Friday, December 23, 2022

Field Notes- December 23rd. RAIN WIND no FIRE as yet. The "Lake" behind the house if filling.

 So......prepared yesterday evening.  Made Chicken Soup which can be heated in the microwave if we are on the generator- a little one outside by the garage.  Just does a few basic things.  So, we have food we can reheat.  I made a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese and tucked it into the fridge for me.  I also have fruit and yogurt.  The generator can't power the stove.  Just the microwave.  And the fridge.  And the furnace which heats water. And the living room and kitchen lights.  And this computer and the tv.  

We listed necessities for the electric guy.  Good enough.  We have gas in cans to make it run.

Right now the wind is blowing.  It's raining. Temps are 49 degrees outside and 99% humidity.

I have a large restaurant tray and a thick towel under the kitchen skylight which leaks when it rains really  hard.  Other than that.......and the wind....and the rain slashing into the's a regular  day. Daughter is off today and until Tuesday. worries of her out in the car etc.  Which means- no worries. None.

Which reminds me.  Candles and matches.  Yep. Found them...together.  I'm an excellent Girl Scout.

So.  Good here.  Bills went out with the mail yesterday.  All caught up.  Take care where you are.  Stay safe and warm and dry if you can.  I know those of you getting SNOW and the Blizzard Bomb are in for the worst.  Tonight all our roads etc will freeze solid.........God Bless you all with Safe Passage Thru. Joanne.

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