Saturday, December 17, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, December 17th. Four Inches of wet sloppy snow. 40 degrees.

 I can't figure out the pictures in the picture file.  so....this one seems okay for today. It's from a site trying to sell me these items.

I am on day four of the orange Dayquil and the Green night time capsule.  Still a bit of a cough.  No fever. well, now that I typed that.  I am coughing.

Television has been iffy and I am exhausted by the re-hashing of the Trump Crap.  Monday and my favorite Committee can't come soon enough.

 We watched PBS stuff.  Space.  Planets.  Milky Way. etc. Stuff I recorded.  Kept.  I also watched the newest installment on the...gosh I can't recall the cathedral's- Notre Dame......restoration processes.  Fascinating as they dig into it and see how it was built  in Medieval times and have been trying to replicate tools, materials etc.  I can't recall if they said 900 million was the cost.  900 million doesn't seem to be enough.

Clean up has been slow and difficult.  Trying not to do more damage and the things they remove have lead and other toxins.

I've been to Paris many times.  I never visited Notre Dame.  I regret it very very But on family vacations to see friends living in Paris- it was August.  Everything is closed. Not much of an excuse.

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