Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, December 6th. Sunshine. 51 degrees.

 I took a picture of the New Books Room at my Library. It usually looks like this.  Empty. Occasionally people will be sitting in the far back set of chairs using the internet and their tablets.  At one point in time they had a tv in there playing some recorded event- endlessly.  Outside the room and to the left/front is a high counter where they have the Community Puzzle.  People stop and find a few puzzle pieces and then move on. Occasionally some one finds a high stool and sits and works on the puzzle for a bit of time. One recent puzzle was all red pieces.

I took a shower today- this morning.  My hair needed to be washed.  Tomorrow is my haircut. 10am.

We got a box of fruit- a very small box- one apple, one grapefruit, one orange, one pear etc.   The box was open at the top.....not taped shut. Just cellophane gift paper-open as well.  It was LEFT on the porch by UPS.  It was near freezing last night.  The pear was ice cold and has soft brown spots....the apple was also very cold and had two soft brown spots.  The grapefruit, orange and tangerine don't look ripe or edible-we got the same box last year and the fruit was inedible..  I make it a point to look out the front door in case someone has left something on the porch.  Usually, not.  But it's habit.

No idea how long the box sat there in the dark and cold.........open.  

I sent an email of complaint.  They will reply in the "order in which the complaints are received".  I translate that to read "don't hold your breath".  Hale Groves.  The gift cards begins with "Congratulations....you have just received the best fruit available"  They never replied last year.

The best fruit available is located at my grocery store. I mentioned that in my email of complaint.

This gift of fruit will go out into the yard- cut in half so the birds can enjoy eating it????? 

Always the question--do I let the BANK know their gift was .........not the best quality?  And two years in a row- makes me think- we got the only bad box (twice)- or everyone kept comments to themselves.


LindaSonia said...

How disappointing about the fruit box. The UPS driver should have knocked on the door. Hope they make it right - fingers crossed.

beverly said...

Sorry to hear about your fruit box. Your town has a nice library.
Wow 52 degrees. We had summer two weeks of fall then winter Cold and snow