Monday, November 30, 2009

End Of the Month

November is close to being gone. Where did it go? Each and everyday this month has seemed to be about 20 minutes long. I have breakfast and then it's time for bed. I wish the days in January and February were this speedy.

But I have plans for this winter. Walls to paint. Stuff to move. Garbage bags and recycling cans to fill. I'm making a list and setting "do-able" daily deadlines. I also have quilts to make and one to finish. Promises to keep. And dog toys to repair (especially bunny).

Yesterday I bought a $10 cheapo collection of 12 colors of stamp pads and I got out my handcarved eraser alphabet and stamped three pages in my journal. I spelled words wrong in my exuberance but so what? I remembered how much I love my very own ABC stamps. I even dug around in the greeting card drawer and found an "art" card with pomegranates. Cool. G is doing EOM paperwork from 4 pm to 2 am so it will be a good night to carve a new stamp. A Pom.

Last night I settled in with the library rented DVD of Pride and Prejudice and the damned thing started skipping and stopping after the first 45 minutes. By then I was hooked, so G and I stopped and started, skipped etc. till the end. What a disappointment. I don't have a book to read right now, so I guess I'll return to sewing circles and squares if my eyes aren't sleepy in the evenings. Until I get a book.

I also purchased some 8 by 5 sheets of watercolor paper for my Christmas Tree cards. I still don't have any ideas for what I will be creating this year for the annual edition of 10. The suspense is killing me.

So, guess what, my bowl today is filled with "suspense". My life is a mystery. Today. I don't even know what my lunch will be. Now, that's scary.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Best Gift Ever

G brought home a few feet of construction fencing. For me. I have wanted some of this orange "art supply" ever since I first saw Jeanne Williamson's work in the Quilt National book several years ago. I have asked for a small piece at various construction sites and have been told "no". I have no idea how to use it, as I have never been this close to orange construction fencing, so I will just use it as the ideas come to me. I am very intrigued.

The sun is shining today. Yesterday was cold, dark, wet and blustery. Gusts of strong wind were hitting the greenhouse walls all day yesterday. It sounded like a war zone. No rain was dripping into the greenhouse from the roof. Not as cold as Friday. I was working with cold, wet wreaths all day. Making State of Maine wreaths, red bow wreaths, making decorated wreaths. For about an hour, the floral employee was standing next to me making bows. That was nice. I also got to pot up many new plants for happy customers. And I wished them happy holidays. It was a good day, but I was very tired when I got home and happy to still have turkey leftovers in the fridge for a quick, delicious dinner. I made fresh gravy. We had pie. I had a lovely, hot shower. Our son called to wish his dad a happy birthday and he made his father laugh. Wonderful.

I got an email from Art Club and we are scheduled to make cards on Tuesday evening. I have cards that need to be made. This sounds like a good meeting to attend and start working on my 10 cards. And then I can show them to you and mail them.

My pomegranate is getting soft. I may need to buy a new one. Or I can paint it as it rots and collapses onto itself in a puddle of red juices.

We're having toast for breakfast with coffee and the CBS Morning Show which I think is a collection of repeated stories. I have my new charcoal Orvis sweatshirt on. Thick and warm with kangaroo pockets to fill with kleenex or use to warm my hands. This is my first time wearing it. I may be too warm.

I have no idea what G and I will be doing today. The dog will need his walk. I have a movie I want to watch. Pride and Prejudice. I have my paints ready to use on the composting pom. And did I mention the sun was shining?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Birthday G!

I wish you had the day off, but that's not the way it is for us, yet. I am glad that you had two days off before today, roast turkey, long walks in the woods with your best pal Riley and naps together on Riley's dog bed. All the stuff you love to do. We even had pie.

This has been a better year for you, I think. You enjoy the work you are doing, are valued for it and, I hope, the time spent at home is relaxing. After you get the "honey do" list done, that is. You have your dog, finally. And you have me, for better or worse.

So, Happy Birthday and I hope your bowl today and in the coming year is filled with contentment. You've filled that bowl with adventure, travel, hard work, worry, frustration and even anger in past years. I think contentment would be lovely right about now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A thought to share

"Finish each day and be done with it.
You have done what you could;
some blunders and absurdities have crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day;
you shall begin it serenely
and with too high a spirit
to be encumbered
with your old nonsense."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pomegranate One, Two, Three

As is the case with Blogger uploads, this is Three. Black gesso over a smoother than I like, watercolor paper. Then I use Prismacolor pencils. It's much darker in person. The camera tends to make everything brighter.

This is One. It is blurry. I took the picture several times and will try again at some point. It's a simple image and quite nice when in focus. I used my brush pen.

Two. Taken directly after taking One. Why does one blur and the other come sharp? I like the Japanese quality of this image. I was going to go back in and paint color over One and Two but now that I see them here, I will leave them be. There will color enough in the coming days.

The days are flying by. Yesterday was about 20 minutes long. I stopped at the library twice. Had long conversations with former co-workers on a range of subjects. The second time I returned a book that was overdue, driving home and back, for it. I also stopped, for a second time, at the grocery to get a pie pumpkin. Now that it is official, and we have a canned pumpkin shortage, the shelves at my supermarket have been sacked and pillaged of every can of pumpkin, and there was plenty on Thursday of last week. It's strange that the bakery and frozen pie section is filled with pumpkin pies and increased prices.

I was baking potatoes for dinner anyway, so I cored and quartered my $4 pumpkin (4 pounds) and baked it along side the potatoes. Then I let it steam under foil until after dinner and then smooshed it all up and let it drain in a sieve to get even denser. Now I have two containers of 2 cups each, of pumpkin for pies. I had to do it this way when we lived in Germany, but with regular, not pie, pumpkins. Very watery. Had to really let it cook down and evaporate the water. But the pies were very good after we got used to the differences. I hope the people who needed 12 cans of pumpkin in their pantry are happy.

Since the weather is too warm for me to use the sunporch as an auxillary refrigerator, I will not be brining the turkey. I usually put the turkey and brine in a large bag, inside a bucket, and out on the porch overnight. But it's not 20 degrees out there this week. And I don't want to cook and serve bad turkey. I do have to roast the extra drumsticks I bought for stock, anyway. I wanted wings or thighs but all they had were drumsticks.

Donny won on Dancing with the Stars and his whole family came out to hug him. G says there are 8 children, some pretty grown up. Kelly came in third and Ozzie was the proud papa along with Sharon and Jack. The show was too long and Whitney Houston was terrible. I stayed up to watch the TiVoed Good Wife which is turning out to be very good, indeed.

Well, most of today's 20 minutes has already passed me by, so I must get on with the cooking prep for tomorrow. Make the pie and roast the turkey legs. I can also get the sweet potatoes baked, peeled and loaded into the baking dish with butter and brown sugar.

Our menu: Roasted Turkey, Gravy, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Brussels Sprouts, Acorn Squash halves, Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potatoes and Pumpkin Pie with Whipped Cream. Sam is bringing the rolls. Yes, this is quite a lot of food for three people. But two of us will be eating (and not cooking) until at least Monday. And that's something to be thankful for since we will be working Friday and Saturday.

My bowl today is filled with thoughts of friends and family, past and present. May peace and good health be with you, dear readers, tomorrow and every day.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The adventure begins. I'm not going to limit myself to just watercolor images of the pomegranate (and I need to practice spelling this word) but will try out any number of "journaling" art adventures. This pom was drawn with my new Staedtler Mars brush pen (in my paper journal). I love the uneven lines that I first noticed in a drawing in the New York Times and posted in one of my collage attempts (here would be a good place to link). I have a square block of watercolor paper which I will paint with the new black gesso, or white gesso, or cover with glued on paper collage. I will even paint with watercolor. Draw with oil sticks. Print with a pomegranate stamp I cut myself (in future). In other words. I will do everything and anything as the mood finds me.

I have returned to the paper journal so there will be less "navel gazing" on the blog. It's better that way, I think.

Yesterday we both had long and tiring days at work, so it was nice to have leftover pizza from Saturday to warm up in the oven and eat while watching the 6:30 news. Dancing w/ Stars was on last night and the judges' love affair (10's) with Mya mystifies G and I. Kelly's first dance was wonderful and she deserved a better score. That sweetheart neckline looks fantastic on her. If I was younger, I might try for that look this Christmas.

I have to go to the library to pick up and drop off books and then to the grocery for last minute items for the "big dinner" on Thursday. Pumpkin (in short supply), cream, eggs, Brussels Sprouts, squash and stuff to make green bean casserole. I like it. I want it. I also need parsley and some turkey "parts" to roast to make stock for gravy. My daughter wants me to brine the turkey this year. The drippings in the roasting pan will be too salty for gravy so I need to work around that culinary fact.

Riley and I will be having a walk after lunch. I CANNOT believe the weather we are having here in Maine. 50 degrees. And last year, at this time, we had HIGHS of 20 to 30 degrees. I am not complaining. It feels great not to already be heavily bundled in sweaters, coats, scarves and gloves each time I go outdoors. I have been looking forward to wearing my new birthday scarf (made by my daughter) for the first time. But I can wait a while longer. Perhaps this weather is a forerunner to the future here in Maine?

My Gingerbread House is going to work with G on Friday for the holidays. I will try and get a picture for the blog before it leaves, in case you have forgotten what it looks like. It really is cute.

I didn't purchase the Boxwood Tree I made. Just didn't want it. And I didn't purchase a swag for the front door. I may build my own, at work, on Friday. The natural, wild firs, haven't arrived at the greenhouse yet. I want one of those. Wide spaces to fill with ornaments. I'm ready for a "little Christmas" here at home.

I may purchase more butter for cookies. Christmas cookies. We drew names for the Secret Santa at work and I have decided what I want to purchase for the gift. Now to find it. I may have to go to

My bowl today is filled with a variety of choices. Susie Monday mentions MDR, the minimum daily requirement of certain things, that she needs to stay balanced. Walks with her coon dog, hand sewing, cooking, meditative time, and something else, which I have to go back and check. Susie Monday. I will add her to the list in the sidebar. Note: Susie tends to her email of 300 or so each day. No wonder I forgot that. I have an email in box of two or three.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

On Sunday We Vacuum and Iron and Shop

Yes, indeed. G got all the dog hair up and I starched his work week shirts. G also had seen a small note I wrote in my notepad next to the phone. "I want to go to the Art Supply". So we did.

I purchased black gesso (and white) because Yellow Daisy wrote telling me (and everyone who reads) that I would love black gesso. Roz mentioned her Pentel brush pen. The AS (art supply) does not carry Pentel anything so I purchased a different, but still lovely, brand. In black. I'm hoping there is magical drawing ability built into the pen. A new watercolor brush from Germany (with magical painting ability, built in). Dye for the Goodwill cashmere sweater in yucky golden beige. The dye is olive which should turn the golden beige sweater (and a bunch of fabric) a lovely yellowish olive green which I particularly like. And two SQUARE watercolor pads. I thought the Pom would look especially good painted on a square pad since the Pom is very round. I also got a traveling journal suitable for low moisture watercolor. No wet in wet.

I did not purchase the watercolor gouache set for $47. Nor the Magnani Annigoni 100% rag paper with wool flecks. AS is rather pedestrian when it comes to Italian paper. No glue sticks at AS either. And I didn't get the Quattro graph paper because I could not think why I wanted it. No handmade journals at AS.

Then we went next door to the bakery and I had a sample chunk of Pumpkin Wheat with a big scoop of soft honey butter. The butter scoop was only big when in proportion to the sample of bread which was small. My pants are finally getting looser and I don't want to mess this up, again.

Did I tell you that G took apart his morning bagel toaster oven on Wednesday? It wasn't doing the usual infrared thing where it blinds you with this intermittent red glow while toasting the bagel. So G took the oven completely apart (something that isn't meant to happen in the home). And then the oven was reluctant to be reassembled. Yes, we'll say that. Eventually, it did get back together but still no blinding red infrared glow.

Friday evening, while very tired and eating pizza and reading the paper, I noticed that Big Lots had the exact same oven/toaster for sale (how often does THAT happen?), so G went out this morning and purchased a NEW infrared oven. And plugged it in to make sure it glows. "Well, that's your birthday gift", I said, because I noticed the ad in the paper, and all.

We also went out to eat and had the most obnoxious waiter in the world. He kept coming over and wanting to be best friends. I bet he is always begging strangers to let him be their friend on Facebook. We gave him a small tip and I wrote on the receipt that he needs to work on his service skills and dial it down on the happy chatting. He even complimented me on the crayon drawing I did of three jam jars on the paper table covering.

This week we will be drawing names for the Secret Santa gift exchange at work. I like everyone at work but some will be easier to shop for than others. We'll see what happens. $15. I had to call into work to find out what my schedule is for the week. See. I was THAT tired. Didn't even check the schedule.

My post is much more upbeat today, huh? That's because all the "other stuff" is now safely in the written journal. I discovered I haven't written in my journal since September 14th. So I went looking for it and now have the journal out where I can get to it, along with scissors and a glue stick for the little paper collages I put on the left hand pages, (verso)? I am adding my new brush pen to the glue stick and scissors.

I feel really bouncy and wonder if that "friendly waiter" gave me the caffeine free diet Coke?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Am So Tired

It was a long day at work. Not that busy, so a lot of stand around and wait in between customers. I did get to make a Boxwood Tree in the 2 pm class. The 10 am class was packed. Seventeen or eighteen women busy clipping and designing their table top trees. Quite the deal as the class and materials was only $20 and they each went home with a cute little tree.

While they were crafting, I was watering the greenhouse. Trying not to get the crafters wet with the hose. And I made two pots of coffee for the refreshments table in the garden center.

We got two truckloads of Christmas trees and the guys had to unload, tag and set up all the trees. It's beginning to look like Christmas. Not so much, as the weather was shirt sleeve warm again today. High 50's.

I got home and started making the pizzas. Mine just came out of the oven and it's 7 pm. There's ice cream for dessert. I made mushroom, olive and onion on whole wheat for myself. Now if I can work up enough energy to cut it into slices.

G had a good sales day, over projection, so he was short on labor, and he is exhausted, also. I think G be going to bed early and I'll watch my West Wing and cooking shows and fall asleep on the couch with the dog.

I have a project to work on tomorrow and a wonderful little handmade book to play with. A gift from a fellow artist, co worker and new reader of this blog. Welcome, N!

Now I'm going to eat some pizza.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Winter Watercolor Model

Pears are way more interesting with their long necks and stems but I chose this nice pomegranate instead. I have to work on dulling the shiny surface. I had posed it on a nice soft nest of folded white cotton but the photos came out blurred. So you get just the pom and it's multi faceted shadow.

After work I'll go find my paper and paints. And brush roll. And set up a morning painting arrangement. Pears are easier to paint. This pom surface will be difficult and sooner than later, I will be cutting it open. The pom may have a secondary roll in my work. The surrounding areas may be more interesting to paint. We'll see. I'm intrigued.

Riley and I had a good day yesterday and a lovely walk. He really is a very sweet and intelligent dog. I love him. I never though I would say that about a dog. Remind me that I need some carpet thread to sew up the tummies on several of his toy animals.

It's raining (gusty, blowing rain) and I am going into work today. And the pants I am wearing are not pulled tight over my waist and they are not riding high in the back (if you know what I mean) so I am more comfortable than I have been in quite awhile. And these aren't the new baggy pants which I may return to Goodwill unaltered.

I am going to eat my breakfast, pack my soup up for lunch and take the dog to day care. I think it's going to be an excellent day.

My bowl today is open to optimistic thinking.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frosty Morning

I took the camera this morning when I let Riley out to do "his business" and found such lovely frosted beauty outside in my very own backyard. Aren't the colors wonderful?

Riley made an impression on the frosted deck boards. Such cute little foot (pad) prints. All his sticks were coated with frost and his plastic bucket was smoking as it warmed in the sun. I couldn't get a picture of that.

I still have flowers. Dianthus and some frozen roses. They came out as blurred photos but I may try again later. When it's not so cold.

Yesterday was quite interesting. I visited the library and found several people to catch up with, took a greenhouse holiday order for the library and found some reading material. I visited Goodwill and found a pair of soft baggy cotton pants to change out with my jammies for "daytime" and another, too big, pair of green corduroy pants which will be undergoing some cutting and stitching to become baggy work pants. I surrender. I can't work in binding pants. And even though this is now 14 days into the new diet plan (with a few meals that were definitely NOT low calorie)--I don't see one tiny bit of difference in how my clothing fits. I will continue on this path but it is way beyond depressing. I may have to try a 30 day gym membership just to use the rowing machine.

Yesterday between 5 and 6 pm, G and I moved all the very heavy furniture that I am giving to my daughter's friend down from the second floor, into the garage. It inv0lved geometry, deductive thinking, physics and a good bit of luck. When the huge, all wood dresser slid all too quickly down the stairs (momentum and gravity), and hit G in the head, well, let me just say, from the top of the stairs, it all looked VERY disturbing. But G assured me it could have been much worse. We even got the king box springs, frame and mattress down there. Pretty good for two 63 year olds.

We never got around to discussing our home owners policy with our agent or buying a new refrigerator. And I didn't get into Portland to visit the Art Supply where I hope to find a brush pen and a handmade journal. I might be better off buying one from one of the people whose blogs I read. Like Roz. If you haven't noticed, I have some new blogs on my list. I love Yellow Daisy for easy art projects. I now have brayers and water soluble printing inks. I may even attempt a Mandala. Roz sets the standard for my future journal collage attempts. Spirit Cloth, Jude Hill, is leading me to better and more expressive, hand work. My own Musketeers.

This morning I also got a great start with Terry's post on Sew It Goes. 10,000 hours of preparation in order to learn something. This goes along with the 100 paintings in order to learn how to paint. I think the art quilters who make a piece a day (and the one a day painters) have found the true artistic exercise. It is hard to do. I painted a red pear every morning one winter. Just a pad of small water color paper, a plate, a jar of water and one brush. And a red pear. Each morning, I sat and looked at the pear and then started that morning's painting. I have then framed. Not great art. Just red pears. My red pears. I may purchase a pomegranate when I go grocery shopping later today. Or a rutabaga. And tear some watercolor sheets into small squares. Morning meditative painting.

I would have linked to all these sites but I have forgotten which symbol at the top here is the one that gives me the cue. I'm sure I saved the email that told me how to do it. I have to look it up. I can always come back and edit.

My bowl today will be filled with Lentil Soup I made yesterday. On the original 365 day diet, I ate a great deal of lentil soup. 138 calories per cup. I think you could eat as much soup as you wanted each day and not go over 1200. Nine cups of lentil soup. I have two cups each packed up to take for lunch on Friday and Saturday. And some Beano.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cold Comfort

Riley is waiting for G to wake up. He has his back up against the baseboard heater and he has his stuffed lamb available in case he wants to rest his head. A bone to chew on and the ever present hippy, who travels everywhere with Riley, near to paw. I needed to replace some of the chewed up beach towels we cover the dog bed with and found this polka dot towel at Goodwill. Not a beach towel, but I like it. Riley has already chewed a hole into the edge.

Finding good quality beach towels is getting almost as difficult as finding underpants that fit. I don't want to get into THAT subject this morning.

I am now up to date with my West Wing episodes. I saw the one where CJ has root canal at the dentist and returns to the office sounding like Bugs Bunny. That cwazy wabbit. And has to let Josh do the press briefing. I think the assassination attempt on Charlie is next and Josh gets shot. I remember parts of this from when I only watched WW on my days off and hadn't gotten TiVo involved yet. I've been told I should watch Brothers and Sisters to see Rob Lowe. But there are actors on that show who irritate me. So, no.

The sun is still shining here in Maine and the day time temps are still flirting with 50 degrees which is very weird for almost Thanksgiving. G and I have to move furniture from the attic to the garage for pick up on Saturday. I am giving a bedroom set and a chair to a friend of my daughter to set up housekeeping in a fresh new apartment. Fresh new start. They are arriving on Saturday to pick up the stuff and G and I will be at work. So I want to prep the items and not have too many people wandering all over my home while I'm away. Control issues.

Dancing with the Stars last night kept Donny & Kelly so Mya will be the winner. Since she is the only one to score tens and the only one who can actually dance. The Polish swimsuit model should have had a chance but no one knows her (and Playboy didn't help) and she probably doesn't get enough phone votes. I was wrong last season when that gorgeous French guy (now on Brothers and Sisters) lost to the little chubby Olympic teenager. I absolutely hate it when the best doesn't win. When most popular (well known) wins instead. It's just wrong. It happens in the art and quilt show world also. Name recognition.

We might go buy a refrigerator today. Maybe. And go to the library. And have lunch at Ruby Tuesday later so I don't have to cook again. G ordered take out last night.

G is awake and making breakfast for himself. Coffee, juice, yogurt and a bagel with two kinds of jelly or jam. Must be nice. I only have to decide if I want oatmeal (hot) or shredded wheat (cold) for breakfast. Limited options. Lunch is soup (hot) or salad (cold). I need to make some more soup for lunches at work. Black bean or lentil. I've already had butternut bisque and bean and escarole. And there's the possibility of split pea with carrots and potato cubes. I'm feeling more adventurous already.

My bowl today is filled with possibilities. I like that.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Life's Work: No Burning Desire

I've had two cups of coffee. Done three loads of laundry. Stripped the sheets off the bed. Folded one load of laundry. Scrubbed the toilet in my bath with bleach. Watched two episodes of West Wing. Eaten a bowl of shredded wheat while reading the New York Times Book Section from November 8th. Hand washed a sweater vest. Taken three photographs and deleted two. Watched the dog bark at the oil delivery of 94 gallons of oil @ $2.649 per.

My life is mundane. Dull. A waste of a good education. A waste of what is left of my life. Would there be anything I have done today that would be missed? By anyone?

You could say my husband but he is easily comforted by the dry cleaner, dog day care and a cleaning service. In other words, who cares?

A few years ago, I thought a few thousand dollars would give me the means and opportunity to return to Art School and finish my degree or at least make some ceramic bowls and learn how to paint in oils. I now have that "few thousand dollars" and I'm not that sure this is the path I want to trod. I still would like to throw a few bowls (for my soup and shredded wheat) and learn how to paint in oils but I don't want to go back to school bad enough to drive into Portland every day. I don't like driving.

I learned to drive too late in life and didn't do enough of it to lose the fear of traffic, changing lanes and getting lost. And my nighttime vision is very bad.

There is a very snooty liberal arts college right here in my little town. It has an art department. It also has hoops and more hoops to jump through to even enter a building, let alone use the pottery wheel. I don't think I am intellectual or needy enough to qualify.

I read a novel "Map of the World" I think, by a woman in mid life who applied to this college--wrote a long and detailed saga of her life (repeatedly) until they granted her a full scholarship into their halls. And education and a degree followed. I don't have her story.

I would just write about the bowls, oil paints and the lust in my heart for the intaglio printing press. The lust. Not the burning desire or need. I think they might listen if I had the burning desire. But I don't. Or the consuming need to create, paint, sew or make things. I think this means, that while I am good at making art, I am NOT an artist. I have tried to never use the title "artist" to describe myself. To thy own self be true.

I have mostly made my life's work doing not much of anything. And having very little to show for that life, spent that way. I cook. I clean (sort of). I wash and iron. I raised children. I read books. I watched television. I worked at menial public service jobs. I made friends and kept all of them for over 30 and nearly 40 years. I planted seeds and tended many gardens. I've made several dozen pieces of fabric art and less of painted paper. I carved an alphabet (crudely) out of rubber erasers. I built a Spooky House out of a cardboard box and a Gingerbread House out of a dollhouse and fake candy. I know how to save money but I'm not very good at making it earn more for me. I like ice cream and raspberry jelly donuts.

I had my horoscope done many years ago. The natal chart. My life's work (and some mental illness) was to be a mother. So, I think, it's one of my children who has "big work to do in life". The person reading my chart, when asked by me for what I am supposed to do in life (destiny), told me I had a "free pass" to do anything or nothing. It didn't matter. My life, after being a mother, didn't matter. I wasn't going to change or affect whatever happens in my lifetime. Isn't that sad? And pretty normal. I was listening to the tape recording a few years ago and it was surprising to hear the woman say that "if you ever were interested in making quilts, you wouldn't use a pattern, you would make it up as you went". At that point, I had never even thought about making a quilt. I did think about it 10 years later. Sans pattern. Of course.

Anyway, here I am this morning, sun shining, in my red robe, questioning my existence. My coffee has grown cold for the second time. The dog is outside but his internal clock is ticking and says "lunch" so I must go and feed him.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, November 16

No art yesterday. We drove to BJ's to activate my "free" two month membership. They tried to bait and switch me to a paid membership but I knew this was the only time I was going to shop there. Our Maine BJ's in Auburn is rundown and crappy. I still spent over $200 but now have BIG containers of things I always buy at the grocery. Like a 32 ounce package of chocolate chips. And a 2 pound bag of Craisins. And 30 rolls of toilet paper.

Then we drove to our Mexican restaurant and had a "so-so" meal. I had to send my plate back and then it took what seemed like 30 minutes for the new plate to arrive. G was finished eating when my food was placed in front of me.

I sat down and read another book straight through. 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs. Not awful. Not great. I now have the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to read. I think it will take longer.

My knee is bruised but I am having no problems walking or sleeping. No pain, so far. We'll see what happens at work today. Can't decide what to wear to work-- will it be warm or cold in the greenhouse? So I am taking one of everything, wardrobe wise.

The Orvis clothing shrunk in the wash and dry. No surprise. So I was correct to buy larger than needed. And I don't think I will order anything other than a new embroidered collar for Riley (which they will likely get wrong) from Orvis in future. Now that I know the clothing is made in China. Perhaps I should finally learn how to make my own clothes since this is the only way to get "made in the USA" clothing. The three tops will likely last 5 or more years so no rush. I may get hit by a bus by then and not need any future clothing.

My bowl was filled with shredded wheat this morning. A good day, so far. And the sun is shining.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sewing

Today is mine. To do with as I please. All the laundry is done and I just have a few shirts to starch and iron for G. Supper is BBQ pork burritos with fresh guacamole. I have a book to read, circles to stitch and scraps of fabric that I can stitch into a collage or even a quilt. I can even use already made fabric collage pieces in a new, larger piece. That idea is very interesting.

I didn't eat ANY cookies at the Christmas Open House yesterday, but did eat pizza at lunchtime. Which translated to no supper last night.

I also tripped over bags of lime on the floor in the gift shop, while delivering a newly repotted cyclamen to a customer. Fell, hard, right on my knees. Dropped the pot. So when I was finally back on my feet, I brushed myself off and hurried to repot the plant again. And check it out for any damage from it's bounce on the floor. Only my left knee hurts, and not as much as I had thought. I know it will be a terrible bruise.

Most of my order from Orvis came yesterday. All made in China. If I had known that, I wouldn't have ordered. No matter how cute the clothes or how much I like the shawl collar in winter. I also purchased the XL size, since Orvis clothing is always cut smaller than usual. And, of course, this time the items ran wider. So, into the wash and dryer to see what size they will be with normal, in this house, laundry practices. And I can always take the side seams in and make them smaller. Like I have done with all the 2X stuff I had when I was large and still wear today.

We had water dripping down off the skylight and onto the dinner table last night. It was raining real hard (outside) all night. Today is supposed to be dry and 62. Global warming. It's November in Maine and it's 62.

G and I are going to take it easy today. Riley is monitoring small wildlife in the backyard. G may take out the ladder and caulk around the skylights but he will take the dog for a long walk in the woods.

My bowl today is filled with restful activity.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today is the first day of our Holiday Weekend Sale at work. And we are serving cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. I will try NOT to eat any cookies today. I did eat cookies last Christmas and that was the beginning of the weight gain, tight clothes and resulting loathing. Well, actually the Bacon Pizzas in the summer were more likely the cause. But, this morning, it was cookies.

And management is serving pizza for lunch. As a "gift" to us and also to make sure no one goes "off the reservation" for lunch and therefore can't be interrupted while eating. Many times. I have had customers come right into the lunchroom and ask me questions. And the public restrooms are right there in our lunchroom. Can you all say "ewh!"

It is 40 degrees this morning. I am taking many different kinds of clothing to work. Just in case. And it is going to rain and be very dark when I drive home. I am going to be very eager to take a hot shower and slip into my jammies this evening.

I retrieved two "missed" episodes of West Wing from the deleted file and watched them last night. So glad I thought to look there. They were excellent episodes. Josh and Sam. Lots of background stuff that makes the characters fully dimensional.

My bowl today was full of shredded wheat. It keeps me full longer than oatmeal.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Remembrance & Regrets

This time of year, October to December, brings to mind the people, friends and family, I have lost this past three years. In October and December. One in each of the past three years. I have their pictures on my bulletin board, right here to my left. Beverly. Gregor. My dad. I miss them. I have regrets. We do what we can, and then, when they are gone, we regret not having done more. More time, more phone calls, more visits. What did any of it cost, but my time.

Is there someone in your lives that would love to spend time with you? Hear from you? Then do it. Right now. Have more remembrance and less regret when they are gone.

Anyway, I am melancholic this time of year. I am also looking up all the multi syllable words in this post for spelling. I used to be an excellent speller.

Today, I caught up on my West Wing episodes and cried through two of them. I managed to see another holiday (Christmas) episode with the sparkly Christmas lights and piles of gift wrapped presents. Christmas always looks so much better on television. I also walked the dog today. Ate soup for lunch. Did a load of laundry. Ate a bag of whole grain chips.

This is day eight of the 365 days of better eating choices. The bag of chips was me feeling sad and crying while watching West Wing. My only consolation is that it could have been MUCH worse. The bag could have been much larger and I could have gotten up to get some cheese to go with the chips. I had wanted to cook some more of the tiny pasta to go in the soup but drew the line. And there is always tomorrow.

I think I'll find something else to do; warm up a cup of coffee, take a nice hot shower and put my pajamas on. I'll probably feel much better. And I'll make a nice salad for supper if and when I feel hungry.

When shall we live, if not now. Seneca

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Little Christmas Prep

As usual. I saw this idea in my latest Pottery Barn catalog. Remember the Advent Linen Bulletin Board of Christmas 2007? Well this is a set of small clay pots with tiny Norfolk pine babies and moss I scraped off the cement blocks holding up the perennial tables at work. One of the $4.99 foliage pots had six little stems jammed together so I very gently knocked the dirt off and separated the roots, potted them in new clay pots and topped with a patchwork of mosses. The original Pottery Barn display had seven pots and what we professionals @work think is just tips off a fir tree. No roots. My six pots are contained by a large terracotta saucer. the Pottery Barn pots are arranged on a large slab of tree trunk. This tiny forest of trees, with my discount, came to $8.01. I plan to display these trees on my coffee table, dining table etc. Wherever I need a "little" Christmas centerpiece. And add candles in short crystal glasses.

I skipped Art Club last evening and served a mini Thanksgiving dinner to my husband, who adores Thanksgiving dinner because he was born on Thanksgiving Day, in time for dinner. I purchased a roasted turkey breast from the grocery deli, a can of Stove Top, 6 sweet potatoes to bake, some broccoli (the Brussels sprouts were too large), Knorr Roasted Turkey gravy mix and a can of store brand cranberry sauce. Next time, and there will be a few more of these meals this season, I'm going with Ocean Spray. It just has a fuller cranberry flavor.

Then I did something I ADORE! I read a book. All the way from start to finish (at 1:52 am). Mary Kay Andrews "The Fixer Upper". Frothy but with antiques, home dec and romance. I feel rejuvenated.

I have a "whole lotta" pork in the crock pot out on the sunporch slow cooking it's way to pulled pork goodness. I know it's not really "pulled pork" but I love the stuff. And I'll call it that if I want. As soon as I finish writing this post, I have to dump it all out and fork shred the meat and add BBQ sauce and let it cook for 8 more hours. I don't like the dumping and shredding mess in the morning. I don't have the stomach for it.

G has today off and he and Riley have gone out for their walk. G has his newly tuned up hearing aids in so he'll be having a "new and improved" walk and will be able to hear what the dog hears. Riley has been chasing a cat out of our yard. Where the cat lives is anyone's guess. So the walk will be interesting.

I now have 6 West Wing episodes unwatched along with House, NCIS and Good Wife from yesterday. Good thing Wednesdays are terrible nights for television. Except for Top Chef.

No new art to report or show. I have been reading art blogs though, trying to get back into the artist mind frame. I slip away from it for long periods of time and it's getting harder and harder to reenter. It's all learned, intuitive gestures and movement. And not doing the work leads to not being able to do the work. Terry ( Sew it Goes)has given me some ideas on reworking older, unfinished pieces, into new work. I've been thinking about this idea for a few hours. "What If" ing (Jude in Spirit Cloth)to try out a few hand sewing things in my head. And Deborah showed me pieces using heavy felt instead of batting. Changes the texture and "body" of the work which I liked very much. So I have many new paths to follow.

And I have my annual limited series of ten Christmas Trees to make and send out as cards. What will I create for this year? The hardest part of this series each year is choosing what materials I will use and what technique to work with. I've used watercolors, pastels, fabric and paper collage. Lots to think about.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday's Art

I'm working on my Friend of Twelve by Twelve piece for "twelve". Nine circles in a grid and then three more smaller circles to total 12. I found that most of my pieces had black and white in them, so there is a connective thread through the series. A few may need to be reworked. But the 12 should be interesting to view as a whole. I'm trying to finish this series before the 12-12 deadline for the "pink" theme is due. I just realized that the last piece in this new series will be completed on 12-12-12. Duh!

I have a long list of "things to do" today. None of them things I really want to do. I'm working on clearing out the freezer and fridge so I can eventually buy my new fridge and have it delivered. My Christmas present to myself. I want to start fresh with all new food inside the sparkly new fridge. Today, I removed the large package of pork and plan to put it into the crock pot tonight for pulled pork tomorrow. I can serve it with pasta, on a Kaiser roll, rolled in tortillas, on nacho chips or in a pile on a mixed greens salad (my favorite way). Lots of possibilities.

So: laundry; library; Loew's for Scotch tape (buy one, get one free); grocery for tonight's dinner for G; bank; dog walk; bulb planting; perennial planting; and then Art Club. I may even stop in at Goodwill to drop off the pile of clothing I have to donate and see what they have - I want an old worn in down vest. I will have FOUR episodes of West Wing on the TiVo that I haven't had time to watch. I am also ordering three new tops for the winter. With nice shawl collars. My favorite style of collar, which just happens to be in fashion right this minute. I want to get some to have for the next few years, when they won't be in fashion.

Time flies.

My bowl this morning was full of mini shredded wheat, plain not sweetened, and 1% milk. A treat.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Christmas Cactus in Bloom

My Christmas cactus is blooming about a month early. I think cooler weather and being on the sunporch where the night time temps get very low, has hurried the bud set along this year. All my cactus are in bud. Even the little segments N and I started at work one day when she repotted her very old plant. I'm thinking she said it had yellow flowers. My orchid cactus is sending out shoots. I started it, last December, from a piece that broke off a plant at work. I brought more broken off pieces home on Sunday and will try and start them tomorrow. Slow process. It may take a few more years to set buds. Stay tuned.

I now have a printer, again. I noticed an Epson under some junk upstairs when I was settling my plants onto the sawhorses/door table upstairs. G thought it was broken but it wasn't and is now set up in the bookcase next to my desk. I can't buy a new one because my operating system is too old. I noticed the scanner also. We never figured out how to use it.

Day Five of the new diet plan and I resisted the leftover weekend cookies, the peanuts (we deep fry peanuts at work and sell them, heavily salted, and delicious), and the 260 calorie CLIF bar I have in my bag for emergencies. I was hungry and it was lunchtime so I ate my bean and escarole soup with little pasta things which looked small at home and then got bigger while in the fridge, absorbing my broth. Supper is a Greek salad and either a banana or jello.

My spider bite started bleeding during my shower yesterday. I scrubbed too hard. I wish it would be done and gone. So itchy.

Everyone was tired at work today. One person went home because she felt terrible. No fever. The flu is pretty widespread locally so we are paying attention when someone says they feel bad. Most of us don't have benefits like sick days, and some of us desperately need the money we earn, so staying home is not something willingly done. I think that is the hardest part of working an hourly, seasonal job. And we are moving closer to our winter lay off.

Art Club tomorrow. We are learning how to make paper. The list of items to bring is very long and includes a blender. This crowd would prefer to make blended drinks in any blender we brought to the meeting. Interesting.

I haven't made any art today. Yet. I could possibly make two things tomorrow to catch up. I have some cardboard tubes I brought home from work and thought about using them to stamp circles on fabric or paper. My new, self made, paper?

West Wing is calling me. Gotta go.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Urban Chickens

My art for the day. A magazine art (glossy) paper collage of the "big" news here in my town. Urban chicken ownership. Ten is the maximum number of chickens you can have on your residential home lot (no lot size minimums) with the suggestion of some kind of appropriate housing structure. And no loose food to encourage RATS!

In my neighborhood, the running around CHICKENS would encourage the coyotes to come closer to the houses and snatch the chickens. They already eat pet cats and small dogs (not many) but TEN CHICKENS at each house? Lordy, lordy, praise God and pass the biscuits.

This is how my local tax dollars are spent. Legislating chicken ownership in an urban setting. After MUCH tax payer funded research. Welcome to Maine, the way life should be. Never mind the potholes in the streets or the lack of zebra striping in the school crosswalks.

So, anyway, after two full days of very cold weather and snow on the grass, we are now having sunshine and shirt sleeve weather. Tomorrow we should make it into the 60's. In Maine. In November. I really should plant the rest of the daffodil bulbs.

G has purchased a brand spanky new snow thrower. Red. Larger than the one he had which could not be repaired. The company stopped making replacement parts so now if a machine breaks we have to buy a new one. John Deere. We now own a Honda mower and a Honda snow thrower. They make replacement parts. I hope John Deere figures this out before they go bankrupt. Replacement parts. Not rocket science.

G will be having Chicken Marsala with Portobella Mushrooms this evening. I haven't a clue what I will be having. Soup or Salad. I'm making Chicken Marsala because I don't like it. It's my "passive-aggressive" cooking strategy. Cook things I don't like to eat.

This is day three of the new 365 day eating plan. I won't bore you with details but I talked myself out of eating the double chocolate cookies I usually eat, on Friday, at work. I've had oatmeal and two fruits so far today. I'm hungry. It's lunch time. On the new eating plan, I'm writing down what I eat in a food diary, but not counting all the calories up. I KNOW what is good and what is bad. I just need to eat only good and NO bad. The theory is, if you want to eat apples --- go ahead. Apples are good and won't hurt you. Just don't smear any peanut butter on the apple slices. Or bake them in a pie. So far, this only works for apples, lettuce, green beans and carrots.

I don't think it's a good thing to eat as many potatoes as you want. I could be wrong. But the options with potatoes are plain boiled, plain baked (I cheat and add one Tablespoon of reduced fat sour cream), or plain, sprayed with Pam and pretend "fried" in the oven. And if ketchup is bad, what's the point? I ended up boring you with details, didn't I?

So I made my "daily art"and G and I set up the sawhorses and the door we got from the side of the road as a little "plant spa" upstairs and I tucked the two orchids into the bathtub upstairs and really watered them. I also wheeled a computer work station into the upstairs bathroom (which is very spacious) and set my geraniums up there along with two small Clivia. The HUGE Clivia had been in the bathtub all summer and is now next to the door/sawhorses table. I have the heat set on 58 and rolled up the shades on the two skylights. Let the sun shine in and heat the space up.

I think it's time to finish the laundry and get out of my pajamas. The only comfortable clothing I now fit into. Perhaps, by next week, something else will fit, again. I can hope and dream.

My bowl is NOT filled with food. And, that's all I can think about.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Today's Art- Paper Collage

I had no idea I was this angry. Now, I know.

What A Difference A Day Makes

It snowed overnight. Yesterday was chilly but there was strong enough sunshine to make it jacket weather. No gloves. No hat. And this morning big fluffy flakes are falling. And I still have bulbs to get into the earth and perennials to plant. I have waited too long again. BUT we do have the majority of the leaves in bags.

I have a (now) huge, hot, itchy spider bite on my left shoulder which is making me crazy right now. It started small. Each morning it's got a wider spread. Each morning I ask G to look at it and each morning he says "it's just the size of a dime, (quarter) and this morning he will say...I have no idea what he will say, but it feels like it's the size of my hand. I hate spider bites.

I also hate myself this morning. I hate that my eating is so out of control. I hate that I have no self control. I hate that 365 days of self control was thrown away just to satisfy a craving for donuts, cookies, potato chips, cake and ice cream. I hate most of all that the only comfortable clothes I have right now are baggy pajamas. Getting dressed to go out yesterday was unpleasant. Trying to find something that wasn't tight and constricting. I refuse to buy any larger clothes. And I am relieved that I gave all the large clothes to Goodwill. My choices right now are to continue to eat incorrectly and wear one pair of pajamas and my baggy red robe and never go out of the house (my winter coats don't fit) or to start eating a sensible diet and eventually be able to wear my clothing again. How did it come to this???? Why did it come to this????

I know myself. So the choices of what I eat will be limited. Salads with lots of carrots. Soups. Oatmeal. No sugar raspberry Jello. I would like to add bananas or apples. Vegetable stir fry. I started listing things with "NO" in front and decided to stop doing that. Better to type things I can have and not long lists of what I can't have. I need to go buy lettuce for salads and some escarole for soup. And some low fat milk for my oatmeal.

I will be making some "Art Everyday" today. Collage in paper or fabric. Stitching more circles on to squares. Keeping busy. Putting things away. Sorting. Starting the past due baby quilt. Doing something. When I started my 365 day diet, I also spent lots of time sorting through magazines, cleaning out cupboards etc. Not watching television more than 2 total hours each day. Reading uses more calories than watching television. And I have to include blogging in that 2 hours of "screen" time. Oh, West Wing!!

I will move forward one day at a time. Today I will finish mourning the waste of all that was, in the past, and move forward, one tiny step. The alternative is unacceptable.

My bowl today is filled with frustration, low self esteem and acceptance. In that order.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wednesday, November 4

Had a lovely, long visit with an artist and gardener today. We walked her acres and looked at the apple trees, greenhouse, painting studio, chickens and her hooped raised beds full of beets, chard and carrots. Then we went inside for hot coffee and fresh baked orange cranberry muffins. We talked, we laughed and we just enjoyed each other's company. We have worked together at the greenhouse in the short but sweet Spring seasons of 2008 and 9. L is smart to leave in June and tend her own garden. I may be just as smart next year.

Now,----- I want an apple tree (or two), a greenhouse and some season extending hoops for my own raised beds. NO chickens. And her raspberries are all by their lonesome. Not in the garden.

G got all the leaves (on the ground) picked up and the lawn in the back mowed. Nine large bags of leaves and a huge pile of leaves in the back corraled into a chicken wire bin to rot slowly. for years. Oak leaves take forever to break down. Maple leaves take only one winter.

My walking buddy left for Florida on October 25 and was back here in Maine on November 2. I think there is serious trouble in her daughter's marriage. My friend looks sad and very worried. Her only child and her only, very young, grandchild. It broke my heart just to see her back here and so miserable. She won't talk about it.

We had deep fried smoked ribs for lunch today dipped in Cajun sauce. My lips were on fire. SO good. And I had fresh squeezed lemonade. And then we went next door to RM Tate's and I bought 6 packages of 3 inch long plastic skeleton leg bones (Halloween) for the "new, improved" Spooky dollhouse for next year. And some glittery foam sheets for the roof shingles. And some spiders. And some wooden beads because I liked them. Most fun I've had with $20 in a long time.

G is taking a shower, Riley is playing with his new squeaky toy and I am going to watch the two West Wing episodes that TiVo recorded this morning. and have a cup of coffee.

For your information: my town voted No to repealing the same sex marriage law as did our close neighboring towns. Alas, we still lost. Other towns had a larger majority of votes and repealed the legislation to allow same sex couples to marry. It seems that towns and cities with a younger population felt it was okay and towns and cities with an older population felt it was wrong and somehow demeaned their marriages of one man and one woman. A sad way to think and feel. Gay couples feel demeaned today, here in Maine, and in America. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer for these civil rights.

My bowl today is filled with equal parts of happiness and sadness & hope and despair.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Magazine Eyes

I went ahead and made one of these "women". Her body is a chair with arms and legs. Probably was better without the Bonne Maman (good woman or good housewife in French) jelly label on her shoulders. I may add some pen lines to the neck and shoulder area to make it more cohesive.

Aren't these weird? And certain journalers have pages, books and websites full of these weird creatures. Used to be popular to add human eyes to birds. Then hats or crowns to old photos of children and adults. Then wings. Once "everyone" is doing it, not so creative.

I could add wings. Since her hat is a propeller, why not airplane wings?

My art for the day.

We went out to look for a new, cheap printer to attach to my iBook. Seems that, with the vintage operating system I have, I can't purchase a new printer. So. A new iBook? Not today. I said I was done shopping for the day. What do I print anyway? Just not into spending any money right now. Isn't that odd?

Art Every Day For A Month

I stitched on my circles and squares for the first two days of November (six last night) and yesterday I watched three or four journaling videos that are on iHanna's blog. Painting the page and adding borders and then building these strange people with pointed hats and magazine eyes. No.

The above page was what I made this morning from what I could find in about five minutes of hunting. I don't like it and won't do it again. At least it got a lot of bad ideas out of the way but in the process of painting the pages I ruined a perfectly lovely collage (not the one pictured). It was best left alone.

I think, in hindsight, that starting on a painted page will not be better for my collage. It works for 98% of the people journaling but not for me. And the strips all around the edges. Too busy. I prefer the straightforward clean look. And art that says something. I have no idea what a giant bird head with magazine eyes and a squat body and a pointed party hat shaped object on it's head, has to say to the general viewing public other than "I write for Cloth, Paper, Scissors".

My Art For Today: what I don't have to ever try again. And that's not a bad thing. I still might make a magazine eyed creature with a party hat. For birthday card art.

West Wing is winding down. Leo's funeral was very weepy and Josh and Donna have gone away on vacation. The President and President-elect are trying to pull a fast one on the Chinese and Russians. And then it all starts over again.

I had a jelly donut and coffee for breakfast and now have a jelly donut headache.

G and Riley are going out to rake up some front yard leaves. Then we'll go vote. A slow day here. The sun is shining. I'm having a second cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal while I watch West Wing. It's nice having G home on vacation.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Frosty Morning

Yesterday was shirt sleeve weather and we raked leaves in the back yard. Today. up early with the new daylight time, and the sun is shining but it's frosty and cold outside. Riley has had breakfast and been out twice already and it's only 7:30. I've been up, but not out of bed, for what seems like a LONG time. Tired already, and I haven't done anything but open doors and grind coffee beans.

G's pizza was delicious yesterday. My whole wheat crust didn't have any chewy, yeasty-ness AGAIN (more like eating a pizza cracker) so I think I will be buying the regular white dough pizza for myself from now on. I have already given up half the cheese I usually have (and it wasn't much to begin with), 3/4 of the pepperoni, and the remainder of my toppings are vegetables (onion, peppers and mushrooms). The only thing I have left that resembles pizza is the crust. And when that isn't fantastic--why continue to live?

The new rake is wonderful at pulling thatch out of the grass. And it does bring acorns along, eventually. But the other half dozen rakes we own do the same job on the acorns (minus thatch) so I will be returning the new $30 rake.

I took the orchids (cymbidium) outdoors yesterday for a big watering and some sunshine. Now I have to prep the upstairs room for them (and remember to water). The Christmas cactus is budding (it all depends on light and temp, not the calendar) and they should all be in bloom in a week or so. Even the just rooted segments I got from N. We have huge, healthy orchid cactus at the greenhouse for sale. I really want one. But I can't take care of what I already have.

G announced that he is on vacation this week. He thinks he mentioned this to me. He did not. A failure to communicate. So I should try and think of something "vacation-like" to do this week, when I'm not working. Or not. I'm voting for "not".

Tomorrow Maine votes. Same sex marriage rights. Again. the legislature votes it in and the population votes it out. I think this is the third try. The television ads say teachers will begin "teaching" young children HOW to be gay as soon as the law passes. Like anyone WANTS to be gay. They just are. And they deal with it as best as they can. Everyone deserves the right to marry the person they love. And divorce that person when they don't love them anymore. Equal rights. Marriage is what anyone wants it to be. A lifetime commitment. A series of partners. Ugly divorces. A miserable excuse for a life together. See. Not all that special. Let everyone participate.

I have no ideas on what we will be eating for supper tonight. I'll be surprised. Popcorn?

My bowl is empty again. And I think that's a good place to be today. I can be accepting of whatever comes my way. I can live with an open heart and mind today. And go to work.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

November One

Yesterday was a wonderful day. N and I had 27 engaged students in our class "Beds to Rest" about closing down the garden for winter. I even said "crap" in class. Geez.

Most of the employees had costumes on. I was dressed as an employee. My boss said that was pretty scary. My favorite costume was this cloud of white tulle that completely enveloped the person wearing it. Like fog. It drifted through the store and the day. We ran out of pumpkins. I even gave away (free) pumpkins from the pig farm waste wagon. Pumpkins with little rotten or soft spots we wouldn't sell. Less pumpkin for the pigs. And the weather was more suited to summer than October 31st. Balmy.

This morning we had to turn the clocks back and get an extra hour of sleep. Riley's internal clock isn't that easy to "turn back" so I got up and fed him breakfast and we watched morning cooking shows together. G got to sleep till nine.

The day, so far, is very sun filled. I am going to try out the new rake I bought yesterday and see if it moves acorns out of the turf. Now that I have had all the white pines (and their nasty pine needles) taken out of the yard, my only problem in fall is the acorns. If it doesn't, then I'll return the rake. I don't need anymore useless tools.

We will be having pizza tonight for supper. I will be making more circles on squares, reading my book (fiction in the dictionary writing world), doing laundry, ironing shirts and raking acorns (I hope). Riley and G will walk in the woods. Hunting Season started yesterday but no hunting on Sunday. I never trust this rule. Our woods are full of nice, plump deer. Tempting.

My bowl today is full of sunshine and happy thoughts. Wow.