Saturday, December 31, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, December 31. 50 degrees outside. 64 inside. I'm Frugal.

 A nest of thread and scraps.  2022.

It's the last day of this Year.  I think, once upon a Time, I read about sweeping the Old Year out of your house with a broom.  For a clean start.  Or Re- start.

How long have we been masked and worried about getting sick and dying?  Too long.

Remember when the grocery stores ran out of the basics of Life- toilet paper.......flour.  Did any of you bake bread?  I might have...once. Then had no yeast.  I discovered the outside edges of the grocery were well stocked.  The inside Aisles were not... so I shopped the edges.   We survived.

What I missed the most in this Pandemic Era...was books.  I had enough Cloth.  Thread.  Needles. I didn't have enough Books.  Now I do.

My Life these days- post Pandemic (or maybe not)- is plainer.  Just the basics.  So much has fallen to the side.  Forgotten. No longer needed.  No longer worried about.  Health.  Heat.  Books.  Booster Shots.  Friends. Neighbors. Family. A few great tomatoes from the garden.  Enough zucchini for a meal. Cucumbers.  It's enough and more than enough.

Another stronger variant has been discovered. To be solved in 2023. Next year.  I'll be here.  Joanne

Friday, December 30, 2022

Field Notes- Friday December 30. Are we done yet? Sun and Clouds.38 degrees- 89% humidity.

 Cheese.  I only like some of the cheese that people make.  Not the Funky Stinky ones. Swiss and Cheddar. Parmesan-- The Real stuff. I even like Plastic American Cheese.  None of the soft cheese. Goat. Ick.

Husband vacuumed the floors.  He also vacuumed up a puzzle piece.  By the time he saw what was on the floor it had gotten sucked up.   It's not a great puzzle.  It's an old one from a dollar store.  Buttons.  Brown, muddy reds, beige, off white.  I found three pieces the last time I stopped by the table.  Most of the pieces are the same shape- so you have to look for color clues along the edges. Mentioned that.  To him.

There is one more NEW puzzle he hasn't done yet.  He should just change it out.

The Cheese image up top would make a good puzzle.  Not. All that red background would be tedious.

I ate real food yesterday and it made one of my teeth hurt. I think we have dentist appointments. In January.

I asked daughter if she had gotten me a desk calendar for 2023.  She said she read my blog and I had gotten a calendar.  I said yes...for the wall in the dining room for appointments.  Well........

She is still coughing.  The half dose of DayQuil has stopped MY cough.  So...that's nice.  Whatever she has is still going strong.  Not sure if she is going to work.  It's a very slow week at the Candy Factory. In fact, it doesn't pick up until February and then it stays busy thru Easter.  Then she leaves to return to Landscaping.  A  college degree.  Unused.

Well, I need to turn on some lights.  No Sunshine.  Hope some of you reading this have sunshine.  Joanne

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, December 29th. 31 degrees, cloudy with a thin coating of light snow on the grass.

 Exactly how it feels.

I need to get up and turn on a few lights...... the house feels cold.  I feel cold.

The daily newspaper is now not only less pages--now it's narrower.  Shrinking.  Not in the price we pay for it.  Just in pages and words.  I checked the tv guide pages...nothing to watch today.

Once Christmas Day is past...the remainder of December should just be...deleted. Nothing happens. Usually we would have leftovers and desserts.  But the past few years, since I stopped making the traditional Pierogi for Christmas Eve- resulting in many days of deliciously fried in butter leftovers...... it's just not as wonderful...... I can see why Old Mainers fly or drive to Florida. And stay until April or May.

Florida..I was going to say it isn't what it was when we lived there.....but I think it was like it is now. I just wasn't paying attention. My marriage went off the rails when we lived there.  My husband starting running wild and then started traveling for work.  Gone. Days and then weeks he would be gone.  And that was it.  Once the company found out he liked being gone...he was gone all the time.  His paycheck got deposited. Our marriage, for all intents and purposes...was over.  But I stayed put.  The kids needed a good home and regular food and new shoes.  The divorced wives...didn't have that. I stayed.  We kept moving. He kept going.  And now we live in this barren wasteland of a State- alone together.  Sigh.  Not what I had wanted.

There was a tipping point and I missed the flashing lights and warnings......of when I should have made a left turn onto the exit ramp and made a run for it.

Well the Sun seems to be shining outside......I have a book to read.  I have the opportunity to take the sheets off the bed and wash them......maybe. And I need a fresh hot cup of something....Joanne.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, December 28th. Clouds, Cold and Cough.

 Wouldn't this be a delightful destination for a Daily Walk?

It's cold here in Maine.  Dreary. But I have no complaints. None.

My oatmeal was very good this morning.  

The newspaper was full of bad news with a full front page story on Buffalo, New York.  Which is terribly sad and it's as if nothing can solve this problem. Even their Fire Trucks are stuck in snow and ice.  One.

And then Southwest Airlines.  I'm pretty sure they will file for bankruptcy just to get out of this mess. That won't get anyone their money back or get them home or get them their lost baggage.  Two.

This Jew-ish guy who never had a real job. Never went to college and isn't Jewish but said all those things to get elected to Congress.....and, surprise....the Republicans are going to swear him in as a congressman. Three.  Four would be the 700K he "found somewhere for his campaign"

Not even Hallmark or Law and Order can cheer me up.........three more days of 2022.

I had my oatmeal for breakfast yesterday and bread and butter for mid-day and then nothing but re-heated sweet tea and ...well, nothing else but cough drops and DayQuil.  Husband had soup.  He had the soup and carrots etc all warmed up and ready to eat and then decided he needed to make more noodles.  He was getting out the big pot and was going to boil water.......thinking processing was on OFF.  I said No.  He was angry about eating the Soup without the HEAPING PILE of noodles.  Tough.   He even adds a large amount of pasta to the Chicken Parm dinner.

He has driven himself off the Anorexia Road he has been on for YEARS (as long as I have know him- and usually its ONLY home cooked food he won't eat) and is now.......piling on the Pasta and having Coffee and Six different "store bought" dessert items each evening.  It's amazing to watch.  

My clothes were always baggy but now they are MORE.  Well, the DayQuil has kicked in. I am now going to read......have a lovely day all of you out there reading this.....Joanne.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday December 27th. Sunshine and 31 degrees. Library and Grocery Store.

 Isn't this Something?  

Library was okay- no books for me.  Gary got two- he says "he hasn't ever read them" He has. but I stopped looking for anything for me and decided I had five on the table and an entire bookcase full.

Grocery Store.  Husband said we "had nothing to eat".......he was out of orange juice, candy yogurt and bagels. I actually don't know what he sees when he opens the fridge.......But we WERE out of orange juice and bagels.

I got myself milk, bread, cold baked chicken and some cookies.

I got both of us Kleenex and Toilet Paper.

I started coughing again last evening.  This is what is "going around" here in Maine (and I guess in Boston).  An all encompassing cough. No fever. No chills.  Just coughing.  It wears you down.  Wears me down.  When I am not coughing I feel perfectly healthy.  I am now going to turn on the TV, have a second cup of instant coffee, choose a fresh book to read....... husband has decided to have soup.  The last portion. For supper. Later. I'll remind him when he pulls a spaghetti dinner out of the fridge.

He's now settling in to color. uneventful Tuesday in late December. Good Enough.  Joanne.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, December 26th. Cold outside but warm inside. Weak sunshine.

 Well, it was a fantastic Christmas.    No gifts- and what a relief that was and will be going forward.  We walked down the street to the Twins house at 2 pm for Christmas Dinner with the Twins' parents and grandparents. We both had on red sweaters. The Twins showed us their Electric Guitar and amp.. wow..........and played carols on it. They also got watches so they can text each other. In the house.  Instead of talking.  It's a New World. (to me)

We had Prime Rib, Baked Ham. Lobster Tails, wonderful Roast Potatoes all crisp and delicious, Broccoli, Carrots, Gravy and warm buttered rolls. We started with a lovely mixed greens salad.  Dessert was Pumpkin Pie and Ina Garten's Cheesecake topped with cherries. We were sent home at 6 pm with a bag full of leftovers for today.  And we had lovely conversation with our hostess's parents in from Rhode Island.  Best Christmas in a long time.

Daughter is very sick with a bad cold.  She stayed home in bed. A Candy Factory Cold from the various employees and their small children who bring germs home from Day Care. She sounded miserable.

The house is Warm.  The Football yesterday.....we missed seeing Baker Mayfield return to glory but did see Tom Brady get trashed. They won in overtime but it was painful to watch.

Husband is still sleeping.  He did something to his back again- I told him not to go down into the basement crawl space to look at the furnace.  He doesn't know ANYTHING about furnaces so why go down there????  It was one of those moments when I wished I lived alone.  

I was delighted to find 8 comments on yesterday's post.  Gosh-......Happy Day After Christmas.  Joanne.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday December 25th. Cloudy. Eighteen degrees. Green Grass. We have Heat.

 Merry Christmas.

We have the furnace going.  House is Warm.  Internet is back- mostly.  No Sunday paper but found Christmas Cards in the mailbox.  The Mail Truck must have come by in the night.

It's very quiet.  No cars.  No Snow.  No Generators running.  Power is back on.

I think I had an image that was more Christmas like (in the file) but I chose this one because- as the last few days have proven to me- Neighbors and Friends are really the best Gift of All......

To all of you out there- some I know and some I haven't met as yet---Thank You for stopping by every so often to read the words I type.   It's a lonely Life here in Maine.  Lots of Solitude. 

Writing these words each "someone" out there in the internet--is my favorite time of the entire day.  Connecting to people I may never meet in person but who read my words, comment some times, become dear friends sometimes (which is so so wonderful) and make me feel "connected" to a community. the Best Gift I have ever gotten.  You.  So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Joanne

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, December 24th. We lost power and the generator is bad and now the power is back on.

 What a few days this has been.  And it's freezing cold here in the house. Power in On. Well it wasn't quite ON. But now it is.  We had a few "yelling" moments which I have been asked not to have in Future.  But we got the power on and the furnace is running but will take TIME to get the house back up to Temp.

Sigh.  It's been a RIDE.  I am so going to order one of those backyard all house generators.  The ones all the neighbors have.  Power goes off and it comes on.  No gas cans etc.  No arguments. I was being asked to buy a $5800 generator to replace the gas hog running outside the garage.  I said no.  Every  other person said yes.  But........I don't ever want to have that thing going outside anymore. I am done with that.

So.....invited to Christmas Dinner at 1pm tomorrow.  Prime Rib.  The Twins and Family.

Son called from California and he is starting in on the Christmas Eve Pierogi which he and I both make each year.  I am not making them this year.  I might make them next week.  Not today.  Not Tomorrow.

Sigh...I need to get myself centered.  I can't tell you how happy I am to be typing this.  Even with ice cold fingers.  I need to make a big mug of hot sweet tea.  Merry Christmas.   Happy Bright and Warm.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Field Notes- December 23rd. RAIN WIND no FIRE as yet. The "Lake" behind the house if filling.

 So......prepared yesterday evening.  Made Chicken Soup which can be heated in the microwave if we are on the generator- a little one outside by the garage.  Just does a few basic things.  So, we have food we can reheat.  I made a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese and tucked it into the fridge for me.  I also have fruit and yogurt.  The generator can't power the stove.  Just the microwave.  And the fridge.  And the furnace which heats water. And the living room and kitchen lights.  And this computer and the tv.  

We listed necessities for the electric guy.  Good enough.  We have gas in cans to make it run.

Right now the wind is blowing.  It's raining. Temps are 49 degrees outside and 99% humidity.

I have a large restaurant tray and a thick towel under the kitchen skylight which leaks when it rains really  hard.  Other than that.......and the wind....and the rain slashing into the's a regular  day. Daughter is off today and until Tuesday. worries of her out in the car etc.  Which means- no worries. None.

Which reminds me.  Candles and matches.  Yep. Found them...together.  I'm an excellent Girl Scout.

So.  Good here.  Bills went out with the mail yesterday.  All caught up.  Take care where you are.  Stay safe and warm and dry if you can.  I know those of you getting SNOW and the Blizzard Bomb are in for the worst.  Tonight all our roads etc will freeze solid.........God Bless you all with Safe Passage Thru. Joanne.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, December 22nd. Paid bills. Added Santa Stamps. No Rain. No Snow. No Sun.

 Making me want to cut and paste paper. Circles.  Free cut circles.  Wobbly.

Paid Bills.  Gave each bill envelope a Santa Stamp. Only three numbers on today's Sudoko.  Ugh!!

We are expecting torrential rain and wind.  Here in Maine.  Fifty mile an hour stuff coming off the Ocean.  Which is just a few miles away from my house. We are supposed to EXPECT power outages.  I am going to put a pot of water on the stove and drop in frozen chicken thighs and carrots etc- we can heat soup up in the microwave.  Happy Maine Holidays.

I am also going to go do a load of laundry as we are both nearly out of clean underwear.  Unhappiness is wearing dirty underwear during a Maine Power Failure..  So-- doing laundry.......... making soup.

My cough is nearly gone.  It reappears when I talk about it being gone. So...nearly gone.

Not much good news on the television.  Not many things to watch.  I have a book I started yesterday-  one I have already read- Lucy Checks In by Dee Ernst.  She also wrote Maggie finds her Muse.  My library doesn't have the Maggie book which I like more than this one.  But this one is good. It's about French things.  I love French things. I love European things.

Phone keeps ringing.  I am always hoping it will be someone or something good.  It never is.

Well, the addressed and stamped bills aren't going to walk themselves out to the mailbox on the street. So I am going to bundle up and venture forth......  It's December 22nd. Nearly to the end of 2022..... Lots of 2's.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday. December 21. Solstice??? Sunshine while we wait for Torrential Rain.

 Bow Ties.  Might make a cute wacky small quilt.  Or new Placemats.

Yes, the Weather People say we will be getting rained on, flooded and will most likely lose Electric Power. 


Nancy and I had a lovely Luncheon.  I had Eggplant Parm and Pinot Noir.  We talked.  It was good.

My Winter Hat is still Missing.  I took the Hall Closet apart and no hat.  Daughter went to LLBean and bought me a hat.  It was too tight and I still felt cold. Hat is being returned.  We were out on the pitch dark front porch. She can't come into the house while working the Candy Factory.  Many employees have small children in day care. They get sick ALL THE TIME.  They get COVID.  So...daughter stays 10 feet away on the porch--outside.

I am still coughing.  But I tend to cough with regard to the "asthma" as well.  So...... NO fever. no aches, no anything.  Just the cough. Productive if you gather my meaning.  The Cough And Flu section of the drug store shelving (grocery store) was bare. EMPTY.   I got two of the three boxes of generic DayQuil.  I could have just taken one.  But.... G might start coughing.

I saw my cross the street neighbor in the store (the house I babysit while she is so often gone) and she sent an email telling me- from now on I should tell her if I need anything and she will shop for me. Okay. The new next door woman was out in her car waving to Nancy and I.  So she's okay.  We both decided to go with "okay" even though the new neighbor looked a bit giddy.  Like she was on a parade float.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Field Notes- A Wonderful Card in the Mail... Gretchen!!! Sunshine.34 degrees

 I do love these little art pieces made out of pasted paper cut outs.  I should stock a shoe box with interesting paper I find.... origami paper? a glue stick....scissors.  A Project Box. I should.  I could.  I would....... Sounds like a Dr Suess poem.

Luncheon Date today.  My neighbor down the street and I.  We met at the library on Monday and made a plan to have more frequent lunch/chat dates.  We are both married to men who are irritating to be around. Good to get away from them.  Especially in Winter.  Her husband likes Fox News.  So she is more eager than I am to get out of the house. She drives.  So..its a delight for me.

The Football last night was- ugh.  We stopped watching before it was over.

The neighbors next door had mentioned being sick when the Twins delivered their box of Christmas Cookies.  And then the Ambulance.  I don't have their phone number so I asked a neighbor who check in on them.  It's the "right thing" to do.  I hate to think one is in the hospital and the other is home alone without care.  Even though the months of construction noise at 7am made me madder than I have ever been.  They could have both gone to the hospital.  They have cats.  Who need to eat.

See- even though I have complained about them...I am actually a nice person.

Or a worry wart.

Gretchen from New York sent me the nicest letter and a very very lovely pop up Christmas Card that I love.  She reads this blog so I am sending a thank you and you will be getting a long letter in the mail in the next week or so Gretchen!!!!!  Promise.  My cards will be going out late but.....they will be going out. Until you get your cards.....know that I love and appreciate all of you- (if I have addresses) other wise this line of words will have to do......  Joanne.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, December 19th. Cold. Sunshine. ICE.

 The Picture File is down to things I save..... not much of interest. about we share a cocktail?

It's cold and the Sun is shining.  Which puts a lovely wet skim coat over the ice surfaces.  Great for ice skating but not for Elderly People Walking.  EPW.

We had Football Pizza last night and our cable tv gave us three games.  That's all.  We saw highlights of all the other games but - locally- three games.  Period.  Our game stunk to high heaven as they say. But the pizza I made for us was really really excellent.  (I had the last of the wine with mine).

Great having an email regarding the game from Connie who SAW the game.

I did get to see the Soccer.  ARGENTINA!!!! Wow, it was great. France seemed to stop trying in the sudden death penalty kicks- everyone hates when it comes down to penalty kicks.  But it was a Great World Cup.  Loved every minute.

It's still early so we haven't gone to the Library or the Grocery Store as yet. I don't know why we were up so early........ in fact, when I saw the time on the clock while making my oatmeal in the microwave (regular oatmeal)...I was rather surprised.....9 am.  And I was up and dressed.  Head Slap.

Big pile of books going back.  Terrible choices. The WORST.  Next books are coming out of MY bookcase.

I'm tired.  I'm bored.  All the White outdoors makes my eyes hurt.  Is it Spring, yet?????

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday December 18th. Snow yesterday that is now ICE. 33 degrees.


The picture file has few usable images left.  Some are reminders of things I want to make- so they aren't all that interesting.   The fact that my picture file is boring....leads me to believe I am getting STALE.

And I mention one other thing- the computer is having some troubles getting going and getting to the right places.......I may not be here with you very much longer. But I will try to patch and mend as best I can...

The ice outside is flat and smooth.   I shoveled the snow blower mess that husband leaves behind off the lower street side part of the driveway and the sidewalks.   Then I reached my physical limit  (at 76) and came inside.   The pad in front of the two car garage is a bumpy, frozen mess. Last year I could have done both.  Not this year.

I understand that he likes to walk slowly (very) behind the snowblower.  But if he had it going faster - the machine would clear things FASTER and BETTER.  Not leave behind a mess. I think it's Time to have SOMEONE come and plow.  Even if they take out half the lawn.

At least I got what PEOPLE see from the road- nice and clean.

So.  I am having a productive cough.  Always a good sign.  Things moving about in the lungs. Loose. The Green NyQuil is very effective in my getting a very good night's sleep.  Which I appreciate.  

I made myself a lovely toasted cheese sandwich with lots of sweet pickle chips.  Later I had fresh raspberries on top of a jar layered with bran buds and honey flavored Noosa yogurt. So I had food. 

The twins down the road brought over a gift box of cookies they had helped bake and the Annual Christmas Card of Family Photos.  The boys were babies when they moved here.  We have watched them grown up.  Well, that is all for today.  I have a book I am trying to read but I think I will give it up.  It is not all that interesting.  And I don't really care which man she marries.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, December 17th. Four Inches of wet sloppy snow. 40 degrees.

 I can't figure out the pictures in the picture file.  so....this one seems okay for today. It's from a site trying to sell me these items.

I am on day four of the orange Dayquil and the Green night time capsule.  Still a bit of a cough.  No fever. well, now that I typed that.  I am coughing.

Television has been iffy and I am exhausted by the re-hashing of the Trump Crap.  Monday and my favorite Committee can't come soon enough.

 We watched PBS stuff.  Space.  Planets.  Milky Way. etc. Stuff I recorded.  Kept.  I also watched the newest installment on the...gosh I can't recall the cathedral's- Notre Dame......restoration processes.  Fascinating as they dig into it and see how it was built  in Medieval times and have been trying to replicate tools, materials etc.  I can't recall if they said 900 million was the cost.  900 million doesn't seem to be enough.

Clean up has been slow and difficult.  Trying not to do more damage and the things they remove have lead and other toxins.

I've been to Paris many times.  I never visited Notre Dame.  I regret it very very But on family vacations to see friends living in Paris- it was August.  Everything is closed. Not much of an excuse.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, December 16th- Dismal, snowing, raining Day. House lights on.

 I can't really tell what I have in the picture file until I see it here on the screen.  Spaghetti with vegetables. Certainly been here before.  But it's what you get.

It's cold in the house but it just might be me.  Still a bit whiff-y. But getting better.  Very little cough. And more chance I will be fed today as I have bread and sliced cheese and a nice Toasted Cheese with sweet pickle chips is in my future.  I tossed the idea of making soup for myself- around a bit- and then just let that go.  Maybe tomorrow.  I recall last year at this Time, making raspberry jello with frozen raspberries and topping with whip cream left over from Pumpkin  Pie.  That was delightful.

That could have been a FEW YEARS AGO.  the Jello.

Christmas is days away.  Thank goodness i didn't try for a tree or gifts etc. As fast as the days are going past.......the holiday will be gone and I certainly won't feel like I missed anything.

I haven't sent cards yet.  But I haven't gotten many either.  So..we are all in the same boat.  I dug around in the dresser drawer filled with cards.......looking for one in particular.  Didn't find it.  And was reminded of last year and the painted hearts I sent for Valentines.   I liked that.  Very much.  I did find blank brown card stock that I had used for years.....when I drew a spindly evergreen tree and added red ornaments and snow. I even have one I made from scraps of silk in shades of green and gold- I found it at my dad's house after he passed..  He had it pinned to the wall by his kitchen chair.

I WAS creative once.  Where has it gone?  Does it need to be fed by friends and co-creatives??? And when you are away too long- from human contact-- does it fade and go away?  Is this what growing old is like. Having what was...fall away????  I miss myself.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, December 15th. Ten Days Till Christmas.

 One more mug.   The Spotted Cow Mug... at least that is what I would call it.

Lingering bit of cough.  Productive.  If you know what that means?????  But not as light headed and woozy as previous two or three days.  Not achy. I think the baked chicken with mayo and honey did the trick. I needed food. Animal Protein.

Work continues next door.  The fact that the kitchen beams didn't go all the way across the space..well, leaves me wondering why the second floor didn't cave in. Long ago. Leaves me wondering why they didn't sue someone like the imspection teams.  There were many men looking at things prior to closing.

Across the street, new drywall to patch the ceiling in the kitchen that fell onto the dining room table.  Yes. Same house as next door.  SURPRISE!!!!  Electricity is needed and the dining room set has been picked up and taken away to be refinished before Christmas Dinner..  I think the Builder is long gone or dead.  No one to SUE.

The Twins live in another of these houses as does the friend I go to lunch with.   

News?  I stopped watching.  My Holiday gift to myself.  A few weeks off.  I read the newspaper headlines. and then I just turn the page and read something else.  Blizzard Warnings.  I have a few new books to read. but I am trying to finish When Franny Stands Up.  It's set in the years after WWII.  The fifties. Franny wants to be a stand up comedian.  The writing and content have so far failed to hold my interest for more than 20 pages at a time.  It might be time to let the book go.  Move on to the others I have waiting.

Other than that- I often just close my eyes and think about things...........


Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday. December 14th. Still Alive!

 Hey!  Busy day so I forgot to post till NOW!!!!  Haircut (for real) today.  Library.  Grocery- I needed mouthwash and some baked chicken breast to mix with honey and mayo.  I NEEDED PROTEIN. So I ate "dead baked animals"......... Husband had 2nd bowl of the second batch of chicken soup.  Yep.  Second Pot of Soup.  Chicken for the Win.

Things here on the blog are a a bit Wack.  Took awhile to get the page to look normal.

SOCCER!!!! Husband watched today.  He loved it.  We'll watch Sunday to see who wins.

Elon Musk and Twitter.  See what happens when a nut case buys things??????  We know this...We saw someone buy the Presidency and how opposite of great that was?  Things come in threes- so who is up next? Someone on the Supreme Court?  Please.

My book arrived from Amazon.  I heard from the Santa who bought it for me that it's a replacement as the original went.....walk about.  I re-ordered my bookcase to fit it in.  I have a Jane Austin section.  Not all books by Jane but books inspired by Jane.

Washed my mask.  After I wore it.  Back to the old ways.  Still taking DayQuil and things are fine.  I'm tired but alert and doing stuff.  Then I take a rest break.  I enjoy my rest breaks.  I haven't read a book in three days.  But I am resting......which is a good thing at 76.

No worries.  No fever.  No Aches.  No Cough.  Just Tired.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Field Notes- Sunshine, Cold, Light Snow Cover.

 Haven't made any yet. Pancakes.  I am sick.  Coughing and a mild fever.  DayQuil and NyQuil.  Started on Monday morning.  Well, Sunday overnight with muscle aches.  Uncomfortable sleeping. I am very tired.  

I don't know what it is or how I might have gotten any germs.  I wear my mask out in public. But perhaps I should be washing it after each use?  I took Dayquil an hour ago and feel okay now that it has taken effect. Before that I was coughing.  It's an "unproductive" cough.

I watched the PBS series Magpie Murders yesterday.  It was reasonably okay.  Confusing. The last one left in my file is Scarlett something......those are usually good.  then the files will be empty.  I have the Little Women movie recorded.  I liked it.  When I saw it at the movies just before COVID lockdown.

I have books but haven't felt like reading.  I would enjoy a nap.  But I have Law and Order to watch and then Soccer.  Coughing again.  I need a big mug of Sweet Tea.......

I made a second batch of Chicken Soup for husband.  Which is great.  

Football Game last night was miserable.  They won but geez......  Well, I feel sleepy.  

Monday, December 12, 2022

Field Notes- Morning SNOW. Not much. I have a COUGH. Coughing enough to wet my pants.

 The new International McDonald's in first floor of Corporate Headquarters.  Food shown in this "program" looked sloppy and not all that great.   I thought the behind the counter "look" said all that needed to be said.  Standing and Leaning was never allowed in the old days.

I did not sleep well and now- this morning have a Non-productive COUGH.  I haven't been anywhere since Monday.  So.....where did the GERMS come from?????

I took a pill for cough or loosening a cough.  It's been 15 minutes.

We went to the grocery and I tried NOT to cough.  I had on my mask.  I was dizzy.  I was very very happy to get back into the car and be driven home.  My right side chest hurts.  Tight. 

I have a fresh pot of Chicken Soup on the stove.  It's simmering.  G is wanting to be eating SOUP.  So I am making Soup.  I have to keep an eye on the clock.  So it cooks long enough.  3 hours.  I should follow DebL's path and just dump everything in the crock pot.  Can you make soup in the crock pot??????

So.... Snow.  I had to wear a coat.  I wore my non slip restaurant shoes.  The parking lines are slippery when wet..........

Okay.  I am going to sit on the couch.........My Sports show is on and then Soccer. 

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, December 11th. Sunshine.. 21 degrees.

 This will be a fast post.  I woke up feeling Exceptionally Sad.  There were tears. I was thinking about a few December Books that make me cry.  Not sure I will read them today but I will read them this month. I wonder why December books are so sad????

21 degrees.  sigh.  The grass is still green here in Maine.  It's a very weird State.

Daughter is reporting the same troubles packing candy for shipping for the Chocolate Factory.  There is always one person who makes the job a nightmare for my daughter  (I wonder if they put names in the hat and select the new person each year?)......but the person is always a 365 employee and daughter is a Winter Employee...even though she has been THE Winter Employee for so very many YEARS now.  Sam Takes Shipping Seriously.    yep.  Hands off her tape dispenser and her postal boxes.

World Cup Soccer.  Was Great Again. France won.  More Today.

Grocery Shopping Tomorrow.  I need to get a list together.  The tiny Korean dumplings are also available in a Large size.  So I will be looking for that.  I will also be looking for more lactate free ice cream. Not just vanilla.  And I will look for frozen potato pierogi.  Daughter says they have "such a thing".

I'm exhausted already and it's 10:40 am.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, December 10th. Sunshine. 27 degrees. World Cup Soccer.

 I may have mentioned my Poinsettia and even had a photo here.'s another.  Varigated.

I watched 6 episodes of Annika on PBS yesterday (previously recorded)- after dark (4pm) and what I liked about it- besides the European vibe- was that the lead actress would turn and speak directly to the audience during the production.  Like actors do, at times, in a play.  I like that. I also liked when she met her daughter's therapist out in public and after the daughter left them- he just says "yours or mine?"

I had half a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese for supper.  Then I had ice cream right out of the carton. Hours later.  I dug around in the freezer for frozen peas or something else that was GREEN  just to make  the mac and cheese- more meal like.  The Food Groups.  There is an unopened package of BBQ Pork.  I could have had some of that. I didn't.  But now that it's in my head- I will add it to the remainder of the mac and cheese.  I need to buy a block of Cheddar Cheese.

I haven't read a book in three- possibly 4 days.  I have one that needs finishing.  I don't really like it. But it's an okay book.  I have four or five on the pile.  I'm at a place where nothing is interesting.

I watched World Cup Soccer.  I will watch today if they are playing.  I love their haircuts.

I have a list of Christmas Rom Coms here by the computer.  Ones I might like watching.  Matchmaker's Christmas.   I am thinking of hiring someone to subscribe to Prime and Netflix for me.  Because..truly, people out there reading this...I lack the stamina and nerve to do it by myself.....I am actually feeling my AGE.  I am feeling FRAIL.  Does the Caregiver usually die first???

I mended my sock.  I paid bills.  I was an adult. A FRAIL OLD WOMAN adult....but one who can mend things, pay bills and make Kraft mac and cheese from a box in an old saucepan I got as a wedding shower gift in 1968.

Now, I am going to make a second cup of coffee and do a load of wash and write in the Pages stuff I can't write here........I could.  But it would be rough going and I don't think the Readers who come here are interested in riding shot gun on Therapy.

Friday, December 09, 2022

Field Notes- Friday December 9th. Birdbaths are frozen Solid. Sunshine.

 Smokers. From an internet shopping ad.  I have a few like these but none of the little "smoke" inserts.  The guy on the far right reminds me of MANY January Ski Week Vacations.  In Europe.  Daughter and husband skied in Vermont one winter and said it was awful.. Never went again.  Didn't like American Ski conditions (mostly ice).

My hands itch.  Contact dermatitis.  From something...I never can tell what sets it off.  The bills?

I paid bills.  Waited to eat my breakfast.  Husband went for a haircut and since it's nearby (sort of) I asked for a Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel from McD's.  He remembered.  It was lovely.  Then I paid bills. I am wondering how I spend $1K at the grocery.  Well, some is inhalers and prescriptions.  But still.

So, the puzzle with the tiny white edge pieces is finally done.  Husband said at the end "there were not enough pieces" and then "there were the wrong pieces" so..........I moved some and finished it off. Now he needs to try another one.  With larger pieces.

I watched three Christmas Movies (two partially)  I think I might be "over" them........and not even December 10th.  I have NOT watched my favorites.  Because.  I want to really enjoy them. I always save Christmas Waltz and Snow Bride for the end.  Bookstore Around the Corner and the Magic Shoes for the week before that.  There are two new ones from this Season I will also watch again closer to Christmas. The Movie Santa, Louisiana movie and the Love Actually.. And then the others- about 20 recorded......I do like the 12 Dates of Christmas.  Christmas Groundhog Day. Everyday she wakes up and it's the same day.

There is also World Cup Soccer.  I watch that.  Husband ate the soup for a second day...... I don't recall if or what I ate..........really- well... got to go- have a hole in the toe of my sock and until I mend it. I will be annoyed by it.

Thursday, December 08, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, December 8th. He ATE The SOUP!!!!! Standing Ovation.

 How to Grow an Avocado Plant.  I looked it up.

Each of the wing branches (on my "tree) has this many leaves.  They are smaller right now but I imagine they will look like these in the picture in a few weeks. It's all very exciting.

I moved the pot back to where it has lived for it's entire Life.  It's happy there.  It didn't need more water or more Sun. It was just fine.  I am looking for a larger pot.  But I won't transplant while the leaves are tiny.

Soup.  Was made.  Was eaten.  A Good Day.

The Sun is Shining Today.  Rained most of the day yesterday.

I am reading less........don't know if it's the books or just December.  Reading less.  

Georgia has voted.  As Georgia goes so goes the Nation? would be lovely if that is how politics moves forward. Now we have to wait and see Kevin McCarthy kicked to the curb. Please.

I was shocked and then in tears watching the families of the officers who died or were injured after January 6th- ignore and not shake hands with Mitch or Kevin.  They didn't take the medals from their hands either. No drama, just a  refusal......

Across the street, my neighbor is having a guy come and put up a seven foot Christmas Tree.  She can't manage it on her own and has family coming for Christmas and four granddaughters..  I think she is a bit younger than I am but still in her 70's.  Oddly enough, she was born and lived a few blocks away from where I was born and lived in Cleveland.  As a child.  Different schools. Different neighborhoods but pretty close.  It's amazing how that sort of serendipity happens.

Oil delivery truck beeping as it backs up into the woods next door.  A long and winding driveway.

Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday December 7th. Dark, Warm, Rain.

 What keeps my husband busy.  I sharpen pencils.

Today........NOT the day for my haircut.  NEXT WEEK.  The appointment is usually in my sidebar as a reminder.  It got deleted a few weeks ago and the next reminder didn't arrive.  So I have it on the PAPER calendar. In big black letters and numbers for NEXT Wednesday. 10:20.

We are BOTH forgetting NOW. At least I remembered there WAS a haircut. Just not today.

I am making Chicken Soup. Husband says he will eat it.  I have just given up arguing.  It's not worth it.  So I stopped at Grocery and got carrots, onions and celery and made soup.  I had chicken in the freezer. I also got soup noodles (he has specific needs)...... I will dump it all in the compost when he refuses to eat it. I will make a video of him refusing to eat it.

We'll roll THAT way from now on- as he has always had quite a "temper" and shouts etc. a video is better testimony to show him. His behavior.

He also wanted to argue about the puzzle.  He has made one long side short.  Like that is how a puzzle works.  He worries and worries about the EDGES and doesn't bother to do the CENTER until he is happy with "edges".  I think the puzzle might be too difficult.  Too many small pieces.

I might have taken too many books back to the library.  My pile is way too short.

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, December 6th. Sunshine. 51 degrees.

 I took a picture of the New Books Room at my Library. It usually looks like this.  Empty. Occasionally people will be sitting in the far back set of chairs using the internet and their tablets.  At one point in time they had a tv in there playing some recorded event- endlessly.  Outside the room and to the left/front is a high counter where they have the Community Puzzle.  People stop and find a few puzzle pieces and then move on. Occasionally some one finds a high stool and sits and works on the puzzle for a bit of time. One recent puzzle was all red pieces.

I took a shower today- this morning.  My hair needed to be washed.  Tomorrow is my haircut. 10am.

We got a box of fruit- a very small box- one apple, one grapefruit, one orange, one pear etc.   The box was open at the top.....not taped shut. Just cellophane gift paper-open as well.  It was LEFT on the porch by UPS.  It was near freezing last night.  The pear was ice cold and has soft brown spots....the apple was also very cold and had two soft brown spots.  The grapefruit, orange and tangerine don't look ripe or edible-we got the same box last year and the fruit was inedible..  I make it a point to look out the front door in case someone has left something on the porch.  Usually, not.  But it's habit.

No idea how long the box sat there in the dark and  

I sent an email of complaint.  They will reply in the "order in which the complaints are received".  I translate that to read "don't hold your breath".  Hale Groves.  The gift cards begins with " have just received the best fruit available"  They never replied last year.

The best fruit available is located at my grocery store. I mentioned that in my email of complaint.

This gift of fruit will go out into the yard- cut in half so the birds can enjoy eating it????? 

Always the question--do I let the BANK know their gift was .........not the best quality?  And two years in a row- makes me think- we got the only bad box (twice)- or everyone kept comments to themselves.

Monday, December 05, 2022

Field Notes- Monday. December 5th. 40 degrees, sunshine.

 I think this might be an Elf and a Reindeer made out of newspaper and cardboard boxes.

Absolutely a fantastic "at home" or "at school" art project.  I would have waited until recycling collection day on my street and collected Amazon boxes, newspapers and cardboard.  After 10 pm.  Then have my Girl Scouts make animals.  IF I still had a troop. I wonder if girls still do Scouts????

Fed Ex delivered a package yesterday.  Not mine.  I was excited for a few minutes and then put on my shoes to go out.  The truck was still in my driveway so I walked over and knocked on the window. Scared the crap out of the driver.  (a very black man in a very white neighborhood) I showed him my hands. No gun. I said this is 12 and the box goes to 14 in the woods over there....... He said thank you. New job. Nervous. Etc.

I was told by a 30 something neighbor that I could actually "keep" boxes delivered to the wrong address.

Would you?

Library to return 5 books and check out 3.  I was getting behind and some went back unread. Grocery.

Husband zipped thru two of his new birthday puzzles and is now stuck on the third one.  Small pieces. Some edge pieces were in wrong places and one side of the puzzle was longer than the other and same with the short sides.  I fixed a few spots but........I think more is wrong with it.  All the edge pieces were white.  I suggested he work on the colorful center and let the outside edges fend for themselves for a while.

We had Football Pizza last night.  Watched Cincinnati. Did they win????  Pepperoni on his side- just cheese and onion on mine.  Glass of red wine.  He kept looking at it.  Wanted to say something.  I ignored him.  One glass of wine once in a blue moon.......give me a break.

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday, December 4th.- One Typo per word so far. Sunshine. Cold. Birdbaths Frozen.

 Lo Mein Stir Fry.  I'm sort of a Stir Fry Girl.  Noodles, Soy Sauce and Vegetables. What's not to like. Looks like red pepper, carrots, leafy green stuff.  Mushrooms.

Just finished a book. By the author of the Runaway Groom.  Meghan Quinn.  This one--- a billionaire hires a girl he bumps into on the sidewalk to pretend to be engaged to him.  Like all Billionaires (dude!) he buys/leases her an electric car, clothes and a diamond ring.  Moves her into the mansion. Separate bedrooms. Titled A Not So Meet Cute.  This book was sort of a Stir Fry.  

But I liked it.  Will photo copy the cover and have my Book Guy order it for me. And the Runaway Groomsman.   Great author.  I need to order all her books.  I like a book that makes me laugh out loud.

We are having Football Pizza today.  No Patriots Game.  We'll watch some other game at Pizza Time. I wasn't prepared when they did play-- and actually--we didn't watch the game.  It's not like they were going to win against the Buffalo Bills. It's not like everyone doesn't know the Patriots stink. Well, the coaches stink most of all.

So...what have I been doing.  Reading. Arguing with husband.  Answering the phone.  Hanging up after I discover it's a robocall. Visiting the kitchen to find things to eat. ALL the T-Day leftovers are NOW finished even the PIE.  Husband has only one chicken dinner in the fridge (thank goodness for Pizza Day) and is on high alert of pending "nothing for me to eat"......... I really need to "transfer him" to some other meal..... but can't figure out what that might be..... He's totally OVER Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Which were so EASY.  For me. To stock and make. So Pizza today and like Scarlett O'Hara....  I'll think about it tomorrow.  And go find a book in the pile to read......... 

Saturday, December 03, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday December 3rd- Dark, Wet, Rain Soaked Day.

 Orange, Pistachio, Chocolate Shortbread.

NYT.  I wrote down the recipe and then read the Notes (comments).  NYT can be so pretentious. In other words- the recipe as written does not work.  And cutting bars from an 8 by 8 pan does not result in 48 that look like the picture.  I might make the dough and just...I don't know- as the comments says the dough crumbles--so this has disaster written all over it- as do so many of the NYT recipes.  

Team USA lost to the Netherlands.  This morning.  They were outplayed.

I enjoyed Obama's funny put down of H. Walker last night or the night before having to do with Vampires.  Why not disqualify Walker-- as he has stated very clearly-- that he is now and has been a long time resident of Texas and not Georgia. The residence he says he has in Georgia belongs to an X-wife who wants nothing to do with him. Certainly doesn't want him living there. He may have paid for it...but that isn't "residing".... neither is playing college football in Georgia 20 or 30 years ago.

If he was running as Democrat...guess what the Republicans would be saying.

So. my day was filled with World Cup games, Christmas Movies, short amounts of news...I get upset-- and walks into the kitchen to look for snacks.  I had ice cream, corn chips, Swiss cheese and Cinnamon toast. Nothing that qualifies as a "meal".  I will have steamed rice and vegetables today or Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Yesterday's Book: Sophie Go's Lonely Hearts Club. About a new matchmaker and the old men she finds matches for.  She also wrote Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortunes which I have read many times. Author of both books is Roselle Lim. I had a mother who punished me because my father loved me. Sophie Go has a really awful mother.  I'd love to see this book as a Hallmark Christmas Movie.

Friday, December 02, 2022

Field Notes- December 2nd. Sunshine but chilly.

 German Christmas Ornaments. Six Christmases in Germany and I fell HARD for these little wooden ornaments.  But now, for the second Christmas (or it could be the third) we won't be having a tree.  So no ornaments.   I was considering a small three foot artificial tree in the dining room.  With tiny ornaments, and white lights.  Only considering.......not seriously wanting.

I need guidance on growing an Avocado Pit- the leaves on mine are getting dark and soft at the tips and edges and then fall off.  Husband and I are wondering- too wet, too dry, not enough sun etc.  The Pit Tree has produced three areas- each with 3 to five new baby leaves.  Edges of the two branches and the center over the stem. Leading me to believe it has enough water, sun and warmth.  But husband has asked me to move the pot closer to two windows and the heat source. I did but not sure moving a plant is a good idea.

New Desk Calendar Page.  I don't know when I stopped pasting things on the actual dates.  Now I just decorate the entire calendar ALL month.  Adding stuff.  Adding pen marks.  Adding colored pencil.  I did just now...write Haircut in the December 7th block.  

It's chilly in the house.  My eyes are dry and tired.  I am dry and tired.  Exhausted.  It's weird to be so tired and actually having only eaten breakfast (making a second breakfast piece of toast), watching Soccer, and doing two Sudoko Puzzles (easy ones)... but I am tired....very very tired.

Husband  and I had an argument about his iPad usage last night.  Reading endless "email" which comes from strange places and none of it is actually email.  I don't mind him playing games.  I do mind him reading gossip and fake news.  I do mind him moving thru material quickly which adds to his attention deficit.

Life here is sometimes more than I can stand.  I wish I had a quiet place to hide.  Well, I use reading books as my quiet place to hide......... but I still get asked to find things, look at things, answer the "is it lunch time yet" or "did I have dessert already questions". I get so "used up" that I forget to eat lunch or dinner myself. Caretaker is a dangerous job.

We've just selected a new puzzle to work on..... looking for edge pieces.  There is one slice of Pumpkin Pie left and some Pecan Pie.  I think some green bean casserole and stuffing. No gravy. The sun is shining.  It isn't raining.  I have a book that I am 2/3rds into. The Patriots played last night and we didn't watch.  Which was a good decision.

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Field Notes with Some Scottish Spice-

 Now we know what they wear under the kilt.  A Reader, who loves to make me laugh, sent this in this morning's mail-along with a long letter.  ML- Thank you!!!!!

We've been to the Library- three (spicy) books- and the grocery- only one Chicken Parm....I think there was a reason we went to the grocery and it wasn't just Chicken Parm- but....that could have been it.  I don't remember.  I got Lactate free vanilla ice cream.  I like the yogurt one best- but still no vanilla.

The spot where I usually find the Chicken Parm meals now has Meal Kits.  A young mom with a toddler was so very very excited about these boxes.  Lots of moveable parts and containers inside.  I can relate.  Toddler and Cooking are two things that don't go together. Sesame Street for Mom.

Now we are back home.  Furnace is running. It's 39 today at noon.  But NOT raining.  Yesterday the wind was howling, the rain was pounding down and the electricity was flickering.  Sigh.

SUN!!!  Wow.  I'll take it.  Now it's clouds.  Sigh

I have to finish off my desk calendar and turn the page to December.  I've got a few inches scattered about that are blank white space and I need to do some pasting or coloring.  Then I can start in on December.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, November 30th. Wet, Cold, Raining...Dark.

 I like the size of the handle most of all.  And I buy only King Arthur flour so I like that as well. Am I ordering one?  No.  I do not willingly give out my credit card number on the internet.

Grocery today.  Husband was down to ONE chicken dinner. Emergency Lights Are Flashing.  We only had the opportunity to buy two more. So I got some prepared (fried) chicken tenders from the "hot bar" and we will try a "homemade" dinner. Chicken tenders the pasta he already cooks to add to the meals because you have to have lots of pasta, the shredded Parm we also buy separately and a jar of red sauce.  We will see how it goes. I truly hope it "goes". Would simplify my shopping.

I hold the line at actually cooking raw chicken etc.  I do not like raw chicken. No. I do not.

It was raining.   No one was bringing carts into the store.  Only three registers open and the parking lot full. Not a great day....  I wore shoes with tread.  My usual Summer Garden clogs (rubbery) no longer have tread on the soles.  I have slipped and fallen when it rains.  I don't want to do that in my raincoat.  The big black wool coat blunts the fall and saves my hip bones when I fall in winter weather.. but I now have restaurant shoes with non slip soles.  Today I had on Pink Rubber Shoes.  Orange Coat. White Hair.

Fashion Statement.  You can NEVER take the Cleveland, Ohio out of the Girl.

New puzzle on the table.  Big pieces.  This one belongs to us.  Remember I bought puzzles and coloring books at Sherman's Books?  Birthday Stuff.  He had a birthday.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Field Notes. I skipped a Day!!!! Tuesday, November 29th. 27 degrees outside. Sunshine.

 I didn't realize I had not posted yesterday- until five seconds ago!!!!  I shocked myself when I saw that. I must be losing brain cells faster than I assumed. Truly...I feel older and more frail by the day.

Well, yesterday.....the jigsaw puzzle got finished.  I did two loads of wash.  I ate the last remaining thanksgiving leftovers, and the porch wreaths- 48 inches wide and heavy- were carried from the Garage Attic by the Twin's Dad and hung on the hooks and plugged in.  We had them on last night.  Gorgeous.

Also, DebL will be happy to learn, I MET and CHATTED with my new next door neighbor.  My husband is going to feed and visit her two cats when she goes away for Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day.  She asked me but I was truthful.....I don't like cats.  She and husband are camping out in the room above the garage.  Her kitchen is no where near finished.  The ceiling had to be structurally "rebuilt" which means the second story of her house is...not what it should be????.   Classic Money Pit.

The house across the street #11 (identical to next door) had the dining room ceiling fall in, the builder was "excellent". Yes, the ceiling just came down on her table and chairs........ fascinating. Same would have happened to the new neighbor.

I am having lunch with another owner of an identical house #1 and the Twins live in yet another one #5 of these houses (so I spoke to all four same house owners yesterday).  From the story I heard long ago (and far away).......four lots were left when all the custom homes (one of a kind) had been finished and a builder came in and threw up identical houses on the four vacant and not so great (swampy) lots.  

My house was the first built on this "formerly" swampy/ crap tree covered piece of Earth.  It was quite "something" as it was being built.  The "basement" filled with water as it was being dug.........which is why I have a crawl space and no basement.

The cement truck sunk into the muddy road when they dug the foundation.....the fire department came to haul the cement truck out and the BIG fire engine sunk into the house is well known in the community. My husband visited Town Meetings (and spoke) until the Town actually PAVED our street a few years ago. I had forgotten that.  Squeaky Wheel and all that. Forty years after construction.

I had to refill my 1970's pewter peppermill this morning.  It has lots of moveable parts.  Parts that are held down by a spring.   It was a SUBSTANTIAL JOB.  Finding stuff that had SPRUNG FREE when I loosen the nut on the screw.  It's all back together and grinding just fine.  

I learned my lesson last time.....I didn't open it in the sink..........and then have to reach into the disposal thingy looking for a small screw........

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Field Notes- Dark and Cold outside when I went to get the paper. Dismal. That's a good word for today.

 I found this somewhere and thought it was quite lovely.  Shaped bread for the Holiday just past.  I thought I wanted glass front cabinets but.......I think I will stick with the stainless rolling shelving that I have right now. A Restaurant vibe. 

We went to the grocery store yesterday and the Library.  I returned books and got five more- two for husband.  Three for me.  Two are repeats.  Reading was fine yesterday.  No need for drops or resting periods. House Air wasn't as DRY.

I watched a Christmas Movie I had recorded off FX.  Sound was not good.  FX is either very loud or not audible.  It's the way it arrives.  Title was Last Christmas.  And they kept offering the Bad Language warning.    I never did hear any bad language.  It was British.  And I never can understand them.  The Brits & Christmas.  Almost to the end and I remembered what it's about.  And I knew I would cry.  The reality part goes by quickly and if you're not watching and paying attention you will never understand what it's about.  But......I cried.

I think that's why I recorded it.......for a good cry.  Eyes are a bit damp right now.

I used to have a few Rom-coms that provided a good cry.  Can't quite recall which ones they are.....but I know I don't have them recorded.  I do have Tom Hanks in an airport that he can't leave.  Recorded  many years ago......that's what I actually love about TiVo.  Forever Storage if you don't delete. And now I will also have the Last Christmas and Love Actually- forever.  Today I will watch the Bookstore Around the Corner.  I love that movie.

I just finished reading Meghan Quinn's Runaway Groomsman.  The Runaway is a script writer for a channel called Movieflix.  (netflix?)  He interprets what is happening as if it's a scripted movie. And if it was a movie- I would record it.  He arrives VERY drunk, in a baby blue tux with only one shoe. The two women in the book have to drag, carry him to his room. And he's "trending" on social media.  Not in a good way.  I went and ordered more by this author.  Can't wait till they arrive.  Now reading a small paperback- 2001-  Tempted Again by Cathie Linz.  Mad, Bad and Blonde was the other one I liked and this one has one of the characters from the first book in this one.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Field Notes- Sunshine- Warmer. Neighbors had trucks there- woke me up , yet again.

 Brussels Sprouts.  I captured this image the week before T'Day.  Then forgot about it.

I like black slate.  I wanted it for the kitchen counters.....when I still harbored thoughts of a new kitchen. I have it on the floors.  Black and White.  Makes everything look exciting.

Grocery today.  He wanted Chicken Parmesan Dinners. And his inhaler prescription.  I wanted Cinnamon Raisin Bread.  I also got honey lemon cough drops for when the "house air" gets dry and I cough.  The Cough and Cold Aisle was crowded.  Not a good sign.

The store was OUT (again) of my Noosa Vanilla Yogurt "Ice Cream".

I stopped to chat with a Greenhouse employee in the Wine and Potato Chip Aisle.  They miss me. Mostly because I answered questions.  I miss them, as well.  The store did not have the 60% less salt Potato Chips.  They had 40% less.... in abundance.  I was strong and didn't get the 40%.

Husband had leftovers and then he had pie yesterday.  I had leftovers but forgot to have pie.

We watched the Soccer.....well, the last 20 minutes.  The action is too fast and the figures too small- so husband was confused. Not worth it.

Dee- I was watching Lifetime Christmas also..  Same actors as Hallmark and I check and see if the movies I want are on Lifetime now...found a few and recorded them.  And they have Love Actually.  Which I am recording on TiVo.  Love the END of that movie.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Field Notes- A Cloudy, Dark, Sprinkled with Rain, Cold Day. There is a Morning Paper. To read.

 My list from yesterday.  To remind me of what I had to make and cook.  There was also gravy.

It all got done.  Not in any order.  And not with any "professional-ism".  I was watching movies on Hallmark and other places.  They had good ones yesterday.  So I was not being a "pot watcher".

Husband ate some of everything.  Had seconds.  Later we had pie.  We never have pie right after dinner. I had almost every pot and pan I owned in use.  And then I washed them all and put them away.  We have leftovers for today and a few more days...I think.  Certainly the vegetable dishes. (I always make plenty as I love the leftover side dishes best).

Hallmark had a lovely Louisiana based Christmas Movie last night.  I know I didn't record it so will have to find it again in the weeks ahead.  I also watched parts of  two "teen" movies.  Save the Last Dance and another one.  I was cooking, watching a movie, cooking, watching a movie etc.  We (me) didn't realize the Patriots were playing so missed the game.  

Today....I think, will be a resting day.  No shopping.  Though I think I want a Ninja Creamy (or Speedy)  to make ice cream and frozen yogurt.  I saw a commercial.  It would be nice to make my own frozen yogurt ice cream. I do have the Vitamix.  And I do know it makes ice cream. I even made hot cream of carrot soup in it. Once a long time ago.  Does lots of nice things.  I should try that first.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday November 24th- Birdbath's Frozen. Power Outage Overnight. The Usual.

 I use Systane drops in my eyes.   And I have dedicated Reading Glasses.  And I had a recent eye exam with no change in my eyes.   I think it's just the dryness AND the TINY print of an old school paperback. The small pocket sized ones.  Print is not only tiny it's not real dark.  Double Trouble. But the story was good and I wanted to see how it ended.  My fault, I should have rested my eyes.

I got the fridge working all by myself a few minutes ago.  The on/off button did the job.  Welcome to Maine in the Winter. Power Failure Capital of the USA. Usually, it's a squirrel and we know this because we have seen it's still smoking dead body up in the circuits at the end of the road.  Same Place.  Every time.

I figured I should learn I might be in charge of Power Failures from now on.......I might be in charge of quite a bit from now on... and should figure out how things work.  The Furnace is running.  I turn it down into the 50's at night and then up to 65 during the day.  Down Comforters.  Who needs the furnace.

I have to get going.  Peel potatoes, make the Pumpkin Pie etc.  After that it's just add water and butter to things and get them HOT.  I don't expect husband to eat any of the dinner......he didn't last year.  He doesn't like vegetables.  But I did buy a precooked turkey breast so perhaps he'll eat that and choke on a piece of turkey he failed to he always does.  I'll update you as it goes.

Nothing like a choking emergency to make the day a Holiday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Field Notes- Hello--Thank You For Reading!!!! Chilly, cloudy with a chance of..a Nap

 From Something in the sidebar.  Deluxe Images Delivered with Each Post.  "How do I love thee, let me count the ways"

My eyes are DRY!!!!  Nothing is helping.  I am considering just bundling up on the couch and taking a NAP.  I know!!!!! Me! A NAP??????  Who are we kidding?  Now my nose is running.............

I had the devil of a time- with drops and rest periods and NOT rubbing my EYES yesterday trying to finish a book with small print.  FINALLY ACTING MY AGE.

Daughter brought me a Pecan Pie.  I ate a piece.  Sweeter than I am used to.  So, I am thinking today- I will cut a wedge and then crumble it and eat it mixed with a Vanilla Noosa Yogurt.  The little 4 ounce serving.  Perhaps the filling.  Eat the crust with TEA.  The Pie is a gift from the Candy Factory.  She has made the switch from Outdoor Landscaping to Indoor Candy Pack and Ship. She was dressed like the ToothFairy.  Not really- just a BIG change from Garden Wear.

A BOOK is coming from Kentucky via Amazon.  First week of December.  I am thrilled. Gobsmacked Thrilled. All is Right With MY World.  How do I love THEE?  Let me count the ways!!!!!

So Many of You Out make me so very happy.  Reading this stuff I type.  Being Friends with Great.  So Wonderful........So Thankful........... So so Thankful.... Happy Holiday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, November 22nd. COLD. COLD. COLD. Eyes getting dry. Making it difficult to read books.

 I may have used this already....I have lots of Christmas images but not much else.  I need to start taking pictures of my own again.........Of my daily pair of socks?  Well...if they were anything but shades of black etc.  I don't have cool socks. Some do have multi colored stripes. This bird is sitting on ice.  No drinking water.  

My birdbaths are ice right to the top edge of the birdbath.  So nowhere for me to pour building water. Which I do in the Winter.  It freezes pretty quick but...what else can I do???

I loved the images from the Lunar spaceship.  The Big Moon and the tiny blue planet. Us.

My across the street neighbor has left for the airport and New York City with Two Tofurkies. I know that isn't spelled correctly but it's Tofu Turkey.  

Did I mention here...that I found a turkey breast in with all the rotisserie chickens?  Monday at the grocery.  I think I did.  Anyway.  I was going to get started with cooking- bake a pie......but I will wait for Tomorrow.

I haven't started in on the Pomegranate Drawing.  I have the paper and the art supplies ready to go...I just am not ready to go.  The air in the house is very, very dry and my eye balls are dry- even with many applications of reading, drawing and anything else.....difficult.

I mysteriously recorded the movie with the cute guy in the house full of Christmas.  He took off his shirt. It was worth all the digging to find this movie--but it wasn't all that interesting AFTER he took off the shirt.  In fact, the movie was dull.  It's an old one and I think I've seen him in other movies on Hallmark with a different name.  Anyway.........I have, I think, a new favorite for 2022.  Santa Boot Camp.  The chef guy is mighty cute. Of course I have watched the movie about making a Christmas Santa Movie three times now and I really love it.  THAT guy shows up at my door- he gets pulled in the house and G gets shoved out.