Monday, December 12, 2022

Field Notes- Morning SNOW. Not much. I have a COUGH. Coughing enough to wet my pants.

 The new International McDonald's in first floor of Corporate Headquarters.  Food shown in this "program" looked sloppy and not all that great.   I thought the behind the counter "look" said all that needed to be said.  Standing and Leaning was never allowed in the old days.

I did not sleep well and now- this morning have a Non-productive COUGH.  I haven't been anywhere since Monday.  So.....where did the GERMS come from?????

I took a pill for cough or loosening a cough.  It's been 15 minutes.

We went to the grocery and I tried NOT to cough.  I had on my mask.  I was dizzy.  I was very very happy to get back into the car and be driven home.  My right side chest hurts.  Tight. 

I have a fresh pot of Chicken Soup on the stove.  It's simmering.  G is wanting to be eating SOUP.  So I am making Soup.  I have to keep an eye on the clock.  So it cooks long enough.  3 hours.  I should follow DebL's path and just dump everything in the crock pot.  Can you make soup in the crock pot??????

So.... Snow.  I had to wear a coat.  I wore my non slip restaurant shoes.  The parking lines are slippery when wet..........

Okay.  I am going to sit on the couch.........My Sports show is on and then Soccer. 


beverly said...

Hope you feel better.

Paula, the quilter said...

If the ingredients are fresh then the crock pot is the way to go. If using canned stuff, then it will cook too long and become mush. Get better soon!

Kim Carney said...

we all got the flu here a couple of days ago. Dry coughing so much, wetting pants AND feel like I have been punched in the stomach for days. arrgghhhh

I tried hot Tottie the other night but was so sick that didn't go down well