Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sewing

Today is mine. To do with as I please. All the laundry is done and I just have a few shirts to starch and iron for G. Supper is BBQ pork burritos with fresh guacamole. I have a book to read, circles to stitch and scraps of fabric that I can stitch into a collage or even a quilt. I can even use already made fabric collage pieces in a new, larger piece. That idea is very interesting.

I didn't eat ANY cookies at the Christmas Open House yesterday, but did eat pizza at lunchtime. Which translated to no supper last night.

I also tripped over bags of lime on the floor in the gift shop, while delivering a newly repotted cyclamen to a customer. Fell, hard, right on my knees. Dropped the pot. So when I was finally back on my feet, I brushed myself off and hurried to repot the plant again. And check it out for any damage from it's bounce on the floor. Only my left knee hurts, and not as much as I had thought. I know it will be a terrible bruise.

Most of my order from Orvis came yesterday. All made in China. If I had known that, I wouldn't have ordered. No matter how cute the clothes or how much I like the shawl collar in winter. I also purchased the XL size, since Orvis clothing is always cut smaller than usual. And, of course, this time the items ran wider. So, into the wash and dryer to see what size they will be with normal, in this house, laundry practices. And I can always take the side seams in and make them smaller. Like I have done with all the 2X stuff I had when I was large and still wear today.

We had water dripping down off the skylight and onto the dinner table last night. It was raining real hard (outside) all night. Today is supposed to be dry and 62. Global warming. It's November in Maine and it's 62.

G and I are going to take it easy today. Riley is monitoring small wildlife in the backyard. G may take out the ladder and caulk around the skylights but he will take the dog for a long walk in the woods.

My bowl today is filled with restful activity.

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dee said...

So glad you're alright. The knees are touchy around here as well. Taking off the pounds would help of course.
I like the sound of your day. Relax and enjoy it.
Kudos for avoiding the cookies.