Monday, December 05, 2022

Field Notes- Monday. December 5th. 40 degrees, sunshine.

 I think this might be an Elf and a Reindeer made out of newspaper and cardboard boxes.

Absolutely a fantastic "at home" or "at school" art project.  I would have waited until recycling collection day on my street and collected Amazon boxes, newspapers and cardboard.  After 10 pm.  Then have my Girl Scouts make animals.  IF I still had a troop. I wonder if girls still do Scouts????

Fed Ex delivered a package yesterday.  Not mine.  I was excited for a few minutes and then put on my shoes to go out.  The truck was still in my driveway so I walked over and knocked on the window. Scared the crap out of the driver.  (a very black man in a very white neighborhood) I showed him my hands. No gun. I said this is 12 and the box goes to 14 in the woods over there....... He said thank you. New job. Nervous. Etc.

I was told by a 30 something neighbor that I could actually "keep" boxes delivered to the wrong address.

Would you?

Library to return 5 books and check out 3.  I was getting behind and some went back unread. Grocery.

Husband zipped thru two of his new birthday puzzles and is now stuck on the third one.  Small pieces. Some edge pieces were in wrong places and one side of the puzzle was longer than the other and same with the short sides.  I fixed a few spots but........I think more is wrong with it.  All the edge pieces were white.  I suggested he work on the colorful center and let the outside edges fend for themselves for a while.

We had Football Pizza last night.  Watched Cincinnati. Did they win????  Pepperoni on his side- just cheese and onion on mine.  Glass of red wine.  He kept looking at it.  Wanted to say something.  I ignored him.  One glass of wine once in a blue moon.......give me a break.

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Kim Carney said...

well, your neighbors must trust you ;)