Saturday, November 26, 2022

Field Notes- Sunshine- Warmer. Neighbors had trucks there- woke me up , yet again.

 Brussels Sprouts.  I captured this image the week before T'Day.  Then forgot about it.

I like black slate.  I wanted it for the kitchen counters.....when I still harbored thoughts of a new kitchen. I have it on the floors.  Black and White.  Makes everything look exciting.

Grocery today.  He wanted Chicken Parmesan Dinners. And his inhaler prescription.  I wanted Cinnamon Raisin Bread.  I also got honey lemon cough drops for when the "house air" gets dry and I cough.  The Cough and Cold Aisle was crowded.  Not a good sign.

The store was OUT (again) of my Noosa Vanilla Yogurt "Ice Cream".

I stopped to chat with a Greenhouse employee in the Wine and Potato Chip Aisle.  They miss me. Mostly because I answered questions.  I miss them, as well.  The store did not have the 60% less salt Potato Chips.  They had 40% less.... in abundance.  I was strong and didn't get the 40%.

Husband had leftovers and then he had pie yesterday.  I had leftovers but forgot to have pie.

We watched the Soccer.....well, the last 20 minutes.  The action is too fast and the figures too small- so husband was confused. Not worth it.

Dee- I was watching Lifetime Christmas also..  Same actors as Hallmark and I check and see if the movies I want are on Lifetime now...found a few and recorded them.  And they have Love Actually.  Which I am recording on TiVo.  Love the END of that movie.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Field Notes- A Cloudy, Dark, Sprinkled with Rain, Cold Day. There is a Morning Paper. To read.

 My list from yesterday.  To remind me of what I had to make and cook.  There was also gravy.

It all got done.  Not in any order.  And not with any "professional-ism".  I was watching movies on Hallmark and other places.  They had good ones yesterday.  So I was not being a "pot watcher".

Husband ate some of everything.  Had seconds.  Later we had pie.  We never have pie right after dinner. I had almost every pot and pan I owned in use.  And then I washed them all and put them away.  We have leftovers for today and a few more days...I think.  Certainly the vegetable dishes. (I always make plenty as I love the leftover side dishes best).

Hallmark had a lovely Louisiana based Christmas Movie last night.  I know I didn't record it so will have to find it again in the weeks ahead.  I also watched parts of  two "teen" movies.  Save the Last Dance and another one.  I was cooking, watching a movie, cooking, watching a movie etc.  We (me) didn't realize the Patriots were playing so missed the game.  

Today....I think, will be a resting day.  No shopping.  Though I think I want a Ninja Creamy (or Speedy)  to make ice cream and frozen yogurt.  I saw a commercial.  It would be nice to make my own frozen yogurt ice cream. I do have the Vitamix.  And I do know it makes ice cream. I even made hot cream of carrot soup in it. Once a long time ago.  Does lots of nice things.  I should try that first.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday November 24th- Birdbath's Frozen. Power Outage Overnight. The Usual.

 I use Systane drops in my eyes.   And I have dedicated Reading Glasses.  And I had a recent eye exam with no change in my eyes.   I think it's just the dryness AND the TINY print of an old school paperback. The small pocket sized ones.  Print is not only tiny it's not real dark.  Double Trouble. But the story was good and I wanted to see how it ended.  My fault, I should have rested my eyes.

I got the fridge working all by myself a few minutes ago.  The on/off button did the job.  Welcome to Maine in the Winter. Power Failure Capital of the USA. Usually, it's a squirrel and we know this because we have seen it's still smoking dead body up in the circuits at the end of the road.  Same Place.  Every time.

I figured I should learn I might be in charge of Power Failures from now on.......I might be in charge of quite a bit from now on... and should figure out how things work.  The Furnace is running.  I turn it down into the 50's at night and then up to 65 during the day.  Down Comforters.  Who needs the furnace.

I have to get going.  Peel potatoes, make the Pumpkin Pie etc.  After that it's just add water and butter to things and get them HOT.  I don't expect husband to eat any of the dinner......he didn't last year.  He doesn't like vegetables.  But I did buy a precooked turkey breast so perhaps he'll eat that and choke on a piece of turkey he failed to he always does.  I'll update you as it goes.

Nothing like a choking emergency to make the day a Holiday.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Field Notes- Hello--Thank You For Reading!!!! Chilly, cloudy with a chance of..a Nap

 From Something in the sidebar.  Deluxe Images Delivered with Each Post.  "How do I love thee, let me count the ways"

My eyes are DRY!!!!  Nothing is helping.  I am considering just bundling up on the couch and taking a NAP.  I know!!!!! Me! A NAP??????  Who are we kidding?  Now my nose is running.............

I had the devil of a time- with drops and rest periods and NOT rubbing my EYES yesterday trying to finish a book with small print.  FINALLY ACTING MY AGE.

Daughter brought me a Pecan Pie.  I ate a piece.  Sweeter than I am used to.  So, I am thinking today- I will cut a wedge and then crumble it and eat it mixed with a Vanilla Noosa Yogurt.  The little 4 ounce serving.  Perhaps the filling.  Eat the crust with TEA.  The Pie is a gift from the Candy Factory.  She has made the switch from Outdoor Landscaping to Indoor Candy Pack and Ship. She was dressed like the ToothFairy.  Not really- just a BIG change from Garden Wear.

A BOOK is coming from Kentucky via Amazon.  First week of December.  I am thrilled. Gobsmacked Thrilled. All is Right With MY World.  How do I love THEE?  Let me count the ways!!!!!

So Many of You Out make me so very happy.  Reading this stuff I type.  Being Friends with Great.  So Wonderful........So Thankful........... So so Thankful.... Happy Holiday.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, November 22nd. COLD. COLD. COLD. Eyes getting dry. Making it difficult to read books.

 I may have used this already....I have lots of Christmas images but not much else.  I need to start taking pictures of my own again.........Of my daily pair of socks?  Well...if they were anything but shades of black etc.  I don't have cool socks. Some do have multi colored stripes. This bird is sitting on ice.  No drinking water.  

My birdbaths are ice right to the top edge of the birdbath.  So nowhere for me to pour building water. Which I do in the Winter.  It freezes pretty quick but...what else can I do???

I loved the images from the Lunar spaceship.  The Big Moon and the tiny blue planet. Us.

My across the street neighbor has left for the airport and New York City with Two Tofurkies. I know that isn't spelled correctly but it's Tofu Turkey.  

Did I mention here...that I found a turkey breast in with all the rotisserie chickens?  Monday at the grocery.  I think I did.  Anyway.  I was going to get started with cooking- bake a pie......but I will wait for Tomorrow.

I haven't started in on the Pomegranate Drawing.  I have the paper and the art supplies ready to go...I just am not ready to go.  The air in the house is very, very dry and my eye balls are dry- even with many applications of reading, drawing and anything else.....difficult.

I mysteriously recorded the movie with the cute guy in the house full of Christmas.  He took off his shirt. It was worth all the digging to find this movie--but it wasn't all that interesting AFTER he took off the shirt.  In fact, the movie was dull.  It's an old one and I think I've seen him in other movies on Hallmark with a different name.  Anyway.........I have, I think, a new favorite for 2022.  Santa Boot Camp.  The chef guy is mighty cute. Of course I have watched the movie about making a Christmas Santa Movie three times now and I really love it.  THAT guy shows up at my door- he gets pulled in the house and G gets shoved out.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Field Notes- 24 degrees. Very Cold. No Sun. No Wind. Monday.

 Already thinking about the Milk Jug seed starting project.  Out on the back deck.  I can get the containers filled with soil now (before it freezes) and then be ready to add grit to the tops with the seeds in January. Let the weather water the seeds- snow mostly.

It snowed yesterday during the Football Games as we ate our Pizza.  Sideways. With the wind blowing. Wind Chill at the stadium where the Patriots were playing (Boston) was very cold. I forget the number.  Our team won.  I watched a few other games.  The Pizza was very good.  I had a glass of wine.

I will be wearing my big black long and heavy coat to the grocery today.  Winter has Arrived.

In Germany, this Time in the Season, was called the Dark Times. Dark by 3 or 4 pm in the afternoon. Dark when we woke up.  Immer dunkle.

So.  I haven't turned the lights on yet.  The Furnace is running.  No newspaper as it's Monday and our paper doesn't print on Monday.  I have books to return to the Library and a list to take to the grocery.

I don't have much more to write.

Tell me what you are going to do today?

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday November 20th Sunshine. 36 degrees. Football. Pizza.

 Rose Hips.  I used to have roses.  Here in the garden beds.  They didn't like the climate of my yard. Too cold.  So I have three straggling, struggling roses has produced a small pink blossom in November.  

I feel like I am a rosebud in November as well.

News from Number One on my street.  Our neighbor "Star" with dementia is dead.  No details from her drug dealer/lying son......just that he is "enjoying a very large inheritance and Coca Cola stock shares" and her house and her car etc..  My daughter wondered if they forgot to feed her.

I was going to put forgot in quote marks "forgot".  Because, here on my street, we can guess how it went. And Social Services did not get involved. They were also "Conned". You brother did the same to our mother. And when the money was gone- so was he.

At some point, in the next hour or so, I will cry.  Ugly crying.  For that poor woman.  Not right now.

Before I knew....... I had taken the sheets off my bed and turned the mattress and now I have sheets to wash and new, fresh ones to put on the will cry while making the bed and doing a load of wash.   We were never close.  I would find and return her dog when she lost him (Riley found the dog mostly) so that was years ago....  I walked her home that summer she came here everyday.  I charged her iPhone.  I offered her sparkling orange flavored Italian Water.  Her favorite.

I didn't do enough. But....I had my own problems to deal with here....and knowing what my Future would be like (with her in front of me)....made my own situation even more terrifying.  And sociopaths can run a very believable Con.  I know that from experience.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Field Notes- Sunny, Chilly Saturday in Maine. Actually ...blinding Sunshine.

 Green Bean Casserole.  Seeing this image a lot on the Hallmark Channel Movies- Campbell Soup must be a Big Sponsor.  It's not an attractive dish of food......but I do love it.  Made it the first time as a married woman.  We never had this when I was growing up.  Love at first bite for me.  Not so much for my family but I make it every year anyway.   Especially now- when I ONLY make the Side Dishes.  For myself.

Husband was hysterically funny when he said he loved Thanksgiving Dinner at his recent doctor's not the truth as for the past few years he eats NONE of it.

My eyes are dry and blurry.   I paid bills.  Meaning I wrote checks and licked envelopes and stuck on stamps.  It was Good.  

I had fun with the stock market page in the newspaper.  Looking for the stocks that tanked the most and then the ones that did very very well.  Most Tech stocks lost money in the double digits. Musky. Crypto. The Alphabets. Amazon. Netflix which was a surprise.  Prime is beating them down pretty good. LockheedMarietta is BOOMING.  I asked my dad to buy me that one in high school for a class--he got me ATT instead. Or Lockheed was the one I wanted in the 60's (when they flew those GIGANTIC THINGS over our Marietta apartment.  And I could see the tire tread.....)  I might have chosen US Steel in high school.  Anyway.............ATT was and is a loser stock. It never moves. Lockheed for the win.

I would sell ATT but it isn't enough to buy anything fantastic.........

I watched two movies with Steve Lund in them (Hallmark).  In the new one his hair was parted on the left and he looked like a DORK (computer guy) but was brilliant on roller skates- in the older one- where I developed a "crush" his hair is parted on the right and he was EXTRA brilliant on ice skates (the Canadian Actors on Hallmark all played Hockey).  And he rides a motorcycle and wears leather..  Theres' one more...not a favorite but I might just have to record all three.  In the last one- he wears leather......I think. Watch him age. Older is not better with him.

I wasn't as thrilled with the leather/ motorcycle/Toy factory one as I used to be.  I must have outgrown him.  I think with all the very sexy Romances I am reading- Hallmark is way too DULL these days. Mostly I am watching Lifetime Christmas Movies. I wish Never Been Kissed was on again.  But the channels that might have shown it are showing Elf etc.  I don't like Elf- type movies.

That's it for today.  I might take a nap.  Husband is asleep on the Sunporch where it's toasty warm.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Field Notes on a very chilly Friday, November 18th. Riley passed on another November 18th.

 Hey, why not start the day with a big cry and all that?

I am reading  another good book.  One to Watch by Stayman-London was first- then  Marlowe Banks, Revisited by Firkins  and today (and yesterday) Dating Dr Dill by Sharma.  They have all been very good. I have a few more on the Library Book pile.  Two are waiting for pickup at the Library on Monday.

I'll just wait for my eyes to dry up.

We didn't get to see the Thursday Football game as it's on Prime and I had intended to make Pizza..  We don't have Prime.  I know we should (because of the wealth of PBS stuff on Prime) but...let's be clear....I no longer have active enough brain function  and I just find it all way too ANXIETY producing to get involved in.  As a beginner.  I never had much experience even before getting old.  We did have Netflix but I wasn't the one who activated it......and that "person" isn't helpful these days.

When I mentioned finding husband's wallet in the bathtub a reader said she found the TV remote in her freezer. Her husband is also fun to have around.  It made me laugh- still does.

So......anything happens with cable, computer or internet ......we're Out of Luck here. Totally.  They will die a quiet lonely death as did the printer.  Which no longer works.  In any language.  I will need a new one before Tax Time??? Unless I just send along originals to our Banker........Not having is the best way to deal with the IRS anyway.  Sorry...don't have that......piece of paper. Shrug........

I don't actually need a printer. I was only making copies of the covers of books I wanted to buy.......a list on paper, written in pen is good enough.

My Panera  $10.99 container of  Broccoli Cheddar "SOUP" was a yellowy "cheese" water  DISAPOINTMENT with one piece of broccoli no cheese flavor.  I was reminded that there used to be carrots also.  Long Ago.  Far Away.  So I added Carrots and Broccoli and Cheese and ate watery "soup"???  I still have some. Left.  It didn't even taste the way I remembered- you know- thick and creamy. Cheesy. Well. I never will buy it again.  That was Wednesday.

I discovered a few slices of English Toasting Bread in the way back of the fridge shelf.  So I had a Toasted Cheese with Pickles. That was Thursday.

 I sort of wished I had caved and bought 60% salt free potato chips. And the four pack of very moist thick dark Brownies.  Stuff I should NOT eat. Or Buy. I have two more slices of Bread so today I'll have another sandwich and pour the remaining "soup" into the sink. That will be Friday.

If I sound DOWN and UNHAPPY...I am.  The only thing I have that might need another load of wash.  I really wish I was a napper.  I would be happy to sleep all day and just not have to do any thing at all.  Not even eat. I am not suicidal.  Give that up.  I would NEVER!!!! I've put 76 years into staying alive.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, November 17th. Sunshine. 37 degrees@ 10:16 am.

 Our birdbaths are still frozen solid.  Turkeys- the wild ones- have been seen nearby.  They usually come to our back yard.  I'll let you know if they do.

I haven't had breakfast yet.  Husband was positive he had a dentist appointment this morning.  He got up early, called the office....he did not.  I think he forgets to delete things from his iPhone calendar and then they repeat the next year......endlessly.  He depends on the iPhone to remember things.....but garbage in and then garbage out...... I find that people do not grasp that part of the internet.

The "new" neighbors have finally parked a car on their new driveway.  I am guessing they wanted it good and set?  It was summer weather when it was installed.  Now it freezes at night.  

They arrived with only one POD.  I am wondering if that was all they owned?  But it hardly matters- I can't imagine ever being friends with them.  It was easy to "know" people when I worked.'s nearly impossible except for talking to strangers in the grocery check out line....and then I will never see those people again.

Something huge has arrived next door- sounds massive. Propane.  Well, if I was a real ASS- I would now be putting on my coat and getting a chair and settling down to watch.  That truck, with the tight turn into that driveway and the drop off into the woods on the other side of the going to have quite a problem delivering the propane.  


Got the truck backed in. Lots of running around by the workers still on site and their vehicles.  The owner said 400K.  For all the new stuff. I think that might have doubled- just estimating the amount of stuff added to the house. And the daily wages of the multitude of work people coming here each day from Portland- a 30 to 40 minute drive each way..  March to November.  Seven or Eight Months.  

Because they liked all the trees.  Old sick Pines.  That move when the wind blows. Side to side.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Field Notes- November 16th. We needed rain all Summer. So now it rains- in November.

 I think this image is of a scoop able Corn Pudding.  I am thinking I want to bake Cornbread.  Or Brownies. I need something "snacky" to eat while I watch the news.  ICK NEWS. Stress Eating. The Rye Bread has all been eaten.  Was best with butter and strawberry rhubarb jam. Okay with cheese and pickles. but not great.

I am wearing the last pair (why do we refer to one item as a pair?) of undies.  So I needed to pull them up and go do a load of laundry.  I just finished pushing everything into the dryer.  I also wrote in the Washing Machine Pages notebook.  It's nearly full.  The last of the college rule fat  "premium"notebooks from Staples.  If I want more I have to order on line.  Same with my favorite pens. No longer in Stores.

Instead I switched to a different- not as wonderful college rule notebook.  Smaller. And infrequently available at the grocery store. And I switched to a new pen that I can get at the grocery store.  Been awhile.  I am now over my "hissy fit" and liking both.  Well...I have only  successfully gotten the smaller college rule notebook twice.  And haven't actually used them yet.  But soon.

I think husband is preparing the couch for a NAP.  Nope..... he's walked over to the new puzzle.

It's already dark here in Maine- clouds.  Rain.  Not as cold as yesterday.  Everything is very wet and birdbaths are still frozen.  Not even one o'clock.

Yesterday's book.  Will be today's book as well. Marlow Banks, Redesigned (author Firkins).  Marlow has to step into a scene in a coffee shop for a popular show on tv- think Friends or Dawson's Creek.  (might be wrong about the Creek one as I never saw it-) I saw the other one, unfortunately.  Anyway- she was the only person the waitress dress fit so she had to do the bit.  The camera never lies.  

And the camera saw "something happen" between the bad boy guy and the "waitress".  Something the director liked.  Something the bad boy (28 years old) hoped the girl would never see.  As readers we know the "waitress" was tempted to pour the coffee in his lap..she is not a fan..  I'm reading it again.  He makes her an omelet just like the guy in the Hating Game...but near the end of the book.  Very much like the Hating Game.  And you all know I love that book.  I'm buying Marlow Banks, Redesigned.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Field Notes- Waking up to frozen water in the birdbaths. Sunshine.

 Coffee Cups.  Tea Cups.  I like the brownish one with the large green handle.  Fat bottom. 

I am reading a paperback- the small kind with tiny print.  Mad. Bad and Blonde.  Cathie Linz. 2010. Old school romance.  Sort of like the high school ridiculous movies.  A retired Military guy and a newly blonde, former Librarian turned Investigating Agent.  She got dumped at her wedding.  Not as ANGRY as Agnes of Agnes and the Hitman.....yet...but the Military guy is loosing his grip. Keeps showing up. Black Mustang.  I'm thinking of you Deb L.

This would have made a GREAT MOVIE.  A classic.  Grubby and nasty enough with all sorts of good opportunities for named actors to do little crazy pervy parts..with the viewer whooping it up when they showed up.  My imagination is running wild.  

Two thirds in and will be very very sad when I get to the last page.

When I finished a recent, really spicy book, I found a site for "if you liked this book, you'll like these" and I ordered them.  It's taking forever for the lending libraries to get them to me.  Blame it on Paris was one of the four I ordered from my library.  Racing the Sun was another and the last one is When Franny Stands Up.  But today I finish up Mad. Bad and Blonde.  And will probably read it a second time...right after I turn the last page.

I am going to try and find Smart Girls Think Twice ..... I might look up- if you enjoyed Mad, Bad and Blonde you might enjoy these books........yep.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Field Notes- November 14th. Ten Days till T-Day. Sunshine here in Maine

 Not here- we still have GREEN GRASS.  Yep.  Looks like summer outside and the crab tree made some new leaves and the rose bush has a lovely pink rose.  Confused by the Weather.

I watched Football.  They must be putting drugs in the Gatorade.  Drugs that make coaches do very questionable things.  The commentators said "why would you....." many times.  Indeed.  Why would you?

All our leaves are down and cleaned up here in Maine.  We know to do it right a way.  Snow and ice could happen at any moment and then the leaves would be frozen solid on the lawn for the entire Winter. Been there done that.  Don't want to repeat.

I have on my second best red sweater.  It's thicker and doesn't have any patches.  It's my back up red sweater.  Because I might be leaving the house.  The other red sweater has so many mendings on it and is worn almost see thru thin in places.   I feel conspicuous wearing it in public.  I might take the second best off and just wear a jacket to the grocery.i just checked the outside temp- 36.  So a coat?

The problem is that if I get too warm I might pass out.  It's a Lifelong Thing.  Too warm in heavy clothing and I hit the ground.  Dizzy and then just wanting to lie down with my eyes closed.  I used to think it was low blood pressure or blood sugar or whatever.......but I tend to the ground.  It's just what happens.  Now that I am old- I also wet my pants.  So going anywhere in my wool coat----wow. Hazard Pay.

But we are out of Chicken Parm dinners and I can feel husband's anxiety even in the next room. "what will I eat?"  A grilled cheese sandwich and pickles.  I mean really................I feel too warm in the sweater.  This is going to be a craptastic day.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Field Notes- Forgotten Saturday. How that happened is beyond me. Today is Steel Gray and Wet.

 I forgot to write yesterday.  I thought I had written.  But I didn't.  The day wasn't all that complicated or busy.  I just did usual.  I did read. A nice sexy book.  Racing the Sun.  It takes place in Italy. Amalfi Coast.  Karina Halle.

There was some political news regarding Maine.  We've always been a reliably Republican State.  But Maine doesn't Willing Suffer Fools even wearing a peel off sticky backed Republican nametag just to get elected..  And Maine seems to have gotten itself over the Foolish Business. Paul Lepage was handed his Hat and Carpetbag and told to hurry back to Florida where he actually lives. It's Tax Free.  He just returns to Maine like the Plague to run for Governor.

I watched three Christmas Movies and 15 minutes of a few more........I watched MSNBC in small 5 minute increments.  Finally at around 10 pm they had some good smart people saying good smart stuff. Then they didn't and I switched to Lifetime to see what they had for Christmas.  Then I went to bed.

I found and removed the older Pom art works from the shelf where they were stored.  Now to consider new ways to do them. No repeats.  Like the Apple up top.  I have a pom with the  colored surface like the top image.  I don't want to cut the Pom open but I might have to. Eventually.

I have pizza dough on the counter in the kitchen for later.  Pat's aren't playing today.  Not sure if we will be watching any of the games...perhaps the Bucs.  I did like the Titans but not sure they are playing and they have no quarterback again so......weird.  But the guy from last week has had another 6 days of practicing???  I have all the lights on.. 92 percent humidity.  Dark and wet outside.  Rain.  Not Snow.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, November 11th. Day of Infamy. I had to look up the spelling.

 Still not finished.  I stopped watching the talking heads on MSNBC.  It was too much about "what if" "might" etc.   I am not interested.  In What if.  So, I will be waiting. For What Actually IS.

The two Jackass candidates here in Maine lost.  Good Enough ..... Susan Collins wasn't running. Yet..We've had Strong, historically Strong Republican Senators.....Susan isn't one of them..... isn't the good kind of strong. I blame the current state of the Supreme Court on her.....totally. The way she voted.

The Library was closed  for Veteran's Day (surprise).  So I put my books in the overnight drop box and then talked to a young guy- perhaps as old as our son- so early 50's- (young for me) and he was drawing a tattoo for a friend.  We talked about tattoos for a bit.  Regarding coloring them in.  None of his were colored.  Ones he had on his legs, arms and neck.  He said it was time consuming and they faded.  The black ink did not.

Husband was waiting in the car for me and he was sort of fascinated watching me talk to this guy.

The grocery to finally pick up my inhalers.  $120.00.   Then oatmeal usually 3.49 is now $7.99 a box. Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup was $10.99. The extra broccoli- I like more broccoli in the soup was $ 2.99 for 10 ounces.  I had been thinking about the Panera Soup- my grocery carries it even though a Panera restaurant is nearby.  Well, Over the Bridge and a few miles.  Everything here in Maine is Over the Bridge.  Lots of Bridges.  Over Troubled Waters.

I didn't want to make it myself.  

The house is getting dark at 1:29.   It's supposed to rain.  It will be pitch dark by 4pm. A bit of sunshine.

Husband misplaced his wallet and said- maybe it's in my bathtub......huh??? so I looked.  It was in the bathtub.  Says it falls out of his pant pockets when he hangs his pants over the shower rod.  Can't make this stuff up.........

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, November 10th. Sunshine. No Sweater. Husband goes to Doctor.

 This looks cute.  For someone other than me.

Husband had his annual doctor visit.  All his numbers looked good.  He got his Flu Shot. Did not get Pneumonia as he already had one a few years ago and it has lasting effects.  Next visit is in May of next year.

The doctor.......again suggested we get another dog.  For the Daily Walk With The Dog In the Woods. But I asked him what happens to the dog when one of us dies, or is hospitalized etc..  And he said a shelter.  Wow.  Just Wow.  He lost so many points with me...........

We stopped at Reny's the discount store.  Got two new puzzles.  I got a Trade paper.  They have low prices on Trade Paper and sometimes--ones I want to read.   Then the bookstore where I found two more puzzles and two coloring books and another book for me.  Only one book.  I had hoped to find some others but the one I found was by the author of One Day In December.  A very sad but lovely book.  This one is titled One Last Gift.  Two orphan siblings find a letter addressed to them........

It's 2 pm and it will be dark in two hours. Husband suggested we eat out but parking was non existent so we came home.  Parking is often non- existent.  We forgot to stop at the library.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow. Tomorrow.  Just a Day Away.... I do want a McD's Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel for a Limited Time Only.

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Field Notes- Janet won the Governor's Race!!!! Sunshine. Yes, to pneumonia vaccine.

 So......Election Night is over for------awhile.  Some races are still undecided.  MSNBC was intense yesterday but once they showed that Oz had lost and  Janet was still Governor of Maine- all was right in my tiny World and I could go to bed- the Golden results aren't in and there will be a run off..  I just closed my eyes and thought "other thoughts" when results of Florida and Georgia came on the screen.  I resided in both those states for years. But never again. 

I watched two delightful Hallmark Movies-- the male actors were perfect. They made the stupid plot of each movie seem "reasonably possible" and the kissing was excellent. You all know the kissing is usually quite awful.  The lead actors in both movies really kissed the woman..  seemed happy to do it. So I kept them in my TiVo file. I finished my book.  I haven't chosen the next one yet. I washed the load of husband's garden/weeding pants and now need to fold them. The Tide Super Spray...not happy with it.  

G wants me to "mend" the knees on almost all his pants.   Not enchanted with this work. He's transitioned to sweat pants for the Winter so I can procrastinate.  I am becoming more and more enchanted with procrastination when it comes to the sewing machine.  And Pant Knee Mending. Daughter's pant knees also.

Beans and Greens soup is finished.  I may have a Toasted Cheese with Maximum Sweet Pickles today.

Husband is grumbling as he is low on dessert items for Coffee & Cake at 8 pm. And it's Wednesday. I am thinking I will have to make a second trip this week for groceries.  For Cake.  My prescription will be ready tomorrow.  so...I'll go tomorrow...... (shades of Gone With The Wind)

That's about it from here.  

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Field Notes- Election Day- Tuesday, November 8th.

 A Day We Will Remember.  One way or Another.

I'm awake early.  My eyes still dry and sleepy.  I walked out to get the paper.  It's garbage pick up day. I'm coughing.  Phlegm.  I hope it's just a cold. Or allergy.  The house is closed up. The changeover from fresh air to house air.  I hope it's that.  I am one of the few still wearing a mask. In Maine.

Things that never affected now.  The rash on my hands from touching things contact dermatitis..  This cough in the morning. Nothing much.  Just, I guess, the things that happen as one ages.  My dad.  I watched him everyday when I went to stay with him.  As he navigated his 80's.  So I have guideposts. Markers.  For the Future.

I think it's just a cold.  But these days even that is worrisome.

Here in Maine- the Eastern most of the states.........reaching out on rocky coastlines into the ocean. First to see the Sun each day.  Barren land.  One and a quarter million souls living here.  Never less and never more.... in the 40 or so years we've been here.  The population of a small Town or City elsewhere. But here ...a State.

Tucker Carlson broadcasts from the rocky shores of Eastern Maine.  From his converted bunker garage. 

I need say no more......

Monday, November 07, 2022

Field Notes- Monday November 7th. Clock fell back and DARK here at 4pm.

You I will tell.   I watched the Patriots Game.  I watched the Tennessee Titans game- (that was a hoot) and was incredible as they had no quarterback but had a volunteer filling in????.   I watched the Buc's game and Brady looks 10 years YOUNGER and happier than he's been in a long, long time and his hair is darker.. He also recorded 100,000 passing yards yesterday and went into the history books.  I don't know if they won or not.  The Jets- who really STUNK last week with the Patriots- beat the Bills.  Incredible.

I watched all the games until they got dull and then went back thru them as the afternoon and evening closed in. Shuffling thru.  It was a damned fine Sunday.  The pizza was pretty great as well.  Would have been a perfect Sunday if I had had wine.  Today.  I can do wine today.

I got my end cut of Baked Ham (for lentil soup using the German Recipe) and the butcher winked at me.  How cool is that????  He was nice looking. Younger than me by about 10 years.  Which is okay.  I had my mask on so he couldn't see me smiling.  Maybe my eyes were smiling????  I had remembered to comb my hair.

I also bought my Annual Pomegranate Drawing Model. so I can do a daily piece of art.  Watercolors, chalk, pencils and even cloth.  Let the Pom Games begin. You will see them here as they get draw, painted etc.  It's a Tradition.  I might not have done it last year. I will go back and check.  Or one of you can.  

Library was good.  Life is good.  Or will be when the Leaf Blowing STOPS!!!! Across the street.

I got some Tide Stain Removal Spray.  Last resort sort of stuff.  For G's clothing.

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Field Notes- Made the Soup. Vacuumed the floors. Dusted. Scrubbed the stove top.

 Lusting over this Onion Soup.  I have brown bowls like this. Image arrived in my email.

My washing pods- I went down to look.... are ALL Stainlifter Pods.  With Oxi.  I even use TWO for each wash instead of one.  My clothes look clean.  His clothes do not.

He has always been waxy/oily.  And as he gets older it gets worse.

I skipped everything but breakfast yesterday and was vacuuming the entire house and then wiping down table tops etc. I even cleaned off the old stove. Moved some things to the Goodwill Box.  Other things got soaked in Dawn and scrubbed. And then watched two old favorite Hallmark Movies. 

Today I disconnected electronics on my husband's side table- something plugged in and not used since dinosaurs walked the Earth and he secretly used credit card points to buy an Apple iPad. And the Pencil. And didn't need his old stuff. Anymore.

So.....great start to the day.  He lost his eyeglasses....same spot.  Easy enough to find.

Football at 1pm.  Then Pizza.  Connie's recommended book- Out of the Clear Blue Sky.  Didn't end as I had thought.  So a different book.  It was a wonderful book.  Connie always lets me know when she reads a good one.  I try and let her know if I do.  I think she should read The Royals Next Door.

Someone asked if I read my husband's blog.  Does he have one? 

Comments the past two days.  Thank you.

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday. November 5th. I MADE THE DAMNED SOUP

 I made Beans and Greens.  I ate two bowls.

My friend is throwing things into the slow cooker and letting it go all day and then eating whatever it was later in the day (sausage and peppers).  I replied that I usually follow a specific recipe but I can see how that might not be the way to go........ the last book I read- Anyone But You by Crusie- the 40 something just divorced woman had a crock pot.  In fact, Crusie often has a crock pot in her books.  The one with the cop moving in with a shooting victim.....she taught him how to cook using the crock pot ...but making nachos was his favorite signature "dish".

Next soup will be Lentil.  I have a bunch of bags of dry lentils.  I need a thick slice of Baked Ham from the deli on Monday but......Lentil.   I have leftover soup for today and tomorrow is Football Pizza.  So I am covered.  If I recall: if one has carrots, onion and celery handy- one has soup.  I even know how to make Black Bean Bisque.  I would need sour cream or heavy cream to finish it off.  Heavy Cream.  

I was reading Out of the Clear Blue Sky and NOW realize I have read this book- even though it has a NEW sticker on it.  I read it a few YEARS ago.  I knew the story- so I flipped to the end and yep...that's how I knew it was ending. Weird.  I am thinking I read it in Hard Cover and this is a Trade Paper?????

I need to buy something other that  the pods I am using to wash my clothes.  Things are getting dingy. Bleach is a no go as we have a septic system and bleach kills the beneficial things that make the Septic Work. Any suggestions?????  Let me know before Monday as that is shopping day.  I have been using Spray and Wash but it does NOTHING.  I have a bar of strong yellow soap-- I could rub it over the stains. Yes??? Fels Naphta. (spelling error)  Daughter used it at camp- kept mosquitos away. I think it's good on stains?  

Do you think I need a Wellness Check?

Friday, November 04, 2022

Field Notes- November 4th. Another Friday. Sunshine and almost all the leaves have left the trees.

 I think this image is of a Cobbler?  Peaches and Blueberries????

No comments on the last few posts.  Few Readers.  I am guessing the Politics are taking attention....

I just finished a very good book..... The Royals Next Door.  Bodyguard (British) and a third grade teacher. A new book The Royals Upstairs should be coming out this month.  Next up is Connie's recommendation-- Out of the Clear Blue Sky.  Connie has NEVER steered me wrong on books or anything else.  It took forever for me to find and reserve a copy....and then I had to wait....and wait..... but good things come to those who are patient.

I am patiently waiting for my I Voted Sticker to show up.  It was in my pocket.  Now it isn't.

I did a load of wash.  Folded the stuff I had forgotten in the dryer ages ago.  Folded today's washing. And now I am sitting here with you.  I keep saying I must make soup.  I don't make soup.  And then when I get hungry...I regret not making soup......until the next day......repeat. I did select and cook a bag of pasta for husband to add to his Chicken Parm dinners.  He was pleased. When He found it all ready to use in the fridge. 

I can be nice.  Not often.  But I can do it.

I sharpened all my husband's colored pencils.  He was happy.  He also has nice desserts and is enjoying the $50 plus flavored coffee pods I bought him for his Keurig.  His birthday is this all month I do nice things....... It's only the 4th.  I might get tired long before the end of the month.

He didn't remember my birthday but I expected that as he hardly remembered it. Ever. Even when it's on the calendar.

I read once that in marriage one is the Kisser and one is the one being Kissed.  I was getting kissed quite a lot during the months prior to getting married.  Then not much all. Then never.

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, November 3rd. Chilly in the House. Sunshine Outside.

 I am going thru my picture files.....seeing what all is in there.  I may have used this image before but in the file I couldn't quite figure out what it was.  Now I know. I can go back and delete.  (I just did)

My hands are cold.  My nose is running.  I have pasta to boil so husband has "extra" to add to his dinners. I have Escarole in the fridge that needs to be used up and made into Beans and Greens Soup.  I ate the last of my Orange Chicken Chinese food yesterday afternoon.  I read the last 20 pages of a book I selected at the library.  I remembered liking it. I was wrong.  The book needed serious editing.  Which is rather hilarious and sad at the same time as the main character is a book editor. 

When you read a book a day.... and this also means you read a chapter or less and stop in MANY OTHER BOOKS and keep going thru the pile until you can find ONE to read all the way to the end... you wonder who edits the books.  

Did they read them????? did some editor pretend to have read them?  They should never have been published.  They are terrible books. A waste of paper. Pointless dribble for pages- endless pages. Confused plot lines- where the hell did this character come from????  What happened to what's her name? WHERE are we? And the weirdest one of all......WHEN are we?

My hands itch.  I have touched too many things.  I watched Secrets of the Dead- this time an ancient buried tomb in Egypt.  With the beginning use of pictographs and language.  The circle with a dot inside. One of my favorite things to make when I doodle- Ra.  Now I know. Ra. It's always been with me.

I went to college too soon.  Too young. 17.  I had no backstory or history.  Going in my thirties or forties would have been amazingly good.  I could have graduated.  Had a career.  At 76 everything is seen in the rear view mirror.  But Ra.  Nice to have that know that.

I really hate when I have things to do.  I am quite contrary.  Knowing I need to boil water and cook pasta and chop and saute for soup- in the past I loved that sort of thing- now I am so very very annoyed by it all.

I did wipe down the baseboard edges in my bathroom.  They were coated in dust. Then I left the room. More things looked like they needed attention and I wasn't interested.

Whatever the haircutter did or did not do to my hair.....I told her to do what she wanted...well, that wasn't something I should have said.  None of it will lay flat.  It's sticking up in odd places.  I look deranged. I keep running my hands over my head.  OMG.  My hands are freezing.  Husband ate breakfast and then went back to sleep on the couch.  He has two speeds now.  Awake and busy and asleep. Today is going to be an asleep day. Nope.  He just woke up.  I should not have had "thoughts".  Even inside my head he hears them.

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday. November 2nd. Warmish. Cloudy. Good Chance of Shouting.

 Our take away from a Delightful Luncheon yesterday.  Food for the Husbands.

We had Wine, Great food and Dessert.  We plan to try to have lunch every month.  We used to walk in the weeks when I was losing weight as I was approaching 60, her daughter was getting married and then having a baby--we walked Riley as a Puppy and the Red Socks won the World Series.  But once the baby arrived- she was occupied.  I was working.  Riley got too large and bouncy for walks with a infant.......but now.  We are going to give it another try. The baby is in high school, I'm not losing weight and Riley is no longer walking here on Earth.

We talked about all of that.  We laughed quite a bit.  There were tears as well.  Which is why we hold old friends so close to us......

The gal cutting my hair wondered if the husband who drove off to buy Bird Seed was going to remember to come back for me...I said I wondered about that too.  She asked if he was an "Original Husband" and I said he was. I guess they are RARE. Though I did say, the 70's were not great for married people but other choices seemed worse.  My husband's "pals" went thru wives (and 17 to 20 year old girls) like Kleenex.  

I spent $99 on a small bag of things at the grocery.  Mostly mouthwash, Aveeno skin moisturizer, and I forget what else.  Brownies and Chicken Parm dinners.  I still haven't made soup. 

We Voted.  I think there were only four races for us to vote on.  Governor was the Big One. Choice between the Governor we have now- a nice woman- or the Asshole we had before her.  I refused to vote for the people running unopposed.  Didn't like them.  I did vote for District Attorney because I know her.

My Library friend ordered a book for me......I told her about another one.  We are both very excited...

Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Field Notes- November 1st. Percentages of how many of us will develop dementia as we age. 10 to 30%

 One More Crayon Sculpture.

We had two groups of Treaters yesterday.  The Twins from down the street with a friend.  And later a group of very well mannered Teens.  Yes Mam, No Sir.  Thank you etc.  I don't know where they live. I should have asked.  But then that would have been weird.  I had to give away my Kit Kat bars.  I had them in the freezer.  On the Sports show they discussed freezing candy before eating.  Making it more wonderful.  Peanut butter cups would benefit.  Snickers.  The Kit Kat would have been amazing frozen.

Started the day with a nice hot shower.  My skin feels silky smooth.  I have on long, ankle length green linen pants my daughter found at Goodwill recently- this is the first time I am wearing them.  A white shirt I've owned for possibly 20 years.  Long sleeves rolled a bit.  I will be wearing red shoes. I wish I had a red leather Coach bag.  They stopped making style the bag I like....before I realized I wanted them in more colors.  

I saw a customer in the greenhouse one day (years ago when I was still working).  With the bag, exact style I like, in RED.  My heart stopped for a second or two.  I caught up with her and she said she had gotten it from a second hand retailer. The retailer had searched for it for her- it took a very long time to find one...she said. I didn't even bother asking if she wanted to sell it.

I think about it every time I wear the red shoes. I have, more likely than not, written about this before. Here.

Lunch date in 90 minutes. I am reading Fast Women by Crusie.  A smaller sized  hardcover the library bought- getting rid of the older edition.  I missed out on it on the throw away carts.  The printing company dropped words when they got to the margins in this new Fun Sized book. I've only gotten to page 67 and I lost count of how many words are missing.  The margins are VERY straight. Their focus. Some of those words mattered.

Now that I am taking the elevator to the second floor where the puzzles are-----I get to notice the empty shelving in non Fiction.  It's....profound.  

Monday, October 31, 2022

Field Notes- Halloween October 31st. Sunshine and Warm.

 So today is going fine so far.   Husband has forgotten tonight is Halloween and he is putting out the trash cans.  I stopped him.  No sense giving children an opportunity to be destructive.

Now I am back here.......

I must have walked back and forth in the grocery several times- husband said I was inside for an HOUR.  It certainly did not FEEL like an hour. Hardly anyone wearing masks anymore.  Cause COVID is a Democratic HOAX and this is a Republican State.. if we had known that in 1991- we would have stayed in the burbs of Chicago (where dead people vote all the time- it's a Tradition).

I looked at my Longtime Stats on this blog:  726,864 VIEWS.  Possibly Me....checking to see if anyone read the post....

When I waited in the Prescription Pick up line- I was alone- On one of my return visits to that side of the store- for Bread- the line had wrapped around and into the Produce section. I felt sorry for everyone waiting.

The Hallmark Movie I accidentally watched last night was a take on Scrooge.  It was rather nice and nicely done.  The Football had me yelling at the screen but.......we won.  The Jet's quarterback started out fine and was beating us- then he got behind and lost control of his impulses. Just threw the ball -without purpose.  Got a good arm and actually threw really long/fast balls...right into Patriot hands.  The pizza was good.

I have a Lunch Date Tomorrow  with my friend at the end of the street.  She's driving.  I can't say who is more excited about this Lunch.   Her or Me.  I'll post AFTER.  Let you know how it went.

Happy Halloween!  I hope (and wish) you each get a treat.  Of some sort today.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Field Notes- Chilly, but sunny Day. Hands are itchy. Touching too many surfaces.

 More Pencil Art.  The thing about where I live- there is zero outdoor ART. But there are ZERO homeless people sleeping outdoors.  I recall that being something I saw.....but not in the past few years.  I know someone who would reply- "they must be dead".   Let's not go there.  There IS a tall old guy with a white beard who sleeps on one of the Library Benches mid afternoon- possibly after lunch at the Food Bank Kitchen nearby.. He wears a long wool overcoat. Looks clean and tidy.  Looks educated.

My husband says "he just needs a nap before walking back home".  It must be nice inside G's head.

I spent yesterday and....a few other days...watching some odd channel with movies like Easy A, Sixteen Candles, Never Been Kissed etc..   I watched two movies yesterday.  Back to back.  As a sort of "cleanser" from the too sweet and icky of Hallmark. The DAD in Easy A was Stanley Tucci.  Joanne for the WIN!!!!

 If Stan had scripted lines....I won't believe it.  He told his daughter  "every one tries out being Gay"- he says "I even tried it out for three years back in the day".  And then he starts laughing. I believe that was supposed to be an out take.  But I spit out some of the coffee I was drinking anyway. God, I love that guy.'s Sunday.  We will watch the Patriots Crap Their Collective Pants, yet again, and then have Football Pizza. and then move on to another game.  And Repeat.  Green Bay is the most likely Crap Their Pants Team that would make me HAPPY.  So.... let the games begin.

What are YOU going to do today?  I only got 5 numbers on my Sudoko Puzzle so things aren't looking good for me today.  IQ wise. A day to lay low and read a book. ....or a teen movie. Or the Christmas Kiss- (in the Elevator).  That's a 20 something movie very much in the manner of the Teen ones.   

I have a "Lunch Date" on Tuesday.  A Haircut on Wednesday.  Possibly follow the Haircut with Early Voting.  Monday is Grocery Shopping....... so will need to rest up the remaining days of the week.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, October 29th. Husband wants a new puzzle.

 Colored Pencil Fence.

Sigh.   Pelozi's husband.  Armed Nut-jobs guarding Voting Drop off Boxes.  Some with dogs.  Tell Me.......why.  Because I want to know how we got into this Crap Fest.  Tell me why these people believe........I sit here in front of the TV News and I am dumbfounded.  Really.  I can't figure out what is "in it" for the people doing the bidding.  Nothing.  They get NOTHING.  

Drugs.  The Fent.....something one.  The one that kills almost as quickly as you ingest it.  Mixed in with other drugs.  The newest Saturday Night Special.  Faster than a speeding bullet.

Daughter has called and I sent husband over with the stuff she wanted. Cement things. He may get a puzzle out of it.  Unless they all look too difficult.  Then he won't. She has a few for him to look at. She has "busy cats" so if she has a puzzle out the cats like shoveling the pieces off the table into the floor vents.  Cats.  Why do people like them?????

It's Saturday.  I made it thru another week.  I read Crusie's Anyone But You for the second time last evening. 40 year old woman and the 30 year old guy one floor down.  Next up another Crusie- Fast Women.  Like watching an old Perry Mason episode except Perry and Della argue a lot. In the best rom com kind of way.  

Friday, October 28, 2022

Field Notes- A Chilly Friday the 28th of October. Blurry Cookie Photo.

 The apples didn't pan put- they got used up by the owner.  So, I moved on to "Baking Cookies" just for the Hell of it.  I haven't baked cookies in FOREVER.  First I had to see if I had every ingredient.  Weirdly Enough......I did. (Shocked the Hell out of ME)  So I mixed and scooped and rolled and flattened and baked and timed and then did another sheet and then another and finally the last sheet was baked and cooled and I was done.  And then I washed and dried.

Butter, Sugar, Cream Cheese, Eggs etc and then an entire bottle of Rainbow Sprinkles.  You roll the 1.5 Tablespoon ball of cookie dough in sprinkles and then flatten with the bottom of a glass and bake for 10 minutes @ 400.  I like the raw dough but not the finished cookies.    

Now I have something for the Twins when they Trick or Treat.  They will go Ballistic.

Then I settled into the couch to watch the Elevator Kiss Christmas Movie (not the title) (Lifetime).  I couldn't find it last year.  I am still looking for the Christmas House one (not the title).  This guy decorates the Yard and Each Room in his house for Christmas and a film crew comes and invades the house....... and before even going inside- ask him to remove his tee shirt........ If any of you happen to have seen this movie and recall it's name......that would help in the search. Totally ALL Hallmark actors but so NOT HALLMARK.  Welcome to Lifetime Channel.  

And a note to long time Readers.  The Hallmark Actors DO know how to kiss and they demonstrate this skill in Lifetime Movies with Enthusiasm. Not in Hallmark Movies.  So Not.

Two channels. Same actors. One Naughty and One Nice. 

Then I watched Secrets of the Dead on PBS.  They used Plant and Human DNA to discover why civilizations suddenly died out hundreds of thousands of years ago.  Did you know that once the Sun never shined for months?  No daylight. No crops.  And it could happen again.

ML- I have a single serving Bottled Cosmo and a Vodka Tonic in the fridge.  From the Liquor Aisle. For Emergencies. I plan to sample one or the other today.  Then buy more if they are tasty.  I also might spill some Kahlua in MY coffee.  Not on the regular but as a "special treat".   I used to have a small glass of wine every so often......but that was Heavily Frowned Upon by Himself.  I should have poured it into a coffee cup. From now on...that's the way to go.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, October 27th. Sunshine. Rain seems to be over. Leaves on the ground.

 Sheet Pan Dinner.  Shelf stable Gnocchi, the two scallions, the very small baby bok choy etc.  It won't be exactly like the recipe- it will have less of everything's just me.  

The gnocchi go into the oven uncooked.  This will be interesting.

If it works...I have two more packages in the Pantry so, I can experiment with other vegetables etc.

Husband read the newspaper and it mentioned getting the Covid Booster so we had to go over the fact we had just gotten Boosters.  And now we can't get the new one for a few more months.  Again.  Again, Again.  Nothing sticks.  He's out there playing a game on his iPhone.  Degrading more brain cells. It's worse for children.  As the loss might be permanent and that impacts their entire future. My husband's future is in the rear view mirror.

Day got off on the wrong foot and it's downhill from here.  I often wonder if day drinking is an option. It's not even 1pm.

Running away from home sounds good.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, October 26th. A Dark, Wet Day. Dismal.

 My friend over at Little Somethings always finds the most fascinating images.  There are more with colored pencils which you will be seeing in the next days (or you could go visit yourself and see them all)- and also Pumpkins.  I do not have candy.  That could be a problem.

My daughter was looking for Escarole in the groceries she visits.  Not mine.  I asked and the reply was "never".  Never going to stock Escarole.  So daughter found me two- I got to choose reply was lost in translation and I got the huge- it feels like it's 2 feet wide- escarole not the small one.  So- some of it- not even close to half- will be going into soup.  White Bean and Escarole. She also go me some potatoes and a few onions.

I am also making pizza.  I'll more than likely top my slices with escarole.  Just to eat it and not waste it. I have to go back in the comments- I think someone made a comment with a suggested recipe.

I had to actually do a survey of my fridge and the drawers in the fridge.  To see what I have.  I tried going on the internet and typing in the food I had- to get a recipe.  That used to work....but it didn't yesterday.

I cooked up another box of spaghetti for husband to add to his Chicken Parm Dinners.  He's also running out of desserts.  I will be making brownies or Confetti Cookies.  The cookies are a pain to make and I actually am getting used to doing nothing more than make soup or toast bread and cheese in the toaster oven for myself.  I don't actually WANT to cook anything.

I just deleted a paragraph on calling and ordering food.  Now if we lived 30 minutes drive South- Portland- we'd be in good condition ordering food.  But we would be living in Portland. Ugh. No thanks. Even with Whole Foods. Which I adored years ago when we did drive to Portland.  But not now. My husband in traffic going well OVER 60mph?????  Just NO.  Just HELL NO.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Field Notes- Skipped yesterday. Only realizing it minutes ago. Rain here. Wet.

 Rose hips.  I no longer have roses.  Some straggle and make one or two flowers each year.  Maine doesn't have "enough" of whatever it is they need.

A phone call and an email from our investment bankers. The annual IRA disbursal.  Put it in and then take it out, years later, and pay taxes.

Football.  Patriots on Monday Night.  The crowd calling for Zappe when Jones went out behind center. That had to hurt. And then Zappe came out.....two touchdowns in minutes it seemed.  Then Jones. Who managed to throw a pass right to the other Team.  We didn't have Pizza.  We lost.

I had a lovely phone call and perhaps talked too much.  I don't get to talk much these days unless I talk to myself.  I need to cut back on talking to myself.

I had cheese and apples and tried to watch two Hallmark Christmas Movies.  Sigh.  I have a few set to record- old ones that I like.  These new ones- not so much.  One was about a couple heading for divorce. Marriage Camp or some such title.  I didn't see much but did see the ending.  The two of them sitting on a bench realizing their marriage was over.  They loved each other but it wasn't enough.  Finally.  On Hallmark a couple finding out they were finished with each other. A new kind of happy ending.

I recorded another.  Henry Winkler is an old guy coming to visit his daughter for Christmas.  He meets up with a chef (looking like a hippy bum) in the airport.  He cons the airlines into thinking the old guy was injured in the airport and they get bumped to first class.  The old guy likes the hot towels.  Me too.  I'll watch it today.  I saw it once long ago.  I never knew the title.  But when I saw the first few minutes.....I knew...and pressed record on the Tivo.  Hallmark and Lifetime are Christmas Movies 24/7 right now.  I also recorded the Kiss in the Elevator movie on Lifetime.  I have the Christmas Waltz, The Bookshop, and Love Always.  It's going to be a happy Holiday Season.  Oh, and Snow Bride.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Field Notes- Late on Sunday Evening. Realizing I haven't posted.

 Sorry I forgot to post.  I decided to go to the library and grocery store today....not Monday.

I got an armload of books.  Most I have read already but a good book is always a good book. I need to go looking on the internet and reserve books-- from other libraries.

I am definitely going to make the kale, pasta dish you all mentioned.  With white beans. No sausage. I used to always have cooked sausage crumbles in the freezer- if any are still in the freezer- they expired long ago.  I should do a clean out.  I bet lots of really OLD things are in there. Frozen isn't actually Forever.

My groceries added up to $158.  No meat.  No vegetables.  Milk.  Coffee cream.   Husband's Chicken Parm dinners ($7.99 each).  Toilet paper rolls were 16 for $12.95.  I am thinking I now have enough to get into 2023...just.  The Republican candidates should mention the cost of toilet paper. As an Election Prompt.  I need to return (sometime this week) and get coffee pods for the Keurig and a loaf of bread and some American cheese so I can make Toasted Cheese sandwiches.  I forgot those things.

I can wait until next week.  I did buy frozen yogurt.

Well,  I'll write more tomorrow.  Watching Law and Order.  Endlessly.  The Football games were interesting.  Blow-outs.  Watching Brady and the  What happened???

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, October 22nd. Sunshine and an Autumnal Chill in the Air.

 Felt Flowers.  I wish I had the patience for this sort of thing.  Because I like looking at them.

I SAFELY cut, peeled and sliced the small butternut Squash and then roasted the slices with olive oil and a tiny sprinkle of salt.  I am trying to limit salt.  It stays with me- on my tongue and then everything tastes like salt- even coffee.

I boiled pasta and then sliced the butternut squash into sticks and mixed the two together.  Added just a bit of Parmesan cheese as it it salty.  Was delicious.  I am thinking of sauteing the kale leaves briefly and adding that to some of the leftover pasta.  Bit more olive oil and some Balsamic vinegar.  Today's midday meal. I do have  a jar of Alfredo sauce.  I could add some of that to the kale.

The NEWS on MSNBC and in my newspaper isn't wonderful.  It's downright terrifying.  My desktop calendar is filled with bothersome political cartoons....or just terrible headlines.  I haven't felt this kind of heavy foreboding in quite awhile.  It's not like the January 6th riot.  That sort of Blindsided us. This is  more like falling off a cliff into stinky mud and sinking the more we struggle.  13 thousand.  That's how many government documents Trump had in the closets.  I forgot the number that were highly classified. 

I sort of hold the National Archivists responsible.  They should have been screaming "Pants on Fire" earlier and louder. 

When......when do we just say it.....the man is mentally unstable and dangerous (and always was). And the people who follow him....are possibly the same. I am reminded of his personal secretary (or assistant) saying that when pushed into a corner or when he felt trapped he, Trump, was capable of doing something REALLY terrifying.  She was referring to a "tipping point" and I have to think we are closing in on it.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, October 21st. Furnace is on. Sun is out. Husband running the sweeper over the lawn. Picking up leaves and acorns.

 A kit for sale on a website.  I have all of these things.  A Canadian website.

The running stitch. I can never keep it even.  Some short. Some long.  And I am a very very picky Virgo. So this image is taunting me. Another blogger sent me down the Gee's Bend Rabbit Hole.  I adore those quilts and I know I would adore the women.  I saw them on tv once.  They reminded me of Georgia. That soft way of speaking.  The way they just picked up a fabric and started sewing.  None of that "does this go with that nonsense".  I wish I could be like that.  But I have too much.  They were using old clothing scraps.  What they had.

It's cold.  In the house.  Sunshine outdoors.  My cross the street neighbor dropped her Garden Produce Allotment (from a Garden Share) here last evening in the dark of night.  She is going away for the weekend.  I have a Watermelon Radish.  A small bag of lovely fresh tasty kale leaves- I ate some of them immediately- three green onions- now soaking their roots in a pint canning jar with a half inch of water.  Spinach leaves. And a small Butternut Squash.  A handful of Parsley.

My internet feed has sent me a "good morning" Butternut Squash recipe.  Butternut Mac and "cheese". When this happens I get very paranoid.  Like the internet is watching me or something.  I rarely have a Butternut in the house.

I usually put the Life of my Fingers in DANGER when cutting up Butternut Squash.  But I love it roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper.  It never actually becomes anything but that.  Roasted.  Eaten.  Not even allowed to cool off.  So.....I've eaten half the bag of Kale leaves (raw and green like snack food) and am planning on eating the Butternut as soon as I can get it into the oven.  The Radish will go nicely with my cheese and crackers later in the day.  Then I'll just have Spinach and Parsley to work with.  I am thinking of rolling the parsley into a cigar shape and wrapping it in plastic wrap and into the freezer.  A Slice or two off the frozen roll- into my next attempt at SOUP.  In exchange:  We watch over our neighbor's house and collect her newspapers and mail.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, October 20th. Sunshine with a Fall Chill to the Air. Driveway next door is done.

 I own this pan.  In a different color.  Le Creuset.  When I used to get the William Sonoma catalogs-- when there WERE catalogs-----I often selected things like this as Christmas gifts for my two adult children.  Once the catalogs disappeared they stopped getting kitchen stuff.  And got checks instead.

I think that was when Christmas stopped being interesting. I would not like getting a check. That translates to me buying my own gifts.........not interested.  I already have more than anyone needs.  And I don't cook anymore.  

We slept well.  At our age...this is important.

I ate one of the apples meant for the French Cake.  I will more than likely eat another one today and not make the cake.  Elimination.  Of Tasks.  I had cheese, thin crispy wheat crackers and the apple.

Is this considered a healthy meal for an old person?  I do have all but one of my original teeth.  So that's a plus.  And I lost that tooth in my twenties. But I wonder if I even get the minimum protein percentage. I do, NOW, take a daily vitamin.  It's pink.

My book for yesterday....seemed vaguely familiar.  It wasn't until the male character visited his boyhood friend- a priest- that I figured out I had read this book years ago.  Well, a few years ago when it was new. Title is Not The Girl You Marry.  Andie Christopher.  As I turned pages.....I was reminded of the guy's family and the story.  It's a good one.  That's two books in a row of interracial characters.  I have a few more "new to me" books on the pile.  I am interested in seeing what else I have the stack of books.  The new to me definitions of characters- I need to look up a few of them. "cis" is one.

Everyone seems to have a "new to me" category.  No longer male or female.  

More leaves have fallen. I think I need to find my sweaters in the closet.  Change out of the cotton work shirts into sweaters.  We are getting closer and closer to November.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Field Notes- Sunshine, Chilly 52 degrees and NOISE. New driveway being install next door. NOISE @8am.

 So.......awakened early.  Thumping.  Beeping.  Clunking.  Banging metal against metal.  Endless noise from next door.  Owners are gone. And cars, trucks and everything else is parked in front of all of the houses nearby.  I can't even see my across the street neighbor's house for the trucks.  I would imagine the "getting out of here" being like threading a needle......

It feels like putting a curse on them might be nice.

Daughter does know how to do that.

Reading was fine- I finished my book.  It was a very good book.  Husband is working on a new puzzle. I am hyperventilating.  I made oatmeal twice.  When I opened the microwave to put the second bowl in to cook- there was the first one........I said some spicy words.  I'd go take a nap- but the "NEW" driveway is right butt cheek up against the property line by my bedroom walls.

I would have to nap in the garage in order to get far enough away.

My grandmother and father had knives like the one in the photo up top.  Had to be sharpened and oiled. Big sturdy things.  I didn't keep any of them.  I had a knife block full of Wusthof Trident knives from Germany. Eighteen of them.  There would be more but the Pandemic kept me from the Annual Christmas Housewares Store Shopping.  When I was offered the entire store by my husband. Anything you want is what he always said.......  I use them all.  Even the really big ones.  I have another six to cut food on your plate.  Personal knives.  And Paring knives.  

The Neighbors should really be worried.

I still have not made the Apple Cake.  I now have a NEW recipe card for a Self Saucing Chocolate Cake. The Sauce being a Chocolate Sauce. I haven't made it as I think I should have lots of Vanilla Ice Cream in the freezer when I make it- or Extra Fat Whipped Cream.

Yesterday I had more soup- very very HOT.  I had forgotten the Red Pepper Flakes.  They seasoned the food "extra" while it was overnighting in the fridge.......OMG!!!  Now the Salty Spicy Hot Soup is in the Compost Bin.  Birds have no taste buds.  Squirrels might....... I was going to do the potato thing.  But can't fix what red pepper flakes do.

MY HOUSE is actually VIBRATING right now.