Thursday, December 01, 2022

Field Notes with Some Scottish Spice-

 Now we know what they wear under the kilt.  A Reader, who loves to make me laugh, sent this in this morning's mail-along with a long letter.  ML- Thank you!!!!!

We've been to the Library- three (spicy) books- and the grocery- only one Chicken Parm....I think there was a reason we went to the grocery and it wasn't just Chicken Parm- but....that could have been it.  I don't remember.  I got Lactate free vanilla ice cream.  I like the yogurt one best- but still no vanilla.

The spot where I usually find the Chicken Parm meals now has Meal Kits.  A young mom with a toddler was so very very excited about these boxes.  Lots of moveable parts and containers inside.  I can relate.  Toddler and Cooking are two things that don't go together. Sesame Street for Mom.

Now we are back home.  Furnace is running. It's 39 today at noon.  But NOT raining.  Yesterday the wind was howling, the rain was pounding down and the electricity was flickering.  Sigh.

SUN!!!  Wow.  I'll take it.  Now it's clouds.  Sigh

I have to finish off my desk calendar and turn the page to December.  I've got a few inches scattered about that are blank white space and I need to do some pasting or coloring.  Then I can start in on December.