Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cold Comfort

Riley is waiting for G to wake up. He has his back up against the baseboard heater and he has his stuffed lamb available in case he wants to rest his head. A bone to chew on and the ever present hippy, who travels everywhere with Riley, near to paw. I needed to replace some of the chewed up beach towels we cover the dog bed with and found this polka dot towel at Goodwill. Not a beach towel, but I like it. Riley has already chewed a hole into the edge.

Finding good quality beach towels is getting almost as difficult as finding underpants that fit. I don't want to get into THAT subject this morning.

I am now up to date with my West Wing episodes. I saw the one where CJ has root canal at the dentist and returns to the office sounding like Bugs Bunny. That cwazy wabbit. And has to let Josh do the press briefing. I think the assassination attempt on Charlie is next and Josh gets shot. I remember parts of this from when I only watched WW on my days off and hadn't gotten TiVo involved yet. I've been told I should watch Brothers and Sisters to see Rob Lowe. But there are actors on that show who irritate me. So, no.

The sun is still shining here in Maine and the day time temps are still flirting with 50 degrees which is very weird for almost Thanksgiving. G and I have to move furniture from the attic to the garage for pick up on Saturday. I am giving a bedroom set and a chair to a friend of my daughter to set up housekeeping in a fresh new apartment. Fresh new start. They are arriving on Saturday to pick up the stuff and G and I will be at work. So I want to prep the items and not have too many people wandering all over my home while I'm away. Control issues.

Dancing with the Stars last night kept Donny & Kelly so Mya will be the winner. Since she is the only one to score tens and the only one who can actually dance. The Polish swimsuit model should have had a chance but no one knows her (and Playboy didn't help) and she probably doesn't get enough phone votes. I was wrong last season when that gorgeous French guy (now on Brothers and Sisters) lost to the little chubby Olympic teenager. I absolutely hate it when the best doesn't win. When most popular (well known) wins instead. It's just wrong. It happens in the art and quilt show world also. Name recognition.

We might go buy a refrigerator today. Maybe. And go to the library. And have lunch at Ruby Tuesday later so I don't have to cook again. G ordered take out last night.

G is awake and making breakfast for himself. Coffee, juice, yogurt and a bagel with two kinds of jelly or jam. Must be nice. I only have to decide if I want oatmeal (hot) or shredded wheat (cold) for breakfast. Limited options. Lunch is soup (hot) or salad (cold). I need to make some more soup for lunches at work. Black bean or lentil. I've already had butternut bisque and bean and escarole. And there's the possibility of split pea with carrots and potato cubes. I'm feeling more adventurous already.

My bowl today is filled with possibilities. I like that.

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dee said...

mmmmmm, pea soup. Thanks for the idea. For a change I have all the ingredients-amazing.