Thursday, December 08, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, December 8th. He ATE The SOUP!!!!! Standing Ovation.

 How to Grow an Avocado Plant.  I looked it up.

Each of the wing branches (on my "tree) has this many leaves.  They are smaller right now but I imagine they will look like these in the picture in a few weeks. It's all very exciting.

I moved the pot back to where it has lived for it's entire Life.  It's happy there.  It didn't need more water or more Sun. It was just fine.  I am looking for a larger pot.  But I won't transplant while the leaves are tiny.

Soup.  Was made.  Was eaten.  A Good Day.

The Sun is Shining Today.  Rained most of the day yesterday.

I am reading less........don't know if it's the books or just December.  Reading less.  

Georgia has voted.  As Georgia goes so goes the Nation? would be lovely if that is how politics moves forward. Now we have to wait and see Kevin McCarthy kicked to the curb. Please.

I was shocked and then in tears watching the families of the officers who died or were injured after January 6th- ignore and not shake hands with Mitch or Kevin.  They didn't take the medals from their hands either. No drama, just a  refusal......

Across the street, my neighbor is having a guy come and put up a seven foot Christmas Tree.  She can't manage it on her own and has family coming for Christmas and four granddaughters..  I think she is a bit younger than I am but still in her 70's.  Oddly enough, she was born and lived a few blocks away from where I was born and lived in Cleveland.  As a child.  Different schools. Different neighborhoods but pretty close.  It's amazing how that sort of serendipity happens.

Oil delivery truck beeping as it backs up into the woods next door.  A long and winding driveway.

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Kim Carney said...

me too! on watching the families!!!