Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday December 27th. Sunshine and 31 degrees. Library and Grocery Store.

 Isn't this Something?  

Library was okay- no books for me.  Gary got two- he says "he hasn't ever read them".......wow. He has. but I stopped looking for anything for me and decided I had five on the table and an entire bookcase full.

Grocery Store.  Husband said we "had nothing to eat".......he was out of orange juice, candy yogurt and bagels. I actually don't know what he sees when he opens the fridge.......But we WERE out of orange juice and bagels.

I got myself milk, bread, cold baked chicken and some cookies.

I got both of us Kleenex and Toilet Paper.

I started coughing again last evening.  This is what is "going around" here in Maine (and I guess in Boston).  An all encompassing cough. No fever. No chills.  Just coughing.  It wears you down.  Wears me down.  When I am not coughing I feel perfectly healthy.  I am now going to turn on the TV, have a second cup of instant coffee, choose a fresh book to read....... husband has decided to have soup.  The last portion. For supper. Later. I'll remind him when he pulls a spaghetti dinner out of the fridge.

He's now settling in to color.  So...an uneventful Tuesday in late December. Good Enough.  Joanne.

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