Monday, October 31, 2022

Field Notes- Halloween October 31st. Sunshine and Warm.

 So today is going fine so far.   Husband has forgotten tonight is Halloween and he is putting out the trash cans.  I stopped him.  No sense giving children an opportunity to be destructive.

Now I am back here.......

I must have walked back and forth in the grocery several times- husband said I was inside for an HOUR.  It certainly did not FEEL like an hour. Hardly anyone wearing masks anymore.  Cause COVID is a Democratic HOAX and this is a Republican State.. if we had known that in 1991- we would have stayed in the burbs of Chicago (where dead people vote all the time- it's a Tradition).

I looked at my Longtime Stats on this blog:  726,864 VIEWS.  Possibly Me....checking to see if anyone read the post....

When I waited in the Prescription Pick up line- I was alone- On one of my return visits to that side of the store- for Bread- the line had wrapped around and into the Produce section. I felt sorry for everyone waiting.

The Hallmark Movie I accidentally watched last night was a take on Scrooge.  It was rather nice and nicely done.  The Football had me yelling at the screen but.......we won.  The Jet's quarterback started out fine and was beating us- then he got behind and lost control of his impulses. Just threw the ball -without purpose.  Got a good arm and actually threw really long/fast balls...right into Patriot hands.  The pizza was good.

I have a Lunch Date Tomorrow  with my friend at the end of the street.  She's driving.  I can't say who is more excited about this Lunch.   Her or Me.  I'll post AFTER.  Let you know how it went.

Happy Halloween!  I hope (and wish) you each get a treat.  Of some sort today.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Field Notes- Chilly, but sunny Day. Hands are itchy. Touching too many surfaces.

 More Pencil Art.  The thing about where I live- there is zero outdoor ART. But there are ZERO homeless people sleeping outdoors.  I recall that being something I saw.....but not in the past few years.  I know someone who would reply- "they must be dead".   Let's not go there.  There IS a tall old guy with a white beard who sleeps on one of the Library Benches mid afternoon- possibly after lunch at the Food Bank Kitchen nearby.. He wears a long wool overcoat. Looks clean and tidy.  Looks educated.

My husband says "he just needs a nap before walking back home".  It must be nice inside G's head.

I spent yesterday and....a few other days...watching some odd channel with movies like Easy A, Sixteen Candles, Never Been Kissed etc..   I watched two movies yesterday.  Back to back.  As a sort of "cleanser" from the too sweet and icky of Hallmark. The DAD in Easy A was Stanley Tucci.  Joanne for the WIN!!!!

 If Stan had scripted lines....I won't believe it.  He told his daughter  "every one tries out being Gay"- he says "I even tried it out for three years back in the day".  And then he starts laughing. I believe that was supposed to be an out take.  But I spit out some of the coffee I was drinking anyway. God, I love that guy.'s Sunday.  We will watch the Patriots Crap Their Collective Pants, yet again, and then have Football Pizza. and then move on to another game.  And Repeat.  Green Bay is the most likely Crap Their Pants Team that would make me HAPPY.  So.... let the games begin.

What are YOU going to do today?  I only got 5 numbers on my Sudoko Puzzle so things aren't looking good for me today.  IQ wise. A day to lay low and read a book. ....or a teen movie. Or the Christmas Kiss- (in the Elevator).  That's a 20 something movie very much in the manner of the Teen ones.   

I have a "Lunch Date" on Tuesday.  A Haircut on Wednesday.  Possibly follow the Haircut with Early Voting.  Monday is Grocery Shopping....... so will need to rest up the remaining days of the week.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, October 29th. Husband wants a new puzzle.

 Colored Pencil Fence.

Sigh.   Pelozi's husband.  Armed Nut-jobs guarding Voting Drop off Boxes.  Some with dogs.  Tell Me.......why.  Because I want to know how we got into this Crap Fest.  Tell me why these people believe........I sit here in front of the TV News and I am dumbfounded.  Really.  I can't figure out what is "in it" for the people doing the bidding.  Nothing.  They get NOTHING.  

Drugs.  The Fent.....something one.  The one that kills almost as quickly as you ingest it.  Mixed in with other drugs.  The newest Saturday Night Special.  Faster than a speeding bullet.

Daughter has called and I sent husband over with the stuff she wanted. Cement things. He may get a puzzle out of it.  Unless they all look too difficult.  Then he won't. She has a few for him to look at. She has "busy cats" so if she has a puzzle out the cats like shoveling the pieces off the table into the floor vents.  Cats.  Why do people like them?????

It's Saturday.  I made it thru another week.  I read Crusie's Anyone But You for the second time last evening. 40 year old woman and the 30 year old guy one floor down.  Next up another Crusie- Fast Women.  Like watching an old Perry Mason episode except Perry and Della argue a lot. In the best rom com kind of way.  

Friday, October 28, 2022

Field Notes- A Chilly Friday the 28th of October. Blurry Cookie Photo.

 The apples didn't pan put- they got used up by the owner.  So, I moved on to "Baking Cookies" just for the Hell of it.  I haven't baked cookies in FOREVER.  First I had to see if I had every ingredient.  Weirdly Enough......I did. (Shocked the Hell out of ME)  So I mixed and scooped and rolled and flattened and baked and timed and then did another sheet and then another and finally the last sheet was baked and cooled and I was done.  And then I washed and dried.

Butter, Sugar, Cream Cheese, Eggs etc and then an entire bottle of Rainbow Sprinkles.  You roll the 1.5 Tablespoon ball of cookie dough in sprinkles and then flatten with the bottom of a glass and bake for 10 minutes @ 400.  I like the raw dough but not the finished cookies.    

Now I have something for the Twins when they Trick or Treat.  They will go Ballistic.

Then I settled into the couch to watch the Elevator Kiss Christmas Movie (not the title) (Lifetime).  I couldn't find it last year.  I am still looking for the Christmas House one (not the title).  This guy decorates the Yard and Each Room in his house for Christmas and a film crew comes and invades the house....... and before even going inside- ask him to remove his tee shirt........ If any of you happen to have seen this movie and recall it's name......that would help in the search. Totally ALL Hallmark actors but so NOT HALLMARK.  Welcome to Lifetime Channel.  

And a note to long time Readers.  The Hallmark Actors DO know how to kiss and they demonstrate this skill in Lifetime Movies with Enthusiasm. Not in Hallmark Movies.  So Not.

Two channels. Same actors. One Naughty and One Nice. 

Then I watched Secrets of the Dead on PBS.  They used Plant and Human DNA to discover why civilizations suddenly died out hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Did you know that once the Sun never shined for months?  No daylight. No crops.  And it could happen again.

ML- I have a single serving Bottled Cosmo and a Vodka Tonic in the fridge.  From the Liquor Aisle. For Emergencies. I plan to sample one or the other today.  Then buy more if they are tasty.  I also might spill some Kahlua in MY coffee.  Not on the regular but as a "special treat".   I used to have a small glass of wine every so often......but that was Heavily Frowned Upon by Himself.  I should have poured it into a coffee cup. From now on...that's the way to go.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, October 27th. Sunshine. Rain seems to be over. Leaves on the ground.

 Sheet Pan Dinner.  Shelf stable Gnocchi, the two scallions, the very small baby bok choy etc.  It won't be exactly like the recipe- it will have less of everything's just me.  

The gnocchi go into the oven uncooked.  This will be interesting.

If it works...I have two more packages in the Pantry so, I can experiment with other vegetables etc.

Husband read the newspaper and it mentioned getting the Covid Booster so we had to go over the fact we had just gotten Boosters.  And now we can't get the new one for a few more months.  Again.  Again, Again.  Nothing sticks.  He's out there playing a game on his iPhone.  Degrading more brain cells. It's worse for children.  As the loss might be permanent and that impacts their entire future. My husband's future is in the rear view mirror.

Day got off on the wrong foot and it's downhill from here.  I often wonder if day drinking is an option. It's not even 1pm.

Running away from home sounds good.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, October 26th. A Dark, Wet Day. Dismal.

 My friend over at Little Somethings always finds the most fascinating images.  There are more with colored pencils which you will be seeing in the next days (or you could go visit yourself and see them all)- and also Pumpkins.  I do not have candy.  That could be a problem.

My daughter was looking for Escarole in the groceries she visits.  Not mine.  I asked and the reply was "never".  Never going to stock Escarole.  So daughter found me two- I got to choose reply was lost in translation and I got the huge- it feels like it's 2 feet wide- escarole not the small one.  So- some of it- not even close to half- will be going into soup.  White Bean and Escarole. She also go me some potatoes and a few onions.

I am also making pizza.  I'll more than likely top my slices with escarole.  Just to eat it and not waste it. I have to go back in the comments- I think someone made a comment with a suggested recipe.

I had to actually do a survey of my fridge and the drawers in the fridge.  To see what I have.  I tried going on the internet and typing in the food I had- to get a recipe.  That used to work....but it didn't yesterday.

I cooked up another box of spaghetti for husband to add to his Chicken Parm Dinners.  He's also running out of desserts.  I will be making brownies or Confetti Cookies.  The cookies are a pain to make and I actually am getting used to doing nothing more than make soup or toast bread and cheese in the toaster oven for myself.  I don't actually WANT to cook anything.

I just deleted a paragraph on calling and ordering food.  Now if we lived 30 minutes drive South- Portland- we'd be in good condition ordering food.  But we would be living in Portland. Ugh. No thanks. Even with Whole Foods. Which I adored years ago when we did drive to Portland.  But not now. My husband in traffic going well OVER 60mph?????  Just NO.  Just HELL NO.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Field Notes- Skipped yesterday. Only realizing it minutes ago. Rain here. Wet.

 Rose hips.  I no longer have roses.  Some straggle and make one or two flowers each year.  Maine doesn't have "enough" of whatever it is they need.

A phone call and an email from our investment bankers. The annual IRA disbursal.  Put it in and then take it out, years later, and pay taxes.

Football.  Patriots on Monday Night.  The crowd calling for Zappe when Jones went out behind center. That had to hurt. And then Zappe came out.....two touchdowns in minutes it seemed.  Then Jones. Who managed to throw a pass right to the other Team.  We didn't have Pizza.  We lost.

I had a lovely phone call and perhaps talked too much.  I don't get to talk much these days unless I talk to myself.  I need to cut back on talking to myself.

I had cheese and apples and tried to watch two Hallmark Christmas Movies.  Sigh.  I have a few set to record- old ones that I like.  These new ones- not so much.  One was about a couple heading for divorce. Marriage Camp or some such title.  I didn't see much but did see the ending.  The two of them sitting on a bench realizing their marriage was over.  They loved each other but it wasn't enough.  Finally.  On Hallmark a couple finding out they were finished with each other. A new kind of happy ending.

I recorded another.  Henry Winkler is an old guy coming to visit his daughter for Christmas.  He meets up with a chef (looking like a hippy bum) in the airport.  He cons the airlines into thinking the old guy was injured in the airport and they get bumped to first class.  The old guy likes the hot towels.  Me too.  I'll watch it today.  I saw it once long ago.  I never knew the title.  But when I saw the first few minutes.....I knew...and pressed record on the Tivo.  Hallmark and Lifetime are Christmas Movies 24/7 right now.  I also recorded the Kiss in the Elevator movie on Lifetime.  I have the Christmas Waltz, The Bookshop, and Love Always.  It's going to be a happy Holiday Season.  Oh, and Snow Bride.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Field Notes- Late on Sunday Evening. Realizing I haven't posted.

 Sorry I forgot to post.  I decided to go to the library and grocery store today....not Monday.

I got an armload of books.  Most I have read already but a good book is always a good book. I need to go looking on the internet and reserve books-- from other libraries.

I am definitely going to make the kale, pasta dish you all mentioned.  With white beans. No sausage. I used to always have cooked sausage crumbles in the freezer- if any are still in the freezer- they expired long ago.  I should do a clean out.  I bet lots of really OLD things are in there. Frozen isn't actually Forever.

My groceries added up to $158.  No meat.  No vegetables.  Milk.  Coffee cream.   Husband's Chicken Parm dinners ($7.99 each).  Toilet paper rolls were 16 for $12.95.  I am thinking I now have enough to get into 2023...just.  The Republican candidates should mention the cost of toilet paper. As an Election Prompt.  I need to return (sometime this week) and get coffee pods for the Keurig and a loaf of bread and some American cheese so I can make Toasted Cheese sandwiches.  I forgot those things.

I can wait until next week.  I did buy frozen yogurt.

Well,  I'll write more tomorrow.  Watching Law and Order.  Endlessly.  The Football games were interesting.  Blow-outs.  Watching Brady and the  What happened???

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, October 22nd. Sunshine and an Autumnal Chill in the Air.

 Felt Flowers.  I wish I had the patience for this sort of thing.  Because I like looking at them.

I SAFELY cut, peeled and sliced the small butternut Squash and then roasted the slices with olive oil and a tiny sprinkle of salt.  I am trying to limit salt.  It stays with me- on my tongue and then everything tastes like salt- even coffee.

I boiled pasta and then sliced the butternut squash into sticks and mixed the two together.  Added just a bit of Parmesan cheese as it it salty.  Was delicious.  I am thinking of sauteing the kale leaves briefly and adding that to some of the leftover pasta.  Bit more olive oil and some Balsamic vinegar.  Today's midday meal. I do have  a jar of Alfredo sauce.  I could add some of that to the kale.

The NEWS on MSNBC and in my newspaper isn't wonderful.  It's downright terrifying.  My desktop calendar is filled with bothersome political cartoons....or just terrible headlines.  I haven't felt this kind of heavy foreboding in quite awhile.  It's not like the January 6th riot.  That sort of Blindsided us. This is  more like falling off a cliff into stinky mud and sinking the more we struggle.  13 thousand.  That's how many government documents Trump had in the closets.  I forgot the number that were highly classified. 

I sort of hold the National Archivists responsible.  They should have been screaming "Pants on Fire" earlier and louder. 

When......when do we just say it.....the man is mentally unstable and dangerous (and always was). And the people who follow him....are possibly the same. I am reminded of his personal secretary (or assistant) saying that when pushed into a corner or when he felt trapped he, Trump, was capable of doing something REALLY terrifying.  She was referring to a "tipping point" and I have to think we are closing in on it.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, October 21st. Furnace is on. Sun is out. Husband running the sweeper over the lawn. Picking up leaves and acorns.

 A kit for sale on a website.  I have all of these things.  A Canadian website.

The running stitch. I can never keep it even.  Some short. Some long.  And I am a very very picky Virgo. So this image is taunting me. Another blogger sent me down the Gee's Bend Rabbit Hole.  I adore those quilts and I know I would adore the women.  I saw them on tv once.  They reminded me of Georgia. That soft way of speaking.  The way they just picked up a fabric and started sewing.  None of that "does this go with that nonsense".  I wish I could be like that.  But I have too much.  They were using old clothing scraps.  What they had.

It's cold.  In the house.  Sunshine outdoors.  My cross the street neighbor dropped her Garden Produce Allotment (from a Garden Share) here last evening in the dark of night.  She is going away for the weekend.  I have a Watermelon Radish.  A small bag of lovely fresh tasty kale leaves- I ate some of them immediately- three green onions- now soaking their roots in a pint canning jar with a half inch of water.  Spinach leaves. And a small Butternut Squash.  A handful of Parsley.

My internet feed has sent me a "good morning" Butternut Squash recipe.  Butternut Mac and "cheese". When this happens I get very paranoid.  Like the internet is watching me or something.  I rarely have a Butternut in the house.

I usually put the Life of my Fingers in DANGER when cutting up Butternut Squash.  But I love it roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper.  It never actually becomes anything but that.  Roasted.  Eaten.  Not even allowed to cool off.  So.....I've eaten half the bag of Kale leaves (raw and green like snack food) and am planning on eating the Butternut as soon as I can get it into the oven.  The Radish will go nicely with my cheese and crackers later in the day.  Then I'll just have Spinach and Parsley to work with.  I am thinking of rolling the parsley into a cigar shape and wrapping it in plastic wrap and into the freezer.  A Slice or two off the frozen roll- into my next attempt at SOUP.  In exchange:  We watch over our neighbor's house and collect her newspapers and mail.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, October 20th. Sunshine with a Fall Chill to the Air. Driveway next door is done.

 I own this pan.  In a different color.  Le Creuset.  When I used to get the William Sonoma catalogs-- when there WERE catalogs-----I often selected things like this as Christmas gifts for my two adult children.  Once the catalogs disappeared they stopped getting kitchen stuff.  And got checks instead.

I think that was when Christmas stopped being interesting. I would not like getting a check. That translates to me buying my own gifts.........not interested.  I already have more than anyone needs.  And I don't cook anymore.  

We slept well.  At our age...this is important.

I ate one of the apples meant for the French Cake.  I will more than likely eat another one today and not make the cake.  Elimination.  Of Tasks.  I had cheese, thin crispy wheat crackers and the apple.

Is this considered a healthy meal for an old person?  I do have all but one of my original teeth.  So that's a plus.  And I lost that tooth in my twenties. But I wonder if I even get the minimum protein percentage. I do, NOW, take a daily vitamin.  It's pink.

My book for yesterday....seemed vaguely familiar.  It wasn't until the male character visited his boyhood friend- a priest- that I figured out I had read this book years ago.  Well, a few years ago when it was new. Title is Not The Girl You Marry.  Andie Christopher.  As I turned pages.....I was reminded of the guy's family and the story.  It's a good one.  That's two books in a row of interracial characters.  I have a few more "new to me" books on the pile.  I am interested in seeing what else I have the stack of books.  The new to me definitions of characters- I need to look up a few of them. "cis" is one.

Everyone seems to have a "new to me" category.  No longer male or female.  

More leaves have fallen. I think I need to find my sweaters in the closet.  Change out of the cotton work shirts into sweaters.  We are getting closer and closer to November.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Field Notes- Sunshine, Chilly 52 degrees and NOISE. New driveway being install next door. NOISE @8am.

 So.......awakened early.  Thumping.  Beeping.  Clunking.  Banging metal against metal.  Endless noise from next door.  Owners are gone. And cars, trucks and everything else is parked in front of all of the houses nearby.  I can't even see my across the street neighbor's house for the trucks.  I would imagine the "getting out of here" being like threading a needle......

It feels like putting a curse on them might be nice.

Daughter does know how to do that.

Reading was fine- I finished my book.  It was a very good book.  Husband is working on a new puzzle. I am hyperventilating.  I made oatmeal twice.  When I opened the microwave to put the second bowl in to cook- there was the first one........I said some spicy words.  I'd go take a nap- but the "NEW" driveway is right butt cheek up against the property line by my bedroom walls.

I would have to nap in the garage in order to get far enough away.

My grandmother and father had knives like the one in the photo up top.  Had to be sharpened and oiled. Big sturdy things.  I didn't keep any of them.  I had a knife block full of Wusthof Trident knives from Germany. Eighteen of them.  There would be more but the Pandemic kept me from the Annual Christmas Housewares Store Shopping.  When I was offered the entire store by my husband. Anything you want is what he always said.......  I use them all.  Even the really big ones.  I have another six to cut food on your plate.  Personal knives.  And Paring knives.  

The Neighbors should really be worried.

I still have not made the Apple Cake.  I now have a NEW recipe card for a Self Saucing Chocolate Cake. The Sauce being a Chocolate Sauce. I haven't made it as I think I should have lots of Vanilla Ice Cream in the freezer when I make it- or Extra Fat Whipped Cream.

Yesterday I had more soup- very very HOT.  I had forgotten the Red Pepper Flakes.  They seasoned the food "extra" while it was overnighting in the fridge.......OMG!!!  Now the Salty Spicy Hot Soup is in the Compost Bin.  Birds have no taste buds.  Squirrels might....... I was going to do the potato thing.  But can't fix what red pepper flakes do.

MY HOUSE is actually VIBRATING right now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday October 18th. A Dark and Rain Soaked Day. Chilly.

 Flowers made of felt.  Fantastic looking Dust Catcher.

Cold in the house this morning.  Rain.  Everything is very wet.  Husband has gone off somewhere but no idea - perhaps to his workshop to finish the project he started yesterday.  He wanted to make a "sifter" to fit the rolling black wagon.  So next Fall when we sift the roots out of the reusable inert container soil, the sifter will fit perfectly over the wagon.  Just a wooden rectangle fitted with quarter inch wire stapled to it.

Waste not...want not.  I keep the reusable sterile soil in 30 gallon garbage cans with lids.  I add soil moistening crystals and tiny plant food beads.  Time release. Same procedures I used filling and planting garden containers and window boxes at the Greenhouse.  I even  begged clients to save the soil they removed from the boxes etc and bring it in with their empty window boxes the next season.  Some did. Saving themselves lots of money.  Others dumped it out.  Got new each Spring.  The stuff I use is over ten/fifteen years old now.  In the early years my husband dumped it.  Now he doesn't.  

I think I said I'd rather keep the soil and dump him. 

It's still a year to year thing with him.....he really wants to dump it.

I made soup yesterday but it is a bit salty.  I think the bullion cubes might be salty.   More salty than usual. so the JOY of making soup was spoiled quite a bit.  I made a batch of pasta for husband to add to his Chicken Dinners.  He was happy.  I watched Law and Order.  I did a bit of reading but still have pages to go before this book is finished.  I was looking for a book in the pile from the library and then remembered it had been a disappointment by a favorite author.  And returned.   And that was yesterday.  Furnace is on.

Still chilly so I might go looking for my sweater.......still haven't baked the Apple Cake.

Monday, October 17, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, October 17th. Patriots Win- Be Zappe.!!!! Moist and cloudy. They are "for sure" printing Zappe Football Jerseys NOW.

 Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  I love them.....weren't on the shopping list so didn't get any.  Will add to next week's list or Thanksgiving List  and get a large amount of them.  And eat with Stuffing, Gravy and Sweet Potatoes.

Library visit was quiet.  Not many new books that called to me.  So I visited the stacks-  A to K.  And then stopped.  There was a book I remembered getting last time......but I don't remember reading it.  And it's not here.  So..A Mystery.  And...I have the now FULL Book Cupboard.  Yep.  Full. All Mine. Mine. Mine.

Husband has gone out to his workshop.  It's like a Man Cave and he sorts things, sits in his office chair and reads etc.  I gave him a box of Bonne Madam empty, clean jars to take out.  Fill with screws and stuff. One entire wall of shelving (between the studs) filled with jelly jars.  All the same. Filled.

We noticed the roof on the front of the house- we'll be needing a new roof in 2023.  New shingles.

Grocery shopping was uneventful.  $135.  Six Chicken Dinners.  Yogurts.  Bagels.  Cookies.  Snack Cake. Orange Juice- for him.............. Oatmeal for me (2)- 60% less salt Potato Chips, Shortbread Cookies from Scotland (2), low sodium Wheat Crackers, two boxes of pasta for Spaghetti.  I already have the short pasta for my vegetable soup.    The Cabbages were enormous. cabbage.  Now I am thinking the soup would be nice with Brussels Sprouts.--I forgot Pizza Cheese.  We had Football Pizza yesterday.  

Halloween is EVERYWHERE.......Candy.  I am NOT going down into Tootsie Roll Hell!!!!!! I must think of my TEETH.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday (actually have Sunshine) October 16th. Rain has stopped.

 This week's Puzzle.  Borrowed from the Library Puzzle Collection.  He finished it yesterday evening.

I have another puzzle..but first I have to take this one apart and bag it up.  And we have Football and Pizza today.  So the day is pretty much set.

It finally stopped raining and the Sun is out.  It also warmed up into the mid 60's- which for Maine in October is considered Summer Weather.  Just like anything above twenty in the Winter is considered Warm.  We moved here from Chicago.  Where Winter is so damned cold- one year it got into minus 50's. and Summers were regularly 104 and 100% humidity. Tomato production in garden was impressive.

I watched Ancient Aliens yesterday for a few hours.  Reincarnation.  Very interesting. Saddam Hussein seems to have been on his third time around and is possibly already into his fourth variation on the same theme- but still in his teens.  Keep trying until you get it right, I guess.

And then an episode on the gigantic land mass that is Russia and the weird stuff that goes on there in the sky.  You know...Aliens- space ships crashing in fire balls- strange lights in the sky- all the regular stuff. I'd never seen that episode before.  Interesting.  There have been some spectacular crashes in that unpopulated area of Russia. And the crashes have not been Russian aircraft.

Then I gave up and stopped watching tv as there was nothing else of interest.  And I am taking a "rest period" from watching MSNBC right now. Especially the weekend shows. Hallmark had nothing of interest. 

My book is a rom com about immigrants.   The main character is a young woman whose parents arrived from Ghana via England to the US. Angie Appiah is in Medical School. On Rotation by Shirlene Obuobi.

Today there is Football.  Not that I am expecting to be happy with the Patriots today.  But if Zappe is quarterback it will at least be a game they might accidentally win.  And I will Be Zappe.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday. October 15th. A Bit of Sunshine. Rain seems to be finished. Me too.

 An ad arrived in my mailbox telling me this cashmere tunic is for sale.  I looked.  $399.  And the one review mentioned that the cashmere wasn't of the best quality (stated as best in advertisement) and over priced in her opinion.  But the buyer kept the tunic.  This is my sort of clothing item- pockets-- minus the turtleneck.  I feel gagged with anything round my neck.  Possibly hanged or choked in a past life.

I had a difficult re-entry from sleep to awake.  A bad dream.  I had gone somewhere with my Boston friend Patty.  She had left me in Boston alone.  I hadn't brought my phone since it's very heavy.  The longer I carry it the heavier it gets.  So I had no "numbers" to call for a pick up, find the train etc..

And you know seems to not be about a trip to Boston at all.  It seemed to be about me in the here and now, in this house, with it getting heavier......and having no one to call. 

So, my waking up was tears and great sadness. My dad must have felt this way at the end.  I arrived but not soon enough. Either time.  And he always knew I would leave again no matter how long I stayed.

And I realized I have been letting almost everything go.  I do the laundry and make the bed. I watered the containers all Summer.  But I don't cook. I vacuumed recently but couldn't remember the time before that.

He has the prepared pasta meal from the grocery and I have toast with melted cheese and pickles. I was having yogurt, bran buds and fruit but I stopped.  I was eating a big salad with the chicken, honey and mayo.  But I stopped.  I just stopped.  And now I have all the stuff for a French Apple Cake and I ...stopped.  And I might just eat the apples. Forget about making the cake.

And I bought things for Vegetable Bean Soup...... Dee's Pantry Soup (Pandemic Soup) but I haven't made it.  That's the way I am right now.  Not Doing.  Overwhelmed. It's just getting heavier. Tears always on the verge.  I am tired. Even reading my books doesn't help anymore.

When I stayed with my Dad..I sewed my appliqué Chicken Quilt.  It still needs binding.

Yesterday my husband entered my sewing room and started moving things around........disrupting "making things better". I finally shouted at him that I don't QUILT anymore because EVERYONE I used to QUILT WITH IS DEAD!!!!! So I don't need a BETTER quilting room........... he refused to leave. So I did. I may never go back in there. The Quilted Red and the Buttons aren't in that room. So I have something.

I am not suicidal.  I was going to delete- but this place has always been honest.  Let's keep it that way.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Field Notes ( three tries to spell it right)- Rain. Torrential Rain. Wind. Darkness.

 Stew.  I used to make Stew.  I don't anymore but I still think I would like it.  I would never serve it on top of rice.  Stew is fine by itself.

It's dark, blustery, wet, cold today-  Well, feels cold.  But in the 60's outside. Trees are dropping their leaves.

I got eight numbers on today's Sudoko puzzle.  Yesterday I got one. Husband gave me a Word Search puzzle to do.  I did terrible.  So I came over here to write to you.

I still haven't peeled the apples and made the French Apple Cake.  Everything is sitting there waiting for me to get started.......but I did read the French Rom Com again. One of them- there are two.

The January 6th Hearing was intense.  And the video of Democrats and Republicans calling for the National Guard to come to the Capital with Mitch right there with them.....laid to rest most of the trash talking the Republicans have been doing regarding Nancy doing nothing. Or the two parties not working together.  The Secret Service doesn't look like it's in a good place though. Nothing to be proud of.

Some things going on with the computer.  So I will make this a short post.  Go find a sweater and change out of this work shirt (cotton) and then decide how to proceed.. I was thinking today was Saturday.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, October 13th. Dark, Wet. Cold Outside Today. Good thing we did outside work YESTERDAY

 We have a few of these in the yard.  The wind and rain is scattering leaves over the lawn and driveway.

I did two loads of work pants etc yesterday--I think EVERY pair my husband owns.  I even washed my own pants.  Then had to find another pair of pants in the closet  Eventually I did.  They all have the same size label.  They just AREN'T the same size.  The JOY of shopping at LL Bean's "something's wrong" employee discount store.. Pants are sometime 2 dollars a pair. So many sewn/sized wrong.....

I have size 20W pants that needed two very deep tucks in the waistband to stay up and on.  Another pair of 20W (the W is for woman- don't ask...) fits perfectly.  The third pair of 20W doesn't even begin to fit- way too small.  They are all the same color.  Same pants.  So, occasionally I get the wrong one when I reach into the closet.  There was a time when I worked at the garden place when the too small pair was too big.

The one pair -with the two tucks- is in very poor condition.  I had to add replacement fabric- inside- to keep the seat of the pants in wearable condition.  I LOVE these pants and the mossy green color.  And of course- as is the way of LLBEAN.  They don't make this color or this style of pant anymore.  Goodwill is actually my only hope of EVER getting another pair of these.  And that hasn't happened.

I love the Bean "vintage" white linen Camp Shirt.  It has a square shape.  Two short sleeves added on like two squares at the top. Nice collar. One pocket that I remove.   The "new" camp shirt has DARTS, fits weirdly, and the short sleeves dig into your arms. And they come in colors.  White is actually all you need.

I could die happily wearing the mossy green cords in cold months and the daily white linen camp shirt in warm months.  So I mend and repair as needed.

I went into the aTTic and found the quilted red patchwork fabric.  Darker than I remember.  Bigger than I remember.  I might use some of it to make up a few placemats for the dining room table. Not that we eat there much...anymore.  Well, other than breakfast.  But new would be nice. Red would be nice.

I used to buy placemats at Goodwill for one dollar each. When I used to go shopping there- it feels like years ago.  Pandemic Years. I have plenty.  I don't need any more.  When they get old- I just make them into potholders.  Which I also have plenty of.......and I no longer cook.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, October 12th. 45 degrees and Sunshine here in Maine.

 An Applique Jar of Buttons for the desktop picture file.  Wow. I am Buzzing with ideas from this image.

And...guess what.  I have an already sewn and quilted strip of red squares ready to be the backdrop. I cut and sewed the reds and had it sandwiched and quilted by a friend with a long arm machine to cut up for a jacket pattern.  But I don't need a jacket and I wouldn't wear it if I did make it.  So.......why let it sit up in the Attic any longer???? 

And I have buttons.  My grandmother's button tin and my large canning jar of buttons.  I hope I have enough.  I'll just send daughter out to find more. Used buttons.  I don't want any new buttons.

My grandmother clipped buttons off all her old clothing.  Depression Era Thinking. I spent all my time with her as a child until we moved when I turned nine.  So...she made a lasting impression. I feel sad that they took me with them.  My parents could easily have left me behind.  Should have.

Sewing on Buttons is very much like Mending. Not a lot of heavy thinking necessary. And it f I get a button wrong- just clip it off.  I am not adding the head and arm.  I don't do that sort of thing. No people. But I will have a jar shape.

Wow.  A Winter Button Sewing Project.  Riley would be thrilled...if he was still here. Well, he is. In my Heart.  Always and Forever.

I have work to do today.  Two loads of dirty clothes.  Husband is done with Yard Work so he dumped all the Work Pants into the basket.  Thank You, so very much.  It smells like garlic bread in here.  

I checked- accidentally bought him the Everything Bagel.  UGH!  Now I have to add reading the package labels on the bagels to my list of things to do........I didn't even know they had Everything Bagels.

Lots of Orange in the tree colors this Fall.  I think it was the one very early frost.  It's actually pretty. Husband ran the riding mower over the grass and driveway- with the sweeper attachment picking up leaves and mostly ACORNS.  We might actually have WINTER.   Global Warming.

By the are all so great.  Comments here, long emails in the mailbox........cheering me up.

Thank You!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday October 11th. The Day After Indigenous People Day.

 Note to the cashier and the stuff being rung up-  A $2.89 cent apple.    ONE.  She took it off the ticket and then rang it up again.. Still $2.89- voided it again..  And it was the smallest of the five different apples I got for the French Apple Cake.  The recipe said get all different kinds of apple. I think a full bag was $2.89.

I am just coming DOWN from yesterday.  Daughter called me and as I was talking MSNBC turned into a yellow screen with a drawing of Air California on a small airplane.  And we had NO CABLE..... NO TV.

Now...I can do without lots of things-- including heat and hot water--but NOT TV. Not in 2022. I have enough problems..I am FULL UP on problems.

So there we were.....a husband with memory problems and all the plug ins on the back of the TV.  The tinkering went on for awhile.  Then...he said (not aloud) that he gave up and just plugged everything in.  The tv went on. The TiVo worked.   There was rejoicing and tears.  Then he asked me to take pictures of the backside of the TV where things were plugged in.  On my phone.  Not his.  I did.  He didn't like them so I got rid of those and took new ones- he liked those. 

It was a moment.  Because he wanted the pictures on my iPhone not his.  Because he knew. 

I have about 12 pictures on my iPhone- max. So they are safe- it's not like I look at them......I usually just take them and send them to my desktop and delete them.  I used to see garden center customers going thru 1 million pictures to find the one of the dead plant they wanted me to examine. From an iPhone image.

And we both sat on the couch trying to regulate our hearts, lungs and anxiety.

Then we watched Monday Night Football with the Raiders and the  guys in the red.  With that horrible Indian War Chant- especially on Indigenous People's Day.  

This morning husband checked all the batteries in the Dispose Jar and found 75% of them still good. Sigh. That's another issue- if something doesn't work- he puts in new batteries.  We spend a fortune on batteries.

So tell me something good in the comments.  

Monday, October 10, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, October 10- Clouds and Rain.

 Been awhile since we had a chair picture.  I clicked on one of the images at the bottom of the file.  They are so small- I can't tell what they are-so often I am as surprised as you are.........

Grocery today.  $163. And I didn't buy any meat or actually anything that looked like the five food groups. Oatmeal.  Only a small bag of celery. One quart of Lactate free milk. I did buy four boxes of coffee pods for husband's Keurig.  Candy Coffee.  I had to get the folding step ladder out to dig in the upper cabinets for a large enough GLASS jar for the pods.......anything left in cardboard is an open invitation to MICE.

I did buy a big bottle of vitamins for husband. $11 something. A new Washing Machine Pages notebook.

The Library was closed.  Indigenous People Day.  I had to look it up. I pushed my books into the return slot.  They'll get sorted tomorrow.

I am wearing corduroy pants.....not the ones that are heavily mended.  A different pair of green pants.  I have another pair of pants (why are they identified as a Pair of Pants?)  in the same green corduroy but one size smaller.  I used to wear them. When I was walking the dog.  I have on a thermal long sleeve pullover and the Kmart work shirt.  Not ready for sweaters...yet.  But it feels like a WHOLE NEW OUTFIT.

Husband cleaned out his coat closet.  Then put everything back in...... That has to be Man Thinking. I mentioned that I had ONE Winter coat (long black wool) for some reason I think of Johnny Cash when I wear it: ONE Rain coat (orange waterproof with a brown lining but no hood), Two LLBean lined vests---  for days, in Maine, when it might rain or might snow but then might not do either but I should still expect to get cold or wet.  I also have a pull over the head, no front zip, I don't know what it is called.  Has a hood.  One not lined and one lined.  Parka.  Word just popped into my great!!!!

I have non skid slip on restaurant shoes for when there is ice but I still have to go inside a building with wet shoes......  I also have boots with no slip spikes on them for ice when I am not going inside a building.  And regular boots for shoveling the driveway.  When it snows. Extra warm as the driveway takes a long time to shovel.

Wasn't all that info so VERY Riveting????  My Life.  Should be a Movie.

The majority of my closet is filled with Art Supplies.  Yes.   One basket on the floor is full of scarves and gloves and hats.  I used to also have a reflective vest...for "last call" walks with Riley.  So the lawyer next door didn't hit us both (me and dog) with his drunken wide turn at the corner. Drunk every night.

Sunday, October 09, 2022

Field Notes- It's cold in the house. G is rolled up in a down lap thing- asleep on the couch at noon.

 I have apples on the list for tomorrow.  French Apple Cake.  Includes Rum. And Butter. So why not. These are the sort of apples that taste good.  Banged up, not perfect, spotted.  Definitely not waxed. The kind you pick up off the ground under the apple tree.  Patty must not have gone apple picking.  One year the Twins brought me a bag of apples.  I know they went apple picking...but none for me.  Their dad bakes the apple cake recipe I gave him.  I baked it when I was a child. It's OLD.

I need to go down to the closet and pull out the red sweater.  And the corduroy pants with the surface over my butt worn smooth and shiny.  And thin.  At some point I will need to layer and stitch something over the seat of those pants.  Quilt them. Sam got me a heavy new pair of corduroy pants at Goodwill. I should start breaking them in.

I got the third and fourth........I stopped typing because my brain has forgotten the word for what these things are that I sew around the == border....  It came back.  It works if I just describe the word and it's use....mostly.  I think it's because I read, watch tv and sew.   I don't talk or write if I am not here with you or writing the washing machine pages once a week..  I've lost my "words".  I sewed the last two strips around the square.  This last border is finished and I ironed it all very flat with two applications of spray starch before going to bed..  There is nothing straight or uniform about this square.  Wonky.

All day, the only talking is inside my head.  Alone.  It's been that way for- well always.  Why?  Why do I do that?  Is that why I like books? Reading them.  Someone else is talking in my head?  And I can rest and just "listen".  Yes.  If I am describing insane...then yes... I am. It's my natural habitat.

We are having pizza.  With football. Like always. If G wasn't watching...I'd also have wine.  But he'll be watching.....  Too bad it's almost Winter.  Patty usually arrives with Gin and Tonics. In warm weather.

In winter it's a large bottle of red wine.  Which I appreciate.

Saturday, October 08, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, October 8th. Sunshine outside and chilly inside. Pancakes?

 Onion Soup.  Doesn't this look delicious?????  I've never been able to make a good onion soup.

There was a restaurant back over by the Old-now abandoned- Fire Station in Town.  G and I went once a week.  Onion Soup or Mussels in broth.  Then...I am trying to recall what we ordered but it might have been steak.  I was just off the diet Merry Go Round.  Mussels in broth and steak and salad sounds like what I might have been allowed to eat......not the onion soup.  But I had it and then didn't eat the next day.

I usually kept the weight off for a few years......then it came back slowly.  Harder and harder to do the weight loss thing.  I don't have a  80 pound dog to walk twice a day.  And's so unfair to adopt an animal at the age of 76. I see old people with dogs.....It makes me cry. I see 50 year olds struggling to get out to walk a big dog right here on the street.   

Riley pulled me DOWN many times.  I wouldn't enjoy it at 76.  I doubt I could get up further than my knees and hands. Once I just stayed flat on my back.  Riley came over and stared at me.  Waited for me to get up the nerve to try and stand up. We walked on a short leash for a few days.......

Won't take much make me cry.  I must be at overflow stage like the washing machine.  Overflow stage and the water keeps rising.

This post will be short.  I stitched two borders to the cloth I am working on.  They were going to be wide. I got two on..and wide was Not the way to go.  I watched law and Order while I stitched.  Dog on my mind.

COVID numbers in the sewer water getting higher in Portland. Flu season going to be BIG this Winter.  So far no mention of MonkeyPox in Maine.  24% of the people wearing masks.  Mainers never really adopted mask wearing.....MAGA.....but now even less.  Going out, into places......still not my favorite thing to do.

Friday, October 07, 2022

Field Notes- A strange day. Chilly, it can't make up it's mind.

 Gray.  Like the day.  I'm thinking these are all knots.  Or lines of short stitches.  

I sometimes save an image because whatever the maker did is of some interest to me.  Covering a cloth with lines of various length stitches in close lines seemed interesting to me.  I rarely quilt in a pattern.  I usually just make lines of stitch following the shapes when I do quilt.  I like quilting.  But most of my work doesn't play well with it.  

G has a new (well, we've done the puzzle before but it's still a puzzle) puzzle he is working on- doing the outer edge.  I dumped the pieces out yesterday and turned them all face up.  It's best when he has two to four activities to chose from in an average day.  Reading. Puzzles. Outdoor Chores (yesterday it was filling the bird feeders)....... Coloring and Word Search are his favorites.  

The Bird Feeders needed to be washed and filled so G was busy with that.  Birds don't like a dirty bird feeder or old moldy seeds or dirty bird bath/drinking water.

Also, as an instructor, I would caution all of you...if you start--continue.  The birds depend on you for food and water once they find your Feeder and Bird Bath.  Forgetting to fill the feeder or replacing dirty water.....these hungry thirsty birds will need to find a new source (when they find your feeder/bird bath.. empty) And that might not end well. I doubt anyone else on our street is feeding birds. And clean water is hard to find and the pools of water in the Deep Dark Woods behind the house- have hungry animals waiting..nearby.  We would find scattered body parts......on the daily walks with the dog.

Mostly I taught people how to ATTRACT Birds to their yards.  Water, food, flowers, trees/shrubs with berries.  Sustainable food.  

My classes were more about how to become a good employer put up with me. The classes were popular. Go figure, huh?  But George says everyone needs therapy.

Thursday, October 06, 2022

Field Notes with a Cup of Tea. Rained yesterday. We were not expecting rain. Sunshine today.

 French Style Apple Cake.  Must put apples on the shopping list for next week.

I read most of yesterday- on and off.  Watched news.  Herschel Walker.  Georgia.  I am trying very very hard to think of the Georgia I lived-in years ago- even letting this guy VOTE.  But run for office??? Blowing my mind.  Georgians didn't even like Jimmy Carter. Then. Or me- "Who are your people???" Odd that my brother and his wife have lived in Georgia more years than we did.  We have people now.

I worked on my desk calendar.  I don't fill in each day's square anymore.  I cover whole weeks with art. Some of it Political.  Some of it just Art.  Some of it lists.  I have a clipping of a white chair with long thin black metal legs.......not pasted down as yet....... I have a painting of blue hands holding a green lawn and a white house with a red roof.  Covering the first Saturday in October.  Something.

A long time silent Reader has re-appeared.  ML.  I have missed her in the comments and in my email. Another blogger has lost her beloved husband.  It was a sad day..  Lots of tears.  There are many Readers who are silent now- surfacing only every few years to say- "I'm Reading" and that makes me very happy. Most days I feel like I send these posts out into Space.  Which is a delightful thing in itself. Space.

In todays' paper a local- just down the road- rocket company is going to send cremated remains into Space on their rockets.  Pets and People.  I am adding the article to the Book.  I want to be buried in Space out with the planets and stars. Take Riley and Rusty with me. We'll drift around.  Forever.

The bird feeders need filling every few days.  The deer are coming at dusk to eat acorns off the lawn. Five and sometimes more.  They summer out on a island.  Swim back over for Winter. All the females with one or two babies.  Mostly juveniles now.  But way cute bouncing around when very tiny.  They are eating the Peach Tree Branches but so far, haven't gobbled up the annual flowers in the containers...... but they will.  

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, October 5th. Raining. 57 degrees. Deer foraging on the lawns eating acorns.

 I showed you my bedroom and now you get to see the living room.  Husband is to the far left with his coloring table- hard at work on a new page.  The couch where he reads and naps. Further right is the first dining room table we owned- with the Puzzle of the Week.  Lamps.  No carpets.  No Chairs.  No curtains. As one person said- "no room for company".  Before.....lots of seating for company and lots of company- people died.......I gave up.

Better to not make friends than to forever bury them.  Same with cats and dogs.

Shiny gorgeous dark oak floors via the second owner of this house. The original owner and builder of this custom house- covered EVERY VERTICAL SURFACE with wallpaper and also off white cream carpeting.  Some walls with four or five different patterns of paper.  The second owner had almost ALL of it removed and she removed most of the carpet from the main rooms but not the bedroom wing.  I still have two bedrooms with carpet.  Because we had stuff loaded into one and slept in the other during renovation.

I emptied this room when the Painter did the ceilings, walls and trim.  One wingback chair went to the Candy Store for Santa.  The blue denim covered one and a half chairs (two) went home with daughter.  I kept the ottomans.  The coffee table holds plants in the kitchen window.  

I'm taking the picture from my vantage point on the second couch.  I bought two.  My butt is planted where I watch tv and read.  To my left is the old desk my former employer sold me, English. with little cubby hole places for index cards (I adore index cards), recipes and other little somethings.  Two ridiculously useless drawers on either side of me......sitting on my rolling office chair.  The tv is upper left corner just out of sight of the camera.

And yes, it's this dark here in Maine at lunch time.  And all Winter. I thought Germany was dark in winter, but Maine is so much darker.  Cold, Damp, Dark.  Sigh.  Half the population drives or flies to Florida. Usually.  But this Winter they will have to stay.  Oh...the misery of it........

Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, October 4th. Very cold yesterday and in 70's today but still feels chilly.

 I folded the wash I did a few days ago.  Finally "got around to it".   Image French Apple Cake.

George came around to check on the garden yesterday afternoon.  I gave him two golden yellow large tomatoes.  I said I didn't like them because they were "crunchy".  I like a soft tomato that has no resistance left.  It surrenders to the knife or fork or teeth.

I forgot what I wanted to say about George's arrival- here it is- I asked  and he said yes to carrying the AC units out to the garage workbench where they "over Winter".  Husband had taken them out of the windows. So all George had to do was carry them.  Sigh.  Neither of us (G and I) have the arm strength/ hand grip we once had. I used to carry them......I used to do quite a few "heavy lifting" things around here.

Yesterday's book was Wicked Sexy Liar.  And I have no idea why that is the title. as no one was a liar and the sexy went cold real fast. Two recent college graduates- meet in a bar and we know how that goes......... Christina Lauren-two friends who write together.  It started out really strong and buried the lede, as we say in the print trade, when we got into the relationship building part of the book.  Book needed one (or two) really brutal edits.  I have another of their early books in the line up......... the later ones are all very good.

I have a new desk calendar here on the desk.  The entire first row of squares is blank as October began on Saturday.  The last week doubles up for 30 and 31.

Husband forgot he already had his COVID BOOSTER.  He said we needed to go get ours.  I reminded him- he was confused-- and then he remembered.  It's interesting and annoying at the same time.

 Like Science Class.  Interesting until the slowness of Science got annoying.  Think the rocket will ever go off in Florida?????  I don't.  Not this year.  The Lunar Opportunity Window is not a good bet.

Neither are the New England Patriots. Unless you bet they lose.  Then...a good bet.

Monday, October 03, 2022

Field Notes- October 3rd. Grocery Store Monday. No bottled lemonade. Library Books.

 This looks like my Vegetable Soup.  I don't buy this brand of cookware.  Always on sale.  The one I buy is never on sale.

Today I selected celery, nice carrots- not bagged- for my soup @ the grocery..  I have a few chunks of cabbage to add. And a can of diced tomatoes and another can of white beans.  There might be a small can of corn or peas I can add- unless I have something in the frozen vegetables drawer.  Not sure what those green leaves are.  But I do have a really nice Basil plant on the front porch.  I added a large sprig to the pasta sauce.  I also have small pasta.  I like adding pasta to vegetable soup. So wasn't that riveting???

I did a load of clothes yesterday.  Did the "new" Washing Machine Pages.  It's different writing and knowing that my kids wanted to read the Pages.  It changes things.  Do you tell the truth? How much?

I still have to pull the clean clothing OUT of the dryer and fold all of it.  I usually do this RIGHT AWAY but did not yesterday as there was Football.  I'll just give the dryer 5 to 10 minutes to warm the clothes up and get the wrinkles out???  Then fold and put them away.  Mostly tees and undies.

I am wearing my favorite black socks..  I mended them last year at the beginning of the warm weather when I stop wearing socks.  So..this is my first time wearing the mended socks.  Wow.  Just like new. I used white on the black socks because it was spring-y and soft.  Good choice. Not the color but the spring-y ness.  Feels good on the bottom of my feet. All that counts......

Sunday, October 02, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday, October 2nd. Almost Cold. Football. Pizza. (I remembered) and Books.

 I'm thinking I should make a Chocolate Loaf Cake like this one.  But...I have been reconsidering that and instead make Corn Bread.  I have all the ingredients.  For both.  But the Corn Bread...I haven't had any Southern Corn Bread in what feels like YEARS.  Most likely is YEARS.  Decades.

I used up the remainder of the produce drawer- what hadn't started to compost in the drawer- and tossed in all the ripening cherry tomatoes from the garden I had on the counter.  Added some pasta water to thicken it up.  Celery (iffy), one solo carrot, an onion.  I cooked the pasta and removed a good portion and put it into a container for husband to add to his Daily Prepared Chicken Parm Dinner..  Every Day.  The same purchased prepared meal.  I had pasta and he wanted what I had made for myself to eat........even though he had a meal in front of him. He ate his additional pasta plain. 

We discussed his "current" interest (yesterday for 20 minutes) in me making him Chicken Soup this Winter.  I made it last Winter and he ate one portion and left the other three quarts of broth, carrots and noodles in the fridge- until Spring when I added it to the compost bin.  I asked and he refused to eat the soup.  Even went so far as to say he didn't like soup. Ever. Never. I had been making that soup for over ten years (even 20 years) and he always ate it.  Always wanted me to make more.

If you ever wonder what it is like living with the memory impaired........this is what it is like.

Damned if you do.  Damned if you don't.  I told him I was going to figure out how to record him on my iPhone and then play back to him some of the things he says to me.........and then decided not to. He'd say it wasn't him. And then forget. So who would it benefit???   And yes, son of mine far away from home..I still haven't gone to get a new iPhone.  

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, October First. CHILLY- I had to get the furnace going. I need to be wearing socks.

 I wrote the names of the artist's on my desk calendar and then covered the writing with pasted art. I got the Art from Little Somethings in the sidebar.  Or Something.  I can't recall how it's listed.

I liked this because it used paper and print.  I like doing that in collage--mixing paper, print, oil pastels etc. so this is for you to look at and for me to remember.  When I get out paper and paste again.

The larger AC unit is out of the window in the dining room/kitchen area.  On the floor.  It can remain there until some strong person comes to the house.  Husband removed it himself while I was still asleep.  And it didn't fall outside into the dirt- as it has a few times....  I have the door to the guest bedroom shut- that room has the bedroom wing AC unit.

I changed out batteries in the thermostat units and now have the heat up to 60 in the bedroom/baths and 64 here in the living room.  Still chilly but that's why we wear socks and sweaters.  The Governor sent  G and I checks for $850 each to help cover the oil bill for heating this Winter.  It's something but hardly covers the 4 digit bill..  The guy running against her would have done nothing-- a Republican.  And a Lying Asshole with his Lips Firmly on Trump's Ass.  He's been Governor twice and wants to make it three times.  I am hopeful that he doesn't.  Voters in quite a few states are in the same situations.

All we can do is Hope.  And Vote.

After I hit publish I am going to go find my sweater and a pair of wool socks.

I am reading another of Julie Murphy's books.  She also wrote If The Shoe Fits (a Prince Charming and Cinderella story about a plus sized girl doing the Bachelor Type Contest on TV.  She also wrote some very nice YA books.  I just finished my second reading of Dumplin' about Misfit high school girls doing a Beauty Contest type thing.  It's a lovely book.  Both books are.  And so I picked up a Merry Little Meet Cute off the new book shelf by this author.

And what to my "wondering eyes did I find" but a Hallmark style Christmas Movie being filmed by half the regular Hallmark crew and half the crew from a Porn internet channel.  By page 83 I knew I would NOT have had ANY complaints about the "kiss" between the Duke and the Pretty "Shy" Female interest in THIS Particular Movie.  I am going to find a sweater, some socks and then sit down with a cup of something and read this book.  And then, next week, if it lives up to the expectations.....order the book from my independent book seller........onward- to the sock basket and the sweaters......It's Cold in Maine.