Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, December 28th. Clouds, Cold and Cough.

 Wouldn't this be a delightful destination for a Daily Walk?

It's cold here in Maine.  Dreary. But I have no complaints. None.

My oatmeal was very good this morning.  

The newspaper was full of bad news with a full front page story on Buffalo, New York.  Which is terribly sad and it's as if nothing can solve this problem. Even their Fire Trucks are stuck in snow and ice.  One.

And then Southwest Airlines.  I'm pretty sure they will file for bankruptcy just to get out of this mess. That won't get anyone their money back or get them home or get them their lost baggage.  Two.

This Jew-ish guy who never had a real job. Never went to college and isn't Jewish but said all those things to get elected to Congress.....and, surprise....the Republicans are going to swear him in as a congressman. Three.  Four would be the 700K he "found somewhere for his campaign"

Not even Hallmark or Law and Order can cheer me up.........three more days of 2022.

I had my oatmeal for breakfast yesterday and bread and butter for mid-day and then nothing but re-heated sweet tea and ...well, nothing else but cough drops and DayQuil.  Husband had soup.  He had the soup and carrots etc all warmed up and ready to eat and then decided he needed to make more noodles.  He was getting out the big pot and was going to boil water.......thinking processing was on OFF.  I said No.  He was angry about eating the Soup without the HEAPING PILE of noodles.  Tough.   He even adds a large amount of pasta to the Chicken Parm dinner.

He has driven himself off the Anorexia Road he has been on for YEARS (as long as I have know him- and usually its ONLY home cooked food he won't eat) and is now.......piling on the Pasta and having Coffee and Six different "store bought" dessert items each evening.  It's amazing to watch.  

My clothes were always baggy but now they are MORE.  Well, the DayQuil has kicked in. I am now going to read......have a lovely day all of you out there reading this.....Joanne.

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