Sunday, December 11, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, December 11th. Sunshine.. 21 degrees.

 This will be a fast post.  I woke up feeling Exceptionally Sad.  There were tears. I was thinking about a few December Books that make me cry.  Not sure I will read them today but I will read them this month. I wonder why December books are so sad????

21 degrees.  sigh.  The grass is still green here in Maine.  It's a very weird State.

Daughter is reporting the same troubles packing candy for shipping for the Chocolate Factory.  There is always one person who makes the job a nightmare for my daughter  (I wonder if they put names in the hat and select the new person each year?)......but the person is always a 365 employee and daughter is a Winter Employee...even though she has been THE Winter Employee for so very many YEARS now.  Sam Takes Shipping Seriously.    yep.  Hands off her tape dispenser and her postal boxes.

World Cup Soccer.  Was Great Again. France won.  More Today.

Grocery Shopping Tomorrow.  I need to get a list together.  The tiny Korean dumplings are also available in a Large size.  So I will be looking for that.  I will also be looking for more lactate free ice cream. Not just vanilla.  And I will look for frozen potato pierogi.  Daughter says they have "such a thing".

I'm exhausted already and it's 10:40 am.

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DogStarArt said...

Hi Joanne. Here's to a brighter Monday! We've had grey skies here for the past 7 days.
I brought out my winter-blues Sun Lamp to sew and read by.

Frozen potato pierogies are not too bad. I can find Mrs. T's:
Easy and quick. I love sauerkraut with mine.

Take care!

Betsy Ridge