Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Daily Notes- Wednesday, October 20th Cloudy with a chance of being cold

 I'm choosing Soup today.  I don't have cabbage but I can just add more carrots.  Soup isn't Rocket Science.  Just use what you've got.  No reason for a special trip out to the grocery for only one thing. But I can put a small cabbage on the grocery list along with a few onions. I did buy carrots last trip. And daughter brought us Farm Stand corn.  I could make a Corn Chowder. That sounds good. I could remove the kernels and then make stock out of the scraped cobs.  Sounds like a bit of work........and I might be stuck in lazy gear.

A phone call this morning.  All my blood work was perfect.  Which means my cholesterol.  Was perfect. High Five all around.  And I slept all night without sleeping meds- mostly because I was exhausted by the whole medical thing and my two shots.  Both shoulders hurt- ache.  But it's livable.  

Stupid robo calls on the house phone started already.  Now when they ask "can you hear me" (they want a recorded "yes" from you)  I say NO.  And then they hang up on me.  It's just a better situation all around.  Before I was asking why they couldn't find a real job.  Or a better job. And well, that wasn't great.

I finished my book.  Colgan's The Cafe By the Sea.  I have the next in this series up next.  And will try and reserve the third book. I've read all of them before.  A couple times. I like books one and three.

So.  Cold outdoors.  Trees dropping leaves pretty quickly.  Not much of the Fall Beauty New England is known for this year.  Still...absolutely NO Acorns.  The small animals will starve. And my crock pot of cloth won't get the Acorn treatment.  Just dirty brown.  I think I have enough of that.  I need something round with a whole in the middle--really rusting-- to wind cloth and string around and cook in the crock pot out in the garage for a couple days.  Some really interesting string lines.

I have to dig around in the sock basket in my closet for the socks I want to mend.  I have the library sock mending kit for three more weeks.  I need to get busy mending socks while I watch tv....but there isn't much to watch on tv....but sock mending with the Sports guys--that will be fine. Did the Red Socks win?

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