Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Magazine Eyes

I went ahead and made one of these "women". Her body is a chair with arms and legs. Probably was better without the Bonne Maman (good woman or good housewife in French) jelly label on her shoulders. I may add some pen lines to the neck and shoulder area to make it more cohesive.

Aren't these weird? And certain journalers have pages, books and websites full of these weird creatures. Used to be popular to add human eyes to birds. Then hats or crowns to old photos of children and adults. Then wings. Once "everyone" is doing it, not so creative.

I could add wings. Since her hat is a propeller, why not airplane wings?

My art for the day.

We went out to look for a new, cheap printer to attach to my iBook. Seems that, with the vintage operating system I have, I can't purchase a new printer. So. A new iBook? Not today. I said I was done shopping for the day. What do I print anyway? Just not into spending any money right now. Isn't that odd?

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