Sunday, December 18, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday December 18th. Snow yesterday that is now ICE. 33 degrees.


The picture file has few usable images left.  Some are reminders of things I want to make- so they aren't all that interesting.   The fact that my picture file is boring....leads me to believe I am getting STALE.

And I mention one other thing- the computer is having some troubles getting going and getting to the right places.......I may not be here with you very much longer. But I will try to patch and mend as best I can...

The ice outside is flat and smooth.   I shoveled the snow blower mess that husband leaves behind off the lower street side part of the driveway and the sidewalks.   Then I reached my physical limit  (at 76) and came inside.   The pad in front of the two car garage is a bumpy, frozen mess. Last year I could have done both.  Not this year.

I understand that he likes to walk slowly (very) behind the snowblower.  But if he had it going faster - the machine would clear things FASTER and BETTER.  Not leave behind a mess. I think it's Time to have SOMEONE come and plow.  Even if they take out half the lawn.

At least I got what PEOPLE see from the road- nice and clean.

So.  I am having a productive cough.  Always a good sign.  Things moving about in the lungs. Loose. The Green NyQuil is very effective in my getting a very good night's sleep.  Which I appreciate.  

I made myself a lovely toasted cheese sandwich with lots of sweet pickle chips.  Later I had fresh raspberries on top of a jar layered with bran buds and honey flavored Noosa yogurt. So I had food. 

The twins down the road brought over a gift box of cookies they had helped bake and the Annual Christmas Card of Family Photos.  The boys were babies when they moved here.  We have watched them grown up.  Well, that is all for today.  I have a book I am trying to read but I think I will give it up.  It is not all that interesting.  And I don't really care which man she marries.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

Hearing what you say about physical limits at 76. I am so appreciative of the energetic days when they come along.

Paula, the quilter said...

My computer got a virus and I had to take it to the shop. It ended up being a phishing malware that the guy fixed right there and then. He said that because my computer boots up very very slowly that I probably need a new hard drive. He showed me the real-time thingie (technical tern) that shows what is happening on my hard drive. He said there were so many processes booting up that there was no swap space. It gets better as things boot up. He said the best thing to do to keep my computer alive was to go buy a SS (solid state) hard drive, bring both the HD and the computer in and he would swap out the drives and not lose any data. Sigh.

If it's not one thing it's another. - Roseann Roseannadanna

Joanne S said...

Wow- you have a Shop GUY. I am impressed. I have me, myself and that is it.
I can boot might be the keyboard. not liking that I type fast.

beverly said...

Do you have a Staples near you. I had some malware on mine and they fixed it also did a tune up and organized my computer from the clutter I had on it.