Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Field Notes- A Wonderful Card in the Mail... Gretchen!!! Sunshine.34 degrees

 I do love these little art pieces made out of pasted paper cut outs.  I should stock a shoe box with interesting paper I find.... origami paper? a glue stick....scissors.  A Project Box. I should.  I could.  I would....... Sounds like a Dr Suess poem.

Luncheon Date today.  My neighbor down the street and I.  We met at the library on Monday and made a plan to have more frequent lunch/chat dates.  We are both married to men who are irritating to be around. Good to get away from them.  Especially in Winter.  Her husband likes Fox News.  So she is more eager than I am to get out of the house. She drives.  So..its a delight for me.

The Football last night was- ugh.  We stopped watching before it was over.

The neighbors next door had mentioned being sick when the Twins delivered their box of Christmas Cookies.  And then the Ambulance.  I don't have their phone number so I asked a neighbor who might...to check in on them.  It's the "right thing" to do.  I hate to think one is in the hospital and the other is home alone without care.  Even though the months of construction noise at 7am made me madder than I have ever been.  They could have both gone to the hospital.  They have cats.  Who need to eat.

See- even though I have complained about them...I am actually a nice person.

Or a worry wart.

Gretchen from New York sent me the nicest letter and a very very lovely pop up Christmas Card that I love.  She reads this blog so I am sending a thank you and you will be getting a long letter in the mail in the next week or so Gretchen!!!!!  Promise.  My cards will be going out late but.....they will be going out. Until you get your cards.....know that I love and appreciate all of you- (if I have addresses) other wise this line of words will have to do......  Joanne.


Anonymous said...

love back to you Joanne! -ml

MariMo said...

Love you too - and your irritating better half as well!