Thursday, December 15, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, December 15th. Ten Days Till Christmas.

 One more mug.   The Spotted Cow Mug... at least that is what I would call it.

Lingering bit of cough.  Productive.  If you know what that means?????  But not as light headed and woozy as previous two or three days.  Not achy. I think the baked chicken with mayo and honey did the trick. I needed food. Animal Protein.

Work continues next door.  The fact that the kitchen beams didn't go all the way across the space..well, leaves me wondering why the second floor didn't cave in. Long ago. Leaves me wondering why they didn't sue someone like the imspection teams.  There were many men looking at things prior to closing.

Across the street, new drywall to patch the ceiling in the kitchen that fell onto the dining room table.  Yes. Same house as next door.  SURPRISE!!!!  Electricity is needed and the dining room set has been picked up and taken away to be refinished before Christmas Dinner..  I think the Builder is long gone or dead.  No one to SUE.

The Twins live in another of these houses as does the friend I go to lunch with.   

News?  I stopped watching.  My Holiday gift to myself.  A few weeks off.  I read the newspaper headlines. and then I just turn the page and read something else.  Blizzard Warnings.  I have a few new books to read. but I am trying to finish When Franny Stands Up.  It's set in the years after WWII.  The fifties. Franny wants to be a stand up comedian.  The writing and content have so far failed to hold my interest for more than 20 pages at a time.  It might be time to let the book go.  Move on to the others I have waiting.

Other than that- I often just close my eyes and think about things...........



Susan Sawatzky said...

so while you're reading "When Franny Stands Up", I'm reading a series of books by C.J. Box. Mysteries set in Montana featuring a game warden. They are fairly violent so you probably would not like them but I'm finding them unputdownable (word?) lol

Joanne S said...

I have read violent books.......I think when my life was dull and boring.
Now, I can't take any extra....tension.