Monday, December 19, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, December 19th. Cold. Sunshine. ICE.

 The Picture File is down to things I save..... not much of interest. about we share a cocktail?

It's cold and the Sun is shining.  Which puts a lovely wet skim coat over the ice surfaces.  Great for ice skating but not for Elderly People Walking.  EPW.

We had Football Pizza last night and our cable tv gave us three games.  That's all.  We saw highlights of all the other games but - locally- three games.  Period.  Our game stunk to high heaven as they say. But the pizza I made for us was really really excellent.  (I had the last of the wine with mine).

Great having an email regarding the game from Connie who SAW the game.

I did get to see the Soccer.  ARGENTINA!!!! Wow, it was great. France seemed to stop trying in the sudden death penalty kicks- everyone hates when it comes down to penalty kicks.  But it was a Great World Cup.  Loved every minute.

It's still early so we haven't gone to the Library or the Grocery Store as yet. I don't know why we were up so early........ in fact, when I saw the time on the clock while making my oatmeal in the microwave (regular oatmeal)...I was rather surprised.....9 am.  And I was up and dressed.  Head Slap.

Big pile of books going back.  Terrible choices. The WORST.  Next books are coming out of MY bookcase.

I'm tired.  I'm bored.  All the White outdoors makes my eyes hurt.  Is it Spring, yet?????

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

No, it isn't spring yet, but the winter solstice will be here in just two days!