Thursday, December 29, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, December 29th. 31 degrees, cloudy with a thin coating of light snow on the grass.

 Exactly how it feels.

I need to get up and turn on a few lights...... the house feels cold.  I feel cold.

The daily newspaper is now not only less pages--now it's narrower.  Shrinking.  Not in the price we pay for it.  Just in pages and words.  I checked the tv guide pages...nothing to watch today.

Once Christmas Day is past...the remainder of December should just be...deleted. Nothing happens. Usually we would have leftovers and desserts.  But the past few years, since I stopped making the traditional Pierogi for Christmas Eve- resulting in many days of deliciously fried in butter leftovers...... it's just not as wonderful...... I can see why Old Mainers fly or drive to Florida. And stay until April or May.

Florida..I was going to say it isn't what it was when we lived there.....but I think it was like it is now. I just wasn't paying attention. My marriage went off the rails when we lived there.  My husband starting running wild and then started traveling for work.  Gone. Days and then weeks he would be gone.  And that was it.  Once the company found out he liked being gone...he was gone all the time.  His paycheck got deposited. Our marriage, for all intents and purposes...was over.  But I stayed put.  The kids needed a good home and regular food and new shoes.  The divorced wives...didn't have that. I stayed.  We kept moving. He kept going.  And now we live in this barren wasteland of a State- alone together.  Sigh.  Not what I had wanted.

There was a tipping point and I missed the flashing lights and warnings......of when I should have made a left turn onto the exit ramp and made a run for it.

Well the Sun seems to be shining outside......I have a book to read.  I have the opportunity to take the sheets off the bed and wash them......maybe. And I need a fresh hot cup of something....Joanne.


DogStarArt said...

Joanne, I wish you a very Happy New Year, with many good books, good food and beautiful blue skies for your garden. I always enjoy your posts and love the photos you choose-you have good taste. I'd love to see more of your quilts, if you are working on anything, or old pieces too.

Three reasons I am ready for 2022 to be over:

I had to say goodbye to one of my dogs very suddenly, and just recently our older cat.

Women became 2nd class, again. In less time than my 56 years on this earth.

A week ago we were under a winter storm warning, my power went out, a pipe burst in the crawl
space, and sub-zero windchill for 4 days. Today it is 56 outside and a fly just flew by
my head.

There is always hope even in backwards Indiana!

Enjoy a glass of wine & take care,


Kim Carney said...

The thought of never having that heart-stopping feeling of love is why I cry so hard every time I watch Tristan and Isolde. A life of safe acceptance ... it not bad but not as exciting :(