Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ratatouille Tonight

I followed the step by step directions in Everyday Food for an autumnal vegetable stew.  I had everything in my garden except for an eggplant and 2 onions.  Riley and I had to go out to pick peppers   (2 red and one green) and then make a second trip to see if we had a few tiny zucchini to add to the medium one I had on the kitchen counter.  Riley noticed the raspberries were ripe.  I noticed the yellow jackets sitting on the raspberries. We made a quick departure. My ratatouille is simmering gently as I write to you.  I think I will serve some of it over whole wheat pasta for my "dining alone" evening.  G is doing EOM paperwork and inventory. I also have a big pile of beets roasting in the oven.

I SO didn't want to go into work today but it's good I did.  I had the key and needed to unlock the door and unarm the security alarm for the 15 year old cashier.  It was just the two of us.  And later a third and fourth person arrived and that is when I could have made my planned exit, but G had appointments (his day off) and then wanted to take a nap.  So, I stayed.  It wasn't bad.  And I learned several new things while helping customers, which is always fun.  I stayed in the perennial yard as much as possible.  Alone. Tomorrow is payday. That will be a good thing.

I got to catch up on Mad Men and Rubicon yesterday.  Both episodes were very good.  I also made it to the library to drop off and pick up books.  The grocery was a trial.  The shelves were not stocked and a number of items I wanted and needed were "out".  Our grocery is part of a huge chain but our particular store is very small, with limited items.  Mostly limited in the items I want.  I did return the bottle of Balsamic vinegar I bought last week.  I had opened and tasted it and it was terrible.  Later, G and I watched House and then Survivor.  Another show where all the "games" had been played by 8:20 and the remainder of the hour was spent listening to ridiculous chatting.  Totally stupid.  Law&Order LA was okay but not as good as the original.  I TiVo'ed Whole Truth and will watch that later tonight.  I've decided not to watch any more episodes of Raising Hope.  I just don't care for the half hour "comedies" (?). Mainly because they aren't funny.

I think I will go and take a hot shower (using every bit of the hot water) and then watch the evening news and read some of the catalogs we got in the mail today.  Then eat, if I am hungry.  Before I shower I better feed Riley his dinner.  I know he's hungry.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September Ends

Yesterday was a transitional day at work.  One season ending and another beginning.  I continue to downsize the perennial yard in anticipation of the outdoor planting season's end.  We drained the water "pond" (actually a lined container, 4 feet by 8 feet) and scooped, by hand, all the soggy, slimey plant life. Another disgusting job.  Will my boss ever lack for disgusting jobs for us?  The 6000#'s of pumpkins had to be hand carried from the delivery truck to the small, medium and large piles out in the parking lot.  And two tables in the greenhouse were reassembled into the "Christmas Room".  This is where the State of Maine wreaths and the cemetery Holiday Boxes will made.  Could the Poinsettias be far behind?  All employees received new fleece hooded company sweatshirt jackets yesterday.

My status as "outsider" was more firmly established as I accidentally overheard plans being made for a Sunday farewell drinks party for my greenhouse co-worker.  Not invited.  And I also overheard plans for a baby shower being discussed for another coworker.  I am old enough to be the mother and/or grandmother to most of the employees.  Not someone they want to "party" with.  And they don't feel bad about excluding me. I don't think they even think about how I might feel being left out. Or it could be that they just don't like me enough to spend time with me off the clock.  I am not too concerned as I don't think I would actually attend either event. But.  Everyone likes to be included.

I got my wish yesterday and Michael Bolton was removed from DWTS.  Survivor tonight.  I am doing laundry, visiting the grocery store, library, walking dog and going out to the veg garden to work in the compost bins and tidy up the cabbage, kale and chard beds.  I hope I have some time to watch Mad men so I can read the NYT's Arts Beat on Mad Men.  I usually do that on Monday afternoon after work.  Oh, I love the comments.That's how far behind I am this week already.  And I haven't watched Rubicon or Fringe.  I found out yesterday that I am the teacher for the Bulb Planting class on Saturday so I have to do prep work for that.  I did set up the class seating so the people won't have the 10am sun in their eyes this week.  I'm not sure my boss was happy about me being the teacher.  Can I make it until December 24th?

Crock pot is full of BBQ'ed pulled pork.  I have to make jelly today.  I need to pick over the peaches and remove any that are spoiling.  I plan to eat them with yogurt for lunches Thursday to Saturday as a farewell to summer.  I also plan to make a Ratatouille today with all the veg on the counter plus a can of artichoke hearts.  Too busy for a day off and I didn't sleep well.  Dreamt of an unhappy marriage, not mine, but still, it left bad feelings in my head.  I wonder where that dream came from?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making Grape Jelly

Sunday G & I visited my friend P and we picked Concord grapes off the vines P has growing over her deck.  G had helped her a few years ago to build the grape arbor the grapes started growing on.  Later, another handy person built the structure over the deck so P could get some shade and privacy.  P thought she didn't have many grapes.  We picked two full peck baskets.

Sunday evening I picked grapes off of stems until I had 40 cups of grapes.  I added 2.5 cups water and crushed and brought the grapes to a boil and then a slow boil to release juices for 10 minutes.  Then I poured grape slush into the jelly bag and let it drip into a restaurant grade container.  I had 4.5 liters of juice.  I had to let it sit 24 hours to form the tartrate crystals that are very bad for dogs and people.  Then it went through the jelly bag again.  I am a messy person.  There is grape juice all over everything.  My shirt, the sleeves of white long sleeve tees, my socks (stepping into juice).  The stove, floor and sink.

I now have the strained juice in the fridge and plan on making 2 batches of grape jelly tomorrow.  I have more grapes but I am realistic as to how much jelly we actually need.  And, even though it sounds good, I won't be making a grape pie.  Blue teeth.

I wore two sweatshirts at work yesterday.  And it was near 90 in the greenhouse Saturday.  The weather here is very, very strange.  Today is overcast, might rain and in the 60's.  I have layers on so I can remove or add clothing as the day progresses.  I have nothing to pack for my lunch.  Last night at 7, G made a turkey/swiss panini and ate most of a bag of chips.  I had Kraft mac and cheese.  No butter, soy milk.  DWTS was okay but I hope Michael Bolton goes home tonight.  I know DWTS paid a lot of $$$$ for Bolton and Hasselhof but they made a huge mistake.  And Brandi can go home next.  I hope her fans pay attention to her ugly personality.  A big smile and nasty inside.  I fell asleep before Palin danced, but loved that the audience booed her mom.  The host tried to pretend that the audience booed the dance judges, but really?  They were setting up the in audience for the interview with Palin.  Loved it.  She was all "hockey mom".  And that's why Bristol is on the show.  So Sarah can be in the audience on one of the most watched shows on Monday night to get publicity.   I'm wondering where Joel Grey is?  And the Brady Bunch.

Today I am scheduled to be working out with the shrubs and trees all day.  Still being punished for some misdemeanor.  I am packing a big Thermos of coffee.  I plan to rake and straighten and enjoy my peace and quiet.  It rained so I don't need to water the trees.  I am also leaving a bit before 6 to pick up Riley.  G has meetings, orientation and other business at work.  He is struggling with staffing for the first time in this location.  We are having staffing issues at the greenhouse also.  I guess the "bad times" are over and everyone can walk away from the jobs they have and go look for something else?  In October?  Hello!

Thank you all for the comments.  G and I were saddened by Danny's death, but it was quick (he fell off a roof where he was working).  One minute he was up on the roof in the sunshine (I hope) and the next he was in Heaven.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Danny's Handy Wagon

This guy, Danny, came into my life when I needed him most.  My dad had died.  I was grieving and still needed to clean out the house in Ohio and get back to Maine as soon as I could.  G & I were struggling.  A few friends of my dad's asked for his desk and I said yes and set to cleaning it out. The desk was being picked up in the Handy Wagon.  We very quickly met Danny and that was it.

Later that evening he called to offer his help to us.  I asked what he charged per hour and he said he wouldn't charge us anything.  We looked like we needed help.  And he arrived early the next morning (and every morning after that), at about the same time as the 4 cubic yard dumpster.  He and G set to work unloading the garage and the back porch/sunroom.  I started in the kitchen and worked thru the living room and into the bedrooms.  I would step out of bed in the early morning, pull on one of my dad's shirts and start working.  No breakfast. No hair combing.  Add to this two dogs, my dad's, who were scared and defensive.

Danny worked.  I thought at the time, and continue to, think God sent Danny to us that day and for the next year, to help me through one of the most difficult times of my life.  After we left for Maine, Danny agreed to watch the house in exchange for tools and things men like from my dad's basement.  He checked the house, shoveled snow and arranged to have the grass cut.  Replaced the sump pump.

He asked for my dad's clothes for his missionary work with American Indians out west.  I gave him my dad's Scooter and the stair "elevator" for his church.  I gave him the guest room bedroom furniture for his son.  He called me every two weeks, after church, to let me know everything was good at the now vacant house.  In June, we met again, and his wife picked me up at the airport and drove me to my dad's house.  We put the house up for sale.  When it didn't look like it would sell, we prayed together.  And an offer came in a few weeks.  I don't pray.  But I did with Danny, long distance.  My dad's house sold in September of 2009 and I heard from Danny one more time.  He asked for the remaining workshop tools and asked if he could have the money from the sale of a small trailer for his missionary trip in October.  I said yes.  That was the last time we spoke.

Today a letter arrived from Danny's Handy Wagon.  I thought perhaps he needed another donation for his October missionary trip.  But, it was a letter telling me that Danny had passed away on September 13th.  Danny thought of his handy man work, as God's work.  And he helped people who needed the kind of help he could provide.  I will always remember this kind  man.  His gentle smile.  His sweet humor.  I will try and be like Danny, in his memory.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Working Under Water

Last night, I spent a great deal of my dreaming time, under water.  I was working.  Repotting huge overgrown indoor plants.  All dark, knotted stems.  In deep water.  I am normally terrified of water. Hugely frightened of drowning.  But I was under water, calm and diligently working on my projects.  I did some internet searches on "dream interpretation" and this all seems like a good dream to have. If you dream about your present job (repotting plants), then that is a positive sign that things are good at work (????). Underwater means I am seeking "comfort" in my work.  I did wake up rested and calm.

I finished reading Reichs' new book Spider Bones.  The current books are mere shadows of her first three books.  Such a waste of good writing talent.  And her television show STINKS.  Now I am moving on to Martin Cruz Smith and his newest Arkady Renko novel.  Nothing like a depressed Russian detective to bring cheer to my life, even if the print looks pretty large, meaning it's more short story than novel. G is just about ready to move on from the LaHaye Left Behind Series.  G is ignoring the religious aspect and enjoying the action parts.  He is stopping at six installments as he had no idea this went on forever.  It has kept him busy.

We are invited over to P's farmette to pick Concord grapes and peaches today.  And she wants to feed us some lunch.  P is busy painting her garage.

I carried my stacked sorter cabinet out of the workroom and now have it next to the dining room table. the little drawers have plastic bags with sorted images from discarded magazines.  I spent the morning looking for water and ended up with a water image (adjusted in iPhoto) that happened to have been on the top of the cart all the time.  I thought I might have had a picture of a snorkel and goggles. No.  I selected several nice images to glue onto the left hand pages of the journal.  I can even collage them with other items I have in the collage paper bucket.  Yes, an actual bucket (pail) filled with scraps of paper. I wish I knew someone in a foreign place who would send me ticket stubs and other stuff.  Always more interesting if we can't read the words on collage scraps.

Anyway, I have eaten too many pancakes and my tummy is too full.  And the amount of coffee I have drunk isn't helping.  G & Riley had a good walk and Riley did his "business" twice.  Riley has had lunch and is now going to Petco for more dog food.  They are going in G's car to try out the new tires we got yesterday.  Riley is driving.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

If Idiots Could Fly, This Place Would Be An Airport

And, that, is what it was like at work today.  For NINE hours.  "Do you have a flat pink thing that I see all over?"  Amazingly.  I had one.  She wanted two.

I might have said too much while someone else was teaching the Composting Class (17) and probably annoyed the gal teaching but I never interrupted and never contradicted.  Which is huge when I think of my normal behaviour.  No longer a shrinking violet.  I think the temperature in the greenhouse, where the classes are held, was near 100 with very high humidity because I had just watered everything.  Jungle Heat.  I was very happy when lunchtime arrived.  I could take off a layer of clothes and cool off.  I also drank many cups of cold water.  Yesterday was cold.  Today was August all over again.

I had too many slices of class day coffee cake.  And I had a multi grain roll and cheese along with my oil and vinegar dressed salad.  Too much food.  I don't think I will be having dinner tonight. G is exhausted. A number of people didn't show up for work today and when he called replacements they said no.  So, not the happiest of days for a store manager.

I'm going to read my book for awhile and have a cup of coffee.  If I don't fall asleep first, I will watch another disc of Season One/Fringe.  Tomorrow is Sunday and G and I have many, many things to do. Lots of work we have put off until Sunday.  Not good.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Riley Had A Bath Today

Riley was a bit too "doggy" so he got a bath today at doggie day care.  And he smells lovely now.  And his foot is healing very nicely.  It'll be three weeks since he cut the pad open.

In other news, I was very, very close to calling it quits at work today.  And then my boss gave me what is usually the teenage boy punishment job.  Raking the shrub area.  And today was muddy (big rain last night), slippery and just plain disgusting.  I raked the entire area and it looked better than it ever has.  See, I love to rake.  And I love making ugly, pretty.  And it was work.  Something constructive to do.  So, I am still employed.  That boss.  He's a tricky guy.

We had leftovers for dinner.  Whatever was in the fridge.  Then watched Detroit 1-8-7.  G hadn't seen it. And then Mentalist.  G fell asleep.  Then I watched Fringe.  Everyone has gone to bed but me.

Contemplating The Weather

Riley is not pleased with our recent rain.  I am.  The roses and vegetable garden needed a good soaking and I think that is what we got last night.  I wish I had left the orchids outdoors for one more night, but I didn't.  G, Riley and I drove out last night for "fast food" of the glorious grilled and fried variety.  I was in my pajamas.  We noticed a number of walk in customers in various "pajama" like attire.  I choose to remain in the car with Riley while G went in to order.  We ate in the car.  The burger (not McD's) was wonderfully tasty and fresh.  The French Fries were too hot to eat at first.  We couldn't get anything caffeine free to drink but Sprite (full of sugar).  Riley had his head out the window, smelling people as they passed by the car.  He leaves us completely alone as we eat.  Our food is part of the "this has nothing to do with you" mantra.  A mantra that includes; small yapping dogs, joggers, people walking other large dogs, small screechy children, the kitchen garbage can, our food, outdoor cats, clothespins, and the gallon of fish emulsion I use to fertilize my plants.  The mantra works on everything but clothespins (can chew them into toothpicks in seconds) and the fish emulsion (loves to lick the bottle).

Last night we watched House.  Not their best effort. Thirteen should have just said "I'm making a movie".  Hawaii Five-O.  G doesn't want to watch it again but I thought it had some merit as a fill in option when there is nothing else to watch.  I recorded Fringe for later viewing because G doesn't like it.  Mentalist is also recorded.  We will probably watch all the recorded stuff tonight as Friday doesn't have much to offer on television.  I have started watching only the final 30 minutes of Project Runway.  Finally, Ivy the self grandizing loser was deleted.  If only Gretchen could be gone also.  If you watch Gretchen as she "talks" (aka bitches) you will see what a fabulous puppet she would make.

My newest issue of Everyday Food arrived yesterday and has a Ratatouille which I happen to have all the ingredients for here in the house or garden.  The eggplant I bought on Wednesday is exactly one pound, I have zucchini and peppers, onions and canned tomatoes.  And the the stuff can be frozen to eat at some future day and time.  G won't eat it.  And there were recipes for the beets I bought at Whole Foods last week.  I just like them roasted and eaten cold out of the storage container.

I don't want to go to work anymore.  There are so many more interesting and worthwhile ways for me to spend the hours I spend at work; being bored, doing nothing.  If I was busy at work, then I might not feel this way, but way too often, I have nothing which I would call "constructive work" to do.  Call me crazy, but I like to have work to do at work.  Standing around, looking out the greenhouse doors, wandering around looking for a dead leaf or spent bloom to pick up, reading the paper are not the pursuits that I enjoy for hours at a time.  "A" has given her two week notice.  We have job applications available.  I had hoped to stay until I got laid off in December.  Then my eleven weeks of unemployment.  This may still be possible.....  it just gets more difficult each day to actually get in the car and GO.  Which is what I have to try and do in one hour.  And I have to stay until six.  We never have any customers from 4 to 5:45 (then a burst of activity for 15 to 20 minutes).  Those two hours are endless.  I sometimes read gardening books while seated on a pile of fertilizer bags.  Rather than join in the endless "chat" of the younger crowd.  OMG.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Once In A Lifetime

I remembered to go out and look UP to see the Harvest Moon and Jupiter last night.  This time Jupiter was below and a bit to the left.  I wonder if that other little dot is Uranus?  The next time someone walks out onto the back stoop of my house (if it is still standing) to see the Harvest Moon and Jupiter, I will be long dead.  So many celestial landmarks will never occur again in my lifetime.  I try to see as many as I can, but cloudy skies and rain have made this difficult.

I am trying the new Blogger and I miss the little slide on the side where I can go back and forth and see what's up top.  I can't even check the bottom of the post.  I discovered that my second photo didn't transfer when I previewed.  As with everything Blogger does, this will make me very disgusted at first and then I will get used to the new stuff and forget what the old stuff was like.

You aren't getting to see my first panini.  Perhaps the next time I post.  I decided to see if the "new" Blogger could add a picture after the post was published.  It can and here is my panini.  Cheese on an inside out Kaiser roll with pickles and onion.  Crunchy and delicious.

Thursday at work.  I was going to call out this morning but something stopped me--didn't know what - but I packed my lunch and went to work.  And there was M waiting for me at the locked door.  Just the two of us, again.  Locked safe, cash registers, landscapers picking up 80 plants while the phone rang and things went, generally, to hell in a hand basket.  I had wanted to spend the day with G.  His day off.  Especially since I worked all week while he had vacation.  It didn't work out.

I was home alone for my day off yesterday.  Grocery shopping, library (twice), scrubbing the inside of the fridge and tossing expired food in the garbage can, washing and changing the bed linen, washing the dog blankets.  Made G Carbonara last night and I had some of the pasta with a fresh tomato sauce.  Played a bit with my Bananagram game and left the tiles on my placemat so I can continue the game this evening.  Watched The Whole Truth and enjoyed it very much.  Survivor stunk.  Twenty minutes in and all the challenge games were done and it was just 40 minutes of yakking.  Not why I watch.  It's turning into Big Brother and that is such a BORE.

G is out cutting the grass and I think I will be taking my shower and getting out of these dirty clothes. I did some weeding after work and feel all itchy and scratchy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Equinox - Moon and Jupiter

While getting ready to go to bed last night, I noticed the moon shining very brightly into my kitchen through the skylight above the sink. I grabbed my camera and unlocked three doors to try and get a picture of the moon and Jupiter. I now see that my Jupiter was trailing to the east and this Jupiter is leading to the west. This picture is from a Google page. I am going outside tonight at 10:09 Eastern time to see this once in my lifetime event.

Grabbing a picture off another site and inserting it into my little blog is another first time in my lifetime event here at Wednesday's Child. It was so fricking easy that I am now interested in grabbing images from all over to insert in the blog posts. And probably getting into big internet trouble.

I have two new favorite television programs. Watch them fast. Anything I really like, gets cancelled before you can count to five. Detroit 1-8-7 and Raising Hope. Detroit 1-8-7 is a combination of Life On Mars (cancelled) and the Unusuals (cancelled). Rough, gritty and looney. In fact, last nights pilot may have used an Unusual's script. One of the ones they never got to use. My TiVo only has the pilot and a second program in it's line up. Dicey.

David Hasselhof was deleted from DWTS last night. Yippee!!!! What a jerk.

My refrigerator is empty. An excellent day to wash the inside out really good with lots of Simple Green. Also an excellent day to go to the library and grocery. And an excellent day to start carrying fabric (by color) upstairs and filling the "new" workspace with my supplies. I've had my big bowl of cereal, the coffee is ready and Riley has been outside chasing squirrels and smelling deer skat. We had a yard full of deer this morning.

I'll report back later today to let you know what I accomplished (along with laundry and shirt ironing). My "Day Off" is really the day when I work the hardest.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tools Of My Trade

I purchased this half yard of fabric on Sunday along with my favorite citrus green paint. These three items cost me $1.98 and will bring me so much more in "fun" and "art". In fact, this $1.98 purchase is worth far more than the seven hours I just spent at work. I did have a few moments when I used my knowledge to help customers but those moments do not a fulfilling day make. And the pot smoking employee has stolen money from a fellow employee's locker, again. We all feel violated. Our employer refuses to deal with the employee. It's such an unpleasant situation.

Anyway, my work day is over for today and tomorrow is my day off. I can read and breathe deep cleansing breaths. I can make my first ever panini. Is that how it's spelled? I had to go online to find a "recipe" for panini so I had some idea of what to put between the bread slices. I mean it is simply grilled bread with things inside. The trick is putting the right things inside. The one I think I will try first is cheese and mango chutney. But first I will go to the grocery store for the mango chutney. Exciting.

Last night's new season shows were pretty good. I thought the new cast of DWTS would have sucked more than they did. Castle was close to being stupid but the cast is likeable. Tonight we have Raising Hope, Detroit-1-8-7, NCIS and the Good Wife. We TiVo'ed Hawaii 50 and House yesterday. I will probably TiVo Raising Hope and the Good Wife tonight. G loves his DWTS and tonight is the elimination night followed by NCIS. I know that some married couples watch television in separate rooms, but I just record what I want to watch, and get to spend the evening "with" my husband. Not perfect, but it works.

Our dinner pizza burned up a bit in the oven because we used fresh mozzarella and it melted and spread all over the oven. Burning cheese. What a mess. We are going to eat and watch House Hunters International. Buon Appetite!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Birthday

Today I decided we should have a "family" day to celebrate my birthday. So, Sam, G and I drove to Lewiston to visit Marden's, then eat at Margarita's (and have a birthday drink) and finish the day with Dairy Queen ice cream as it's the only place with ice cream still open. We did have to drive several towns over to find an open Dairy Queen. G and Sam had special edition Blizzards and I had a banana hot fudge sundae. It's a good thing I don't have lace up shoes on--I couldn't bend over to tie them if my life depended on it. Too much good food in the past 36 hours.

Sam gave me the really cute monkey card and the Bananagram game. It's like solitaire scrabble. Or it will be when I use the game.

G goes back to work tomorrow. He had last week as his vacation. And I was working all week, so it might have been more relaxing for him to be here alone all week. I enjoy being here with the dog. Men are different. Not that G did any domestic work while he was "on vacation". He didn't even do his usual vacuuming.

I had a difficult time finding a suitable outfit to wear today. Cool but still summery. Long pants and a shirt with long sleeves ---- and it needs to fit. I've been wearing the pants all summer but added a 2X shirt that I gave a friend (and she returned after losing weight). It's big and baggy and fits better than it ever did when I was a 2X size. I don't have pants that fit for cool (but not cold) weather. I really never had pants for that particular weather situation. I may have to wear this outfit for anytime I go out until it snows.

Tonight, Rubicon and Mad Men. If our LAME PBS station was running Inspector Lewis new mysteries then I would have that on tonight. But Maine Public Television is running crap "local" programs (ie. free or inexpensive) instead of Masterpiece Mystery on Sunday. I think they save money by showing them "later" and not in prime time. They may also be running a "please send us money" week. AGAIN. I will never send these idiots any money. PBS should close them down and let us get the Boston PBS feed. Do I sound disgruntled? Well, you should hear what their volunteers say about their management of money!!!!

I have laundry to do, shirts to iron and a book to read because it has to be returned to the library. Work tomorrow and Riley will be returning to doggie day care. His foot doesn't seem to be bothering him. Not much licking anymore. Plenty of jumping around and running. Still not completely healed but getting better. Two weeks now since he cut it open. I'll know in the morning. He may refuse to get into the car in the morning.

Better get started on my list of things to do. The first day of my new year has been very good.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

And Everything Was Wonderful

My Houseplant class went very well and at the end everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and the accoustics were perfect. I didn't cry but smiled so much I thought my face would hurt. It was pretty wonderful. My boss later said you could hear them singing throughout the whole store. He thought that was nice. The simple things are really wonderful, aren't they?

G and Riley brought me lunch-- the veggie sub I wanted and it was very good. After that the day was very slow. I was tired. Now, I am home and the potatoes are peeled and boiling, the cabbage and carrot are shredded for cole slaw and I will only have to nuke the frozen peas. I think I will change or even take a shower before dinner. And then I will open my box.

As far as birthday's go, this one was in the top ten. All your lovely email greeting were so nice. I'm a very lucky person. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. From the fullness of my heart. My face just might hurt tomorrow from all this smiling!

Happy, Happy Birthday To ME!

My Birthday Presents arrived yesterday! They were not supposed to be here until Tuesday the 21st but here they are. All ready for me to open them after work. I am SO excited. And my pot roast is in the crockpot already cooking. That's my favorite dinner. Pot roast, mashed potatoes, cole slaw and peas. Lots of gravy. I like to eat at home on my birthday.

G woke up early and ran out to McD's and got me a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel for breakfast and a large coffee. That was quite a surprise. And I got Holiday Pay for Labor Day on my paycheck yesterday. Woo Hoo. The first holiday pay in three years. I must actually BE full time now!!!

I have my Houseplants Class at 10 this morning. I made 40 handouts and we'll see how many show up. I think I have nearly 20 signed up but people just show up. I had 31 for the first class I did, two weeks ago.

So far, so good on my birthday. I watched WALL-E on the Disney channel last night. So sweet. Especially when he shared the bubble wrap with EVE.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home From Work

I don't even know where to begin. I arrived at work to find all the doors locked and the only other employee, waiting by the locked employee entrance. Luckily, I had the key. But then we had other problems: the safe combination, the login password and other random things neither of us had ever been responsible for on other Thursdays. It's really difficult to get past this kind of screw up, especially when customers are watching, waiting and getting a poor impression of our intelligence. I had to call another employee and wake her up (on her day off) twice. Not happy about that. Me. She was very sweet and understanding. Now, we have the safe combo and know the password to the register system. Eventually a third person arrived and the three of us ran the store until 12 noon. Tractor calls, cash register, perennial yard, greenhouse, nursery and floral. I hadn't packed nearly enough lunch or coffee.

Right now, G is still working on the front steps. The cedar or redwood rotted out. Now we are going with plastic wood. That new, non wood decking.

I am thinking about a shower and clean clothes.

Watched Survivor last night and the shallow people decided to get rid of the woman with an artificial leg the first day because she would get the money they believe they deserve. PEOPLE. You have 39 more days to decide to get rid of her. Not the very first day. Give the girl a fighting chance! And Jimmy Johnson was saved by a woman who couldn't shut up. I'm sure they edited most of her talking out. It was probably endless. And then everyone wrote her name down. Why does Survivor include handicapped and famous people when they are just "deleted" as quickly as possible by the "team". They never get a fair chance to play the game.

Top Chef ended last night and I saved the first part of the finale and watched both after Survivor. The right guy won. He cooked a good dinner and made a dessert. Ed could have won if he had made his own dessert. They should all know how to make at least two desserts. Ed had the Top Chef "loser" winner as his helper. Worst winner in the history of Top Chef.

Now for the shower and G says he's hungry and the fridge has no leftovers. And I have no ideas.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Forty Second Anniversary

Yes, we got married in kindergarten. Not really. We were both 21 years old and as naive as they come. But, here we are, beating the odds. After a 45 minute traffic stoppage (due to a travel trailer crashing across both lanes), we had a lovely late lunch at Macaroni Grill and I had the small piece of chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and extra whip cream. I am treating the dessert like a joint anniversary and birthday cake. I'm not buying a special bakery buttercream fudge cake this year. No I'm not.

After lunch I went and looked to see if TJ Maxx had anything I wanted. They did not. Then we visited Whole Foods and I got two bottles of G's favorite German Reisling, some aged Gouda from Holland, Buzz Free Coffee and some multi grain rolls. I also got red sweet potatoes and beets. There was a lovely vegetable saute in the prepared food section at WF and it was yellow squash, zucchini, baby asparagus, red onion, broccoli and red and yellow peppers. I want to make some of that and eat it every day. I'll add some of my freshly harvested pole beans to my saute.

Now we are home and G is continuing to clean out the garage. He found all this stuff that he wanted to take to the dump (and pay a fee) and I calmly informed him that all those items can be recycled in the free Town recycle containers. I wonder about his thought processes.

I have books to read and cozy pajamas to change into. I finally found my Insurance Waiver papers after looking all over for them and thinking I had shredded them yesterday. Survivor is on tonight (Wednesday and not Thursday). Work tomorrow.

Riley stepped on a bee today on his morning walk. Another sore paw. One more to go; three's the charm.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Tuesday Done & Gone

Working until 6 pm is like watching paint dry. Nothing happens. It's just hours of waiting for the end to arrive. Each Tuesday (and Friday) I am surprised I made it to the end. One of the teenagers asked "what else would happen?" He didn't get it. He's still close to the beginning and I am too close to the end. I hate wasting what little time (20 or 30 years) I have left in waiting for 6 o'clock to arrive.

I got home to find both my guys tired and sleepy. On the dog's bed. I slept better than usual last night because I put the winter down comforter back on the bed. And we had a thunder storm at 4 am. Nothing better than pulling the comforter over your head and going back to sleep.

I ordered my "birthday" presents today. A little belatedly so they won't arrive till 3 days after but that's okay. A Panini Maker. A Pasta Extruder. (makes macaroni) A 14 inch non stick frying pan. It was on sale for a special price and I like special prices. I was pretty happy making the order. And I changed my email address to I have to change it on my blog this week. I'll keep you informed. I subtracted and added blogs to my sidebar today.

Changing email addresses is difficult. Trying to remember all the people and places that have my email address. When we changed computers I had to get everyone listed so I could get them on the new computer. I had a long list of people I don't email anymore. Why? What happened?

Time for a shower and then I want to work on the journal page I coated with paint and scraped with a credit card. G said it was a "mess" or that I was a "mess". I said it was just art.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Stand Back- I Have Had Too Much Coffee Today

I brought coffee to work (decaf) and then a coworker went and got me a Starbucks decaf (which I don't think is especially decaf) and then my husband stopped by with a third cup of McD's decaf which I am drinking right now. I can feel my heart racing a bit and know I will have trouble falling asleep even though I am exhausted.

I worked 8 to 4 with only a 15 minute lunch break to eat my fruit and yogurt. I couldn't stay in the break room a second longer (coffee jitters and the FLIES). My boss has gone to the hardware show in Jersey and left us "alone". Four employees in the morning and four to close at 6. Inexperienced teens at the cash register. How bad is that for business??? At the point of sale (getting the money) you put a kid who can't figure the register out or has no idea what a product is used for etc. I walked by as a product was found to have no price; a customer wanted to know how to amend soil (the teen didn't even know he should find someone to answer that question) and was told "I don't know" Period. And I stopped by to identify bugs. I just love sandwich bags full of bugs.

I am typing this and talking a mile a minute to G. Energizer Rabbit. I think i'll go over to the NYT's and read the Mad Men blog. Later!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Painted Fabrics/ Food/ Journal

I am gobsmacked. the pictures loaded in the correct order for the first time in the five years or more that I have been blogging. Got to go buy a lottery ticket, huh? These are my very own fabrics. I have a closet full of commercial stuff; selected and paid for with hard earned money, and the ones I make myself are the ones that always work in my pieced collage. Go figure, huh?

My own and some gifted squash frying away with some oil and an onion to golden brown wonderfulness for today's lunch or dinner. This may be the last panful for the summer season. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

My journal page from this morning. Yes. It does look very different from my usual journal pages. This happens sometimes when I begin a new book. The pages and the surface of those pages begs for something else. This one wants more visual and less written. As does my work.

My supply box for the journal is rather spare. Date stamp, the rings from Target prescription bottles (of which there are many with G's new disease), Sharpies in two sizes and many colors which I am USING and not SAVING. I color in wide sections of pages. My glue stick. I may add some paint. And colored pencils. Neocolor crayons. It's early days in this journal.

Remember how I was always saying "change was coming"? Well, it's here. It crept in while I was looking elsewhere. Just in time. I am getting to know myself all over again. Every seven years things change. This is the beginning of the 10th cycle in my lifetime. The last cycle was all about loss. One corner of my pinboard here by the desk has all their faces smiling out at me. Some have died and others have just disappeared from my life for the time being, as friends do sometimes. We lost jobs also in the past seven years. Both G and I. These seven years have been a trial, a struggle, an acceptance. I have been lonely, sad, angry, hurt and defensive. I feel that part is now over.

How do I know this? Because, as I fasten the protective paw bootie over Riley's back, left paw and lean my head against his hip, I feel such contentment and quiet joy. My life right now is good. I am in the right place, doing the right things (usually), and feeling healthy, safe, relaxed. I enjoyed pasting things to the journal page this morning, gathering the last few squash from the dwindling garden, emptying the compost bucket, watering my plants, making my bed and clearing off the dining room table. Each task the same as every other day, but today it was all better. It felt better to be me. I have shed tears while writing this post but even that feels good. I still miss my shredded wheat breakfast cereal.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Newly Painted Fabric

It's bluer. But this is the best I can do at almost 7 pm. Long day at work. Hot. And I was dressed for cool. My cheeks are blushed with red from the sun shining into the greenhouse. We had 26 customers for the Pruning Class this morning. I had the entire greenhouse watered before the 10 am start, had the handout on the chairs and was standing ready with the sign up sheet. Yesterday I skipped lunch, but today I ate yesterday's yogurt and fruit and read the employee handbook. I also had two slices of the snack coffeecake. And had seconds tonight on the very very yummy cherry tomato, red pepper, onion pasta I whipped up before taking my shower. Healthy pasta, right?

I am so tired and my skin is so dry. I bought three "Five Buck" roses in the yard sale. Now I have to find a sunny spot to plant them. I asked the pruning instructor about my bird's nest spruce (ticket said 3 feet by 3 feet and it's now the size of a VW bug) and it can't be pruned. So, that can be chain sawed out and a rose can be planted there. He also said multi stemmed shrubs like Forsythia, Lilac, Spirea, and some rhodies can be cut to the ground to rejuvenate them when they get woody and scraggly. Chain saw will be getting a work out this week (G is on vacation).

Monday, I will be bringing home more Rhodies. I'm going to plant them along the western side of the lawn where they can grow to their full 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Icy pink.

That's all for today. Hope your Saturday was a beautiful summer day spent outdoors and NOT at work.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Still More Tomatoes

I started the morning with a pot of boiling water for these tomatoes. I like to scald them so the peels come off easily, then I take the core out and squeeze the seeds and juice into a strainer over a bowl. I don't plan to cook anything today. So these squeezed babies with their juices will go into freezer bags for "future food". Soup.

Riley is still sleeping. I'll be wrapping his foot up and taking him for a walk before I leave for work at 12:30. It's breezy and cool today but the sun is shining. It was supposed to rain all day. Seems like all the big, black storm clouds are just coasting past my house. I added more water to my half cup of oatmeal (to make it seem like more). It's cooling and getting thick after it's 240 in the microwave. The soy milk (a splash) makes it too sweet.

I managed to paint several half yards of fabric on Wednesday. They are all ironed and ready for fabric collages. I spattered paint on the clean up cloth (on purpose) and now notice that my kitchen floor has rusty orange spatters (accident). Yes. Rusty orange. And blue green. Wonder what that is for, huh? Colorplay for November first. I painted what I thought I wanted on the front side, but while ironing I saw the backside and like it ever so much more.

Did I mention that my boss offered me health insurance yesterday? Yep. I suddenly "meet the criteria".

Nikita (last night at 9) was the same (story) but different. This Nikita likes to kill innocent people. The previous Nikita (Petra Wilson) didn't. And this Michael reminds me of tiny Ryan Secrest, only taller (ugh). G and I were wondering what the CW stands for. I voted for "cheap and weird". Nikita is filmed exclusively in black and gray. Except for the tiny red bikini. And the teen uniform for all soon to be girl (slut) assassins in training is a tank undershirt, no bra. This CIA covert department hasn't been able to find Nikita for three years, even though she is living in town in a big apartment and has loads of money to spend on clothes, computers and guns. Reminds me of Lizbeth Salander living right in Stockholm while the police looked for her. In plain sight.

I watched the last half hour of Project Runway last night. Ugly clothes. And the wrong person went home again. They kept the "good seamstress" who can't design her way out of tank top and flowing skirt in beige. If I watch the show I think I will see Casanova get thrown under the bus by that know it all who won the first two weeks. And then I watched House Hunters International and a couple paid 518K for a house with no kitchen and one bathroom in France. A total fixer upper. Three months in, they are using the sink in their bedroom as a kitchen and enjoying the "garden" which, here in the US, we would call"a grassy area outside".

That's all I have for today. I work until 6 and we will be short one person out in Nursery so that should be less or more fun than usual. I'm wondering what to wear. Not only is it breakfast changeover this week, it's work wardrobe changeover also. And I have no idea what I will be packing for lunch today (lunch changeover?). Or cooking for dinner tonight. My horoscope says to watch my spending today. A bit late. I got my credit card bill. yikes.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sam Saves The Dog

Riley was seriously depressed. No walk in the woods today with G. No walk at all. And the walk he and I had the day before was difficult. Walking on an open cut isn't fun.

Sam purchased these fleece lined dog mitts. G wasn't sure it was a good idea but Sam worked on the fit and velcro until she had it on the dog and they went outside to "road test" it. Of course, being a dog, Riley wanted it OFF. So I called him back to the house and showed him his walking collar and he forgot all about the foot thing and was ready to roll on a walk. He powered his way around the one mile "short walk", peed, and pooped. Pulled me along at a very fast clip and I think he was smiling. The foot mitt is padded just enough to soften the "pain pinch" he must feel and with no worries of dirt in the wound I could let him wander into the grass, trees etc. Riley is now fast asleep.

I went to work today and found that another employee had quit and piled her work clothes on the lunchroom table. So, I decided not to quit today. I had a good day at work. It passed quickly and for some unknown reason my boss is talking to me all the time. Three years without a peep and now it's "hey, Joanie" all the time. And, I must be giving off a "vibe" because two other employees asked if I was coming back tomorrow. And Saturday? Wowza.

I was very sleepy when I returned home. Read some blogs and then took a shower (scrubbed my feet with the brush) then ate a TOTALLY - TOTALLY - TOTALLY bad dinner. I blame it all on the two Halloween sized packages of DOTS I ate at work. Sugar is the devil. And my new breakfast cereal (oatmeal) is making me constipated and farty.

Two loads of wash in and Nikita on the CW tonight at 9 pm.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Contemplating My SubConscious

The area next to my front door which leads people, who don't know me, to assume I am a Buddhist. She is an Indian Goddess of Plenty. Her headdress is complimented, this season, with feathers the crows have left on the front lawn.

While I am not a Buddhist, I do lean that way. This morning I was thinking about the internal war that is now raging between my mind and body over the "diet". My mind wants to eat less and become thinner. My body, which was submissive during most of the original 365 day diet in 2007 (stunned?), has now decided it won't participate this time. In fact, it has decided to wage all out war against the mind. It's as if two people are now arguing inside me, with a third, me, standing by and wanting them to stop. I can't explain it any better. I am not crazy (well, I could be actually) and am getting so tired of the daily struggle.

My body was telling me (this morning) that the first time around in 2007, I worked at the library 10 to 16 hours a week. Mostly 1 to 4 in the afternoon. I got up late, ate breakfast late, went to work, skipped lunch, and then had a nice, normal sized dinner. It all worked. Now, I am up early, go to work 6 hours with plenty of physical activity, eat lunch (because the "body" is hungry) and then suffer through a skimpy dinner. 1200 calories isn't much. And THEN, after doing all this, the body GAINS 5 pounds. My mind feels that it worked the first time, it should work again, this time. Not flexible. I am even having difficulty with the "no eating after 8 pm" rule which has never happened before. Yesterday I ate 6 Italian prune plums.

So, what worked so well in 2007 isn't working at all in 2010.

Riley's cut is so bad that it needed to be sutured in the first four hours. Now it is too late. We have to try and swish his foot in warm water several times a day and that should be pleasant. Have you ever tried to lift an 80 pound dog's foot off the ground when he didn't want it lifted???? It will take weeks for the paw to heal, so walks need to be on clean surfaces free of small stones and grit. Honestly, this is what the vet said. So I need to find a 3 mile area of swept Astroturf on which to walk Riley and it should have parking right up next to this area. And a warm water whirlpool foot bath for after the walk. Yes, indeed.

My book is at the library waiting for me. I will go get it before weeding the next area of the front gardens. An easier part near the driveway which just has weeds. Nothing overgrown and needing to be dug up and divided and then replanted. The laundry is finished and the shirts have been ironed.

Oatmeal for breakfast. It was good. But nothing to chew. I think the real issue with eating is the number of "chews" you have in a day. Not enough chewing and you aren't satisfied. Which is why late night snacking always involves something crunchy. Crackers, cookies or chips. I will now place my package of gum on the table next to the couch where I watch television. And chew my way through the evening. White Collar and Covert Affairs continue to disappoint. Did they really kill Moz?

Well, the day is nearly half over and I haven't got much to show for it so far. Gotta go...........

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Still Working At Home

I called "out" at work today. I enjoyed working to remove weeds and replant things and make the bed in front of my home (the entrance to my home) presentable, yesterday. I enjoyed yesterday more than any day in the recent few years. So I wanted more of that.

You can see the newly planted blue fescue in the upper right. I pulled up, removed enbedded grass and then replanted the low growing sedum in the bottom middle of this photo. Wu Ping (I called him Wong Ping yesterday) is behind the little water feature. The globe Trollius is behind Wu. Behind all that you can see the original state of the bed as I haven't gotten that far yet. Thick, complete weed coverage. Now I can see dirt.

Riley and I have an appointment with the vet to look at his foot pad. I don't think there is much a vet can do for this sort of injury. Stitches would just pull out with activity or the dog would pull them out. You can't bandage a dog's foot. And all the licking is keeping it quite clean. Riley is exhausted. His sleep is being disturbed by the foot and his need to lick it to make it feel better. The licking is keeping G and I awake also. It's not a normal bedtime noise. Two days. At least we will find out how long this sort of cut takes to heal.

This is the second time today that I have tried to post. Something must be going wrong with Blogger or my server. I seem to be able to connect to the internet. I am getting email. Sending email. I'll see in a few minutes if this one will go anywhere.

I am tired, in a good, productive way, and pleased with the work I have done at home this morning. So much better than standing around wasting time at work. I still have shirts to iron and I want to paint fabric today. At least one piece. This is my agenda for today. Right now I am getting a broom to sweep the sidewalk and then filling my watering can repeatedly and watering my new garden. I will also wonder what to do with all the bearded iris I pulled out of that space. I dislike bearded iris. G likes it. Do I just put it out in the woods like the other weeds? A marital issue.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Whistle While You Work

A Labor Day song if there was ever one. I have the day off. G is whistling while he works. My garden focus is beginning to turn inward as the days cool off. But I do have a "project", as my boss calls any work assignment, which will involve a shovel and the rearranging of plants in the front garden bed. We have one little blue fescue grass which is doing just fine, so I purchased three more yesterday to make a line at the edge of the garden. I know "lines" are not a good thing, but this garden needs a straight line to keep it in order. I will also transplant my Trollius from the back garden, too hot, to the cooler front garden. Right behind the fescue. And I will dig up Wong Ping, my tree peony, and settle him in his rightful place, in front, in full view of everyone. I think he is sulky because he's way off to the side under the Japanese Tree Lilac. And the Astilbe need to be relocated.

That maybe all I can get done today. The crockpot is full of pulled pork. The fridge is back in it's enclosure. I have whites and darks to wash. Shirts to iron. Another huge bucket of tomatoes to deal with. A coworker has already made jars of green tomato pickles. I have shallots and garlic to plant in the garden and I may have pole beans ready for picking. I planted late so we could enjoy the beans, fresh from the garden, rather than have them as a pesky, additional vegetable in July and August.

Riley may get a short walk or none at all. He cut the pad of one of his feet yesterday while walking (running) in the woods with G. Sliced open about 3/4 of an inch long, but not into the underlying tissue. If he sees a squirrel or crow in the yard he takes off running, only limping as he returns to the porch. He is licking it less which could be a sign that it hurts less.

Riley and I slept in until 11am this morning. We had breakfast together. He's settled onto his bed for another nap but I can tell he is wondering about his lunch. I am getting ready to put on my "go to work" clothes and get outside and get that landscape bed straightened up. I am determined to "use what we have" in other garden beds to make this one, by the front entrance, something good looking. So I may move a hydrangea, some Siberian iris and anything else that might look good up front. Too bad I never learned how to whistle.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

It's Always Water

G and I have been together 42 years now and we have always had one house problem. Water. And last night was no exception. Both of us exhausted after a hot and busy week at work. We had been discussing what to have for dinner for about an hour before I just decided it would be pasta with butter and cheese. As G was getting ice for our Diet Coke, he stepped in water.

Now I read mysteries. I should have followed the clues sooner. The ice had been hollow for more than a few months and lately was just an ice cube shell. Air in the line. Water leaking into the floor and walls and cabinets. You can see the water damage in the side of the refrigerator built in next to my desk. Soaked in water. I will have to call the insurance agent on Tuesday.

We pulled out the fridge and G checked everything but we couldn't find the leak. A second and third inspection and more soaking wet towels and finally he found a cracked dry area in the tubing and at that moment the ice maker called for water and G got soaked. We shut the ice maker off. G said he could fix it the way he fixed leaking tubes to the beverage systems at work: with electrical tape. It's good to have a husband in the restaurant business sometimes.

All is well. Except for the floors, walls and cabinets. The ice maker is making full, solid cubes again and the floor is dry. The fridge is out in the area between the island and the entrance to the living room so I am making round trips thru the foyer to get my cereal and bowl. Life is interesting. It's amazing the body memory we have of repeated movements. I know the way is blocked but I continue to go there.

The HURRICANE was, as usual, just a weather man's wet dream. No high winds and very little rain and more exhausting; sun and high temps today. G had the AC running before he left for work so the house would be cool for Riley and I today. I am happy to not be working today. I won't be happy to be working tomorrow if it stays this hot. Monday I have the holiday off without pay.

Oh, my raise was on Friday's check. The smallest amount they could give and still be giving me a raise. Twenty five cents more an hour. I felt used, abused and tricked. This winter I will decide if I will go back to work with this organization. If I will go back to work at all. There is an enormous amount of work for me to do here at home. I really have let the house go to ruin in the three years I have worked hard, physical labor at the greenhouse.

G's organization has hired two more experienced store managers. An announcement was made. I have no idea how this will impact G's work experience but if it rocks his happy boat, I will not be happy either. It's always something, isn't it.

Last night I dreamt, twice, that I was on a very high flat grassy area with no way to go down to the road. Steep sides that were treacherous. Straight down hundreds of feet all the way around. And I had Riley with me. Terrifying to not be able to go down to the road, but okay to be up there if that is where I wanted to be. I kept going to the edge to see if there was a safe way down.

That seems to be what I am trying to do. Find a safe way down.

Today, I am peeling, squeezing and cooking down all the tomatoes on the counter (36) and making a killer marinara sauce to freeze or use right away. And I will be going to the grocery store. Walking Riley (staying away from the edges) and trying to stay cool and dry.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Post Number 899

Yesterday was so hot, "how hot was it?", that I soaked my head under the hose in the perennial yard. I also filled my shoes (hot pink Crocs) with water several times. I got home around 2:30, took a shower and then a nap. I feel like the heat may have destroyed valuable brain cells. I have also been contemplating my fast approaching SIXTY FOURTH birthday. Will you still love me when I am 64?

I made a huge pot of garden produce vegetable soup on Wednesday. G will have nothing to do with it. I think it is the most delicious soup I have made since the Bean and Kale Soup of last winter. And I am most happy about the using up of vast amounts of the stuff coming out of my garden these days. Mostly tomatoes.

Brian Williams asked me, last night on the Nightly News, if my kitchen would pass an inspection by the Health Department. Nope. My counter tops are clean, no piles of dirty dishes, but the fridge is way overdue for a good cleaning. The floor is nice and clean. I don't think my bathrooms would fare too well either. I need to scrub the floors more often. How would you do? If they came right this minute to check your kitchen.

I have a new Icelandic author to read. Indridason. It's Iceland and not much goes on there. So the author hasn't got much to work with. Much more to work with in Sweden and Norway as their borders are open to everyone with a ferry pass. I MISS Harry Hole. More than I ever missed Wallander.

It's a slow news day here so I will stop typing and take Riley out to the garden to pick vegetables and get bug bites. Then I'll go to work. All I seem to do these days is go to work and sleep. And eat. Mostly good things (healthy) but too much of them. My hips are growing as I type this. Ado till tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Friend Of Twelve By Twelve- 9-01-10, Redo

When I looked at the image on the previous post I was reminded of a lesson from a David Walker workshop. If you start a line, be sure to finish it. I had an unfinished line. Now it's finished. I feel much better.

Friend Of Twelve By Twelve- 9-01-10

I finally got close. I was trying to use all the colors and then READ that it was to be mostly green with a bit of the others. And that made it easier. But by then, I had only scraps left so this morning I was busy stitching bits to bits and ended up with something that was good enough. Not great or fantastic but close enough. And, for the first time, (because of the scraps) it actually is 12 by 12. My measuring/cutting square is 12.5 by 12.5 and that is what I use to cut and I haven't gone back to recut most of the others, and they are not bound or backed.

Yesterday was so hot, but it was okay for sleeping last night but this morning we are already closed up tight with the AC running. I slept through my television shows last night and woke up at 12:30 because the dog wanted to go out and then go to bed. I have never done that before. Riley was perplexed by my behaviour.

I have a new Scandinavian author to 'test drive'. So far, the translation is a bit stiff and awkward. I may stop now (I have book #4) and go to the library for the first book (on reserve shelf for me). It may be better to do it that way and get introduced to the character slowly. Jar City is supposed to be very good. Author is Indridason. Does that mean he is Indrida's son? I also have the newest Kathy Reichs book. Spider Bones.

I had cold chicken last night alongside leftover rice, squash and peas. This morning I opened the last box of shredded wheat for the year. I like cold cereal in the summer but a bowl of oatmeal is lower in calories and better for me. So, when I finish this last box, I will be having oatmeal until next summer. I like oatmeal but I like shredded wheat more right now.

G had EOM (end of month) paperwork to do last night and he has the day off today. We may do something together today. Or he may just spend the day napping and reading.

I have some laundry to do, as usual. And it looks like the ice maker is leaking again and a whole panel of the built in cabinets is black. Water soaked. So we will be pulling the fridge out to have a look. Icemakers and the water lines are always trouble for us. And I think it's because G installs them, rather than having the refrigerator people do it.