Friday, December 30, 2022

Field Notes- Friday December 30. Are we done yet? Sun and Clouds.38 degrees- 89% humidity.

 Cheese.  I only like some of the cheese that people make.  Not the Funky Stinky ones. Swiss and Cheddar. Parmesan-- The Real stuff. I even like Plastic American Cheese.  None of the soft cheese. Goat. Ick.

Husband vacuumed the floors.  He also vacuumed up a puzzle piece.  By the time he saw what was on the floor it had gotten sucked up.   It's not a great puzzle.  It's an old one from a dollar store.  Buttons.  Brown, muddy reds, beige, off white.  I found three pieces the last time I stopped by the table.  Most of the pieces are the same shape- so you have to look for color clues along the edges. Mentioned that.  To him.

There is one more NEW puzzle he hasn't done yet.  He should just change it out.

The Cheese image up top would make a good puzzle.  Not. All that red background would be tedious.

I ate real food yesterday and it made one of my teeth hurt. I think we have dentist appointments. In January.

I asked daughter if she had gotten me a desk calendar for 2023.  She said she read my blog and I had gotten a calendar.  I said yes...for the wall in the dining room for appointments.  Well........

She is still coughing.  The half dose of DayQuil has stopped MY cough.  So...that's nice.  Whatever she has is still going strong.  Not sure if she is going to work.  It's a very slow week at the Candy Factory. In fact, it doesn't pick up until February and then it stays busy thru Easter.  Then she leaves to return to Landscaping.  A  college degree.  Unused.

Well, I need to turn on some lights.  No Sunshine.  Hope some of you reading this have sunshine.  Joanne


Kim Carney said...

needing a social calendar would indicate that I will leave the house? I was wondering if I even need one this year.

Kim Carney said...

I got over that flu and felt good for a couple of days, but now have the cough back, argh