Friday, December 09, 2022

Field Notes- Friday December 9th. Birdbaths are frozen Solid. Sunshine.

 Smokers. From an internet shopping ad.  I have a few like these but none of the little "smoke" inserts.  The guy on the far right reminds me of MANY January Ski Week Vacations.  In Europe.  Daughter and husband skied in Vermont one winter and said it was awful.. Never went again.  Didn't like American Ski conditions (mostly ice).

My hands itch.  Contact dermatitis.  From something...I never can tell what sets it off.  The bills?

I paid bills.  Waited to eat my breakfast.  Husband went for a haircut and since it's nearby (sort of) I asked for a Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel from McD's.  He remembered.  It was lovely.  Then I paid bills. I am wondering how I spend $1K at the grocery.  Well, some is inhalers and prescriptions.  But still.

So, the puzzle with the tiny white edge pieces is finally done.  Husband said at the end "there were not enough pieces" and then "there were the wrong pieces" so..........I moved some and finished it off. Now he needs to try another one.  With larger pieces.

I watched three Christmas Movies (two partially)  I think I might be "over" them........and not even December 10th.  I have NOT watched my favorites.  Because.  I want to really enjoy them. I always save Christmas Waltz and Snow Bride for the end.  Bookstore Around the Corner and the Magic Shoes for the week before that.  There are two new ones from this Season I will also watch again closer to Christmas. The Movie Santa, Louisiana movie and the Love Actually.. And then the others- about 20 recorded......I do like the 12 Dates of Christmas.  Christmas Groundhog Day. Everyday she wakes up and it's the same day.

There is also World Cup Soccer.  I watch that.  Husband ate the soup for a second day...... I don't recall if or what I ate..........really- well... got to go- have a hole in the toe of my sock and until I mend it. I will be annoyed by it.

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