Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday December 7th. Dark, Warm, Rain.

 What keeps my husband busy.  I sharpen pencils.

Today........NOT the day for my haircut.  NEXT WEEK.  The appointment is usually in my sidebar as a reminder.  It got deleted a few weeks ago and the next reminder didn't arrive.  So I have it on the PAPER calendar. In big black letters and numbers for NEXT Wednesday. 10:20.

We are BOTH forgetting NOW. At least I remembered there WAS a haircut. Just not today.

I am making Chicken Soup. Husband says he will eat it.  I have just given up arguing.  It's not worth it.  So I stopped at Grocery and got carrots, onions and celery and made soup.  I had chicken in the freezer. I also got soup noodles (he has specific needs)...... I will dump it all in the compost when he refuses to eat it. I will make a video of him refusing to eat it.

We'll roll THAT way from now on- as he has always had quite a "temper" and shouts etc. a video is better testimony to show him. His behavior.

He also wanted to argue about the puzzle.  He has made one long side short.  Like that is how a puzzle works.  He worries and worries about the EDGES and doesn't bother to do the CENTER until he is happy with "edges".  I think the puzzle might be too difficult.  Too many small pieces.

I might have taken too many books back to the library.  My pile is way too short.

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