.  He felt it was wrong to dismiss people who had chromosomes like his- perhaps it might be better to figure out how their brains worked and learn how to communicate. Bravo.

I am reminded of being 5 or 6 and not being able to memorize the word cards- the gateway to my first Dick and Jane book.  I hardly recognized them from one day to the next.  But I was NOT getting a book and most of the class was already reading the book.  I was remembering how that felt.  Each card had a picture- perhaps I should have ignored the words and just remembered the picture? Dick, Jane, Sally.

School was difficult for me.  Perhaps it wasn't me but my genes or chromosomes.  I had to learn a different way.  But no one helped me.  I read now- a book a day.  Perhaps even at  5 or 6 I needed glasses. Perhaps in college I needed glasses.  Perhaps someone should have noticed.

I wonder now that I read all the time and I am typing the words of this post easily enough- if I am actually reading words or did I find another way to remember what the funny shapes mean.

Oh and thank you Grace and Connie for the Cheeto LOVE.  Like Connie- I am not safe in a house with a bag of Cheetos.  They must be eaten immediately.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Daily Notes- July 19th. Looks like another cloudy damp day. Which is FINE.

 From a magazine.  Up early to register the car and pay the tag tax.  I am back.  To being Me.  I had the nicest chat with a guy from Los Angeles who was also getting his tags.  We discussed masks and COVID and not going anywhere and...well, it felt good to be doing that.  In another place and Time we could have continued the conversation and gotten coffee.  Los Angeles- why come to live in Maine? Perhaps  he's the guy who flies to Maine to cut the grass at his ocean front home????  The red eye every 10 days.  Just to cut the grass.  Not the guy but wouldn't that have been a hoot.

Daughter was waiting in the parking lot-- and trying to give directions to the place they were going to work-- to her work partner.  It was funny.  The two of them are funny.  Sam and George. I wonder if he will find his way to work????

The next item on my check list is getting the car inspected.  But that won't be today.  So many rules and taxes and fees and stickers for cars here in Maine.  That seems to be the only way to make money here.

I had Oatmeal for breakfast.  Because it's damp and chilly.  I had Bran Flakes and milk for supper last night.  My doctor might have to give me a cognitive test.  But cereal is a good thing- better than a bag of Cheezits.  Or those orange puffy cheese things.  Also begins with a C.  I LOVE those.......seriously love. But I have spaghetti to warm up for lunch.  Which will be great.  And later this week if it stays damp and dark- Pantry Soup or Kraft Mac and Cheese.  So..plans.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Daily Notes- Raining. Which is quite alright with me as water supplies and ground water are in danger area right now.

 This is all I picked.  In the "olden days" I picked a colander full.  Even with the shade cloth barricade billowing.  To scare off chipmunks and birds.  I will need to purchase berries if I make the blueberry cake.

I am holding out hope for the Elderberry crop which I can make into jelly.  Which I will eat. I didn't collect the flowers and make fizzy elderberry liquor.  Maybe next year.  Half and half. Fizz and Jelly.

Finished Pamela Mingle's the Pursuit of Mary Bennet.  The middle Bennet sister. She is  portrayed (by Austin herself) as unkept, belligerent and a terrible piano player. In this rendition- the terrible piano playing and rudeness is anger based and also frustration.  She is not beautiful like Lizzie and Jane and not an airhead like Kitty and Lydia.  I felt it stayed true to Austin's Pride and Prejudice. And it was lovely to read after Jane in Love.  Also many mentions of the housekeeper Hill.  Longbourne another book I loved.

Tomorrow I have to register and pay the tag taxes on my car. 8am (so daughter can take the car to work).  I forgot in 2020.  Then---eventually get it inspected.  When you drive a car as little as I have since March of 2020- you forget  you have responsibilities to said car.  And if said car was in the shop for most of the Winter and into February- you forget you even own a car.  And if said car is a 2008 model with 34 K- you actually hardly need to own a car.  But I do.  And I have to take the hit if there are penalties.  

A rainy day.  The grass got mowed with the riding mower.  It's okay.  The walk behind would have been too taxing on a humid day- and all the mosquitos. If there weren't so many bugs I would sprinkle grass seed and straw on the bare spots.  But 2000 bites later I would regret that decision. So. I'll stay inside.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Daily Notes- July 17th- Started the day with a power outage. AC units are on. Humidity is insane.

 What's left of the gorgeous planter by the front steps.  They had eaten the right side and it had just started growing again.  So they came back and ate the left side.  They also finished off the workshop container planting.  I won't write what I am thinking.

Some mornings--it would be better to not even get out of bed.

Yesterday a call from our daughter.  From an intersection north of us.  Sheriff and Tow Truck Driver all talking at once.  Trying to get past the babbling of the woman on the phone with our AAA policy. Daughter's  car was at the intersection.  She pressed the gas to go- and nothing- a few odd sounds..  

Her car is back at the Automotive Repair and my car is in her driveway.  It's just loads of FUN here November and December all over again.  Transmission? Gears?  who knows.  140,000 miles.  I don't think Honda Fit's are supposed to last that long.  Mine has 34K.  She doesn't like the "color" of mine.  So refuses to take it. Like for real and not a loaner.  A car is a car. After the BMW Z3 Roadster (which I loved) I just don't care what I drive.  Or even IF I drive. If I lived in a populated area- I'd Uber.... I don't.

Regarding daughter's experience:  A week or so ago- daughter found seven four leaf clovers.  She is thinking they all got used up with her traffic incident.  The Sheriff just happened to be driving by as was the Tow truck guy. And best of all.  No other car hit her.  It's a Wonderful World.

I'd learn to drive husband's Jeep but it's a "button" car.  I absolutely HATE button cars and all the new cars are button cars. And I positively HATE the screen that lights up with maps and that horrid woman who talks all the time "turn left at the next available street" when the grocery store is not anywhere left....... And the fact that the radio keeps running after you park and shut off the car--until you open the door.  What shit head thought that was a good idea?????

So....not having a great day.  Sigh.  If I was sleepy, I'd go back to bed.  But the pills worked- I slept.   

Friday, July 16, 2021

Daily Notes- July 16th. Sunshine, low humidity.

 I've been reading quite a few British books recently.  And this looks like a charming street where a few characters could have lived.  On one of my trips to England and Ireland we drove down street like this. Imagine living one foot step from the road?

I bought and made homemade refrigerator pickles yesterday.  That's the ticket to success.  Bring home the produce and make it up into pickles or a meal- just that quickly.  No waiting around to do it.

My third day of taking 400mg of Magnesium Glycinate to help me sleep since my pulmonary doctor doesn't want me taking Tylenol PM any more as it doesn't play well with my inhaler meds.  I'm sleeping but it feels strange.  I was thinking about that before writing....perhaps it feels strange because I rarely if ever actually have a good sleep. No dreams but then no nightmares either..  My daughter suggested this sleep aid (she uses it it) and she wants me to "give it a chance".  So...yesterday I took the full amount- 400mg and I slept.  I feel rested. Well, more so than usual but I think I can do better in the "rested" department.  Daughter said it took her a few weeks.  So.......a continuing process.

I have transitioned from Oatmeal to Bran Flakes.  Everything with me is a process.  Small steps and then fully into it.  I also made sofrito and pasta.  It's even better than last time.

My daughter saw a quilting hoop on a stand at Goodwill.  Sent photo and asked if I wanted it.  I said no. I do hand quilt and machine quilt things I make- but only small things.  Large bed quilts or even baby gift quilts- never hand quilted.  Usually I send them out and have friends with a long arm or friends like Connie who machine quilt in lovely designs.  I machine quilt but in straight or curved lines- nothing fancy.  If I was going to hand sew- I prefer appliqué.  I have suitable cloth and a project here-nearby.  But I am not ready yet. Small steps. 15 minutes to a half hour on small cloth. It has to do with me doing handwork with the dog nearby.  And him always wanting to see and smell the work. Healing is such hard work.  But work on sleep first. And perhaps some more cooking.  And a short walk to the end of the street and back. Living outside my head.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Daily Notes- the Deer ate all the flowering annuals in pots. Iam ready to collect and ship Deer to some other State.

 From this morning's newspaper.  Mostly regarding Texas and Tennessee  but quite true of many other States, as well. The overnight number of new COVID cases in Tokyo was nearly 1200.  OVERNIGHT. Welcome to the Hell on Earth Olympics...... but the USA teams will be wearing air conditioned jackets.

 I still wear my mask indoors. Always. And have not even considered eating INSIDE a restaurant.

So...I was in traffic for awhile- hardly ever happens in my Town- Traffic.  But a new Medicare building (huge) is opening soon and new yellow lines and new lanes etc herald the arrival of senior citizens as soon as it opens.  This is my secondary provider (Martin's Point) and I adore them- they pay for EVERYTHING at zero cost to me.  Eyeglasses, hearing aids and etc etc.  Most of my doctor's visits are also free. It's Medicare Advantage. Wellness Care. 

So, traffic.  Waiting for my lane to have it's turn to go up to but not thru the traffic light.  And then I arrived and got my haircut.  ZERO excitement at the Beauty Shop.  Sorry Readers...I was bummed for you!!!

Then I drive- and waited again in a long traffic line-- to go back into Town and to the Library.  I got a bag full of books.  Then the grocery. Farm fresh pickling cucumbers and fresh bunches of dill.  So I'll be making home made refrigerator pickles.  The house will be alive with the smell of vinegar. And my poor  chopped grape vines have now made new vines and leaves.    So the jar will include grape leaves. My own dill seeds produced zero dill plants.. Acres of Mint.  Acres of Tarragon.  I don't know how to use either.

I also bought more milk.  Lactose free.  Which I will liberally pour over my Bran Flakes.  Oatmeal had it's last hurrah for the Summer this morning. Now it's Bran Flakes for the Win.

G had a doctor's appointment and had to go have blood work done.  He had a Cognitive Test which he passed. He says he passed.  But he has a new drug added to his pillboxes.  His doctor said he missed me.  I usually go to husband's appointments.  I sent a letter instead.  Which husband actually handed over.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Daily Notes- July 14th- It's raining- sort of. the ground and driveway are wet.

 Next to my chair.  And this is about as much light as I am getting in the house at 1030 am. I haven't turned on any lights.  I found the cloth I have to the right somewhere I was......sewing room?  And I carried it back out to here.  The two books I mentioned yesterday?  Both on the return pile.  The woman on the couch book- deadly boring.  The next one tiny barely seeable print- I gave up on the second page-  Harper's murder mystery.  Ugh.  I lasted 30 or 40 pages and then recalled I had tried reading it once before and gave up that time as well.  Then there was a British "comedy" that sucked.  It's going back as well. 

Right now a Susan Mallory book about two women stuck in some time warp rut.  But new clothes seemed to have perked them both up.  One is on a "college bus tour" and is having sex with the bus driver who is also the football coach.  She's the math teacher.  The other story is wildly weird.  A depressed widow and a rich business man who used to be a Vegas stripper (to earn college tuition money of course....) If this sounds great to you- title is "the friendship list".  Starts slow and then goes off the rails.  I have another hour or so to get to the ending.  Then I think it will be the "Jane Austen" book about one of the unmarried sisters.  And if that tips....then I will be visiting the library after my haircut tomorrow morning.

I managed to get one load of laundry washed, dried and folded- put away.  The Washing Machine Pages were tedious.  Nothing of worth written down.  I had my final (ran out of Romaine) Lettuce Sandwich yesterday.  Husband had lunch (ham and turkey roll ups) and skipped dinner and dessert. I didn't eat anything after my Lettuce Sandwich.  The day dragged...........................if a school bus full of seniors on a college visit trip had stopped out front and opened the door- I would have gotten on.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Daily Notes- Tuesday July 13th- Drizzle on and off.

 Today's Book. Mostly just for the title and the picture.

 I have a murder mystery on the pile- Jane Harper- they are usually Quite Brutal.  And it's a 7 day loan.  so....I may switch over to it.  I had a lovely shower this morning.  And fresh clothes.  I had to change the white shirt I chose to one with shorter sleeves- lighter weight.  I still have on the huge swishy black linen pants. I am wearing clothing I don't usually EVER wear.  I tend to "save" things.  For better days. Not any more.  Which is why I wore the NEW lime green linen pants.  Why I wore the floral print stretchy pants.  Why I tried on the tuxedo shirt.  And wore it.  I am still sad about the missing dark green linen shirt.  I don't know where it went. It would be a nightmare if I cut it up for something??????

I haven't been very good about eating good meals.  This week and some of last. I did have one of my Swiss cheese, romaine and mayo sandwiches.  And the waffles.  But I haven't made a yogurt and cherry bowl in a long time....... and I stopped making the Bran Flakes bowl.  I was afraid I'd run out of milk- which is just damned stupid so..after I do the big load of washing I have and write in my Washing Machine Pages book- I will have a bowl of Bran Flakes. And plenty of milk.

It's supposed to rain today.  But looks like an all day drizzle instead.  Mosquitoes.  Lots of them.

I have everything in stock to make a Sofrito and a can of Italian Finely Diced Tomato.  And pasta. I could actually chop vegetables and stir and simmer and boil and drain and eat pasta. On this cloudy, moist and humid day.  Husband is stocked up with prepared Chicken Parm meals from the ready to eat case at the grocery and I filled up the shelf with cakes and cookies for the dessert plates.

Well, off I go to do the laundry and write in my notebook where I can be less circumspect than I am here. Have a good day!!!  

I should warn all of you.....any day now will be the last day I post Daily Notes- this computer is shuddering and wheezing and ready to die.  I have lost many things (my home page) and each day it's more difficult to get the machine to wake up. I try and delete something each day to make the load less.  But...I have watched another machine- a lap top- die and so I know what it looks like.  That was early on in the blog posting.  And it was difficult.  The machine I am using replaced it.  Anyway.......

Monday, July 12, 2021

Daily Notes- I missed a day. And didn't realize until just now. Wow.

 Well. I am certainly mystified.  I missed a day on Daily Notes.

I had waffles again.  The batter had gotten a bit more "sour" so I added more syrup.  I went to the grocery store twice since I last wrote to you.  I needed Tylenol PM in order to sleep.  And ...well...let's just say I was often surprised yesterday to find my eyes and cheeks wet.  I wasn't feeling sad.  I must have just needed to release tears.

The bedroom fan stopped working.  I found a much smaller one in the guest bedroom and balanced it on the bedroom window sill.  At night, it's cool outside still.  And I open the window and let the fan bring in fresh night air.  This morning, it's humid, getting ready for the rain that is coming.  So windows are closed and AC units are running.  To "get ahead of it".

Yesterday I finished one book and began another- this book was from the "Take it- It's Free" carts out in front of the library.  Name Dropping by Jane Heller.  Two women in the same New York apartment building.  Same name.  One in the penthouse and one a kindergarten teacher.  An interesting premise. The teacher pretends to be the Penthouse woman and goes on a blind date with a handsome man..  Then the Penthouse woman ends up dead.  The book could have used another good edit.  Loose ends that were needed for the ending etc..... but an interesting plot line.

I cried my way thru the last 50 pages of Jane in Love.  So much so that I had to stop reading. And now I have the book on my list for the local independent book store in Town.  I am buying books. Well, I am ordering books.  They don't carry romances but are more than willing to order and sell them to me. 

I am stocking up for the next Pandemic Shutdown.  Which I know will happen.......... especially in a State where so many refuse to be vaccinated or wear masks.  Our hospital numbers continue to rise each day.  All unvaccinated.  And...sigh...a Trump wannabe is returning from Florida trying for a third term as Governor.  We might need to move.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Daily Notes- Saturday the 10th of July

 Found.  Flat at the bottom of the tray holding cloth folded into rectangles and standing on end.  So I see the top edge and can see all the fabric without moving anything.  This- after several trips into the Magic Attic and the finding .....of all the other color ways of this same print.  You can just barely see the orange in the lower left.   If I liked something- I used to buy it in every color it came in.

So...found.  And now to try and remind myself WHY I was searching for it.  Whatever it was- it was more than the 1.5 inch by 5 strip there on top.  Probably one of the small cloths.

And...truth be told here- I found so many other things. So.  Many.  Other.  Things.

But...truth be told again....some things are still lost and missing.  Like what I was making -or going to make--with tied bundles of cloth.

The rain came in--- a heavy downpour.  For a few hours. And then out to Sea.  Not enough.  We are still under drought conditions.  Not even puddles.  The ground sucked it all in and then cried out "more, more" and there was no more.

I made waffles.  They were fantastic.  A yeasted batter recipe.  Which needs to be tinkered with. More sugar I think.  Sweeter.  And my 50 year old waffle iron --ready to go- worked perfectly.  It's little red light and it's little beep noise.  Possibly not 50 years old.  But I did make waffles for my two children.  They might have been five and three.  In the College Park place.  Two floors and three bedrooms.  A fenced yard.  And wonderful neighbors.  We left there to move to Florida and the Cracker House as my daughter refers to it. Well, the marriage certainly cracked.  

Where I learned to drive.  Get my own credit card.  Get a job.  Divorce Prep.  Florida in the early 70's. Ick.

Friday, July 09, 2021

Daily Notes- It's Dark. It's Wet. Storm is approaching

 So I live in the curve between Portland and Wiscasset.  Between 3.12 and 3.89 inches of rain.  And I want you to know the ground here in Maine has been dry dry dry for about 5 years now.  So the water isn't going to soak in.  It is going to run, pile up and flood. And then drain into the ocean.  Cause that blue in the lower right is the ocean.

When they have talked about the ocean levels rising from the melting of the polar caps- they are actually talking about my house being 10 to 20 feet underwater.  Eventually.  Like- GONE.

I have lights on.  It's dark like it's evening.  It's chilly and damp which makes it feel colder. It's 1 pm.

I got to see Boris Sanchez on MSNBC.  So darn cute.  Reminds me of our son (hair, eyes).  And he has such a great smile. Then we watched Ancient Aliens.  All the people abducted by aliens have green or hazel eyes and B negative blood.  Sigh.  I was so BUMMED.  I have always wanted to be abducted by space aliens. So I turned off the tv.

I spent a great deal pf TIME yesterday searching for a yellow green fabric with black dots.  It's on one of the pieces pinned to the wall by the dining room table.  I went upstairs three times and searched the little closet four times.  Nothing.  But I did find the map fabric that's been missing for years. I don't want the map fabric Now.....but it was nice to find it. 

I found six different kinds of green fabric with black dots.  All purchased at the same time.  If I liked something........ I bought lots of it.  No Yellow Green.  Lots of swearing.  Lots of slamming doors.  Lots of stomping up and down stairs to the Magic Attic.  To minimize confusion- I have brought all the green with dots down to the sewing room.  

Well, the rain has arrived- pouring down.  Now, I think I need a sweater.  The AC units are off. Because it feels really cold in the house.

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Daily Notes-Thursday July 8th. Muggy, Damp, Humid.

 I did some sewing last night.  Easier than reading.  This last book by the author of the previous two I just finished- is too cluttered with over educated people, drinking too much etc etc.  Even with Law and Order on the tv- I was restless and quite bored.  I'm wondering if I should just stop and read something else.

Today-- not much going on.  Damp outside.  Husband has gone down the hall to do his exercises.  He'll listen to music and then possibly fall asleep after the list of exercises is finished.

I was up late yesterday and up early this morning.  Sort of "at loose ends".  I think I was this way last July and possibly any other July.  It's a nothing month.  At the very end my son has his birthday. Which is a lovely day. Remembering him arriving two weeks early- induced- as my doctor said if we waited he'd fall out of me onto the kitchen floor.  Two hours after being induced.  All eight pounds plus a few ounces arrived.  Not looking like a newborn at all.  Ready to go. Always wanting to move on to new things- rolling over, standing up, walking, falling onto his face etc etc.  Places to go. Things to do.

There are a few items I might be thinking about changing on several of the small cloth works pinned to the wall across from the dining room table.  It's been awhile since they communicated needs and wants to me. One seems to want an addition of a border to one side.  Which is doable.  Another, I think, wants to be larger.  I only ever look at that wall at breakfast.  Sigh.  Been neglecting the cloth pinned up.

Peaches (unripe and not fully grown) keep falling off the two trees.  Will be lucky to even be able to share with the neighbors.

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Daily Notes- July 7th. Sunshine, Heat, Humidity just can't make this stuff up.  Maine is so TOTALLY WEIRD.  Also an armed gunfight with police and we don't know who on the highway coming into Maine from Massachusetts.  The arrested gun men were coming to Maine for some sort of "military" engagement which they think is "legal".  

The Cannabis Camp is seen- by the people organizing it--as a Tourist Destination type thing. The stuff is legal here.  Well, medical and edible is legal here but I've seen co-workers smoking the stuff for years at the greenhouse.  Smells like skunk.  Disgusting.

I collected about a dozen mosquito bites in the small window of time I spent out getting the morning paper and walking back to the house.  My ankles are itchy.  I also put my bill envelopes in the mailbox and put the little red flag up.  I was too late yesterday.

Not much else to write here.  July is a pretty BLANK month as far as I can tell.  We did get DQ yesterday. I got the vanilla and chocolate cone.  It was different.  Okay.  I have a container of yeasted waffle batter in the porch fridge.  It needed 12 hours in the fridge to--whatever.  It now looks nice and bubbly. I was happy I had all the ingredients for the recipe.  And I managed to get my waffle iron back from my daughter.

Waffles later today.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Daily Notes- Cloudy with a 100% chance of HUMIDITY

 Likely the final Pickle Jar Bouquet for awhile.  The Iron Wood will bloom eventually.  Amazingly Blue. I was surprised to find these items for Ruth & Tom and for Janet.  Everyone else has tucked their pickle jars into the recycling.

I had Bran Flakes and Milk for lunch yesterday.  Or possibly just an hour or two after breakfast.  I tend to want to eat all my meals in a short 4 hour period.  I don't know why.  I did delay eating the Greek yogurt and Cherries.  Sort of treated that bowl as Dessert.  I did not have the Swiss, Mayo and Romaine lettuce sandwich yesterday.

I read Small Admissions yesterday.  I have all three of Amy Poeppel's books on the pile.  I've read them before...but I change.  The books are the same...but I change.  I see things differently.  I read and the characters are different.  Because I am in a different place or space or whatever.  It's really very interesting.  Someone should do a study and write a paper.  I'm on to the next book.  Limelight. A mother of three moves to New York City when her husband gets a new job and babysits a drug and sex addicted rock star who is supposed to star in a Broadway Musical.......  but can't remember any of his lines.  I skipped pages last time.  I wonder if I will this Time?

I am wanting to eat Bran Flakes.  It's only been 30 minutes since I ate my oatmeal.  I think I will prepare my yogurt and cherries bowl and have that ready to eat........what a weirdo I am.

Trump was spectacular yesterday saying cars, apartments and school tuition should not be taxed because his CFO "needed" them. "Needing" something Trumps Taxes. Hurry-- add it to the tax codes.

Monday, July 05, 2021

Daily Notes- July 5th- Sunshine. Grass Cutting.

 Day late or right on Time?   Long ago and Far away- I used to do things like this.  Now, I don't.

Yesterday...two loads of wash- both had bedsheets included.  It was Time to rotate the mattress and when I do that- we get fresh sheets.  I also took the duvet off and put the quilt on the bed.  By 3 am I was freezing so I dumped the duvet on top and finally fell asleep.  My bones ache.

No newspaper as it's Monday.  No real news on tv.  So...why not drop books off at the library (it is closed but drop off return is always open) and then grocery shopping (found the Italian tiny diced tomato!!!).  I needed moisturizer.  I have coated myself with shower soap twice this week and didn't actually want to do it a third time.  The bottles look the same when One is Not Wearing GLASSES. Long drawn out that bottle had a wide red X on it.

Husband will be cutting grass today.  He is really excited as he is bored to death right now.  And he can't get the new hearing aids to connect to the speaker system on the tv.  So tv watching is "no fun". He has "misplaced" the instructions.  They could actually be any where and no where. I will tape them under the little box ( that makes them work) next to the tv if we find the instructions.  That's the way I do things. Unless it's the instructions for the rice cooker.  Then all bets are off and I use the saucepan.

I am going to go out on a limb- after the grass cutting-- and mention the old hearing aids are possibly still connected to the tv.  So...two sets of them now- to find.  I am a Very Lucky Woman.  I should just wear a pocket on my hip- and have all his belongings stuffed into it.  Would be easier.  On me.  He'd forget to put them in the pocket.......   Saw three amazingly good looking young men in the grocery today.

Well, laundry- done.   Shopping- done.  Now it's time to settle into the couch and read.  I still have little to no interest in threading a needle and sewing.  None of the cloth is speaking to me.  Which is okay.

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Daily Notes- July 4th--Dark, cloudy and Wet. A Fantastic Day

Well  things aren't going as expected today.  I got the wrong image up there- my cherry yogurt on repeat but can't seem to get it to "go away" so........  And then the alignment went wacky.  

I have laundry to do this morning.  It's cloudy and raining.  Chilly.  No need at all for the AC units. Might need to put on socks - my feet feel cold.  Reminded of our first July in Maine- the wood stove going as all four of us were freezing.   The college kids home from school for their first peek at Maine.  Didn't care for it.  1991.   I need to turn on some lamps.

I read all the way thru Alphabet.  It was much better towards the end.  Easier to read.

I noticed Beach Read and The People You Meet  On Vacation (same author) are both on the New York Times Book List this week.  And I've read them both.   I just returned Beach Read- I think I've read it three times now.  I plan on buying it.

Well, I have a basket of laundry that needs washing.  And I haven't written in the Washing Machine Pages in what seems like weeks..... so I better get to it.  Since the Pages are my Therapy Sessions.  I'll try for some new photos.   I made Pizza yesterday- should have snapped a picture of it.  Used the oven.  It's been "years" since it was turned on.  Or seems like.  Was more likely Christmas????  Boozy Cake.

Saturday, July 03, 2021

Daily Notes- July 3rd- Saturday. It's Saturday. I lose track. Damp, Cool, might Rain

 I saw this somewhere and loved the idea of it.  Mexican Grilled Corn, Chicken, Cheese, Avocado, Tomato, Pomegranate Seeds (at first look I thought black beans.)  Pickled jalapeño.

I was reading yesterday.  Mostly.  The tennis is blah. The fallen down building is hardly mentioned. The Trump indictment........still iffy and when my chosen news stations switch to Congress- I move to something else.

In "Here At Home" news- my computer has lost my Home Page.  First I lost my weather app.  Then the Moon app. Now I have lost the horoscope app and the Reuter's news app.  I have been offered help- by email- to go to the Apple App and purchase new items.  No.  I just won't have a Home Page.  It's either than my weakening system can no longer open these items or that they were free and aren't anymore.  I liked having the weather app.  Looking at the storms crossing the US.  I didn't read the horoscope app news regarding myself very often.  Usually, on my birthday.

It's okay.  I am getting used to losing parts of myself.  Shedding.  I'm pretty sturdy and bulky so the shedding has years to go before I disappear. Completely.

I am reading Alphabet Weekends.  British author Elizabeth Noble.  Type is smaller than usual and lightly inked.  It's difficult for me to read. These two have know each other for years- next door neighbors as children.  He wants to finally have a relationship in his late 30's.  She has just ended a long relationship that she thought would end in marriage.  It did not.  He has suggested 13 weekends with activities following the alphabet.  He does one, she suggests the next.  We just finished B and she took him to the Ballet. He has chosen canoeing for C.  A had something to do with a harness and repelling  down a cliff.

I chose it because for Rom-com it has an interesting premise.  Alphabet Weekends..  I can see it being very entertaining with other authors.  Beach Read did something like this.  Alternating activities. I am just realizing that the alternating activities was central to Beach Read.  There are three other, unrelated couples cluttering up the Alphabet pages.  I'm giving this book another hour or two and then moving on to something else less complicated and cluttered.  And I think I should move back into murder mysteries for the rest of the Summer.  Jane Harper's newest is out and on the 7 day shelf at the library.  She has the ability to scare me witless.

Friday, July 02, 2021

Daily Notes- Friday the 2nd Day of July. Cool, Dark Damp

 Farm dog.  Protective of the Farm Animals and Deadly to those outside the fence.  My new subscription to Gun&Garden magazine.  Just for these illustrations, I think.  I made a farm quilt once.  This makes me want to go find it.

In fact, seeing my cloth work across the street- framed and matted- has gotten me to think--why don't I have any up here in my own house?????  I know I don't have any of the cloth scrap Christmas tree collages I sent as cards back in the day.  But I can make new ones. I have silk, wool and brocade scraps.

We need to turn on the lamps.  It's very dark in the house.  Very dark outside as well.  Wet.  It must have rained.  I didn't hear it.  I stayed up well past my bedtime to finish my book.  Beach Read by Emily Henry. I'd read it once or twice early in the year.  But picked it up on a recent library run to drop off almost overdue books.  It's so lovely to go inside.   My library is getting new carpet.  I was present and working when the carpet being replaced was put down- 20 years ago.  This new carpet is glue free so no toxic odors in the air.  It's got a nice stripe.  And a happy vibe.  I saw the little ones hopping on it.  And the children's room super large paper mâché animals were in odd spots in the adult section.  And I liked that as well.

I've opened windows to make a fresh air exchange in the house.  Husband is taking an after breakfast nap. He can't go outside to nap so the couch will do. My sister in law (one of two that we have) sent me an email with a photo of a recent loaf of sourdough banana bread.  She asked me to write a long reply.  I did.

Thursday, July 01, 2021

Daily Notes- A New Month. July. We had some rain- it came down heavy.

 June's desk calendar page. Some are many day spreads- if I forget. I already covered the blank squares that start this month of Heat & Humidity.  July.   Our son was born in July.  A few weeks early as my doctor said he feared the baby would just drop out of me on the kitchen floor.  So, induced.  If he'd gone to term- I think my two children would have shared the same birth date in August. He arrived at just over 8 pounds.  Ready to start walking.  Literally.  

The deer came last night and ate all the petunias in the planter in front of the porch steps.  They had been so pretty-the petunias. I have never had good thoughts regarding the deer.  Wild Life isn't a good neighbor.

And it is still very wild up here in Maine. Barely civilized.  Why do we still live here????? I ask that every day.  Especially when I see fast food commercials for things we will never ever be able to eat in Maine. The Girl Scout Blizzard. 

Today...a new book.  A new calendar page.  Perhaps some rain.  So the humidity goes up.  Some lunch. Yesterday I cooked some rice and ate it with butter and green peas.  It was wonderful.  I never got up enough gumption to prepare my yogurt and cherry bowl.  Sigh.  Gumption-less.

I sorted all the cloth scraps on the ottoman next to me- My Workbench- and rolled thread onto plastic paddles.  Neat piles.  But no ambition to actual do any trying out or sewing.  

I miss Riley.  The rescue dogs in Florida look like him- some might even be relatives as his breeder breeds them for Florida Fire Stations as Rescue Dogs. Riley was destined for Tampa Bay Search and Rescue. But he got too tall.  So he found us.  Thank goodness.