Friday, December 16, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, December 16th- Dismal, snowing, raining Day. House lights on.

 I can't really tell what I have in the picture file until I see it here on the screen.  Spaghetti with vegetables. Certainly been here before.  But it's what you get.

It's cold in the house but it just might be me.  Still a bit whiff-y. But getting better.  Very little cough. And more chance I will be fed today as I have bread and sliced cheese and a nice Toasted Cheese with sweet pickle chips is in my future.  I tossed the idea of making soup for myself- around a bit- and then just let that go.  Maybe tomorrow.  I recall last year at this Time, making raspberry jello with frozen raspberries and topping with whip cream left over from Pumpkin  Pie.  That was delightful.

That could have been a FEW YEARS AGO.  the Jello.

Christmas is days away.  Thank goodness i didn't try for a tree or gifts etc. As fast as the days are going past.......the holiday will be gone and I certainly won't feel like I missed anything.

I haven't sent cards yet.  But I haven't gotten many either.  So..we are all in the same boat.  I dug around in the dresser drawer filled with cards.......looking for one in particular.  Didn't find it.  And was reminded of last year and the painted hearts I sent for Valentines.   I liked that.  Very much.  I did find blank brown card stock that I had used for years.....when I drew a spindly evergreen tree and added red ornaments and snow. I even have one I made from scraps of silk in shades of green and gold- I found it at my dad's house after he passed..  He had it pinned to the wall by his kitchen chair.

I WAS creative once.  Where has it gone?  Does it need to be fed by friends and co-creatives??? And when you are away too long- from human contact-- does it fade and go away?  Is this what growing old is like. Having what was...fall away????  I miss myself.

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