Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Field Notes- Tuesday, January 31st. Snowed overnight- a few additional inches.


I am looking forward to Spring.  The images I have been choosing to show here are getting brighter...pinker if that is a word.  I don't know where this image is from.......But I liked it.  Little Something's blog and the artist is Marisa Anon.-  I had written the info on my desk calendar. Way to go Joanne!!!!

I made soup for husband.  He forgot how to put all the individual parts into separate containers.  It's like he looked at the pot of soup and blanked out.  This memory loss business is really strange...... I would imagine it would be as frightening to him (as it is for me) but...he doesn't remember....so it is just- hey what am I supposed to do here????  We found the stuff he needed and he filled the quart jars with soup.

He is having to pee a lot.  But he is remembering to pee in the bathroom. There will be a tipping point moment when he forgets.  That will be a difficult time for both of us.......

Isn't my Life jolly???

Well, I am guessing we'll be shoveling snow today.  Not going anywhere.  I am reading Mr Wrong Number and want to go to the bookstore and order it.  To own.  I checked in the Library thing- to see if Lynn Painter has written any other books- yes...but they are YA books. I reserved one. I have read and enjoyed YA books that my Favorite Library Employee recommends..... sigh.  So why not more of them???

I got a box of low sodium soup cubes.  And I will make Dee's Pantry Soup.  I had to dump the last pot in the compost (remember) as it was so salty......one more try.  I peeled and segmented the bag of red grapefruit and it's ready to be added to Honey Noosa yogurt and Bran Buds....my new LUNCH. I used to make this to eat at work in the Spring at the Greenhouse.  Good memories.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Field Notes- Monday, January 30th. Early. Sunshine. But cold.

 Morning Exit into the yard.   Chickens are interesting. (not my chickens)

The Bengals lost.  There was a point where they had a chance.....but the 49ers are nasty.  I only watched the game because of the Bengals.  I find the War Chant to be hugely offensive and usually change the channel as soon as I hear it........I often wonder what the Indian Nation thinks...

My Master Gardener friend Patty came to visit yesterday afternoon.  She wore her mask while in the house with us.  We talked, laughed and discussed things.  Husband showed her all his coloring pages.  She hadn't been in the house since COVID began. Years.  Asked me where all my furniture went.......asked why I didn't buy new stuff.  I think I don't buy new because I don't think I will be living here much longer.....people keep asking and my feeling now is the getting rid of things is the start of the "Long Goodbye" as old people call it.  It sort of snuck up on me.........but it makes sense.

Patty also told me to throw my heavily mended sweater in the garbage can.  That comment is for DebL who also thinks I should do that.  I told Patty that I never wear the sweater out in public unless I am wearing something (raincoat or winter coat) over it.  No one sees it.  Unless they come into my house.

Patty brought me a half dozen red roses and two donuts. She always brings gifts.  G and I had the donuts as dessert after we had Football Pizza which was very very good.  Sunday Pizza just keeps getting better......the donuts- from a gas station- were also very very good.

As soon as husband finishes his breakfast we are going to the grocery store.  Our list is long. We are out of so many things.  The fridge looks empty.  I needed a larger grocery piece of paper for the list this week. I usually just have a post it note.  Not this week.  Husband polished off his soup and his chicken dinners. I  have my fingers crossed that there are some dinners in the cooler case when we get there.  I can make soup when we get home but I will buy more chicken thighs and bag and freeze them..... get carrots, onion and celery.....noodles.  I am also buying salt free bullion cubes.  I am having trouble with salt.  It tastes too "much" to me these days.......I even buy 60% less salt potato chips.  Hard to find. so not having chips as often or not at all.   Cherries are supposed to be on sale today.  I like pitting them and adding to my yogurt.

Well, now that you are updated on my shopping list.....I have nothing more to write...We are up way too early even though I had the impression that I had slept late.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Field Notes- Chilly in the House. Yesterday outside in the 40's. Wreath's down, Dog Visit.

 Might have been here already.  I am trying to clean out the file of pictures.  They are so small that I can't identify them.  Some have titles which helps. I have wanted chairs covered in patchwork for eons.

My Black Bean soup experiment went into the compost pile.  I hope the visiting squirrels and birds enjoy it.  The beans refused to get soft.......and I wasn't excited about eating "sort of" crunchy beans.

Today is Pizza.  I planned ahead.  The ball of Beer Dough is softening and warming up.  We'll have it during or near the end of the Bengals game.  The betting line is even.  so. Depends on who does the best job I guess or who makes the mistake...... 

I am out of Wine.  I have plenty of Whine.

I am reading - for the third or fourth time--Mr Wrong Number. Author is Painter.  I have to stop by the local bookstore and order a copy ....... the guy has just figured out who MissDial is.  I really love this book.  The woman is such a Hot Mess.  I have a hundred or more pages to go before she gets her heart broken.  His too.  I actually like the books where a happy ending is so far from what might happen......the Emma Project was heartbreaking toward the end.  So, what I am saying is...I like a book that makes me cry.  Three books on my stack are going back unread...... I was choosing with the Library prompt of 'if you liked.....you might like....." I think it's 30 to 40 percent accurate. Need a better algorithm.

I did a load of clothes yesterday  and folded them this morning.  Clean undies.

The Christmas Wreaths on the front porch are now down and stored. with help of Twin's Dad....while that was happening the Twin's Dog was visiting me in the house.  He was by the back door and I opened it and he came in. His owner was shocked. "Fenway never goes in people's houses".  Well, he did.  And he walked the entire house going into every room. He spent time sniffing the carpet Riley used to sleep on.  The Twin's dad said they are thinking of getting another......same breeder. So that will be fun.  Fenway was ADORABLE in his first year.  We also found out that the ice skating pond in the front yard (Twins House) has lights embedded in the ice.  G and I have to go down at night to see.......

The boys have a ton of energy......so the night time hockey.......is a great thing...for the parents.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Field Notes- Saturday, January 28th. 30 degrees, What didn't get shoveled is now ICE.

 Small birds are eating the seeds we have in the bird feeder (not these birds in the photo).  Squirrels running around eating seeds that fall out of the bird feeder.  Very busy........

It's quiet here.  Husband is going out to Bed Bath etc to get the "big box of coffee pods" before BBB closes for good. There's quite a bit of that going on..... Chain stores/chain restaurants closing.. becoming places to buy "medicinal drugs". 

Funny funny story.  Back in the Day....when the growing of certain plants was illegal.....I was the go to person for growing and maintaining knowledge of these sorts of "plants" at the greenhouse where I worked..   The guys had fat wallets chained to their back pockets full of one hundred dollar bills........ and discussed  "the Product" with me.  I made sure I read all the packaging on products they were interested in- so the plants were safe to "ingest".  We never actually used those terms....because I wasn't supposed to "know" what I was talking about.  I would read something that bothered me and then point to it and let them read it and then let them decide.  Usually, they put it back on the shelf. A few times...we actually discussed what would benefit the leaves.

I got very good at it and the Mother Ship Greenhouse started buying things for the shelving that looked like it was specifically for the "product".  I am guessing they were getting the same sort of customers and legally, things were getting looser..

We also started stocking a wide variety of "Grow Lights".  which I had to know all about......

Right now we (husband and I) are watching a local "eye glasses" place that used to be a bank.  There are usually 12 to 15 cars PARKED in the drive thru.  Every time we drive past I count them.  Could have become a call center. Could have become almost anything.  Certainly NOT an eye glasses place.

I'd say 50% of the businesses on that busy road are now boarded up or looking very odd.  The local motel seems to be closed......usually there were homeless people begging out front or making "tents" out of tarps etc on the lawn.. That all seems to hav gone away....... People still "camp" in the Walmart Parking lot after the store closes. Usually older people..which is very sad.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Field Notes- Friday January 27th- Feels really cold in the house.

 Buddhist Monk's Hands.

Very cold this morning and our land line phone doesn't work.  Here in Maine cell phones are iffy.  Now, I guess the land line is also.  I was trying to call in a refill of a prescription.  

This simple task stressed husband out to his maximum limits.  He couldn't figure out how to make a call on his cell phone. It's things like this that really put my Life in sharp focus........and I don't like what I see.

So.....prescription is called in.  House phones (land line) not working.........

I have black beans which have soaked overnight. And need to be rinsed and "washed" and then I can start cooking.  I forgot to write down how long to cook......damn.

Everything else is on the card but that.......

Well. Perhaps husband is not the only one here who no longer should be in a household setting unsupervised.  If he had just made the call...he would have done fine- but having to do it and thinking about it.- he didn't have thinking processes to do it. As a reflex, he would have been fine.  An example: if he just goes out and starts the snow blower or lawn mower everything is fine.  If he thinks about it..he can't figure it out.  

I imagine myself sitting in front of my sewing machine not understanding how it works.  Where do I turn it on.  I do it by rote so many times......but to stop and think...that's where the memory issues show up.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Field Notes- Wednesday, January 25th. Streets are clear and dry. Another Storm coming.

 Hair cut.  Bird seed purchased.  Fresh Pot of  Chicken Soup started.  Books picked up at Library.  Bread Purchased at grocery store (for me)-- also Raisin Bagels and cream cheese.  I know.... not a balanced portfolio. 

I am trying to find out what the Bengals QB and Sweatpants is all about.......... I might Google.

The Vitamix Cookbook looks to have similar things to the regular cookbook that comes with the machine. I was looking for something else.  You see......I use the Vitamix as I would use any tool in the kitchen. Not for an entire recipe...but for part or parts of the recipe.  Like when I blended the figs and sugar.  I was supposed to let it cook and them mash and do something else like push through a sieve.  I just Vitamixed.

So I want to know some of those "tricks" and "shortcuts" but the Vitamix Universe seems to want controlled usage.....for safety sake and no lawsuits, I guess.  I want to color outside the lines of Vitamix. Way outside the lines.  I used to watch this restaurant cooking show- real kitchens real chefs (not GuyF)

and I watched what they did with their Vitamix- and it wasn't book recipes.......

I tossed all the Broth I had in the Pantry Cupboard.  2019.  I must have been "into" broth that year.  The Trader Joe Marinara is also gone. Way expired.  Husband stopped eating pasta with Sausage Marinara. The Spice drawer looks good. I tossed 89% of it- expired.  Drawer looks empty.

I need to work shelf by shelf in the Pantry Cupboard but...that's so boring.  I just open the door and select something and read the expired date and then take it to the sink and open and either dump in compost bucket or down the drain. And then the same for multiples of that....I need to get rid of black olives next. Way over-expired.  Maybe next week.   So that's it. I had a nice shower this morning.  My hair looks fine.

The Beans are good to eat....not expired.  Black ones and white ones.  If I could just think of something to make with them.....soup? Yes.  They were bought to make Dee's Pantry Soup.  But the last few times I made the soup- way too salty to eat......  I'm sort of Soup Shy.......last pot went directly to compost bin.

I have black bean recipes to look at- Corn and Black Bean Salad.  Not for winter???  Texas Black Bean Soup- stewed tomatoes,  diced tomatoes, broth and Mexican Corn.  I do have a Black Bean Bisque recipe card in the Recipe Box.  I might go there........I remember loving that soup and it seems perfect for the Vitamix as the two gals running the restaurant did use one..........  Beans get to be Bisque....... 

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Field Notes- January 24th. Snow has Stopped. About 12 inches- possibly more.

 So....the snow has stopped falling from the sky.  It's heavy dense snow.  High water content. I shoveled the front steps and then gave up.  The weight of the snow itself and the added weight of my very heavy black wool coat...was too much.  My heart and lungs- well, the lungs mostly...were signaling I should stop. I did.  I found my hat.  My Winter Shoveling Hat.  All is Right in my World.

Another fat fly.  My count was off- I think this was nine.  

Reading "the Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks" by Shauna Robinson.  Her first book was Must Love Books-- ( I read it all the way to the end..but it was tedious bordering on whining.)  This one was better. but still not something I would buy.

The inside cover had many praises from authors of books I do like and do own.. Abby Jimnez's Part of Your World: Freya Sampson's Last Chance Library.  And Wibberley and Siegemund-Broka's The Roughest Draft, Sutanto's Dial A for Aunties and Kelly Harms the Overdue Life of Amy Tyler.  Also Sajni Patel's the Trouble with Hating You.

I haven't read the Lonely Hearts Bookclub by Gilmore or the Chicken Sisters by Dell'Antonia or A Hundred Other Girls by Hariri-Kia.  They are on my list now.

Husband has gone to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned.  Then we will venture out to the grocery and the library.  Then home.  Husband spilled gasoline on himself yesterday while using the snowblower- and now that is all I smell.  Here in the house. Giving me a headache.  He can't smell anything. He spilled gas in the car a few weeks ago- I still smell it.

I emptied one shelf in the Pantry.  Expired Food.  It's now in the compost bucket. Expired in 2020 and 2021.   So, It's been in there for awhile.  Pre pandemic for sure. I will do another next week. Or sooner if I am bored out of my head......again. I was yesterday.

I read in the paper that COVID will be with us for years to come.......an Annual Shot.  Like the Flu. Constantly updated vaccines due to the changes in the virus.......as it tries in variations to kill us. And take over Planet Earth.   (laughing)  Or possibly not laughing......

Monday, January 23, 2023

Field Notes- Monday, January 23rd. Snow over night. Hoping the Stormy Weather has passed over us.

 I didn't select any images of SNOW.  But Clouds..In My Coffee???

The Bengals...gosh that was fantastic.......The quarterback is so...ZEN?  And the snow.

I watched and husband sorted out the new puzzle pieces.  Finding the edges. He thinks the puzzle is "too hard".  I put the edges together as best I could.  We'll need to make some adjustments.

He's started up the snowblower to clear the drive- after that- Library and the grocery store.  George  (daughter's old landscaping partner) thinks I'm at the Library  "too much".   Once a week?  but George isn't there 'Too Much" seeing me???????  

Did any of you happen to watch MSNBC on Friday, I think?  Nicole Wallace had what looked like a surprise guest in the second half of the show.  He walked up and stood next to the desk and she looked shell shocked.  The DA who did all the January 6th interviews- the taped ones.  Tall and, my goodness, was that guy good looking or what????  I now wish I taped it.

He just made himself at home.  Wow.

So, My oatmeal beeped and is ready to eat.....gotta go.  Joanne.

Discovered, with the 7th big fat black fly- that they had set up housekeeping on the windowsill behind husband's couch. (we each have our own couch)- there is a radiator there so they stayed nice and cosy.  it's all cleaned up now.... Gag.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday, January 22nd. Chilly. Snow everywhere but the clean steps, sidewalks (my own) and driveway..

 The Moon.  My supply of photos from the free photo site is running low.  I had way too many and it clogged up the computer- wasn't able to shut down.  So I had to do some computer house cleaning. Cleaning out the deleted files.  This image is very soothing.....

I need to cook today.  Chop vegetables etc.  Husband has Soup.  I am not sure what I want to have. Yesterday I finally had a second meal of pancakes.  Not the best choice but it involved only mixing dry with water and cooking.  I was up to doing just that.  Today I will try to actually make something. It might be macaroni and cheese-(Kraft)... I didn't buy Pizza Dough.  Not even Football Pizza.

We gave up on ordering pizza long ago.... mine is better. Even with store bought dough.

Tomorrow is grocery day.  My list is now two post it notes long. Husband needs more soup noodles. The major percentage of his Food Groups is Pasta.

I am thinking it's time for my friend down the street and I to have Lunch. Wine. Whine. Dessert.

I did another load of wash.  I still have one to go.  The sweater I have on is disintegrating as I wear it. By the Day.  The Hour.  The Minute.

My Plan, dear Readers, was that my Beloved Sweaters would last as long as I did.  My Plan......well, I can see that I will live longer than the sweaters........and that is terrible news. I recall the sorrow in Riley's eyes as I mended- repeatedly- his little squirrel and rabbit fur toys....But..the toys did survive him. I say hello to them each time I open the little shoe closet.......they all are on the eye level shelf..... that's where I will fold and stack the sweaters when they give up.....when I give up.......add their Future to the Estate Book. Yes, I am feeling my AGE today.....I am tired.  Cold.  I need to chose a book.......Football later today.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Field Notes- Sunshine, 40 degrees, Weather reports suggest Rain, Storm, Ice- but I can't see how?

 I selected quite a few images from an interesting site.  Most of the ones I have left - are just random..so I can't write a post that relates to the image- I can sometimes but not 100%.

I love this image.  I love space......... 

I woke up late and decided to take a shower.  Then got a phone call. So the shower had to wait. But I did manage to get it in.  My hair feels all clean and smooth.  I washed clothes yesterday.  We were out of underwear.  I also made another pot of Chicken Soup for husband.  And we have killed three more BLACK FAT Flies.  In the house.  They are living and eating somewhere.......... they fly around slow and loopy.  Easy enough to swat.  Total of SIX if you are counting. I am.  Three each for husband and I.

Daughter is  home- Friday and Saturday days off.   She called to "chat" as she had nothing better to do.  I did......that shower I wanted to take.

I finished off the Cookies and Cream ice cream.  Last evening.  Today, I really need to actually eat food. Like meal food.....not dessert food.  and NOT Potato Chips.  They aren't a vegetable. 

Nothing much else to say.  It's VERY December Like outside the windows.  Lots of piled up white SNOW.  40 degrees, though. 3:35pm and I need to turn on lights.  I actually just finished eating breakfast.

Yes.  I just finished eating BREAKFAST....... the day has certainly gone to Hell in the Proverbial Handbasket.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Field Notes- the Weather Report got it right. SNOW. About 5 or 6 inches of very light powder. the snowblower is running.

 How many sets of dice would it take to make this....do you think?  boxes and boxes.

Husband used the snowblower to walk out to the end of the driveway to get today's newspaper and yesterday's mail.  He's coming in to eat breakfast.  I shoveled off the front steps.

The Weather Report was correct......

I finished a very good book last night before going to bed-  Meet Cute by Helena Hunting.  They knew each other in Law School and are meeting up again at 30.  Number one and two in their Law School Class. I ordered all the books by this Author from various and assorted Libraries in Maine.  It is taking awhile for them to arrive. And so I read them out of order.

Santos and the Sick Dog Go Fund Me.  Taking the money for himself.  I don't think I have ever witnessed something like this.......well, the guy who chopped up his wife and dumped her in different dumpsters around Town......that is hard to understand as well (he's wondering how long before he can get her money).  And that guy who killed the girls in Idaho. Creepy.  A Creepy Winter.

Husband successfully squished the fat fly that has been in the house....I got his pal yesterday.  Where they came from- beyond me.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Field Notes- Thursday, January 19th. Clouds in my Coffee. Library Haul!!!!!

 Something I don't own.  For Baking Bread.  A Boule.  Would I?  Doubtful.  Ten Years Ago.  Yep.

So, I followed advice and Googled "sound problems with TiVo.".. it all looked very familiar.  The unplugging and plugging back in.  The cable ID's all a mix of numbers and capital letters. What got me in trouble to begin with. ........ I will contemplate....

QVC had the Vitamix on last night.  I only got to see the last few minutes........I wish I had seen the entire show- with the prep in the machine etc.  I did see them whiz together frozen strawberries ( which I have in freezer- remember in June I went Berry Picking?????)  and Cream.  I have cream.  I even discovered I had placed the "Tamper stick" near the machine itself.  Good to go.  but it's January and I am cold.

I also discovered I can call the Vitamix company in Cleveland and they will come pick up the Vitamix- free and fix it (if it is broken) and return it- also free.  Lovely company.

The new ones come in lovely colors.  Mine is fudge Brown. Could they "fix" the color?????

I got three snowflake photo copies in the Children's Library section.  I used my heavy line  black ink pen to add additional design elements (as I do) for husband to have for his coloring work.  His Mother drew designs on inexpensive paper plates.   Then colored them.  She gave me a handful on one visit- I showed them to my parents and they stapled them to the beams in the basement ceiling.  I am reminded of seeing them there many many years later.  If I had an iPhone then I could have sent his mother a picture.

Husband had a haircut appointment.  He got up early and then went to get his haircut.  When he got home he remembered I wanted a ride to the Library to pick up books.  Now, we are back home and he is fast asleep on the couch.  Snoring a bit.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Field Notes- Wednesday, January 18th. Good Book- Up late reading it. New York Seeded Rye Toast.

 Gloves and Hot Beverages.  Weather here in Maine is an Oddity in 2023.  Snow. Sun. 40 degrees. Dark Skies and 38 degrees.  Not the Usual.  Predictions are that in the next ten years..my house will be under water.  The Atlantic Ocean will be flooding this property.  Weird, huh?  Will I even be alive?

I found New York Seeded Rye Bread made by a local bakery using Maine grown and ground wheat and grains.  When Pigs Fly.  Baked daily.  It goes bad quickly.......so I have been toasting it, layering on unsalted butter and Strawberry Rhubarb Jan.  Very stiff and difficult to chew until one gets used to it.  Taste is wonderful...... it has sour tang to it.

I am reading a 2017 small sized paperback- Helena Hunting.  Shacking Up.   It has one character from the book I read and liked very much.....I Flipping Love You.  

Oddly enough I also watched - well tried to watch a regular evening show on ABC.  When the TiVo went nuts a few weeks - or months ago and we had to restart it....I seem to have lost the ability to adjust volume on the TiVo which runs my tv.  And most of the things I watch are fine....ABC was not.. It's the Odd Detective with the little dog.  I wrote down the author's name- I will read the books. I stopped watching ABC, CBS and NBC long ago.  I can watch the show in the dining room on the other TV.   I could.  And the volume on that TV works just fine (no TiVo).  Oddly because blog people are talking about it just when I try it for the first time.........

I COULD disconnect the TV from the TiVo but I have so many things recorded on TiVo.....Series and Movies and the "to be recorded" file is huge also.  PBS.  I could watch movies all day for weeks and not run out. (skipping commercials)...  I consider the TiVo storage system to be my happy-ness fall back plan.  I select stuff and it records and then I watch it or not......but knowing it's there ready to go- is lovely.

The TiVo.........if I had an idea of what happened to the volume..I would try and fix it...but I don't know and I am not the type of person (husband is) to just open a can of worms I have no idea how to deal with.

I finished off the Chicken with Mayo and honey yesterday.  I ate some Oreo Cookie Ice Cream.

The Local (Boston) Sports Talking Heads agreed with me- Tom Brady is Done.  Totally Done. He has a deal with FOX to talk about Sports.....FOX.  Well, we will never see him talk.  We don't ever watch FOX.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Field Notes- Sunshine, close to 40 degrees, icy slush on the driveway. Library books.

 Piaggio APE.  This is what the vehicle is called.  I like it.  Three wheels.  Blue. Definitely not an Automatic.  Laughing....... I can see myself driving this into Town to the grocery and Library.  On the sidewalk.

So.  About 7 or 8 pm (yesterday) my tooth returned to normal, no longer numb.  Just as I started watching Tom Brady decompose..... he was bored... NUMB...you could see it....listless.  Didn't care.

So I turned off the tv and started reading a book by an author who has never let me down.  Yep...she let me down.  

I don't even recall the title- (Drunk on Love) I returned it this afternoon.  I got four books- all books I have read before but not ones I own.  I don't want to be disappointed again.  I also had to stop at the grocery.  Husband was running out of orange juice and  "didn't have enough cake, cookies for dessert".  Dessert is his evening MEAL.  If I ate as much dessert as he does- night after night I would be the size of an ...APE.

So tooth is good.  I have a button to sew on my sweater.  

I hand shoveled (no machinery involved) not wearing a coat, hat or gloves.....It's really warm......the front walk, the front porch steps and the back deck. I got right down to the concrete.  Husband used the snow blower.... and the driveway is still  covered in snow. Which will freeze over night unless it melts before then and will freeze as ice.. Husband was dressed for an Arctic Expedition.  

The Snow Blower repeatedly clogged up with the wet mess. Which gave him the opportunity to stick the stick into the running snow blower.......gosh!!!!!  I told him it wasn't the right thing to do.....I actually think he wanted to  run me over with the machine.......Yes, I SHOULD KEEP MY OPINIONS TO MYSELF......but I was right.  Not always....I see the mistakes I make and try and learn from then..... He never sees ANYTHING he does as a mistake.......... I see EVERY mistake I ever made....Regret them all. Would love to actually be a character in one of the books I read...get a magical do over.

Monday, January 16, 2023

Field Notes- Monday, January 16th. Snow, Ice, Wind And 8am Dentist Appointment.

 So.  Husband set the alarm for my dental appointment at 8am.  But alarm didn't got off (or he never actually set it) and I woke up at 7:50.  Got dressed quickly and we got into the car and I made it in Time. 8am or pretty close. Husband went back home to eat breakfast.  

Here it is 11:24 and my tooth is still numb.  What happened was a clean out and then a filling in the cracked molar.  I wasn't nervous.  He's a very very good Dentist.  No pain.

We were going to do Library after Dentist but they were closed.  So We moved on to Grocery.  I got Groceries  but the Prescription Section was...off line and the "machine isn't working".........so we'll make a plan to got to the Grocery Pharmacy and Library tomorrow.  Not a great day to be out on the roads. Slippery.  Wet snow.  And the plows aren't actually doing much good.  I am thinking they are doing highways right now.  I had breakfast went me got back home.

Daughter called and is not going into work so no need for the Parental Units (as she calls us) to worry about her on the road or in a ditch......it's happened.  Husband has had to go out to rescue her.  Once very late and in the snow covered DARK because a deer ran into the side of her car and she drove off into the ditch.  Husband got her out.  There was blood on the car- so the deer was injured- they looked for it for awhile.........both are soft hearted. About animals.

Yesterday I made Football Pizza  and we watched the Buffalo/Dolphins game.  Something happened to the Dolphins and their coach seemed confused (vaping) and that was that........  We moved onto the Bengals game but after 30 minutes (not even) we just gave up.......what a MESS.  I finished my book and we went to bed.

So, I have a book to read as the numbing wears off......Husband has tons of new desserts for Coffee later in the evening....he has Chicken Soup or Chicken Parm.  I am not sure what I will feel like eating once the numbing goes away.......possibly nothing but hot sweet tea.  And a NAP.

I was very very BRAVE.  I am Proud of Myself.  Joanne

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday January 15th. Did not EVEN buy a Lottery Ticket. Over a Billion Dollars. Wow.

 The Furnace is chugging away.  The San Francisco game was very good.  The second game not so much. I stopped watching after only 15 minutes.  The camera work.  

So......It's cold and DISMAL today.  The whatever it is on my neck under my chin- won't dry up and won't go away.  I thought it was because of my wool sweater--no.  Its like an aways wet itchy I don't know what. I've had things like this before.  Usually stress related when I worked at LLBean.  I had to take steroids to get rid of it after Bean..  Could be about tomorrow's 8am (yes) dental appointment.  There is lots of stress on my part.  I have Calamine Lotion on it.  Trying to DRY the wet areas. And it ITCHES,  but I do NOT touch it......... Dental is only from 8 to 9am.  So..by the Time I write to you tomorrow it will be OVER.

I had rice with peas and butter.  Yesterday.  Then Potato chips.  40% less salt.  Today I have the prepared MeatLoaf dinner with vegetables and mashed potatoes. I had forgotten I bought it.  I usually microwave the potatoes and vegetable (broccoli and carrots) and pan fry the cooked meatloaf to crisp it up a bit. I always enjoy meatloaf.  I used to actually make meatloaf.  Now I don't.

I don't do a lot of things I used to do.  Like iron all our clothing. ALL.  Now it's NONE. I even ironed pillow cases.  I did not iron socks.  I watched a guy iron socks while on a Cruise Ship once.  It's was a wonderful experience visiting the laundry room.  An older (than me) woman and I strolled around the ship looking at everything.  Smiling at everyone we made eye contact with while saying things to each other quietly.  It was marvelous.  It was her 40th wedding anniversary.  I spent most of the cruise with her as my husband had abandoned me as soon as we set foot on the boat.  Her husband was napping.

Really.  We all saw him at dinner and the entertainment after.  And that was it.  My husband showed up for dinner.  And that was it for him.  I saw him once as he walked past me on the outside deck.....He was surprised to see me (!!!) and sat down for 5 minutes, ordered me a drink and then off he went.... 

At one dinner I had some loose thread on my sparkly evening dress....and the waiter gently held my hand and extended my arm and then flicked a lighter and burned off the threads.  My husband did not LIKE that at all.  The Waiter and I smiled at each other- it was the best part of the cruise.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Field Notes- Saturday January 14th- Cold with thin layer of slippery Ice on every outdoor surface.

 Cold.  Seriously cold.  Also no Sunshine.

Made a third or fourth (I lost count) pot of Chicken Soup for husband yesterday.  Which worked out..as he likes having soup on COLD DAYS. And today is COLD.....  I had COLD yogurt and Bran Buds.  A mistake.  I should have eaten something warm.  Today I will.  I looked up Vitamix soup recipes.  But I don't have the vegetables and broth to make any of them. Well, I have vegetables.  No Broth.

My book for yesterday was one I read awhile ago and liked.  Cul-de-Sac Wars by Melissa Ferguson.  Neighbors.  The new to the neighborhood guy (rehabbing a house) has a gigantic DOG who takes one look at the woman living next door and falls deeply, hopelessly in LOVE.  Yes, the dog falls in love.  I think the guy AND the dog fall in love at the same time but the dog...doesn't wait around..just goes for it. Like lunges and knocks her over etc.  I am reminded of that happening with Riley.  I spent quite a bit of time on the ground that first few months......guess he loved me? Yes, he did.

I have  books waiting at the library.  But, we'll wait till the ice melts....... I have books here I haven't gotten to as yet.  And I need to make myself a SOUP.  I think a broth.... and then empty canned vegetables in the pantry into the broth. I have corn, beans and frozen green peas.  I also have a potato and a carrot. Sounds okay. I looked up the Vitamix Soups on the internet......I've lost the book that came with the machine. I am reminded of making a Cashew Cream of Carrot soup. I do not have any cashews in the pantry.  To make the cashew cream. And I am low on Carrots. I might just have pancakes.

My shopping list is growing.   Husband is running LOW on desserts. Getting Nervous.

I said I was going to bake a cake but I didn't.........a lot of that going around.  Not Doing.....

Friday, January 13, 2023

Field Notes- Friday, January 13th- Green Grass overnight. Whatever snow we had is gone.

 Sea Eagle.  Isn't it fantastic????

We went to bed last night and everything was Snow Covered.  And this morning- Green Grass.  It's cold. But Global Warming for the Win for another Day in January. In Maine. 

I am making another pot of Chicken Soup Today.  Good day for soup as it's colder in the house than it is outdoors.  Or seems like that.  The Panera Baked Potato Soup was reasonably Good.  Not thin and watery as was the Broccoli Cheese.  I peeled, diced and microwaved an additional potato.  Added it to the soup.  I would buy it again.  Needed onion. Or chives.  Something.  I had emptied out the Spice drawer so the old onion powder is now in the compost.  The Spice drawer is very empty.  

Going forward I will buy only the tiny jars of spices.  The 1.5 inch tall ones.

I did a load of wash yesterday.  Perhaps too many things...but everything looked nice and clean.  It all got dried and folded and put away.  Clean Undies for all.  

Hardly anything good to watch...I tried Anderson Cooper yesterday.  He tries so hard not to show his true feeling as people talk.......but it's there....in his eyes.  I might watch him more often this month.  MSNBC is getting tedious.  Actually LIFE is getting tedious.  I need new books........

 I am planning to mend a few additional holes in my dark grey button down sweater.  Mostly under the arms.  Rubbing.  And the Elbows.  The seam down the right sleeve has a multitude of holes.  I worked on the edges and a few Body spots earlier in the month.  But stopped before checking the sleeves. I am using contrasting sock yarn.  So the mending is visible. Intentional.

I started another book.  I don't like it.

So...I am going back to the kitchen to get soup going.....Joanne.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Field Notes- A Very Cold Cloudy Day in January. Winter finally here.

 This is very much like what will be happening down the street if the Twins Dad ever gets the Hockey Rink filled with water and it freezes solid.  He has even wrapped all the tall trees in his yard with lights. I saw this image on a "free" site and had to have it here. There are squirrels in the image and they tend to chew thru the light wires "in real Life down the street".

Today is finally Winter.  Depressingly dark and cold.

I missed seeing and hearing Jeffries' Alphabet Speech.  I read it in the morning paper and cut it out to include on my January Page.  It was inspiring and strong.  Like him, I think.  He would have been an excellent Speaker of the House.  Fingers crossed the "one" calls for Kevin's resignation. Soon.

I am really really perplexed by the Republican stand on abortion.  Hardly any of the new crop of hot heads has a family. They might have a wife.  But they also have a girlfriend.  Or pay someone for sex.  It's the Republican way and has been since I was first paying attention.  So Reproductive Rights should be their fall back position.  It isn't.  I wish they asked a professional to examine this issue.  Trump was against women's rights but spent time with  "Professional Sex Workers" like Stormy Daniels while married.  Would any of the Republican gamers want a child from those relationships???  Some even have been involved with teenaged girls. Like Gaetz.  Sex Trafficking. Young Girls. Like Trading Cards.

Anyway......nothing I can do about it.  I used my one vote wisely here in Maine.  All I can do.

I need to start a fresh pot of Chicken Soup.  One load of laundry in the dryer.  Then I fold and put away. I was nearly out of underwear.......can't have that.  Finishing off my twice reheated coffee.  Then what??? I do have dishes to wash.  That's about it for today- Thursday.  What are you all doing???? Joanne.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Field Notes- Wednesday, January 11th. Sunshine temps in the 20's. Dentist.

 I've loaded the desktop with new images.  So...I hope you like them in the days and weeks ahead..

Today began early.  I had a 10 am Dentist appointment.  I still missed out on breakfast and just had my oatmeal a few minutes ago- 2pm. My husband set the alarm for 9.  After my teeth got cleaned I had a procedure done on my lower front tooth.  It's now smooth where it was rough and uneven and slightly "pinging" from being "chipped".  Monday I go back and have "serious" work done on the second from the back upper tooth. Right side.  It's cracked.  It's getting a "line" of silver inserted into the crack.  Sounds awful.... I will need massive amounts of tooth numbing.  The big long needle. Shivering.

The Smoke detector alarms having been "binging" for awhile here in the house.  With husband's hearing aids- they were driving him insane.  More insane.  We came home from the Dentist and unhooked them. Needed to go out again and buy fresh batteries for them........ if we had been ACTUALLY THINKING...the dentist is close to the Grocery.....and the Library where we also stopped on the second trip to pick up ONE book....... Two 9 volt batteries were ten bucks.  The other brand- 14 bucks.

I also saw two packages of still HOT Baked Chicken Breast in the Grocery Deli case..  They have NOW been picked and shredded and coated in honey and mayo.  I haven't had a good meal in DAYS.  Yesterday it was yogurt, bran buds and thawed frozen strawberries.  For the DAY.  (after oatmeal for breakfast) My regular pants are easy to button at the waist these days.  In fact- the oldest ones (smaller) are loose.   The newer ones (larger) fall off......... I look the same.  Well, my face looks "less"...........It looks old. Tired.

Because...I am.  Old......Tired..........Haggard.  I also bought 40% less salt Potato Chips.  No longer sell the 60% less salt ones.  I prefer 60%.  I have store brand cheese crackers.  Taste exactly like Goldfish.

I also bought Panera's Cream of Baked Potato Soup.  One small tub.  Just to test the waters. I might steam one of the potatoes I have in the vegetable basket.  Add it in small dice.  For BULK.  I also have a small leftover bit of shredded cheddar.  It can be clean out the crisper soup.

I couldn't find a loaf of bread that SPOKE to me.  I really wanted a nice Dense New York Seeded Rye.  Sigh. My Grandmother made a really GREAT Seeded Rye.  Old World Style.  A real workout for the teeth and jaws.

Daughter brought over Christmas yesterday after work.  Complete Louise Penny Series and Complete Nesbo Police series.  THEN we put my Romances in order and then I gave her the list of what's missing. She spent time looking at my bookcase and the Trade paper I am buying one or two at a time. So she knows what I have.  Her favorite HOBBY is looking for books.  Hunting for Books.

Today's Book-"I flipping Love you"  Helena Hunting.  I may have read it.  Flipping Houses. We'll see.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Field Notes- Tuesday, January 10 Sunshine. A notification from Xfinity that my account IS closed. A new bill in the mail.

 I woke up to discover my Dentist appointment is Tomorrow.

I woke up to discover my neck rash has returned.

I woke up to discover that my Xfinity Account left me a note in an email that my account had been cancelled.  TV and internet.  And in the postal mail a new Xfinity bill.  I called their help number.  They wanted my Social Security Number.  I said no.  I said Agent.  Wanting to talk to a human.  Wasn't going to happen. EVER. I even yelled really really LOUD.  Felt GOOD.  Felt GREAT.

I'll keep typing and watching TV until they shut me down, I guess.  My bill is $30 higher.  Than last month. I haven't had my breakfast or coffee yet...so not in the best frame of mind.  I yelled on the phone.  "Real Person".  Over and over.  But got nowhere without giving up the last four digits of my social security number.  Wasn't happening.  They had the two digits of my street address. Good enough.

I am now going to eat my stone cold oatmeal.  Read the fine print to discover why my bill is now $30 higher.  Dentist is TOMOROW.  My new desk top calendar is LAST YEARS calendar so the dates are one off. Not that I care. I draw all over it anyway.  What a Day so far....................

We got our tax statements from Social Security.  We do pretty good.  Very good.  I get the basic amount but husband always had well paid employment and he waited two years to collect so he got the most he could get.  So...that was nice.  I think we were supposed to get an increase this year but I'm sure the Republican House will try very hard to invalidate the increase.  Old retired people VOTE.  All the time. Every election. Not the best move the new House Speaker could be making right off the bat.  Just saying............

Monday, January 09, 2023

Field Notes- Monday January 9th. Sunshine, Snow frozen on the ground. 30 degrees.

 Nest of shredded paper, thread?  Perhaps some cloth scraps.  

Sunday paper had a list of ways to "start fresh" in the kitchen.  I worked on number 1.  Replace old spices. I went thru my cluttered Spice Drawer and removed the bottles that had expired- some years ago.  I open them and dumped the contents in the compost bucket (the birds might like them???).  Then the glass bottles went into the recycling container.  I used to cook.  I don't now.  So....I am not replacing the spices.  I still have 60% of the drawer to work my way thru....... then I have to "test" my leaving items.  See if they still foam and bubble.  And then think about what to put in the new empty drawer.

My book yesterday was one I read a year or two ago.  A young woman dressed like Betty Crocker in a petticoat, heels and cute full skirted dress- has a newly opened Cupcake and Fancy Cocktail restaurant next to an Ax Throwing Bar..  I've read the book.  He starts with self help class offerings, moves on to fake dog poop and buy one get one coupons.  I know how it ends this time.....so I can relax and enjoy the fun. title: Kiss My Cupcake.

Watched as much of as many football games as we could stand.....how the worst teams got to the finals is beyond me. Cincinnati won.  Detroit (OMG) won????  The rest are just a blur.  I was up and down and changing channels and making chicken soup during all of this. 

Brazil.  Taking a page out of the January 6th playbook.  Gift that keeps on Giving.

Sunday, January 08, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday, January 8th. Sunshine. Snow on the ground. 26 degrees. 55% humidity.

 This is Lamb Stew- something I would NEVER eat.  But let's pretend it's Beef Stew then I  would eat it. You can guess the size of things by comparing whatever to the size of the peas.  I didn't have Beef Stew yesterday.  I had pancakes (4) and syrup.  

I did work on the freezer yesterday.  And the fridge.  Getting rid of a some stuff.  I am making Chicken Soup today.  It was like pulling teeth to get him to actually SAY he wanted SOUP.

The Editorial Page of our Sunday paper had about five hilarious cartoons on the behavior of people voting for House Speaker.  And this is SAYING SOMETHING as Maine is a Republican State.  We have Susan the Traitor Collins here in Maine. She says one thing and votes another way.  We aren't forgiving her for the Supreme Court anytime soon. 

How I came to be living in a Red State is bewildering to me.  But then I was born in a Red State.  Ohio. Then lived in Georgia, Florida, Illinois and now Maine. It's like Fate had other plans for me.  I have never voted for a Republican.  EVER.  I'd like that to be in the funeral notice in the newspaper when I die.

There are Football Games today.  I didn't thaw out pizza dough.  So no Football Pizza. Might have pancakes again.  I will be making Soup for the husband.  He's fooling around with the compost pile.  It's frozen solid.  It's a wonder to me.....how he processes information.  NOT!!!  It's frozen solid.

Saturday, January 07, 2023

Field Notes- Saturday, January 7th. We have SNOW. Husband is snowplowing the wet mess up and off the driveway as I type.

 I was cleaning out the picture file and wondered what this one was.......and now we know.

I have books to return to the Library.  I didn't read at all yesterday.  I watched MSNBC and all the votes until past my bedtime.  Woke up to find Kevin had sold his soul (if he has one) to be Speaker of a room full of angry CATS.  The gang of seven wants to control the Military.  Let's all guess WHY.

Canada is looking good right now and it's only a few hours drive north.  Hurry before they close the border.

My new desk calendar has a very smooth surface.  My colored pencils like it very much. I will have to slide a protective surface under if I decide to use ink.  So one month doesn't bleed thru to the next.  I just coughed and wet my pants.  Gosh I love being an Old Woman...... not.

Someone showed their Christmas gift in a recent post- Anti Social Pencils.  I may stitch a Sampler. Here are a few: 

I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm lying.   On your mark, get set, go away.  Like a good neighbor...stay over there.  Eww, People.  Not any of YOU of course- you all stay right here with me.  Joanne.

And there you have my thoughts for today.  I cried during the entire medal ceremony at the White House. Because...it's only getting worse going forward.....

Friday, January 06, 2023

Field Notes- Friday- January 6th. SNOWING!!!! I can still see the green grass but if it keeps coming down, I won't.

 I was considering buying new Down Pillows.  King sized.  $330 each- plus. And I decided NOT to buy any.  The old ones are just fine.  I could just put two in one pillow case. Eventually.

The down comforters are in good shape.  There's one in the Magic Attic that is for below zero room temps. A Maine Woods Cabin with heat from a fireplace.  We used it in the first years we lived here in Maine.  When we still had Weak Blood.  Now we have Maine Blood and we get too warm...I know...weird.  I had both feet outside the covers last night.  With the regular Down---- I was feeling "too warm".  Not a hot flash- I never went thru menopause.  Never had a hot flash or night sweats.  Skipped me genetically. Daughter got double. Like my mother. Hysterectomy helped me.  No menopause from it either.

Watched Celebrity ..can't think of the name- where they have questions  History for 100.  Jeopardy.  Looks weird.  Anyway last night was weird.  I think the middle contestant couldn't buzz and then talk. I got the Final Answer.  None of the others.  It's not a game I would be good at...too fast.  I am not fast.

The Oil Truck came today.  Filled the tank.  Then backed out. It's an angled drive.  Starts midway along the front of the property and then up along the dropoff at an angle up to the garage. Long drive.  I think it was because the first owners didn't want to bring in fill to level off the property on that side of the house so they spent money on asphalt instead.. The regular oil guys pull in backwards so they can come down the drive and turn left into the street. Today's guy had to back out, go right, find a spot to pull in and turn and then drive out..and down the street. He'll learn.

Still snowing- tiny beads of snow.  The driveway, sidewalks and street are still black asphalt. The green grass of yesterday is now white.  I have a 2 hour dentist appointment next week.  EEEEK.

Thursday, January 05, 2023

Field Notes- January 5th. Cold here in Maine, Wet with a solid chance of ICE.

 Oatmeal Bread... I actually don't think I have EVER made oatmeal bread (and then oatmeal bread toast). I should give it a trial run. Find a recipe. I have the GIGANTIC  King Arthur Baking Book.  I bet they have a recipe.

It's cold in the house.  Like COLD.  Like there is a chill along the back of my neck.  The front porch thermometer reads 40.  Always.  So I know it's incorrect. The indoor outdoor monitor reads 32.  

I watched the House Run itself into the ground for a second day.  Did you all realize that the Speaker of the House is third- President, Vice President and then Speaker.  This should be a SERIOUS CHOICE not the JOKE the Republicans are making it.  And Santos LIED that he had been sworn in and VOTED.  He had NOT been sworn in.  Wow....... The Gift that keeps on Giving.

No Law and Order.  And I am full up on Hallmark so........I tried to read my book, but even though it's very good, I lost interest.  I might sew things together.  Like Grace and Jude are doing.  Not that I actually like what they are making.....too jumbled up.  I am Virgo watch me color co-ordinate.......

Daughter dropped off my new desk calendar- all white and smooth under the keyboard as I type. I already wrote on it in the lower right corner box-  A Dutch Baby recipe.  Monika and I used to order that for dessert in German Restaurants.  It came with fruit and whipped cream I think. Maybe ice cream. Or just fruit..  You pour the mixture into a hot pan and tuck it in the oven until it rises and puffs up......

The image on the blog...it unearthed a memory.  If I make one- I'll take a picture of it.  Joanne.

Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Field Notes- Wednesday, January 4th. Clouds, Chill in the Air. Silence.

 From the image file.  Parmesan Cheese.

When we used to drive into Portland, Maine- highway driving at speeds that made my heart beat too fast- we shopped at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.  Trader Joe's is more my speed but Whole Foods is...so so good.  They very rarely had cherry pie in the bakery.  But when they did- I bought one. I loved the fruit and vegetable bins......I rarely bought meat at either place.  At TJ's I stocked up on Bran Flakes until they changed the recipe.  Then we stopped driving down to Portland.

The image reminds me of the wedges of Parm I bought. Pieces of the rind still in the freezer.

It's cold and dark.  Winter.  I might have to move the thermostat up to 65.  I have on a sweater and my strange scarf/shawl.  But my hands are freezing.

I made husband a fresh pot of chicken soup yesterday around 4 pm and he waited to eat dinner until it was done.  Last year at this Time I was dumping uneaten jars of soup into the compost pile- he refused to eat soup. Now he's eating it. 

He is complaining that there is a puzzle piece missing from the new in the sealed box puzzle.  He does this with every puzzle.  Decides at some point there is a piece missing and instead of putting the pieces he has together he searches for a missing piece. I used to get involved.  Now I just go along and say that's terrible etc......My daughter will say this is a symptom.  Not that finding a symptom is going to change anything for the better.

I went up to the second floor at the Library to see the puzzles we can check out.  The steps were too much ...going up. so I took the elevator down.  Next time- elevator both ways.  The steps are granite and are not the universal number of standard inches.  Just a bit higher.  But it's enough to make the going rough on my lungs. And my right leg.  Damages from a 1970 car accident.  A gift that keeps on giving- more and more as I get older.  I have to hold on to something if I step up using the right leg.  It wants to let go.  The Weak Link.

Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Field Notes- Post 4097. Yes. I've written to YOU..... Four Thousand Ninety Seven Times.

 Carrot Soup.  I made another Carrot Soup in the Vita Mix years ago.  Beans (white canned) and carrots.  It whizzed until it was hot enough to eat.  As soup.  Very creamy.  I shared it with my cross the street neighbor. She was recovering from a broken wrist.  I had to go back and open the jar lid for her.  Lesson Learned.  Make sure giftee can open and actually eat the soup.

This is a different recipe.  From my Master Gardener Classmate.  Vegetarian. I am surrounded by vegetarians.  Across the street, my walking buddy for when Riley was alive, my gardening buddy. And I sort of take to it quite naturally but also occasionally eat non vegetarian things.  BBQ Pork.  Pot Roast.

So.....the Football Game last night.  I showed up just as the ambulance was leaving- no lights. I'll let that speak for itself.   It was like watching something operatic........a very very sad opera.  Broken young men.

All thinking...that could have been ME. But it's my Team mate and I can't help in any way.

Today the Library was open.  I got G three 500 piece puzzles.  He likes having a jigsaw puzzle to do. I got two books I had requested. I mailed three bill envelopes and stopped by the bank to order more checks.  Two or three weeks.  To get them.  I can come in for counter checks if they are needed.  At the Library I renewed my library card- it had expired.  My heart nearly stopped when I saw the notification.  Really.  No Library?

Watching MSNBC to see the House votes for Speaker.  I think Kevin did him self a dis-service in moving his belongings into the Office he has NOT even gotten YET...Wow.  Disrespect much?????? 

And that is January third.  I need to start a pot of Chicken Soup for husband.  It will take a few hours to cook.  I should figure out how to do it in the Crock Pot.  I should figure out a lot of things.........in three years of COVID isolation- I've lost most of my Brain Cells.  Just by not using them.  Joanne

Monday, January 02, 2023

Field Notes- Monday, January 2nd. Overcast, 43, library closed today.

 Well, so far today.  First Monday of 2023.  Grocery Store.  Washing Machine- two loads.  In the dryer now.  Then folding.  Clean sheets.  Reading a good book- I had judged it by it's dull cover but I like it.  Better Than Fiction by Alexa Martin.  I returned the book with the warning.  Not because of the warning but because the writing wasn't as smooth as it might have been .......choppy.  I am guessing to show how tense and jumpy the female character was/is.  

Speaker of the House Vote.  Finger Pointing. 

Football was good enough yesterday.  Quarterbacks getting banged up.....Can a team win with a third or fourth choice Q-Back????

I reheated the Christmas Dinner leftovers of roasted potatoes and roasted carrots.  That was my late supper. I sort of wished we had gotten some of that Cheesecake in the leftover bag.

Not much happening.....I am listening to that ridiculous "Fruits and Vegetables" commercial.  $25 off your first purchase of the two tiny bottles of capsules filled with dry fruit and vegetable powder..........gosh, what a "deal".  Slow day........perhaps something interesting will happen tomorrow????????

Sunday, January 01, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday, January first 2023. The Sun is shining here in Maine at 51 degrees. And you though Global Warming wasn't real!

 I saved this image in the file for this morning.  A year of new beginnings.

I began the day by sleeping too long and then taking a lovely long shower.  Wearing fresh baggy clothes. The odd thing here is...some of these baggy clothes were NOT baggy last winter.

Husband ran out of jelly this morning.  Fig and Grape.  I checked all the usual cupboards.  Nothing.  I then checked all the unusual cupboards.....cause you know....things get misplaced.  Nothing.  On the list for grocery tomorrow.

I wasn't actually sleeping this late.  I was thinking.  I was thinking about the book I started reading yesterday.  It had a warning inside on the left hand side of page one. The book contains depictions of death, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.  Twice in a Lifetime.  A second chance I am thinking.

I have never seen such a warning on the left hand page of a book of fiction.  I read the last page.  I'm good to go.  But I doubt this book will be easy to read.  I am reminded of Fresh Water For Flowers.  I am reminded of the child growing up with a motorcycle gang of meth dealers.  That was a difficult book. But I was glad I dug my way thru both of them.  I don't know how it will go with this new book.  I may wait and switch out to a rom com for the first day of 2023.

I am listening to the music my husband has playing quietly in the background.  American Indian chants/songs.  Not like the ones for that one Football Stadium.  That I find offensive.

I have the new Wall Appointment Calendar up and running.  Marked with January appointments. Dentist. Haircuts etc etc.  Reminding me to call and make new appointments for eye exams.  I am being clear as to which calendar this is.....not the Desk Top Calendar under the Keyboard.  That is still December.  I think it will be December under the keyboard for awhile....maybe forever. I never enter Target or Staples.

Traditions can change.  I can let go of it.  My tooth aches a bit.  Something is wrong with it. I am trying to ignore it.  The Sunday Real Estate section had an 8.5 million dollar house on page one.  Recently sold.  Husband noted in pen- "we missed out on this one".  It's a BEAUTY.  I mean, really.  What a gorgeous house.  Possibly on acres of land in the middle of nowhere. Ocean view for sure.  Next Life.  Joanne.