Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Daily Notes--July 31

We moved when I was 9.  I was in a school I loved.  My grandmother and grandfather lived on the second floor of our two family house.  The neighborhood was full of families I had known my entire life.  I was happy.

Then I was not until I got married at 21.  That new house, that new neighborhood, the new families--we just didn't fit.

I went into fifth grade and was assigned the task of drawing an elephant.  I didn't know how.  I didn't know I was an artist at that point in life. Never drawing anything.  Just playing and laughing and getting a very pretty dress to wear on my ninth birthday the year before.

My dad was an unhappy man.  One child was okay.  Four was a nightmare.  So he was usually drunk when he got home from work.  But that day he wasn't and he got out a sheet of newspaper and taught me how to draw an elephant.  Not a small one.  It filled the page.  A big sheet of paper. He drew it.  Then we drew one together and then I drew one by myself.

He didn't get angry or yell or hit.  He and I just drew.  When he thought my drawing was "good enough" I rolled it up to take to school.

My new teacher accused me of copying it.  Yes, they did that sort of shaming back then. 1956.

Forced me to draw it again, in front of the entire-- new to me-- snickering class. Who had know each other for always.  Like I had at the old house..  My old school. But I would hope we never acted that way.  It felt new to me.  And mean.

They stopped snickering and the Teacher was angry that she hadn't gotten the best of me.  I drew a perfect elephant.  Even better than the one I had thought was the best.  I heard my dad's voice as I drew.

Just about the only nice thing I can remember about him in my childhood.  I told him about drawing the elephant as I held his hand as he slipped from life into death about 10 years ago. Even though he wasn't a nice person, he was my dad.  And I wanted him to go into the beyond with a happy, loving story.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Daily Notes- July 30

Suddenly I am seeing watercolor.  On blogs.  Jude has spots of color on her blog with links to another.  Go!!  Look!!!  The Universe Speaks.

I am digging out the paints and brushes.

Clouds and Humidity today. FOUR HOURS of conversation with a fellow employee of the greenhouse on a morning coffee date.   We were both starved for conversation, I guess.

I checked the Earth Boxes this morning when Riley and went out for the newspaper.  Got two cucumbers and one zucchini and about 20 mosquito bites on my ankles.  ITCHY!!!!  Cooked three squash on the grill last night with G's beef kabobs.  In fat thick slices, EVOO and salt and pepper.  Grill marks.  Delicious.  Didn't spiralize yet.

Only one more day of "Daily Notes" and I will have to find something new for August.  Any suggestions of what you might like to see and read about here??????

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Daily Notes- July 29

Painting is on my mind these days.  Which is something I always put on the "back burner" of things to work on.  But this Summer there will be no "canning" or "putting up" jams, jelly or pickles in August.  Store bought for us this Winter.

The birds and chipmunks took care of all that.  Neither G or I can find more than one plum on the Queen this Summer.  And no peach harvest.  One peach each on two trees is not a harvest.  My three plants each of zucchini, yellow squash and pickling cucumbers won't amount to anything for the pickling kettle.  But I could get one batch later in August if things go crazy.

I plan to get out my "new from Goodwill" spiralizer" and make some squash zoodles.  Hopefully the green tomatoes (an abundance) will ripen before Christmas??? Certainly the many cherry tomatoes?

I had Tater Tots for the first time in my Life, yesterday.  The extra crunchy ones baked for twice as long as recommended.  I like them.

Well, Time to get ready to go visit Goodwill.  There have been no treasures there for the past few weeks.. I think Visitors from Away have discovered our Goodwill.  I see many piled high shopping carts on the past few Sundays and unfamiliar faces.

A very gracious and lovely Maine woman died ten days ago.  At 97.  I only met her once but found her to be delightful .  Her obituary was one any of us would dream and aspire to having.  A Life well lived.  And she was a quilter.  I hadn't known that about her.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Daily Notes- July 28

The Blood Moon (in other places on Earth but not North America) has gotten me excited about the Moon-- even if we can't see it.  Cloudy skies.

Torrential Rain last night.  No complaints regarding rain.  We are in near drought conditions in Maine--so any rain is good rain.  Not so much for Riley.  He has a rough time with stormy weather.
Sort of panic attacks.

I've been watching Hallmark's Christmas in July movies.  Sappy quite often.  Bad acting quite often. But every once in awhile a real gem.  Making the bad ones...not so awful.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Daily Notes- July 27

Soap Bubble.  But It looks like a Full Moon to me.

Yesterday-- excitement.  The Earth box full of Tomatoes and Pickling Cucumbers fell over backward. It could have been strong winds or Deer.  I'm going with wind, as, once on it's side, the Deer would have eaten every green leaf.   G and I managed to get it upright again--the wheels on the bottom making it even more fun.  Now we have cement blocks behind it.

I have started eating panfried zucchini (because we have it).  I liked it when on the Elimination Diet when that--alone--was my dinner or lunch.  I cooked just two zucchini and I am reminded of using more of them on the diet. I have plenty in the fridge.  Well, three or four more sounds like "plenty" at the beginning of the production weeks.  I am reminded of making zucchini fritters in the summers previous.  And a chocolate zucchini loaf that worked the first two bakings and then never again.  I didn't like either.  I am also just now remembering making a low carb shredded zucchini crust for a "pizza". I also have a new spiralizer ($5 at Goodwill a few months ago) so zucchini "pasta" will be a nice addition to my meal plans.

Low carb was fun for awhile back in the day.  Now, just thinking of the amounts of greasy meats and cheese that I ate makes me sick.  A nice salad sounds much better.  Or fruit which was off the low carb menu.  I did enjoy the blood work scores though.

An an astonishing announcement:  The visit to the Attic today produced no surprise finds.  Nothing.  The Magical Mystery that was the Attic has come to an abrupt full stop.  It even looked like there were fewer containers.  Less of everything.  I did find a quarter yard of the blue spotted batik I was needing, I thought, to add to the 64 squares.  81 squares is sounding better.  I math checked the number with G just now.  The sun is shining, humidity is up.  I'm better off indoors.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Daily Notes- July 26th- Stormy Weather

Big Storm photo via Colin Lacativa

We were promised something like this but it's the weather man and we all know they.....lie?  Well, they embellish to get viewers to freak out.

The house lights are on again.  The tree cutting crew is back next door.  Room for an in ground pool?
Three other homes on the street have in found pools.  All we'd have to do is dig a hole.  We are that close to water level.  Which is why we don't have a basement.

My experiments with plant based dyeing came out better than expected.  The onion skins are the best. Ironed the cloth and it is wonder-filled.  The purple smoke leaves and flowers--very faint and dainty-atmospheric.   The rhubarb--just pink.  The red maple-just pink beige.  And something dyed an acid yellow which I think I will be very fond of as I start using it.  Dandelion?

If it doesn't rain--I will take my pre school painting drop cloth out and paint some fabric in my favorite blues, pinks and perhaps go to the dark side with grey.

Yesterday I "wonky" machine stitched 2.5 inch squares together.  Some squares were hand cut which makes them less than accurate.  Seams are off center.  I love it.  Spent so much time ironing it.  I love ironing patchwork.  Lots of the squares were my hand painted cloth.  And commercial hand dyed. 8 squares by 8 squares.  So approximately 16 by 16.  I am thinking of hand quilting it.  Too small to use as a quilt but a good size to be considered Art in a Frame.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Daily Notes-- July 25

Image is from a magazine I think, years ago.

Over cast.  Clouds with a chance of rain.  I managed to get a few mosquito bites while out checking the cucumber plants for squash bugs--I found one with stripes.  First time, ever.

Very noisy here this morning.  The neighbor on my right (facing street) has a company here to cut down and chip trees.  I don't think any of the trees being cut down are on his property.  Abutting but not belonging to him.  A lawyer.  It's the private property of a local doctor.  The cutting is not being done on the sides of his property that touch ours.  Now---that would be interesting.

I have to go out shopping.  I need mouthwash and bagels.  Two things. Not that I will be coming back home with only TWO things.  And there is a book for G at the library so I want to go pick that up as well.

I did some planting and tinkering in the garden this morning--with bug spray on myself.  I forgot and rubbed my lips with my arm and....well, that was a very bad thing to do.

I have a whole bag of beautiful zucchini right now--most mine and two from yesterday's lunch visit with my friend.  Need to think of something to make.  Use them up.  We don't need pickles.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Daily Notes-- July 24

I saw this on another blog and thought--why not?   That's how it should go...no snags and never running out of thread.

Another cloudy day.  Some rain in the early hours before I was awake.

G and I ate a dozen ears of fresh corn from a local farm.  Delicious.  Just corn for supper. Like in my early days when my dad brought home brown paper bags of roadside corn.  Just picked.  And we boiled them and ate them and were happy it was summer.

G and I have been invited to lunch at 1 pm.  I think we'll go.  He'll say no but I will say yes.

My plant based dyeing was 50% successful.  The onion skins turned a very brilliant yellow and the pattern made by the separate peels is lovely.  The purple smoke leaves and flowers-- very faint and delicate.  Just a suggestion of colors and leaf impressions.  Next time I will use alum to mordant. I have plenty of leaves and flowers for a second try.

I do not like summer days when I need to have the lights turned on in order to see.  Too much like Winter.   Picked four zucchini from the Earth box.  Disturbed a few bees who are always in, under the zucchini leaves.  Picked one baby pickling cucumber.  Ate it seconds later.  Right there in the driveway before breakfast.  Why wait?

Someday--I keep hoping----I will pick a tomato off the many plants that are growing taller and wider by the hour--by the minute out in the Grow boxes.  Loaded with green tomatoes.  I was hoping for a cherry tomato by now.  No luck.   I dream of eating warm tomatoes off the vines in July but it's always late August here in Maine.  Just before Summer is over. Always too late.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Daily Notes- July 23

The blank page.  Being retired is hard.  I can see why retired people fill their days with lectures, trips and classes.  Otherwise, it's all one long period of time and you lose the thread of it.  Forget what day it is, what Time it is, who you are.

We are into our second day without any sun.  It isn't raining but it might at any moment.  The house interior is dark without any lights turned on.  I've read the newspaper and had my breakfast.  G is still sleeping.  I am still on "work time" and wake up early.

I am at a loss for anything to do.  No book to read.  No baby quilt needing to be finished by a deadline.  I do have a box to tape shut and address.  So, that would mean a trip to the post office.

I have nothing to write here.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Daily Notes--July 22

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  My thoughts for today.

We woke up to light sprinkles of rain.  Much needed by the lawn.  The rain moves in gently waves. Less, More and even More. & Nothing. Riley and I got wet walking down the drive for the newspaper.

I purchased "just delivered" corn from the grocery yesterday and we ate it last evening.  I am going back for more. Delicious. And I cut up my mini watermelon and ate chunks of it whilst watching Nigella cook on PBS.  She gets positively "giddy" while cooking.  I also ate one of the red plums I bought.  Very nice.

I didn't manage to get the refrigerator shelving sparkling clean. Yet.  But it's on the "list".

The Post Office is sending me a MESSAGE.  The little Sunday delivery truck keeps dropping off Amazon packages here.  Not mine.  And then I must run down the sidewalk waving my arms, shouting, STOP!, until I get the attention of the post person and give the package back.  Should I get my own Amazon Prime and buy things?  And who will my packages get delivered to???

Not everyone would be so kind as to give the packages back.  Today's package was a book.

I started reading a new Yrsa thriller and it seemed familiar.  When the house owner found the pizza, uneaten, in the garbage can--I remembered.  I had either started reading this at one Time and stopped or perhaps managed to finish.  But I think not.  So that book is going back.  I am waiting for The Child by Fiona Barton to arrive at the library.  Until then........I think I will re-read Wolf Hall.

I like "thriller" but I don't care for "creepy".   Goodwill today.  The corn purchasing.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Daily Notes- July 21

Here it is Saturday.   Picked one very nice zucchini from the Earth Box this morning.  Lots and lots of green tomatoes in the Grow Boxes.  Had to clean out the crisper drawers in the fridge because I went out to get brand new fresh produce.  Last night's dinner was the proof that things in the crisper weren't crisp.  I purchased new bread also.  A do-over of last night's meal is going to happen--today I hope or for sure tomorrow.  And brand new corn just delivered from a local farm this morning.  Dark green husks. We haven't even had the first ear of corn this summer.

Our new toaster oven is making very dark toast right now and we are trying to find the "sweet spot" on the toast dial for the toast color we like.  The new hot water pot arrived and is very stylish.  I haven't used it yet.

I have done VERY POORLY on my promise to eat all the different flavors of ice cream at Cote's this summer.  Cote's never opened this year.  And I have had exactly ONE lobster roll.  I am so disappointed in the way Summer is going.  I haven't even eaten any watermelon.  It's depressing.

I have been making many batches of the kabobs and the kabob marinade.

We have cooked and eaten a few of the mysterious frozen meals in the freezer.  The General Tso's chicken meal was pretty tasty.  20 minutes in the oven and ready to eat.  I am thinking I might buy the Orange Chicken meal by the same company.

Oh...I keep forgetting to mention the green beans seeds have germinated and the plants are now 3 inches tall.  Success.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Daily Notes- July 20th

This is what Summer in July looks like, I think.  All the colors rushing past.  All the days rushing past.

The Grow Boxes are growing.  I "spied with my little eye" a few good small sized zucchini.  Soon. they seem to increase in size overnight.  I was only looking as the zucchini grow box is a "buzz" with bees.  I want them to stay and pollinate.

I need to water them twice a day--or at least prior to the hot mid-day Sun hitting them.  Making the leaves wilt as the plants conserve water.

I am reading a book Connie sent to me--The Widow by Fiona Barton.  Wow.  It was difficult for me to put down.....but I was so sleepy my eyes wouldn't stay open.  After I press publish- I will be reading the last third of the book.  I have already ordered the next book  The Child from library reserve.

I sewed some squares together yesterday but instead of hand sewing I used my sewing machine.  The squares are slightly wonky and quite charming that way.  And the colors--mostly plant dyed by me or painted by me are very summery in pale ocean colors, summery berry colors and pale yellow sunshine--and I added a slim border of green--back side up-so it is also pale and faded.  I am thinking of adding more squares-- enlarging the square I have now.  I haven't been this interested in making something in quite awhile.

I think we'll be having Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and Basil today for supper.  With toasty French bread to mop up the juices.  I got the tomatoes from the local Farmer's Market in Town.  Expensive.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Daily Notes- July 18th and 19th

Rain most of the day yesterday.  Cold.  Chilly.  We were out driving.
Today more driving but sunshine, muggy heat.  Worried about tomato leaves wilting.

We purchased a new toaster oven (rather than keep trying to clean the old one and failing miserably).  And a new electric pot to heat water for tea.  1.7l.   And it's black.  Not in stock.  Being delivered in 7 days.  Free. The lovely woman who helped us said the management had been shocked at the popularity of the pot.  For college dorms.  We had both been in college when cooking in your room--even toast-- was strictly forbidden. Now they boil water for ramen, I guess.

I wonder what my 18 year old self would have thought of boiling water in my dorm room to cook noodles?  In 1964.  Or my 71 year old self would think if I had to wear a skirt and stockings in order to enter the cafeteria in 2018.

We stopped in to look around at Target.  I needed a new bra.  Everything in our Target has changed. It looks more like World Market.  There were exactly two bras that I was interested in, in my size and they were marked down because they will no longer carry "items like this".  I have no idea where I will purchase any Future under garments that meet my requirements.  These two will have to last forever.  I require simplicity and function over fashion.  And preformed, unbendable cups are not my idea of comfortable.  Like a styrofoam bra.

I am tired.  Had to use the rescue inhaler today--coughing too much.

Daughter came to visit and took home the three foxglove plants I have raised from inch high sprouts. A gift from a customer.  I could never find a spot for them.  She has a bed with two other foxgloves. They'll be happy.  The customer said the flowers would be "absolutely beautiful".  A big selling point for my daughter.

The finished baby quilt was given to the new "mother to be" at her shower on Tuesday.  Delighted with it.  Happiness.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Daily Notes- July 17th

Sometimes--like on humid, overcast days of summer--it's "good enough" to just have a small pile of cotton squares handy to sew into bigger and bigger squares.  I've been following Jude Hill (Spirit Cloth) for a few years now--more so since the Longest Winter of 2017.  Making "components" as Jude calls them--- 1, 2, 3 inch squares.  Three ones equal the 3, etc.  Building blocks.

In the beginning the squares were made into Pages.  The Pages became something else.  All in white or plant based faded colors of brown and yellow.  Sometimes even dirty gray.  And I lost interest in them.  Lost any Focus I might have had to begin with (not much) and then just wandered.

Now, in July--I want the colors of berries, watermelon, peaches and the sea.

Instead of the mat and rotary cutter--I tore the strips for the baby quilt.  The pieces were true and straight of grain.  Today I will tear more summer colored cloth into "components" and start making a Cloth of many colors- all the while thinking about another baby quilt--I enjoyed the making and want to enjoy it all over again.

At Goodwill a pattern for a dollar.  A dress.  A Summer Dress.  Loose and cool and easy.  I am afraid of failure as I have only made two pieces of clothing and that was back in the 1960's.  But I am seriously "considering it".

Monday, July 16, 2018

Daily Notes- July 16th

This photo of blueberries will be the only blueberries I have.  The  bushes were loaded with berries and this morning when I went out to pick---nothing.  The birds came and ate them all.  All.  As in there is nothing left.  I feel like crying.

I have a favorite blueberry cake I like to make.  The batter includes sour cream.

I don't know if I can even finish this post--too many tears.

But, as I tell my gardening classes, gardening isn't for sissies.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Daily Notes-- July 15

Reminded of the sweet afternoons of childhood.  Reading with the breezes ruffling the curtains. I think I was also interested in the google-eye pillows.  As a quilt idea.

The baby quilt is done and sent off to my daughter who is going to the baby shower on Tuesday. Nick of Time, right?  But breaking all the components of the "making" was the key here.  Just enough each day and then I could walk away.  No stress.  Sewing and making should be fun.  Not work.

Final game of the World Cup today.  Then Goodwill.  It's cloudy, muggy and heavy here today. I keep hoping for rain.  Nope.

Have no idea what to make for dinner or supper today.  Possibly a stop at the meat counter at the grocery to see what's on sale.  Or more steak tips in that marinade recipe G likes so much.  I have cherries to eat and a baby watermelon.

I don't do well, eating, in the summer.  Plenty of tummy troubles in the summer.  I am also considering making granola.  I have coconut flakes and jars full of seeds from the elimination diet.  I may need to eliminate more foods from my diet in the summer.  Waiting for zucchini--- I like it sliced and grilled or pan sautéed.  Might have to just start with some from the grocery.  I was eating a big panful every day during the elimination diet.  And the Peach Smoothies.   No dairy and no wheat is best in the summer.  Or I could fall back and make the vegetable soup I had been eating before summer arrived.  Food shouldn't make you feel awful.  But it does.  Sometimes.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Daily Notes- July 14th.

I love this.  The way the blue mixed with the yellow to become green.  MUST PAINT!!! AGAIN.

Last evening I got an email saying the "seeds" were in the tractor bay at work.  Each season the seed company comes in July to take away (or leave for the employees) the "old" seeds and put the "new" seeds in display racks.  So 2018 is done and the racks now hold 2019.

And the employees may take seeds.  Well, I was sorting through the two huge cartons of seeds (tossed in in no particular order) right after Belgium won 3rd place in the World Cup this morning.  I was wanting new packets of herb seeds to fill in my herb garden.  I have two blank spaces.  And I wasn't alone.  The people still working came by to chat.  Such lovely, lovely college students.  I do miss them. But not to dwell as the tears in my eyes will keep me from seeing the keys.  I did finally find a common thyme which is perennial.  I'll start it in a milk jug in February of 2019.  And in the last minutes a large package of basil seeds.   I took all sorts of vegetable seeds for future plantings in summers to come.

During half time I sewed the binding to the quilt and I am planning to watch a few shows on Netflix as I hand sew the binding to the back of the baby quilt.  And then that will be done.  It's cloudy outside and might rain (fingers crossed).

Maine has notified me that my driver's license needs to be renewed.  I'll be sure to bring a good book with me the day I go to Motor Vehicles.

Well, that was it for the day's adventures.  So many happy little bees pollinating the squash and cucumber plants.   I always worry about beneficial insects but it looks like the bees are happy.  I wonder where they have built their hive?  Next month Riley will start playing with grasshoppers on the driveway.  He likes to encourage them to jump.  Sort of like the Pigs Are Popping game only with tiny grasshoppers.

Well, I must start sewing.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Daily Notes- July 13th

Here is a picture of the baby quilt--sent from my husband's phone.  He can send them.  So I may try sending pictures to his phone and then he can send them to mine.  Who knows???   My daughter chose the backing fabric--I had used it on the other quilt years ago for her best friend.  The quilt was well loved.

I selected the "loudest" of the two stripe fabrics for the binding (not sewn as yet).  My "signature" binding is always a stripe.  I started out with it and will continue.   I have it cut, folded in half and pressed.  Ready to sew onto the quilt.  I do have one, new to me, trick for the beginning that ends up being excellent at the end.  So a smart looking finish.  If all goes well.

Little zucchini are growing on the plants in the Earth boxes--I saw many bees under the leaves doing a good job of pollination.  Lots of small green tomatoes in the Grow boxes.   Three to five baby green peppers as well.  The chipmunks dug up some of the green bean seeds.  I pushed them back under the soil.

G and I managed to find a table in Town for a very late lunch.  The Music Theater crowd likes to eat before seeing the program.  Most of them were getting into their theater seats at 1:45 as we were walking into a restaurant.  And lunch is so much less expensive.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Daily Notes: July 12th

What grows in the dark of the Moon?

Today I vacuumed the floors and carpets.  I had enough of dog hair puffs along the baseboards.  And I decided to give it a go as they say and try washing a throw rug in the washer.  Last time--I flooded the bedroom carpet (washer is in master bath).  This time--it has gone well.  Now in the dryer tumbling with the three wool dryer balls.   It will feel good to have the rug between the kitchen and television area--CLEAN. Until Riley or G track in some dirt.

I also.....sigh.....changed the bobbin thread in my sewing machine--which involved breaking the sewing needle and then searching the carpeting for the sharp tip--then dropping it-----then searching again.   Finally thread up top and in bobbin --I held my breath to see if we could stitch.  The Bernina is such a Princess.  Works only if she feels like it.

But.....she felt like it and the last quilting is done, the baby quilt is trimmed and ready for binding.  I used to love making and using binding.  Now, I seem to have forgotten it all.  And I have no idea how to do this.  Well, I can remember cutting strips and sewing them together at an angle so the strips are all straight.  Getting it on the quilt and turning the corner.......not a clue anymore.

I have a new Yrsa Crime/Thriller to read.  I finally got and read book one in the series.  I like Thora, the lawyer who gets asked to investigate crimes.  She isn't at all interested in crimes but does a good job of it--eventually.  What I like most is that every other chapter is about her personal life.  She has just met a German Bank Security person and I know, from reading books further along, that they have some sort of relationship.  I am interested in how they got from meeting to where they were in the first two books I read out of order.

It was that way with the Wallander books as well.  I liked Kurt (at first) and so I read the entire series. By the last few books, Kurt was no longer someone I would like to meet.  The author had Kurt doing stupid, mean things.  Turned out the author was giving Kurt Alzheimer's and putting an end to the series.

G is out in the fenced garden re-arranging the grape vines, watering where the sprinkler doesn't reach and as I saw when I finished the sewing on the baby quilt--pulling the strawberry plants out of the first left side bed.  I get no berries.  The chipmunks eat them all.  So wasted space.  The plants will make good compost.  It's a good day to be out there as it's cloudy --as I typed this the sun came out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Daily Notes-- July 11th

Come on over--I have room for a few visitors.  And Time to visit!!!

Sprinklers were sprinkling.   The green bean seeds have been planted--yippee!!!  The Hollyhock seedlings also are in the ground--not where I wanted them--but in the ground.  The extra celery starts are in the garden.   The few little basil starts are in the garden.   It's all in.

I also watered the Grow boxes as water in them was low.  In the Earth boxes--no water--and the squash plants were wilted.  They looked fine at 10 am and wilted at 12 noon.  We are seeing some roots in the water in the grow boxes.  Tomato plant roots.  Amazing.  So watering the boxes everyday is now on my list.

Three new books from the library.  Bountiful!!!  Connie the book you loved is here!

Croatia Won their game in extra overtime---their third time with extra overtime.  Their legs must be heavy with exhaustion.  They play again on Sunday--against France.

Last night's Music Theater Production was the kind of extravaganza known as "throw everything on the wall and see what sticks".   I was thinking about taking a nap since--my daughter wasn't a little girl when Beauty and the Beast was a "thing" and I have no grandchildren princesses--and the whole thing is literally a waste of glitter and sparkles as entertainment for adults.   It did seem like women between 25 and 45 found it very exciting.  None of them dressed up in Princess outfits like the 8 to10 year olds.  I found it difficult to follow the story or remember who the characters were--the ones not dressed up like a teapot, clock or candle stick or a Beast with sheep horns on his head.

G and I decided--we are not going to any Future Walt Disney Productions.  I did choose to refuse to see the recent movie.  Last Winter?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Daily Notes--July 10th

Hot again.  In the house trying to quilt the baby gift quilt.  Bobbin tension is not helping today.
World Cup--France wins.  Tomorrow I am helping Croatia mainly because it's closer to where my ancestors come from-- well, the area not the country's name.  Austria-Hungary was a pretty large piece of property in the late 1800's when my grandparents shipped out.

France because I like French things.

Watered.  No green beans seeds planted (again) but I now have the packet right here by the keyboard to remind me.

A/C units are on.  Hot and dry.  No breezes.  ICK.

I had a chopped fruit and vegetable salad for lunch.

Beauty and the Beast musical tonight at the Music Theater in Town.  Until then reading another of Yrsa's very spellbinding thrillers.  Last one was very hard to read.  I had to skip some parts.  I also had to read the end--so I would be prepared.  I knew everyone died--but still.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Daily Notes- July 9

Daily watering is going on.  Transplanted the parsley seedlings to small self watering window boxes last evening. The boxes will sit on the ground on the driveway.  Away from chipmunks.  Hopefully.  Or I will put them on the front porch.  Not the back deck as they have decided to set up housekeeping under the deck.

I watered the porch plants with the hose today instead of hauling water in orange juice jugs.  I like watering with the jugs as I can just quickly pick up a full jug and get water to the plant.  Quickly.  Done. Getting the hose out etc--last year when I did that I tended to water everything and most got over watered.  With the jugs--I tend to give water only where needed.  And I get exercise walking them in to the sink and back out.

Need to plant my green bean seeds today.  After the watering is finished.  AC is back on.  And "hopefully" one of us takes packages to the post office today!!!!

G asked for supper late yesterday and I threw together a pizza.  I had everything needed.  It was good enough.  He enjoyed it and has leftovers for today.  Wants more of the marinaded beef.  So I will mix up the marinade and tuck the beef cubes into it in a bag and then start with the vacuum.  I can see the dust bunnies gathering and growing along the baseboards.  Riley's hair.

Need another box of mushrooms for the future kabobs.

I got a package of these green plastic bags for "better produce storage" at Goodwill.  Months ago.  Now I want more as, guess what?, they actually work.  Produce stays in very good condition for longer than usual.  Which in my case, is good, since I am never sure what days my husband will want to eat.  It's been that way since the heart surgery.  Strange sort of eating disorder.

Sewing machine photo because the other "must do" is to get sewing on the baby quilt.  I got it all planned out in my head last night.  That's the hardest part of making something.  The sewing will all be long seams.  No 2 inch blocks.  Nine sections.  Done and ready to back and quilt.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Daily Notes- July 8th

Found this on Pixby and is there any color combo MORE ME????  Didn't think so.  It's sort of like a really great Weather Map.

Last night's dream--another corker---  Dark hallways.  Open a door and a Chinese delivery guy standing there with a large paper bag.  I take it and close the door.  Suddenly surrounded by small happy Chinese children in happy colored Chinese clothing screaming "Moon Balls".  They took the bag--I grabbed one of the balls--and off they went.  The ball was crispy, deep golden and crunchy.  The center of the ball was empty.  Delicious.   This happened quite a few times.  Until I woke up.

Today I have a few leftover gardening chores.  I've watered the plants outdoors.  I have the sprinkler going for it's daily hour.  I made a quart jar of strong sweet tea for later.  I think it's Time to Vacuum. and I have that Baby Quilt to make before the Baby Shower on July 17th.  Daughter gave me 14 days notice.

Goodwill Time.  Wonder if any Treasures Are Waiting?

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Daily Notes: July 7th

Would like to be able to say I was having this for supper.  Hot fudge sauce, pancakes and ice cream. But I don't actually have anything to eat (anything already prepared).  G is eating yesterday's leftovers from Chinese.

It was cooler today so in between the 10am World Cup Match and the start of the 2 pm Match I went out into the garden and planted the long delayed leek seedlings, storage onion seedlings, the last dozen of the cherry tomato seedlings, the dill, the French red marigolds and I added Bumper Crop my favorite top dressing to the soil of everything that looked like it needed a "boost".  Then I watered everything a second time with the sprinkler.  For an hour.

I forgot the green bean seeds.  So I'll get them in tomorrow along with the container of celery seedlings.  I also have some oregano seedlings.  They probably would enjoy being planted as well.

We actually have two windows open and the a/c units off.  A Miracle!!!

G got the grass all mowed and didn't get anymore itchy brown tail moth rash.  Walkers around Town are carrying golf clubs in case they see a rabid fox.  That's the news from here.

Friday, July 06, 2018

Daily Notes July 6

Packages ready for the post office.  Bills Paid.  World Cup watched on FX1--a station way down on the listings.  I don't usually go there.  Maury Povich is holding court on regular Fox.  DNA tests to discover who is the baby daddy.  Crap TV.  Shows like that must make the mostly white audience feel superior.

Isn't this potted dog the cutest.  Makes me want to make one.  I think it must have a really strong armature inside the pots.  Little shards form the ears.

My least favorite bad dream re-appeared.  But I don't think I wrote this particular dream on the paper I gave to the Moon.  So--a note for the next Full Moon.  To take this dream away.  I am lost in a strange area--always dark, not many people or traffic--just alone.  Can't find my money.  Keep searching my pockets and the small carry on luggage I have with me.  No phones anywhere.  And I don't remember numbers.   It goes on and on and on.   I woke up hours late and exhausted.  and....I know this sounds weird...but also scared.  It's a very scary dream.

I know dreams echo what is happening in your awake life.  But I can't think what I feel I lost and can't find?????

So it has been a long day.  I checked my Grow boxes and it looks like the deer did manage to come right up to the boxes and they ate some of the cucumber plants.  I clipped some shade cloth the the backs of the two boxes open to where the deer might walk.  It flaps in the wind. They don't like that.

Lots and lots of baby green tomatoes on the plants.  Stems are as thick as my thumbs.  Been quite a few years since I have grown such sturdy plants.  As a Master Gardener--I think I will have to write a letter to the Grow Box people.  Tell them I am on my way to being a "True Believer" in their system. Never thought I would be saying that as my Earth Box experience has been "not very good".  Last year's peppers in the 2 Earth boxes was a total loss.

Earth boxes are what was sold at my workplace--expensive but the boxes have wheels.  Grow boxes are half the price and no wheels.  I've heard wonderful things regarding Earth boxes from customers.  But G wanted to buy me Grow boxes.  And he was right.  Live and Learn.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Daily Notes- July 5th

Looking for a nice cool shady spot like the one above and the only spot I can find is the house.  With blinds down and closed.  With air-conditioning.  It's like a heavy wet, hot blanket outside.

My remote watering system is working.  I can water what the chipmunks haven't eaten.  Deer fence does nothing to impede the chipmunks.

The three Beach Plums flowered but did not set fruit.  Each of the young peach trees set exactly one peach.  Now, that's double the total of one peach I got last year.  So, Progress.  The blueberries have little green berries.  The heavily pruned and cleared out blackberry patch--looks promising.  Healthy leaves and lots of tiny baby berries (need rain).  The raspberry canes (everywhere) we cut to the ground in April and May are now about 2 to 3 feet tall.  I prefer September raspberries.  No Japanese beetles in September.  My arugula has gone to seed.  The chipmunks have eaten all the parsley.  I have one volunteer bok choy plant.  The celery doesn't seem to interest the chipmunks.

There is nothing to harvest.  Nothing to eat from the garden.  --Well, there is plenty of mint.  Except where I planted it--then there is none.

Read a very very good Scandanavian thriller yesterday-- the Legacy by Yrsa Sigurdardottir.  On my trip to the library today I intend to see what else they have on the shelf by this author.  New to me.
This is the first in a new series with the same characters.  Which is wonderful as I liked the characters.  Another series features Thora so I will look for that as it is to be made into a filmed series. G also needs new books.

I did have my Holiday Hot Dogs but they were pan fried as it seemed silly to go out and get the grill going for a few hot dogs.  We didn't have the Watermelon.  G was trying to get his iPad to work and I was reading.  Right now both G and Riley are sound asleep (11:49 in the morning) behind me.  G on the couch and Riley on the floor next to the couch.  They had their walk early before the real heat arrived.  They will possibly sleep for the next few hours.  Riley is possibly still under the influence of the sedative he got when he started hyperventilating over a few distant rumbles of fireworks last night.  Quite the holiday experience. G just likes to sleep.

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Happiness-- Would Be Getting My Hollyhocks Planted

I started some Heritage Hollyhocks back--awhile ago-- and they are ready to go into the garden beds...but it's too hot and humid out there.  And this is a picture from my file--nothing new. The photos do show up--- like 12 hours after I press send.  But by the time the first picture arrived--I had done more stitching.  So, needed a fresh photo.  I can see this being a "thing" of the photo being old news by the time it arrives.

I went to the grocery just awhile ago (and to return books to the library) and Gosh...it's so hot and humid out there.  Like walking around inside a hot pillow.  The grocery store was packed. And one gal decided she was next in line at the deli counter--without a ticket-- the nerve of some people.

I didn't get any books at the library.

G had an email regarding his email account and instead of clicking "okay" he called Comcast.  All they said was "thank God you didn't press"okay""  They checked the security of our account and he still has email and we're buttoned up tight.  Phishing.  Deadly.

World Cup Soccer--missed the morning game but will watch the afternoon matchup.

Riley is not having trouble breathing right now but tomorrow night will be terrible.  The fireworks. He'll panic and hyperventilate and things will be intense.  The Vet gave us something for extreme panic....just incase.

I don't think I will post tomorrow--so Happy Fourth To Everyone.

Monday, July 02, 2018

No Picture

We thought all was working and test images of the bright baby quilt fabric showed up--even today.  But the new picture I sent to my email--well, it's been hours and still nothing.

I may have to reconsider the blog.  As Grace of Windthread would say--without pictures, why bother.

I continue to watch World Cup Soccer and read my books.  The only books I have left are a Scandinavian Thriller and the new Nesbo - MacBeth.  Both dark.  Far different than the light beach romances I have been reading for the last month or more.

I don't know if I am ready for DARK so today I made a new fabric "page" to remind me of June. It turned out better than I expected and I wanted to share that success with you.

My lunch today was good.  A chopped apple, celery, carrot, dried cranberries, and walnut "bowl".  Dressing of olive oil and muscat vinegar.  Salt and pepper.  Sweet was a coconut chocolate chip Larabar.  I need to drink my water.

G has changed out the front door hardware.  To match all the other black doorknobs in the house. It bothered him that the front door didn't match.

My Grow Boxes continue to amaze me.  I have had to add taller sticks (to support) the heavy growth of the tomatoes.  They have nearly doubled in height and width in such a short amount of time (flowers on them but no tomatoes as yet).  The heat (80's) and humidity (high) is helping.  My containers of grocery store annuals (4 to 6 for $2.49) are also amazing.  The blue lobelia is getting ready to tumble over the sides of all three containers.  Never in all my years has this happened.  By now it would have withered and died.  Another amazing thing.

I need to decide where the Comfrey plant is going and get it into the ground.  It gets quite large, so not in the landscape beds.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Happiness-- I did Manage To Get the Picture Here

It has taken quite a bit of trial and error and my entire picture history--all my favorites--are gone.  It's like a massive iPhone failure (to communicate) which has now become --a void on the iMac.  Craptastic as my daughter says.

I had only wanted to send this picture of a stack of fabric to Connie to show her what I am making for my daughter's friend's upcoming baby.  I found the alphabet fabric at Goodwill for two dollars a few weekends ago.  Could it be more perfect?  Don't think so. Today I found a lime green with circles and dots of a darker green.  $3 as I think it might be over 2 yards.  The Alphabet will be the binding.  Going to try to make two baby quilts.  One for Connie and one for the daughter's friend.

I had to use my inhaler at Goodwill.  Air quality is the pits.  We have two A/C units running and it feels good in the house.  The dog isn't panting.  Next 7 or more--  Hot & Humid.  Not good for people or pets with breathing issues.   I closed all the windows and blinds.  Like in the old days of the 1950's when we did that and then all went to spend the day in the chilly damp basement or at the local community swimming pool where everything smelled like bleach.

Well, the dog is barking--someone must be driving down our street.  It's a rare thing and gets Riley stirred up.