Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Art Every Day For A Month

I stitched on my circles and squares for the first two days of November (six last night) and yesterday I watched three or four journaling videos that are on iHanna's blog. Painting the page and adding borders and then building these strange people with pointed hats and magazine eyes. No.

The above page was what I made this morning from what I could find in about five minutes of hunting. I don't like it and won't do it again. At least it got a lot of bad ideas out of the way but in the process of painting the pages I ruined a perfectly lovely collage (not the one pictured). It was best left alone.

I think, in hindsight, that starting on a painted page will not be better for my collage. It works for 98% of the people journaling but not for me. And the strips all around the edges. Too busy. I prefer the straightforward clean look. And art that says something. I have no idea what a giant bird head with magazine eyes and a squat body and a pointed party hat shaped object on it's head, has to say to the general viewing public other than "I write for Cloth, Paper, Scissors".

My Art For Today: what I don't have to ever try again. And that's not a bad thing. I still might make a magazine eyed creature with a party hat. For birthday card art.

West Wing is winding down. Leo's funeral was very weepy and Josh and Donna have gone away on vacation. The President and President-elect are trying to pull a fast one on the Chinese and Russians. And then it all starts over again.

I had a jelly donut and coffee for breakfast and now have a jelly donut headache.

G and Riley are going out to rake up some front yard leaves. Then we'll go vote. A slow day here. The sun is shining. I'm having a second cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal while I watch West Wing. It's nice having G home on vacation.

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