Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday. December 14th. Still Alive!

 Hey!  Busy day so I forgot to post till NOW!!!!  Haircut (for real) today.  Library.  Grocery- I needed mouthwash and some baked chicken breast to mix with honey and mayo.  I NEEDED PROTEIN. So I ate "dead baked animals"......... Husband had 2nd bowl of the second batch of chicken soup.  Yep.  Second Pot of Soup.  Chicken for the Win.

Things here on the blog are a a bit Wack.  Took awhile to get the page to look normal.

SOCCER!!!! Husband watched today.  He loved it.  We'll watch Sunday to see who wins.

Elon Musk and Twitter.  See what happens when a nut case buys things??????  We know this...We saw someone buy the Presidency and how opposite of great that was?  Things come in threes- so who is up next? Someone on the Supreme Court?  Please.

My book arrived from Amazon.  I heard from the Santa who bought it for me that it's a replacement as the original went.....walk about.  I re-ordered my bookcase to fit it in.  I have a Jane Austin section.  Not all books by Jane but books inspired by Jane.

Washed my mask.  After I wore it.  Back to the old ways.  Still taking DayQuil and things are fine.  I'm tired but alert and doing stuff.  Then I take a rest break.  I enjoy my rest breaks.  I haven't read a book in three days.  But I am resting......which is a good thing at 76.

No worries.  No fever.  No Aches.  No Cough.  Just Tired.

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