Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frosty Morning

I took the camera this morning when I let Riley out to do "his business" and found such lovely frosted beauty outside in my very own backyard. Aren't the colors wonderful?

Riley made an impression on the frosted deck boards. Such cute little foot (pad) prints. All his sticks were coated with frost and his plastic bucket was smoking as it warmed in the sun. I couldn't get a picture of that.

I still have flowers. Dianthus and some frozen roses. They came out as blurred photos but I may try again later. When it's not so cold.

Yesterday was quite interesting. I visited the library and found several people to catch up with, took a greenhouse holiday order for the library and found some reading material. I visited Goodwill and found a pair of soft baggy cotton pants to change out with my jammies for "daytime" and another, too big, pair of green corduroy pants which will be undergoing some cutting and stitching to become baggy work pants. I surrender. I can't work in binding pants. And even though this is now 14 days into the new diet plan (with a few meals that were definitely NOT low calorie)--I don't see one tiny bit of difference in how my clothing fits. I will continue on this path but it is way beyond depressing. I may have to try a 30 day gym membership just to use the rowing machine.

Yesterday between 5 and 6 pm, G and I moved all the very heavy furniture that I am giving to my daughter's friend down from the second floor, into the garage. It inv0lved geometry, deductive thinking, physics and a good bit of luck. When the huge, all wood dresser slid all too quickly down the stairs (momentum and gravity), and hit G in the head, well, let me just say, from the top of the stairs, it all looked VERY disturbing. But G assured me it could have been much worse. We even got the king box springs, frame and mattress down there. Pretty good for two 63 year olds.

We never got around to discussing our home owners policy with our agent or buying a new refrigerator. And I didn't get into Portland to visit the Art Supply where I hope to find a brush pen and a handmade journal. I might be better off buying one from one of the people whose blogs I read. Like Roz. If you haven't noticed, I have some new blogs on my list. I love Yellow Daisy for easy art projects. I now have brayers and water soluble printing inks. I may even attempt a Mandala. Roz sets the standard for my future journal collage attempts. Spirit Cloth, Jude Hill, is leading me to better and more expressive, hand work. My own Musketeers.

This morning I also got a great start with Terry's post on Sew It Goes. 10,000 hours of preparation in order to learn something. This goes along with the 100 paintings in order to learn how to paint. I think the art quilters who make a piece a day (and the one a day painters) have found the true artistic exercise. It is hard to do. I painted a red pear every morning one winter. Just a pad of small water color paper, a plate, a jar of water and one brush. And a red pear. Each morning, I sat and looked at the pear and then started that morning's painting. I have then framed. Not great art. Just red pears. My red pears. I may purchase a pomegranate when I go grocery shopping later today. Or a rutabaga. And tear some watercolor sheets into small squares. Morning meditative painting.

I would have linked to all these sites but I have forgotten which symbol at the top here is the one that gives me the cue. I'm sure I saved the email that told me how to do it. I have to look it up. I can always come back and edit.

My bowl today will be filled with Lentil Soup I made yesterday. On the original 365 day diet, I ate a great deal of lentil soup. 138 calories per cup. I think you could eat as much soup as you wanted each day and not go over 1200. Nine cups of lentil soup. I have two cups each packed up to take for lunch on Friday and Saturday. And some Beano.


Paula, the quilter said...

To link to a site, just click on the link of chain. Link = link. I had to try on 3 pair of jeans this morning before I found a pair that didn't make the middle bulge out over the waistband. *sigh* It's time.

dee said...

I know what you mean about the pants. Regarding Paula's comment. My muffin top has turned into a pound cake.