Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday. December 21. Solstice??? Sunshine while we wait for Torrential Rain.

 Bow Ties.  Might make a cute wacky small quilt.  Or new Placemats.

Yes, the Weather People say we will be getting rained on, flooded and will most likely lose Electric Power. 


Nancy and I had a lovely Luncheon.  I had Eggplant Parm and Pinot Noir.  We talked.  It was good.

My Winter Hat is still Missing.  I took the Hall Closet apart and no hat.  Daughter went to LLBean and bought me a hat.  It was too tight and I still felt cold. Hat is being returned.  We were out on the pitch dark front porch. She can't come into the house while working the Candy Factory.  Many employees have small children in day care. They get sick ALL THE TIME.  They get COVID.  So...daughter stays 10 feet away on the porch--outside.

I am still coughing.  But I tend to cough with regard to the "asthma" as well.  So...... NO fever. no aches, no anything.  Just the cough. Productive if you gather my meaning.  The Cough And Flu section of the drug store shelving (grocery store) was bare. EMPTY.   I got two of the three boxes of generic DayQuil.  I could have just taken one.  But.... G might start coughing.

I saw my cross the street neighbor in the store (the house I babysit while she is so often gone) and she sent an email telling me- from now on I should tell her if I need anything and she will shop for me. Okay. The new next door woman was out in her car waving to Nancy and I.  So she's okay.  We both decided to go with "okay" even though the new neighbor looked a bit giddy.  Like she was on a parade float.

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