Saturday, April 30, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, April 30th. Overcast and chilly. Dunkel as we said in Germany

 Try Out.  I don't know why but I am attracted to gray, white and orange.  I should look for a (Gack!!!) orange sweater???  And when did rosy red start looking good with orange????????

No crying this morning.  I might have worked my way out of it.  I have a strong survival gene, I guess. and we are ordering Chinese takeout today.  Wow.  (we are one chicken dinner short of a week and Chinese will make it okay (!!!) - working with the memory impaired is like a game of Clue).  I have my fingers crossed the the grocery has 7 chicken dinners on Monday's shopping trip or I will have to shop several days next week.

COVID is spiking here in Maine.  They are not wearing their masks in group gatherings.  People are dying.  Not just getting sick...they are dying.  This surge as they call it began at Christmas.  It's now rolling like a large rock down a steep hill.  I point out and read aloud from these stories in the morning a certain man who wants to "go places and see things" gets the hint.  It isn't safe.

My daughter went to the local island dump near the places they landscape. Locals call it the Mall.  It's just a shack with stuff people no longer want.  She found a $300 pair of Bean boots with scuffed toes yesterday.  Otherwise brand new. They fit with her inserts and she now has boots for the landscaping season.  They looked really nice in the photo she sent.  She found a wool and cashmere sweater with leather elbow patches a few years ago.  It never fit any of us...but this Christmas it fit someone and they were so very very happy.  It's a Maine thing to call the Dump the Mall.

I only got to visit once- while I was helping with landscape work.  Only open one day a week.  Never my day. But it was interesting. I passed up a citrus squeezing/juicing machine.  I would never have used it-but...I still wanted it. It had a sort of Architectural Look.  Vintage.  Would have cluttered up the counter top- And I don't squeeze Citrus.  I--I can't think of the word.  I Supreme.  Look it up.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, August 29th. Sunshine. No wind. Now Clouds moving in.

 This one is getting sides.  One more going on.  A green I created myself.  With leaves and steam. Now that I see the left side cloth here- I am taking it off.  Does nothing.  Adds nothing.  The interior is made from the clippings of the Valentine painted cloth- after I cut out the hearts.  Seemed a shame to waste them.  I have said all this before.  Having no one to talk to in real life- I tend to repeat myself.  

Yes, that left side is going.  Having them here is a good thing.  I can "fact check" my choices.

I enjoyed the French Ice Cream.  It's not from France.  It's referred to as "French" because of the way it's made.  With lots of eggs. egg filled ice cream is a French Ice Cream.  It was lovely.  I had the Praline Butter Cake flavor.  Next time the Pistachio one.  I think they have five flavors.  Five weeks.

White vehicles next door.  Two trucks and an SUV.  No additional PODS or moving van.

I start each day- in tears.  I am getting tired of it.

I need to get out of the house.  Walk.  Water the seedlings.  Would be nice to speak to a Human. In person. But even if I go out for a walk....I won't see anyone.  I never see anyone walking anymore.  I guess having a dog- I got out more.  Several walks each day.  Riley was interested in seeing people. Social Animal. Husband is returning from his appointment getting his hair cut.  I haven't eaten breakfast yet. All, that's it for me today.  Hopefully, Law and Order will be on.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Daily Notes- Thursday, April 28th- Sunshine

 Right side up and stuff removed.  The blue orb removed and tryout of a green one.  

It was a search for fabric and can't find anything day.  Always a real pain.  There was season two Law and Order.  The women had broad shouldered suits on and BIG HAIR.  the use of "computers" was- as always- hilarious in these ancient episodes.

I had additional time to mend this threadbare spot on the right bottom of my favorite sweater in the entire World- even Universe.  I did not have time to look for a button to replace the one I am missing.  I also did not have patience to find matching thread.  Yarn.  This little ball was available.  I used it.  You can't tell but it had a lot of gray and black in the mix with the red and cream.   Tomorrow I'll show you the sleeve edge repair.

I would tell you what I ate yesterday but I don't remember.  I think I had yogurt.  Raspberry with Bran Buds.  Today I am thinking about pancakes.  I would have salad but I am already COLD and having COLD food wouldn't be a great idea.  the yogurt was cold and now I am thinking Pancakes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Daily Notes- April 27th- Wednesday. Dark, Dark Raining Day!!! Soaking Rain-

 Worked on this while Fontana and Green tracked down killers on Law and Order.  this went a bit crazy but...even as I had it pinned to the desk chair and looked over at it....I removed only one small thing and just kept going.  The lower right, long leaf is only pinned.  I might remove the smaller leaf- I don't like it.

And...just noticing...the image is upside down. Because the orange rectangle is too heavy to be up on top. On my ottoman it's right side up.  And that small blue orb is upper right.

I thought there was a rotating element on here but I guess not.  I am not in the mood to start over.

I slept well and had an entertaining morning writing something in my head and out loud.  Not on paper.
I am a verbal writer.  Does that make sense?  I think I would be intimidated by a voice recorder but I know that some authors write their books this way.  It was a very funny story.  Started out as one thing and then became something quite different.

Husband went out solo in the car yesterday afternoon.......I worried.  He was gone longer than I expected.  The upside- no NEW first aid.  I just had to change the bandage from the previous day.  Rain has kept him inside two days now and when I got up late for breakfast he was already napping on the couch.  He doesn't like rain.  I do.  The grass needed it.  

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday April 26th- Cold with possibility of Rain

 I spent countless minutes yesterday looking for the fabric I used to make the thin horizontal stripes.  Nope. So now, I have to backup....start over.   Now looking for a stripe that has some sort of compatible color vibe or is complimentary or is so NOT that it explodes this cloth......  I have a entire shelf, deep, with stripes.  Can you believe that none of them works here????? always I have to use a fabric that does not work well with others.  Does not play well.  This is a bit larger than a sheet of copy paper.  A rectangle--Ish.  I might square it up with various sizes of borders.  One of two.

I read Fast women again.  Still moving thru Crusie books.  I have Bet Me next up.  Saving it for a really shitty day- which could be in a few hours.  I am very very fatigued.  My bones ache.  It's, at times, a struggle to walk and breathe.  I also have this annoying vague ringing in my ears.  I can't even enjoy peace and quiet.  Sucks to be me today.  Law and Order is okay but not my favorite season.

So. I won't bore you.  I don't do my best posts writing when I am feeling like this.  If I was 4 years old- I would suggest no sugar and a long nap.

I very nearly pushed everything off my side of the dining room table after I finished my oatmeal- a table we both use for eating  and for desk work.  I pay bills etc.  Instead I put ¼ of the offensive stuff into the shredder.  Sorted the bills- that f...king TruGreen......and the car insurance.  I really WISH I was a NAPPER.  I could really benefit from a good NAP.  It would be restful, quiet, and whatever happens while I am napping- I would not be aware until asked to get out the First aid kit.  Like yesterday.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Daily Notes-- Monday, April 25th. Overcast with Troubled Minds

 So...Monday, Monday.   Breathing is a problem today. I used the rescue inhaler.  I felt too warm, the mask made it hard to breath in library and grocery store.  I used a paper one- surgical- since numbers for COVID are up I didn't want to risk it with the homemade mask.. Rising steadily since they got rid of the mask mandate.  More and more people minus masks. More people getting infected.

I didn't buy hot dogs.  Or buns. Or bread.  I did find my lactate free milk--finally.  I did find coffee cream in the small cartons. I got two.  Six chicken dinners for husband- it would have been better to find 7.  Six yogurts.  He had enough of everything else- which is bagels and orange juice.   I was also instructed to buy lemonade.  I got three bottles.  I have been eating Bran Flakes and milk for supper.

I might make something like the cloth at the top of this post.  With a stripe around the edges of the squares. Makes the whole surface look quite BUSY.  I am wondering how big the inside square are???

I was dreaming this morning.  Revisionistic thinking.  Revising how the past was......imagining a different story.

I noticed a hole in the pants I am wearing now that it's Spring.  I let go of the heavy cord pants and am now in the threadbare worn-out mossy green LLBean cord pants.  There was a hole by the end of the zipper.  This is typical of LLBean Quality.  I patched it with black felt inside and beige thread on top.  I had not eaten breakfast as yet- threading the machine was way past my optimum activity levels.  Then I colored the beige thread with pens.  Some brown and some green.  Good Enough.

Still can't find a can of Endust.  I am assuming they stopped making the stuff.  No one actually dusts anymore.  The Swiffer collects dust and then lets it float way.  Those commercials on tv aren't telling the truth when they shake the Swiffer cloth and the dust stays put.  Or I am not using a Swiffer cloth.  Now. I need to investigate.   I'll let you know what I ate for Lunch.  Tomorrow.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, April 24th- sunshine- watered the seedlings in the back fenced garden.

 I'm making a sort of "promise" here and it will be interesting if I can keep put original work of my OWN here for the remainder of April.  Possibly into a bit of June. I'd packed the cloth stuff up........

I am struggling.  My lungs are struggling. To Breathe.  My right hip and thigh are weaker than ever before due to a side car crash more than 50 years ago.  I am never sure the right leg will carry the weigh. (I might need a cane)  It wobbles.  It gives way.  It's loose.  I had to try three pairs of pants this morning before I found a pair that would zip. I have traded the sweater for a cotton work shirt--but still wearing a thermal long sleeve under it.  This is Maine.  My Winter blood is thin and cold.

I went back to that Crusie I didn't like.  I skipped ahead twenty pages and then it was fine.  I even liked it. I read Manhunting again.  I might have to buy it.  I just like the parts of the story where they spend the morning in the row boat under a willow branch and sleep.  Well, nap.  And drink beer or juice (the gal drank a few too many cans of beers and almost tipped the boat over when she decided to stand up- so after that she had to have juice.).  Eat apples.  Read. It's a great way to have a relationship. I may have said all this before- I'm getting old and senile.....

I have no idea what is next.  Two books are waiting. I also have a 7 day that needs returning tomorrow.

Connie- I will Try to add another border to that square.  Maybe not all in one day- but by hand and slowly. It may require finding other cloth.  That takes up so much time.  Finding.  So many places to look.  It's better when I have limited resources to the left of where I sit.  And a dog sleeping on my feet.

I might just grab a handful of DebL's magical dye deck cloth scraps.  if I use themt- I can beg for more?????

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, April 23rd--- Sunshine and Cold.

 The square and the addition of shirt salvage borders.  I still need to sew that one side on.  I think I was considering this to someday become- a nine patch--inside a nine patch--inside a nine patch etc.  It could still happen with a nine patch added after the borders.  I am also considering that the nine patches- like the center-do not need to be of equal size.

My book yesterday was Jennifer Crusie's Manhunting.   A very successful (lonely) career woman is sent to a resort in Kentucky to "find a man" and get married.  She looks over the eligible men and makes one date per day.  She also naps in a boat with one of the resort owners but she actually thinks he mows the golf course.  Usually after she has too many cans of beer (in the boat) instead of breakfast.  It's an old row boat on the river.  After the morning napping in the row boat she showers and goes on the "date of the day".  Usually the siren on the ambulance alerts the residents that the "date" is over.  Great book.  The other Crusie I ordered from a far away library- awful- I could not get past the first two pages Strange Bedfellows. Ugh. I also didn't care to read Crazy for You a second time.  I have Fast Women and Bet Me. I finished off Agnes and the Hitman- for a second time before returning the book. Crusie Week.

The Wedding Crasher was excellent.  I ordered the author's first book. Another wedding. Something to do with the best man.  I think I have already met the people involved-  eventually she will write a story for each of the main characters as writers do.....

I am almost done with my hot dogs.  I will eventually have to think of something else to eat. I didn't buy bread just because I don't want to make grilled cheese.  I could make steamed rice with frozen vegetable of the day- mixed, corn or peas.  Or I could toss a large handful of the foraged spinach leaves in to the pot to steam and wilt.  Well, that sounds worse than it might taste or appear.

I watered the seedlings in the big fenced garden yesterday.  The beets are up. Tiny with the two seed leaves. I had to hunt down the two French watering cans first-- then fill each twice at the sink in the garage and carry them down to the garden.  Getting the hoses up and running seemed to be over kill.  And the French cans give a gentle sprinkle. The back lawn has been churned up by skunks.  Eating grubs.  It's a mess.  A real mess. And guess what? I'm not going to waste any time on fixing it.  ZERO grass growing projects in 2022.  ZERO.  Someday my friend Allie will drive over with my Tomato plants. I told her whatever she had left over was fine with me. All the varieties were excellent. I need to clean the herb beds.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Daily Notes- April 22nd. Woke with Sunshine and not a few hours later- dark clouds.

 I am reading a 7 day book from the "we aren't going to buy these books" section of the new books my Library "rents".  The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa.   A gal working a wedding overhears two people talking- one is the groom to be and then she overhears the bride with a guy who begs her not to get married.  There is no love in the upcoming marriage of convenience. the point where the minister asks if anyone .......the Crasher does.  She says they have doubts and shouldn't marry.

Then the fun begins- I hope.  The Crasher  now has to pretend to be the love interest who stopped the wedding.  The language and the behavior here is not my "usual".  But there is chemistry.  And I give full props to any writer who can manufacture chemistry before even getting to page 50.

The "Crasher " and the guy who didn't get married are now practicing "knowing" each other before the full press "Lying To Everyone" so the guy can score a law partnership.  Just his coffee order is enough to end the whole experiment. A nonfat soy latte with an extra shot, one pump of honey blend and caramel drizzle.

I also had hot dogs for late lunch/early dinner.  No extra shot. No drizzle. 

My new neighbors have lost interest in emptying the first two PODs in their driveway..  A random guy stopped over yesterday to wiggle the locks on the PODS.  I contemplated a call to the Police.  The new neighbors are "not in residence" so I doubt they would take kindly to POD Lock wiggling???? But it might be a thing that I know nothing about.........

My oatmeal was pretty darn good this morning with an extra shot of milk.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Daily Notes- Thursday, April 21st. Cool, Sunshine. Trees considering making leaves.

 A little collaged map.  Looks like it would be fun to make.  Have I used this image already?????

I hand sewed three edges on a very thin old nine patch. The no-button edge of an old blue linen shirt.  I keep all the parts I cut off shirts- I like the flat pieces but hate getting rid of the button strips and the collars and yokes.  So, yesterday the button edge got cut into strips and sewn on as a border. Buttons go into a canning jar.  Waste not...want not.

While watching season two episodes of Law and Order.  Lennie and Noth and Hand Sewing.

I'm having hot dogs for lunch today.  Looking forward to it.

Reading.  Finishing up the second or third reading of Agnes and the Hitman.  Next up is a 7 day loan book- The Wedding Crasher.  Got to read fast.  Sometimes the 7 day loan books are great........these are books the library borrows but doesn't purchase.  Meaning they never go into the forever collection.  Not that there seems to be much "forever" going on in the collection these days.  Just saying........ they has a great one- Second First Impressions that I took out so many many times........Teddy.  I miss him.

I'm going to get in the car and go pick up a few books for husband.  He doesn't like the puzzle I bought and he has no books.  Word Search puzzles only hold his interest for so long...... then the tablet beckons.  Which I try very hard to discourage.

I also need to concoct a salad dressing for my Foraged Spinach Leaves.  I could go old School Work Lunch on the dressing which was Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.  How I mix it is pretty damn delicious.  So...why not?  I did want Caesar fish here in the house.  There was something I made with Mayo, Ranch Dressing and Cheese.   That could also be good.  But is it warm enough for a cold salad????  I get all "chilly" just considering it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday , April 20. Rained all day yesterday and today the Sun is shining.

 Pickles cartoons strike a bit too close to home these days.  Our recycle container looks like the trash container he's searching.  We tend to lose something once a week...minimum.

Three PODS were being delivered next door while we ate breakfast..... and now two --quite ordinary--older people are carrying boxes into the garage.  My cross the street neighbor said the fine print on the trucks mentioned remedial water damage repair and several other things plus deep cleaning.  

I had to admit that a 104 year old woman and a guy working with handicapped children all day at school- would not be keeping a house really deep cleaning and not security cameras. So I've climbed down from my hysterical ranting.  Two old retired people. Here and There.  Everywhere.

Life was pretty exciting for two weeks but now I can see...this street is just so so dull. Perfectly suited to the new retired people.  Quiet.  the Twin Boys are the only bright spot-- 

Tru Green actually arrived (while we were out doing errands yesterday morning) and treated OUR lawn and not a neighbor or someone else living in a house marked 12.  They left the hang tag on the door and notes on lawn care and I saw sprinkled white things on the lawn.  It was un believable.

I purchased Women's Daily Vitamins at the grocery store.  Took the first one today with breakfast.  I haven't had Vitamins since prenatal days.  So exciting....(not)  I also bought a new set of tweezers and tweezed.  I also sewed some cloth.  Nothing amazing.  But it felt good to do it.  Law and Order minus the dog is not really as great as it used to be........... Connie sent size 18 needles for machine sewing jeans and knee patches on daughter's Carhart pants.   Connie is so thoughtful did I get so lucky to have her in my Life???

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Daily Notes- April 19th- It's Raining and Cold here in Maine.

 Black and White for this Dark and Windy and Wet Day.   Yesterday was lovely.  We had the door open to change the air here in the house.  It was nice.  I have all the lamps on here in the house.

TruGreen Trudy called and left a message that we would be getting a Lawn Treatment today at 9:30 am. Didn't happen- or it did...only at the wrong house.  Our guy tends to go to the wrong house.  We only know that because the last time he treated a lawn- it was next door and the lawyer who lives there brought the service ticket over to us.  And any treatment would be under last year's contract.  I refuse to send them any more money......I  only got one of the five treatments last season.  But you know all this...

My Walking Buddy from years ago- has something wrong with her foot- she thinks perhaps a broken bone.  She is going to an Orthopedic place today to have her foot checked out. She's a few years older than I am.  

I test high on bone density exams (and I am never comforted by the shock and surprise by the technician doing the testing).  I do eat dairy products every day.  My friend is a vegetarian and I am not sure she eats any dairy.   My husband eats his candy yogurt each day and his back is already curved and he walks with his head down.  He complains of back/spine pain.  I don't think the small daily serving of candy yogurt will make much improvement. He has an exercise ball that he could use to stretch on but he refuses.

I asked him a difficult question yesterday and he became agitated and confused.  I won't do that again.

I finally emptied the dryer and folded the clothes.  Put them away.  Looking forward to Summer Laundry. Linen shirts and lightweight pants.  No socks.

The Octagon trucks are back.  Going on the second week of doing whatever in the house next door. Now I am thinking rewiring the entire house?  They would be doing it in the crawlspace (36 to 48 inches deep)  under the house and it would be quite the JOB.  But if you wanted top internet speed- the house would need rewiring.  I don't think we will EVER know what is happening over there.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Daily Notes- April 18th- the Sun is Shining. Patriot's Day here in New England.

 This Art Piece Frame is extra-ordinary.  The workmanship.  

Today is another day when nothing is open.  Library closed. Post office closed etc....Not sure about the grocery store but we have enough of everything.....I planned ahead-which is so Un-Typical of me these days.

I finished reading the December book (yesterday I said I wouldn't).  And each time I recall some aspect of the story- my eyes flood. Like right now and it's just that sentence and nothing about plot or characters.

There is something there- something I have shoved back and forgotten that this story is bringing back.

I have Agnes and the Hitman right next to me.........I also have a few others on the pile- a much much smaller pile than I started with.  Four or five books.  Sigh.  I also went cloth ferreting up in the Magic Attic.  Haven't mentioned that particular area in quite some Time have I.  The Magic Attic..  

I skipped the closet and went for the storage tubs.  They got inspected and moved closer to the Closet.  A few-- previously selected but left behind items-- are now down here with me.  Tiny folded cloth petals to make a flower.  I would have to really dig to come up with a year when that was something I did.  Cut and fold tiny flower petals. Fifteen or more years in the Past. Out, on top of something.  

I figured if the cloth in that sandwich bag was that insistent...I should pay attention.  Complete the tiny flower.  Perhaps sew it to my sweater.  Where it would look perfectly at home. 

I don't know what I might be making or finishing.  But there is something in the sub conscious mind....ticking away.  Something I have seen, or remembered or just created in my head......something.  It's interesting when this happens.  Not always becoming anything but it's like seeds on fertile soil.  Something grows- and it can be anything at this point.  But there is a seed.  And it's been a long long time since that happened.  I am a different person.  so...I might surprise myself with what comes of this feeling.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Daily Notes and a Very very Happy Easter to all of you!!! Sun is shining here in Maine.

 The art is sitting up on bricks.   I wanted something Bright for the Holiday photo.  This is BRIGHT.

I picked a very very sad book for this week.  Always, In December.  Just typing this has the tears running. I'm going to set it aside.  Unfinished.  Emily Stone is the author.  I am stopping because I can barely start thinking of the characters and plot and tears are running down my face and eyes are swamped. I had to just stop to wipe the snot off my face.  So...reading is impossible.  And it's well written. so.. British.

I might cleanse myself with another reading of Agnes and the Hitman.

Easter.  The Sun is Shining.  There are no wax designed Ukrainian Easter Eggs.  I grew up with them on the Easter Table-we made them the night before and continued making them in our new house far from my grandparents.  With the golden braided egg bread, the sliced ham, the beet horseradish. And the Easter Baskets hidden in the Attic.  My Grandmother's doing.  Once we moved to our own home (far away)- we never had Easter like that again. But we decorated the eggs. Adding wax with each new color.

We also had Potato Pancakes.  I was in charge of frying them.  That must have been something my Mother's family did.  We didn't take the basket of bread, ham and eggs to church to be blessed. Most of the new neighborhood did. 

One April, in Germany, I made little baskets with wood shavings as the nesting stuff.  I blew out the egg from brown German eggs and then drew designs on the clean , washed shell with a black pen and filled in the design with white ink and lots of black ink and left brown spaces.  I put the baskets- three I think- each with three eggs- on the Raffle Table.  We had a Raffle each Women's Club of the Taunus luncheon.  Those simple little baskets were the first items taken.  I have a few eggs left.  

It's hard to remember the woman I was back then...The best edition of Me.....and also the most damaged. I had to dig myself out of depression and sleeping 20 of the 24 hours in each day. No meds.  Just GRIT.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, April 16th. Overcast Sky and Rain in the Forecast.

 Another painted, peeled, pasted, painted, peeled etc etc canvas.  In my remembrance of canvas and paste- it (canvas) rips when peeled (dry) and brings up anything under it..  And, as I mentioned yesterday, these canvases are like 3 by 5 feet.  So.. large but here on the screen look like that could be notebook paper sized.

I have never worked on anything other than quilts that large.  I went right to large with cloth. 

I was remembering something, someone and someplace from College in the early moments of morning.  Pretty much felt like I was there......It was pretty real. There was conversation. Something that never happened in real life. It felt good to say things. Like the sentences had been waiting.....I am left wondering if the other person woke up this morning with those words in their head?  If that person is still alive.

Then I got out of bed and folded laundry.  Then brushed my teeth and my hair. In that order.  I made a good bowl of oatmeal this morning.  Got it just right.  And my coffee is pretty much good, also.  And it's been awhile since I could say that.  Coffee has been bitter lately.  I have been sort of bitter lately.

The Surveillance Installers were back next door.  Like a whole week of them parked in the driveway..  Yesterday three company vehicles and a private all black, tinted window sedan.  Nothing today...but it's early.  You know...this is getting to be worrisome. Who, exactly, bought this house?  Who is going to be next door?  Who are the cameras going to be recording?  The Twins skateboarding down the street? Rollerblading in the pouring rain?  Me walking to the end of the driveway to get the morning paper?

I don't like it.

In better news- the pink bulbs are flowering so now I have white, two shades of yellow, pink and two shades of blue in the back garden up against the kitchen dining room wall.  The entire bed is flowering bulbs I scooped out of the dumpster at work (it involved climbing in and out).  And planted. Rescued Bulbs. Best kind.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, April 15th. sunshine, a bit chilly but NOT Raining!!!!

 These canvases are very large.   And the artist pastes on canvas, paints it and then rips part of it off etc etc.  I sort of enjoyed reading the ripping things off part of the process.  I, at most, peel things off but I like the more active verb- ripping-- so I think I might just do that next time.  And then she pastes a new section of canvas over the ripped or destroyed spaces.  I have yards of canvas in the Guest Room Closet.  Serious Art Supplies live in the Guest Room Closet.  The French Folding Painting Stand.  The Wooden Painting Box with Brushes and tubes of good paint.  The Ordinary Art Supplies are in the Hall Closet by the Front Door.  With my Winter Coat.  With my Rain Coat.

It's Mending (the ripping and painting).  The basic thing about Life and Art. Mending.

I like the idea of the substrate not being solid.  Ripped and pasted.  Those are words I enjoy when making Art. Nothing about my artistic process is gentle or soothing.  It's a fight to the death.

I erase until the paper is gone.  Just a hole where the mistake was. (Deb will ask me to write a short story with those two sentences as the first line).  It would be a dark story.

My breakfast is almost finished.  I still have coffee in my cup and one quarter of my Bosc Pear to eat. I spooned less instant coffee into my mug and it's better (not bitter--ha!!).  I had been adding too much and the bitterness was getting to me.  And with the sweetness of the Pear- a fine combination.

There is a recipe for Bran Bud Brownies on the Bran Bud Box.  I am tempted.  But not sure the bowels can take that sort of punishment.  (another great first line)

I am reading (finished) Summer Heacock's book  "The Awkward Patch to Getting Lucky" which arrived from  Ocean City, New Jersey for my reading enjoyment.  I had no idea we could do that.  Get books from other States. happened and it wasn't by my request.  Spooky.  There are very funny parts of this book- mostly the "meet cute" in the bakery.  But....the relationship is tedious.  So tedious.  Why the guy keeps showing up is beyond me.  I stopped showing up.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Daily Notes- Thursday April 14th. Rain Again- All the Spring Bulbs are up and flowering.

 Just finished reading Agnes and the Hitman and intend to read it AGAIN today.   I always forget how Hot and Hilarious this book is.  The Guy parts are written by a Guy- a military guy- Bob Mayer..  So...that adds something to the.......good parts.  Agnes cooks breakfast.  And Agnes's house fills with men all of them wanting breakfast.   Notice the red eyeglasses? House also fills with dead bodies.  Agnes has anger management issues..... and you thought you had to worry about the Hitman, didn't you???

So, I got my haircut and the bad, sad news that I have to find a new person to cut my hair.  Nancy has been cutting my hair for so so many years (15?).  This is hard news to deal with.  She is retiring and going to be caring for her 96 year old mother.  Her brother was doing the care--- but he is tired of it.

I bought When Pigs Fly seeded New York Rye Bread after the haircut ( I needed milk).  Pretty damn good.  Last week I had English Toasting Bread.  I had wanted the Cinnamon Raisin but there wasn't any.  I got Bran Buds.  New larger box- more Buds. I got oatmeal.  The Ice cream section has French Ice Cream.  Sicilian Pistashio.  Next time.  I am now wondering what French Ice Cream is like.   I looked but No DOVE bars.  Welcome to Temptation had everyone eating Dove Bars.  I think Bet Me- also had Dove Bars.  Not Maine.   I have eaten French yogurt- high fat content so I imagine same goes for the Ice Cream.

I have procrastinated on some things.  Today might be the day I get that out of the way. Or not.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday, April 13th. Overcast with a chance of Rain.

 A self portrait of sorts.   It was fun to do- get out the Neocolor I wax pastels.  I get my wild and out of control hair cut tomorrow.  Big ears and big glasses.

It was interesting how easy this was to do- and no I wasn't looking at a photo or into a mirror.  I guess I did pay attention in college art classes.  Who would have guessed, huh????

Yesterday was a "day off" as Monday we had husband's doctor's appointment and then eye exam.  Back to back.  Then the rest of the day to get over all that "excitement".  I also "cooked" which just means I made a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese.  It was good.  I added green peas to it.

Read an older Jennifer Crusie paperback- "What the Lady Wants" sort of a play on the old Perry Mason series.  Dead body. Private Detective. Who killed him with tons of suspects.   1995.   I sort of went hunting for older Crusie books the last time I was making book requests.  It took awhile for all of them to arrive.  Getting Rid of Bradley was the best one.  So far.  I am still hunting for Strange Bedfellows and Manhunting.  Anyone But You was fun to read.

1995.  It's like the Way Back Machine. Time travel via books.  We moved to Maine at the end of 1991.

Old books.  Old art classes.  Old woman.  I've got clean socks on today.  Coffee is a bit strong.  Oatmeal was good.  I think I slept okay.  I feel rested.  Nothing on the agenda until tomorrow and the haircut. Feels weird to be this ......unattached to calendar items...........I have a book.  I will read.......

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Daily Notes- April 12th- It's raining. Wetting down the seeds in the garden.

 A Black and White Day.  Raining.  Chill in the air.  House lights on already.  I'm okay with it as yesterday I was wondering where the watering cans were located as the vegetable seeds George had planted needed water.  Mother Nature arrived to take care of that.  Thank You!!!!

There will be self produced images up top in the next few days- possibly even tomorrow.  I have a few ideas.  I should have grabbed an image of the mending on daughter's gardening work pants.  The knees  of the painted Carharts need work each year.  This year I added cut off rear pockets from a pair of worn out Levi's. Three layers. That should make it thru the Season. 

It was ORIGINAl.  So she liked it.  But I wondered why I have so many chopped up pieces of old Levi's?

I hesitated to write an email to the Gardening Friend who grows tomato seedlings and has shared with me for several years. With COVID and all else...after a significant period of no contact (2 years?)....well, I was worried.  But Allie emailed right back that my timing was excellent and the tomato seedlings were 4 inches tall.  9 or 10 varieties to choose from.  I am okay with whatever she doesn't need for her own tomato boxes. All of them were outstanding choices.  In the Summer when this friend would go away for a few weeks- I would drive over and water and take care of her tomatoes and her herb garden and flowers.  A Fair Change of Services.

And today's overcast and dark skies are so fine....the seeds my gardener/pruner planted needed a drink.  And a soft all day rain is the perfect solution.  It's chilly here in the house.  I tried to finish the book I was reading yesterday but....I gave up and went to bed.  Late but not as late as if I finished it.

I am thinking about rumbling in the sewing room.  Sorting.  Putting a few cloths together.  Cutting some shapes.  Perhaps a House.  Perhaps a Map.   Perhaps a Garden. We'll see.  Perhaps an abstract of just so many bits from the wastebasket?  A puzzle of sorts.

A friend has suggested I take a sentence from a recent post and write a short story with the sentence as the first line.  I am tempted.  Which surprises me.  Yesterday's comment has me making Stanley Tucci's pasta sauce  for lunch today.  The one he cooked with his mother in episode one. CNN.  Find it. Love it. 

Monday, April 11, 2022

Daily Notes- April 11th....A Day Of Doctors.... not me- him.

 Button Earrings.  I'd like to get a bunch of women together to make self portraits.  With their non dominant hand.  Love the button earrings.  I'm thinking of making one later today. Me.

We did do self portraits one day during the Monthly Quilt Meeting.  Glue not thread. Covering it all with colored netting.  I bought all the loud colors.  Some had sparkle.  They were so great- the finished product- especially after they machine quilted them-that I made a special event thing at the next All State quilt show with the portraits.  Was asked to do a class for other groups.  What a see those quilters cut loose.

So...big day.  General Annual visit with husband's doctor.  Then the Eye Doctor. I changed my husband over to my Eye Doctor.  So it was a better outcome- other guy likes to do surgery.  Fate...I believe in it- just before we rolled over to the eye doctor  I had a visit with my walking buddy who had the previous eye doctor and is still having vision and eye problems.  Made me feel good about switching husband to new doctor.

I am seeing that I have many days on the desk calendar blank.  I need to do some cut and paste.  Scissors and Glue Stick.  I got a little perennial  for my back garden bed.  I've gotten it before and the deer ate it. Blue flowers.  Zone 3 to 6.  So, should live.  Deer might eat it.

I have lost my tweezers.  They are just gone.  And today at the grocery I didn't buy any.  I forgot.  But the grocery might not have tweezers.  All these years.  First time tossing tweezers......first.

I bought some stuff to make vegetable lo mein.  I had the noodles.  I will be using very large Brussels Sprouts for my "sturdy green vegetable", plus a carrot and some spring onions.  I got new ginger. I don't have mushroom powder.  I don't think this is a thing one buys. Makes with dry mushrooms?  I don't know.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, April 10th. No Coat Needed Weather.

 What If.......we could have made maps like this- with colored scraps of paper- in Elementary School back in the 1950's???  Instead of having to make exactly the same thing as the other 39 members of our class?

We were taught to comply.  By the 1960's we had burned the building down, so to speak. 

Ten Years and the Pill.  That's all it took ..... oh, and a War.  And Drugs.  So...a lot changed.

In my tiny  We went from stockings and a skirt required for dining in the cafeteria to going down in your pajamas to eat (don't even bother to comb your hair).  From bed checks to make sure we were all in the dorm by walking in and out at all hours....... no one cared where we were.  What we were doing.  1968.  Burn It All Down.

That's what this little World made of colored paper makes me consider. Before and After.

Life changes.  Time changes.  We change.  Was Life in the 50's & 60's more "sameness"?  Other than Elvis. And Rock and Roll.  My little radio playing in the basement while I toiled in servitude and ironed and ironed and ironed.  It felt like I ironed or went to school.  Period.  Oh...I was also solely responsible for washing dishes and if I got home late- not having any supper..  My two brothers?  Never. Never, Never. 

College was actually a get out of jail card. For me.  I just wish I had used the card wisely. Didn't.

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, April 9th. Cloudy with a significant chance for RAIN.

 A second set of painted paper houses.  Won't be long before I am painting and pasting. Building a little neighborhood.

The street is quiet.  The Twins must be away on vacation.  Spring Break for Elementary School.  I think they go to Florida.  Visit a retirement community.  Grandfather.  Near Disney.  Otherwise they would be racing their electric cars up and down the street.

Outbreaks here in Maine of the new Omicron variant.  Masks no longer mandatory.  Early day visits to grocery and library- everyone is masked.  It's like my little Town is a raft in an Ocean of Possible Infection.

 I read a very strange Crusie book.  Maybe This Time.  Old house, ghosts, ex husband etc. Southern Ohio.  And they just want to get back to the "Big City" of Columbus, Ohio.  Which makes me roll on the floor laughing.  And I think about references to Cleveland...and gosh what a hoot.  What person in their right mind wants to be in Columbus, Ohio??? 40 years ago. But I can fantasize having an ex husband I can just call and say "I need internet, new phone line, two laptops, new stove......NOW" and the stuff arrives the next day.  Fiction.  Easy enough in Fiction.  And of course he sends the perfect stuff. Sigh.  But then he can't do much (or anything) about the murdering ghosts.

So today..another Crusie- Fast Women (the cups with feet and the detectives).  Getting Rid of Bradley was pretty darn wonderful.  The police were called so very many times.......... shots fired, explosions, etc etc. Would have made a very funny Hallmark Movie.  

I have to turn on lights.  Dark in here. 

Friday, April 08, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, April 8th. Raining. Cold.

 This image is giving me ideas.  Been awhile since I painted paper.  Could make a little village out of construction paper.  Paste or Elmer's.  Hang it on the wall.  I'd skip the strange birds in the sky.

Yesterday, I visited THREE VENUES.  The discount store over the bridge into Red Trump Country (very few masked people) to buy Fig Preserves in glass jars with red and white checked lids. For husband and a new fresh jigsaw puzzle.  He enjoyed the other one.  Very much- so I wanted to get him another.  I also grabbed two large print word search puzzles.  To have in the car. He stays in the car on these trips.

Then the library to pick up two reserved books and return five.  Then to grocery store for orange juice. I also picked up vegetable sushi for myself.  It was fantastic as always.  Japanese guy makes it fresh every day.  Almost everything else in the little cooler has raw fish.  I always check and double and triple check that what I selected was only vegetables.  The green stuff was super super HOT.

I bought unsalted pretzels.  Not a great idea.

Nothing to watch on tv.  No Law and Order.  Hallmark...not interested.  Sports show.  Too much baseball. Watching baseball is tremendously BORING.  Listening to men talk about baseball........kill me now.  I ended up watching the Celtics Basketball game.  Why don't the white guys get a spray tan or something.?? At least wear those stretchy arm and leg coverings. In a dark color.  A tee shirt.  Something to lessen the whiteness.  They look like the walking dead. Way too Larry Bird for my eyes.

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Daily Note- Thursday, April 7th. Overcast- Rain is Coming.

 So...I did the "weather".  Going to grocery for orange juice and then pick up book at library. "what I am doing".  Next on list is "what I did yesterday"- which was rake out the dead leaves from the front bed left of the door and porch.  Next is "something I could have done better"- I am thinking it would be making a better lunch.  I had crackers with cheese and then frozen yogurt gelato.  Didn't hit many food groups.  "One thing that brings me joy"-  Nope, there wasn't anything like that yesterday. a slump.  Started the day remembering something and crying for awhile.  I really hate remembering stuff.  Would be great to remember something that made me happy.

The puzzle is finished.  We are going to buy another one.  Going in a few minutes.  I might be back to tell you about it or I'll tell you tomorrow.  Nothing happening.  Not a good day.

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday, April 6th--- Sunshine with a side of Frost.

 We may have had this image before.  But...maybe not.  I can see my sweater looking like this in a few more years.  Adding denim cuffs to the ragged sleeve edges is a fresh (to me) idea). And the denim edging along the collar. Patched pockets.  Pockets are always a very good thing to have.  Place for the hankie.

Good Good ideas.

Yesterday worked out okay.  The local property taxes are paid.  I still have to sign and get the income taxes into envelopes.  Etc etc.  I think I have to write a check.  Owe money. Sigh.  Procrastinating. 

At Town Office I got to listen while a very confused old man (much younger than me) was trying to pay for tax tags for his various boats, trailers, cars, trucks and ...I lost track of the other stuff.  The woman taking care of all this was super patient.  I would have just motioned for him to hand over the fist full of paper he was shuffling..... and then shut up.  I would have smiled (unconvincingly).  Customer Service used to be my job...till I got fired.

One of the books I reserved by an author I liked...was about Vampires.  I know women get all excited by Vampires but...not me.  I tried...but it's such bullshit.  Why are Vampires always so very very rich?????  And who thinks shiny red eyes make a 6 foot 8 inch tall ripped guy handsome???? Like the money makes you forget they are Vampires????? Next book was shapeshifters and a woman with two souls.  One character lived in a bowling ball bag.  Just a body.  Author wrote a rom com I loved. I am guessing she only wrote the one.

I moved on to another Crusie book.  Woman gets mugged.  Cop comes to help her- not in uniform (he's a detective) so our girl bashes him in the head.  A couple times. She's got some heavy textbooks in her bag.  He's pretty unhappy about meeting her. Title is Getting Rid of Bradley.  Two Bradleys--- right now one is her freshly divorced husband and the other has stolen money from a bank.  A case of mistaken identity. I've read this before....years ago.  Library bought a fresh new copy of the book- fools me every time..   Better than Vampires. Crusie guys are very exciting.

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Daily Notes- Skipped a Day- And almost Skipped another.

 Sorry about that......I got out of my "pattern" and..well, shit happens.  I went out to pay our real estate taxes this morning.  I had to find a new pack of checks- sorting thru the dresser drawer..  Not my best day.  Yesterday was worse.


Yesterday, husband said he didn't have his inhaler.  Needed a refill.  I went to grocery/pharmacy and they said it was too soon to refill....I said the inhaler was lost- they said they would call the insurance company etc etc.  I got home and spoke slowly--calm- short sentences.  Small words.  He found the inhaler.  I drove back to pharmacy.  Stopped the insurance call etc. Apologized to everyone.  Welcome to my Future.

That was yesterday morning.  And here it is a day later and almost 5 pm. forgot to post.......

Sigh.  Deep breathing.  Restful breathing.

Law and Order is showing season one, episode 4. HIV/Prostitution Ring.  Been a long long time since I saw any of the early  stuff.  Not a slick. Camera moving around.  Bit queasy.

Dog in the yard- off the path.  Most likely running around and then back to owner.  Pit Bull or Boxer.  Or Mix.  Why they like to mix the two is beyond me.  He looked happy.  Good runner. Don't touch- show no fear.

I am reading older- 1990's- early 2000's- Rom Coms.  A bit more....everything.  Evenly divided between good and meh.  I got another vote for the Corset Diaries at the library checkout.  I was checking out her second book.  Starting it after I press print here.  Perhaps a glass of wine later.  Or a gin and tonic. 

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday April 3rd. Not Stopping!!!!!

 I was reading a few blogs yesterday ....and there is some appliqué being done on  one of them.. (Helen Geglio)  so I was interested in reading more and on Helen's appliqué I read it came to me that she was appliquéing felt pieces not cotton or linen pieces and that is why they look so darn nice.  Felt.  I am thinking thin felt and not the thick craft kind.  But appliquéd, turn edge felt.

Blowing my mind.  Now to find some. Felt. Old, beaten up thin felt.  Old felt rags.

Helen also buys odd lots of thread and fabric from estate sales.  I like this idea.  Like a surprise box coming to your house - you think you know what you are buying never really know.  I have plenty to work with here at home.  And someday soon I will venture back into the depths of Goodwill. I like buying old linen shirts and blouses.  But I know the best stuff (for me) was bundled up to sell as rags by the pound. The stuff I truly love.  Rags. Torn, Worn, Stained.

Now I need to figure out how to find old beat up, faded felt.  I love a new HUNT......

The book.  The Corset Diaries.  There was romance (Rom).  There was comedy (Com).  There was non stop sex.  I looked up the author's booklist and she does quite a bit in the Vampire Collection.  I couldn't find the book mentioned on the cover of Corset Diaries- Men in Kilts. From experience in reading early romances- Men in Kilts would be quite exciting to read.  But I can't find it in any Maine library. But it's supposed to be wickedly witty.  oh well.  I don't care for the Vampire books but my daughter says they are VERY interesting.  Sigh.  I was wanting Men in Kilts. And A Hard Day's Knight.

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, April 2nd. Sunshine.

 Another Sunshiny Day here in Maine.  Almost two in a row.  The neighbors next door were here- loading up their cars with things they might want from their Parent's home- now sold.  Wall art was what was being loaded as I walked out to the mailbox.  I am wondering if they will be bringing a dumpster?  A moving van?  Or a House Sale to move the furniture?  

I love this battered chair and the tin bucket of lovely flowers.   This was sort of what I was going for in the Neighborhood Pickle Jar bouquets last Summer.  I used to have roses. Lots of them.  Beetles ate them. So, so many Japanese Beetles.  They ate the raspberry bushes also. Some days the garden was full off shiny black beetles.

I need to change my Desk Calendar.  Finish off the last four blank squares. Perhaps a few more chairs??

Reading the Corset Diaries.  Very amusing. Katie MacAlister.  Role Playing actors in an old Edwardian house.  Upstairs/downstairs. An American playing the rich New York wife of a British Lord.  It's Bawdy in the best possible way.  Another book on the list of "Best RomCom's"

I finished off my yogurt.  Minus fruit (I had none).  I swept the kitchen floor.  I have Washing Machine Pages to write while washing a load of clothing.  Possibly two loads if I change the bed sheets.. I am already thinking why bother????  Daily readership is at a new low.  When should I stop???

Friday, April 01, 2022

Daily Notes- We Made it to April!!!!!! Animals churning up my back lawn!!!!!

 April First.  Sigh. We have had rain and we are now having sunshine.  Good start. No snow.

Library trip to get Jack Reacher books for husband.  He didn't like the other authors I was choosing. Too difficult to read the books? So we backtrack to the ones he's read before. Easier books.

The Library Desk person asked if she could print a copy of the books I have checked out- that pile of RomComs from yesterday..  And she gave me a few suggestions.  Life is Good.  She said the Corset Diaries was GREAT.'s next.

Sports Show not very funny today- usually Friday is a free for all.

So...books to read.  Yesterday I cleaned out the TiVo pile of recorded Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Cooking Shows from Milk Street.  Gives me more "cap space" for new stuff.  Also using up stuff in the fridge.  I got the last of my yogurt ready to eat with soaked Bran Buds but no fruit.  It'll be okay.  Not even raisins.  How did I get to a spot "in Life" where there are no raisins in my cupboard????

Husband went to see the Hearing Aids People and I sent a note with him: to write down what advice they gave him regarding "not being able to hear anything".  Cleaning wax out of his ears was suggested. And brushing off the hearing aids each day.  Keep them clean.  

Shaking my head.  Note is now taped to the cabinet over his coffee maker.  Along with list of old age memory loss topics.  He won't read any of the notes.  April Fool.  Me.