Friday, December 02, 2022

Field Notes- December 2nd. Sunshine but chilly.

 German Christmas Ornaments. Six Christmases in Germany and I fell HARD for these little wooden ornaments.  But now, for the second Christmas (or it could be the third) we won't be having a tree.  So no ornaments.   I was considering a small three foot artificial tree in the dining room.  With tiny ornaments, and white lights.  Only considering.......not seriously wanting.

I need guidance on growing an Avocado Pit- the leaves on mine are getting dark and soft at the tips and edges and then fall off.  Husband and I are wondering- too wet, too dry, not enough sun etc.  The Pit Tree has produced three areas- each with 3 to five new baby leaves.  Edges of the two branches and the center over the stem. Leading me to believe it has enough water, sun and warmth.  But husband has asked me to move the pot closer to two windows and the heat source. I did but not sure moving a plant is a good idea.

New Desk Calendar Page.  I don't know when I stopped pasting things on the actual dates.  Now I just decorate the entire calendar ALL month.  Adding stuff.  Adding pen marks.  Adding colored pencil.  I did just now...write Haircut in the December 7th block.  

It's chilly in the house.  My eyes are dry and tired.  I am dry and tired.  Exhausted.  It's weird to be so tired and actually having only eaten breakfast (making a second breakfast piece of toast), watching Soccer, and doing two Sudoko Puzzles (easy ones)... but I am tired....very very tired.

Husband  and I had an argument about his iPad usage last night.  Reading endless "email" which comes from strange places and none of it is actually email.  I don't mind him playing games.  I do mind him reading gossip and fake news.  I do mind him moving thru material quickly which adds to his attention deficit.

Life here is sometimes more than I can stand.  I wish I had a quiet place to hide.  Well, I use reading books as my quiet place to hide......... but I still get asked to find things, look at things, answer the "is it lunch time yet" or "did I have dessert already questions". I get so "used up" that I forget to eat lunch or dinner myself. Caretaker is a dangerous job.

We've just selected a new puzzle to work on..... looking for edge pieces.  There is one slice of Pumpkin Pie left and some Pecan Pie.  I think some green bean casserole and stuffing. No gravy. The sun is shining.  It isn't raining.  I have a book that I am 2/3rds into. The Patriots played last night and we didn't watch.  Which was a good decision.


beverly said...

"Avocado trees (Persea americana) are grown indoors in all USDA growing zones, making great houseplants, whether or not they bear fruit. They can be started from seed, or juvenile trees can be purchased from a retailer. When grown indoors, they do best in a south or west-facing window where they receive a minimum of six hours of sunlight, and temperatures are between 60 and 85℉. Avocados like dry soil and high relative humidity.

Trees grown from seed take about ten years to start producing fruit. Purchased trees may bear fruit in as little as three or four years."

How to grow avocados indoors | Herbs at Home

beverly said...

Being a caretaker is exhausting somes days I just scream to let out all the frustrations.
Somedays I cry.

Please take care of yourself.