Sunday, October 31, 2021

Daily Notes- Happy Halloween

 Been saving this one for months, waiting for today's post.  Martha Stewart of course.  Long long time Readers of this blog might be reminded of the Spooky House I made from a cardboard box long ago.  This new taller, SMALLER Town House Spooky was considered by me- for making another one.  I still might.  I love the roof lines.  The center tower. But I didn't attempt it this October.  I was too blah to do much to anything.

We had mice back then- years and years ago- but mostly outside not inside-- so I made my pumpkin seed roof pieces from marbled Sculpty clay.  Baked them.  

I like everything about this Spooky Townhouse. I'm glad I saved it for you today.

The weekend has seemed Endless. And BORING.  Daughter has been thrifting at various Goodwill locations and I have a lovely stack of one dollar books on my reading shelf.  And a few 2 dollar ones as well. I have the Cloud Atlas that I read years ago.  Hardback.  Daughter also wants to read it.

I have my bag of Kit Kat bars to hand out if anyone comes by.  The Twins.  Grocery only had the milk chocolate ones.  No white or dark chocolate.  Which Husband and I would prefer eating.  I think the regular chocolate will be fine- if I put them in the freezer for a few hours.

I am considering Sunday Football Pizza.  Need to get a ball of dough out of the deep freeze and let it get started on thawing...with a bit of help from the microwave.  ( I got up out of my chair and took a dough ball out to thaw).  I think we play the Chargers today.  I could be wrong. But on the Sports show they ragged on about the Charger  More like women than they know.

Tomorrow Tru Green is supposed to show up "somewhere" to do the free "sorry we f**ked up" lawn treatment.  No telling where that might happen.  99% sure it won't be on our lawn..but on some other street with a house number 12.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Daily Notes- Friday, October 29th- Sunshine

 Difficult day already.  Tru Green called.  Much, much discussion of EXACTLY where our house is located.  What color it is. The mailbox by the street with the very large street number on it. How many of the Five PAID for treatments have been made- to this address- ONE.  Well, that was news to them.....ONE made at the correct location.  I am left wondering who else got free fertilizing but said nothing??

If my next  door neighbor- very unfriendly, so this was in itself, an important moment- had not dropped off the TruGreen ticket- I wouldn't have even known we had missed the final treatment.  They have called to remind me they are arriving on Monday November 1st.  I suggested my husband sit in a lawn chair out there waving them onto the property.

I have two loads of laundry to do today.  I don't think I have two loads of writing for the Washing Machine Pages.  I will have to find something else to do while the machine goes about it's business.  But still be in the room.  I could wind floss onto paddles.

But actually what I think I want to do is sit quietly after taking a few Tylenol. My head hurts.  My teeth hurt.  My tongue hurts from "worrying" my teeth and from drinking way too hot coffee.  I burned my mouth and tongue on that gulp of coffee.

It's best I just sit quietly and do nothing.  But definitely take the Tylenol.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Daily Notes- October 28th. Slept well. TruGreen fertilized neighbor's yard--not mine.

 Another vintage French Chair.   The layout of the pictures in the book is strange- as this photo is a prime example.  What were they trying to tell the viewer???   Would have been better sans orchid.

Some logistic issues with the screen.  Either too wide or too narrow and then going to another page.

The woman I spoke to regarding the lawn treatment being done at the wrong address- was done with an English as a second language representative.  I think she may have actually been speaking to me from a call center- perhaps in India.  I find it difficult to interpret a sing song language- beautiful to listen to but hard to understand over the phone- I do fine in person- reading the person's facial expressions. Clues to verbal content.

I have books to pick up at the library.  Husband has asked for Dune.  But I am thinking it might be too much for him.  We'll see.  The screen here is doing many things while I type.  I had a problem starting out with the margins.  

So- sunshine today.  Lots of leaves down.  The annual containers have been "frosted" by over night freezing temps.  So....tons of outdoor work to be done. Tomorrow TruGreen might make a second visit. Or not...and I will ask for a refund of the 2021 fees.  Only one actual visit.

Sports isn't as entertaining now that they are discussing basketball and hockey.  I do not care about either and the content is repetitive and tedious.  There was a lively discussion of the Astro's much more blatant cheating in the first game- a greasy ponytail helping one pitcher with his suddenly much faster fast ball but the Braves seem oddly disinterested and discussion of Football trades- yawn..

So--library visit and then home again.  I have one load of washing to do and then some reading and perhaps a few edges sewn to one of the cloths hanging on the wall--waiting.  It might be Time for cloth-....... I continue to miss that old dog checking my work and resting his old body on my feet. Stitch and the dog- sort of went hand and body.  Tears come easily these days.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Daily Notes- October 27th- Another Cold Rainy Day.

 A stop to return and pick up a book at the library and a very quick check of the discards cart.....found a very large heavy book on French Vintage Decorating.  Loads of pictures.  I like the wall here.  Sort of a patchwork. 

I have a chair like this in the attic.  My dad redid the seat padding, springs and backing but I need to add the decorative fabric.  My dad taught himself to do all sorts of things.  He did a beautiful job and that old "side of the road chair" is looking very elegant.  Waiting for her fancy dress.

If I finish the chair and have it down here in the living room- I will have something to remind me of him- every day.  That's a Good Thing.

No mice.  Didn't get much sleep last night.  No idea why but perhaps too wound up regarding mice. I also have something stuck in the gums around one of my bottom teeth- I can't get it.

So, I am exhausted this morning.  A late visit to library and then grocery. Husband drove because it's raining. Grocery shopping on a Wednesday isn't the best day to shop.  Not as many people but not as many filled shelves either.  I had to buy half and half instead of coffee cream.  And it was the last pint of half and half.  I got a backup jar of instant coffee.  I just needed the "assurance" of a cup of coffee in November and December. 

I finally found Romaine lettuce with healthy green spines.  No BROWN.  No Sick Yellow spines. Delighted to think about a nice Romaine and Swiss cold sandwich.  With lots of mayo. Two additional spaghetti prepared dinner for husband.  We're good for 5 days.  Six if he'll eat the frozen chicken parm I got as a "test".  I should have looked for a bag of imported rice.  But wasn't on the list.  I go by the list.

Now...the Sports shows with the sound down- it annoys husband-- and possibly falling asleep??????

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Daily Notes- Rain With Gusty Winds here in Maine. A Rain Bomb????

 Read Deb's comment on yesterday's post for a Reality Check.  OMG.   Anyway- husband and I worked (sort of) as a team and filled the holes where the old water lines connected to the old radiator system.  Entry points for mice.

The count was three dead and one alive.  Nothing this morning. And tons of stuff now in the recycle can or garbage.  It's incredible what accumulates in unused spaces.  Who actually needs 4 dozen empty washed jelly jars- no matter how cute they are with their little red and white checked lids.

But the petroleum mouse/rat killing foam- is also "not good" for humans with breathing issues or asthma.  We slept with windows open.  And husband managed to get the foam on his reading glasses and his best sweater and his plastic gloves...  I am actually quite good as an assistant.  I had clean up wipes, a trash container, a flashlight and other assorted things husband had no clue that he might need.  He didn't even do the one clean hand/one dirty hand thing you do with any messy job.

I watched a previously watched Christmas movie on Hallmark.  I passed on the new ones.  This was an oldie and was so weird... the next old one will be the Shoe Addict one.  She ends up in the past at different times with each pair of shoes.  There is actually a rom/com like this.  The woman in the book gets hit on the head and relives her life (several times) with different consequences. No shoes needed.

I missed out on all my afternoon sports talk shows.  No reading either.  I plan to do a better job today. Later in the evening I made a "toasted" cheese sandwich.  I was toasting bread- for toast- when I realized we had cheese (for the mouse traps) so I opened the toaster door and added cheese to the toast.  When it was all bubbly, I took the slices out, waited a bit and then layered on on the other to make the sandwich.

It was so much more wonderful than fried in the pan.  The cheese was all stretchy.  And it wasn't greasy. And I was in love with the toasted cheese sandwich.  Sigh.  Some days end better than they begin.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Daily Notes- October 25th- Cold with a Chance of MOUSE

 Well, here at the Daily Notes we are into Mouse Hunting.  Overnight the mouse took the trap with him or her to the exit point which I happened to find by moving things out from under the restaurant shelving by the back wall.  Next to the pipe that connects the hot water to the only remaining old baseboard radiators. the ones that run under the floor to ceiling windows.  There was the trap with the mouse caught by the leg. Lively.  Certainly not dead.  Of course husband dropped him about two feet from the entrance to the house again.  I think they live under the back deck but could be living in the crawl space.

I just saw the trap but when husband went down to get it- the live mouse was attached.  Husband is now filling in the space around the pipe with caulk.  Well, he will be.  He's gone off in the car again and I have no idea when he will actually return home.  He "over thought" the mouse trap.  Just a simple mouse trap was all we needed. Sigh.  Complicated is not something he needs these days.  Just finding his way home is complicated enough.

But at least we know where the mice are entering the house. I always thought it would be the crawl space.

I am low on blood sugar this morning.  Chugging down my coffee.  I stuffed and taped the remaining radiator holes in the floor as they all open to the crawl space and it's easy to squeeze into that area from the garage- husband helps by leaving the garage door open all day. And sometimes all night.

I have a book to finish reading and I WAS going to the library and grocery but- feeling dizzy isn't a great combo with driving and shopping.    My house if FILTHY.  There...I admit it.....  FILTHY.

Rather than clean all this crap- I wouldn't feel back about just loading the car and heading for Goodwill.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunday October 24th- Chilly with Sunshine

 Late to writing here today.  The Football Game is early today and........yesterday we packed husband's dessert cakes into a sterile container with lid and set the mouse trap.  The mouse we caught over night was very big.  I am freaked out.  Just freaked out.

I am putting so many things into plastic, lidded containers.  Taking the fabric stored in the containers and stuffing it onto the Magic Attic shelves.  Just so icky thinking these rodents are living in the house.

We hadn't caught another mouse on the kitchen counter.  The larger second one was caught on a high shelf of the restaurant shelving where I keep my pots and pans.  Heavy stuff- cast iron etc.  And on one small section- husband's packaged cakes and cookies.  I had a bag of flour up there and we checked it very carefully for any holes chewed into the package.

Now we are watching the Patriots.  And that's about all I have to say.  

Well. I think there is a fly in the house also.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Daily Notes- October 23rd- A Cold and Damp Saturday

 On the wall.  I pin cloth to cloth and let them marinate on the wall.  This one started out not being very interesting but as the days and weeks have gone by (I don't think it's actually weeks) the combo has started to make sense to me.  Now, I am ready to sew on the four new border strips.   A few others are still in the thinking process.  Might need a pencil thin mitigating strip between two wider strips here.  Blue or purple blue.

I am not actually "making" anything.  I don't need any more potholders.  I don't need placemats.  I don't need quilts.  I could use ART.  But this isn't ART.  Well....I guess in could be......but my art is usually a bit more difficult to like.  And is rarely square.

Life Goes On.  The Red Sox lost spectacularly on Pay Per View last night.  They had ZERO. The other team had 5.  Now the Sports guys can go on and on about WHY.  We KNOW why.  Well, the chatter is that the Sox are really bad or that the Astros cheat.  Depends on where you are sitting.  Now the sports guys will talk about basketball and hockey and I will move on to Hallmark.  Less laughing for sure.  Football is so so demoralizing.  I miss Brady and the old Patriots.  Edelman. From Kent State in Ohio.

I could learn to knit. I did it once.  I liked it.  I never made anything- just a big rectangle and then took it apart and started over.  Many times.  The Process was enough.  I didn't need product.

I'm like that with almost everything.  I like the process/ the doing but not so much the finished items.

Husband has found a recipe for a creamy mushroom soup in a publication I left on the counter (I never learn).  Now he wants me to make it.  There is only a 25% chance he will like and eat what I make.  There is zero chance I will eat it.  There are many steps and techniques involved.  The photo makes me think seriously of brown lumpy paste.

I am not making it today.  I am reading.  Suddenly I have a number of books that need to be returned by Monday.  Need to get started.......

Friday, October 22, 2021

Daily Notes- October 22nd- Hello Beverly!!!

 This man has some appeal?  Okay. It was dumb.  Jean-Jullien  Would be fun to find in your lunchbox.

The sun is shining. My knees are letting me know they just had a birthday and they are OLD.  I think there is baseball tonight.  Red Sox.  The Team that loves to get to the very brink or edge of winning- and then they do their best to lose.  I watch the first 3 innings.  If I watch.  It's like watching paint dry. 

Basketball started.  OMG.  134 to 132?  Basketball has become a free throw contest.  BORING. 

We did watch the Cleveland Football Game last night.  We're from there.  Only nothing looked familiar.  There were a few broken down bridges that looked sort of like what we remembered.  We weren't around for the rejuvenation of Cleveland.  I am reminded of my time there and a kid getting on the Bus alone to go downtown was safe.  Then I remember when it was terrifying. And then I lived in Georgia. No Bus.

Now that my books have been read and the socks have been mended- all that is left for me- is a load of laundry and the Washing Machine Pages.  Two loads if I change the bed sheets.  Depends on how much material I have for the written page.  Not much happening.  I write all the exciting stuff here.  Laughing.

Beverly ..I love the Smart Wool socks also but I hate the top elastic.  It's too tight and leaves a deep dent in my ankles.  I haven't worn any heel holes in any of mine yet- but I have like 20 or 30 pairs.  So lots of pairs in rotation. The socks keep my feet nice and warm. When new- the used to be itchy. But I am "such a delicate flower" ...... as you are all aware.

Biggest concern- what candy to buy for Halloween.  As we get only two Tricker Treaters (the Twin boys) who didn't participate last October- the candy has to be something husband and I want to eat.  I think we have settled on Kit Kat Bars.  Would be perfect if they had a bagged set of the three chocolates- dark, regular, white.  I like dark- he likes white.  We could give the Twins the regular.  I bought Tootsie Pops last year and they were not kind to my teeth so I dropped off the almost full bag at the Twin's house. I think their parental units would prefer I toss the  extra candy.......... this year.  I could just buy apples.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Daily Notes- October 21st. A bit chilly. Lots of leaves on the ground.

 I stopped buying the prepared grocery meal for myself but the meatloaf one looked very much like this image from the internet.  I tried bulking up the vegetable segment with extra carrots to make the third equation to the other 2/3rds. I like vegetables.

Husband is driving around with the leaf collecting basket behind the riding mower.  Which is, I guess, something men enjoy doing.  Easier than raking.  Which hurts the back. He has headphones on and is listening to music...this project will take forever.  Ah, the Sun is coming out.

I repaired all the socks in my basket that had holes in the heels.  I wear out the heel. Well, not the heel- the bottom of the heel of my foot.   Not the toes. So I have three "new" repaired pairs of socks to wear this winter plus one extra sock.  The rest of my socks are Smart Wool.  Great socks.  After you wash them a lot and the let go of the "itchy" wool thing.  I just wish they had lesser elastic in the tops.  Or I had thinner ankles.

The three book series I am reading would make such GREAT movies.  A large family of big hulking boys (men) and one slight pale sister with white hair living on an island in the North Sea.  And this small 3 year old. AGOT.  Who talks in CAPITAL LETTERS.  AGOT comes into her story in book three.  When she faces up to the exiled Russian Prince (who has been exiled by his father with not a penny).  A grown man and a very loud opinionated 4 year old.  AGOT WANTS....... fill in the blank.  I can see it.....and it would be amazing.  The third book has Christmas. I can hardly wait for the reserve to arrive. 

Author is Jenny Colgan.

The Red Socks are tanking.  Chris Sale was always going to be the weakest link.  6 foot 5 and weighs 176. A stick man.  Not a great pitcher.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Daily Notes- Wednesday, October 20th Cloudy with a chance of being cold

 I'm choosing Soup today.  I don't have cabbage but I can just add more carrots.  Soup isn't Rocket Science.  Just use what you've got.  No reason for a special trip out to the grocery for only one thing. But I can put a small cabbage on the grocery list along with a few onions. I did buy carrots last trip. And daughter brought us Farm Stand corn.  I could make a Corn Chowder. That sounds good. I could remove the kernels and then make stock out of the scraped cobs.  Sounds like a bit of work........and I might be stuck in lazy gear.

A phone call this morning.  All my blood work was perfect.  Which means my cholesterol.  Was perfect. High Five all around.  And I slept all night without sleeping meds- mostly because I was exhausted by the whole medical thing and my two shots.  Both shoulders hurt- ache.  But it's livable.  

Stupid robo calls on the house phone started already.  Now when they ask "can you hear me" (they want a recorded "yes" from you)  I say NO.  And then they hang up on me.  It's just a better situation all around.  Before I was asking why they couldn't find a real job.  Or a better job. And well, that wasn't great.

I finished my book.  Colgan's The Cafe By the Sea.  I have the next in this series up next.  And will try and reserve the third book. I've read all of them before.  A couple times. I like books one and three.

So.  Cold outdoors.  Trees dropping leaves pretty quickly.  Not much of the Fall Beauty New England is known for this year.  Still...absolutely NO Acorns.  The small animals will starve. And my crock pot of cloth won't get the Acorn treatment.  Just dirty brown.  I think I have enough of that.  I need something round with a whole in the middle--really rusting-- to wind cloth and string around and cook in the crock pot out in the garage for a couple days.  Some really interesting string lines.

I have to dig around in the sock basket in my closet for the socks I want to mend.  I have the library sock mending kit for three more weeks.  I need to get busy mending socks while I watch tv....but there isn't much to watch on tv....but sock mending with the Sports guys--that will be fine. Did the Red Socks win?

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Daily Notes- Tuesday, October 19th- Annual Medical Visit

 I showered and had no breakfast and went off to my doctor's visit with a coffee and a Larabar.  For AFTER the blood tests.  I think the gal took three vials full. I have thin veins.  I wore nice clothes.

Then a short wait and then the doctor and after that- tetanus and flu shots. One in each arm.  So, am home with three holes in me.  The one in my left shoulder hurts.  Now I just have to do a mammogram and I will be done. ......nope, I need my COVID Booster.  But not today.  Enough is enough.

Started the day with a "rescue me" call from neighbor across the street who needed me to get her recycling out to the curb before I left for my doctor's visit.  And her garbage.  I also broke down a bunch of her Amazon Prime boxes.  And carried her mail to her street side mailbox.  I asked if there was anything else she needed- as I was needing to get into the car.....she said no.  And I jumped in the car- husband was driving. And off we went before she could change her mind.

Traffic on the street where my doctor office turn off is...newly paved with fresh asphalt- the street (road) was getting striping.  What a mess.  Long lines of "going one mile an hour" traffic.  Couldn't they have done it overnight????  Anyway.  I am at home and finally had my oatmeal and a second cup of coffee.  And now, a book or the sports channel and a blanket.  I might just sit with my resting eyes closed.

On the way home- sirens and lights on two State Cars and then an ambulance with siren and all its lights flashing at the intersection.  So, we didn't go straight.  We turned and were happy to arrive home safely.

I would have loved to have a runny egg on toast with sautéed greens today.  That would have been perfect. where to get that. I mentioned- time for a nap.  I'm supposed to have one 30 minute walk each day.  And eat a healthy low carb diet.  And lose weight.  None of those things will happen today. 

My doctor did admit I am the healthiest (youngest looking) 75 year old in her care.  I'll be happy enough knowing that.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Daily Notes- October 18th- Chilly with clouds

 The clean counter top. Very Zen.

Patriots- what a horrible way to lose a game.  A game they were winning.  So disappointing.  Can we fire the coach???  Impeach him?

Grocery store today- was lucky to find prepared chicken dinners for husband.  I didn't find anything lucky for me.  I have a few things I could prepare.  But....just not in the mood.  I did make rice yesterday for myself and added peas.  I still have some I can eat for lunch.

Tomorrow the doctor and lab work.  So, I'll bring toast and something to drink for after they take blood.

It's cold in the house today.  My hip still has a pinched nerve or something.  Not easy to get around.  Not much at the library today.  Couldn't find a book for husband.  Got repeats for myself.  Shelves were a bit bare.  My library is VERY busy.  So, finding books on shelves is iffy.  I am just wanting EASY for reading. I don't want to have to concentrate on anything.  I have books here for concentrating.  I renewed them so I have longer to get back into them.  After the doctor visit.  After tomorrow.

I was thinking, considering......making something.  Considering cooking something that isn't a sandwich, rice or toast.  But then..I thought why bother.  Maybe making a dessert.  Jello.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunday October 17th- A Mouse.

 A Mouse. In the House.  Now dead.  With cheese in his or her mouth.  Looks like a Toy Mouse.

 I have been throwing things away and scrubbing surfaces all  morning.  Husband is setting the trap again tonight.  I would still be tossing and cleaning but I moved wrong and a shooting pain in my left side and hip is keeping me from my cleaning tasks. Collections of things like restaurant soy packets are now in the trash. As are all the wire and paper twist ties.  And the garlic.  And rubber bands.  I also scrubbed the very little used Vitamix. I should pack it away. It got used quite a lot years and years ago.  Now--not at all.

You would think I would make smoothies or juices.  Or let it rip to heat up things into "soup".  I used to.  I even have the additional container to grind seeds or grain into flour. Or rice into rice flour.  When that was something I did and something I ate.  Rice flour and banana mash muffins. Very gritty. That was an elimination diet staple.  I didn't lose weight.  My body is fiercely protective of my bulk.

There won't be any Football Pizza.  I don't feel like making my own dough and there is none in the freezer.

I renewed all my books.  I am re-reading Colgan's Beach Street Bakery.  Reading is slowing down.  I am tired. Lamps have to be on in the darker than before house.  I went up and down the stairs too often.  That might be another reason for the hip pain.  Was knee pain yesterday.

I have a regularly scheduled annual checkup with my doctor this week.  I'll try and get my blood work done.  Lipids.  Will possibly get a flu shot if doctor has any supplies.  I have a bit of anxiety about going out to see the doctor.  It's outside the boundaries I set for myself.  We'll talk about that.  Doctor and I.  I've know her a long long time. She's as cranky and opinionated as I am......more than I am.  My doctor visits are one long argument and then a hug goodbye.  We skipped the hug last year and will likely skip it this year as well.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Daily Notes- October 16th= Another Try with the Cloth and a Sore Knee

 I changed out the top strip.  And gave it all a press.  I haven't straightened any edges as that means clearing off the cutting mat and it's covered in junk-and where is the rotary cutter????.  That outer edge fabric- this is all there is (a few scraps)'s this or a complete re-start.  I didn't realize it was so crooked. Wow--it's really crooked.  This is what happens when you cut strips with scissors --better to rip.

I watched some Red Socks baseball but they lost (long after I went to bed).  The game wasn't as slow and boring as I expected but still not exciting.  Previous to the baseball I watched a PBS episode (recorded) on the world's tallest, thinnest skyscraper- being built in New York City.  Apartments will be 59 million each.  Only two elevators. Space is same as a basketball court. There's no room for any more elevators. I can't imagine someone paying 59 million and sharing an elevator. And getting the furniture up-? No stairs were mentioned.  I got a chill.  Thinking of the Towers on 911.

My right knee is feeling weird.  Achy. Ready to collapse on me. Too many trips up to the Magic Attic looking for cloth. 75. The knees tend to give out first. Or the mind and then the knees????  Or the heart and forget the knees? 75.  Might need to move the Magic Attic down to the first floor.

I tried a new to me Sweet Soy Sauce.  Gluten free.  Availability in my grocery store is hit or miss and none of the other stores carry it.  I looked for it on the internet and Amazon had it.  $19.95 for 10 ounces. It costs around $4 at the grocery.  Shipping was $4.  Then I read the comments. EVERY shipped bottle arrived cracked and leaking.  No refunds.  Amazon policy.  No refunds for damaged product.  The "shipping" wasn't even a padded bag.  Wow.  Just Wow. Amazon.  What a joke.

I am now checking out recipes for making my own sweet soy sauce.  Looking for one that doesn't involve strange ingredients I can't buy locally.  So far...... it doesn't look promising. Kikkoman.  I know you'll be asking. And it's amazing.  Just Fricking AMAZING.  My daughter says it's amazing on EVERYTHING.  I've only ever had it on steamed rice with vegetables.  Because I have only the one bottle.  Half full. Daughter is on the hunt.  That Girl is a Treasure- now that we are OLD. Before that.....sigh.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Daily Notes- October 15th. Cloudy.

 What I am working on. A few inches larger than a sheet of typing paper.  The bottom half is fine and the strips at the bottom are merely auditioning as I want to add borders..  I am not so sure of the brown strip at the top.  But the light is bad- it is dark in the house this morning. The leaves are appliquéd to the surface. Cut from a larger very wild fabric.

I have sewn things on and taken them off.  I have added borders and removed them.  All hand sewing. Time consuming which is why I am doing it.  To take up TIME.  Not watching news.  Sports shows are not as entertaining.  Hallmark is boring. Law and Order is boring.  Castle repeats are also boring- I once loved the show. We did watch the Tampa Bay game last night. And instead of Football Pizza we had cheesecake and coffee.

Reading- my eyes are dry- the house is dry- and my eyes are tired.  That was one of the reasons for the Sports Shows.  I could listen but not be using my eyes. Except to roll them at some of the dialogue.

This all began with a strip of cloth from a bag of scraps sent to me by Dee near Boston. It's directly above the center brown oval at the bottom.  Trying to make other cloth "play well" with that rectangle hasn't been easy.  But it has been something to do- something to try and solve. The embroidered white lines helped so very much-just as I was 99% ready to just give up.

What I have learned is that any cloth I have purchased -plays well with all the others I buy.  It seems to be internal rather than planned.  The new cloth from HoAnnes' has already collected three or four others that could be siblings.  I hadn't noticed them in the Magic Closet until this new cloth- was purchased.

That top brown strip.  Taking it off.  The easiest solution is a fourth border of the orange and brown ovals and pink dots. And possibly one more orange oval appliquéd above the white line near the top.

I looked and looked but not one polka dot fabric in magenta on cream.  But now that I think- there is one more tub of cloth.  Way back by the window. In the Magic Attic. Juvenile stuff.  For baby girl quilts.

The new cloth scraps sent by that sends things into a tail spin for awhile until I figure it out.  Another delicious cloth that came in the mail has attracted three of my own fabrics to it.  Magnetically. They are all very slightly similar so the trick will be to find other "not the same" fabrics to "make it work". Fabric Games are the Best Games- and the most frustrating.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Daily Notes- October 14th- sunshine and Golden Maple Leaves

 I actually got some images pasted on to the desktop calendar.  I had found some free used copies of Real Simple at the library and most of the art is from those magazines.  Sliced and diced and then reassembled.

I didn't read yesterday but did find a strip of dark cloth for the top edge of the cloth I am sewing.  I also appliquéd another leaf to the lower edge.  It's still not done.  Like a recipe you think will benefit  from the addition of one more thing and, it needs something more.  Usually, for me, these additions do not add up to anything worth eating.  And with cloth- I can UN-sew.  Not with cooking.

I wrote the check for the electric bill.  Sans AC units.  So the amount was okay. We will be paying 40 to 55% more for heating oil this winter.  In past years- a $500 bill for heating oil was the regular charge.  And we kept the inside temps at 60 and 40.  Forty at night. and wore sweaters (two) and wool socks. I think one winter when money was tight here.....we even wore mittens and hats in the house.   

I won't go that far.  We have a newer furnace now and doors on the bedroom wing so we only heat the rooms we are in.  And south side Sun...... keeps the kitchen and dining area warm.

I watched two Hallmark movies.  One from 2009 and one new 2021.  In the 2009 movie, when it was time for the "kiss" it was delivered with enthusiasm (repeatedly) on the part of both man and woman.  In the 2021 movie they were grimacing as they drew close to each other and it was painful to watch.  There should have been large letters on the screen AWKWARD.  And they couldn't get far enough away from each other....after.  I wondered if they would both wipe their mouths with their hands.  And say ICK!!!

I will look for older movies this holiday season.  The awkward body language ruins the movies. So why bother watching them?????  It's not like the stories are that interesting. Different settings and actors but same old stories. And the coffee cups never have liquid in them (at least put some weight in the cups).  I might need to find a new source of entertainment. Or read TWO books each day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Daily Notes- October 12th. Sunshine.

 View from the couch where I read books and watch sports commentary.  There used to be a framed watercolor over the desk but we took all the art off the walls when we got this room painted.  Just before COVID arrived in March to change us forever.

I think the watercolor is in the bookcase leaning against the wall.  I never replaced the shelving.  I did put the alcohol bottles back into the space minus shelves.  And all the cloth art is also gone.  Taken down and folded/rolled and put into the Attic.  And I never replaced any of the furniture.  No chairs- just two couches. No area rug.  Now...after almost 2.5 years of COVID- I just don't care anymore. I never SEE real live people.  I wave at neighbors as they walk past with their dogs.  But we don't stand close enough to talk.

Will it be like this forever?  Seems like it might.

I watched the Saints play football last night.  It's like a different game.  The way they play.  Sometimes way more physical.  Way more brutal.  But not boring and the game went past much faster than a regular football game- which most identifies with watching paint dry.  Of course baseball is still the best way to watch paint dry. Do you think the quarterback takes any info from the coaches????

I finished off the bag of Cheetos extra crunchy yesterday instead of having dinner.  I will have dinner today.  Promise.  I am out of yogurts and Cheetos and lettuce and cheese for a sandwich.  So I will have to eat the prepared meatloaf meal I bought.  Like a regular adult person.

I did hand press different pieces of cloth yesterday.  Pinning some to the dining room wall.  Just to have a look.  A few of them are prime contenders.  It's just a matter of deciding which direction I want to take. Or more so- where the cloth wants to go.  It hasn't been given what it wants yet.  so......keep looking.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Daily Notes- October 11th- A Sunshine Day

 So.....the football was less than great.  It seemed too violent.  Too mean spirited. For sure too many players were injured.  The World burning down around us.

Husband is doing the last chore on the October List.  Hoses.  Draining them and rolling them and tying them and then I will help with the getting them down the five steps into the crawl space.  Where they spend the Winter months.

We had football pizza.  I put the frozen ball of dough in the microwave and during commercials I hit defrost for 2 or 3 minutes and then let it go until another commercial.  If I remembered.  And on my side of the pizza- strips of red and green bell peppers from the freezer.  Got my side of the pizza less crispy. but I was wanting more vegetables.  Not that the addition met any dietary standards.

I also watched some Hallmark Fall Movies.  Fake Walmart leaves, pumpkins and apples.  The large baskets of apples weighed in at nothing by the looks of the actors loading them up onto the porch for the "big festival" with just their finger tips.  And the lost BBQ sauce recipe of grampa's.  I switched to something else but don't remember what.  And then realized my husband had gone off to bed hours before.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Daily Notes- October 10th. Another chilly, cloudy day here in Maine.

 Closing up the garden means putting the old stuff into the compost bins.  I always add shredded junk mail all year long.  I know brown paper is best- I used to save and put the brown paper grocery bags thru the shredder and then into the compost bins but now the paper bags cost 5 cents each.  Worms love brown paper.  And I use my recyclable  grocery bags now and do not purchase bags at the store. 

And I used to buy fresh ground coffee beans and make filtered coffee and the used grounds went into the compost bins.  Worms LOVE coffee grounds. So October is fill the compost bins month.  Stuff from the garden.  The Annual flowers from the containers.  Leaves.  Grass clippings.  Tons of leaves.  I used to have this barrel shaped thing with fishing line that whipped around and shredded dry leaves into leaf dust.  But I don't know what happened to it.  Worms love leaf dust.  The container soil is sifted to removed roots and stored in garbage cans for next year.  It's sterile and will last the rest of my gardening life.

Sigh.  It's been slow and boring here at the house.  The Postal Pony Express did bring me a package yesterday.  Eight Days from Boston to Maine. Blues.  Blue cloth. All of it odd shaped scraps.  It's hard to imagine the happiness one, here in lonely Maine, feels when she gets a package.   I ran my hands over each piece to flatten and press it.  There is one fabric with green leaves.  I have to think of something wonderful for that fabric.

I bought (more) new paddles for winding floss.  I have bags of floss from my days of teaching hand appliqué (I included thread, needles and fabric into the class fees so all the ladies had the right things and could be successful- I hated paying a large amount of money for a class and the teaching materials fell far short of being useful- I also hated paying for a class and then having to help the women seated nearby with their projects as the highly paid teacher dithered about the room being useless). So I have a lot of floss.  And eventually storage boxes for all the floss.  I'm 75. I will never use it all.  But I am working each day to find uses for some of it. I am using it for any and all hand sewing.  Not using spool thread except in the sewing machine.  Mending George's pants.  And my own.  Possibly- all my clothing will be embroidered in the next 10 years?  If my eyes hold out.  And my fingers. They tend to cramp up these days.  Getting old.  It's hard.  When.... inside your head..... you're still 20 or 30 years old.

Saturday, October 09, 2021

Daily Notes- October 9th. It's Saturday.

 This was an image off the chair site but I think I liked the little porch.  I had one like this in Florida. It wasn't painted this color but- wow...if it had been. My Dad drove down to Florida and helped my husband build something like this on the back of the house- screens not windows.  I intended to have orchids growing inside.

We moved a few minutes later, it seemed..  The company transferred husband from spending long days in Miami (working)  and then weeks in the Virgin Islands (working?) to Chicago.  Meaning the family would be living in Chicago (alone) and husband would be in Europe (working).  Not living at home. Eventually...... just when I was happy with my job and friends (two years? three?)----they moved the family to Europe and husband was still not living with us- just Friday night to Sunday. And I had no job and no friends and lived with two VERY ANGRY children (early and pre teens) who DID NOT WANT TO BE In GERMANY. And hated me.  Deeply. Every single day that first year.

And just when I was loving Europe and both kids were in College- back to Chicago. New house, no job and no friends. And husband AT HOME.  OMG.  And three years later- here.  And we never moved again.

This little porch reminded me of all the things I still thought were long ago.

It might rain.  Clouds in my coffee.

No Sports to watch on tv.  Vacuum hose is still out- I could do the bedroom wing floors.

I'll probably read The Hating Game again.  I know I just finished it the other day.  But I like the book- so why not???  It's an early copy.  The more current copies have a cute little add-on of what happened after the book ended.  Two executives seated across from each other in an office.  Playing the Hating Game. Written by the same author who wrote Second First Impressions.  Another book I LOVE.  I also have the 99% Solution?.  Same author.  I might read that today.  It's been awhile.  My best intentions are to buy all three books.  I just haven't done it yet. Australian author.

Friday, October 08, 2021

Daily Notes- October 8th. Sunshine

 Sink Painting.  Giving me an idea that I could actually just paint my bathroom or kitchen sink.  

I took a shower this morning.  I woke up cranky.  A shower usually helps with crankiness. Hot Water.

I also had my usual breakfast of coffee and oatmeal and THEN I remembered to make toast.  Now..I'm all set for the day (I have nothing for lunch as I finished off the hot dogs a few days ago but did make a romaine lettuce, mayo and Swiss cheese sandwich yesterday)  I do have late afternoon Cheetos.  Which is  the best reason on Earth to force myself to live thru the late morning and early afternoon blahs.

Yesterday I carried the shredded paper  and the compost pail out to the compost bins and noticed the squash plant growing in the bins has covered the entire front of two of the bins (6 feet by 3 feet).  It makes flowers but only male ones.  So has never made an actual squash. Living the good life without children to care for.  There is a cherry tomato plant growing inside the bins and it has fruit.  I am thinking of taking the porch plants and planting them in the compost bins.  That was their final destination anyway- so why not go early???? Two tomato plants, one bell pepper and some herbs.  They may shed seeds for next year.

I need more vegetative additions to the bins.  Right now it's mostly shredded paper.  I will add leaves eventually but right now I could use some cow manure or a big bucket of used coffee grounds from Starbucks.

I also vacuumed half the house.  today I have to finish off the bedroom and bathroom floors.

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Daily Notes- October 7th. Sunshine here in Maine.

 We're still green here in Maine.  No golden color as yet.  It did dip into the 40's a few nights but not cold enough yet.  Still looks like Summer.  I have roses blooming.

No reading yesterday.  I did stand and look at the books in the library pile.

No sewing. I did stare at the cloth. that I think about it- I did make a few white lines (in backstitch) to gather a few elements together into a sort of co-operative thing.  And then I set the cloth aside.  There is nothing I can think to do with the top edge that works.  And I am tired of searching the closets for some magic fabric solution.  My sojourn to HoAnn's deadened my enthusiasm for cloth.

I think I had a half peanut butter sandwich at some point yesterday.  Either for very late lunch or supper. I did have two cups of coffee and my daily four pieces of dark chocolate which is purely medicinal. The only for sure meal is breakfast.  Oatmeal and coffee.

It's not that I am unhappy or anything.  I am just in the midst of a normal transition period.  And the  next new thing hasn't occurred to me yet. I did toss out all the unfinished sudoko puzzles from the newspaper.  I wasn't getting anywhere. And I have fabric that is now in a bag which might be going to Goodwill. Or I might just hide it from myself.

Sports yesterday was 90% baseball.  I do not like it.  And what there was of football was all about the trade the Patriots made.  Baseball was all about the computer generated odds.  If a pitcher's stats are in the "numbers" he gets pulled out of the game even if he is making strike outs.  So, it's all betting now.  Not that the men talking- stopped talking about the game.  

Later we watched the new CSI Vegas and couldn't understand a word they said.  Not watching it again. And we also watched Nova on PBS about Particles.  Some of the parents of the kids in my son's "gifted" 3rd grade classes worked at the accelerator.  Where the particles are (suburb of Chicago).  I can now understand why I was always chosen to go on field trips with the class and come in and help out with things.  

I had one of my own at home and what's 20 more just like him????  It was fascinating to be one on one with each kid and teach them the multiplication tables.  Took like 20 minutes each. Later in life I did the same with remedial high school students.  So different......some days I just wanted to sit with them and cry.

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Daily Notes- Sorry- I Forgot to Post this Morning

Hey--- sorry about that but I had an "agenda" for the day.  Paying bills and then a ride in the car with husband to do some errands- Ho Ann's is across the bridge into Trump country.  No Masks.  And there  are multiple lanes of traffic up there.  I am two years out on driving up there on the regular.

Working on this.  It's like I can't get it right.  I added the big flowers last night while watching tv. No idea where this is going.  Felt like downhill for awhile.  Then the big flower appliqué- well, they made a bad mess better but still a mess.  I have no border cloth for the top edge.  Tried everything.

Jo Ann's..... Two employees in the entire store.  Very few masks- none on employees.  I did find a cloth that matched my happened even if the odds were not in my favor.

The Trump Grocery did not have anything different than my local.  Same company.  So I cam home with just a pint of coffee cream and no sweet soy sauce.

I should have connected that white line in the center with a white in the border I added.

I put on a nice ironed short for my trip North.  Got home and took it off right away.

My Southern Peach Cobbler that I made yesterday- is very good.  Great Peaches.  Good flavor.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Daily Notes- October 5th- A Cloudy, chill Tuesday.

 Bird Woman- Maria Madurira.   This is sort of what I am trying to do with cloth.  But I am still finding it hard to switch from abstract rectangular or square cloth to Story Cloth.  I don't have a spirit animal to inhabit the cloth.  I never have had.  Older cloth had floral elements.  Abstract.  But never people. Never animals. Never anything with "thoughts". Or eyes.

I am reading- for the 5th time I think...a book.  And there are  things that always bothered me.  Not this Time.  This Time I am seeing, feeling and reading the words without my inner anxiety or sub text. There was never anything to fear.  I was inserting my own fears into the story as a subtext.  This Time.  So different and such a relief. I'm allowing the book's characters to relax and just be...... I am allowing myself to relax and just be.

I am not sure how this happened.  How I let go.  But it is a welcome change.  Perhaps it was age or COVID and realizing Time was getting short.  My end date is closer every year.  I need to let go of fear and embrace possibility. One book at a time.

My Master Gardener classmate (2001) dropped off a heavy bag of peaches from her tree yesterday afternoon. A belated birthday gift. Her tree likes to ripen peaches in October.  Which is weird but okay with me as the Peaches are very very delicious.  I found my Southern Peach Cobbler recipe card and will be baking today.  I  have too many peaches.  So I will bag up what I don't need and I've already photo copied my old 1970's recipe cards to take down the street to Joel. The lawyer who works from home and cooks for his family.  If the puppy is out I will scratch behind her ears.  I copied the Old Fashioned Apple cake as well.  I shared cake with them after they picked apples for me a few years ago.  Now Joel can make Apple Cake as well.  Old school cake from the 1960's- before he was born.

My friend also brought me a pretty little rug- hooked rug on top filled with memory foam.  For me to stand on while I cook or bake.  To take pressure off my lower back.  I tried it out.  It's very nice.  I think Christmas baking and cooking will be so much easier standing on this little rug.  I will test it while peeling peaches for my cobbler later today.

Monday, October 04, 2021

Daily Notes- Monday, October 4th- What A Game Last Night!!!!!

 In the closet.  It has felt (incredibly) terrible to know I have very little in the Magic Closets in this color way- the strip on top with loose threads.  From Dee.  This is all I could find.  Close but no cigar.

I thought, seriously, about a drive across the bridge into Trump territory (next Town over) and the JoAnn's. But then decided there wasn't much chance of finding anything.  There is a quilt shop in Freeport but last time I went- well, very traditional.  Not me.  Anymore.  If ever.  I could mix paint.  Paint cloth this color. That is more likely to be successful.  I'm good at mixing color.  I'll give the mail service another day. See if I get any...mail.

I didn't read yesterday.  I watched two Hallmark Movies.  Not completely.  I don't have the emptiness of heart to watch them completely anymore (blame Hallmark Bingo).  And I had to hit the channel changing button when they got to the always awkward kiss.  Cringe-worthy.  They hadn't gone all crazy with the curling iron in either of the movies I watched.  Which was great. Used to be Hallmark would accidentally manage to discover "heat" but they must have scrubbed that clean off the scripts. Now they concentrate on AWKWARD.

I made the Football Pizza early- and then ice cream.  Then Football.  It was raining during the game in Boston and it was also raining here in Maine about 2 hours away.--by car on a clear highway. We did a lot of driving back in the day.  And most of it started by driving thru Boston.  And ended in Florida.

That last kick.  Being a field goal kicker has to be the worst job in football. I also watched the Cowboy's game.  Really good.  Brand new quarterbacks.  And old ones just back from reconstruction surgery.  Seems like football is undergoing a massive change.  I'm liking it.

Sunday, October 03, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunday, October 3rd. 11:11

 Eating toast with butter and strawberry rhubarb jam (second breakfast- oatmeal was first).  Drinking re-heated coffee.  I was trying to get this post started while the clock still read 11:11 but missed it by a few seconds.

Weather report: Dark, Wet, Cold. Going to be a miserable football game this evening. In New England. Ticket holders are selling their tickets.  Because of the rain.  Maybe not?  

I have NOT been happy with the books I am reading right now.  The streak had to end sometime but this isn't the best weekend for it to happen.  When the weather is like this- I like to get all cozy on the couch and read. I was doing some sewing but the project I am most excited about- I am waiting for some fabric scraps to arrive in the mail.  Postmaster No Joy is making that difficult, I think.

I think his next Postal Downgrade will reinstate Ponies.  Or tin cans connected with string. No. That's MaBell. Will need A LOT of STRING to make all those annoying calls from Asia- .

I haven't been able to begin reading DebL's books as my daughter has all three and she is reading them. And liking the books very very much.  We have discussed some of our favorite bits so far.  They are not the same bits. She is waiting to finish all three before posting on instagram.

I thawed out a ball of pizza dough for the evening's football.  We might eat pizza earlier than the 8 pm kickoff. We might eat it with the 4 pm game. At halftime.  Or I could just roll it out and have it for Breakfast Number Three.

And yes, Connie- I am pretty excited about new Christmas Tree Lights.  Thinking Ahead is new for me.

Saturday, October 02, 2021

Daily Notes- October 2nd. Clouds. Rain is a Maybe. Chilly.

 I have no idea what this is in the bowl.  Soup or Rice.  But it's more than likely I will be eating something like this today.  It's cold in the house.  

I switched from linen pants, bare feet and a linen shirt to corduroy pants and wool socks yesterday.  I didn't go so far as adding a thermal long sleeved tee and a sweater.  Just a heavy work shirt.  But I was very happy with the socks.  I may add the long sleeve thermal today.

Daughter and her work partner arrived after their day of landscaping ended.. to remove and carry the two window AC units out to the garage.  I had cleared the space and backed my car out of the garage.  And cleared all walking spaces.  So it went quickly and efficiently. No one tripped and fell.  No AC unit fell out of the window.

The visiting dog spit out the dog treat husband gave her.  Her owner said the dog was "particular" about what she will eat.  I think she sniffed the entire house and garage and then was ready to go home.

So....we are now ready for the arrival of cold weather and Christmas.  I mentioned to daughter that I would like to purchase all new Christmas Tree lights this year instead of dealing with strings with half the lights not functioning.  She will schedule a shopping trip at the appropriate time.  And I will look for another desk calendar just like the one I have now.  I like it's smooth surface.  And I like pasting images to the surface and coloring and drawing in some of the spaces.  Under the art is the usual notes for haircuts and appointments.  In case you were wondering.

Ancient Aliens was good yesterday.  There was Women's Curling on one of the Sports channels but it wasn't as interesting as it has been in the past. So we went to bed early. As soon as husband got to the end of his chapter in the book he is reading.  Not yet noon, and I have all the house lights on. 

Friday, October 01, 2021

Daily Notes- October One. A Chill in the Air.

 The September Desk Calendar.    I have five blanks in the first row of October.  I have the opportunity to make sort of a Desk Calendar Mural up there.  But, it's kind of difficult as the base of the desktop Apple sits rather heavily on top of the middle three squares.  I make adjustments all the time and it takes me awhile to get used to the screen being closer or farther away. Eye adjustments at 75 are slow. So slow.

I pulled a frozen ball of pizza dough out of the freezer to thaw.  For Football Pizza. Sunday.  I finished off my birthday ice cream last night and got a blob of chocolate on the front of my very very nice Eileen Fisher white linen shirt. I have sprayed it with stain spray and will be doing a load of wash when I finish here. Does that brand even exist anymore????  I might have a few other items from her but haven't seen them in ages.  A skirt, I think.  And a suit.  The skirt might still be in the Attic.  Not the Suit. GACK!

Here (the Boston networks- as Maine is seen as being a Suburb of Boston)) Much ado about Brady having COVID EYES.  He did look a bit odd and he sounded odd.  Brady having COVID might be the only way the Patriots win this thing.  But I have no doubt in my mind that the Patriots will LOSE.  The Team is that BAD.

So.....The off and on Secret Rain (I haven't seen any fall but sidewalks are wet and there are puddles) is doing lovely things for my Grass Growing Project.  Still some bare spots.  But......I'm taking a winning lap.  A Grass Growing Success Story!!!!!!!! On to 2022.

Wow. that is weird to see.  2022.

Finished re-reading the Rules for Visiting.  Even better the second time.  I wrote a whole post in my head about visiting but not going to put it here.  Some people go/visit and some people just welcome guests. We went and visited for what seemed like a hundred years.  Hardly anyone came to us. Once we stopped going (because we were getting old and tired and money was tight)......the friendships shriveled and died.  Our going/visiting was the only glue. Now I send a card.